so many feelings you don't even know

Angsty feelings in the tags. Apologies, I just need to talk about this somehow. You can just ignore me please.


I still can’t get over how Alex is at a loss for words about describing Maggie. “She’s so-” like there aren’t words big enough or perfect enough to describe how she feels about Maggie and how important she is to her. You can see her light up thinking about her. You can see the warmth and comfort wash over her as she pictures Maggie and describes her. “She’s smart, tough, beautiful,” then Alex repeats “beautiful” for emphasis. It is Maggie’s inner and outer beauty that makes her “so beautiful”. Maggie is a beauty that she has never seen before. She is a beautiful light that helps Alex see her inner beauty, like Kara said “so are you”, as well as making the world a brighter more hopeful beautiful place.  

things I laugh & then get sad about:

alicia and bob were both pretty prominent celebrities, so it’s very likely that her pregnancy was closely followed. I can’t even imagine all the jokes about the beautiful/perfect baby they would make, all the people reading every magazine article about the pregnancy. poring over every photo of alicia’s gorgeous maternity clothes. bad bob does about a million interviews about how excited he is, how ready he is to be a dad.

and then jack is born.

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Well. Gotta end 2016 like I ended 2015.
I wanna thank you all so much for last year and wish you very happy new year!  

What I believe

I feel like I’ve been too negative lately. And I think there’s a shortage of liberals clearly saying what they want and believe.

So here’s my manifesto, more or less. The rules for liberalism, as I practice it.

1. The Truth, Above All

If the facts tell you things you don’t want to hear, accept them. If it turns out that liberalism doesn’t work, stop being a liberal.

The truth is the biggest advantage you can ever have in politics over the long term. So don’t lie to yourself or to anyone else.

If you ever find yourself lying for your cause, denying scientific realities or trying to deceive people into supporting you, you’re probably on the wrong side.

2. The Best For Everyone

Every person matters. Don’t write anyone off as morally irrelevant. Foreigners, misfits, vagrants, criminals, political enemies…if you can make their lives better, do so.

This does not mean giving everyone everything they want. Many people want things that will hurt other people. Liberalism demands that you remember that those other people are people, and deserve your protection from the people who want to hurt them.

Remember, we’re all stuck on this world together. 

3. Follow Your Own Rules

Human rights aren’t just for your friends. Laws aren’t just for your enemies.

Liberalism is here to let people of every religion and ideology live together. It’s here to reconcile nearly irreconcilable differences. For this to work at all, you need to obey your own rules even when they’re inconvenient.

Your enemies won’t always do the same for you in return, so make sure your rules aren’t crippling. But follow them. Every person who respects a rule strengthens it.

If you lose an election, and you have at your disposal enough power to overturn the result by force…don’t. Doing so will almost certainly make things worse.

4. Be Pragmatic

Compromises are not to be feared. They’re the way of the world.

Think capitalism is evil? Think taxation is theft? Fair enough. Liberals don’t have to be capitalist or statist. But they do have to respect the limitations of reality.

You do not have the strength to destroy everyone who disagrees with you. You need to be willing to negotiate with your enemies. Sometimes a mutually-acceptable compromise is impossible, sometimes violence is necessary, but always try for a nonviolent solution.

If you have radical ideas, by all means push for them. But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and be very reluctant to kill people. Remember that the future is uncertain, and nothing ever works smoothly on a grand scale.

5. When In Doubt, Be Kind

We all make mistakes. But if you’re humble, considerate, and slow to anger, you’ll screw up less and hurt people less when you do.

Don’t be a doormat. But do be kind, even to your enemies. Give the benefit of the doubt, don’t condemn people casually, and don’t indulge in cruelty.

You know, this episode highlighted once more and in many big and small ways why I love Dean as a character so much. Not that I needed any kind of new reminder for why that is but “Regarding Dean” spelled all the reasons out so boldly and beautifully that it just makes me all kinds of emotional.

Because the key aspect about this episode wasn’t that Dean would be happier without some of the memories and the baggage of what he and his family has been through. Sure, their life would have been much easier and much less grim without some of the tragedies they have experienced, but it’s those experiences - good and bad - that made them who they are and that made Dean who he is. Yes, he may have coping mechanisms that’s aren’t all too healthy and he has suffered tremendously and dislikes what he sees when he looks in the mirror at times - but one could argue he prefers that to looking in the mirror and not knowing who is looking back at him at all.

The important thing is that he is still standing and that he knows that all those things that he did and that happened to him should not be erased, because they shaped him, made him who he is. And yes, I’d say made him stronger. Made him a survivor.

And Dean may not have verbalized it that often, but if there was one thing I took away from this episode in neon bright letters it’s that Dean knows that he needs all of his memories - good and bad - to be himself (and yes, even if that sounds contradictory) and to be happy. Because while Dean sure hasn’t had it easy for large stretches of his life, there is one thing that he has always managed to preserve, to save and keep alive: his inner child.

This episode showed that wonderfully and made a huge point about innocence. He may have been forced to grow up way too fast, but he was able to hold on to some of his childlike glee like a safety blanket. Whether it’s him getting excited about a giant slinky, a farting pillow or boldly admitting to loving watching “Finding Nemo” or “Finding Dory” and not feeling self conscious about that (cause there’s nothing to be ashamed of or self conscious about). It’s these small things that speak volumes.

And even though the ending montage was bitter sweet and sad due to how it spelled out the innocence of a lost childhood, Dean’s lost childhood, there is one thing to remember: That childhood, that kid is still well and alive inside of Dean - inside his heart - and sometimes it may need 4 shots of tequila to dare to come out and run free, but ultimately Dean wasn’t hexed when he decided to try and ride a mechanical bull. That was all Dean. No spell. Just a guy having fun and being happy. And so with all of the baggage he has. And frankly, I love Dean exactly for that, for who he is. With all of his flaws, his bad decisions, his darkness but also his vulnerability, his ability to love and his childlike glee.

carry on, darling, we were built to last

Watching the gold medal, the same one as the other five in Victor’s trophy case, being hanged around his fiancé’s neck was not actually as bitter a feeling as many supposed it would be. Victor was happy. He placed second, but he was so happy… happier than any gold could make him.

After two years of training together, after a year he spent cheering on Yuuri from the sidelines and a year he motivated him from the ice as his fellow competitor, Victor could honestly say Yuuri deserved that gold. He’d worked so hard to achieve the highest place on the podium, towering over the other skaters, that when Victor looked up to the side he couldn’t imagine a better way to end this season.

Yuuri noticed him and smiled a tad apologetically.

“Sorry, I took the gold,” he said, almost as if he thought it was rightfully Victor’s. What a silly boy.

“Yuuri,” Victor shook his head with a smile, stepping up onto Yuuri’s podium and wrapping an arm around his waist. “You did your best and you got a medal to show for it. Don’t make me angry.”

He said it teasingly and by the little embarrassed laughter he knew Yuuri caught onto it. Camera flashes sparkled all around them constantly while they held up their medals. A stray thought, one that he didn’t have for a very long time popped into his head.

He always used to kiss his medals.

And didn’t he promise Yuuri to kiss his medal at last year’s GPF? There was something like that, wasn’t there?

Victor grinned to himself. He dropped his silver and reached out to take Yuuri’s gold. It was already warm from the heat of Yuuri’s hand. Blinking furiously, camera’s focused on what Victor was doing and he knew that soon the whole world would be talking about it, but… he didn’t care. He wanted them to know that Yuuri was his in every single way.

So he pulled the medal up to his lips, giving it a small kiss, while flashes went off from every direction making spots of white dance across his vision. Yuuri seemed to have remembered their promise, because his eyes brightened and he smiled at Victor a little incredulously, but overwhelmingly warm and–

How could Victor have held himself back?

He let go of the medal and leaned down, tilting his head away from the cameras for just an ounce of privacy. His lips pressed against Yuuri’s, sweet and slow, and grateful more than anything. Because it was Yuuri who showed Victor how colourful and warm the world could be, it was Yuuri who made him believe in happiness and bright future, it was Yuuri who beat his ass on the ice fair and square, finally, after all these years of loneliness…

“Congratulations, Yuuri,” he whispered against slightly trembling lips before he pulled back.

Yuuri’s cheeks were flushed, so beautiful in the sharp lights directed at the podium, but he wasn’t shy. He looked straight at Victor, with his eyes direct and warm. His lips were quirked in a tiny exasperated manner that Victor had come to associate with Yuuri calling out his name in that cute, meltingly adorable way.

“You’re horrible, you know that,” Yuuri said, but his voice was light. “Now the press just won’t leave us alone.”

Victor only shrugged a careless shoulder, pulling Yuuri closer to his side and smiling at the flashing cameras.

“It was going to happen sooner or later,” he replied. “And I actually quite like the idea of everyone knowing you’re mine and I’m yours. It’s a little exciting, isn’t it?”

He glanced down at Yuuri, who was busy making a peace sign at one camera. A little was an understatement. Victor was always excited when Yuuri was concerned. Ever since Yuuri swept him off his feet, quite literally, at that unforgettable GPF in Sochi.

When Yuuri turned his head back to him, his smile a bit nasty – oh, how Victor loved that smile ­– Victor didn’t expect these words to fall from his mouth.

“You’re dealing with it, then,” he said. “I have another season to prepare for, coach.”

And he hopped off the podium, leaving Victor alone and shocked and pleased beyond reasoning, because Yuuri was always going to keep him on his toes and he just couldn’t wait for what the future will bring.

Nonverbal Jack (Pt 1 - Ariel)

((I have a lot of feelings about autistic!Jack going nonverbal sometimes so have this long-ass headcanon post followed by one or two more probably))

The first time Jack watches The Little Mermaid, he’s two and it’s just another cartoon. Cutesy and musical and nothing special.

When he’s six, he finds it again, and suddenly it’s the most important thing in the world. He watches it every day after school for a whole year, entranced each time because he sees himself in the story. He loses his voice, just like the princess. Not always, but sometimes. Often enough to cause problems. Sometimes he just doesn’t want to speak, but most of the time it feels like he just can’t. He’ll open his mouth, try and force the words out, and nothing will come. It feels like all his words have just disappeared.

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OK let’s be real, 2016 has been awful for couples. So many of them broke up and crushed our relationship goals. But that doesn’t mean we should stop believing in love. Best relationships are the ones who aren’t planed. They just happen, so suddenly and fast but it feels so right. And don’t think this is some 
fairy tale shit, because it will happen to you too and you won’t even be aware that it happened. Who knows, maybe your soulmate is closer than you think. But, cupcake, if you stay in your house crying over Brad and Angelina break up, you might just miss it. 

+sherlolly because...what was said

I’m still working through my feelings from TFP and today’s focus is that of the aftermath of Molly and Sherlock’s phone call. Also, I wanted to play around abit with a line that had troubled me in the episode. I guess I wanted to comfort myself a little haha. If you’ve come to read it, thank you so much. :) xx


Words  (also on

It had been a week since the phone call. Molly had not been surprised at the silence after what had been an odd game of tug-of-war; a fight to see who could hold on to their veneer of protection just a little bit longer. Sherlock was not one to expose the contents of his heart, whatever those contents were, but neither was Molly. Sometimes, things were much better left unsaid, and Molly was a firm believer of that. 

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New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg

so many duck folks out here and I didn’t even know, my people were with me all along I feel so blessed

(also regarding doodle comics gosh don’t tempt me pal I got too many ideas, but anyway even if I do I can’t hurt you more than the original comics I mean heck have you read A Letter From Home)

a lot of people ask me stuff about writing, and they say how their stories don’t get that many likes, so they feel the stories aren’t good and they’re discouraged by that. just so you know, sin city had about 15 likes for months - and i’m not even joking, nobody ever asked questions about it or anything like that. and yes, it was discouraging, because it was a story i really liked, but nobody else seemed to like it. but i kept writing because i liked the story and i wanted to get it out of my head. with time, more people started reading it. so don’t get discouraged by notes, they don’t mean much. write for yourself and you’ll be just fine :*