so many feelings at this scene

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Your writing flow is sooo smooth like omg. Every time I write, most of them turned very awkward and cringey. I feel like I constantly repeat my point and some scenes are so exaggeratedly written. Do you have any advice on how to write simpler? If that makes sense, thank youu

My advice is edit. You write your story, regardless of how many times you repeat your point or how you write it, and then when you edit you go through and cut the unnecessary stuff if a simpler style is what you want. It’s great if you can see that you repeat your point, because then you know when to cut it and can begin pinpointing what you need to change. First drafts, even second drafts, are awkward and cringey. That’s completely fine, that’s normal, and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. Good writing is all about what you do with it after you’ve written it. 

There are all sorts of tips and resources out there for how to edit your work which should be able to help you. But check if you’re using lots of words, or phrases the same - change them, or, if they don’t add to the plot of reveal character, change them to something that does. You can also repeat on a scene level with themes, which can give the feeling of exaggerating writing. In that case, think of something else that might advance the plot or show something else that you want to tell about your characters. 

Repetition wise - three is strong, but more weakens rather than strengthens your point. Also only repeat the important stuff. You don’t need to focus on the things that aren’t relevant to your plot, it’s like if a movie zooms in on a book you expect that book to be important later. Same thing with writing. You want to give the most time to the most important things, regardless of how excited you are about any obscure research you’ve done etc. 

sam and dylan’s chat in the car park might just be my favourite scene of theirs ever

the fact he covered for her without being asked, the look of sheer relief and gratefulness in her eyes, the way she wrapped her arms around him without a second thought, the way he automatically hugged her back, the comforting “okay, okay” as she sighed with relief in his arms (also the way he asked again why she hadn’t told him she was coming, which made it so obvious that he wanted her to)

i don’t think there’s ever been a scene with so much physical interaction between them, and i was definitley not expecting a hug in her first ep seeing as we got a grand total of about two in the two years she was on the show before

seriously, everything about that scene was just glorious and i’ll probably be talking about it for the next century

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Hey Holly! How’s it going with writing the action in chapter 4 of your Hunger Games AU fic? Aha, I’m having quite a rough time with writing action in one of my fics ;; nothing seems to satisfy me when it comes to getting it just right, anyway! I hope you’ve been well, always sending you lots of love xx

Hey! I do have a draft going but had to put that one on hiatus when I was feeling so stuck and blah about writing in general last month. I have a few things I want to do first (Part III of Pioneers is what I’m working on now, and then I’ll probably write this new one shot idea I just had because ofc I had a new one shot idea :B) and then I’ll get back to the HG AU, I will definitely finish the story entirely before mid-December when the new movie comes out. Lately I have my writing energy back yayyy

BUT YES, action scenes are so difficult for many reasons and one of those is that they are hard to judge as you’re working on them in terms of whether the tension is working or not. I think they are similar to sex scenes in this way (I always think writing sex scenes is going to be FUN lol and sometimes it is but usually it’s just a difficult balancing act with the pacing vs. tension) but as I’ve been writing romance stories for like 15 years now I have more tricks up my sleeve that I can sort of lean on with sex/romance scenes, whereas pure physical action scenes always feel a bit alien and unfamiliar to me. Nothing seems to satisfy me either when I’m working on drafting them, or at least it’s rare that I feel like I nailed the right mood or whatever in the way that I can sometimes tell if a sex scene works. I’ve gotten good feedback on them before so I try not to get paralyzed by my fear that I can’t handle them but then I always do anyway – it’s a big part of why this HG story has taken me all year to write!! I hide from working on it cause I’m scared of messing it up :xx  

Anyway, wishing you luck with your action scenes and thanks for asking about this story and for the note!! <3 <3 I will conquer my fear of that draft eventually and finish it, just gotta indulge in some more domestic & pure romance stuff first lol.


Katsugeki Touken Ranbu episode 13…

I don’t know but there’s something about this scene that hurts so much. The clear sky in the morning and both of them with their hearts full of so many emotions, running to the person they wanted to protect so much but just couldn’t. No words said, all that could be done was watch.

I just… I don’t know.

I love how the voltron writers love to skip important scenes like reunions, resolutions, and the paladins unlocking different forms of their bayards :)


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

Door Symbolism/Reading The Room: A Look at Klance

After finishing season 3 I, like I’m sure most people, walked away with a lot of new ideas, theories, and takeaways from the show. However, one such thing I didn’t even consider except upon review of the “leave the math to Pidge” scene while working on making gifs is how often the use of doors are in symbolism for Lance and Keith’s relationship. It’s such a prevalent matter that I couldn’t help but make a post to share with y’all some interesting metaphors and character analysis between Lance and Keith’s relationship (romantic or not)


Often when looking at well directed cinematography, the use of the setting/background information to portray character emotions is quite common. This can be scene in instances such as warm colors giving “romantic lighting” and dark colors/rainy weather representing “fear/sadness” in most movies/shows

Voltron does this really well in many scenes, hell just look at the first episodes and take in the emotions you feel when looking at the environment and how the characters probably feel:

In other words, shot compositions is really important in Voltron

Now. Let’s take a look at what shot composition shows us in the dynamics of Lance and Keith’s relationship

This is going to be a long post, so the analysis will be below the cut:

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let me tell you why maggie is the best thing to ever happen to alex, in case you don’t already know. maggie walks in to alex’s apartment with questions, and alex doesn’t even so much as look at her before she starts crumbling. maggie doesn’t have to ask what she needs because she already knows. just like she knew exactly what to say (and what not to say) when alex came out. just like she knew there was more going on when alex broke it off after supergirl went missing. maggie doesn’t have to ask to know that alex will keep drinking, if only to drown in whiskey instead of her tears. because maggie knows alex, and she’s always there, always listening, always comforting, and being exactly what alex needs.