so many feelings about their relationship

i don’t ever wanna feel like i should hide what i do for work or have to ask a man to be supportive of my work/lifestyle. i shouldn’t have to feel ashamed. my last s/o took forever to come around and when he finally did, it felt great to feel accepted and loved regardless when so many girls at my job feel like they have to resort to pimps because no man will respect them for what they do, that’s the saddest thing for me to hear. sex workers are deserving of love and trust and support and healthy relationships. even after i got “acceptance” from my man he still used it against me in fights or when he got angry with me, lil comments like “dumb stripper” and telling me my family would be ashamed of me, i’m not dealing with that anymore but just thinking about how difficult it was sucks, if you are not truly 100% accepting and understanding and feel like you can’t be loyal to or trust your girl bc of the work she does, then don’t date a stripper? stay far the fuck away. the end

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Hi :) Can you tell me how you, as an INFP, experience dominant Fi? I think I may be a Fi dom but im having trouble figuring out if Fi-dom applies to me so I'd like to see how it shows itself in your day to day life, thanks.

omg i meant ISFP on my ask about Fi-dom, I was thinking I was INFP myself so I said INFP, sorry.

No worries! xD Hmm… I tend to feel pretty individualistic in terms of what I believe in and what I do? I go by the “live and let live” motto, and I usually don’t really mind anyone as long as they aren’t bothersome or don’t try to control/criticise what I do. If not for me not wanting to make my life difficult by souring relationships, I would have snapped back at many people who have crossed my boundaries. (Ok and also because I can’t think of comebacks on the spot and usually think of a clapback like an hour later)

When I decide to cut someone off (because they crossed my line), it tends to be pretty decisive too. It’s actually more of a subconscious thing, but once I’ve chosen to take my distance, I just stop feeling the need to talk to them at all. Most of the time, I don’t hate them, I just… don’t want to talk.

I tend to feel my emotions pretty intensely, and it can be hard for me to express them adequately; I dwell in them pretty often too. My INTP friend once told me, “I can’t imagine how you live like that” :p But to me, my emotions are who I am. They are omnipresent. And yet when someone asks me to talk about how I feel irl, I end up stuttering and blushing because it’s just… something that I don’t want to show. But when I do choose to, it just comes out like a waterfall, non-stop.

Sorry if this was incoherent lol, I’m half-asleep :’)

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Listen to Neptune and Heirloom by Sleeping At Last and tell me they don't scream Anthony Edward Stark with every note

I can’t. I’m so sorry but I can’t say that because HOLY FREAKING SHIT!!!!!!!! THEY DO!!! THEY ABSOLUTELY DO!!!!!!

Heirloom is beautiful and to be honest I imagined Howard being the one saying these things–one of the few moments I liked the man. I’m not sure how much the MCU actually tells us about Howard’s and Tony’s relationship and how much of what I know is fanon, but I just feel like the line ‘you remind me of who I could have been’ perfectly expresses what, to me personally, is a big part of their tense relationship, so yeah. I love it.

Now Neptune on the other hand I don’t think there are words to say how Tony this song is. I have so many feels about the ‘If brokenness is a work of art’ lines!! Everything about this is Tony as far as I’m concerned (I won’t ever shake that association now, I just know it) and I CAN’T HANDLE IT ADISFVKLKJAFKDASKDJFWSI!!!!!

i feel so pathetic. before being in a relationship i always told myself i wouldn’t let myself be sad because of someone but truth is since he left me 10 days ago i can’t stop thinking about him. i don’t think i was in love heads over heals but i did love him and i miss him and it hurts that he wasn’t in love with me after all, even if he said it many times. idk if i miss him or the idea of being with someone because he was my first, but i just wanna stop thinking about it for a few hours…

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I want to prove someone wrong.

I just can’t get over how healthy rapunzel and eugene’s relationship is in before ever after ??????

  • eugene being 100% open about his feelings with no hesitation. little boys seeing this swashbuckling hero being emotionally vulnerable is so important.
  • both of them admitting when they’re wrong without making excuses. they explain themselves for communication purposes, but they don’t hesitate to apologize and mean it.
  • just the pure trust between the two of them and the fact that rapunzel wanted to tell eugene everything and only didn’t to protect cassandra and respect her privacy
  • and she doesn’t get mad at eugene for wanting to know what’s going on!! she knows he cares and she doesn’t make him feel guilty for that, she just thanks him for understanding and asks him to be patient with her
  • eugene!!! not pushing her even though it bothers him that she won’t tell him!!! he tells her that it bothers him but he still doesn’t blame her, he doesn’t try to guilt her into it. he explains how he feels but he insists that it’s okay for her to take her time.
  • just how much they communicate with each other in general??? all their “this is how I feel” conversations when so many fictional relationships are built on lack of communication for conflict????
  • “you’re my best friend”
  • they just want each other to be happy and have everything they want and i’m cryin

i just love that kids get to see this supportive and healthy relationship where they communicate with each other instead of two people who fight all the time for comedy like I see in so many shows ???? it’s so good and important bye


i want to say something about my art, because some people just talk to me like “wtf your drawings don’t have face” and sometimes i feel like people don’t look at art with opening mind. you have to be sure that your eyes are looking at something new and different every single moment, and you have to be free to think in all the possibilits. i love the human face. we have so many different eyes, and mouths, and so beautiful expressions, but i feel like we lost our sense of feelings when we just look at someone thinking of their beautiful faces. especially when we are in a relationship, and that’s why i like to draw so many couples in love. when their just forget about the face and body and look at your heart, and your mind. you all are beautiful, but when we realize that our soul is more beautiful, our lives turn into magic. i can’t explain how do you have to feel when you look at my drawings, but i wish you see your friends, your family, your boyfriend or girlfriend, with your heart and not just with your eyes. we have history, we have feelings, we don’t have just a face. think about it.
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Okay but Neil telling Andrew “I like that you like it” about neck kisses is so important because how many experiences do you think Andrew has had where the other person not only cared about making him feel good but was actually turned on by it? None, that’s how many.

Thoughts on Yuri!!! on Ice Ep. 9

***super long post ahead with many screenshots***

I usually post tons of screenshots, GIFs and sometimes cuts of the skaters’ program after watching each episode of Yuri!!! on Ice, but not this time.

To be perfectly honest, I had to sit down for a few minutes to calm myself before I can even start typing here. This episode is just…too powerful for me to simply sit back and enjoy like I do for most anime I have watched and am watching.

I’m not sure whether I have already sorted my thoughts enough to write this post, but I hope I can get my message across.

First of all, let’s start from this…

While this scene really made me feel sad, honestly I didn’t think twice about it.

I mean, we have seen how far Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship has developed in the last eight episodes, so I thought Viktor’s words and act here were as expected. We have probably seen many similar scenes in other romance stories, so this wasn’t surprising for me.

Furthermore, throughout this episode, Yuuri seems pretty calm - still quite nervous, but at least much calmer than in Episode 7. He warmed up as usual, he quietly watched other skaters’ programs, even commenting on Yurio’s stunning performance.

I did feel worried when he flubbed his jumps during “Yuri on Ice”, especially when he only placed third since we all know there’s no way JJ will mess up. Thankfully he managed to get into the final (poor Michele), but what changed my mind completely was when I saw this scene.

I didn’t get it at first. I thought he was just thanking Yakov for being there with him in place of Viktor. And when he said “Viktor will go back to Russia soon”, I thought it means Viktor will come back there after checking on Makkachin’s condition.

Also, when he started hugging everybody afterwards I just laughed it off because honestly it looks funny.

But that wasn’t it. After watching this episode until the end, I gradually started to get that since the first scene, this episode was trying to tell us something.

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So I've been thinking a lot about the yuri on ice finale, my feelings about it, my expectations

And on one hand, its hard to not wish we had gotten another kiss, or their wedding or something. I think we are all so weary of queer bait that we want it to be irrefutable canon in so many ways.

But i also think this desire, and any potential disappointment, needs to be tempered by a few things.

1. We are getting a season 2 or some kind of ova sequel. So there is time for more.

2. We are holding YOI to a higher standard for relationshipping than the vast majority of het ships and thats not fair. Like inuyasha and kagome NEVER kissed in the manga. Het romances dont require a literal wedding to be valid, and our boys are engaged.

3. Shifting goal posts. We got them napping together, hugging, kissing, holding hands, and exchanging engagement rings, and pair skating to a love song duet. Not getting one last cherry on top does not spoil this cake.

4. We are western fans with western expectations looking at this show. Most of the japanese feedback has been beyond positive and very clearly accepted viktuuri as full canon.

So, would i like even more romance and a wedding in whatever sequel we get? Of course! But i think i can be fully satisfied with season 1 and all its canon glory.

Friendly reminder that girls make guys uncomfortable too.

That sometimes girls won’t respect a man’s boundaries and try to initiate something. Sometimes girls think that guys owe them a relationship if she develops feelings for him, and if he declines her or is friend zoned, she will react badly.

I had a friend who thought that so many of her guy friends liked her, and that they owed her a relationship, and when they broke up with her, or turned her down, she spread rumors about them, and she even outted one guy who was bi, because he wasn’t interested in her at the time.

Eradicate this idea that guys are the only ones who react badly after being turned down, that guys are the only ones who make girls uncomfortable, or that guys are the only ones who won’t respect boundaries.

Because a lot of girls feel so entitled that they think men owe them a relationship, and if that guy says no then they go out of their way to give him a living hell.

marrying yoongi

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  • happy day one of 2k17 time to start the year off right with an unconventional marriage to yoongi
  • i say unconventional because think about it?
  • yoongi, married?
  • those two things don’t really go together??
  • marriage definitely isn’t for everyone and i see yoongi as someone who doesn’t really wanna get married
  • it’s just like a label for him and also being married is kind of scary to him?
  • like that’s a lot more trust and commitment and there are so many horror stories of marriages gone wrong that he doesn’t wanna risk it
  • like your relationship is so perfect right now i think that maybe he would feel like he would jinx it if you got married?
  • like you guys have been dating five years so it’s like you already act like a married couple, he doesn’t see the need to put a label on your relationship like that
  • like all that matter is that you love him and that he loves you, the titles shouldn’t be important?
  • yoongi would be the last one to get married i think
  • in this au he is
  • like all the other boys are married and they’re like yoongi the married life is wonderful and he’s like how is it different than the dating life
  • is there an actual difference i think not
  • jin rolls his eyes and hoseok looks so offended
  • jeongguk shrugs and says there are cool rings and jimin says more snuggles and tae says more love or something cheesy??
  • but then namjoon is like i guess it’s the same maybe except there’s a tax break when you’re married
  • yoongi’s eyes light up because tax break?? sign him the heck uP
  • no seriously though
  • he starts to think about it
  • it’s not fair to you, someone who probably wants to get married, to deny you that just because he’s a bit on edge about the whole thing??
  • he loves you more than life itself and if that means stepping out of his comfort zone, well damn he’s willing to do it
  • now that he thinks more about it, he kinda feels like an asshole because you had always hinted at wanting to maybe settle down and actually get married, but he had always countered your little hints with the whole marriage isn’t real blah blah blah
  • and as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, he notices a change in all of his friends after they get married and there’s this new light in their eyes and he doesn’t want to miss out on that
  • he’s figured he’s made you wait long enough so he better get on that proposal am i right
  • yoongi probably thinks he’s really subtle going about this whole proposal business thing but he is most definitely not
  • like for rings?? he pulls up a bunch of rings on google images and he sits you down like not for me, but uh,,, which ones do you like??
  • and you’re like yoongi wth these are engagement rings
  • “really i would have never noticed?”
  • “yoongi, you typed in engagement rings into the search bar??”
  • like that’s the kind of stuff yoongi is pulling
  • you’re shaking your head because yoongi can’t keep secrets from you, not this far along in your relationship
  • like one day you see he left his laptop open right
  • and pulled up is “wedding mixtape” playlist and you’re like wth yoongiiiiiiii
  • you’re kind of hyping yourself up because oh my god yoongi is actually going to propose?? like he’s hardcire going to get down on one knee and propose to you??
  • i mean you actually gotta wait for it to happen,,,
  • thank god yoongi consults the squad first because his proposal idea wasn’t a very good idea
  • i don’t think yoongi is someone who’s the best at expressing himself with words, like he definitely is someone who is better at using his writing to express how he really feels???
  • but he felt the pressure to do a normal, spoken word proposal like everyone else and so he was gonna speak it out
  • and he goes to his number one bro,,, namjoon,,, and he’s like how does this sound
  • “i love you very much and i want to marry you and share a house and a tax break with you”
  • namjoon is like,,, look you’re my senior but i’ve never wanted to hit you more
  • “look yoongi, you have a gift with your written words, and it would be stupid for you not to use that”
  • “but, but, they’re probably expecting a speech or-”
  • “look, trust me on this yoongi, your true feelings will mean much more”
  • yoongi is still feeling a little self conscious about it so namjoon agrees to sit and help him work everything out
  • like i know it’s the cliche but
  • yoongi would so write a song
  • think about
  • yoongi, all of our insights of how yoongi really thinks and feels deep down is through his music??
  • he always comes off as being okay and living the dream for the fans but like we know his real feelings through his music
  • music is his love and you are also his love and he’s gonna combine his two favorite things together
  • you come home that night to find a note on the counter saying yoongi is at the studio and he’ll be gone for a while, and to not wait up for him
  • hahaha
  • yah right
  • you stay up for him, by sitting on the couch and watching the marvelous misadventures of flapjack
  • yoongi gets home at like three in the morning??
  • and he thinks he’s being super subtle and secretive but nooo, your ass is up and you notice him right away
  • wow the hoseok one was four pages this one is gonna be so much longer wowow anyway
  • he kinda freezes because he wanted to wait for the next morning because yikes it’s late and he’s exhausted and he’s overwhelmed with this bubbling happiness??
  • but you’re up in his face, demanding to know where he’s been because you could’ve sworn that he was on break??
  • he gets all red and stammers out this really crappy excuse and you just roll your eyes
  • “min yoongi, we have been dating for like seventy two years now, i know when you’re lying”
  • so he just gives you that gummy smile and leans down and kisses your forehead
  • “i wanted to wait but…”
  • he hands you his ipod and earbuds and he pulls up this song for you
  • you two are sitting on the couch and he keeps his hand on your thigh while you listen
  • the song starts about when you two first met and how he would have never expected to fall in love with you, but in a strange turn of events he did
  • he brings up your first date and your first kiss and the first i love you
  • he talks about the little things he loves about you, the things you think nobody ever notices
  • he talks about how you complete him, how happy you make him, how you’re his sun, moon, and stars- no wait, his universe
  • he talks about how excited he is to spend the future with you and how he’s looking towards growing old with you and
  • and at this point you’re crying
  • maybe because it’s three in the morning but maybe it’s because you love yoongi
  • it’s probably because you love yoongi
  • you tackle him onto the couch and soon you two are kissing so super gently and his hands are tangled in your hair and your hands are on his chest and it’s so!!
  • after that he kinda
  • “shit i gotta get down on one knee”
  • and he pulls a box from his coat pocket and he pulls out the ring
  • it’s really simple
  • probably a silver band
  • if you’re a gem person i don’t think he would do diamond, he would do your birthstone instead
  • or onyx i could see him with onyx
  • something simple but also something really not cliche
  • anyway he slips it on your finger and he kisses you again
  • you two fall asleep on the couch, your fingers intertwined
  • you wake up the next morning to-
  • is that hoseok screaming??
  • you open your eyes and all of the boys are crowded around you and yoongi
  • namjoon spilled the beans oops
  • hoseok and jin are crying and jeongguk and jimin are winking suggestively
  • you roll your eyes and try to go back to sleep but yoongi moves a bit and you end up falling off him
  • the boys are like since we’re all married, we wanna help plan the wedding!!
  • yoongi is like,,, you have five seconds to run before i murder you all dead
  • okay but hear me out
  • yoongi doesn’t wanna get married,,, as in like a wedding
  • like he just wants to get eloped
  • to elope???
  • and you’re kind of okay with that because you don’t wanna spend money on a ceremony and you can still have the boys come
  • like you can save that money for a really nice honeymoon or lots of poptarts
  • mostly you know that a big ceremony would probably stress yoongi out completely and it’s not worth it to have him upset and panicking over what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your guys’ life
  • the thing that matters is that you two are gonna get married, the means aren’t really important
  • just because you two are eloping doesn’t mean it still can’t be nice??
  • like he would rent a tux out i’m sure and he would probably get all the boys tuxes too
  • and you would dress up too i’m sure of it
  • but before the wedding right??
  • like boy says he doesn’t care about the details of whatever is happening
  • but he’s so interested when you rent out your outfit and pick out your bouquet and call up an official
  • the day comes and i see yoongi getting married in the winter
  • like january 27
  • so like it’s snowing outside and the world is so calm and peaceful
  • the “wedding” would be really small, like the boys would be there, your best friends, and your parents if you wanted
  • but that’s about it
  • and he’s waiting at town hall, wearing a tux that’s a little too big for him
  • you two would be wearing matching converse or something btw
  • namjoon is right at his side
  • yoongi is like i won’t cry haha crying is for wimps
  • but as soon as he sees you walking down
  • tears are streaming down his face and namjoon has to keep a hand on his shoulder to keep him from running towards you
  • i think yoongi would definitely write his own vows but he can’t get through them properly because he’s crying and smiling that precious, gummy smile of his
  • everything seems like a blur because all you can think about is yoongi, as your husband…
  • the official is like guess what you’re married now, just kiss okay
  • and yoongi can’t really try to pretend he’s calm and collected
  • he pulls you into his arms
  • you two hug for a bit first and then he cups your face in his hands and presses his lips to yours
  • hoseok and namjoon cheer the loudest
  • tbh it probably ends in a group hug with all the boys congratulating you two and wishing you well
  • yoongi sweeps you off your feet and spins you around and then leans down to kiss you again
  • the after party is a little more high key
  • okay guess who has an obsession with new york
  • when my girl nancy got married they rented out this restaurant and had everything there
  • i think nicole did the same thing
  • so all that money you saved on a wedding, you dedicate to renting out this classy restaurant
  • more friends and family are invited than just the bangtan boys
  • lots of good music is playing and it’s really lively and upbeat
  • your first dance song is something really soft and slow though, something that yoongi composed by himself just for the occasion
  • it would be really cute tbh he would probably get really shy because not a dancer by nature
  • so you two would more sway than anything
  • after that, hoseok, jimin, and jeongguk take over the dance floor
  • you and yoongi sit back and bask in each other’s presences
  • he holds your hand the entire night like even when you’re eating dinner he holds your hand and won’t let go
  • gets real emotional when namjoon gets the first toast
  • probably ends up in tears by the time jeongguk is toasting to you guys
  • tbh the only time he goes back on the dance floor is when lil miss princess kim and taetae junior drag him by the hands and ask him to come and dance
  • you all dance together and yoongi is beaming so so so brightly
  • btw hoseok and jeongguk nearly fight it out to get the bouquet
  • after the reception, you and yoongi go home right?
  • and you don’t sleep right away, you sit there and talk about your future together as a married couple and it’s really sweet because he’s mumbling and he keeps kissing your knuckles and all
  • i think yoongi would wanna go to a big city for the honeymoon and you guys probably end up in tokyo or something??
  • anyway he always calls you mr/mrs. min and it’s really sweet and cute and he actually wonders why he thought he would never get married because it’s super wonderful the end
Just because a relationship died, doesn’t mean the love did too.

The thing about love is, there are so many forms and you never experience the same love twice. I find that truly one of the most beautiful things in life. Experiencing the love take different forms.To love and be loved in return. It’s amazing how strongly you can feel for someone despite going through hell with them. How you see how much you truly love someone once they’re gone. I guess it’s true, absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’re really able to put the extent to which you love in perspective when that person is no longer there. This goes for breakups, deaths, however you want to look at it. Not every loss has to be bad or tragic. There’s always something to be gained. Yes, it hurts. it hurts like hell but you can’t grow without experiencing the pain. You’ll learn the love, if it’s real, will always remain.


A majority of my major stydia meltdowns revolve around the fact that stiles has been in love with this girl since third grade. He knew in third grade. And yeah he played it cool with the plan to make Lydia fall in love with him and trying to talk to her but please honestly think about how low he must have thought the chances she would actually love him back must have been. Like after so many years of her not even noticing him his expectations for their relationship to actually develop must have been so low. And as their friendship grew he must have been encouraged but at the same time we’re talking about the girl he’s been in love with for the past eight or so years who has barely acknowledged his presence. Even when they had their great moment he must have been in such disbelief. He must have thought that everything he thought he saw her feeling was just his wishful thinking. BUT IT WASNT. DO YOU GET THAT. IT CANON WASNT. LYDIA MARTIN LOVES HIM BACK IN ACTUAL CANON. Like do you comprehend what that must mean to him. He’s probably accepted the fact that he’ll have to be close friends with this girl and watch her fall in love with and marry someone else. But he’s about to hear her say that she loves him back. I’m sorry I don’t think that sunk in. STILES STILINSKI IS ABOUT TO HEAR THE GIRL HES BEEN IN LOVE WITH FOR HALF OF HIS LIFE SAY THAT SHE LOVES HIM BACK. Not as a prank, not in a dream, not in his head. In life. In real life. I don’t care how many times y'all say ‘he knows’ that’s not what this boy has been going through. Sure, he might 'know’ but he’s gonna KNOW. For sure, 100% confirmed, not a figment of his imagination KNOW that Lydia Martin is in love with him. THATS GOING TO MEAN MORE THAN THE WORLD. IM FUCKING WEEPING THIS IS SO GOOD AND PURE.

If you know me, you know that Yuki and Tooru’s maternal/childlike relationship is probably my absolute favorite in Furuba.  I know that when he’s introduced, he’s shown to be a possible competitor for a romantic partner, but as the series goes on, that subtly shifts into something much more precious.

I always wondered where the shift began. I know that Yuki himself says he realized it when Tooru went chasing after Kyou in his true form, but if that’s when he first realized it, then surely he must have been changing in his heart already, right?

I think this panel might be one of the first times we see Yuki’s feelings start to change.  Of course, to someone reading this for the first time, this could still seem romantic, but this is a very sweet moment between the two of them.  Yuki sees how Kisa has claimed Tooru as an older sister figure and considering the similarities between Kisa and Yuki, he knows that Tooru is exactly what she needs to recover her confidence.  I’m sure in this moment he is wishing that he had had someone like Tooru to help him when he was younger…but he’s also realizing that it’s not too late.  He can still have that mother-figure in his life, even now.

“She’s lucky” could translate to “I wish I had someone doting on me like you’re doting on her.”  This could easily confuse the reader into thinking he is just talking about Tooru’s attention and that this is a romantic claim, but it’s not.  He’s talking about the type of attention and care Tooru is showering Kisa with, a type of attention that he so sorely lacked growing up and still lacks even now.

He’s putting his head on her shoulder as if to say “Let me lean on you, too.”  ❤

I’ve spoken before about the difficulties of Japanese censorship &the ethnocentrism that is indicated by viewing everything w/a Western lens. Granted, most people who want to yell and argue about this aren’t going to listen to me or you or anyone, probably. But I want to put things in quick perspective. Let’s forget the kiss, the rings, & the language throughout the series. Let’s look at yesterday. Yesterday, after the release of the YOI finale, a bunch of Japanese viewers were tweeting Kubo. What they were saying other than a forward “THANK YOU” was “thank you so much for showing so many signs of a romantic relationship between Viktor and Yuuri”. They are Japanese, & when they watched the finale they saw romance sprinkled throughout the entirety of it, in every little gesture.

Idk what western fans wanted, because I am a western fan & I feel represented and I feel satisfied. But if you are a dissatisfied. Western fan, I beg you to think about what you’re watching. I beg you to realize that YOI had trouble getting greenlit.To consider that even upon agreeing to air it, they shoved it in a 2:20AM timeslot. I have never seen a show so forward about gay love. And I’m so frustrated that people are still looking at this product of the highly censored and conservative Japan and saying “not enough”.

I’ve watched a lot of Western shows, and I never felt this represented by them. I never felt this cared for or understood by them. So what are you even comparing it to?? What are you asking for?? Flamboyantly gay side characters that the writers will eventually kill off?? Because that’s how western media treats us, at least here. Have you not noticed?? Kubo created something and said, in plain words, that she wanted to create world where you could love whoever & however and she would PROTECT IT WITH ALL SHE HAS.

I didn’t mean to go on this long, I’m sorry. I got myself to riled up that I’m actually teary, Christ on a cracker. Please just… you don’t have to like YOI. But please don’t insult Kubo’s intentions when she worked so hard to show us love.

Honestly I’ve been so upset about it for so long, and I could never get my words calm enough for conversation. But yesterday with the outpouring a Japanese appreciation for all the indications of romance and western fans making fart noises… I needed to say /something/ because I feel so much love for this series now and it /hurts/ me to see people say ignorant things.

I just want to talk about why I have so many feels about this page. Touka and Kaneki have always had a complicated relationship. Touka taking out her aggression on Kaneki when his past involved child abuse. Kaneki lying and leaving Touka behind when she has a fear of abandonment from when she lost her Father. They always make mistakes when it comes to the other, unknowingly hitting on their deepest, most sensitive issues.

But here it’s finally being addressed. 

Touka thinks “… again?” after Kaneki leaves her behind on this mission and tries to protect her when she feels that’s not his place to decide. Just like he did after the Aogiri Arc. Kaneki thinks “… again?” when he questions whether she’ll hit him this time too, after the bridge scene and in the cafe.

And now that they’re going to sit down and talk (assuming they get the chance to because yikes, last time the “we’ll do this when we return from this dangerous mission” thing was brought up, Shirazu DIED) they have the chance to tell each other this and actually communicate their feelings for once! Tell the other what is wrong so they can work on fixing their mistakes and clear the tension between them. I really hope this is the case because this is what I’ve been needing from them for so long. We know they both care about each other, and that they’re both important to one another, but it’s always been a case of this giant wall between them, built up of their own issues, that keeps pushing them away. I hope this is a chance for both of them to grow and to apologise for hurting one another

anonymous asked:

If you have some free time and only if you have, can you say something to make people feel better about the circumstances the first SQ happened. As usual with Swen (and it's totally understandable) sth happens and they go all pesimistic and oh this is it... like that has been said so many times and nothing major happens, it's just people freaking out. At least we did get a hug and they touched, lol, idk just looking at the glass half-full I guess

Hey Anon!

Yeah, I understand that people are upset, the circumstances are very painful. Emma’s overt queer coding and the subsequent shift has turned the relationship with Hook in a metaphor for forcing a man on a queer woman and also condemning a woman’s differentiated gender expression as something that should be changed - regardless of what they’ll do with it eventually, by romanticizing it in PR and by not making it extremely clear on the show, they’ve been endorsing this idea for years now. So to have Emma and Regina’s first hug in any way connected to that relationship hurts.

The scene itself just continues the queer subtext the way they’ve been doing it since the beginning. I thought it was really overt.

First Regina’s face… Hurt and disbelief.

Then she’s trying, but there’s still disbelief and her smile doesn’t reach her mouth and eyes. It looks like pain.

Emma’s face then asking not to make this difficult for her. Pursed lips and she swallows very subtly. Fear too, maybe? The beat took a little too long to be comfortable. If anything they’re just trying to evoke questions in the viewers. Everything just feels a little bit off.

She’s trying to convince herself - and Emma here. This screams “…but really not for myself.”

Then the hug. Quick and awkward and it looks like as little physical contact they can get away with. A hug between the two of them that wasn’t awkward would have marked them as friends. This just reinforced the tension and the awkwardness. They don’t act like simple friends, you can feel something’s going on beneath the surface.

The most important tell in this scene is Snow’s face in the background. She’s ready to smile at her friend and her daughter having a moment, but then she notices something that makes her want to deflect. It’s not so difficult to imagine Regina looks like she’s on the verge of crying or in serious pain… and nobody knows Regina like Snow does, and Snow does always want to fix everything, so she jumps on it.

Emma was acting uncharacteristically over the top the whole time. We know she’s actually a convincing actress, think back to when she was pretending to be on a date with Ryan and the references to her being undercover. This just doesn’t feel like the way Emma would be acting over a proposal.

I think this scene explains Emma’s face in the third gif. She knows if anyone’s gonna call her out on it, it’s Regina. If anyone’s gonna see through it, it’s her… but Regina respects the silent plea, maybe she doesn’t see it because she’s trying to repress her own emotions.

So what I find specifically interesting is that for seasons on end we’ve had nothing but hand touches and that was deliberate. In the episode “Only you” - a song containing the words “the touch of a hand” Emma and Regina shared so many hand touches in that episode after a season of distance, that it couldn’t have been a coincidence.

…and what happened between then and now?

A few episodes ago, they came out of the… magic wardrobe. Suddenly they are able to touch beyond hands.

Then last season we had Emma’s dream about her issues directly connected to Ruby and Dorothy’s story.

…and we had Emma vowing to get to work… to become herself again? The jacket from season one. She hasn’t worn it since the first episode or at least the first few? That has to be significant.

…and I could go on for a while… but the point I want to make is that the queer story seems to be the one they’re actually telling and it’s progressing slowly, but this hug and the awkwardness fits into that narrative. It’s what they’ve been doing all along and it was meant to highlight Regina is not okay with that marriage and that there is more than meets the eye.