so many funny faces in this performance


Me: you need to stop posting pics of jb there’s so many other idols that you have not even post once on your blog

Me: bitch do admire art ? How can’t I post about this man ?dafuq look at him stfu

  • eiffel making hera judge his air guitar performances on a scale of 1-10
  • eiffel high fives the monitors when they accomplish something
  • the two of them are memelords and they have come up with so many in-jokes about the shit that happens to them. any time anything goes wrong now both of them will go “the plant monster *did x*!” in unison
  • other jokes: mangling hilbert’s name in increasingly insulting ways, “hera has no hands… she will never know the feel of a glass of whiskey…,” their current situation not being NEARLY as bad as that *made up noodle incident* that happened to eiffel when he worked at macdonalds
  • sometimes they get so into talking to each other at night that hera forgets that eiffel has to sleep and she realizes that he hasn’t responded for like five minutes because he fell asleep and she’s like “whoops”
  • sometimes, when he’s asleep, she asks “are you there?”
  • sometimes when he doesn’t answer, she tells him the things that she won’t when he’s awake, like how afraid she is every time she nearly loses him, and how glad she is that if they had to live through this, at least she’s got him
  • bad impersonations of one another
  • every time a new broadcast that Eiffel likes comes through he declares that it’s “their song” and tries to dance to it which goes badly in zero g
  • when he’s down hera always asks him to tell her what he’ll do to show her the world when they get back to earth. they have made many, many plans for crazy nights on the town and trips to disneyworld (eiffel is adamant about going to disneyworld)
  • eiffel spends a whole week telling her cheesy pickup lines (minkowski doesn’t find this funny)
  • sometimes when minkowski or lovelace or kepler is talking to her eiffel will make faces behind their backs at hera’s cameras. thankfully hera has the best poker face, by virtue of having no face. unfortunately this still makes her crack up.
  • canonically, eiffel keeps referencing famous plays and hera seemed pretty into being in minkowski’s musical, so ten to one they have performed scenes together when bored, probably very melodramatically 
Cursed Child Review - 3/5/17

Just remembered I needed to do this…. better late than never.

So, as a result of the play being recorded for archive purposes, I had a complete full cast for the first time since I was first saw the play in June. It also meant that the entire cast was on top form and it was, for me, probably the best performance I have seen from them.

Honestly, the best thing about the entire performance was the audience. Again, they had to be most responsive audience I have been a part of since the first I saw play. They gasped in all the right places, so much laughter, additional applause and cheers at certain points. To know there are people attending this play who genuinely have no idea of what happens, having managed to avoid spoilers for nearly a year, is brilliant and I hope there are people who continue to avoid spoilers if it means having a responsive audience.

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“See how many you can balance on my face”
Performance art piece - from @gem-jpg’s birthday party, 2016
Catch it on instagram: @yikeos

maybe i just wanna be yours #2

Summary: Natsu Dragneel is the lead singer of a rock band that remained fairly unknown until one day, a mysterious blonde walked into the pub and changed everything.
And now she is back.
read Part 1 here

Part 2/2

So if the other one was the sorta prequel with no actual nalu interaction, then this is the main part that will make more than up for it. x)

Natsu could have sworn the whole room fell silent when his eyes met hers. No music, no murmurs, not even his own voice. His heart forgot to beat.

The world shifted for an instant, almost losing its gravity and falling out of orbit.

The moment was over in the blink of an eye, but it left him almost shocked.

Then his heartbeat resumed, stronger than before, and sound came crashing back in.

Maybe I’m too busy being lost to fall for somebody new
Now I thought it through - crawling back to you.
Do I wanna know if this feeling flows both ways?
It’s hard to see you go - was sorta hoping that you’d stay…

This time, she did not look away like she had all the times before, so long ago now. No, she held his gaze, eyes wide and surprised, but softening with his words. He was mesmerized.

She looked different. Not only her face, which was even more beautiful than he remembered, but her whole appearance, her whole aura, had changed.

Her long hair was tied in a high side ponytail, and the grey sweater of old days had disappeared in favour of a tight, red t-shirt. And her skirt was so short that Natsu almost forgot his own lyrics for a second.

Dear dragons, she looked breathtakingly hot.

A blush spread across her cheeks as she realized his eyes were on her body, and he licked his lips, quickly tearing his gaze off her cleavage. He kept singing, trying to concentrate on the crowd as a whole, but no matter what he did, sooner or later he would always find his way back to her bright eyes.

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Can you believe that people get so angry n passionate over the fact that Tao is doing his own thing and still pursuing his dreams as a performer even though he can’t be with exo anymore because sm literally worked him to the point of exhaustion and injury so many times that his father had to demand that he leave that they write multiple paragraphs trying to demean his character??? even though it was never his intention to leave??

It’s funny because I’m pretty sure that none of yall who’ve been talking shit ever gave a damn nor stood up for him against the countless number of smear campaigns he had to face since debut!!! bye

Tickle Me (4/4 Preference) | Anon Requested

Anon:Hi! Can u do a 5sos 4/4 where he finds out you’re extremely ticklish?


“Hey Y/N! Come join us!” Your boyfriend of 4 months called from the swimming pool in your parents back garden. You were lounging out on a sun bed working on your tan without any intentions of actually getting wet.

“Not freaking likely!” You called back, eyes still closed and mind focused on the song stuck in your head. Calum had been singing it all week in the studio and you couldn’t get the damn song out of your head.

You were playing absentmindedly with the strings on your bikini, not noticing the quiet behavior of the four boys in the pool, murmerings and whispers going unnoticed by your daydream wonderland in your head. In fact you were focused so hard on your daydream of Calum in the studio that you didn’t notice the splashing sounds of the real Calum as he climbed out of the water.

It wasn’t until his strong wet arms wrapped around your body that you realised the inevitable doom that was headed your way. He snaked one arm under your legs and the other went under your back, his hand brushing against your skin making you shriek with laughter and wriggle out of his arms, falling to the floor as he tried lifting you up.

“What the fuck? Y/N are you ticklish?” He grinned as you caught your breath back, the small spasm of laughter knocking your lungs out from the shock. You shook your head at his question, knowing the outcome was going to be so much worse than being thrown in the pool.

“No” You said quietly, shuffling backwards to try and escape the horror that was to come. Calums grin only grew wider as his eyes began to darken.

“You’re gonna regret telling me that, babe” His laughter was scarily manic as he darted towards you, gripping you to the floor and placing a short kiss on your forehead before running his fingers up your half naked body, horrifying laughter errupting from your lips. You knew this kind of information was not to be trusted with this boy.


“Fuck” You cursed under your breath, your breath hitching as Ashtons hands became lost under your shirt, his hands going everywhere but the place you wanted them the most.

you lips were glued together with your tongues moving in sync, noses smashing together as yourself and your bestfriend, well he can’t exactly be classed as a friend after this, your crush on Ashton had suddenly burst from your body and after Ash had confessed his own feelings, one thing lead to another and now you’re here on your couch, Ashtons clothed body flush with your own, his torso pushing you backwards so he was now lead on top of you.

You wrapped your legs around his waist as he moaned into your mouth, the vibrations on your lips sending you into a moaning mess beneath him. His hands traced up your hips and over your ribs, the slow brush sending your body into a wave of tingles but not the tingles you wanted.

Instead of a small pattern of goosebumps following his fingers where he touched, instead his gesture of romance was turned into uncontrollable laughter, only coming from you. Ashton pulled away, his hands coming back to rest on your waist letting your laughter settle. As you opened your eyes from having them creased up with giggles you noticed the confusion on Ashtons face.

“I-I’m sorry” You said in between giggles. Ashton crumpled his eyebrows and stuck his bottom lip out.

“What’s so funny?” You could sense his worry, he was always very insecure about this sort of thing, you’d discussed it many times when you hung out late at night. You were scared that he thought you were laughing at his performance with how he was trying to turn you on which made you stop laughing completely.

“No no no! Your hands just… they were very soft on my… sensitive skin” You giggled lightly as your took his hands and intertwined your fingers with his. He raised an eyebrow and a small smirk graced his features.

“You mean. Like this?” You let out a squeal as he replaced his hands back to your ribs, Ashtons own laughter mixing in with yours as he ran his long fingers up and down your body.

“S-s-s-stop” You squealed, pressing your face into a couch cushion so your voice was muffled.

“Never!” He chuckled along too. You could already tell this relationship was going to be the best thing that ever happened to you.


“Princess?” Your boyfriend of 8 months appeared at the kitchen door, you had just moved in together and, according to Luke, it was your turn to cook, just like last night. You didn’t mind though, you loved to cook and Luke loved your cooking.

“Mhmm?” You hummed as you stirred some sauce into your pasta, Luke was leant agaisnt the doorframe with a small smirk on his lips. Something you know not to trust.

“I was just watching some YouTube videos” He smiled playfully.

“Yeah?” You knew the types of videos Luke watched, while most boys his age would be using their internet time to search other types of videos, Luke enjoyed the weird science-y videos. He was constantly telling you some weird fact about a place or animal, it was just one of those things you loved about him.

“Yeah, a really interesting one actually, apparently gorillas and rats are ticklish, they laugh when they’re tickled” he cocked his head to the side and swung his hands behind his back.

“Oh?” You had caught on to what it was he was hoping to achieve with this little fact and you weren’t having any of it. The bitter truth was that you were ridiculously ticklish to the point of peeing your pants and there was no way Luke was going to know about this.

“And it got me thinking” You hummed in response, allowing him to carry on with his question even though you alreadly knew what it was that he wanted. “Are you ticklish Y/N?” His grin grew wider as he began slowly stepping into the kitchen and towards you.

“That’s a pretty loaded question” You cocked an eyebrow at him, he simply bit his lip and nodded. “If I say yes you’re going to tickle me, if I say no you’re going to tickle me anyway to see if I’m lying” You whined, setting the wooden spoon down as you knew your fete was going to have a terrible outcome an you don’t need the messiness of pasta sauce to make matters worse.

“But you still haven’t answered me” He cornered you against the counter, his chest pressing against yours as his face was mere inches from his own.

“N-n-no?” You whimpered, preparing for the next moment where you knew there was going to be some sort of accident. He chuckled softly before his hands dove towards your ribs, running his hands up and down making you double over with laughter, howling for him to stop, this only made him go fatser and soon you were a screaming, crying, lauging mess on the floor.

“You’re so cute” He laughed as you were cowering in the corner, wheezing from lack of oxygen.

“You’re- a prick” You panted out. Not only did he almost kill you with death-tickles but he also compared you to a gorilla or rat. It’s a good thing you love him.


You sat in silence, niether of you willing to say anything. You sat beside each other on your couch, arms folded and silence crawling up your backs. You had a guilt ridden face as you replayed earliers events in your head. Michael let out a low sigh with a small groan laced within in. You bit your lip before finally saying something.

“I said ‘I’m sorry’“ You wriggled awkwardly in your seat as Michael groaned.

“Still didn’t have to elbow me in the face”

“You didn’t have to tickle me!” You snapped at Michael. You were sat on the couch talking about nothing, just reliving memories from the past 13 months you had been together when Michael pointed out that he still didn’t know whether you were ticklish or not. You tried to warn him but his actions zoned out your yells for him to stop.

There’s a reason it had never come up before and that’s because whenever you’re tickled, you involentarily lash out and become violent. You don’t mean to, its just your response to what should be harmless fun. Michael, on the other hand, could think of miltiple reasons why this ‘fun’ is not ‘harmless’ as he holds his ice pack over his nose after it finally stopped bleeding.

Michael seemed very upset, as he should be, but he wasn’t talking to you and you were feeling more guilty than you had ever felt. You’d never hurt Michael intentionaly and if he had listened you wouldn’t have hit him. But the pain of Michael not talking hurt more than the bruise on Michaels nose.

“How is it?” You asked shakily.

“Better” Michael smiled weakly, noticing how bad you truley felt. You turned your sleeves into paws and lightly tapped your thighs awkwardly, an action Michael knew as sadness.

“I didn’t mean it” You whispered as Michael placed a hand on your sweater paw.

“I know” He smiled warmly, the bag of ice being set aside so Michael could look at you.

“I tried to-”

“I know kitten” Michael put an arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his chest, holding you close and chuckling softly. You snuggled your face into his chest as the guilt started eating you up inside. “I know” He whispered into the top of your head before placing a loving kiss there as you let out a small sob.

You felt so bad, Michael meant the world to you, hurting him was the last thing you would ever want.

“I love you” You sobbed as you looked up at Michael, his nose purple-y red and bloody, his eyes and lips were smiling though. Even if his eyes were starting to bruise and blacken.

“I love you too”

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