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My St. Patties makeup was really good so here’s a closeup from Friday 🙌

would’ya look who it is

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Hhhh sorry to ask this I know your blog says you ARE V3 Spoiler Free but I am still paranoid,,, I wanted to know if your Saiouma (Oumasai whichever you call it. Idk I call it the former.) has any spoilers or like implied spoilers?? I am,, a big sucker for that ship. Super comfort and important and I'm always looking for some new content for it but then it's like I Havent Seen V3 Yet so I cannot consume it all FeelsBadMan. I just!! Want to make sure. Sorry if this is annoying.

just ran a quick check through my tag, all looks well. you’re good!

I bought a fat pack of marker pens cos there’s nothing better than hands soggy with rainbows of ink!!

ft @therealjacksepticeye!

((Happy Holidays everyone!!! <3
i’m so sorry for the hiatus in ask-soriel! >< i’m still not dead and really wanna get back to updating here… sadly i’ve been very busy with commissions recently, and i really need the money to help at home right now (it’s pratically my job now, and has been helping A LOT!)
i’m very happy to be getting so many commission requests. thank you so much! i know this blog has been immensely important for my popularity as an artist increasing so much this year. i’d like to thank you guys for all the love and all the nice messages i’ve ever received, for bearing with the slow updates and the fashiontale posts…
once again, i’m so sorry for the ask box been closed for such a long time, and i sure hope i can open it again soon~!))

  • Magnus: *jokingly* So how's the prettiest person in the world?
  • Alex: I dunno. How are you?
  • Magnus: *chokes*
  • Alex: *oops* jUST rEmeMBeRED!!¡¡ pOTTerY tO Do!!!! gOTtA gO!!!
  • Alex: *walks away*
  • Magnus: Did she really mean that?
  • Alex: Did I really mean that?

okay but like shawn mendes is such a pure soul, this is an 18 year old boy singing about how we “wants” this girl but he’s not going to do anything without her consent, who made a song which could be read as about being in the ‘friendzone’ but the music video shows an accurate portrayal of an abusive relationship + the national hotline number for domestic violence, who cried performing a song about his dad like honestly. this kid