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Goku and Chiya (mine and @kairi-yajuu‘s OC GoChi daughter)

Art by @cozymochi - for a commission. THANK YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

IT’S PERFECT AND ADORABLE AND HAFKJLDFJDKFJD:Kf my words have been stolen. Totally worth every dollar. I have feelings I can’t express well right now, okay. 

Listen I’m STILL not over Diana’s and Akko’s conversation.

Diana was totally testing her by provoking her like that. As in, if Akko had slumped away and started whimpering and given up on trying to become the Moonlit Witch just because Diana threw some harsh words at her, Diana would know that Akko wasn’t ever motivated enough to get what she wanted in the first place. She was purposefully hard on her to see if Akko would break under the pressure and give up, or fight back. Because if she can’t take a few mean words from Diana, she sure as heck won’t be able to handle whatever the skeptical public might throw at her if she were to live her dream and become the next Chariot.

I feel Diana is secretly glad/relieved that Akko took off declaring she’d prove to her she’d become the Moonlit Witch. Again, because I theorize Diana doesn’t really want the title for herself, or thinks it’s better suited for Akko anyway, hence why she pointedly tried to motivate her through ridicule.

But yeah I just… love the idea of Diana “testing” Akko to see if she’d douse or ignite that fire in her. And I bet Diana’s satisfied that Akko just continues to keep going despite what everyone else thinks of her. 

I still fully believe that Diana’s a bit envious of Akko for being able to do things Diana can’t, being able to move freely without so many responsibilities and pressures on her shoulders. But Diana doesn’t want to take that away from Akko. She wants her to keep that freedom and enjoy it to the fullest, but she can’t do that without overcoming a few obstacles. Diana is providing a few hurdles for her, and is secretly glad Akko’s soared over each one of them.

I just wish she didn’t have to be seen as “the bad guy.” I wish people (viewers and Akko alike) would recognize she’s trying her best to be kind and helpful in her own way.

remember that time in Uncontrollably Fond when No Eul got arrested and she was waiting for Joon Young, but he was basically under house arrest and barely conscious, but he still kept trying everything to get to her; but in the end everyone thought he ditched her and that he was a jerk :’( 

; i’m quite overwhelmed

winning on music shows isn’t something to be taken for granted, so i won’t. i’m grateful that they managed to do that.

but more than anything, more than the trophy, what really hits me is the realization that they really are getting a lot of love and support for this new chapter of their lives. 

they’ve always had one of the biggest fandoms in Korea, yes, fans that remain loyal to them despite all the changes. but we all know a fandom can only do so much, especially when the group isn’t exactly that popular internationally, so the fact that they actually managed to snatch the #1 spot on that weekly chart (a feat they were not able to achieve as BEAST) can only mean that they also have the support from the public - that non-fans, too, take a liking to their song and enjoy listening to it from time to time. 

and it’s just…. heartwarming, really, especially when i recall what doojoon once said about his standard of success, how he only wished for their songs to become the BGM of people’s lives, of how it’s enough for him if their music can make them happy even just for a little. i can just imagine people going about their everyday lives while having Highlight’s song playing in the background because it lifts up their mood, makes them happy and puts a smile on their faces :’)

that right there is already a win. 

but of course, still, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows for them. even after everything, there will always be people who try to belittle their efforts and to put them down. it’s okay. we just need to remember what really matters - who really matters. 

stone-river  asked:

Mac and Daisy shenanigans. Do the dogs ever misbehave? How are they went they meet the others or with other dogs. Do the dogs tag along to brunch and farmers markets?

Mac is an angel! A giant big bear of angel!

Daisy on the other hand … She likes to eat napkins and tear them up all over the house! and then she tries to blame Mac who just doggie sighs and rolls his eyes because of course they know that Daisy did it! And once Lexi comes along, she and Daisy get in all kinds of trouble! Of course Mac watches them to make sure nothing bad happens (except for the one time that Lexi paints Daisy with a rainbow of colors - Supercorp go into Lexi’s bedroom to find both of them covered in paint- they take plenty of pictures of course!)

As far as the super gang, Daisy loves J’onn! any time they’re at the DEO she just runs right up to him and he picks her up! (needless to say J’onn, Daisy, and Lexi make quite the trio - tiny pup, tiny little girl, and giant Martian manhunter)

Mac scares the crap out of Winn! Like climb up on his desk to get away kind of scared! and Alex thinks it’s hilarious!

Mac and Daisy love the dog park and all their doggie friends!

They pretty much go everywhere Supercorp goes! They hang out at L-Corp with Lena all day, and sometimes they tag along to the DEO! They LOVE Sundays because it’s farmer’s market day and there’s this booth that sells artisan dog treats so of course they always get some!

i REALLY want one of the belle babies to help ellion with reading and shit 

my nursing filled with gays.. one of my classmates just messaged me abt her girlfriend (who is in our class as well) and we had this talk about whos gay in our class and she said shes been lowkey wanting to be my friend and it feels so nice :’) ive been feeling so out of place in class and knowing that someone wants to be my friend and that im not the only queer in class feels so good!

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I want to prove someone wrong.


so uh yeah ive been listening to the adventure zone for about 2 months now and im in Love