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What do you mean Seijou isn’t the protagonists of Haikyuu!!?

Haikyuu!! I watched:

Season 1 first half: The introduction of the Great King and the leaves

Season 1 second half: Inter High Arc: plants kill the crows

Season 2 episode 19: Watch THE Ace slay 

Season 2 second half: Spring High Arc: defeat is not the end

Season 3 second half: The return of royal plants in casual clothes 

The End

Extra (in manga): How’re the smaller plants doing

there has never been a show that i’ve wanted to rip out of a creators’ hands more than rwby.

Olicity After 5X11 – Where We Stand Now

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I’m writing this to get out my thoughts on where Olicity stand now after watching Arrow 5x11 Second Chances. So stop here if you don’t want to be spoiled for 5x11. I’m also writing this to reassure myself that Oliver is now paying attention and will be watching over Felicity as she goes down her dark path.

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Volley ball might become a thing on this blog, so here is the team setter (let’s hope she won’t fall trying to catch that ball)

At some point all seven members of the inner crew get stuck in an elevator.

There’s a moment where it screams trap, ambush, a clever attack from some phantom rival, but no. Its a stock-standard mechanical failure. The rulers of Los Santos, arguably the most dangerous crew this side of the country, trapped like rats in a little metal box.

It’s fucking undignified.

With no reception to contact their own people they use the inbuilt emergency button to call it in, expecting a technician to be rushed to their aid, only to be told they are in a queue. That there will be some delays. The conversation starts professionally polite but quickly devolves into everything from outrageous bribes to thinly veiled threats but Mark, who’s clearly in some call centre far away from Los Santos, is utterly unmoved.  

Unused to such blatant disregard Geoff abuses the call button, determined to make Mark as miserable as they are in an effort to annoy him into submission. By the time he considers allowing the crew’s main negotiator a turn on the phone the ‘self-important assholes’ impression has already been irrevocably ingrained.

Michael lifted Jeremy up to pick the lock on the emergency hatch only to complain about lax safety standards when the hinges jam and refuse to open more than halfway. Gavin snarks about their heavy hitters not being so strong after all, Michael snaps back about useless twigs keeping their mouths shut, and Jeremy is quickly forgotten in favour of a grade-school-level slap fight.

As time goes by the heat rises and tempers flare; Geoff railing against Mark, Jack snapping at Geoff for antagonising the people controlling their placement in the queue, Gavin and Michael prodding each other into more and more aggressive arguments and Ryan beginning to twitch alarmingly every time the background music loops.

Ray hasn’t moved from where he leaned 5 minutes into their stay, hood up, earphones plugged into his DS, absently swaying out of range whenever the rolling ball of furious MichaelGavin bounces towards him. Following his lead Jeremy quickly boosted himself up to sit on the handrail in a corner, as out of the way as he can be in a contained metal box, morbidly fascinated as he settles back to watch the fireworks.

At loop 17 Ryan takes a knife to the speakers, prying out the screws before calmly tearing the whole thing out of the wall. This prompts a moment of absolute silence, blessedly free from repetitive piano, before the lights flicker out, Gavin screeches, and it all kicks off again.

In the chaos no one notices Ray slipping through the jammed hatch and clambering on to the roof until its too late to catch him. His exit sets off an explosion of yelling, threats and promises and downright pleading, but realistically none of them are operating under the illusion that Ray plans to do anything more than clamber back up to the penthouse and have a nap. Gavin is the only other one who’s shoulders are slim enough to slip through but no one lets him go - they say they don’t trust him not to trip and kill himself but lets be real: if Michael and Geoff don’t get to leave this hellhole there’s no chance on earth Gavin gets to.

When they are finally set free, listening in strained silence as the lift lowers and the doors are wrenched open, the technician cracks a lewd joke about the awkward tension and no one has it in them to stop Ryan from punching him in the throat.

Geoff stalks away muttering about having unfinished business with Mark while Michael makes a beeline for the fire-stairs, intent on getting to the penthouse before Ray realises they are free and goes into hiding. Jeremy is lumped with the duty to go check in with the support crew, who have probably already tracked down the source of their absence and are bound to be smug little shits about it. The others go their separate ways in silence, normal jobs abandoned in favour of refusing to be in the same room as one another for the rest of the week.

I want Caitlin Snow to get the recognition she deserves. I want Caitlin Snow to be loved. I want Caitlin Snow to be confident. I want Caitlin Snow to be happy. I want Caitlin Snow to live a long last relationship (if this is what she wants). I want Caitlin Snow to achieve her dreams. I want to see Caitlin Snow with a successful career. Caitlin Snow deserves better because she’s human, because she’s fragile, because she’s strong, because she’s damn smart, because she suffered a lot, because she believes in second chances, because she always see the good in everyone, because she saved her team so many times, because she cares about Iris and Barry and Cisco and Joe and Wally and Harrison Wells and Jesse, because she’s fighting for herself, because she saw Ronnie dying three times, because she never put herself in the first place, because she’s broken but she rebuilt her life so many times, because she’s not only killer frost, because she is a wonderful human being and I will protect and love her.
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Yeah, like sorry if I want Harry to have the best team possible. And sorry if I want to celebrate his record/distribution deal when he announces it. Sorry if I want to hear about his plans from him and not from a random old dude (who of course is credible, but I don't care about him lol). Like... I just want to be happy for my kids and I want to see them be happy about their plans. So yeah. His team sucks. Harry RULES. Bye.

Exactly. Criticise his team =/ hate on Harry. I want him to have a big album, smashing hits, good name recognition just like I want ALL of them to have. But he’s team situation /is/ shady and pointing that out doesn’t mean we hate him. We call Louis team out every single day, but we’re still supporting him with every tiny piece of our ourselves. Same goes for Harry. Is not a crime to want some answers after all the bullshit everyone got for years

i doodled a sloppy kagehina partner assassins AU bc i needed it in my life

i cant draw guns so i just scribbled pls spare me

(kags is supposed to be a sniper and hinata a close combat specialist. i think kags would be a one bullet and done sort of assassin while hinata gets too excited and leaves things a little too messy for his partner’s taste and they end up bickering bc “now we have to clean this up, dumbass!!!11″)


Good luck at Nationals, Team Japan! (Men’s Edition)

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Co-writing a song is not the same as writing a song, which is why Sia said people need to stop mixing up true songwriters with Co-writers. She said that anybody can be a co-writer by just adding a single line, or even 2 words but to actually pen together an entire song, that's something completely different.

So true, and it’s a different type of talent to be able to write a whole song. Collaborative efforts with a team are good, but so many artists pour their hearts into some songs and that’s how we really get to know them through their music. 

So much of Ariana’s music is impersonal or vague, even if it has some sort of root with her. 


Jemma Simmons + Reunions in 3x10

AKA Everybody Loves Jemma