so many fantastic lines

#sscappreciationweek Day 5: Favorite Quote

man, there are so so many fantastic lines that are favorites for one reason or another…but I think there is one that has always resonated with me more than the others:

“And I’m not…sorry.”

This is the first time Rosaline openly acknowledges that she is with Benvolio 100%.  Despite the disaster that is waiting for her if/when she returns to Verona, she does not regret her decision to follow him.  No matter how much they bicker or argue, no matter how much she snarks at him or he teases her, she is willingly by his side through the darkest time of his life. 

In the midst of his grief and fear, having lost everyone who genuinely loved him and being betrayed by those who should have, this one sentence is his proof that, as Escalus so eloquently puts later on, the one woman who should hate him more than anyone actually genuinely cares for him.  This, to me, was that pivotal moment that solidified their bond for both of them.


We were never good at saying goodbyes.