so many good photoshoots this year

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Whats your favorite ptg moment in this year?

there have been so many everyday is full of surprises and nice things when you are an universe :’)

i think what .. made my heart skip a beat this year…:

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“The first couple of years I was plagued by a kind of: ‘Oh my god, this is my first role. Don’t f–k it up. Do good, just do good, And there was a kind of personal intensity that went along with it because I was playing a character already loved by so many people who had read the books, and just making sure that she was what people were hoping she would be.” — Emilia on applying for the role of ‘Daenerys Targaryen’.

a bit of a brain dump;

hi pals how u doin so i have a loot of things in my head i wanna talk about n so i’m gunna. so many good n big things are happening n it’s all so exciting n crazy n overwhelming n like holy shit i can’t believe this is where my life is at? to think a year ago in January i was practically house bound for months at a time with no friends n scared of being seen with anyone queer - to now, with a paid job, talking about being trans in front of classes of students n thousands of people on youtube n soon potentially thousands of people on comic relief n doing interviews n having photoshoots… i could be doing a collab with someone quite well known on youtube soon!! i have friends!! i’m out of my OWN house almost every day!! i’m goimg TO TRANS PRIDE!! i might be mOVING again!! In a month!!!! if all goes well!! into a house with the cute dog!! and my OWN cat!!! I have an interview at UNIVERSITY on tuesday!! to become a qualified YOUTH WORKER!!! I’m in a healthy relationship with the most BEAUTIFUL boy who is vegan and soft and gay and intelligent and handsome!! holy crap if i could have shown my v nearly dead 21 y/o self (n i mean v nearly dead as in i had planned my suicide days before n written a letter for my family) what life would look like in a years time i would not believe me. holy sshit pals. things change. 


I can’t say enough good things about @momocon , I can’t wait to come back next year! I had a great time at the con, I met so many new friends and did a bunch of shippy Voltron photoshoots (this video is from a shoot I did with @inspectorlemoncosplay as Keith 😏)

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While I started out by popping to my room to take a few snaps to mark this one year in time, it resulted in a photoshoot that lasted a couple of hours. It was good. In a way I inspired myself (as much as that word makes me cringe).

It began with me hating every photo. I realized I was trying to over-pose. That is, pose how I instructed countless beginner models to pose over the 12 years I was an {intensely busy} professional photographer and worked with so many women who had never modelled before (or modelled very little). That’s when I realized: my body is disabled. It isn’t a normal body and the techniques I taught to (often very young), fit, toned, even muscular models would just not work for this disabled body. It does not bend the same (or over bends in the wrong places), the skin drapes in ‘ugly’ ways, I am covered in wrinkles and stretchmarks, my intestines sag out due to lax abdominal muscles, my limb tissue spreads out in 'ugly’ ways for the same reasons, I am too skinny in some areas, and 'flabby’ in others.

The negative inner voice started wondering loudly if it’s even possible to tone a body with muscle, nervous system and organ failure. It told me how awful the photos were looking; how they were all photos I wouldn’t even show models of themselves were I solely behind the camera again. And that’s when I realized: what do I 'preach’ every single day on Twitter? That disabled bodies are real and numerous, that they deserve the same love and respect as any other bodies (maybe even more) and that disabled bodies are attached to people. And so I embraced it.

I changed things up. I changed my underwear, I removed my clothes. I scrunched myself up and twisted myself about, moved the camera around and took photos of this disabled body and saw the person spilling out from the wrinkly seams. I am this person. (Look at those cheeky little toes (; ).

{please don’t remove my words}



“We held up celebratory glasses for WINNER who are wrapping up promotions for their mini album, “EXIT:E”. We wish you all the best for the road you will walk on towards your goals!”

Seungyoon and Seunghoon who imprinted their names through audition programs, Mino who spent his days onstage as an underground rapper, and Jinwoo and Taehyun who endured their long trainee period on tightropes. They received the name, “WINNER” by surviving the survival program, “WIN”, where they competed against Team B as Team A. It took YG, who doesn’t choose compromise in front of perfection, 9 years to create WINNER, the second boy group after BIGBANG. After a long period of producing, the ten songs that were created by the members displayed their voices as artists, not as idols. On the day of their debut, their title track, “Empty” swept up #1 on music charts. And then one year and a half passed. This was unusual and not easy especially within the fast-moving idol ecosystem. WINNER, who have come back, announced their plan to be active for the whole of 2016 with their project “Exit Movement”. Their mini album, “EXIT:E” is only the start as it naturally contains WINNER’s self-composed and written songs. The title tracks, “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental”, along with Nam Taehyun’s solo track, “I’m Young” had music videos released out of the five songs. Instead of looking at the widened spectrum that includes blues, pop, among other genres, it is necessary to focus on how each song sincerely shines with their completeness. As if they were waiting for it, WINNER successfully wrapped up their first domestic concert, “2016 WINNER EXIT TOUR” and challenged themselves to the chid care variety program, “Half Moon Friends”. These youths have instinctive energy and passion, along with fresh mischief and they still have a lot to show. We, who have watched how they earned their name, WINNER, from the beginning, just need to enjoy watching them mature into real winners. Because their name is WINNER, because becoming winners will always be their goal, and because their thirst for music is more deep and dense than expected.

Q. After your hiatus of 1 year and 5 months, you have completed promotions for your mini album “EXIT:E” and your first domestic concert tour has ended too. Do you feel at ease now?


I felt like a bitterness in my chest that wouldn’t go away, disappeared. Because the energy that was trapped was finally released like the champagne that was burst open during this photoshoot. I felt very reinvigorated. But this is not enough. There are many glasses left that need to be filled with champagne. I wish to show more new and good things.


I was so frustrated during the hiatus. I desperately wanted to have a comeback quickly to show our music with high spirits. I had to swallow back anxiety very often but the apologetic heart I had for the people waiting for us was greater. I’m very thankful to them.


During the hiatus, I was so thirsty for promotions but stepping onstage made me miss the hiatus. I thought, “If I had practiced instruments more fiercely… If I had been more stably prepared, then I would have had been armed with another weapon.” I regretted things. I also worried that I was being too impatient. I’m worry about whether I’m being too greedy for running for perfection too quickly at such a young age.


Because the hiatus of 1 year and 5 months left me with bitterness, I feel like I released some of that frustration through the [EXIT:E] promotions. It is our goal to stand on stage again quickly. Because the EXIT:E promotions were too short to resolve the hunger that built up during the hiatus.


Outside, only the glamorous times of WINNER are shown. But I think I’m ardent for that emptiness that comes after the glamorous stage disappears. The emotion felt by the person involved is different from what other people see.

Q. That emptiness was conveyed through “Empty” on your first album.


When the cheers and spotlights you received onstage suddenly disappears, there is an emptiness in the corner of your chest.


When there is no opportunity to stand onstage, my body feels fidgety and itchy. The more time passes in that situation, an emptiness that embodies, “What am I doing right now” finds you. It flusters you as if you didn’t do what you were supposed to do. Additionally, a financial emptiness follows. Haha. Am I being too realistic? When the emptiness seeps into bank accounts, you become “Sentimental”.

Q. I’ll remember your wit in connecting to the song, “Sentimental”, which is in this album. I want to ask why the title of the album is, “EXIT:E”. These days, it is common to hear and say, “There is always an entry into a fandom but there is no exit”, why did you dare to choose “EXIT”?


Our album name was coincidental and intuitive. In the image from the photoshoot we had at England, the director wrote, “Exit”, and we really liked that feeling. Instead of interpreting it as, “Get away from us,” we understood it as, “Listen to WINNER’s music and exit into a different world through WINNER”.


If our music became an exit for someone from their daily life, there is nothing better than that so we all agreed to it.


The fact that all five members liked it is very fascinating.

Q. So each member has different preferences from each other? How do you work together when you each have strong preferences?


We are very different from each other. Our opinions usually never unite either. When all five members need to unite voices, Seungyoon, our leader, separates each member’s opinions and reflects the opinions and collect all the opinions in the end. We try to find a compromise.


Everyone respects my opinions as a leader. I’m thankful for them.

Q. It is a blessing to meet a leader who respects the opinions of members. It is not easy to get assessed with a self composed song. WINNER seems to always choose to make breakthroughs.


Because we are people who make mainstream music, we think it is natural for us put in the effort to make music for many people to like. Of course, it’s not easy but if we were to say it’s difficult, it would feel like we are avoiding the responsibility as mainstream singers. That would mean the dereliction of duties.

Q. It is most likely that not everyone is dignified in front of assessment. What do you do when your confidence drops?


Whenever my confidence disappears or whenever I become confused about the direction of my live, I talk to the people around me. I earn solutions and hints are shared. I find it a relief that I have many friends near me who understand me because we have similar jobs.


I choose to close off the situation and forget it for a short time so that I can make sure I don’t beat myself over it. I usually forget about it for a short time and then I come back and find a new way to figure things out.


I shower! I become happy when I look at the mirror while showering. Haha. I’m joking. My ears lean towards compliments given to me by people who know me well. Compliments like that are like energy drinks to me. Honestly, I receive an amazing amount of strength while reading fan letters. When my confidence is scratching at the lowest level, each and every letter of each word from fan letters gather together and stick to my chest.


I try my best to find a way to absorb different music but honestly, I’m not sure. It’s too difficult for me to figure out how to settle myself when I lack confidence. It is my homework to find an appropriate method.


CEO YG’s compliment such as, “You did well” is equivalent to getting a dragon ball. (Right at this moment, all the members vigorously agreed!) Because it’s such a rare and precious experience, the power and influence is really great.

Q. Just like what Seunghoon mentioned, what is the most impressionable praise you received that marked your heart?


“Your song is really good!”


That’s right. Whenever people say my songs are good. I am most happy when people praise “my babies”. (T/N: Taehyun regards his songs as his babies)


The phrase, “You’re the best / You’re my one and only”. Because men are animals who crave acknowledgement.


Mino will probably answer, “You’re funny” or “You dress well”. Haha. We’ve heard the phrase, “Jinwoo-hyung is good looking” so many times we’re probably tired of it?


Actually, our fans say, “You’re good looking” often. However, there is a difference because in front of Jinwoo-hyung, they cry out, “Oppa, you’re so good-looking!” with the soul of the universe.

Q. Recently, you started the child care variety program, “Half Moon Friends”. The show displays WINNER within the chaos without falsity so the viewers laugh and feel touched. Good looking Teacher Juju’s popularity is also felt. How was the challenge of child care?


You know that old phrase about choosing to do farm work if you were given the choice of looking after children or doing farm work? It conveys how difficult child care is and I realised that old expressions are never wrong. And I was only popular because I had pink hair which children like.


If I had to choose between farm work and child caring, I would choose to take care of children. It is physically tiring but you can take and receive emotions.


There are many things you can learn from children. I felt like the children’s world is a smaller version of our society. And we became slightly more innocent after meeting the children.


Up until now, I never thought that we were adults. We barely take care of ourselves. Even though we’ve aged, we didn’t mature. In front of the children, I looked back at the definition of being an adult for the first time. Because we were given the responsibility to become the fences around someone else’s lives. This opportunity made me think a lot.


In front of the children, we were adults and we were teachers. Responsibility was a scary thing.

Q. Have you thought about marriage through this opportunity?


Before the program was officially prepared, there were questions about marriage during the pre-interviews. That was before the theme of the broadcast was decided. I have friends who have gotten married quickly but I told the production crew that marriage is a far off topic for me. Because I love working, I said that I think I would get married as late as possible, but meeting the children made me realise how cute and lovable they are. My thoughts have changed since then. Getting married in my 20s and have children would make it possible for me to be like a friend to my children. I feel like it would be a fun life. Of course, there is no one near me right now so this is an impossibility.


I’m different. I have always wanted to get married quickly because I find it difficult to get hit by people’s emotions. I want to be stable. I feel like if I have stability, I would be able to focus on my music more. If I had someone I wanted to marry, I don’t want to hesitate.


I want to get married as late as possible. I will live freely, happily, and with enjoyment until then!

Q. This place is only 10 minutes away from Incheon airport. If you were given 7 days of rest, what would you do?


I want to go to the Zakinthos Island in Greece. It was the filming location for the drama “Descendants of the Sun” and I’m still obsessed with it even though the drama has ended. The beach is so pretty.


I want to travel to a country that has overwhelming nature. I have to zone out at that place. I’ll look at the sky once and then at palm trees once. Whether it’s the sea or the mountains, I’ll like that place.


I want to follow Mino


Haha. I will not take you with me.


Then I want to go back to my hometown, Busan. Even when we go to Busan for schedules, I never get the time to go home. I like traveling overseas but I desperately want to catch up with my friends. And my family. There are too many faces I miss.


We went to New York for the album cover photoshoot for our debut album. We just worked and then came back. New York is the farthest city I have ever visited. Even though we came back after working hard for our photoshoot in a rush, every time I look at our album photobook, I clearly remember the good times we had there. I have a hobby of re-watching movies I love multiple times but every time some time passes, there are new emotions that get added unto that experience. I want to feel that new feeling at New York too.


I want to go to an overseas music festival and I want to set up a tent on top of a field of grass and while I listen to music, I want to roll around for one week. I also want to go on a backpacking trip, which I have never done before.

Q. Please share some hints about the year-long project “Exit Movement” with us before you leave! When will the song you revealed at your concert be released on an album?


We recorded new songs yesterday and today. We are working hard and spending busy nights every day. We keep fixing the recordings of our songs repetitively. As we do that, we’ll be able to create even better songs and that process continues like a Möbius strip. It’s because we’re very greedy. We’ll come back with an album full of satisfaction.

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[Trans] Sehun & Chanyeol - CeCi August 2015 Interview

Q: It’s hard to see you outside of EXO’s activities. Are there any plans for future activities?
Sehun: There are many things I want to do, I’m just waiting for the right time. If I want to do something, I want to do it properly so I’m waiting for the moment to appear like ‘bang’ and show it to everyone.
Ceci: In which areas?
Sehun: I want to try acting, but I also like magazine photoshoots so I will focus on these two areas.

Q: How will you spend the second half of the year?
Sehun: Firstly, there’s the world tour. Personally, if there’s a good opportunity then I will start new activities *cries*
Ceci: We hope to see you more often.
Sehun: Right now, Chanyeol hyung is seen by everyone on all sorts of shows. Once Chanyeol hyung is tired of it, I’ll be next. This is the advantage of having many members isn’t it? *laughs*

Q: Amongst the members, is it true that you guys are best friends?
Chanyeol: Us?
Ceci: Is it not true? Do you remember the first time you guys met?
Chanyeol: When we first met, Sehun was only a kid. I remember saying “ah such a cute kid.”
Sehun: Chanyeol hyung looked a little like a rebellious kid, but I still liked him *laughs* After we met, I felt that we could get along.

Q: Is there a reason why you guys became best friends?
Chanyeol: We entered the company at around the same time, about a two to three months difference. We’ve been close since we were trainees.
Sehun: I’m the sunbae. I entered the company three months earlier. *laughs*

Q: What is it that makes you guys get along so well?
Sehun: Chanyeol hyung is really friendly and I am. All of our members are really close so it’s not awkward to be alone with anyone.
Chanyeol: We are especially compatible when it comes to hanging out. We both like to meet up with people.
Ceci: In what ways?
Sehun: We’ve played house before. *laughs*

Q: Have there been times when you thought “we get along really well”?
Chanyeol: When it’s just the two of us and it doesn’t feel awkward.
Ceci: Even when you guys don’t talk?
Chanyeol: Yes, even so.
Sehun: Even though it’s not awkward…
Ceci: But it’s not good?
Sehun: Not that good.
Chanyeol: I think so too. *laughs*

Q: Surely there are times when you both are jealous of each other.
Chanyeol: Even though Sehun is skinny, he has broad shoulders. I’m a little jealous of that because I need to work hard to get them but that’s just how his physique is. I’m really jealous.
Sehun: There are so many things that of jealous of Chanyeol hyung for…
Ceci: Could it be that you don’t actually have one?
Sehun: Hyung has a nice voice so sometimes I think that it’ll be nice to have a voice like hyung’s.
Ceci: But there’s nothing you can do about it.
Sehun: Which is why I’m really jealous.

Q: What do the other members say about your friendship?
Chanyeol: We’re really close with the other members too. I’ll with Kyungoo and Jongin as well as Sehun so there’s nothing special about us. We’re all close.
Sehun: Hyung’s really good at being friendly with everyone.
Chanyeol: Yes, I do that a lot. *laughs*

Q: What Chanyeol’s secret that Sehun revealed?
Sehun: He surprisingly feels like an older brother. He’s really good at being the older brother. He looks really cheap, but is surprisingly generous. He also like to buy things for our members. Because he spends a lot of money on us, we sometimes think ‘what if his economy sense is slowly disappearing?’

Q: The theme of today’s photoshoot is 'Last Summer’. If you had to choose the most unforgettable summer out of all the summers, when would it be?
Sehun: 2-3 years ago, when EXO first debuted for less than a year. There was a time when the K members went to Eurwangni Beach. Since we had schedules the next day, we couldn’t go far and went as a day trip. We ate shells, played around and gave shrimps to seagulls as snacks.  I still have the picture we took that day in my wallet.

(Translation by: AMY |

The results of the Dengeki Girls’ Style Otome Game Awards 2015 have just been announced in this month’s issue! For those interested, in the seiyuu division the results were as follows:

  1. KENN (Series cast in 2015 included: Meiji Tokyo Renka Twilight Kiss, Ken ga Kimi for V, I DOLL U, Un:Birthday Song, Scared Riders Xechs Rev., Yunohana SpRING!, Reine Des Fleurs. Upcoming 2016 series include: Kenka Bancho Otome, Brothers Conflict Precious Baby, Magikyun!, Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri)
  2. Toriumi Kousuke (2015 series included: Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate)
  3. Maeno Tomoaki (2015 series included: I DOLL U, Abunai Koi no Sousa-shitsu ~Eternal Happiness~,  POSSESSION MAGENTA, Uta no Prince-sama)
  4. Aoi Shouta
  5. Miyano Mamoru
  6. Shimono Hiro
  7. Kimura Ryohei
  8. Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  9. Sakurai Takahiro
  10. Okamoto Nobuhiko

Congratulations to everyone ^^ As part of the awards, in the next April issue of Dengeki Girls’ Style, a special photoshoot with KENN will be included~


Happy New Year : Here a view of Fifty Shades of Grey in 2014 ! To all my incredible followers and my friends here on tumblr, thank you so much for being a big support and for being so nice with me ! This year was amazing ! Can’t wait for the year to come, so many good things are coming for Fifty Shades !!


PETER JUDSON is a Designer and Printmaker based out of London. His work has been featured by People of Print, It’s Nice That, Dezeen, and this past December was included in Sight Unseen’s curated collection made especially for Art Basel Miami. For this collab with PAOM, Judson chose to draw inspiration from the environment of the school classroom. Read his answers to our Q&A below and shop the collection!

Q: What was the inspiration for the prints for this collab? A: It’s been a few years since University, many many more since “real” school and I miss the safety blanket and freedom to fail you are gifted with. So it’s a bit of a nostalgic salute to a simpler past. A life without Landlords, bills and admin.

Q: Can you tell us a little behind the scenes of how you staged the photoshoot?A: The idea was to create a stylized vision of “Ah mum! I don’t wanna go to school!” and my sister is a wedding photographer so I thought she’d be good as she’s got experience capturing women throwing bouquets. But in all fairness the behind the scenes set up was just a fair few flash guns and me lobbing t-shirts at a wall, trying to get into that angry kid mentality.

Q: Writing or typing? Pencils or pens? A: Writing and pens, nothing beats a nice sketchbook and a good pen.

Q: Was there a class that put you to sleep while you were in grade school? Can you tell us a story about that class? A: I’m not sure which one grade school is ha but I never really got into maths, I love solving problems so I can see the attraction but finding the radius of a circle never really got me off. I’d love to tell you a “there was this one time when…” kind of story but all the ones that come to mind are probably best left unsaid.

Q: Which of your t-shirts would you give to your favourite illustrator if given the chance? A: I’d probably give it to Natalie du Pasquier the french fine artist, does that count? The thought of her wearing any of them as her lazy painting clothes would top anything I’ve done so far in my career.


All of my Clara’s from 2013! Or as I like to call it, the evolution of my Clara. The first one I put together (Oswin from Asylum of the Daleks) was done very quickly, using my own hair and a dress I already had in the closet. It got LOTS of attention though, and I got bombarded with messages and likes on facebook when I posted it in april. That of course motivated me to work even harder on Clara, since she was just so much fun to cosplay, and other people seemed to enjoy it when I did too! 

My second Clara outfit was from the then unnamed 50th anniversary episode (Day of the Doctor), with the screen accurate dress and everything. Still used my own hair for this shoot, and I was still experimenting with my makeup. I’ll have a new photoshoot with this outfit next year! 

Third Clara outfit is Oswin. Again. OSWIN 2.0, AW YEAH. New wig, better makeup and an awesome photoshoot with too many good pictures, which ended up in me spamming everyone with lots of Oswin. SO MUCH OSWIN. 

My fourth Clara outfit (from the Bells of Saint John) isn’t exactly finished, but I did get my hands on the screen accurate cardigan, and I freaking painted on the tie dye pattern on the dress, SO I’M HAPPY WITH IT.  I debuted it at London Expo in october, where I finally got the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Matt Elliot and his girlfriend Sophie! We had a super quick photoshoot with bad lighting and bad makeup on my part, but it was still a cosplay dream come true! Hopefully one day we’ll have a better photoshoot in proper lighting. 

And my fifth outfit, also my favorite, from Time of the Doctor! I love this look so much, from the bow tie cardigan to the red tartan skirt, it’s freaking adorable! The cardigan is screen accurate, while the rest of the outfits are all alts. I re-cut my Oswin wig for this outfit, totally worth it.

I’m planning on buying a new wig for the earlier episodes (like TBoSJ), and to have new photoshoot with almost all of my Clara outfits. FUN. Now onwards 2014! 

Approximately a year ago, I “boarded the ship,” which in my book is the day I saved the first picture of Sam & Cait on my phone. What a year! 

A little backstory first. I picked up the Outlander book at Barnes & Nobles in the summer of 2014 for 3 main reasons: 1) it was about Scotland and I love Scotland 2) it was historical fiction and 3) it was $10. I read it steadily through August and September, finally finishing in October and then started the show immediately after. I remember midway through watching the show, I googled Sam & Caitriona, just to see, found the pictures from the TV Guide Photobooth, thought, “oh, they’re cute,” and went back to finishing the show. But once I finished the show, I went full force ahead and began following them both on SM and slowly going through videos (specifically the TV Guide photoshoot & People Magazine quiz) tweets, pictures, following fan blogs and twitters etc. 

There’s been so many moments on this ship, good and bad. I remember so clearly watching the People’s Choice Awards and losing my mind at how cute they were (my friend texted me the next day and went, “I think you have a problem”); nearly rolling off my couch at the hiking picture and “Cait is keeping me right,” and I think the latter is when I started full force shipping. And then Comic Con this year- using so much data (like, so much. I still owe my parents a lot of money for that phone bill) while in Europe to find out what was happening; staying up until 3am when I had to wake up at 6 to catch a flight just to fangirl about the panel. Except for a few hiccups, I’ve had an absolute blast and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

The one thing that sticks out to me more than anything though is the people I’ve met because of Outlander/Sam & Cait. I’ve made some truly wonderful friends (you know who you are!!♥) and I’m forever thankful for that. And every day I meet new people from all over the world all because of these two beautiful souls. And that’s pretty effin cool

So T H A N K  Y O U. Thank you for following me, for indulging my fangirly moments, for reaching out to fangirl or just to say hi, for reblogging my edits etc etc and, most importantly, thank you to Sam & Cait for being a constant source of happiness and a bright light in my life. 

xoxoxox Julia 

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I'm no fan of the Jungwirths, but I do think if they really were as fame hungry as the Larries believe, there would have been a paternity scandal by now. It takes a really big scandal to make you famous in this day and age. Just being attached to Louis for 18 years won't cut it and it really looks like the Jungwirths and Louis are amicable and working together to raise this child.

If the Jungwirths were fame hungry, Briana at least would be famous by now. She would have done interviews and photoshoots with People and The Sun and the DM and all the minor outlets who would have gladly paid for her time and paid to make her famous. This has happened countless times with the girlfriends of celebrities. She could have endorsed products, modelled, gone on Celebrity Big Brother next year - there are so many opportunities out there for a good looking young woman with a major celeb connection.

Briana didn’t want any of that. The girl hasn’t even got a public Twitter account. She is as far from fame hungry as she could possibly be.