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can i just say, i’m really really proud of mark? he’s only 17 and he’s already being looked up to by singers and celebrities much older than him and based on the preview for snowball project you can tell he’s having so much fun and being so happy on the show making music and having the opportunity to make new friends. i’m very happy for him and i’m glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves, this boy is pure gold

Useless longass post

Sometimes I just sit there and think about how much I love Dumas and the Musketeers and Monte-Cristo and I legit tear up???

Like you’ve got Edmond Dantès, Drama Queen™ who cares about Albert and Mercédès to the point that he’s willing to let Albert kill him so that she doesn’t lose a son but he doesn’t lose his honour??

And then you have Eugénie Danglars, Lesbian™ who’s, like, the smartest of them all and doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s got a “secret” relationship with Louise, but everyone just assumes that they’re gal pals and she literally outsmarts all of them???

And then there is Valentine who’s a sweet cinnamon roll and her relationship with Maximilien is just so pure?? Because he respects and adores her and IT’S RIDICULOUSLY PERFECT??

And then there is Albert who gets offended because the housekeeper compared his height to the height of an Italian Bandit™?? Like the only person who’s more a Drama Queen™ than Monte-Cristo is my baby Albert. And he just respects and loves his mother so freaking much and their relationship is Goals??

And then you have The Four Lovers who don’t even hide it, d'Artagnan is just SO IN LOVE WITH ATHOS and Aramis and Porthos CAN’T STOP FLIRTING and they don’t take any of each other shit and THEY KEEP HUGGING AND KISSING EACH OTHER and they just trust each other???

You’ve got Aramis who calls Porthos “my Jupiter” and cries for him and Porthos hugs him and says that he’s the only man he’s ever loved and he’d rather be killed than fight him and TEARS UP?

and then you have d'Artagnan who’s scared because Athos might have become an old, useless man and then he IS ASTONISHED BY HIS BEAUTY AND GRACE.


AND THERE IS A LINE THAT LITERALLY SAYS THAT THE MAN ATHOS LOVED THE MOST IN THE WORLD IS D'ARTAGNAN?? and Athos fusses on d'Artagnan because he has a little scratch on the hand?? And then when d'Artagnan comes home after confronting Milady Athos legit laughs (WHICH NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE) but when d'Artagnan Drama Queen™ says that he shouldn’t laugh the first thing Athos does is taking his hands and freaking out and asking him if he’s injured??


After the Storm

Life is Strange; Pricefield; 1605 words
contains major spoilers for Polarized

“Where to?”

A startled breath escaped Max before she could stop herself. She glanced around in reaffirmation that it was Chloe who’d spoken. They were alone in her truck, and a quick glance at the clock told her that several hours had passed since either of them had spoken.

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I finally finished… avoidingavoidance’s Ghost Story and I am so done right now you don’t even know

I GOT THE BEST NEWS OF 2015 THE OTHER DAY. I got offered to move up on the wait list for my top surgery, I’m opting for it to be done during or a little before this up-coming summer. 2015 has so far ended on a really shitty note but this fantastic news will ride me through the rest of the year and will keep me fighting in the beginning of 2016. I’m going to kick 2016 in the fucking ass, I’m going to be graduating college and going to be granted the gift of being almost completely dysphoria free for the rest of my life. All the people I love and care about are going to be right by my side the entire time.

Going to my favourite beach and taking my shirt off for the first time post op is the only thing I want for my 21st birthday. It will help me fight off the rest of my depression and I am just so goddamn ready for this.

EXO’s reaction to you proposing to them

corie1502 said: How would Exo members react, if their girlfriend is proposing to them instead the other way round? Thank you and fighting!

Thank you for the request! <3


Baekhyun: You would have pulled him out to the park nearby that you both loved. It was perfect for proposing since it had the most beautiful scenery with fountains and flowers. He would be very confused and would also make that baekhyun weirded out/confused face. *first gif* But when you kneel down and pull out the ring, he just starts laughing, and you laugh too. And when you ask him if he wants to marry you he says yes very quickly. People around you are clapping and you both are tearing up a bit.

Chanyeol: You had been walking around thinking chanyeol would propose to you soon, but it had been over three moths since you talked about it. Nothing had happened so you decided to propose to him instead. You didn’t want it to be something big, just in case he didn’t want to marry you. But when you took the ring out while sitting on the couch together, he just kept looking at you and the ring. When you asked him if he was okay since you were getting worried, he nodded violently. “Will you marry me then?” you asked, and he said yes with a low voice. “But I had planned to propose to you tomorrow!” he then added while pouting, and you started laughing at him for being so cute. But he was still very excited.

Chen: You pull the ring out and he stands still, smirking a little. You smile at him, and then ask him the important question. “Will you marry me?”
He chuckles; “Yes of course, you’re cute you know that right?” and you blush.

“I love you, and you’re now mine forever until death do us part” he says while giggling over his own cheesiness.

D.O: You surprise him while he’s drinking some water in the kitchen. You were sure he didn’t suspect anything, and he surely didn’t cause he almost choked. “Will you marry me?” you say with a hopeful voice while handing him the ring. *chokes more* “uhh, yes?!” he says with a confused voice. He would be so taken aback that he wouldn’t be able to talk properly, but he would be very happy.

Kai: He would be so extremely surprised, and would not have thought about all the hints you had given him over time. You even asked him if he would like it if a girl proposed to him instead of him proposing, and he said yes.
He would just stare you in the eyes, and keep being confused until you told him that you were proposing to him. “Kai, I’m proposing to you, are you not gonna do anything?” you said with a sassy and fun tone. He chuckled, shaking himself out of his mind, and then answered: “Yes, I just… I’m just taken aback, sorry! But of course I will marry you!”

Kris: He would just break down, laughing - just like you imagined. When you started fumbling with the ring in your back pocket, he figured it out.

“Will you marry me” you heard yourself say with a shaky and laughing voice. And he answered with a very simple “yes” while taking your hands, to calm you.

Lay: He would literally be so freaking confused. His mind would be like: What is happening, why is there a ring in front of me, why am I hearing the word marry, whatttt?!!? and you would shake his shoulder a little to make sure he was okay, and he would then just look at you calmly. He would then nod, which would be enough for you to know that he meant yes. And you then hugged each other in tight embraces.

Luhan: The moment you start touching the ring, he knows what you’re doing and he just laughs, and does a pirouette thingy dance because he’s so happy and surprised. When you ask him if he wants to marry you he says with a joking voice: “But I’m the guy! I should he proposing to you!” and you laugh too. “You would have to be faster, pretty boy” you say while ruffling his hair. “But of course I will.” he then adds.

Sehun: He would get teary, and would have a shaky voice. He would feel completely bare and be very flustered. His voice would also become very quiet and when he says yes, he would start crying silently - because of happiness of course. You start crying too, and you then give him a big bear hug, which would make his tears fall even faster.

Suho: He would chuckle in a very happy way and hug you before you could ask. And when you get to ask him, he quickly says yes. “I love you so much Y/N. You don’t even know.”

Tao: SO many happy tears and crying. SO MANY TEARS. Just tears and sobs. He would be so freaking happy. You would hug him and you would just stand there, crying with him.

Xiumin: When you show him the ring, and go down on one knee, he starts looking around like it’s some kind of joke. When he realizes that it’s not he starts fanning himself. “This isn’t a joke right?” he asks while laughing. You laugh at him. “No it’s not” and he then says yes with a humble voice. “of course I will.”


“You’re right … I wasn’t thinking straight.”