so many good scenes in this ep

am i dumb or are they dumb

1. why sky ppl even have to fight for the place in the bunker. they like.. FOUND the bunker??? they OPENED IT??? like grounders would just die without them in first place???

2. luna ilian roan and octavia are gonna fight in conclave n only one person is supposed to be alive in the end but like ??? its not gonna happen obv since they wont kill zach and marie’s characters in one ep huh

3. why does clarke wants so badly to save ice nation like … arent they the ones who killed skyppl-kids just because they saw snow and started playing with it

4. how many ppl trikru has. werent they slaughter like… twice. by my man bellamy (bby boy you did good) and by ice nation ???

5. for who does luna fight in conclave… fishes? all her people are dead



I’m the winner. That’s who I am.
                                                      The Time Lord Victorious.


Small, but firm.

Is there such thing as way to many posts about ep 10 victor’s engagement scene? The answer is NO, so here’s another one

prepare for a long post

I spot something round made of gold

“lucky charm”

cue in church scene… you know what happens in churches??? this

from what I’ve been told, marriage proposals in Japan are discreet. They are not the usual “will you marry me?” that we, westerners have. The “will you take care of me” from the last episode was a good example of that and this “I’ll try my best from tomorrow”, which refers to the figure skating routine is even more discreet. Yuuri learnt to show is love to victor through ice skating, so it only makes sense that his proposal is somehow related to that.

And Victor understood what Yuuri was implying. That face is a bit of shock and surprise, but it’s much more a face of understanding what’s going on, what Yuuri’s words imply

The fact that he pull off a ring and did the same kind of vow, shows that he was also thinking about it for some time

And even though Yuuri did the first move, even though he took the initiative, he was still insecure, because as you can see, the decision of buying the rings was kind of impulsing. He was shocked when Victor put a ring on his finger, because, although he was sure he loved him, he wasn’t sure that Victor loved him back. That was the confirmation he needed. That is the reason behind these smiles

And then, of course, we have the restaurant scene

(victor looks so happy!!!)

and this is the precise moment that the truth hits pichit

the yoi fandom in one picture:

(don’t even try to deny it, yuuri)

Their reactions!!!!

Christophe: oh my, my friend just got engaged, I’m so happy for him. when will I find my true love?

Otabek: marriage is good. I applaud this union between to people


minado and mari: uh… I did not see that one coming. finally…


minado and mari: dammit victor, you ruined everything. you had to do that. did you not see yuuri last year? you will never get married

Christophe: cute, but I’ll win

yurio and otabek: GAME ON. there’s no way in hell that’ll happen. I’ll win and you’ll remain single forever

pichit: uhm… I want to win, but I also want them to get married…. What should I do in order to get both?

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Hi~ love ur blog and u seem super nice, what's your fave Mac moment on the show? Mine is the roof scene in "the gang gets whacked", when he goes full Power Top: "Dennis? We gotta talk, NOW"


oh my goodness I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THAT MOMENT. But GOSH so maNY GOOD MOMENTS?????  can i cheat and list like 3??? ok imma do it anyway kjfhdjkhg

1. MAC COMING OUT FORREAL. it was like 12am and i was watching the ep for the first time JUST after catching up on the entire series and then it happened and i cried for like, legit an hour. reasons-to-live.png





there are so many golden mac moments that i had to stop myself from listing them ALL. MY BABY BOY.

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do you have some anime recommendations? :)

Hey! Sorry I received this like 4 days ago but I only just finished my finals so i’m answering now hurhur. Actually I’m not sure why you’re asking me because I only got into anime late last year, but here are some that I have watched and loved!!

1. Hybrid Child

Do you want to cry your eyeballs out? Are you a sucker for suffering? Do you want to know how much emotion you can invest into just 4 episodes? Then this is the anime for you. Brilliant art, MUSIC, and plot. I literally created an account on myanimelist just to leave a review for this. It’s that good.

2. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

A friend recommended this to me by chance. Was hooked from the first episode, binged it in one afternoon. Crunchyroll’s most heartwarming scene award should have gone to this anime but it was robbed by yuri on ice ep 7. Has one of my fav opening themes as well.

3. Akatsuki no Yona

While Yona’s flip-flopping personality is a little annoying, I have yet to see an anime that properly develops so many characters so well. I’m attached to all of them. Also, music is fantastic. Incorporates traditional instruments like the koto and erhu to stay true to the time period. 

4. Gintama

Listen. You haven’t watched anime if you haven’t watched Gintama. Characters breaking the 4th wall to criticise the show’s lack of budget, surprisingly well-written dialogue despite the show being one massive shitpost/meme, over-the-top cesspit-level humour. It’s all here folks. 

That’s all I have to recommend for now, but these are really worth your time i promise!! 

I wonder why there seemed to be so many Milo/Zack ship moments in the first episode...


this one person right here:

can most likely be thanked for that

Because he’s the one who wrote all the good Buford/Baljeet scenes in Phineas and Ferb. You know, ones like this:

and this:

(^also, don’t forget about the line in that ep, “You just wanna bully someone you love”)

So yes, I’d say we’re in for some good shippy times with this show if Scott has any say in it!

American Gods Episode 101 Spoilers Below . . . .

Finally watching American Gods.  

Love the first coming to America scene.  So reminds me of the West Virginia body totem pole scene from Hannibal and the first contact retelling of the Algonquin, along with Mads’ One Eye arriving from Vahalla Rising.  Loved every bizarre moment of it.

Ricky is magnificent.  I see lots of familiar faces – Jonathan Tucker/Matthew Brown is so grimy good – and hear lots of familiar dissonant sounds – Brian Reitzell’s back.  I have read the book and it’s strangely sticking so close to it.  What an introduction to Bilquis.  They just dropped the c-word.  They are not playing.  I wasn’t sure how they were going to film the goddess scene, but it was great.

The mythical beast.  Will Graham feels.  

Funny Bryan’s obsession with urinals.  Lots of bird imagery in this.  And the teeth lining the mouth of the bar.  Red Dragon feels.  

Pablo looks amazing as Mad Sweeney.  The joint tucked behind his ear, the darts, the coin trick.  Wednesday: “There, you’re my man now.”  Love the Hannibal callbacks. “Attaboy.”  What a great fight scene.

Love the vintage Caddy.

Coffin dropping was so funny.  “Gallows humor” indeed.

The ending was like a mesh-up of all the Hannibal blood scenes.  My husband didn’t understand it.  But he’s willing to watch #2 now so that’s saying something.

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So who else is just forgetting about that episode? We know that none of it will affect Robron in the long run, now everything's out in the open about the baby and the story can FINALLY move forward. I'm staying in my happy mood because that ep didn't affect me at all 😀Something more important; in the scene where Robert cuddles up to Aaron, if you pause the video just after the kiss when Robert has his arm still round Aaron and his eyes closed, it looks like a renaissance painting 😍😍😍

Hey Molly! 

I’m so happy there are so many people who are still positive and not bothered by that ep! We need people like that! I was deeply effected and not in a good way lmao 

Last night I had a really long think about that ep and this morning as well lol my problem hasn’t been, “will robron still be together?” Because we KNOW they will (Well, I mean Aaron could still support Robert as a father and be broken up but let’s not think about that). My problem has been, “SHOULD robron still be together?” 

I will always have my hold ups about them, regardless of how much I love and ship them. Which is a lot btw, they have taken over my entire fucking life lmao and last night those hold ups were placed right in front of me in H fucking D and I was having a real crisis. 

I don’t want them to break up per se, but I would like to see Aaron given a break and some space to sort himself out. He is having a lot of pressure put on him by the people around him and he is extremely emotional and fragile and I just want him to be given some time to get his head round things before he is given even MORE to deal with. 

Anyway, a real big upside to this all, is that the problems the boys have always had, since the fucking affair, is being brought up and addressed. Has Robert really changed? Who is Robert really? Can Aaron trust him? Even with all his lying and manipulating (which like I said in my last ask, he isn’t doing atm)?  Is Aaron really the exception? Should they really be together? 

These questions need to be asked and addressed before they can really move on and have a more solid and strong relationship. 

These past few eps have been amazing in that aspect. Things are being brought up and discussed and it’s really amazing tbh. I have my problems with certain things and I spent all yesterday being mad as hell, but I’m really enjoying this. I like being slammed back into reality after things get to fan fiction-y. It’s more real and idk the things happening rn really need to happen (minus a fucking baby ???? lmao ffs). Like you said, this stuff means the story can finally start moving forward and I’m so glad.  

Anyway this got rambly and had nothing to do with your ask lmao I’m sorry and YES omfg that last scene pls don’t make me think about how beautiful and heartbreaking that looked/was :’)

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i finally caught up all the way and i'm not sure what part you're at but. holy shit dude when you're ready i have SO MUCH to talk about from stolen century ((this is taz anon 2 btw!!))

ep 61! i’ll be done by tomorrow, since i’m on my last legs of school so i’ll be chillin with my earbuds and havin a good ol time with some TAZ. we can totes chat! you and taz anon #1 are welcome to message me bc i have so many emotions about taz particularly ones about the scene in the suffering game where magnus is falling to the astral plane and kravitz is being drowned in that oil and taako comes to save magnus and sees kravitz and merle’s planar ally saving his fellow tres horny boys and i fuxkign die everyday!!!!!!!!!! the adventure zone killed my family and salted the earth of my farm but griffin mcelroy just keeps pushing

i’ve been staring at the wayhaught scene for hours someone help me

look. the reason i love that whole scene so much (beyond the obvious) is bc it’s just so… wlw. so fundamentally, softly, warmly a wlw scene.

starting with nicole’s line, “I scare you” – it’s not delivered as a question, not at all. it’s understanding. (holy voice inflection, batman.) it’s the moment when it clicks – everything about what waverly has said and done this ep just falls into place and she realizes, oh, oh, this is a babybi working on figuring out what the fuck is happening with her sexuality. SO many of us have been there, sis, and nicole just goes – oh. oh, babe, of course, oh my god.

like, she just melts, immediately. and she’s so warm and soft for the whole rest of the scene!! the freaking heart eyes, obviously, and the dialogue, good lord. before this she didn’t know what was going on, she’s questioning, unsure, breaky voice – but from here on, she’s confident and in control and totally focused on making waverly comfortable because she knows, she knows what that’s like and she knows how to help.

when waverly gets through “the thing I want to do most in the world… it’s you” she smiles, sure, but it’s not a *waggles eyebrows smirky smirk* grin, it’s just – gosh, kid, darling, it’s just so warm and understanding and yes, you can want to do me, yes, that’s great and beautiful.

“I really, really don’t know how to do this” / “oh sure you do”: it’s ok, you’re doing this perfectly, there is no right way to this, you already know how to do it. it’s so, smooth, yeah, but also just SO FUCKING GAY and reassuring and ashdfasdkfja;sdjfas;djf

“maybe I should just stop talking” / “see? you’re getting better at this already” again, not teasing or mocking, just – open! encouraging! light and smiley and pulling her in but still letting waverly set the pace as she’s exploring herself oh my goodness I’m going to set my phone on fire

“maybe you should stop talking too” / “maybe you should make me :D” THIS LITTLE SHIT GIVES A SMOOTH-ASS PICKUP LINE LIKE THAT and then just BEAMS LIKE A PUPPY she’s just. so warm. like, what an opening, again letting waverly set the pace and see that hey, it’s okay, you can do this, this is a fun and happy thing to do, go for it. and she DOOOOOOES, and then nicole takes the lead physically, so. fucking. soft. and. smiley. i’m yELLING

look. i’m just - gay as fuck soft gentle ((service top)) nicole haught of my dreams is canon. I literally don’t care where canon goes after this I am ALIVE this scene is beautiful and hot and whatever and also SO. SOFT. AND. IMPORTANT.

I’m glad that a lot of the anxiety of this job is slipping away, people are really nice, body is getting used to the movements, and I’ve just been listening to like, so many episodes of podcasts and stuff. I listened to basically all of Penumbra between yesterday and today and boy that’s a GOOD TIME I’m already sad that I have like, 4 eps left. But ofc I got a dozen other things to listen to as well now.

It still is hard to get used to kinda having so much of my days disappear which in its own way is sorta making me anxious, but I think in about a month I’ll be used to it.

This weekend I’m gonna 1) Get a rough plotting outline of scenes for the rest of this rewrite 2) Finish a short story.  Might go look at if I have any older short stories worth salvaging too so I can edit them and get them sent out. I wanna kinda get a slew of stuff rolling out just to see what happens. But gosh, I already do miss my days of writing for hours e z

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hiii :) love your posts! so anyway im in a super destiel mood right now, can i bother you in asking what some of your favourite destiel episodes are? :D

Hiya darlin’! And thank you! You’re too kind ;)

I thought I’d be able to answer this question really quickly on the tumblr mobile app, but then I thought about it and ended up on my laptop. In general, my shipper heart loves any episode with Dean/Cas interaction, but finally narrowed it down to 5 episodes that I’ve re-watched many, many times for their Dean and Cas scenes (these are ordered by season, starting with the most recent).

1. “Road Trip” - I loved this episode from start to finish. There were funny moments, but Dean and Cas finally got to really discuss some of the crap that’s come between them since the start of season 9. And that scene where they talk about them both getting played made me squeal and bawl my eyes out simultaneously.

2. “Heaven Can’t Wait” - This ep came after a few Castiel-less episodes, so I was glad that they got to spend a good portion of the ep together. Their conversations in the car had me grinning like an idiot, and I loved how Dean just had to pop in and surprise Cas at his job.

3. “Hunteri Heroici” - This episode is one of my faves for a lot of reasons. It saw the return of Castiel, and the case they were working was a funny one too. Most of all, I loved the scene in the hotel room where Dean and Cas talk about why Castiel won’t return to heaven just yet. It was emotional, and we got to see a vulnerable side to both of them that doesn’t often surface. Gahh, the feels.

4. “The Man Who Would Be King” - Arguably, this is one of my all-time faves. It was a Cas-centric episode, and I loved seeing more facets to his personality (plus those scenes of him sitting on a bench in the snow were gorgeous). It’s not a happy ep for anyone involved, but it really expanded our view of both Dean and Cas as characters. I could go on and on about this episode, but then this would turn into a 10-page essay.

5. “Lazarus Rising” - Ah yes, the episode that started it all. Admittedly, Castiel doesn’t make an actual appearance until near the end of it, but I absolutely loved the build up. The mystery, the wondering. And Castiel’s entrance did not disappoint: sparks flying, hottie walking like a badass through the door, the tousled hair…oh jeez, I gotta go re-watch that again.

There’s so many more, but I’m going to stop at 5 before I end up spending my entire day on Netflix, marathoning episodes.


Regarding when the prods decided Olicity was endgame.

I’m fairly certain they were a contingency plan (one of several) before Emily was even cast.

Hear me out.

Sure, the extremely negative media and focus group response to the anti-chemistry and completely unsuitability of the Lauriver relationship didn’t start until media and focus groups saw the pilot in the late spring 2012 timeframe. But the pilot filmed a few months before that, and the prods had plans laid out in case they got picked up.

If you look back at early media articles and early discussion boards and forums, during the pilot and the second ep…they reflected those early responses. Critics and audiences alike could not stomach this. It’s probably the strongest negative reaction I have ever seen to a main couple on a show. But usually, an important and seemingly unalterable main couple like this would’ve been carefully cast to ensure they were suitable, and here that was not done, for some mysterious reason. Even though it was more important here than it would be on most shows, since this girl is supposed to be The One who had gotten Oliver through his dark times, and interest in their relationship was supposed to be strong enough to last the entire run of the show…and every assumption would’ve been that there is no way out of that relationship. It is difficult to believe that the prods willingly chose not to chem test their lead with his future LI.

But here is my question: if media and early focus groups, critics writing initial responses to the first eps, and audiences everywhere could tell that Lauriver could not possibly sustain this show…why couldn’t the producers? Never mind questions about what *season* they changed their minds. How about, while they were filming the pilot? While they were watching the dailies? How could everyone else know, but the people whose jobs were on the line and who have years of experience here miss this important information? How could Berlanti (of “Hey let’s scrap Dawson and Joey and go with Pacey and Joey” fame), Guggenheim, Kreisberg, Pedowitz, Roth…how could they be so blind? Why did it take the media and the viewers to point out to them that they had a disaster on their hands, and that Oliver simply had to have a different love interest?

The answer: They could. They knew. They knew before anyone else. That’s why so many contingency LIs were written and cast. Because they knew they had a problem…they just weren’t quite sure what the solution was, but the ball was rolling and they didn’t have the time and money to reshoot the pilot, plus CW wasn’t ready to blame KC yet. But they also didn’t have the time to launch a really careful rework and chem test numerous actresses with Stephen to try to find the right one.

Isn’t it funny how focus group testing of the pilot just *happened* to complain that Oliver’s tech skills were too much? I mean, amongst all the other skills he had that were planted there deliberately for the audience to question and which indicated he was lying about his missing years, aren’t we fortunate it wasn’t speaking Russian they questioned? If so, would we have had a linguist instead of a tech genius? How dumb is that? The entire pilot BEGS the audience to ask themselves why the things Oliver can do don’t make sense for a guy stranded alone on an island for five years. But it’s this…computer skills…that is the real absurdity? Come. On.

And isn’t it lucky for the prods that without even TRYING, they cast a young woman who as it turns out can play the type (warm, kind, the sort who actually would sustain a man during five years in hell) Oliver’s LI was supposed to be? And wow, without even INTENDING to they totally wrote one of the five greatest romantic comedy meet-cute scenes in tv history for this “one off” character who happened to get cast with a funny, dazzling actress of great warmth and ridiculous beauty? And OMG! The third ep! Their FIRST TRY, they hit on EBR!

Wow, so many accidents! So much good fortune!!!

Yeah, exactly. Bull. Shit.

Bullshit they only created Felicity because focus groups criticized the tech gap. Bullshit their casting notice and discussions with Rappaport didn’t indicate potential LI for Oliver. Bullshit Stephen didn’t know he was working with a potential LI. And bullshit that they didn’t know EXACTLY what they had with them the moment they saw it.

The three EPs are the writers of 103. They wrote that meet-cute as a meet-cute. They picked Emily from a tape as the best potential LOVE INTEREST.

Am I saying they had already made their choice? No. Helena and McKenna were both in the works, also contingencies. But absolutely by the time they put together 108, they knew where they were going. 103 aired 24 October. Pre-prod on Vertigo began 5 November. 103 airing meant critics and audiences confirmed for them what they already knew. It gave them the final word they needed to make that very meaningful cut from Diggle’s “right fit” speech to Felicity.

People, THEY COULD NOT DO WITHOUT A LOVE INTEREST FOR OLIVER. They couldn’t waste time. Their entire series arc for him, unusually enough, required this LI in place from the get-go. They were not making a show about a guy figuring out who he really loves. They were making a show about a guy who KNOWS who he loves, but just has to allow himself to come back to life. How could they do that if they didn’t have that woman in place VERY early? They intended her to have been in place five years before the show began! They simply could not let Oliver go without his LI being established before the end of the first season, which meant she had to come in early and the foundation had to be strong.

So this situation - this need for a LI for him - was fucking *dire*.

And from that point forward, from 108 forward, she got all the romantic beats. She got all the epic beats. Lauriver sex was moved up from at the *earliest* late season three (in case you haven’t noticed, the prods want to make us waaaaaaaaait for the sex) to the end of season one, so nobody would be sitting around wondering if maybe Oliver was going back to her, which would’ve been an eternal question if they hadn’t gone ahead and had the sex scene happen. FWIW, Sariver happened to take that question off the table, too.

So in conclusion, TPTB knew from the shooting of the pilot they had a problem, and as soon as they went into production, they set about ensuring they could solve it. There was very little luck here. This was design.

But of course they cannot say that, because they cannot be unkind to the employee who lost out. So they have to pretend, nonsensically, that the meet-cute and the casting is an accident, that they never intended any of this to happen, etc. We know the obvious truth, though.