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Oh my gosh it JUST hit me that the Pevensies didn't actually get to see Cor and Corrin and Aravis grow up ;_; That entire epilogue if HHB, where it talks about Corrin earning the nickname "Thunderfist" and Aravis and Cor getting married, like they missed all of that...!


•Susan asks Dr. Cornelius
•She asks so many questions about her old friends
•She cries a little when she finds out Cor and Aravis married
•And she almost loses it at Corin because she and him were so close
•Lucy asks Caspian’s nurse after the whole battle is over
•The nurse fills in a few details
•But in the end, she’s asking lucy more questions about their personalities
•Lucy gladly tells her but tears up a little in the end because she misses her friends so much
•Edmund looks in the Telmarine library for old records
•There’s not too much, but it’s what he needs
•He reads about the laws Cor implemented and he feels proud when he sees how he accepted some of Edmund’s advice
•He’s so happy he and Aravis got married because he saw it coming a mile away
•He’s laughing at some of the shenanigans Corin got up to
•Peter visits the How and looks at the markings on the all
•He walks down one by one observing what happened to his friends
•He’s glad they’re not detailed
•He doesn’t want to see when they died or how they suffered
•He just wants to remember them as friends and for their accomplishments and their happiness

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I saw Catfish at lollapalooza Brazil sunday and it gave me so many feels??? I like them for about 2 years now and I never saw their photos or anything and when I saw their show I got so fucking surprise because DAMN they're so hot akzhakshja now I really have a crush on Van

Same thing here - I was in love with the music before I bothered to Google them. Then, when I did, boy oh boy. That crush hits you like a fucking train. 


it was this young man jon snow who took the qall and held it, against all the fury of the north. he has proved himself valiant, loyal, and resourceful.

Jacob Kowalski though. Who is he?? How did we deserve him???

This motherf****r has a silver egg hatch in his hand, gets whisked through space multiple times, is attacked by a naked mole rat porcupine thing, and lured into a magical briefcase where he–instead of freaking the f**k out–starts FEEDING THE MAGICAL CREATURES WITH HIS NEW WIZARD BEST FRIEND. 



You all asked for me to share my headcanons so here I am to deliver!! Sorry they’re super long and they’re also in no order whatsoever but here’s my take on otayuri and their friendship/relationship!

There are definitely a lot more like specific headcanons I have for them but I thought I would post what I have so far and the more world-building ones 😅

I’m actually thinking of maybe doing headcanons on this account too like you would request a prompt and I would write all my headcanons so let me know what you think!!

( @islysmiley i blame you for inspiring me to do this with our constant conversations about headcanons 😂)


Is this a potentially challenging time to mount a show that has an earnest, straightforward story and that isn’t, perhaps, a cornerstone of musical-theater history? 

Benanti: We’re not “Hamilton.” But there wouldn’t be a “Hamilton” if there weren’t a “She Loves Me” or “Gypsy” or “The King and I.”
Krakowski: I did see Scott’s original revival. It feels, as it does now, like this beautiful jewel box. For a musical that isn’t as well known, it’s quite a perfect little piece.

So I was wondering how Credence will turn out after what happened in Fantastic Beasts, and my personal conclusion : Soft!Credence Barebone.

  • Credence who wears lots of knitted jumpers and socks cause he’s been cold for so long he needs the heavy clothes
  • Credence who lets nifflers and kneazles and even occamies sleep in his bed even though they shouldn’t be allowed there and excuses them by saying he was cold and they brought warmth
  • Credence who gets all smiles and soft voice around children and Newt’s creatures and gets lots of respect for that
  • Credence who learns about Obscurus and helps fellow Obscurials to control their powers
  • Credence who can’t bake or brew potions cause it requires too much precision and the risks of messing it up give him anxiety, but who excels in charms and at decorating cakes cause you can re-try taht as many times as you need
  • Credence who learns all sorts of spells, but is best at the most practical ones
  • Credence who falls alseep in front of the fireplace and who gets levitated to his bed
  • Credence who talks through his sleepless nights with Queenie or Newt, or who just goes out and help Jacob at the bakery since he starts working at 4 am
  • Credence who likes to hold hands with his friends and steal their clothes

Just, soft!Credence who is given all the space and freedom and love he needs and who heals at his own pace and who definitely never becomes a villain overcome with anger and betrayal

Other headcanons :

Queenie  Newt  Tina  Jacob  Graves


rory & logan | written in the stars

Me: :-(

Also me: *remembers that at the beginning of the season adore specifically didn’t want to work with Bianca at all and they hated each other but then Bianca gave adore her extra cincher and they’ve been so close ever since and even with her entire Rolodex of hate Bianca can’t say one bad thing about adore because they love each other so much*

Me: :-)

okay so like feel free to disagree but Tina Goldstein is so underrated?? like she’s just trying to keep her job and follow the rules because if she doesn’t then she and Queenie have no income?? she’s just trying to follow the law because she wants to be an auror again but then in the end she helped Newt save New York because it was the right thing to do, and all she wants is to do the right thing??


19/366 movies: Keith (2008)

“What’s the rush? We’re here in a yellow truck, a road in front of us, and nothing but opportunities.”

I can’t stop thinking about how good Percy is to Vex.

For a man who doesn’t show his emotions often, it’s apparent around Vex that he has the utmost respect and love for her. Her death still seems to haunt him in the fact that he makes a point to make sure that she gets the respect she deserves whether it’s from him, the party, or her father. It’s beautiful seeing two very broken people freed from the chains of the demons of their pasts so they naturally grow and heal together. He knows his love for her is real and not some short lived infatuation, but something he wants to take very seriously. He’s committing for the long haul. In the chaotic and unpredictable world they live in there is one thing Vex can count on; and that is Percival’s unconditional love