so many funny faces in this performance


Me: you need to stop posting pics of jb there’s so many other idols that you have not even post once on your blog

Me: bitch do admire art ? How can’t I post about this man ?dafuq look at him stfu

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Angst fuel anon- just um...possible body image issues spawned by the press treating him bad and dysphoria (I'm sorry for being like this)

Oh no no no don’t be sorry, that’s something I’ve actually explored a bit. I mean, we know the underground is a far more accepting place in many respects, so yeah there would be a lot to get used to there. Especially for someone who has been so interested in humans and their culture and being like one (funny how our performer with tons of fans is essentially a fanboy himself), it would probably come as a huge slap in the face.

And then there’s something I don’t think a lot of people consider, and it sounds kind of funny at first glance, but - robot stereotypes. We take someone who’s worked his whole life to get where he is, and has such incredible passion for what he does, and then slap on the assumption that none of that ever existed or mattered, that he was just built to do this, that he’s a simple technological gimmick in a society that’s constantly trying to see what they can do with mechanics.

People coming up to him and his stage manager after shows and talking only to the manager because they “don’t think he’d understand them since he’s only programmed to perform”, casually asking things like “so how much to rent him out for a night, he got parts and all that?” as if he has no say in the matter himself, making jokes about him not having emotions, some people even calling him “it”. He just. Isn’t respected as a person in a world that doesn’t understand souls and the fact that he has one.

And to make it worse, all this comes on top of someone who was already a fish out of water just in Hotland. Now he’s on the surface with even less of an idea on how to function, and all of this is coming at him from all directions.

*folds hands on desk* Have I sufficiently hurt you?

Can you believe that people get so angry n passionate over the fact that Tao is doing his own thing and still pursuing his dreams as a performer even though he can’t be with exo anymore because sm literally worked him to the point of exhaustion and injury so many times that his father had to demand that he leave that they write multiple paragraphs trying to demean his character??? even though it was never his intention to leave??

It’s funny because I’m pretty sure that none of yall who’ve been talking shit ever gave a damn nor stood up for him against the countless number of smear campaigns he had to face since debut!!! bye