so many good scenes in this ep

Is there such thing as way to many posts about ep 10 victor’s engagement scene? The answer is NO, so here’s another one

prepare for a long post

I spot something round made of gold

“lucky charm”

cue in church scene… you know what happens in churches??? this

from what I’ve been told, marriage proposals in Japan are discreet. They are not the usual “will you marry me?” that we, westerners have. The “will you take care of me” from the last episode was a good example of that and this “I’ll try my best from tomorrow”, which refers to the figure skating routine is even more discreet. Yuuri learnt to show is love to victor through ice skating, so it only makes sense that his proposal is somehow related to that.

And Victor understood what Yuuri was implying. That face is a bit of shock and surprise, but it’s much more a face of understanding what’s going on, what Yuuri’s words imply

The fact that he pull off a ring and did the same kind of vow, shows that he was also thinking about it for some time

And even though Yuuri did the first move, even though he took the initiative, he was still insecure, because as you can see, the decision of buying the rings was kind of impulsing. He was shocked when Victor put a ring on his finger, because, although he was sure he loved him, he wasn’t sure that Victor loved him back. That was the confirmation he needed. That is the reason behind these smiles

And then, of course, we have the restaurant scene

(victor looks so happy!!!)

and this is the precise moment that the truth hits pichit

the yoi fandom in one picture:

(don’t even try to deny it, yuuri)

Their reactions!!!!

Christophe: oh my, my friend just got engaged, I’m so happy for him. when will I find my true love?

Otabek: marriage is good. I applaud this union between to people


minado and mari: uh… I did not see that one coming. finally…


minado and mari: dammit victor, you ruined everything. you had to do that. did you not see yuuri last year? you will never get married

Christophe: cute, but I’ll win

yurio and otabek: GAME ON. there’s no way in hell that’ll happen. I’ll win and you’ll remain single forever

pichit: uhm… I want to win, but I also want them to get married…. What should I do in order to get both?


I’m the winner. That’s who I am.
                                                      The Time Lord Victorious.

Please let BSD ep 21 be a masterpiece...


Also I just noticed ep 9 from the first season was the first soukoku scene ever… so I guess this is a sign… Please let it be a good sign… 


Small, but firm.

I wonder why there seemed to be so many Milo/Zack ship moments in the first episode...


this one person right here:

can most likely be thanked for that

Because he’s the one who wrote all the good Buford/Baljeet scenes in Phineas and Ferb. You know, ones like this:

and this:

(^also, don’t forget about the line in that ep, “You just wanna bully someone you love”)

So yes, I’d say we’re in for some good shippy times with this show if Scott has any say in it!

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Supergirl ep made me feel so many emotions last night. Even knowing some #Karamel heartbreak would be coming didn't help it to hurt any less once seen on screen. Mon els speech to Kara and that whole scene brought me to tears and I was so proud of him for standing up to his folks for himself and for Kara. Don't forget the musical ep is tonight on The Flash. I sure hope that ep will be good.

Chris Wood was amazing in last night’s episode!  He definitely made me feel Mon El’s emotions through the episode.  The mortification of having to tell Kara who he was and how he escaped from Daxam. The nervous jokes he used to try and push through the awkwardness.  The desperation and heartbreak when he told her he loved her.  


Mon El showed great growth when he stood up to his parents and decided to stay on earth– despite the fact that Kara broke up with him and he’s pretty much all alone– because that’s where he’s a better person. Especially when the other option is to go home where he’s a prince and has family and unimaginable privilege. 

It will be interesting to see where they go from here. I’m very excited for tonight’s episode of The Flash. I think, at the very least, we’re in for some very worried and angsty Mon El. I don’t expect Kara to just magically forgive him by the end of the hour, but hopefully she’ll learn throughout the episode not to view the situation in such rigid terms. 

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Do you know #TheDayAfter with Jeffery Austin and Lyndsey Parker? It's hilarious! And very informative too bc Jeffery gives interesting insights about the production of The Voice one don't hear about usually. This season they mentioned Shefani too - of course <3 You can find it on their twitter accounts, there is usually 1 summary each week.

I have!! It’s incredibly interesting. I love Jeffery’s behind the scenes insights. Side note, Lyndsey has a really cute interview with Gwen from September 2015. But anyway, so many amazing little tidbits, but I was so amused to learn that Gwen is the coach that listens to the producers the least. It’s not surprising, she’s used to being the boss. But it’s a good thing they EPs are so enamored with her bc she is truly chaos.

i’ve been staring at the wayhaught scene for hours someone help me

look. the reason i love that whole scene so much (beyond the obvious) is bc it’s just so… wlw. so fundamentally, softly, warmly a wlw scene.

starting with nicole’s line, “I scare you” – it’s not delivered as a question, not at all. it’s understanding. (holy voice inflection, batman.) it’s the moment when it clicks – everything about what waverly has said and done this ep just falls into place and she realizes, oh, oh, this is a babybi working on figuring out what the fuck is happening with her sexuality. SO many of us have been there, sis, and nicole just goes – oh. oh, babe, of course, oh my god.

like, she just melts, immediately. and she’s so warm and soft for the whole rest of the scene!! the freaking heart eyes, obviously, and the dialogue, good lord. before this she didn’t know what was going on, she’s questioning, unsure, breaky voice – but from here on, she’s confident and in control and totally focused on making waverly comfortable because she knows, she knows what that’s like and she knows how to help.

when waverly gets through “the thing I want to do most in the world… it’s you” she smiles, sure, but it’s not a *waggles eyebrows smirky smirk* grin, it’s just – gosh, kid, darling, it’s just so warm and understanding and yes, you can want to do me, yes, that’s great and beautiful.

“I really, really don’t know how to do this” / “oh sure you do”: it’s ok, you’re doing this perfectly, there is no right way to this, you already know how to do it. it’s so, smooth, yeah, but also just SO FUCKING GAY and reassuring and ashdfasdkfja;sdjfas;djf

“maybe I should just stop talking” / “see? you’re getting better at this already” again, not teasing or mocking, just – open! encouraging! light and smiley and pulling her in but still letting waverly set the pace as she’s exploring herself oh my goodness I’m going to set my phone on fire

“maybe you should stop talking too” / “maybe you should make me :D” THIS LITTLE SHIT GIVES A SMOOTH-ASS PICKUP LINE LIKE THAT and then just BEAMS LIKE A PUPPY she’s just. so warm. like, what an opening, again letting waverly set the pace and see that hey, it’s okay, you can do this, this is a fun and happy thing to do, go for it. and she DOOOOOOES, and then nicole takes the lead physically, so. fucking. soft. and. smiley. i’m yELLING

look. i’m just - gay as fuck soft gentle ((service top)) nicole haught of my dreams is canon. I literally don’t care where canon goes after this I am ALIVE this scene is beautiful and hot and whatever and also SO. SOFT. AND. IMPORTANT.

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IDK why but evak scene where Even is talking about getting married always gets me. You can tell by Isak's expression that something's off with Even because he's not really being his usual self. Also the fact that Tarjei can cry on cue goes to show how much of an amazing actor he is (eg he cries first drop comes from the right eye, it's happiness. Left eye, pain, which you can see in eps such as where he's coming out to his mum and the end of ep 9).

When that clip came out i watched it without subtitles so i had next to 0 idea what was being said. Yet the music, isak’s looks and basically even acting so “different” gave me so many feelings!! To this day i’ve only watched that scene about 3 or 4 times and that’s basically -8 compared to the thousands that i’ve watched everything else. And yes baby tuna is so talented he deserves every good thing that ever happens to him and every great role he gets and every award for his amazing acting skills that he’s going to win for sure 💖

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Good ole Paul on twitter to someone saying if Dylan's on screen for 15 seconds they're watching. Just going in with lower expectations : "he's back for way more than that. They had Dylan for at least a week in February so there are many scenes of Stiles in 6b". 1) I'm pretty sure Dylan wasn't there for a week but w/e 2) it takes at least 8 days? to film ONE ep and he was there filming 620 and from what we saw before with his TWO week filming for 6A they couldn't even get him in TWO full episodes

This is why responding to his posts are so frustrating. Because we’re not going to know until it happens and what info we do get seems to favor Paul.

You know I don’t trust his 8 days nonsense at all, I think they had him for one good overnight at best. And if this is the case it means they had to completely rewrite and insert him into the eps that had already been shot which is something we know this show is not capable of doing.

Which means they really need to change the timeline. I don’t get why they just didn’t have it during the summer. I don’t get anything this show does anymore honestly.

Tokyo Ghoul √A ep 7 : Touken feels

After 5 episodes of them being shown one after the other : Touken is finally on the same scene. My Touken heart was moved : the Why scene animated.

So many precious moments :

Touka as a model student. I could only think of that flashback about her saying she wasn’t good at studying.

Kaneki in white. Funny, seems like not only did he puts on some muscles, he also picked up some style. I approve !

More seriously, the studio kept this pivotal Touken scene. Quite symbolic as usual : both baes meet in the middle of a pont. Ponts are linked between place/people. If there’s a pont then the separation is lenghty : Touka going on her everyday life between exams, friendsand morosity/unhappiness (I wonder why…) and Kaneki being literally eaten away by madness (this expression was made for him or was the boy made out of it…), dealing with loneliness and violence. Both are on opposite ends of the spectrum and, though they seemed to be worlds apart, Touka was able to reach Kaneki. #Kimi-ni-todoke.

Plus, my Touken heart was slowly breaking when I saw that :

See…SEE !! Kaneki wants to come back ! But he’s so stubborn…I guess he needs a little push. Touka, time to shine !

Hum, well okay…Worry not my Touken Kokoro, that just some tough love…

Here, Touka is actually kissing Kaneki. Yes…I believe it is called “to kiss with one’s fist”. I would have prefered a more classic way but hey ! I’m not complaining ! ^^

The smile at the end…the feels! too much feels ! I though Ken-kun was going to cry but no…not yet. (what with those kissable lips ?! Touka, make a move already ! Cough…)

Anyway, too much Touken feels. Just kiss already !

Yea, um, troye is a good friend of mine. He is another youtuber who now is an actor and a singer and a songwriter, and watching him over the past few years blossom into his own skin, whether its coming out and having his coming out video go viral and inspire so many people, or releasing his first EP, TRXYE, and taking over the US charts, and the music scene in general, its been incredible because he has been an inspiration to me, youtube-wise and personally and he’s such an good friend to me. We get along so well, and I, you know, I adore him and to see him thrive in his own skin and inspire so many people in so many ways, it warms my heart, and he has got so much stuff coming that I’m so excited for the world to see, and it’s- I think, he’s just at the beginning of so much of an incredible career, and for me to be able to witness that, and just to even be friends with him and part of it in our own little way, it’s humbling and amazing because I adore him and I think he has so much to share with the world.
—  Tyler Oakley, about Troye Sivan (June, 2015)