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*   ––––––––––––    that’s  the  last  post,  if  you  still  can’t  get it  to  your  head,  i  dont  care  about  how  many  followers  i  have,  i’d  rather  have  loyal  and  understanding  ones  rather  than  having  ones  that  just  USE  me  and  my  character.   my  blog  now  has  always  been  positive  zone,  and  i’d  like  to  KEEP  IT  THAT  WAY.   like  i  said  from  the  start,   max  is  my  fresh  start  and  i’ve  made  so  many  good  memories  already  here  with  new  friends.  but  if  you  attack  my  friends,  i  can’t  let  that  pass.  my  priority  is  not  only  to  just  write  and  have  fun  but  also  has  always  been  to  protect  those  i  care  about.  so  please   stop  attacking  @guiltslut  for  understanding  a  character  and  defending  poc.    if  you  were  that  anon  and  was  curious,  i  get  it  but  im  also  super  anxious  due  to  past  things  about  anons .  so  just  be  careful  when  you  send  shit  and  actually  think  first  before  you  ask.

“Nobody Loves Me Like You Do” Jojo x Reader

I wondered just how many looks I could sneak over my shoulder at Jojo, before he realised I was checking up on him. Probably more than a few. He just looked so sad and wrapped up in his own world. It was a good thing that the headline was so good that the papers were practically selling themselves, because he wasn’t even trying to dazzle the customers like he usually did.

I knew that Jojo struggled this time of the year, a lot of bad memories resurfacing.For someone who was usually such an energetic ray of sunshine, you wouldn’t  think that he had suffered a lot of loss in his life. But he had. He didn’t like to talk about it too much though.

He had been clamming up on me for the last few days. Which I kind of understood, sometimes we all need space and time to work through things on our own terms. I still wished I could do more though. That he would let me do more. I was unsure of how much to push it though.

Except today? Well it seemed to me as if Jojo’s already low mood had taken a swan dive. I couldn’t understand it. This morning he hadn’t been too bad. Jojo had tucked me under his arm as we waited to buy papers and had pressed kisses to the top of my head. But for the last twenty minutes he seemed restless. He was either drawing closer to me or trying to put distance between us. He wouldn’t look me in the eye or even at his customers. It was obvious he was hurting.

And I couldn’t let it continue like this. Stepping toward him, I gently grasped his hand and pulled him into a nearby deserted alley.

Even despite my unusual behaviour, Jojo was silent, though now at least he seemed to be looking at me.

“Jojo, talk to me sweetie. I’m worried,” I began. “You don’t have to go through all this alone. What’s wrong?”. At this I winced at my phrasing. “I mean I know what’s wrong, but something seems to have changed in the last half an hour. I can tell you’re hurting even more”. I was beginning to get more nervous as I spoke, mainly because I didn’t want to mess this up and Jojo didn’t seem inclined to break his silence.

I squeezed his hand, rubbing my thumb over the back of it. “I love you…” I tried again, but I didn’t get to finish my sentence.

He had pressed his lips against mine, his hands pulling me close and tight, surprising me with the suddenness of his actions. Jojo’s kiss was passionate, almost desperate as his lips moved against mine, almost sweeping me away with his emotions they were so overwhelming. Even as he finally pulled back, he lingered, almost seeming hesitant to part.

I took the chance to look at his face, hoping to see some answers there. And despite the passion that had been in his kiss, he looked so incredibly broken down right now. Like a puppy that had been kicked one too many times. And I absolutely hated it.

“Jojo..” I said, keeping a firm grip on the front of his shirt as he seemed to be avoiding my eyes again.

“I don’t want to lose you,“ he explained after a pause, his voice barely more than a whisper. “Hasn’t the world taken enough already?”

“You’re not going to lose me, Jojo. I’m not going anywhere. I’m always here. By your side” I tried to reassure him.

“But that boy from earlier… You know, the one who’s father is a doctor” Jojo continued.

At this I stopped, thinking back to earlier. One of my regular customers was a young man whose father happened to be a doctor. He had always been the perfect gentleman, which was why it had surprised me when he had turned round and asked me out not even an hour ago.

I had declined of course, but I hadn’t even realised that Jojo had seen the exchange. Usually he had a very different reaction whenever he got jealous, which usually consisted of pulling me close, trailing kisses along my neck and generally making it very clear that I was already taken.

“He’s nothing” I replied adamantly, ducking my head so he had to look me in the eye. “He’s nothing,” I repeated. “Nobody loves me like you do. I would never, ever walk away from you. I love you, Jojo. I wish I could take the pain away, all that loss. But I can’t. But I will be here, to do what I can. You’re not alone”.

He smiled weakly at me, pulling me tight to him once again, resting his head on top of mine, a shaky sigh escaping him. His hands ran up and down my back, almost as if he was trying to reassure himself.

“I love you, Y/N. It’s just this time of year…” he trailed off.

“I know. You don’t have to talk about it if it’s too much, but I’m here for you” I said as I held on tighter to him, trying to do what I could. The sound of his fluttering heartbeat echoed in my ear as my head laid against his chest.

“I love you, Y/N” he repeated.

REAL TALK: I hated this photo when I saw it and I wasn’t going to post it. My finger was already on the button to delete it…I thought my thighs looked huge and my face round as ever.
I can’t stand photos of myself and often struggle looking in the mirror or seeing my reflection.
Struggling with body dysmorphia for many years my mind doesn’t allow my eyes to see myself for what I truly am and I know so many others struggle with the same thing.
It’s sad.
What I love about this photo are the colours of the ocean, the memories it holds and how happy + free I was in the moment✨🙏🏼
Why do we judge and critique ourselves like this?
Why do we base our entire self worth on outer appearances?
We do have these perfect ideals and expectations of ourselves?
Isn’t it much more important to be kind, loving, compassionate, a good friend, fun to be around, creative, intelligent and brave?
It’s a long hard road to loving my body and myself for who I am. But every single day is a chance to work on that, becoming my own best friend💛🌻

IG: @naturally_nina_

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I wanna see the headcannons

//Pride day Hc’s about the Squip Squad:

- Rich and Jeremy became really close after the whole squip thing so like, they made T-shirts that kind of match? The Bi Guys T-shirts.

- People think they’re dating and they’re like??? No we’re not????

- Brooke loves to collect things and keeps them for memories and stuff? Yeah she ends up with a bag just full of stuff.

- Jake ends up with so many new pins, you thought his jacket was jingly before? Well it’s really jingly now!

- Somebody said that Michael would probably make a good Drag Queen and homebody just thinks about that for the longest time.

- Chloe said that if he were to actually do it she’d love to do his make up and she’d love to be a drag king.

- For next year’s Pride Chloe and Michael are the best drag King/Queen’s at the pride nobody can stop them.

- Also! They made a float for pride and since they’re so extra they definitely make a float one year. Jake’s making it fly a bit up in the air, Jeremy’s working the heck out of those lights, Chloe turned into this beautiful lion Christine is sitting on top of Chloe singing in Freddie Mercury’s voice and Rich is doing a light show with his fire.

- Michael, Brooke and Jenna are their just dancing together having a blast it’s amazing everyone’s having fun.

- Michael liked to travel through people’s phones and leaves nice messages in them like ‘Have a nice pride!!’ ‘Good vibes!’ 'Hope you’re having a good time!!!’

- They’re all just having the best time ever and nothing can stop them.

- They’ve totally gone to Pride in cosplay, and regretted it because it was so hot.

- - At first Michael doesn’t want to go? But it’s not like 'OH I DONT WANT TO!’ It’s like… sounds cool but I just…. Want to stay home, it’s very loud and there’s a lot of people,,,, but they convince him to go anyways! And he ends up having a blast.

- Christine wanted to go since the beginning! She was so pumped for it! But with all the noise and screaming she got like,, sensory overload and Jenna goes out with her until she can calm down, she makes her these make-shift ear plug because!! She was having so much fun!!!! She doesn’t want to leave just yet!!!!! (Bobs burgers anyone?)

- They have to keep an eye on Christine because! There’s so many colors! And she’ll get distracted by the smallest things and sometimes they’ll keep walking and then all of a sudden be like ’????? Where’s Christine????’ And she’s just staring at this really pretty float with so many colors! God she loves colors!

- Jake and Jeremy are like one of the best dancers in the group so when it’s time to dance It’s About To Go Down.

- In pride people also love to show off their powers to people, and the squip squad love to see new powers and powers that are similar to theirs but it’s not like theirs and they learn new techniques! They learn so much at pride too.

- Jake probably accidentally hit somebody in the face while dancing because he got too into it.

- They Squip Squad end the day by going to somebody’s house and ordering pizza and they’ll all just end up in one big cuddle pile.

- Jenna’s also constantly recording everything, people think she’s a YouTuber vlogger or something and try to get into the video but really she just likes to relive happy moments so Hello random stranger! You’re now forever in my video!

- Since Christine has photographic memory she knows how frequents there constantly.

- “Oh hey you’re that one person who dressed up as Ursula and ended up accidentally choking on confetti!!”

- “?? Yeah?? Hello!”

- These are just a few but long story short they have a blast at Pride

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do you have any favorite vmin fics? id appreciate it~ thank you

Wow man, I was almost finished with answering this and then I deleted by mistake oh well fuck me. But here you go again!

baby i’m the one (and you’re the only one) by causeitsred [rated M, 11k]

up for air by idolrapper (wonwoo) [rated E, 4.5k]

space is just a word (i want you close enough) by dollyeo [rated E, 10k]

the invention of ordinary every day things by knth [rated T, 6.5k]

call me (whenever you want me) by jhopeg [rated M, 23k]

for you, anything. by kadotas [rated T, 25k]

two birds, one scone by kadotas [rated G, 8k]

Let’s Make the Most of the Night (Like We’re Gonna Die Young) by Bangtanbananas [rated E, 52k]

cut it out / pull me in by minfairy [rated E, 7.8k]

drunk and in love by taebyte [rated T, 24k]

i keep forgetting (my mistakes were made for you) by peachguk [rated E, 22k]

Once In A Lifetime by SevenSoulmates [rated M, 34k]

Second Chance by Toshiba19 [rated T, 13k]

i’m a teepee, i’m a wigwam (calm down, man - you’re two tents) by bazooka [rated E, 9.4k]

mysteries and dictionaries by minfairy [rated M, 23k]

locked up (in love) by minfairy [rated E, 46k]

‘til morning comes, let’s tessellate by maxx [rated E, 8k]

Shooting Stars and Silver Moons by mucha [rated E, 20k]

never shoot to miss by umji [rated T, 14k]

everything feels like a dream (don’t try to disappear) by kaythebest [rated T, 9k]

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth [rated T, 22k]

and when you think of me, am i the best you’ve ever had by causeitsred [rated E, 12k]

This Confession Note Wasn’t Meant for You by Toshiba19 [rated T, 24k]

let’s get going by gangbang [rated E, 7.3k]

Jammed by minverse [rated E, 11k]

all of your sides are good by knth [rated E, 16k] aka the fic that got me into vmin

I Will Make You Whole by lethallergic [rated E, 36k]

roll with it by conversehigh [rated T, 6.8k]

Ahh, it didn’t get deleted this time, #bless Hope you enjoy all of these wonderful VMin fics!!

-Admin Nana

171213 Moonbyul Daily Memo #2 (trans): Both are good so it was hard to decide..ㅋㅋ Oh yeah I use both guys don’t misunderstand~~ I like both phones ㅎㅎ am I being greedy ohh hoo hoot? +3+ (*talking about android phone+iphone)
Because I shared so many memories with that friend I can’t let them go ㅜㅠ With my new friend we’ll make memories together from now on Ooh hoo hoot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(*she’s still talking about her phones)

First, I want to say thank you so much!! Because I have 500 followers now :D!! So I drew my new kids in TFBW and Phone Destroyer!!

I can’t believe it that I have so many followers… I know a lot of people have way more followers than me… but 500 is so much for me :D My art works aren’t so good, and my English is poor too. So for who follows me, thank you so much!!

OK, That’t it. And I post my SP Sweet Hunter AU below.

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Sometimes I wonder how Taylor feels. Not just because of the damn media or some damn fake friends. But because of the memories. I just can’t believe that she did over 100 shows during the Speak Now World Tour, that she is the one who wore so many magnificent vintage dresses, that she almost cried during every Clean speech on the 1989 World Tour. I can’t imagine the amount of memories she has not just with us but also with her band and her mom and dad and her brother. I just …she has experienced so much and not just bad things. I’m just so blown away by the good things that happened to her.

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One thing about Rin and Yukio

Yukio:Yukio is probably the type of guy who is always pretty tensed, who has a hard time to just relax.

Rin:Rin on the other hand is the type who seems to be pretty simple and sometimes even childish. Yukio and Rin are twins, even though Rin considers Yukio actually as the younger brother and wishes to protect him.

Yukio feels a strong urge to compare himself with his big brother and also tried to protect him as well, but maybe more because he felt obliged to do so, since it was nearly an order by “their father”. It was a reason why Yukio had to grow up quickly, faster than Rin at least.

That their father wished to protect Rin above else, may be also one reason, why Yukio harbors negative feelings towards Rin.

(Though I think this might just be Yukio s opinion:)

As if their father wanted to say…that Rin is more valuable because of his relation to Satan, for being a demon.

That may be one reason why Yukio hates it so much, when Rin uses his powers (Besides it is of course dangerous).

Rin:Rin on the other hand had to adapt to the situation that his “younger” sibling is far more capable than he thought he was.

Still Rin copes far better with stress than Yukio. He is more light-hearted.

Yurio:Yukio wishes to overcome his difficulties and responsibilities all alone…

Yukio s breaking point:

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I've finally been able to tell myself that it's okay to leave a toxic role-play or role-player. No matter how many good memories you have of them in the past. This is the now. No matter how obscure the fandom or character or how long you'll have to look to find another story like that again. You'll always find someone nicer, so don't waste time with someone mean. Leaving a toxic community or person isn't 'letting them win' or 'not sticking up for yourself.' It's protecting your own health.

I don’t normally post non-questions, but this is extremely true and what I try to push when people come to me with trepidation in leaving a toxic group/partner. I will always tell you to leave, because there ARE better people out there and safe environments for you to roleplay in. But you have to leave first to find them, because you’re being robbed of your health and happiness by staying.

               —I guess my Christmas present has come early??? I can’t believe I have 1000 followers like God damn my writing ain’t that good guys LMAO! But I guess now it’s my turn to make one of these things cause I never have before. Thanks so much to everyone who has followed me and interacted with me! I know my schedule has left this blog abandoned for months at a time but I do love this rp community here on Tumblr! Here’s to many more memories!!

              Here’s my list of favourite nerds on this website! (In no particular order)

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Since next week is hayffismas week there won’t be a chapter, so I will see you on the 29th! Also, from this chapter on, it’s the part where I’m mean and I don’t say how many are left so it can end any time. Haha, my meaness knows no bouds. Let me know if you like this chapter! You know I live for feedback!

[FF] or [AO3]

Chapter 26 : From Memory Alone

Haymitch forced himself to go on, down the corridor, to his own room. It wouldn’t help to go back in Effie’s bedroom, to hold himself. No word would comfort her. Dragging out the goodbyes would be more painful than it needed to be.  

He ran his fingers through his hair, almost punched and kicked the wall…

Katniss, he reminded himself, save Katniss. For the boy. For Effie. For all the kids you’ve failed over the years. For a chance at a shitty redemption.

He got dressed slowly, methodically. Comfortable clothes. Something he would have worn in Twelve.

There would be no cameras where he was going.

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The light waxes and wanes -
sometimes I’m so appalled at what they did to me,
I want to scream.
Sometimes I’m convinced it’s all just in my head.
After all, other people have it worse.
After all, there was no violence.
After all, they didn’t mean to hurt you.
After all, they’re your family and they love you.
After all, they can be so nice and there are so many good and normal memories!
They’re only human.
Just because they don’t get me, doesn’t mean they’ abusive.

Everything is so hazy.
Am I just trying to convince myself of something?
Both ways?
Maybe it’s just because I’m so sensitive, always was.
Maybe I didn’t try often enough to open up.
Just one more time.
It’s getting dim.

I’m on trial for my feelings.
The perpetrators, the usual suspects.
What’s your defence for cutting the bonds with sacred family, with nature?
You can leave friends,
you can have exes.
They’re violent? Get the hell out of there!
What, you didn’t like the way they made you feel?
It was probably just a misunderstanding!
You haven’t tried hard enough yet!
You have to work for a relationship, you know?
Relationships are mirrors.

I’d better watch a Disney movie to see how these problems are supposed to be handled,
how I’m supposed to act and feel.
Oh, the light makes everything unclear.
No, your honour, I don’t have proof!
No video tape, no record, no dirt under their boots.
Just my feelings!
Sometimes I wish they were concrete things.
More REAL!
Something I could take out of me and hold up to the light of day,
something everyone can see and unanimously declare:
It was abuse!

I can’t even say that to them,
because they’d laugh and call me crazy.
I’d better check with a doctor.
Clearly there’s something wrong with me.
Even though I left, I’m still not free.
Even though I declared myself, nothing’s changed.
It was all strangely surprising!
Oh, you didn’t FEEL loved?
Gee, I guess you can’t argue with FEELINGS.
Those weird little bugs.
Not that you ever made much sense.
I’m the one with intense fear and rage.
I’m the one who’s extreme.
They are so terribly mild-mannered and normal -
of course they are right!
And only want my best, after all!
I’m the crazy one.

Of course! I’m to blame.
My feelings, that is.
Why aren’t they what they’re expected to be?
You never felt accepted, valued, or loved?
Must be because of your feelings!
What else could it be?
We never were aware of any problems, after all.
So I’m the problem.
Of course.
How thoughtless of me,
to ask for something as inhumane as compassion, consideration, and I don’t know…
interest in my personality.
My fault entirely.
But I always was weird, wasn’t I?
Me, with my FEELINGS and need to act on them.

Remember: Everything you do is wrong.
Everything you do is questionable.
No good deed goes unpunished.
What, you have no more good will?

The gaslight is inconsistent and nothing firm,
like my feelings.
That’s all too subjective; no cold, hard facts.
I can’t win this trial,
and it will never end.
Am I being accused or just accusing myself?
Or the latter because of the former?
Or both in turns?

There, the light changed again!
I’m not making this up.
If I were a fictional character,
everyone could watch what has happened to me,
be right there.
But no one sees what I see,
no one hears what I hear,
no one feels what I feel.
So I’m alone.
In the twilight,
which never changes to either night or dawn.

—  Gaslighting

TRANSLATION - Kangmin - Fancafe - 171112

Hello! This is makmoongie* Kangmin🐶

‘SPECTRUM’s last stage is finished so now I don’t know how I’ll be able to hear the fans’ cheers anymore😓

It’s already been many weeks that we were able to create many good memories with fans so being unable to see you makes me sad😭😭

I will practice quickly like fire so that I can meet fans quicker during the next promotion period! ♥︎+▽(•`ω´•)▽+♥︎**

I’ll make sure to see you soon as Kangmoongie who hasn’t changed! 😃😄😄😂💚💛💜

*T/N: A combination of ‘maknae’ or 'youngest’ and 'Kangmoongie,’ his nickname.

**T/N: I have no idea how the actual emoji looks like… I tried.


Wesley: “Denise…I…I can explain that…”

Denise folds her arms stubbornly across her chest after setting her coffee mug down on a nearby coffee table and glares at him. Oh Sim Gods, her cold gaze is triggering so many memories of their days as highschool sweethearts. With surprising patience, she doesn’t say anything and simply waits for him to explain why he’s abandoned both of his children.

Wesley: “We…we both know I’m an awful person, Denise. I won’t deny that. I’m a mess and I can’t risk Max wasting his life trying to chase after me. I told him that I didn’t want to be in his life because he has become such a good person without me being around, and I can’t risk me tainting that. You…you know what has happened with Brielle…I don’t want that to be repeated…”

sole-survivor-christmas headcanons

Hah! TBH I was going to do without tag because I can buuuut @catastrotaffy saved me! What a hero! :O

Let’s talk about the softie overboss.

1. What was your soles attitude towards Christmas before and after the apocalypse? Are they religious?

Roy loved Christmas. As kid mostly because of the presents but later he couldn’t care less. It was one of the only times his whole family came together. Watching cheesy Christmas movies, eating so much of grandmas Christmas dinner until he couldn’t move anymore, getting drunk on the after-christmas-party on the next day with his friends.

He has many good memories the old Christmas - and these memories are making him now sad somehow. Roy is glad that Christmas is still a thing somehow, even when it’s maybe not like 200 years ago. But he will try to bring it back to Nuka World.

He was once little religious, so the church visit was always part of Christmas. But now? Which god would allow all this bullshit?

2. What was their childhood memories about the Christmas holidays? What did they get for presents from their family/friends?

Roy still remembers that he spend as little boy nearly every  Christmas night behind the living room door, waiting for Santa Claus  to surprise him and to tell him that he wants a puppy…and to ask him why everyone says that he wants Milk and Cookies but his mum told him that Santa prefers Beer and Cookies because non of his friends wanted to believe him.
Surprisingly was never successful. He always slept in or his mother sent him to bed. 
As kid a lot of toys - mostly little cars because he collected them.
As adult he was mostly money and clothes. Only some of his friends still gave him little cars… because he still collected them.

3. What was Christmas like with their spouse/ partner and other members of their family? Presents they would give each other? 

Roy was always one of the ‘last second buyer’. Stressful times but he still tried to find good presents. More useful stuff, something they could need.
He never had a really long time relationship so when he had a partner to christmas it was always someone other.

4. What would sole give the companions/friends for Christmas?

Shortly before Christmas he lock himself in his workshop. He makes new unique weapons or other stuff they could need while Cupcake plays the… . doordeathclaw (sure she wouldn’t do someone something but try to move a snorring Deathclaw). He will also cook for them like his Grandma once did it. Bringing some old Christmas spirits back.

For his animal friends they get some dead Radstags.

5. What other sole do you know they would like to kiss under the mistletoe?

A kiss on the cheek? Why not. Sil, Brian, Grey .. .. who ever is standing next to him. It would be quick and he would go back to what ever he did before like nothing happened. :<

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Funny how they introduced this trio since the 4x04 of The 100. I don’t see anything romantic between them of course even if so many people say that. To me, Raven acceptes Murphy because of Emori and Lindsey repeated it a lot of time in her interviews. It’s just, I think they gonna be friends. Somehow, they will work together in season 5. I won’t repeat what I read on instagram about them. I won’t because they are insulting Emori or ignoring her existence in the show. But honestly,  they could make a very good trio (as friends again!). Maybe they will include Raven in their team. We can make a lot of theories about it. Also, that could answers to the mysterious sentence of Jroth “it will happen something interesting with Murphy and Raven”.  Thanks to Chelsey, we know Emori is considered as a spoiler. I don’t know. Maybe, Murphy and Emori will help Raven to open herself to the world and to love again. I mean, it could be a theory because since she lost Finn, many characters told her how she keeps everything to herself , how she puts away people who want to be closed with her (aka Wick. I really don’t like Wick but he told her that many times). Same about Abby, Sinclair… All noticed that since season 2. And Memori is proving that Love can triumphes and there is always a chance to find happiness even in the most darkest world (for not repeating what Jaha said once). I don’t know, it’s just a stupid theory. Anyway, I think this trio will be important in season 5.






(Look at the very serious Emori’s face)

Drinking on Keto

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Well alright, it’s Monday after a weekend of drinking and let me tell you, alcohol hits you SO differently when you’re not full of carbs and sugar. My mom warned me but do mom’s really know best?? Apparently so. I am no where close to figuring out a good balance. I always had a pretty good tolerance and could normally drink ¾ of a 26er and be tipsy but no where near “ don’t remember the night”. I now only buy a Micky which is half the bottle and don’t even finish it (for the most part depending if the drinks are flowing or not).

 It’s good for my wallet, my waist line and my memory. Unless you are not a drinker I think everyone can relate with having one to many drinks, I’m not perfect and have definitely had that happen. It’s all about finding the balance, I am one for over indulging, whether it be food or booze, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal and those are the traits I am trying to break. 

I can tell you I feel depressed, exhausted, moody and all around not great. My lips are chapped from being dehydrated and I could crawl up into a ball right now and go to sleep. The older I get the more I realize drinking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It takes longer to recover and it just drains me. I usually could spring back the next day but that’s getting harder and harder to do. I have a love hate relationship with alcohol. I don’t drink during the week and by the time the weekend hits I am ready to party, then it takes me all week of not drinking to feel 100% again, and then BOOM back to square one. I was with a girl who doesn’t drink at all over the weekend and a part of me envied her. Why am I just envying her? instead of not drinking myself? Why do I put my body through the same cycle week after week? It’s fun at the time but then the next morning I’m back to that miserable depressed state I was last weekend and then get mad at myself for once again not making conscious decisions. 

I have decided to take this keto path to get myself healthier in body and in mind. I want to feel focused and ready to take on the world. I have been doing keto for 3 weeks now and for the most part feel amazing, the only thing holding me back is the alcohol. I have decided that ONLY on special occasions ( Christmas, new years, birthdays) is it acceptable to drink, no more Friday night booze indulgences for no reason. I can’t be healthy but compromise my body every weekend with alcohol. I made a promise to myself to give keto a 110% effort and I have stuck to my promise which is the first time I can honestly say I have stuck to anything and given it everything I have. I need to do the same for myself when it comes to alcohol, we aren’t friends. So in conclusion how I feel about keto and alcohol is that you can’t have your keto cake and eat it to. There is no room for alcohol every weekend, my tolerance is way lower than it use to be and it’s overall not a great combination. I am okay on special occasions because I can choose which one’s I see fit to drink at and then moderation is key. This journey is about learning and doing what I see fit for my best interest. Everyday is new day to prove to myself I can do this. 

So be responsible, especially if you are new on keto if you are a drinker because you will surprise yourself with the change that comes with the consumption of alcohol. 

Happy Monday   

Sonic is like a bad relationship.

There were some really good memories at the beginning. Those few thoughts make you smile and make you hopeful and pull you through the rough patches.

But sometimes you hold on so hard to those memories, it stops being about the memories and starts being about the idea of them, and that just isn’t worth staying for.

It was obvious Forces was going to be bad and I shouldn’t have bought it, let alone preorder it. But I’m so attached to the idea of Sonic that I held on for that idea. Even though I know I knew I was going to be hurt again. I’m going to go play Mania again. I’m going to try to remember. Don’t be like me. Don’t play a game that doesn’t respect you.