so many feels after seeing the movie

*EDIT* THE NAME OF THE MOVIE IS SPLIT (Might as well give you guys a bit of a warning here, just in case. Cursing, stigma, and negative portrayal of DID)

Please for the love of God do not see this movie. Everything about it demonizes DID and is 100% incorrect. As someone who knows friends and has a partner with said illness, this is completely inappropriate and fucking wrong. DID is an illness that develops after severe trauma, and is there to *help* a person to avoid bad memories. The fact that, once again, people who fall victim to mental illnesses are portrayed as fucking criminals is so fucking wrong on so many fucking levels. If you buy a $15 movie ticket to see this piece of shit, I have lost all respect for you.

Plus yknow it’s M. Night Shyamalan that guy who directed that crap movie Avatar the Last Airbender.

If you feel the need to speak out against the stigma here is an address

M. Night Shyamalan
Creative Arts Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Do you ever think about the future?

Summary: Steve founds himself thinking about if someday he could have a normal life, a family … and he might already have someone in mind.  

A/N: Based in the events of Age of Ultron, when the avengers are at Clint’s house in the farm. (But I wrote this one like if baby Nathaniel has already born) and unlike the movie, the avengers stay the night and leave next day to fight Ultron. So I was thinking that seeing Clint with his family would make Steve thinks about the possibility of him having a family on his own.

I’m apologize if there are typos. Anyway I hope you like it :)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 4,006 (ups!) I have so many Steve feelings ok? :’(

Warnings: none, fluff, but I don’t think that needs a warning.  

Y/N: Your name

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After the disastrous encounter with Ultron and the twins, Clint took the team to a safe place, that was all he said, he landed the Quinjet around some trees, and everyone started to getting out the aircraft. You looked around you, countryside, all you could see, it almost looked like you were in the middle of nowhere, then you spotted a house with… a farm?

“What is this place?” Thor asked, when you were in front of the door.

“Safe house?” Tony answered him with another question. Clint got in first, holding Nat by her shoulder, she was still recovering from the fight. Thor and Bruce followed, and then Steve let you in before him, it never ceased to amaze you how with him, manners will never be dead. The thought made you smile.

“Honey, I’m home” Clint called, after what you had just experienced with the team, coming inside to an ordinary house, a normal… life, seemed somehow bizarre.

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jstar97  asked:

Can you please do something with Rogue One and the Pevensie kids (like their favorite characters or reaction to the movie)? I'm a glass case of emotions b/c of it. Thanks :)

AFTER SO MANY WEEKS OF WAITING I FINALLY HAD A CHANCE TO SEE IT AND HAD TO ANSWER THIS RIGHT AWAY. Soooo sorry for the wait. I’m gonna do their faves. Here we go:

Peter: Cassian- Peter related the most to him. He understood what it meant to fight for a cause but also struggle between going with a gut feeling and duty. He admired his bravery of doing the right thing even when others may not have agreed.

Susan: Jyn- She understood the bitterness Jyn felt throughout the movie. She empathized with her struggle of feeling abandoned and betrayed, but then feeling a strong pull to do the right thing. She also admired the soft bravery and strength Jyn had and the compassion with others.

Edmund: K-2SO- The sass of this droid is what drew him in at first. But also because the droid was on the wrong side at first but found a new found loyalty for the rebels. Despite his cold exterior and pragmatic sense of logic, there was a softness in the droid which Edmund could relate to.

Lucy: Chirrut- The guy was blind but had so much faith in the force that obstacles were nothing to him. She literally cried at the end when *SPOILER* he died. She admired how kind he was and yet also how he kicked butt was totally awesome.

Hope you liked it^_^

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I think lala land is going to win though because that was fantastic a

This scene alone should earn Taraji P. Henson an Oscar. It should hit you in your gut and make you feel. This movie is about so much more than science and rocket ships, it’s about three black women who were pivotal in getting the U.S. into space. It’s a story of struggle and of triumph and it matters.

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This film was so beautiful written, so well acted, and so authentic. It’s a story that so many people can relate to, even now, over 50 years after it takes place. Hidden Figures is a story that everyone should see, because it matters.  It probably won’t win many awards, neither will Moonlight, or Fences, all 3 amazing films telling stories that we don’t usually get to hear. 

I’m sick of movies like La La Land getting all the attention. 

Movies like La La Land almost always win because they’re critical darlings, but we should watch movies like Hidden Figures because they matter a whole lot more than a movie about a white jazz pianist and a struggling white actress. 

Guys I’m back from seeing BVS yet again and I still can’t get over the beauty of it. There are so many things I want to babble about I could write all night and still not be done. I love this movie so much. I feel the need to write a huge article on this film, but for now I’ll just mention one thing that hit me in the feels today.

I didn’t notice until this viewing that the music after the day of the dead rescue starts with Clark’s beautiful hopeful theme but never gets to the higher notes that peacefully resolve it. It never quite finishes, and then it shifts to the theme for Superman, and when you expect the choir vocalizing and the beautiful soaring up notes, it hesitates and it changes. There is a slight dissonance where there never was before, and then instead of the beautiful uplifting notes it drops down and changes to a weary almost chanting tone that struggles against the continual onslaught of strings, pushing forward even as it sounds exhausted and tired and melancholy.

This is what plays as Superman slowly pulls the tanker over the ice and snow, bearing the burden of a world that debates and argues about what he should do or not do and what he should be and not be. This minor key but elegant music plays as he saves the crew of the shuttle that blows up, literally lifting them up after their attempt to rise higher failed, as he appears in the sky to save the people from the flooding. He is constantly doing good here, over and over, but the music and dialogue over top of it reminds us that no matter how hard he tries and no matter how much he does, the world will still never quite be satisfied. There will still be those who want him gone or torn down or destroyed or doing the bidding of humankind. For as many that revere or look up to or welcome him, there are just as many that hate and fear him.

This is heartbreaking to me, and it truly drives home the beauty of his sacrifice at the end, because he still believes in doing good and helping the world no matter what the price. This is something I want to see explored in a superhero movie. This is something that makes me think for days after and I love that.

AND THEN!! And then comes the capital scene, and after the bombing that tiny moment as he stands in the flames and looks utterly broken, there are a few distinct notes played that I can’t find on the soundtrack. And I realized today what they are. They are his beautiful notes of hope, but instead of ascending as his hopeful tune does, they descend. This is his lowest point, where he truly starts to doubt whether he should be trying to do good in the world, if this is all it does. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking moment, and the music just reflects and accentuates that.

Zack has taken so much care in this movie and it shows. It’s an amazing film, and the deep complexity that seems to drive other people away is what hooks me in. Superman is shown to be so good in spite of all the struggles, and it’s his goodness that brings hope back to a hero who had long since lost it.

I just don’t understand why people hate this movie. I probably never will.


Thomas: look, this isn’t easy for me to say….I-i… I’ve liked you..for quite some time now actually…and I know you probably don’t even feel remotely the same way, I mean there are so many great guys chasing after you hanging on your every word, but I couldn’t take it anymore and just couldn’t let you go on not knowing how I truly feel. Y/N I’m crazy about you ok? I can’t get you out of my head! You’re all I see when I lay my head down and close my eyes. Your smile fills me with this warm gooey feeling no one else has ever been able to do, and I see galaxies in your big, beautiful eyes…. I like you a lot. That’s all I’ve got to say really….do you at least feel the same?

Meeting Captain America

Chris Evans x Reader

Rating: T 

Warning: Edited at three in the morning (lol) 

Requested by an amazing anon! 

Author’s Note: I love Disneyland! After seeing this request, I was so excited yet…really scared. There are so many wonderful Disneyland stories that I wanted to do something original. Then…this happened. I tried to be funny but I think it backfired. :( Hopefully it’s not as bad as I think it is…

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It seems like I’ve ended up serving the most boring master. Seeing as you have chosen death yourself, I am under no obligation to protect you.

EW interview with Seb Stan

Bucky seems to be emerging from the fog of the Winter Soldier, but that’s a journey itself, right?
It doesn’t just suddenly all come back to him, just because he’s learned certain things about himself. It’s not like he immediately has all these emotions and feelings and point of views about people and families that he’s dealt with — or Steve. The knowledge is there, but the emotions aren’t explored yet, which also makes it very interesting to play.

Seems like Cap’s loyalty for his old friend is even stronger than the obligation and duty he feels as a soldier. He goes against Iron Man and the governments of the world to protect him.
Absolutely. I think that’s one of the neat things about this movie and the third installment for Steve Rogers. We get to see another side of him. I mean you’d wonder, right? After so many years of being loyal and morally impenetrable and always doing the right thing that he wouldn’t somehow at some point go, “Man, like, what am I fighting for? What’s my life? What am I living for?” I think this movie very much tackles those questions for Steve Rogers. He’s been questioning things I think for a long time and this is where he’s deciding to follow his instincts and not what people tell him is right or wrong.

“Listen… I know you’re new to this whole Padawan thing. But I’m pretty sure going against our Masters’ direct orders is a stupid thing to do.”

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t go after them?”

“No,” she replied tersely. “I’m saying I’m coming with you. Someone’s gotta tag along to save your butt.”

PREVIEW of Clone Wars AU.

AKA I’ve kind of given up on my Star Wars AU (I mean, not completely but) and I’ve started watching The Clone Wars (tv show) again…So… new au? New au. Astrid and Hiccup, Padawan learners, fightin’ for the survival of the galaxy. Stay tuned.

Seems like Cap’s loyalty for his old friend are even stronger than the obligation and duty he feels as a soldier. He goes against Iron Man and the governments of the world to protect him.

Sebastian Stan: Absolutely. I think that’s one of the neat things about this movie and the third installment for Steve Rogers. We get to see another side of him. I mean you’d wonder, right? After so many years of being loyal and morally impenetrable and always doing the right thing that he wouldn’t somehow at some point go, “Man, like, what am I fighting for? What’s my life? What am I living for?” I think this movie very much tackles those questions for Steve Rogers. He’s been questioning things I think for a long time and this is where he’s deciding to follow his instincts and not what people tell him is right or wrong.


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Hey! It's my first time requesting from you guys! so let's hope it gets in! Can I please get a scenario where Kasamatsu and s/o get into a fight over him being insecure/jealous of another guy and the s/o feels like he sees her as weak even though she's tough? Happy ending or not, I'd like to see what you come up with!

KASAMATSU ANGST ASDFGHJKL. Ok but seriously, JUST TALK THINGS THROUGH. So many fights in relationships happen because of misunderstandings and pride. -Admin Fyre

It was a fight over a stupid thing, really.

It started when Kasamatsu saw another boy talking to you when you were waiting for him at the gym after school, for basketball practice to end so that the two of you could go on that movie date.

He didn’t realise he’d stopped mid-sentence, staring at you and the other boy, talking with a friendliness that he didn’t appreciate.

Kobori was saying something next to him, but Kasamatsu barely heard him - especially when the boy reached out and took - took, not asked for - your phone, inputting a number and handing it back to you with a winning smile.


“What?” He snapped, a bit more harshly than he intended, and Kise took a step back, looking slightly hurt. “U-uh…we finished our drills already, and club activities are over, s-so…”

Kasamatsu saw the rest of his team standing behind the blond ace, all with varying expressions of confusion and…sympathy?

It took him a moment to realise that they’d all seen what had happened, and somehow that revelation hurt him, a blow to his pride.

“…You’re all dismissed. Good work today.”

The commotion of everyone leaving caught your attention, and you turned back towards the gym, smiling at Kasamatsu. The other boy was nowhere in sight, and Kasamatsu steeled himself as he came up to you.

“Who was that guy?” he demanded.

“Hm? Oh, the guy just now?” You shrugged, nonchalant and oblivious to Kasamatsu’s glare. “Some guy from the football team. He was asking why I always came to the gym after school, so I told him I was waiting for you.”

Kasamatsu grunted. “And what’d he say?”

“He left me his number.”

Kasamatsu’s eyes narrowed, eyes filled with dark blue fire. “Even though he knew you had a boyfriend?”

You blinked. “Well, if he wants to try his dumb luck picking up a girl who has a boyfriend like you already, that’s up to him. What’s this all about?”

This is about me not being able to even stop other people from flirting with you. This is about you being taken away from me so easily, just like that. This is about me not being good enough. “I just want to be able to protect you, that’s all. If anything ever happens.”

That sounded lame, even to him.

You crossed your arms. “I can handle myself, you know.”

“If by “handling yourself” you mean not doing anything when other guys try to chat you up while I’m standing right there, then you’re doing a poor job of it,” Kasamatsu retorted.

It was bad enough that he’d always been insecure about relationships. There were always better looking people out there, people who were more capable, people who were kinder. When you’d first chosen him, he’d been relieved that you returned his feelings.

Now, seeing you give the same smile that you gave him when it was just the two of you, to some other guy, made his heart hurt. All he wanted was to make sure that you stayed by his side.

You had raised an eyebrow, questioningly. “You want me to rely on you?”

The way you said it was so condescending that it just made Kasamatsu even more pissed off. “Look, I just—”

He broke off as you made a noise at the back of your throat, and he realised that you were laughing - a grin spread over your face and tears practically leaking from your eyes, a sight that still made Kasamatsu gulp even though oh man Yukio get yourself together you’re supposed to be mad.

“Y-you were being insecure, weren’t you?”

“I…” Kasamatsu faltered, feeling his resolve weaken as you took a step closer, taking his hands in yours. God, this is why he could never get too angry at you. It just never worked out for him.

“Look, I would never do anything like that to you.” You smiled at him, squeezing his hands reassuringly. “But I’m still kind of glad you brought this up instead of keeping it in. I don’t want to make this difficult for you.”

Kasamatsu blinked. “N-no. Of course not.” He hesitated for a moment, trying to think things over. You weren’t that angry any more, but he still felt as though he needed to clear things up. “I’m…happy that you’re with me. And like anyone else in a relationship I want you to stay with me. For that, I can’t help but be scared when other people talk to you like that.”

“I know.” Your tone grew serious. “I understand, but you need to realise that I’m not as weak as you think. You can’t protect me from everything - there are some things I can and should handle on my own.”

He closed his eyes and sighed. “I understand. I’m still going to keep a close eye on you, you know.”

You smiled wryly. “Of course you are.”


I keep playing to see how many dialogue trees with Slappy there are… hint: a lot.

But I love how this game treats him. They make him really fucking sympathetic in a way. He thinks he was special and he feels like a mistake after being put on a shelf for so long after being told he was different. He feels some kind of anguish and disdain, but also bitterness. He’s a kid whose parent disowned him after treating him better than his siblings. It’s kind of sad, actually.

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“After all this time?”


Happy Mother’s Day! 

I made this for my mom. Mom basically raised me on Harry Potter - when I was little she would read the books to me before bed, and when the movies came out she took me to see every one of them. Harry Potter has been really important to both of us, and I feel we’ve really bonded over the series.

Mom’s favorite character is Severus Snape. I remember when I was a kid it was pretty obvious she had a crush on him :3c

Watch the process video here

No one expected 20 minutes of backstory about the failed WMD search, Abu Ghraib, or the myriad other American atrocities and quick-trigger bombings that helped fuel the rise of ISIL and other groups.
But to turn the Iraq war into a saccharine, almost PG-rated two-hour cinematic diversion about a killing machine with a heart of gold (is there any film theme more perfectly 2015-America than that?) who slowly, very slowly, starts to feel bad after shooting enough women and children – Gump notwithstanding, that was a hard one to see coming.
Sniper is a movie whose politics are so ludicrous and idiotic that under normal circumstances it would be beneath criticism. The only thing that forces us to take it seriously is the extraordinary fact that an almost exactly similar worldview consumed the walnut-sized mind of the president who got us into the war in question.
It’s the fact that the movie is popular, and actually makes sense to so many people, that’s the problem

i’ve seen mad max 5 times now and every time when i’m in the restroom afterwards (i’m not gonna go DURING the movie ofc) i hear so many women of virtually all ages talking about how empowered they feel after seeing it and if you don’t think that’s a really special thing then idk what to tell you

Why Vision is Amazing (Also titled “The Differences between Comic!Vision and MCU!Vision and what they mean for the future of the Character”)

After seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron Thursday night with 2 of my nerd friends, I came away completely enthralled by Vision. I had waited for him with baited breath through all the trailers and the promotional material, and though we only had our tall red avenger for the last third of the movie, I was captivated by how he was set up, and so I present to you, a mere 24 hours from getting home from the theater, a 4 PAGE ESSAY ON THE VISION. Please enjoy.

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