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Sometimes I just wish that everyone in D.Gray-Man spoke with an accent in the English or Japanese dub. I’d love to hear Lenalee and Komui (and Kanda too?) speak english with a chinese accent, Miranda and Link with a german one, Timothy with a cute french accent and Crowley with a romanian one
Oh and let’s not forget about Allen, legendary member of the brits™, and lil’ Neah, with a scottish accent that makes everyone’s lives harder because no one frigging understands what he says when he’s possessing Allen


who would ever




I was honestly not expecting to love it this much but it really captures everything I love about the series.

I went in excited, but still cautious. I knew the odds of it just being a cynical cash grab. But Spongebob is my favorite tv show of all time so I had to take the chance.

And oh my god.

First of all, the production design is A++++++++. The set is stunning and I was continuously surprised by how flexible it was. Same with the costumes. Simple enough to get the idea across, but with tricks hidden up the sleeves. Squidward’s costume made me laugh every time he walked and you could see how simple the design was but it was sooooo effective. And the props master deserves all the awards. There were so many fantastic sight gags. The lighting may have been the best I have ever seen in a stage production and the sound design added some fun little touches. You could hear Squidward’s suckers as he walked across the floor and Pearl stomping across the stage. 

And the staging at the climax (I won’t spoil it) was beautifully choreographed. 

 I’m currently going into music withdrawal. The pain of falling in love with a show that’s still in previews. I was initially skeptical when I heard that about a dozen different musical artists were writing the music. Like wouldn’t the tone be jumbled and all over the place? Surprise, it was actually super cohesive! Each song definitely had each respective artists’ fingerprints on it, like I could immediately recognize “Oh, that’s the Cyndi Lauper song” or “That’s John Legend”, but they all still fit together. 

The Squidward song changed my whole life. It is THE showstopper in show packed with strong songs. I’ve never identified with anything more. Gavin Lee is beyond brilliant as Squidward. Best part of the show. I don’t wanna spoil any of it because when the song opened I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. 

The John Legend song is absolutely beautiful, Pearl actually ROCKS THE FUCK OUT, and Patchy the Pirate gets a hysterical song about being a pirate written by Sara Bareilles. Patrick gets a gospel song and I know how that sounds but it absolutely works.

And the book is so funny. There’s a fair number of references to the show without being excessive and the new jokes are really in the spirit of the older seasons. That’s the thing I really love about this show. It captures the heart of Spongebob. It is so sweet and joyful and hopeful. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the ending is actually really emotionally effective and the take-away message is so positive without being saccharine. 

I know a lot of people want to dump on this show for being commercial and because it will make a lot of money. And that’s the thing. They could have just slapped the Spongebob label on a mediocre show, made their money, and been done with it. But the creators have actually created a show with heart that honors the source material in so many wildly inventive ways. 

I see some negative reviews of the show floating around the tag, and that’s fine. Not everyone has the same tastes. But it made me really happy and inspired. The Spongebob Musical is just pure silly joy and it’s the kind of work that I want to produce someday. 

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Am I the only Carol fan who wasn’t bothered by the body slam? I mean… Carol can take it. She got hit by a car and walked it off. It’s almost insulting to hear the way people talk about her. Her fight with Morgan was HER call, It doesn’t compare AT ALL to what Ed did. Carol is a warrior goddess, she doesn’t need your coddling and she certainly doesn’t need Daryl defending her (gag). So many things already didn’t break her, I don’t think one injury is going to even make a dent on her psyche.