Just some Bethyl feels goin’ on...

So it’s hard not to pair any song on the radio with Bethyl nowadays for me but I heard this and I’m just like…. I NEED A BETHYL REUNION EVEN IF IT’S JUST DARYL HAVING A FUCKING DREAM. It’s from the song Geronimo by Shepherd

“Well I’m just a boy with a broken toy, all lost and coy.

So it’s here I stand as a broken man but I’ve found my friend.

Now I’m falling down through the crashing sound, and you’ve come around.

And you rush to me, and it sets us free, so I fall to my knees.”

This would be just too perfect. Ugh, SG you broke my heart. Now fix it!

  • me:*stays inside reading CLAMP manga for days*
  • me:*goes to work*
  • co-worker:hey how are you whatchu been doin with your time
  • me:*sprinkles sakura blossoms, feathers, etc., stares wistfully into space* time...is not that which we know...but merely that which we seek...to know...for the sake of...that person...
Naruto: Gaiden

So my reaction to the first chapter:

Chapter title: Uchiha Sarada

Sarada keep mentioning all this dad stuff

Boruto playing hid and seek with his dad

Find out he’s playing with a clone

Sarada has never met her father

Sarada questioning Sakura about Sasuke

Sakura breaking the house

Sakura being sick

Sarada pulling the picture out with Karin and Sasuke

Bonus reactions:

The SS fandom

The SK fandom

The NH fandom

And what I think Kishi is thinking

I still don’t really get what bein’ "strong” means, but I’m gonna start by not lying to myself. No more being scared of everyone, hiding my hobbies, staying away from people… Anytime, anyplace, I’m gonna bust right through as my own self!