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LONG POST: future RDJ projects

Now that I’ve gotten your attention– I decided to make this list partly for my benefit, to pass time while awaiting any word regarding RDJ’s next film.

It’s been pretty frustrating in that since Team Downey’s founding (it very much seems as though RDJ only considers Marvel or Team Downey projects), film acquisitions get announced, then languish in development for years. Hardly anything has come into fruition (the exception being The Judge).

Anyway, below are thoughts about thirteen fourteen different Team Downey projects. I also added a “Stark Scale”– which is basically me trying to see how Stark-like is the character that RDJ may potentially play.  By that, is the character a “classic RDJ” – i.e., smart, very charming, wise-cracking, quippy?


++ Pinocchio ++

INVOLVEMENT: actor, producer, script credit
PREMISE: A take on the Pinocchio story but from Geppetto’s perspective
STATUS: Multiple script drafts; Paul Thomas Anderson is writing the latest take and may potentially direct.
DEVELOPMENT:  Announced in January 2012 as a Tim Burton project for Warner Bros with a script from Bryan Fuller, with RDJ being courted to star. Jane Goldman was subsequently brought in to rework the script. Burton eventually left due to scheduling conflicts but RDJ remained attached, now also as a producer. At one point Ben Stiller was loosely rumored to be a potential director.
STARK SCALE:  5/10 — he’ll be playing Geppetto.  Like Stark, he creates his own son and is Italian. (Stark is partly Italian, right?)
OP THOUGHTS: Out of all of his potential projects, this one has the most activity, especially after the PTA announcement two months ago.  Barring any new, unexpected film announcement, this may be his next project.  As much as I’m yearning to see RDJ in smaller films, I’m actually ok with him doing blockbusters as long as they’re enjoyable (ex. Sherlock Holmes franchise).  PTA is a highly-admired filmmaker but he doesn’t do this sort of film.  And this is assuming he’ll actually direct. Personally, I think the chances of that are decent since he and RDJ are very good friends and they’ve been looking to do a project together. Plus, PTA has really young kids and it becomes one of those things where he probably wants to do something that his kids can watch.  If done right, this could be great.  They gotta hurry though, in that there is a competing live-action Pinocchio film from Disney that is being planned.

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