Ok, I’m gonna rant for a sec

I need to talk about a very important moment. This moment

I just need to discuss their faces. This was their last chance to make their dream of going to national’s, to lift the shamed name of Karasuno up. Let’s break it down for a sec.

These two have played in every game, not being subbed out once (except when Daichi got injured, I’d hardly call that a break though I mean he lost a tooth). They have put blood sweat and tears into these games. Asahi looks downright confused, shocked, and amazed. Like, he isn’t really processing exactly what happened. Daichi is seeking comfort here.

And then Suga gets to them as quick as possible from the sidelines. This is where the realization of what they just did finally sets in for them all. They start crying and clutching at each other.

And then, all their happiness, pride, exhaustion, everything comes out and they are just yelling with each other.

They finally did what they said they would their first year. They’ve spent countless hours, at one point, potentially harming their college bound futures, all for this one moment. To feel that overwhelming pride at being able to say, “we did it. We did the impossible”

They are no longer the flightless crows.

Big thing at the end of Year 3 is def gonna be Bit’s coming out to his parents.

Like, he’s an NCAA Captain now and he’s pretty openly gay. He’d want them to find out from him as opposed to a potential reporter.

Also, like he might have to be more careful with Jack now, especially if Samwell does well next year. 

Unless Jack decides to come out too.