so many feelings for everyone aaa

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Can I request lucio , hanzo, and genji with a very goofy s/o who loves to joke around? <3 I loove your writing sm

Aaa I’m glad you love my writing! Hopefully this lives up to your expectations

• you two make so many jokes together

•together you make the best joke team

•everyone feels better when you, or him, or both are around!


•he’s not one to make jokes, he’s pretty serious, but you make him laugh no matter what

•he tries to funny, he really does, but it never really works out

•if you’re goofy, he tries to not be too serious, so he doesn’t dampen the mood


•now you two are the ultimate goofy team

•no matter if you’re doing something serious you’ll both be acting goofy

•lots of laughing

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Getting attention for your hard work just because you want people to notice what you’ve done isn’t selfish. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received as many notes as you have before, but I think you are doing fantastic! 👍🏻 Everyone has their ups and downs, and there’s nothing wrong with any of it. I enjoy your art work and I’m supporting you all the way! You got this, I believe in you. ☺️ I hope you get to feeling better. Please remember to take care of yourself. - Dandelion

cries aaa thank u,,, I almost feel repetitive thanking you because you’re so so sweet and everything you say immediately lifts my mood..I’m sorry I can’t say anything more meaningful but I appreciate u and everything you do a lot <3 

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(last anon) (I feel like i should have a name now ive sent so many??? call me E) AHDHAJXVS AAA POOR YUURI.. you should.. write a thing for this (if it’s not too much)

Yayyy, yes, everyone gets a nickname :D This might help me keep track of asks also because Lemons has /the worst/ memory ever. Okay, so I’m going to need a lilllll bit of time because more than piss = Lemons has to think a lil bit lol. I’ll post it as a text on here and if it’s long enough maybe on ao3 also with a link to the ask. But it might not be long enough. We will see. This will be Lemons project for today!

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Hey Worm Otou-san. I hope that I'm not bothering you. I was wondering what kind of drawing program/drawing tablet you would recommend for someone who wants to start drawing digitally, but has no clue how. I want to learn, due to how it seems to be a must-know and a fun medium. I'm currently a high school sophmore, and I have no idea where to start. I truely am considering pursuing art (in the vaguest sense) as a profession. Digital seems like a must-know, and everyone else seems to be (1/2)

(2/2) familiar with it already. Thank you for taking the time to read my silly ask, if you have. My apologies, if this ask seems super rambly and weirdly formatted - I’m doing it on mobile and it’s hard to edit. aaa i feel like im unloading so many unessessary details im sorry TL;DR:  Mort, what drawing program/tablet do you recommend for a newbie who knows how to draw traditionally? -Scar ♡            

aaah, i appreciate you asking me such a question, it’s really no problem! Unfortunately, I’m probably not the best person to ask if you plan on going into things professionally, as I am a mere hobbyist, and have no clue what would be better to start with if you plan on going into the big leagues.

in addition, I’m working with a pretty old tablet! A Wacom Bamboo is what I’m currently using, and what I started out with, but Wacom seems to have discontinued those. I’ve heard good things about Huion tablets, which are much cheaper, and would probably be a nice starting point for a beginner, but I’ve never personally used one myself.

that said, the program I’m using right now, and that works best for me and would probably work very well for a beginner, is FireAlpaca! it’s completely free, simple, and easy to grasp for someone new to digital work, as it doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of the fancier tools that you really don’t need to bother with.

i’m sorry if i couldn’t be more helpful, but good luck!

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There is this article making the rounds called "Why I Quit my Dream Job at Ubisoft" from an ex-AAA developer about why he decided to go indie. Do you think any of his criticisms are accurate? Is there really such a dramatic shift from small teams to big teams?

For those who are unaware, you can [read the blog post referenced here]. It was written by Maxime Beaudoin, indie developer and former software architect for Ubisoft Quebec City. In it, Maxime details his issues with AAA development - primarily, the inverse proportionality of individual contribution vs. the team size. It’s a legitimate complaint, and one that I can totally understand. AAA development certainly isn’t for everyone, and it can be extremely disheartening if you’re only one small part in a much bigger whole.

Remember, AAA games have very high production values. That means that, in order to ship in a timely fashion, there must be an army of people working together to the finish. A gameplay engineer might only work on one or two game systems. An environment artist might only work on one or two maps. An animator might only work on one kind of animations. A level designer might only work on one or two levels for the entirety of the project. That might be really cool, but it’s still only a small part of a much larger overall game. I can look back and say “I developed the camera system for game X”, or “I owned the cinematic boss battles in game Y”, but I can’t say “I made this”. Even as you move up in rank and get tasked with larger responsibilities, you don’t necessarily take on a larger workload, but you start managing subordinates and delegating tasks. Instead of saying “I wrote the melee combat system”, the gameplay programming lead might say “I managed the combat team”. It’s fun to see your work out in the wild, but it’s very difficult to say that the game couldn’t have been done without you. Your contribution relative to the entire whole is almost certainly going to be small and easily missed.

When you’re working on a small team, you really can do all of the things. You can write the audio code and the rendering system and the level up system and everything else. You can design the combat and the levels and the cinematics and everything in between. You can animate the characters, create the environments, and design the UI as you see fit. There are so many things in a game that need doing, and the small team size means that everyone involved must do more than one or two things in order to get the game to ship. It’s an amazing feeling of real ownership when that happens - your contribution is enormous and you can really get that feeling that the game could not ship without your work. It can feel like an enormous sense of accomplishment.

Each developer has his or her own priorities - some of us really like having the stability and benefits of working for a big publisher and our names attached to a huge AAA property like Assassin’s Creed or Halo. You’ll often find people who recognize your employer, studio, or even titles you’ve worked on in the past. Some of us like the sense of accomplishment you get from making huge contributions to the game. In such a situation, your game might not have the sort of household recognition that the AAA title might garner but you can reap the rewards of your own hard work and create the sort of game you really want to make - a privilege afforded to only a tiny fraction of AAA developers. But you’ll also have to realize you certainly won’t be able to do the kind of production values or complex gameplay or high end visuals of AAA development on your own. We really end up crystallizing it to what it is you value - the big name big game, or your sense of ownership and accomplishment. Mr. Beaudoin made his choice. I’ve made mine. If you want to be a game developer, you’ll have to make yours at some point as well.


hey everyone!! i just got back from katsucon and WOW,, i had the best time ever!! (i might go later tonight or tommorrow morning but eh)

i met so many cool ppl and saw so many amazing cosplayers!! @flamingopuuuunch (the hinoka) was rlly rlly nice, i hung out w/ her for most of the day!! @meivix  was my velour twin ommg,, she was so sweet aaa!! and @theouterscience was a super cool leo!! we didnt talk much but they seemed super rad~ i hope i can see everyone i met again soon, and i unfortunately didnt get as many pictures as i wanted to :< but if you remember meeting me and/or seeing me feel free to hmu!

i also got a ton of awesome stuff, theyre all gonna go up on my wall / pinned on my bag / on my keys asap ommg,,

well long story short, i had a wonderful time and i 100% suggest that you should maybe go if you can!