so many feelings being had by this ship

Some things that bother me about the story at this point:

I know I’m so gonna be hated for at least two specific points but I really need to talk about it in order to clear my mind a bit so here we go (contains spoilers of ch. 56).

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Coming Home

I think we were all emotionally compromised after the SWR panel…and I needed some fluff in my life. So I decided to write the sequel to my “I will come back” fic where Ezra and Kanan have to leave to protect the rebellion. Though, this fic I reference a kiss that I didn’t actually include in the fic…I tacked it on to the end and kind of sent it to like, a few people…so just an fyi xD

Honestly I put a lot of my emotions into this, just the sadness and then the banding together to encourage others. I know it’s not the same as a war, but I will admit I have cried a few times today…I’m hoping that’ll ease with time, but Rebels has just become such a special show to me and it hurts that it is ending…

Anyways, I hope y’all like this! I wanted to include a kiss but…it felt better without it…maybe in another fic…

Fic below the cut:

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Because I’ve seen quite a lot Stydias questions this; why Stiles is a fuck boy; why Lydia is a snake, I’ll answer:

Stiles a fuck boy: granted he is not a full fuck boy. BUT he shows a lot of signs to be one: obsessing over Lydia; knowing where she lived and all her features (that’s not necessarily a sign, it’s just fucking creepy); while being obsessed “love” with Lydia Stiles jumped at the opportunity to fuck Heather (screams love). But now let’s move on to the big signs. Went into a sexual relationship with Malia - had a relationship with Malia for many months only to love Lydia the whole time… he played and used her… all Stiles is missing is the haircut and he’ll be a full pledged fuck boy.

Lydia a snake: Season 1 Lydia - went after her friend’s ex without caring about the friend; not caring about the feelings still there; only thinking of herself and her cooter. Season 6 Lydia - literally the same. She never helped with the Pack unless it involved her friends ex - never used her powers until he was involved. And the look she gave when Malia wanted to freeze herself to remember Stiles - it wasn’t concern, it was malicious. She didn’t want her to remember him.

So there you have it… in order to fan service a ship (fan service confirmed by both Jeff and Holland) they had to make Stiles have many signs of being a fuck boy and push Lydia back to her Season 1 self. But hey… this is the Stydia Fandom. When have they ever cared about character development or storyline…

Friends, I am here to tell you that Grace and Frankie Season 3 is very beautiful and very gay. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so much, or had so many feels so quickly, because they are literally shipping the hell out of these two women and either they are eventually definitely going to kiss and be together or it’s the biggest queerbaiting bullshit that’s ever gone down. But whether it ends up being romantic or not, these women are clearly in love with each other and the most important people in each other’s lives, and we see them showing and telling each other that over and over again. Highly recommend. I feel the fic flowing through me. It’s coming!

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List of five OTP from five different fandoms

A long time ago I was tagged by @irumie ♥ (Thank you)

1. Okikagu: I don’t have to say how much I love to see them together. x)

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2. Zervis: I shipped them from the first time they had an interaction. xD I saw it grow from a crack ship to being canon. Even if they are ennemies, I still ship them and will always ship them whatever new revelations we get. BYE

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3. Yatori: Yeees I’m not really present in the fandom but…!!!fjqksjdflqkj I love them so muuuuch these two I swear. They are cute and lovely and with their son they are just…so damn cute!! ♥♥ 

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4. Ichihime: It was my origin OTP. The first otp in which I gave my heart and soul. AND IT’S CANON. And I have so many feels about this otp. They have a cute son ♥ I’m not posting much more about it because Bleach became less and less interesting until the end and so my interest on the ship died with my interest in the manga. u_u But never forget that Bleach will remain in my fave childhood anime. ♥

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5. NTouko / NHilda: Yes I know. I don’t know how I got to ship Pokemon characters but however I DID. My kokoro made boom and betrayed me the moment I played Pokemon Black/White. 

Nooo there is no gif for it. u_u This fandom is so dead. I’m crying.

I will draw instead. Adieu. 

If you just feel like doing this tag please do. ^^

As you wish (Dwalin x Reader)

Disclaimer: I have no rights to the Princess Bride, or J.R.R.Tolkien or Peter Jackson’s work.

Word Count: 1599

Dark was the night. Silent and eerily empty as the dwarves all sat side by side, staring out into the forest or sharpening their weapons.

Not the soft crunch of a falling leaf nor the whistle of wind was heard in the encompassing and never ending emptiness surrounding you. The silence seemed to last for hours before it was broken by a sudden voice. A strong vibrant tone belonging to that of Bofur as he asked; “Lass, could you tell us another one of your stories?” Immediately, excited murmurs of agreement sprung through the air and you felt a tender smile stretch across your lips.

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hi sweetie!!!! just had to let you know how much I love you omg. I'm sq-shipper and almost cry when I see you defending us :') there should be more people like you. thank you for existing and being awesome.

Awwwww!!! This is so sweet, I’m glad it had such a positive impact on you!!! @killianjones also deserves a lot of love for what she has been saying

Also, I just want you to know that despite what my nasty anons are saying: there is plenty of csers who care about the feelings of sq shippers. Who respect sqers, who are more than willing to put aside ships and be supportive of sqers when need be. I’ve gotten so many positive messages from csers and I don’t want you to believe that all of us except just a few hate you guys. There is nasty ones, of course, but I promise you that so many people are able to look past ships and bias and see you for who you are. Please never let the actions of a few hateful csers stop you from interacting with us, we don’t like them either lmao

because this was cute af

hey everyone. i’m coming back from hiatus! however, i needed to drop several things. most of it was shipping stuff because i was feeling overwhelmed with the number of shipping-esque threads i had on here. i’ve never been a ship-heavy rper and i didn’t want this to become a blog about ships. especially since, first and foremost, bellamy’s most important relationship will always be octavia. that being said, i’ve decided to do some main shipping with just @leaderbcrn and @hoperisen for bella.rke (this isn’t the same for other ships like brav.en or bel.lina; i don’t have many of that, so i have room for more). this does not include memes and whatnot - if i post a shippy meme, by all means feel free to send them in! i just decided i needed a little less of the threads on my blog. 

i will be wanting to start new things soon, but more plot-driven things that explore other relationships than just romantic. i work best with plots and details and world-building instead of just ‘whinging it.’

the rest of the drafts i’ll be keeping are under the cut (this does not include the replies that aren’t my turn, as i’m not exactly sure how many others are out there):

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I ship Willow and Oz, and I wish they ended up together/stayed together forever. Not because it’s a heterosexual relationship (I’m a lesbian myself, so that really is not the reason), but because I feel that Willow and Oz had way more chemistry and passion (relationship-wise AND friendship-wise too) than Willow and Tara. So many people rave about Tara and Willow being such a good lesbian relationship, but I don’t see ANY chemistry between them. AND I know how much hate I’ll get for this, but Tara annoys me so much!!  


GMW RANT #4 | I decided I couldn’t not make another longer post about how I feel about Lucaya and how, as much as I ship the long/end game that is Joshaya, Lucaya would have totally worked out, if y'know Riley had accepted Charlie or Evan (THEY WERE BOTH GREAT DESPITE BEING MINOR), and I think this scene shows the biggest reason as to why Lucaya > Rucas

This is when Lucas really shows he’s past self, or his true self, the one he keeps hidden under his Southern charm and goodness that Riley is infatuated with - the part of him she seems willing to accept because even when he shows his true colours, she just says “He’s going to be a veterinarian”, which is her way of completely sweeping this whole other side of him under the rug

Maya though, has wanted to ‘break’ Lucas from the start, because no one is that perfect (except maybe Riley) and she knows there’s a secret he’s keeping and she’s right, and she accepts that; she likes him even, as it is clear on her face

This just shows that Maya understands him more and accepts him better than Riley does, because Riley always wants things perfect, which is fine but unfortunately, outside of Rileytown, that’s hard

Also I feel like Lucas sees Maya and Riley as his past self and the self he wants to be respectively, like Lucas and Maya are 'like a light summer rain’ and so very similar and good, and basically boring, but safe and not dangerous; Maya and Lucas would be 'like fire’ because as I said, underneath his good boy exterior, he has some anger issues tied to his loyalty to his friends

I think Lucas feels that Maya reminds him too much of his former self, and he himself can’t fully accept that that is always going to be a part of him, no matter how good and sweet he is on the outside, and so he runs towards Riley who represents everything he wants to be, in a hope that maybe, just maybe, being around her will erase, or at least bury, his former self

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(anon who just asked about community) i'm a bit into season 3, and while i really love it, the whole annie/jeff this is so creepy i hate it so much. what the heck is the deal with that?

dude, right! jeff/annie was the big downfall of the show as it went on for me, I dunno really what the backstory is with it but there are many conspiracy theories. (Especially/specifically that Britta had been based on the creator’s wife at the time, and then they broke up, and that’s when Britta gets shoved out of the love interest role, etc.) I feel you, like, man, it just skeeved me out the whole time and the show is so infuriating with it too because it’s nonstop ship-teasing while constantly pretending they’re being meta about ship-teasing, or whatever. Blechhhh.

Fwiw, they never really go there with Jeff/Annie, but neither do they ever properly let up.

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14, 16, 26, 34, 49 for the question meme, please 😊

HIIII thanks for these! ^_^

14. Who is your OTP?

SO MANY! But my first one was Lartis (Lara Croft/Kurtis Trent :’)

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After that, Solid Snake and Meryl :’)

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(Man, I had a fit when she married that buffoon Jonny. Snake clearly had feelings for her till the end).

Also I generally support most of the canonical pairings in Assassins Creed (Maria/Altair… altho Connor/Avelina would have been perfect), Mortal Kombat (Jakeda, Johnny/Sonya, Liutana, etc). I really like your Anya and Kuai too! :3 Kenshi/Suchin is something we haven’t seen a lot of, but I totally ship them ;’D

16. Weirdest thing about you

Hmm… I oscillate between being a big baby at home, to cold, no-nonsense ruthless in professional life. The difference is so gaping, it’s scary at times. :P

26. Tell me one thing that I would never guess about you

Okay, ‘never’ is a strong word and you’re very smart :P But most people are shocked by the fact that I had a bit of a goth phase in Grade 7-8 :P Maybe that’s shocking (considering I’m a totally well-adjusted person now :P)

34. Celebrity crush?

This man.

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All of him.

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Oscar Isaac.

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49. What was the last thing you watched on Netflix?

Daredevil Season 2 :) It had been a while since I caught up to it - honestly I found the whole Elektra-arc very stereotypical and over-used tbh. But the ending was cool. Looking forward to Season 3!

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Thanks for the asks! <3

My theory on 18

So lately I have seen a few blogs on here talking about how 18 CAN’T be about Larry. Well I have a theory to prove that it COULD be about them and this is my analysis of the song. 

Firstly the line ‘I have loved you since we were 18′, people say immediately makes it not about Larry as they were never 18 at the same time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be referring to when they both were actually 18. 

For instance when Louis was 18, Harry was 16. This was when they met aka when their relationship started on X factor. They were both free to express their feelings to one another and only had to restrain themselves to a minimum.  

When Harry was 18, Louis was 20. This would mean their relationship has lasted for 2 years (2010, 2011, 2012, and we all know what happened in 2012 with the whole ‘Bullshit’ tweet) before by their 3rd year as a band (2013) their relationship was slowly changing and they began to be separated more by the management. 

I wanna love like you made me feel, when we were 18′ - Basically they want to love again like they did in 2010-2012, from when Louis was 18 to when Harry was 18; 2 years. (Before shit changed)

Other lyrics, such as ‘a long way from the playground’ could be referring to the fact that they had grown up and that their love isn’t like some childish playground crush; and that people need to believe that their love is real and isn’t just a teenage phase. 

Long before we both thought the same thing’ - One of them probably took longer to admit their feelings, (Louis had a girlfriend during the first few months of X factor) so Harry could of been in love with Louis, but Louis took longer to realize he felt the same way back. 

We made a start, be it a false one I know’ - This could be talking about how people started to ship them and Larry Stylinson in some ways became publicity for One Direction. They made a start to be together, but they had to live a false life for it to actually begin (they have to pretend like they don’t have any feelings towards each other besides friendship, except its blatantly obvious that they are in love, so that failed). Larry Stylinson was being (and still is) referred to as a false ship (that it isn’t real). 

To be loved and to be in love’ -  To be still loved by the fans and everyone else (because their relationship to some people may be classed as wrong, I know many people who are homophobic) and to be in love with each other as well. So they are being excepted and being loved by society, and therefore they get to be in love with each other as well. 

We took a chance’ - They did take a chance (it may not have worked out). 

Yet all along, I knew we’d be fine’ - People were probably telling them that it might not work out and no matter how much they tried - ’God knows we tried’ - it would probably get dismissed fairly quickly. But they knew ‘we’d be fine’ because in most ways, many people except them but the management are the ones holding them back. They got through it together.  

And all I can do is say that these arms are made for holding you- This pretty much speaks for itself, I mean their arms are meant for each other. 

Let’s split the night wide open’ -  Because everything they do together literally causes chaos, basically splitting the night apart (Many people are losing sleep over them). 

We’ll see everything we can, living love in slow motion’ - However everything they do ‘splits the night wide open’, they get to spend time together, loving each other and therefore pretty much ‘living love’ in slow motion as even though they are still having to hide it, that one small opportunity (moment) caused them to experience a small amount of love again for each other.   

I have probably over analysed everything here but these theories all came to me and just wanted to share them. I mean Ed Sheeran wrote this song and everyone knows how much meaning there is behind his lyrics. Also he did confirm that the song was about One Direction and preferably about two people within it, not referring to whether it was between two members of the band or one member and their girlfriend. And since Harry and Ed are so close, Harry could have influenced some of the lyrics and maybe even wrote a few of them. 

Anyways this is only my own opinion and I know people have other theories but I just really wanted to share mine and see what you all think about it. And lets face it, Larry is real

“Don’t Stop On My Account” Thor x Reader

Requested by Anon 57 and Thor “Don’s stop on my account”
Warnings: slight swearing-maybe
Admins Note: I’m not that great at writing Thor, so this is probably going to be a short one, although I did have fun writing this. Can I ask that you STOP sending prompt requests? We have a lot to write and this just keeps getting longer, and longer. You can still request; ships, imagines and one shots by myself or Angie - Rosalee

One of the many great things about being an Avenger was Thor. Just him, he made everything better from his loud personality to his physical magnificent physique, he was a delight to be around. He had a great quick wit, he was interested in everything to do with Earth, it was just great having someone so full of sunshine around. Thor was also very nice to you, he was also sort of protective, he always made sure during mission you were okay and that made you feel nice and warm inside.

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A Person To Call Home ((Klance))

I’m stuck in shipping hell and that’s okay. Majorly inspired by by @thesearchingastronaut because I have so many feelings about these losers.


If you’d ask Keith what the word ‘home’ had meant to him months ago, he would have given you his signature blank stare. He had had a shelter, a place to sleep–the bare necessities to be considered a ‘home’, but lacking the warmth and comfort. There was really nothing to describe, nothing that meant anything.

Until he met Lance.

Home became the feeling of being held in his lean arms, wet face pressed into his chest and hidden away from the world for just a moment. Home was breathing in his scent, a sort of cologne he insisted on always wearing, and the natural smell of sweat from training and mission work.

Home was his dark honey hair, just long enough for Keith’s hand to ruffle and smile softly at how it would stick up much to Lance’s pretend whining. Initiating contact was still new to him, and doting the tiniest of affection set his heart afire at how it was received. Appreciated. Reciprocated. Keith found that he liked it, little by little, and there was something so nice about it, a newfound warmth spreading all the way to his toes. He smiled more, laughed more.

Home was Lance’s voice. Once, it had done nothing but piss Keith off, the blue paladin having spouted nonstop bullshit about their supposed ‘rivalry’ and snark. Now, he knew the kinder, truer side that he had been hiding behind his cocky persona. Lance spoke softly, kindly, always concerned for him and their fellow teammates. He worried more than all of them combined, and missed his own home. His smiles were sweet, and made Keith’s heart skip beats when witnessed as if for the first time, every time. Each one meant something, from a silly goofy grin of catching the red paladin off-guard (rarely), to brimming with an emotion that Keith was recognizing as love.

Lance loved him.

He would tell him so, albeit in a soft voice with chestnut cheeks blushing and ocean eyes sparkling true. When they were close together, bathing in the other’s warmth and presence, or too far for comfort in the heat of battle. Always in a hushed voice, would Keith repeat it. Quietly, at first, then stronger with each whisper of Lance’s to say it again in amazed wonder, as if in a dream he couldn’t believe was real.

He was always so cold, but he would counter that Keith was simply just too warm. Yet whenever they touched, it was like a harmony. An awkward jumble of notes under an inexperienced conductor, but growing more accustomed with time. Slow, gentle hands would explore one another, fingertips brushing over the history of old scars and minor cuts. Bruises and scrapes from training under Shiro, a bump from when they had accidentally knocked heads one morning. A mark that too much eagerness had accidentally created.

Home was exploring every inch that was Lance, and finding that to be so.

Keith’s favorite were his lips. They were soft, and he unused to such gentleness pressed against his cheek with a hand carded in his dark locks. Sometimes just quick a peck when the blue paladin had the jump on him, or simply because he could now. Sometimes slow and drawn out, one kiss leading to another that found their way to his own lips.

Though he would never admit it aloud, Keith’s heart always ached and craved for more. Often would his dark eyes close after each kiss, savoring the unsaid affection behind them all. Those moments when Lance would playfully tease him after having made him blush were rare, as the red paladin would silence him with a kiss of his own. It turned out there was a way to quiet him, and never ever would Keith say it was cute.

It was…not cute. Not cute in any way. Not in how Lance’s deep blue eyes would widen in surprise, the sudden kiss unexpected from his boyfriend that always followed his lead, unsure of how to proceed. Not in how his voice would squeak and crack, words nothing but stuttering gibberish from the one that seemed confidently full of them. Certainly not in how his skin color would flash straight to scarlet, and how his hands would fly immediately over his lips as if to preserve it.

Lance was cute. He wasn’t. Shut up, Keith.

Home was finally sharing a room after little debate. Home was knowing neither would have to sleep alone, something Keith had been accustomed to, and now hated when separated and vulnerable to night terrors. Home was having his fingers interwined with Lance’s, having his entire body protectively curled around him, and sometimes the other way around. Neither minded. Home was that safe, secure feeling in knowing that everything would be okay. It was sleepy whispers of assurances that the other was there, of arms drawing the other closer, murmuring inaudible things before a light kiss to messy hair. It was mumbled ‘good mornings’, of smiles lighting the start of a new day.

It was Keith waking up first, and observing the drooling young man tangled up in his sheets, somehow looking peaceful despite the chaos. It was realizing that this.

This was home.

It was understanding that this was what Lance had meant by homesick, of understanding the pain he endured and hid behind a smile and awful joke. To have something similar to this, and to lose it–to not know if they’d ever be seen again, Keith doesn’t know how he manages.

What Lance doesn’t say, is how he does manage. Of a new home he’s found in raven-colored hair and dark violet eyes, a solid rock to keep him grounded and focused. A half-sided rivalry that had transformed into something so much more. Something wonderful.

A person for both to call home.

Okay, I just have to say this, and I know a lot of you are going to send me death threats after this, but whatever…

I’m fucking tired of teen wolf fandom, tired about the shippers, tired about the producers, tired about the whole show.

I started to watch teen wolf since the very beginning, and believe it or not, this whole time I watched it I wasn’t ‘in’ this shipping stuff since a year and a half more or less.

I didn’t ship anyone with anyone, or actually: I didn’t care, I didn’t payed attention to that.

Scott could be with Allison, or not, Stiles could be with Cora or Lydia, Lydia could be with Aiden or with Jackson… I didn’t care about it.

I was there to watch the plot, to watch the new supernatural creatures they implement, to watch Scott (the actual main character) learn to be a werewolf, to watch him fight hunters, alphas, darach’s etc.

The show was called Teen Wolf so I decided to watch it because I love werewolves, I love all the mystic and supernatural creatures (except vampires, I hate them).

What I didn’t like since the very beginning was how the producers intended to make a romantic scene.

It was like, OK someone’s dying but let’s make them kiss…. But whatever, like I said I didn’t even knew about the existence of sterek, scallison, stydia and stuff.

It’s not that I didn’t knew what “shipping” meant, at that moment I was shipping a few couples, but from other shows.

I realised about this whole shipping war when I was searching for pictures of Malia.

I felt in love with her character since the beginning, and I thought that Stiles and Malia were cute, but that’s it I wasn’t a maniac for them or anything.

When I searched for Malia’s pics I saw the hate she and Shelley were getting… From who? The so called “stydia shippers”.

That’s when I realised how toxic this fandom was, and yes, I like stiles and Malia together, I am a stalia shipper, but if they brake up I’m okay if they are okay…. If they find another person to be happy with, I’m okay with that also.

Maybe I’m a stalia shipper because they were actually canon, at least, not a fantasy ship that’s only in the imagination of the shippers (ups!)

But I am anti stydia. You know why?

It’s not because I’m a stalia shipper, I could care less with whom stiles is, the reason why I hate SALTY stydia shippers it’s because they are the worst part of the fandom, they are cyber bullies, they are salty about everything.
(I’m talking about the great majority, not all of them)

They send death threats to the actors and actresses that play characters that are in the way of their ship.

They accuse Malia of fucking RAPE, of being abussive, of having the mind of an 8 year old, of being a slut.

How can you even said that??? Are you stupid or what? And no, stiles wasn’t sedated because he was READING AND SEARCHING FILES BEFORE SO DONT EVEN TRY TO SAY THAT DONT BE STUPID.

And it’s not like Malia was retarded or something, maybe she spent 8 years in the woods, but maturity does come anyway, you know? Unless you are having a mental issue.

They accuse Jordan Parrish of being a pedophile, even though Lydia has 18 years, of being a freak and dirty minded even thought he can control his allucinations, even thought that it’s Lydia the one creating them because she is calling after him.

Excuse me but I’m 19 and my boyfriend it’s 25, my parents accept him and they know how much he respects me and loves me, we’re dating for 3 years, are you going to say me that’s wrong? P L E A S E… Stop being jelouse

I have many other friends that are dating older guys, my mother’s best friend and her husband had a 13 year age gap… So stfu.

The age doesn’t matter if he or she is a good person.. You can be with a person that has your same age and he/she can be a jerk to you.

Besides: JEFF FUCKING DAVIS confirmed that LYDIA has feelings for Jordan. It’s not one sided.

They fight even with OTHER FANDOMS to claim that their ship it’s better, like what in hell? I recently read a lot of posts of bamon shippers (from TVD) complaining about salty and stupid stydia shippers, just because bamon was winning some poll or whatever.

And I’m so ashamed of them because they make people hate on TEENWOLF fandom, not just stydia shippers.

It’s like they’re fucking blind, romanticising scenes with no reason… You know that smile after Stiles said Allison save Scott was for Allison, RIGHT?! Or you are watching another show? It’s fucking ridiculous I swear I just ashamed of humanity with all the stuff they said.

The other reason: producers and social account managers are unprofessional as fuck.

It’s very clear that teen wolf it’s going downhill, and fast.

So Jeff Davis, instead of being a good producer and create new and innovating plots to gain viewers, he decides for the easiest way to 'gain’ them, by baiting stydia shippers, focusing on Stiles story line, on Lydia storyline, and leaving THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER SCOTT MCCALL like a secondary character, and giving so little screen time to other characters like Kira, Malia, Parrish, Liam…

That’s why I like other shows more: CW Supernatural, for example, STICKS to the plot, there are ships and there are ship wars, but the fandom it’s worried about the fucking plot, the fandom is interested in the plot, and they watch the show FOR THE PLOT.

And unlike Jeff, when supernatural went down hill around season 7 they didn’t make destiel happen, they INNOVATED the plot, like professionals producers do.

They let social media disrespect other characters: PeaceOutKira/ Malia Who?


The Twitter, Instagram and I think tumblr manager only promotes STYDIA. NOT EVEN SCOTT I MEAN WHAT IN HECK??? Aren’t you supposed to be PROFESSIONAL?

Other reason:
Stydia shippers are like fucking starving dogs, they are unsaciable

Jeff, do you really think that you are going to make stydia happen and they would leave you alone?

Yeah right. Keep dreaming.

If stydia happened, the shows name it’s going to be switched to Teen Stydia.


Let’s suppose Jeff makes stydia. Stydia shippers are going to be happy for a episode or two, and then they’re going to ask for more kisses, more cuddling, more ridiculous hand holding, more dates more fluff and then an Mtv article it’s going to go out saying:

Mtv producer Jeff Davis promises EVEN FUCKING MORE STYDIA YEIII!!!
Scott McCall who?!

I’m right and you know it.

Stydia it’s ruining the show, when the whole pack it’s in danger producers give us 5 fucking minutes of stydia handholding, of stares, of stupid fucking things I don’t give a shit about.

They only focuse in that now because stydia shippers are so annoying they don’t know what to do. Because they’re desperate for more viewers, and they are so BLIND they do not realise they are going to lose even more viewers because of this pathetic stuff.

Why I don’t like teen wolf anymore:

First, they keep ignoring characters, to give Stiles (the main character best friend) the spotlight.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to love stiles he was a great COMPANY for Scott, because that’s what he’s supposed to be, a companion, someone who is to help Scott with his problems. Actually Scott is batman and Stiles fucking Robin.

I get that now Dylan O'Brien is way more famous than the others, but that doesn’t mean to just pretend Scott doesn’t exists.

The “spoilers” of season 6 or what Jeff teased about it where practically ALL ABOUT STILES.

This season was about his problems, his feelings, his shit.

Am I getting this show wrong or what?? As far as I understood… It was supposed to be about the beast and the hellhound fight, and how Scott and the pack tried to figure out how to help Parrish and defeat the beast, right?? Then why a got almost 20 minutes each episode of how stiles felt so betrayed because Scott believed Theo even thought he believed him because Stiles lied to him. (And then you want to have a friendship like Sciles, yeah right.)

I’m fucking tired about stiles, I really am, I want stiles: the funny and sarcastic COMPANION again, not mr fuckboy attention whore.

Next: how bad and how ignored are the other part of the cast.

I swear I’m in tears every time I read how much Arden Cho worked to get where she is, all the things she gave up only for freaking racist teen wolf and people keep hoping for Kira to leave or to die. (The story has been circulating over tumblr).

I know I had liked and reposted some anti stydia or anty teenwolf, but it really just bothers me so much I can’t help it, they say so many stupid things I can’t handle it.

I know stydia shippers are going to pop like popcorns know and start barking, I just wanted to tell you that:

If the fandom (more stydia shippers than other shippers) wasn’t so salty and so fucking stupid, and if the producers weren’t so unprofessional, you can have ALL THE STYDIA YOU WANT, I can’t care less about it, but since stydia affects all the show and all the other characters and it ruin the show, then kill it with freaking fire and holy oil 🤗

All of this is so shameful for me because I’m part of the teen wolf fandom and I’m really sorry if I offended someone with this.

So please, Jeff, whoever, stop ruining teen wolf with this shit.

I want to clarify again that I’m talking about SALTY part of the fandom.

And before you said anything, English it’s not my main language, you’re going to find typos.

It’s my opinion if you don’t like it I don’t fucking care.

Please Stop Criticizing Straight People for Liking Victuri

Speaking as a straight person I can personally say I have never felt so uncomfortable in a fandom as the yuri on ice one. There’s this perception that just because I’m straight I don’t respect or really appreciate yuri on ice or victuri, that I’m just fetishizing a gay relationship. While I understand that victuri doesn’t mean as much for me personally in terms of representation that doesn’t mean that the show and ship don’t matter to me deeply. Victuri is, admittedly, sexy. It’s passionate and the characters are attractive, so it’s no doubt enjoyable in that regard. But just because I enjoy the sexual side of victuri doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the depth of their bond just as much (actually more) than the sexual. Victuri is an emotional, healthy, and artfully developing relationship. However, the depth of the victuri relationship also extends to the sexual side. There is no shame in appreciating the sexual nature of yuri on ice and victuri  given that the show itself is about a sexual awakening.

As a virgin in my 20s struggling to build relationships, both in a romantic and platonic way, I have never, in my entire life, connected more deeply with a character than I have with Yuri. From the death of his dog, his virtue being work ethic over talent, failing in a sport and being so devastated that you have to step away, the struggle of returning to that sport, struggling with his weight, and struggling to build relationships, to believing that deep down you have beauty, sexuality, and talent in you but struggling to really accept this about yourself, all of these things and so much more make Yuri, the most relatable character ever for me personally. Before reading people’s comments about straight people not belonging in the fandom it never even occurred to me that I wouldn’t be allowed to connect with him because he’s a gay man and I’m a straight woman or that I wouldn’t be allowed to swoon over the passionate and romantic relationship he’s developing. 

I feel like I am taking Yuri’s journey with him, and seeing how loving, how gentle, how well Victor treats him, respecting him while also being passionate and nonwitholding is so refreshing. It gives me hope for a relationship, quells all the doubts I have about my insecurities, my age, my virginity, my lack of talent, my fluctuating weight, the sadness in my life, and my social ineptitude. To see Yuri blossoming so late in life gives me hope that I haven’t missed the ship. To see Yuri still trying so had to improve himself at the age of 23 gives me courage to continue improving myself. To see Victor loving and supporting Yuri, helping Yuri through his struggles, Yuri being an inspiration to Victor, and seeing the humor, the teasing, the depth of care, the so many different facets of their relationship, gives me such a deep pleasure. Yuri on ice and victuri give me so much hope, for Yuri as a character and, though this fandom makes me feel shameful for feeling so, for me.

Just because straight people don’t connect with victuri specifically in the realm of sexuality doesn’t mean that we don’t connect with them for other reasons. By denying our right to connect with them just because we don’t share a sexuality means that you, not us, are minimizing the characters to just their sexuality. As an ally I am extremely happy that gay people are getting more representation, specifically in the realm of sports anime, but please don’t think that that’s all victuri is about. Anyone is free to derive pleasure from the ship, for whatever reasons. The more people who enjoy yuri on ice the more yuri on ice we’ll get, so please just let people enjoy the show their own way.