so many feelings for this scene;;

Requested by @fayception

Fayception requested for a TsukkiYama Spirit AU with traditional Japanese feel (Yukata, sakura petals). I got this idea that Tsukki is a Shinto priest-in-training who’s chosen to manage a small shrine along with its minor Land God (Yams). They formed a pact (with this scene) which made Tsukki Yam’s caretaker/partner for years to come ~ Jeez, I feel like this idea can be developed into full on story but aagh it’s a cultural AU and kinda tricky to research ~ ( ;w; ) Anyway! I hope she likes it! 

There are so many scenes that i like. But this scene always feel different for me. Like something happened in there. I know Charioce is handsome but just knowing with the hand hold is just so funny(If it is thats the case). Maybe it does something have to do with the Charioce’s extreme power?(Still bit weird) Or it is just dramatic scene?(Still weird). I feel like something important happened in there when they held hand.

Finally watched Captain Underpants and I gotta say...

The movie is exactly all I wanted as a kid when I read the books.
The voice actors were chosen very well, the slight alterations in plot still suited the series amazingly and George’s and Harold’s friendship was illustrated beautifully in this!

There was one scene that crushed me tho and it did it wonderfully, so many good angsty feels!
I recommend the movie for any CU fan out there! Dreamworks brought that piece of my childhood to life and I am very happy!

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Sorry to bug once again but I am genuinely interested how you work. How many versions of a scene you used to do? And I was reading about an interview with an illustrator and he was talking about how difficult it is to draw hair. Do you feel the same way? Thanks for sharing your Art with all of us, you talented girl :)

Awww, thank you dear Anon, for your interest in my work and process. I really appreciate it.

Ok, so to answer the first part of your question, I sometimes just go straight into drawing, if I am working straight from a photograph, without any rough draft first. I do a basic outline in that case, and then build upon that, once I’m happy with it. Hence why my wee lucky flesh coloured pencil that I draw the outlines with, is now barely 2 inches long! I need to buy another! Quick!

Now for more of the imaginative pieces, that I have been doing over at picturethefrasers, for these I normally do a rough sketch first, to work out where all the essential elements will go. Then once I’m happy, and maybe have discussed the draft with the other mods for their input, only then will I start working on the actual piece.

And between the rough draft and the finished sketch, whole body positioning may change. ( This is in fact true of the piece I am working on, atm - I wasn’t happy with how Claire was looking in my rough sketch, so have moved her considerably and it works much better - much more cleavage on show !😏)

Now for hair and what your illustrator said. I would agree, ABSOLUTELY, YES. Hair is incredibly hard to draw, and curly hair in particular. Hence my threat a couple of weeks ago to make Jamie bald!!!! 😂

But as I am slowly learning, you find your own way, as an artist, to get around these problems, and develop your own techniques, to suggest individual hair strands, wayward curls and degrees of colour. And Jamie Fraser’s hair is most definitely a steep, but very enjoyable, learning curve! 😀

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What's your favorite Stankyle centric scene or episode? I feel like watching South Park but I wanna watch the snippy stuff rn lol

ohhhfhfhf i have so many!!!!! cherokee hair tampons is a must, as well as guitar queero but surprisingly cartmanland is up there too!!!!! and smug alert!!!!! AND prehistoric ice man… i have so many hfbdbdbdbd enjoy!!!


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”


let me tell you why maggie is the best thing to ever happen to alex, in case you don’t already know. maggie walks in to alex’s apartment with questions, and alex doesn’t even so much as look at her before she starts crumbling. maggie doesn’t have to ask what she needs because she already knows. just like she knew exactly what to say (and what not to say) when alex came out. just like she knew there was more going on when alex broke it off after supergirl went missing. maggie doesn’t have to ask to know that alex will keep drinking, if only to drown in whiskey instead of her tears. because maggie knows alex, and she’s always there, always listening, always comforting, and being exactly what alex needs.