so many feelings coming out of my eyes

I’m really fucking in love with you. How many hints do I need to drop to make you believe it? I love when you smile and when your eyes land on me in a crowded area. Even if it means nothing to you, it’s everything to me. You mean so much to me, when I tell you, you don’t understand or you avoid it. Please don’t, tell me its okay but don’t fake it. I don’t say ‘I love you’ or ‘I care about you’ just to make words come out of my mouth. Understand that I genuinely have feelings for you.
—  Nothing is changing

So many of us have made the connection in History Maker that it starts with Yuri’s POV and after “my dreams will come true” it’s from Victor.

Now switch it. It starts with Victor and changes to Yuri. It makes complete sense. “Can you hear my heartbeat” Victor falling in love. “Tired of feeling never enough” Victor realizing he can’t surprise the crowd anymore. “I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true” Victor just wants to be happy again, preferably with Yuri. Because Yuri taught Victor life and love.

“They’ll be no more darkness when you believe in yourself you’re unstoppable” Yuri pulling Victor from his depression. “Where your destiny lies dancing on the blades you set my heart on fire” OBVIOUS. Yuri said himself that Victor is the reason he skates competitively. And we know Yuri loves Victor.

I’m a train wreck, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. Shoutout to the banquet scene.

For the past five days I’ve watched so many of my peers become emotionally shaken and overwhelmed with fear in result of the US election. I myself have been out of it. I’ve heard people question why we are afraid. For our entire lives we’ve seen one another disappear, be murdered, raped, or attacked in some way on television and right before our eyes. Being in such a progressive country we’ve suddenly come to a halt. And it is a scary feeling. My professors have been asking “What can we do?” And I just want to put out the message, like many others have already, to protect each other. We will all have to work twice as hard, love each other twice as hard, and educate ourselves twice as more. All in order to protect one another and keep pushing forward. Time could only tell how this all will turn out, but I beg you all to stay by one another’s sides. Trump does not represent what I believe in. Trump is not here for me. And Trump is not here for the ones I love. Trump, is Not My President.



WARNINGS: Threats of violence

As you sit in your throne, presiding over your Court, you feel a small tingle in your ear, realising that someone is trying to contact you. Turning your head to the side, your mind seeks out the magic user. When you discover who it is, you laugh to yourself.

“Oh, my darling…” You close your eyes and concentrate on the magical signature. The source comes from many Realms away, but it is strong. You are able to grasp on to it, and you pull firmly, bringing the person – or rather, people – on the other end of the line, to your Court.

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Whoops, still haven’t reached The Talk, yet. We’ll get there, I promise!

“How are you feeling, Anakin?” Obi-Wan sits next to him on the couch and allows Anakin to keep a tight grip on his hands. They’re still breathing in tandem, though Obi-Wan doesn’t think Anakin actually needs it anymore—more likely, Anakin finds it comforting.

“… Tired. Really tired.”

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figuring out my sexuality and accepting it literally felt like coming home and i cant believe 1d has a song called home thats literally about that with lyrics like “i was stumbling looking in the dark but you say you feel the same” and about how there was something missing in her eyes, and he’ll make it feel like home, they’re never gonna feel alone, he saw it in someone else’s eyes then and it’s alright!! im so thankful they’ve got a song like that that describes this experience and a thing many people go through, especially in the society that makes you assume you are straight when growing up and many of their fans are going through this and they’re likely talking about something they (some of them probably) went through too I’m! fine


so many of you pointed out how great actor tarjei is, but really
some says that if you cry and the first teardrop comes from your left eye (1st pic) it’s from sadness or pain, and if it comes from your right eye (2nd pic) it is caused by happiness or relief. what i was really gonna say is that he actually felt what his character supposed to feel. and that, my friends, made it so real and extremely honest. great job, my precious

You’re going to end up sneaking in at the dead of night, I can feel it. I’ll think it’s sleep paralysis because I’ll hear you coming into the room and see the light peering from outside the room before you shut it and slowly crawl over me. Your hollow dark eyes are all I can stare into and feel the nothingness but hunger within them, and your tongue slowly falls out, and you peer your canines. God, so many people would call you a monster but I don’t see it as a bad thing. At least not anymore. You’ve convinced me otherwise, and we made a deal together.

If you won’t harm my family, then you’ll harm me.

I hardly wince, and a nice sigh leaves my mouth when your curved nails slowly trace marks and signatures into my torso after you pull my shirt up. I hear you humming under your breath as you make sketches on me with crimson rivulets, and it feels wonderful. Like I’m numbed from every sensation from agony, and all I can do is watch your every moves and I feel you eager against your pants. Then you start to leave black and blue shades onto my stomach and hips, with teeth grazing my skin, and your harsh purrs rumbling against sensitive flesh. Claws will dig into my thighs and slowly open wounds along my inner thighs. That’s so you’ll make me feel everything. Jesus fuck, when you dig your tongue into the wounds, I remember how soft and long it is, and you’re gentle even when you drink all the crimson away. After you lean up to give some soft kisses and nips on my neck to show how much more you love me, I feel you rub against me. Now it’s time.

Claim me.

I won’t resist. ♥

I have so many feelings about Rollo’s victory scene

a) He practically falls from his horse but he refuses help and gets to his feet alone. My proud baby!
b) He gets a true hero’s welcome. The cheers and hugs and falling rose petals (OMG THE LOOK ON HIS FACE). It’s almost as though he can’t believe it’s all for him.
c) HIS SMILE despite the bloodied face, swollen eyes and generally messed up appearance. I CRIED.
d) THE WAY GISLA LOOKS AT HIM AND RUSHES TO HIS SIDE. JESUS. AND THEN SHE KISSES HIM. BLOOD AND ALL. I SQUEALED! (Then I realised that it’s really the first time we see them kiss properly. Their first kiss was during the consummation, shrouded in darkness. The second was the peck she gives him when she tells him they can’t have sex.) It’s such a lovely moment between them and I’m just sorry we never had more.
e) I don’t care what anyone says, THESE TWO ADORE ONE ANOTHER. It’s love and it’s beautiful.
f) She’s pregnant and SHE’S HELPING TO HOLD HIM UP. *SOBS*
g) “Hail, Caesar!” - Literally Rollo’s crowing glory. I can’t even. It was perfect.

*edit* The one other kiss was in the pantry scene. Thanks for the reminder laryanstarsley!


I tweaked her a little. She now has elf ears and black eyes. I know this looks 180 degrees different than my usual gameplay but I can’t help it everytime I see out-of-this-world CC I just feel like dressing my Sims in it <3

Her name is still unknown. Thank you for the many suggestions but I’m still searching for that one name that will represent her fully. So keep them coming!

Monsta X as Fathers

Anon asked: Right… so after the adorable Twitter and Instagram videos that have come out recently (y'all know what I mean), I NEED Monsta X as daddies. Like for real. - <3 your Not-So-Anonymous Anon :)

I would like to curse you and thank you for this “Anon”. -.- Good lord the feels while writing this!!! 

I hope everyone enjoys! ^^

~Admin Maknae 💚

Wonho— The show off father. His phone has so many pictures of his beautiful child you as his wife don’t know whether to smile or send the poor man to therapy for obsession.

“Look at what my baby did today,” he would show his coworkers as they would roll their eyes for the hundredth time.

“She’s just smiling.”

“I know isn’t she adorable!” he would gush over the video. Just let the man have his moment, you had told his friends.

Wonho never get’s tired of being around your child, he’s always playing with her, entertaining her in ways that make you chuckle. Like the time she attempted to put one of her princess dresses on him, but it barely fit over his shoulders and it made her sad. So he made a makeshift crown and grabbed a pink t-shirt and one of your skirts to make her happy.

“I’ll never be able to look at the skirt the same again,” you had mumbled to yourself as you were making them lunch. Wonho had taken a break of playing, well god knows what they were playing, to come up from behind you in a hug. Feeding him a strawberry, he had rested his chin on your shoulder, his crown poking your temple.

“Lets have another,” he would nuzzle into you neck.

“Ha,” you looked down at your man in a skirt, “not while you’re wearing that we aren’t,” you teased at him. You couldn’t even imagine how he would be with two angels running around.

Shownu— The protective father. Shownu loves his children, like all fathers do. You might have to remind him to give them some space sometimes, but he can’t seem to help himself. He only wants to make sure they are safe and sound. Like the first day your baby boy went to kindergarten, Shownu checked up on him at lunch time to make sure he was making friends, and while your son was happy to see his father, you only shook your head. You can only imagine if you had had a girl.

You had spoke to soon, having a baby girl was a blessing and also not so much at the same time. Shownu would cherish her. She was a daddy’s girl after all. Your son had taken up with you so it would only be fair to him, right? Most girls love their fathers more anyways. She could do no wrong in his eyes, even when she grew to be older and snuck out of the house one time.

“It’s that boys fault, I know it,” Shownu had said. You knew the real answer, she’s a teenager, but let her be an angel in his eyes. No boy was good enough for his baby girl, and you made sure to let those nice boys know that he really wasn’t as scary as he seemed.

“Get to know her father, hun,” you spoke to your daughters new fling, “he’s really a softy at heart.”

Hyungwon— The watchful father. Hyungwon is careful, he had been around children before sure, but this time was different. She was his. His daughter.

“I feel like I might break her,” he had whispered to you when you told him to hold her, noticing he would only really come close when you were holding her.

“You won’t, she’s not fine china, she’s a baby,” you chuckled at him ruffling his hair.

“That’s the same thing!” he looked so worried holding her head as carefully as he could. You would only smile at him, he would get used to her.

And he did. He never played rough or anything, he was still very careful, and often times he seemed more like he would rather watch that play with his daughter. And you were never really sure why.

“Honey,” you sat down next to him on the park bench, your daughter had been playing on a jungle gym and he was looking antsy, “go be next to her if you are worried.”

He had looked down, “I don’t want to be the cause of her being hurt,” he had finally admitted to you. You only smiled at him.

“Hun, accidents happen. She might break her arm in soccer in a few years, have a scratched knee from a fall, a few bumps and bruises from playing that she might not notice till the next day, but you know what?” He looked up at you, “thats not your fault, your role is to be there to take care of those accidents and make them better.”

Hyungwon had played with his daughter more, still a watchful one, making sure that she never got hurt, but more playful all in all.

Kihyun— The sensitive father. Kihyun is a mixture of all the types of fathers that you would want to have around your children. He doted on them, cared for them, watched over them, and was even just a little bit protective but not to much to smother them. Kihyun understood how their minds worked, and he wouldn’t be worked over so easily, but he would still care for them in a way that made your children love him even more.

“Daddy, can I have that?” your son had pointed to a triple fudge cake a bakery was showcasing in its window. You had been on the way to dinner that day.

“Hmm, that does look good doesn’t it. Tell you what, lets go eat dinner, and we can have the best milkshakes in town, hmm?” Kihyun had started to compromise with your son again and you watched in silence.

“Okay!” your son said happily dragging you both further down the street towards the restaurant.

“I don’t know how you do it,” you had mumbled to him at dinner.

“Do what?”

“You always manage to make him happy in some way, even when you turn him in a completely different direction of what he originally wanted,” you were now walking back home, Kihyun was carrying your son on his back. He had engorged himself happily at dinner and had completely forgotten about milkshakes.

Kihyun would always just shrug at you, “I don’t know, baby.” Almost like he didn’t even know he was doing it himself, you would just smile at him and accept the fact that you chose well for the father of your children.

Minhyuk— The childlike father. Childlike might be a lose word, but there was no other way to describe him. He’s like a child himself, but still knows how to be a father when he needs to be. One day your son walked into the kitchen covered in mud.

“Honey! What in the world have you been doing!?” you ran to him with a wet towel to wipe his face, and to honestly keep him from going any further into the house.

“We were playing army,” you heard your husbands voice suddenly walk up behind him. You had looked up to see Minhyuk also covered from head to toe in mud. You scoffed at him, but at least he knew better than to come inside, he was still standing in the door frame watching you wipe off your baby boy.

“Come here you two,” you pushed your son back outside to the back yard, away from the muddy area, you damned the past two days of rain, and told them to hold still, as you sprayed them both down with a water hose.

“Mama!” your boy yelled at you.

“Well, this is what happens to boys who play in the dirt,” you eyed your husband giving him the ‘you better not do this again!’ look all knowing he probably would the next time he got a chance.

A long day of playing in the mud would end in a family movie night in the living room, and you would look over to see both of your men passed out before the movie even hit its climax. Shaking your head at them both, you would cover them with the blanket that you had wrapped yourself in, getting yourself more comfortable to watch the rest of the movie. Sometimes it might feel like you have two children, but you knew all to well that Minhyuk knew when he needed to be the man of the house, and you were always grateful to his everlasting energy.

Jooheon— The playful father. Unlike Minhyuk, Jooheon would still be very playful with his children, but you wouldn’t see him get into as much trouble. As much, is the key word. Jooheon still is a child at heart himself, and he wants to make his sons life as adventurous as possible while he grows up, and you worry all the time. Knowing he would do nothing to really put them both in danger, how could you not worry when both of these fools were running amuck?

You had heard clanging and banging coming from your backyard one afternoon when you got home from work and instantly needed to see the commotion. Jooheon had built a fort out of stray limbs that you had told him to pick up out of the yard that morning, and two of those limbs were being used as swords.

“You shall not pass!” your son yelled in front of his dad slamming his stick into the ground.

“Ya! This isn’t Lord of The Rings!” your husband was actually as into the play fight as your son was, and you leaned up against the side of the house and watched your idiots.

“I turned you into a dragon remember!?” your son had yelled.

“Since when did a knight become a magician?!”

“Honey,” you interrupted their fight.

“Oh hey baby,” Jooheon had run up to you and kissed your forehead, you could smell that he had been outside all day.

“You do realize your arguing with a six year old right?” you looked up at him smiling.

“Oh you heard us?”

“Right at ‘You shall not Pass!’” you mimicked your son.

“Hey, you could pass for a queen with that acting,” he nuzzled into you.

“Stop your dirty,” you giggled at him.

“GROSS!” you both heard your son yell from the other side of the yard, making you both laugh.

IM— The loving, and always doting father. A little girl is what he would always want and you would be the one to give him his precious gift. Unlike Wonho who shows her off to everyone, it would almost be like he would want to keep her to himself. When she wanted icecream, he’d give her ice cream, even when you told her no because it was almost dinner time. A troublemaker he was a lot of the time, but he couldn’t resist that sweet face. Daddy’s girl always went running to her daddy, and while she loved you too, Daddy gave her what she wanted all the time.

“Sucker,” you would mumble to yourself when she would pull out her charm when she wanted the doll house you all had passed by in the mall. He had looked at you and all you would give him was the ‘It’s up to you’ look. Of course he bought it for her.

“You know she’ll get bored of it eventually right?” you whispered to him as he lugged the box over his shoulder.

He sighed, “I know, but I can’t help it.”

“I know you can’t,” you laughed at him, poking his sides. Your daughter had already happily gone into the next toy store, and you two were her luggage carriers.

“Just don’t go to far this time, hmm?” you reminded him nodding at the price tags over the toys she was oohing and ahhing at, “we do have to eat this week.”

He just sighed and went over to his precious baby girl, and started to gear her attention over to sweets.

“Like that’s any better, Changkyun,” you shook your head at him.

“It’s not as expensive,” he gave you the ‘great idea, right?’ look. You still shook your head, as you both would once again, trail behind your daughter to the ice cream stand.

What is my Fibro like?

Most days it is like someone is sticking needles into all my joints, 

 someone is taking my muscles and wringing them out like a wet towel,

 hitting me over the head with a hammer,

shining lights in my eyes, 

spinning me around and around like I’m about to play with a pinata at a party,

itch powder being put in my clothes as a prank,

being so confused it’s like people are speaking a foreign language to me,

 feeling my joints grind in my knees and hips whenever they move, 

feeling many of my joints swell up and get harder to move as I use them, or as a storm is coming,

feeling like I’m constantly having heart palpitations, 


Anxiety over whether it could get worse,

and so much more,

And it getting so Much worse on a flare up day, this is a normal day for me

*Experiences vary for every person with Fibro, this is just my experience.

He Said “Trust Me”

Word Count: 469

Fandom: Gravity Falls/Over the Garden Wall

Summary: I made my own heart hurt. There is no summary. Wirt’s POV.


When we first met, I was visiting Oregon with my parents and half-brother and managed to get separated from them. A monster came out of nowhere, but he ran up with a journal in one hand and determination in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and said, “Trust me!”

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[LYRICS](eng trans) Rap Monster - 각성 (覺醒) (Awakening)

in the moment of my failure
will someone hold my hand?
in the moment when I come down from the stage
will that person be next to me?
just tell me that I can survive
in this cold world, just feel my vibe
I know one day at a time
the sun gon’ shine

I lost too many friends
you know that I did lost too many clans
being a singer, I lost too many bands
I couldn’t help but spit and spit, keepin’ repeating too many damns
gotta let my eyes watch too many ends
outside was a whole battlefield so I bring out the chopper
every night inside me I quietly fight with myself
my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back
while saying that I became a moron after joining a company
yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol
at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title
when I come out on broadcast it’s all over, I’m different from those who are corrupted
now now I’m completely acknowledged and I just do me
whether I’m an idol or an artist, to be honest it’s not important
your attention when you look at me, that was all just me
stuck to the title and hung from a modifier
listen well, time is passing, the rap of a bastard who’s gotten a little smarter
it isn’t these words, wordplay, it’s just a warplay the world plays
again we fight just like soldiers, errday
yeah I walk properly when I risk my life on top of the beat
the today when I’m singing this song is my second birthday
my buddies the way you taught me, the confidence you got me
was more than ‘Rarri, Lambo, Mercy, Maserati you got me?
now just come give me an XO, go bring your next soul
an endless cynical smile but I’m Rimbaud, your time sent from hell

in the moment of my failure
will someone hold my hand?
in the moment when I come down from the stage
will that person be next to me?
just tell me that I can survive
in this cold world, just feel my vibe
I know one day at a time
the sun gon’ shine

in the moment of my failure
will someone hold my hand?
in the moment when I come down from the stage
will that person be next to me?
just tell me that I can survive
in this cold world, just feel my vibe
I know one day at a time
the sun gon’ shine

trans cr; @BTS0222
(you can re-translate or repost anywhere but please credit to @BTS0222 when you do!)

Warm smoke

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Christmas!BTS collab with @noir0neko - 7 days with BTS.
Day 1: Hoseok.

Warnings: Public sex. Fingering.

This iceberg melts under your warm touch… 

Smoke comes out from my icy lips as I exhale. It floats lethargically in front of my eyes and vanishes without any notices. It was fascinated to watch, even though it only lasts for seconds. I rub my hands together but the energy isn’t helping. Ice is frosting on my pale fingers. I feel nothing, absolutely nothing. My head leans against the wall. One more time, I exhale, letting every worry of the old year escape from my body and fly away. So many people are walking back and forth in different directions but they all seem to become one abstract painting, not that it’s not appealing.

“Hey beautiful.” A voice shakes me from my own wonderland. Another hand wraps around mine like a mitten, I can feel water melting from the tip of my fingers. I look up and encounter Hoseok’s smile, the only thing that can be warmer than his hands. His eyes turn into two parabolas that open downwards when he shows off his wide teeth. He seems to be the clearest person in this crowd, as if the sun was shining around him and complimenting every feature of his. He notices how cold my hand is, I notice the repentance on his face.

“It’s alright.” I force a smile. Not until the outline of my lips became completely dehydrated and burned that I realized I should have put my lip balm on. My smile isn’t natural, but at least it is decent enough. Words don’t slip from Hoseok’s mouth. He squeezes my hand more tightly and we walk together along the road. I’ve always had a soft spot for the chains of lights that are hung into parallel lines above only on Christmas days. They make stars suddenly become so attainable. All you need to do is tip toe and you can grab as many as you want. My eyes glue to them. I fall hard for love, hard enough to ignore the people who are bumping into my constantly. Hoseok becomes my guide. I don’t know where we are going, but I know that he’ll take me to somewhere safe.

“Watch the road, you’re bumping into everyone.” He laughs and ruffles my messy hair. His warm hands are still a mystery to me. How can sun shine on a snowy day? Then again, I must ask myself why my hand is always cold, not just in the winter. More than that, I always question why Hoseok is willing to hold them tight until they’re as warm as his. Never once have his hands become cold because of mine and I find that admirable. I lean softly on his arm and shoulder, twine my fingers into his. He kisses the top of my head, presses his soft lips against me. The kiss itself isn’t warm, but it torches a fire in my heart.

We walk on the snow for a while. It is still soft, still beautiful just like the first snow. We talk a lot, not any particular subjects but just random little things. The conversations are short and sweet. They relate to each other and sometimes a silence fill in the gaps between them. Around us are shops decorated with colorful ornaments under the golden light. They’re different when Christmas comes. They seem more excited, more dazzling and more attractive. I wonder if it because of the way they arrange their products or the way there are more lights than usual. “You want that teddy bear?” Hoseok’s finger points at a giant coffee brown stuffed bear behind the glass window. It has a blue bow tied around the neck. I could sit neatly in its embrace. My eyes widen as my mouth instantly forms a big grin. I nod.

He flicks my head “You should answer no…” His burden face tickles my humor neurons. I chuckle. “You have me already…” I can see the red shades darken on his cheekbones. His voice sounds awkward and his eyes change their focus all the time. I hug his arm and snuggle my head on his shoulder without saying a word. He wasn’t wrong, I do have him already.

“Y/N, you’re still so cold.” Hoseok reminds me of the fact that I feel like a mobile iceberg. It’s not that I don’t feel cold, I have been living with it for so long and I’ve grown accustomed to it. He pulls me until I find myself inside an empty alley. I was placed in a position that my back is pressed against the brick wall, trapped between his arms. He kisses me, passionately and agitatedly. I can feel my own skin melting when he snakes his tongue in. He moisturizes my lips, soothes them from the burning and sucks my tongue gently. My moans slip into his mouth and he catches all of them, not letting any escape. My clit begins to itch as his thigh grinds against my clothed core. The fabric stimulates the most sensitive feelings that it can contain. His hands trail down to unbutton my jeans and pull down the zipper. He slides one of his hands into my panties. His middle finger hooks on my core, slides up and down as if he is lubricating his own finger so it can slide inside me easier. My back arches from tension, from his finger touching everywhere.

Arousal heats me up just like how it’s building my orgasm. He twirls his finger, curl it and pump it in and out. My head spins helplessly. He uses two fingers to pinch my clit and my folds. My legs twitch uncontrollably. I become weak and vulnerable under him. Sweats taste salty on my taste buds and my palms are getting damped. I still exhale smoke, but why do I feel like being burned?

“You’re getting so wet… Should we go home?” Hoseok whispers in my ears. I’m having a hard time trying to identify whether it was concern or lust.

“No… do it right here… please…” I beg. There are no options to stop or to postpone. He pulls my jeans and panties down just enough to have a look at my core. Then he releases his erection, which has been hard and aroused for the whole time. I take his cock into my hand and place it in front of my entrance. He slides it in slowly and easily. My mouth can’t close. It stays wide opened, tries to grab the thick dried air of winter. I hug him tight and he starts thrusting into me. He goes at a constant pace then starts speeding up towards the end as we are reaching our climax.  I bite his sweater, prevent any unnecessary moans that come our louder than usual. Quicker and quicker, the thrusts suddenly stop and cum drips on the sides of my thighs. It sticks onto my jeans and my panties. He pulls himself out of me. Smoke appears and disappears from his mouth. I slide my back on the wall and sit down. My legs tremble too much to stand. Hoseok adjusts his clothes and takes my hand to lift me up. The next thing I know, I’m on his back with my arms wrapped around his neck.

“See, you’re not cold anymore.” He says happily. It’s hard to believe that Hoseok is the same with the one who was just sticking his finger into my private area. We return to the main road, where there are lights and people. He carries me on his board back, along the snowy pavements of Christmas. Sweats leave their marks on my forehead. My core throbs as if someone set fire on it. Everything is now melted and moisturized, inside out.

“Let’s do that again sometimes.” My mouth is inches from his ear. I spot his smirk from the side of his cheek.

The first day with BTS! I get cold really easily and I thought that this is the best way to warm up. And who could have done it better than Hoseok?

anonymous asked:

opinion on the guild?


I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean that things have changed a lot since I first became a part of it. Some for the better, others not necessarily so. It has been part of my life for many years now through both good and bad so its difficult to really explain what I’m feeling.

I have known many good people, and seen many fall. I’ve seen others go and new ones come to fill those roles. I’ve served many different positions and seen things through many sets of eyes and it has taught me.

I won’t pass judgement on the paths it has taken through the years. It is not my place to call out mistakes of others when I have made many of my own. All I can hope is to guide if they are willing to listen. And to standby with patience should they not.

I am sad to see it fall and the remains dissipate, but it may be time. Life moves on and who knows what the future may hold. But if nothing else I will always have the memories.

  • The amount of emotion Bangtan put into their live performance honestly took me by surprise. In many instances I found myself with my jaw hanging. Typically several groups may come out with a very meaningful MV, but then the live performances would fail to show a lot of the deep themes just to make it more eye-catching and appealing. But wow these guys just blew me away, like you can see they're putting in so much damn passion and it actually made my heart clench seeing their facial expressions so pained and sorrowful(even if they had to act it). Not to mention their high involvement in the making of the album is just amazing. I love these boys so much and now I have the highest respect for them and their artistry as well.
Your Mean :(


Could you pretty please make a smut with Thomas or newt being sucked dry? Pretty please?!

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How I feel about other friends/signs (Gemini)
  • Aries: funniest bitches on the planet. But when I don't agree with them on something, we end up having a stare down until one of us blinks. Sometimes I wish you could shut up though, I wanna talk too.
  • Taurus: You guys like to outsmart me and many tears come out of my eyes... But you're funny. So I let it slide.
  • Gemini: I don't know. Sometimes I like you... Sometimes I fucking hate your guts... Because you remind me of me, and how annoying I am...
  • Cancer: much sensitive. Let's hit the club to loosen you up. :'D
  • Leo: sTOP TREATING ME LIKE I'M A BABY. I GOT THIS... *later* ...Can you help me?
  • Virgo: I like your perfectionist life... I kinda wanna go to your room and out like a hurricane.
  • Libra: I could hang out with you all day and not have a single dull moment. You are my partner in crime.
  • Scorpio: you're funny, sometimes. You were kinda one of those friends who I can pour out all of my emotions and you wouldn't show judgement. I like you, you're nice, but annoying.
  • Sagittarius: you push all the buttons and sometimes I just wanna murder you.
  • Aquarius: are you a mermaid? I wanna swim with you and see your tail...
  • Pisces: you... Are one sensitive little cutie.
  • I missed Capricorn.
  • Uhh...
  • Capri sun and corn? Hand it over please

Title: Blur

Characters/Pairings: Dean x Reader, Sam, unnamed others

Warnings: jerk at a bar, violence. Maybe minor swearing.

Tags: @theerinpage, @illshakeyouallnightlong-dean, @mamaimpala, @winchester11

Author’s Note: This is the second installment in my “Hamilinspired” drabble/oneshot series. Please, please, please let me know what you think? (gif not mine)

Prompt/lyric: I may have punched him. It’s a blur, sir. –“Aaron Burr, Sir”, Hamilton

The guy that comes up next to you in the bar creeps you out—not for any one reason, exactly—but you’ve learned to trust that gut instinct. It’s been right too many times for you to not. So while the guy has a pretty face—sharp jaw, dark hair, chocolate brown eyes—you feel yourself stiffen when he leans up against the bar next to you.

“Hey, babe.”

The line makes you clench your jaw. It’s too late to pretend you didn’t hear him—you made eye contact as he said it. So you level a cool, unimpressed gaze in his direction. “I’m just here to get drinks for me and my friends.” You glance at the booth. Dean looks up.

“Friends, huh?” He follows your gaze and then shrugs. “Don’t look like much to me.”

You shake your head, roll your eyes, and turn your full attention to the bartender. “3 beers. Whatever you’ve got on tap.” Usually you’d be a bit more specific, but you really just want to get out of there. She nods, smiles, and turns away.

The guy nudges you with his elbow, and moves slightly closer. “I’m surprised a pretty little thing like you hangs out in a joint like this. Y’know…” Even though you’re not looking at him, a part of you can physically feel the way he’s undressing you with his eyes. “I could show you a helluva time.”

“I’m really not interested,” you tell him flatly.

“C’mon, babe, don’t be like that.” He places your hand on top of yours. You pull it out from under his. “Look,” he says, “If I’m comin’ on too strong, it’s just because I saw you earlier tonight and couldn’t get you out of my head.” He grabs your arm. “Baby, I promise I’ll show you a good time. Lemme take you out on that dance floor.” He pulls your arm closer, his other hand wrapping around you to fall too low.

You feel your heartbeat jump. Your senses sharpen. He has no idea who he’s messing with. You turn to look at him, drawing up to your full height. “No,” you say, just a little louder. The bartender looks over at you. So do a few others waiting for drinks. “Remove your hand from my body before I remove it from yours.”

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