so many feels and ive read like what

“They regarded one another in silence, which, as close as they were standing, required that Dorian tip his head back. A slightly exposed feeling.”

@homsantoft keeps delivering gorgeous looks at what Dorian and Iron Bull are to themselves, and to each other. Their fics are just….excellent, in so many ways. If you ever liked adoribull, or Dragon Age in general, any of their fics come highly recommended.

This particular bit is from Fragile Soft Machines, in which Iron Bull has a bad break up with the Inquisitor, and Dorian becomes an unlikely friend.


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I saw somewhere under the mv that the shoes symbolize Sewol disaster victims (obviously I won't find it now, there's so many comments hahah!), and I think that's exactly what it is. Even at the end of the mv it seemed like there were 6 of the members next to that tree, but in reality all of them were there, it's just a perspective. :) Also Spring Day makes me feel better, I'm really grateful, I felt terribly recently. Just wanted to drop this. :)

Yes ive read about this and I strongly believe that too!!! (Plus it would make sense with the pile of clothes) And i also think its the perspective tbh but ayyyyy who knows

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Hi!!! So I just started getting into TF. Ive watched TFP, all the bayverse movies, starting RiD15 and I'm reading TF: Exodus, Exiles, Retribution (dw i know I have a lot more shows to get through) I'm starting somewhere for sure, but I feel like I can't really call myself complete TF trash without reading the comics. There are so many different continuities, however, that I'm not quite sure what to start with! Would you be able help me and offer some advice as to where I should start? Thank you!

ive said it once and i’ll say it again: i’d recommend starting with MTMTE, as it’s a good starting point for branching off into other series; Last Stand/Sins of the Wreckers, the Drift minis, the Spotlights for each character (i’d read Drift’s and Rodimus’ Spotlights first, as they’re major characters in the story and because Drift is rather new to IDW– and also so you understand each/most characters before jumping headfirst into MTMTE)

I started reading MTMTE without reading anything else, and do I regret that? No! But it WAS quite confusing keeping all of these characters straight. I often found myself scrolling back up to find someone saying a character’s name so that I could identify them. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn them faster!

(then again i never grew up with G1, so i didn’t know the characters that weren’t in TFP, RB, or Bayverse, i didnt go back to the 80s content until i really got into TF.)

Good luck! I hope you have fun!

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OMG OK, so I LOVE the sad Hux you made for me! Can I be a selfish jerk and ask for more? HEHE! I have a fic where Hux is in the Academy and in love with Ben, but it's against the rules for cadets to have relationships, so maybe something where they really want to kiss/touch but Hux is all angsty about it, like NOOOOO WE CAN'T. (In #60.) ^___^;;;


1 - u r no selfish jerk literally u can be as greedy as u want omg <3 like this goes out to everyone thats asked, ask me however much u like but that is only if u like my things and actually by some miracle want more (and r willing to wait till i get to u im slow af <3)

2 - im so sorry this is so very late. sorry to everyone rlly i am slow ive been busy with overwatch shenanigans heh. thank u for ur patience <3

3 - this was rlly fun omg. thank u so much for asking!!! idk if this is what u wanted, like ive not drawn ben alot but~ i tried!! <3 have these losers bein dramatic

eee ok my usual thing

come send me requests for things to draw, either off this palette challenge or in general! ask me however many things! i love getting these so muchh~ i ask only that u read the tags on the palette post first <3 

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hey! i feel like ive searched everywhere for a fic i was looking forwards to reading(so i dont have too many details) but i think it went along the lines of draco joined the trio during the hunt for horcruxes, i think he was forced into going (or at least unhappy to join) and he was still a slytherin. i dont know what site it was archived on either :( sorry if you have it tagged somewhere and i missed it <3

Sorry not sure what this is, for some reason i get iffy about the ‘draco helps with horcrux hunting’ trope lol. If i find out i shall update this post though.

Ive finished reading Tranny for the first time and let me tell you it made me cry like a fucking baby so many times. Over all the shit Laura and the band went through, over feeling her despair and being lost and self-destructive on such weird personal level… but also over the ending, and now Im listening to those 2 songs they released for RSD and Im crying again because no matter what she’s still there, and those guys are there with and for her and they’re continuing to make music and Im just 😭😭😭

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What makes you want to convert to Judaism if you don't mind me asking?

well ive been reading up on it nd tryna educate myself on the religion nd in doing so ive found many things abt it tht feel like more of a fit for who i am + what i believe …. obviously i hav a lot more to learn but so far its felt much more right than catholicism evr did nd its made me sort of find a faith tht i thought i had lost nd it feels fuckin wonderful let me tell u

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I just found this blog and I am very curious as to what's the story behind snas being a raging alcoholic

oh ok so basically I love angst and I pretty much just thought up as many theories as possible to make sans miserable so like

-remembers all the resets
•feels helpless despite being on the surface, he doesn’t trust it
•relies on resets as a fallback, a constant in his life. (Basically along the lines of the glorious @sansybones and @withtheworms ’s @rehabcabin I’d really recommend you check it they’re both some of my favourite artists and authors like of all time [ive read all of rehab cabin DLC and sansy’s incredible webcomics that can be found on their blog at least five times over])

-created and experimented on by Dr. W.D. Gaster
•not going to get into this much as my theories are waaaaaaay messed up but basically hella bad PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar, like all the unhappy stuff. (Honestly shout out to my followers who have stuff like that, y'all are stronger than I could ever be and I have mad respect for you.)

But yeah, he uses it as a coping mechanism. It’ll be pretty interesting to find out what he’s going to do with out some way to release all that stress, huh?

(Something Is Coming. Keep Your Eyes Open.)

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desi here (and not a fan of commanderoswald), i don't see lexa's headpiece as appropriation because it's so close to other cultural symbols, including, but not limited to the mentioned helm of awe. lexa lives in a post apocalyptic world in which desis or christians etc don't exist, so it's hard to appropriate culture when the culture is already clan based. the writers may have taken influence, but many things are that shape in history. say what you like, but not all of us feel the way you do.

1. please read this post it addresses your whole ask.

2. i mean i didn’t get the whole deal about cultural appropriation either when i first learned about it because ive never faced racism the way diasporic people have. but i shut up and listened to their experiences because like cmon… we don’t face racism in south asia for wearing the bindi and we can’t speak over the people who have faced racism their entire life because they belong to our race and culture. you should read this

3. okay let’s not come up with fake deep reasons that makes cultural appropriation okay. t100 could have put it on anya who is of desi descent but didn’t. they put lexa and clarke in brownface too. the “different world so it’s ok” argument is absurd because it’s a weak excuse writers give to pass off their racism. the show may be set in the future but it airs in this world and doesn’t exist in a cultural vaccum. killing lexa was still homophobic even though according to the writers labels don’t exist in the future, killing lincoln was still antiblack even though they claim race doesn’t exist on t100, do you get my point? “it’s in a different world” is literally the easiest excuse to get away with the horrific racism of the show, whether it’s the body count of all the dead poc, cultural appropriation, or white saviourism/supremacy so can we not advocate for it?

4. it’s not a helm. it is a bindi and as im sure to know, bindis can be in various shapes/symbols. the symbol lexas bindi is is the dharmachakra. please google it, they’re identical.

you can dm me if you want to discuss this further i have no problem with that.

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Smut recs for drarry?


i have this short smutty list over here but i wanna add a little more! note that you can read most of these in one sitting.

1. Hung Like a Horntail by lumosed_quill - This is honestly one of my faves on this list. With 2.5k words, this ficlet is written in Draco’ POV. We all know how obsessed Draco is with Harry Potter, more so when it’s his distractingly sizeable package…

2. The Dangers of Faulty Handwriting by ashindk - One of my favorites again! Take the title of this 6k ficlet literally; it means what it means. Draco catches a glimpse of Pansy’s diary and in it, there is a charm that he uses on Harry. Let’s just say that Draco’s plan backfires and Harry has tea with the Malfoys all while he has a hand stuck to Draco’s arse. The worst best part is: how on Earth will they unglue Harry’s hand? This ficlet is hilariously written and just wonderful!

3. Party by yeaka - This is 2k words of sexiness. It’s Draco’s birthday and drunkenly he goes to Harry’s house. The problem is Draco is way too early so Harry is in for a big surprise. But of course, the Boy Who Lived has some tricks up his sleeve.

4. Who Shagged Harry Potter? by faithwood - This is 6k words of fluff mixed with your daily dose of smut. The title, again, is to be taken literally. The Slytherin boys wake up to discover a naked Harry Potter in their dorm. So, who exactly shagged Harry Potter?

5. Bored by vorabiza - This ficlet is so hot; where do I begin? Yes, this is another favorite of mine. Draco, Harry, and some of their friends are trapped in the Room of Requirement and Snape will only bring them out if they finally behave. What is a boring and tension-filled night turns into something more when Harry starts to tell a fantasy, which leaves all his friends aroused and begging for more.


why in the motherfuck have people started putting marvel movie content in tags that are [name]*

like ive been following #sigyn* p much since the asterisk thing was implemented as a way to weed out marvel content and now tumblr has started putting so many marvel headcanon posts on my dash i’m about ready to scream

like am i doing tumblr wrong

did all the polytheists migrate again and i just missed it

what’s up

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i always notice that despite me telling my dad multiple times that yelling gives me panic attacks and making me feel worthless he still does it. and even tho he knows what it does he's like "GOD I CANT EVEN DO ANYTHING WITHOUT YOU THREATENING TO KILL YOURSELF" and im just like ok well ive told you SO MANY FUCKING TIMES what yelling does to me and every time you do it it gets worse so of course i want to fucking die !!! <- is this mental abuse? like i feel like i ask so many dang people but i 1/2

just can’t find closure and keep doubting it and i hate myself so much bc of it hfbfnfnf 2/2

That does seem like it’d be emotionally abusive, but to be sure, maybe read this over

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I like how so many people are like, "OMG NEW MIRACULOUSES!" And amyone who has read at LEAST one of your fics are like, "Cool, cool...but what about Nino?" That and we all get excited about Plagg wearing a tiny hat.

Ive got a sneaky feeling there is gonna be a general outcry for quality Nino moments

ok can i be Gay 4 a moment here

ive been getting SO many nice messages about my art, and reading the tags on my drawings i see so many ppl saying they love my style nd its just????? my style (or lack thereof) has always been what i’m most insecure about w my art, i just always feel like my art is basic af and nothing about it rlly stands out or is memorable. so seeing so many people saying they love my style is just so heartening???? and ppl saying im their favorite fanartist and stuff. ive never had so many ppl saying nice things about my art before n im feelin some sort of WAY rn im so emotional abt this. 

i don’t rlly talk about it much cause i dont like showing WEAKNESS but i beat myself up about my art a LOT. i’m just constantly super fucking disappointed in my skill level and how boring and bland everything i draw is. nd this is honestly the first time i’ve seriously felt like, hey maybe im not as shit as i thought i was!!. because when its dozens upon dozens of people being like “wow i love this artist, this artist’s art makes me so happy” it just CANT be a fluke u know!!!! this has been a huge confidence boost lmao im cryin a little thank u everyone

ok thats enough talking about emotions for the next 6 months, now back 2 not having feelings