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Bruh! I just found your art recently and I can't believe I haven't followed you sooner! Your execution of colors and lighting is fantastic! Plus I love your headcanon Harry and his scar, more along the lines of how I pictured it when I first read the books! Cheers mate!

Thank you! This means a lot! :) I’m glad you enjoy the colors and lighting from my paintings and my headcanon of Harry. I have so many ideas that goes beyond only portraits, I wish one day I will put those ideas on a canvas. The support I have really motivates me :O Thanks!


I’m in a reading slump so regularly, it feels like I hardly read anything at all. They’re honestly one of the reasons why I’m a slow reader and why I don’t read that many books in a year.

Weeks go by where I don’t pick up a book and it’s sad that I don’t want to do something I love. Soon as I’m in a slump, I’m in no mood to read, I’m not tackling my overflowing TBR and things are spiraling out of control!

I feel like I’m being over dramatic but I can see the pile of ARCs and review books I need to read…
People ask how I manage all the ARCs that need reviewing and the truth is, I don’t. I just have to take my time and read whenever I feel like it.

I’ve noticed a lot things can easily put me in a slump and affects how much I read or if I want to read. But I have some tricks I try when I feel like that. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but I thought I’d make a post about them - it might help if you’re prone to reading slumps like me.

Here goes!

1. Sample A Chapter

If there’s a book you’ve been meaning to pick up for a while, or there’s a few books on your TBR that have been there for ages - pick it up and read the first chapter.

I have this strange habit or reading the first few pages whenever I get a new book, just to get a taste of what it’s like. And usually, those few pages make me want to keep reading.

Just sample the first couple pages to see if it hooks you right away. If it does and you find yourself wanting to read more, that’s great! But if it doesn’t, just put down and read the first chapter of another book.

This isn’t starting and DNFing a book
just after one chapter so, don’t think of it as that. Because in future, you’ll pick it up again and possibly enjoy it a lot more than you would have in a slump. 

So, if that chapter isn’t working for you, don’t keep reading it or forcing yourself. You’ll dislike the book just because of your slump and it’ll ruin what potentially could have been an amazing book if you’d read it any other time. 

Just reading a first chapter has helped me a lot. Not every book with be interesting, so I pick up another one hoping it’ll keep me reading. It’s like letting the book give a 60 second pitch as to why you should read it next. Maybe it’ll work for you, maybe not.

2. Re-read A Favourite Book

There’s something comforting about re-reading a favourite book because I know I’ll love it, and I’m always excited to dive back into a familiar world. I’ve picked up the Harry Potter books or The Infernal Devices since I love those series and it would get me back into a routine of reading again.

If you have a favourite book that’s comforting, just pick it up and read it. You’ll be happy to be back with those characters. I feel like I could grab any Harry Potter book and sink into the story, I don’t need to go in chronological order if I don’t want to, but just enjoy the familiarity.

It probably won’t help reduce your TBR and you might not like re-reading when you have so many new books to get through, but there’s something about re-reading a book you really love.

Can’t find a new book to read? Might as well enjoy one you know and love.

3. Listen to Audiobooks

I will always stand by Audiobooks since they’re a fantastic way to read. They’ve helped me out of slumps, and made me read more and quicker than I usually do. I even recommended listening to books on my Being A Slow Reader blogpost so, make sure to go check that out if you haven’t. 

I always listen to music when I’m out, on the bus, or on my way to work that I’ve started listening to books instead. I can read a chapter, maybe more during my journey and it’s such an efficient way to read.

It can help with slumps too. You can multitask whilst listening, or maybe you’ll enjoy the fact someone is reading the book to you as it can be quite calming. You can bump up the speed and read a book faster.
Because it’s such a quick way to read by listening, you’re instantly immersed in the book and you’ll be hooked before you even know it.

Honestly, just listening to a book has gotten me out of slumps without realising it. I always found myself putting my headphones in to continue the story.

You should give audiobooks a try. It’s a new format of reading and maybe you’ll like a change from physical books or ebooks. But remember to sample the narration before getting an audiobook and make sure you like it. It’s something I always do because the narration can make a difference to your reading experience. 

4. Pick A Hyped Book

I see hyped books all over my social media. New releases or upcoming books that people are loving. I’ll see this book popping up everywhere and everyone is raving about it, for good reason.

Whenever this happens, I trust a book to live up to my expectations. It’s so highly praised, I know there’s a bigger chance of me enjoying it like everyone else did.

I’m not saying everyone loves the same books, there are plenty of popular books I don’t like. But the book’s been getting great reviews for a reason - and a good book that’s been getting 4 and 5 stars is what you need to get you out of a slump. 

I read Caraval by Stephanie Garber after a ton of people could not stop talking about it and telling me how amazing it was. I ended up reading it and yes, I loved it. My timeline was filled with praise for Caraval that I went in with high hopes, trusting that I would like it and I did. After I started reading it, I couldn’t stop and now I’m waiting for the sequel. 

Pick up a book that everyone’s enjoying and hopefully, you’ll love it, too. It’s worth a shot!

5. Don’t Force It

Don’t force yourself to read when you’re in a slump. You’re already in no mood to pick up a book and making yourself read will feel like a chore.

You can try these little tricks in this blogpost but if they don’t work, you’ll have to wait until you naturally feel like reading. 

This last one isn’t a tip but some advice, I guess? It’s like when you had to do required reading at school and it was the last thing you wanted to do. Forcing yourself to read isn’t fun.


And that’s it for my tips!
I hope you found this helpful, or let me know if you already do some of the things I listed. 

I’d love to know your thoughts or how you get out of your reading slumps if I haven’t mentioned it above.

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate any likes, reblogs and comments!


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I hope it's okay to rant here a little bit but I'm so tired of reading books where the MC says thing's like 'I'm not like other girls' and how every female character besides the MC is described as sluty or and evil b*th honestly that's a really harmful narratives for young girls to read it just makes me so sad

My dude, I’m not sure what you’re reading, but there are so many great books being written with fantastic female friendships in them—Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Shadowshaper, Labyrinth Lost. Get thee to a savvy librarian who can steer you to better stuff.  

As National Library Week comes to an end remember to check your local library and the services they offer. Volunteer your time or donate books, libraries are a fantastic resource for books, ebooks, audiobooks, movies some libraries even offer clases in various subjects for free or a small fee. So many people don’t know about the wonders of Public Libraries, tell a friend! 📚

The Five Elements of a Good Novel Pitch

If you guys haven’t heard about the Book Doctors, then what have you been doing with your writing life allow me to educate you.
David Henry Sterry and Arielle Ekstut are a husband and wife couple who work closely with NaNoWriMo and are the authors of a fantastic book titled “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.” (get it and read it, it’s fabulous) These two wonderful people just did a YouTube livestream (it’s two hours long, watch it here) and at the tail end of it, David Sterry mentions the five elements of a really solid pitch…

  1. Research: Make sure that any facts you use in your pitch (as a hook or that are relevant to your novel) are accurate. It sounds like common sense, but you might be surprised how so many details can get overlooked. Unfortunately, pitches are all about detail. Suffice it to say, if you’re writing a medical thriller, then you’ll want to have intimate knowledge of medical procedures.
  2. Connection / Networking: One of the things that surprised me about pitching a novel is the “resume” part of a pitch. I thought that pitching was all about selling your book, but you have to sell yourself, too. If a well-known author has praised your book, mention that! If you’re writing a book for middle schoolers titled “How to Be A Loser 101″ then throw in a mention of how you were a loser for years and years (humor and connection. Double whammy). If you’re like me and you don’t have any credentials relevant to your story, then this humorous route may be the way to go.
  3. Writing: A pitch should be under 250 words. Every word needs to count, needs to be chosen, needs to be the best word to sell your book and yourself. You need to take time, slow down, and really think. 250 is a lot less than it sounds, so try not to get discouraged and keep at it until you feel that you’ve really summarized the essence of your book.
    *Note: pitches for sci-fi and fantasy novels can be a little bit longer because they tend to need more buildup and explanation, but don’t go over 300. Just don’t.
  4. Perseverance: Writing the right pitch can take a long time. Heck, it took the Book Doctors months to come up with theirs, but now they can recite it in sync, with hand motions (skip to 2:01:38 to see it!). Condensing an entire novel down to 250 words is hard, even without considering that those 250 are supposed to convey why your book needs to be published. But take it one step at a time, and most importantly…
  5. Have fun with it! We all know that joy and passion should permeate our work, and that should be no different when it comes to your pitch. Let your pitch have style and humor and voice and cliffhangers, just like your book does.

Keeping all these elements in mind when you’re writing your novel pitch can be really helpful. And if you hit a wall? Step back, take a breath. Use your resources (like the Book Doctor’s video here or their book “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published”). 
And if you want to, send me your pitches! I’m not professional, but I’d love to hear about your guys’s books. Tag me in a post or send them to me in a message and I’ll help if I can! 

Reading Problem #1:

When all the books on your enormous to be read pile look fantastic and you can’t focus properly on the one you’re currently reading because you start to panic that you will never find time to read all the books and then you just end up going on tumblr instead, but then you find even more books you want to read. 

What series of books changed your life?

I can name a few that have made an impact in my life.. Harry Potter is certainly one of them.. I have loved reading all of my life.. I’m not a super advanced reader per say.. but reading is one of my favorite things in life.. I love when someone gets excited about a book, a story they’ve read..

There are so many of us out there.. BookNerds I mean..

Do you consider yourself a book nerd? If so, what caused you to have this love for books? For me it was learning to read in my second language.. knowing I could have a different adventure with each book I read..

I would love going to thrift stores and finding treasures, or going to the library and checking out like 20 books at a time.. people thought I was crazy.. but that was me.. and books are what make me happy.. ❣️Ellie RG

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Hi! :) I just saw that you answered an ask about drarry where you said your interests have moved to other ships such as Andreil. I'm assuming that's Andrew and Neil from The foxes court trilogy, sorry if I'm wrong. I was just wondering, if you have the time, if you would suggest one or two of your favourite Andreil fics or maybe authors because I'm not really sure where to start with that ship. Thank you! And it's totally fine if you'd rather not or don't have the time to do this! Thanks again x

also sorry if you’ve put a rec list or something similar on your blog somewhere already and I’ve been oblivious and missed it ><

Yes, it’s Andrew and Neil from TFC, my precious, precious children who I will defend with my life and whose happiness means the world to me! There are so many fantastic Andreil fics, so I’m happy to share :)

The best one to read right after you finish the series is Lessons in Cartography (122K) and its sequel The Cartographer and the World (50k so far, WIP) by crazy_like_a because they seriously read like a fourth book. They’re so incredible and emotional and capture the Foxes so perfectly. I’m reading Lessons in Cartography right now and my girlfriend keeps raving about how amazing it is and sharing little upcoming scenes with me that make me squeal and dramatically clutch my chest because I can’t contain all my feels. If you want a long AU that sucks you right in and will ruin your heart, there’s Way Down We Go by nekojita (621k), which has Andrew and Neil meet in juvie while they’re both in California. It’s so fucking fantastic and portrays their relationship beautifully. Andrew and Neil are such a team in it. It gets really rough, but the author is good about warning for potential triggers, and Andrew and Neil battle through everything together and come out so strong and I just! God, I love them so much. There’s also Armies by nekojita (342k so far, WIP), which is a gangster!Andreil AU that has Neil call his uncle Stuart after his mother died and go to England to join the Hatfords. I get so excited about it because it’s got darker Andreil, Neil having a really sweet, albeit bloodthirsty, family who’s fiercely devoted to him, and such a lovely Andreil relationship in the midst of all this chaos. 

I also really like Raven!Neil, so I’m reading This Is What Hollows by constellationqueen (69k so far, WIP, and it’s Kandreil) and have A Switchblade is My Preferred Weapon by badacts (150k) and The Unkindness of Ravens by crazy_like_a (70k so far, WIP) all queued up and ready to read. I’ve heard good things about them and am a glutton for angst, so I’m excited!

I’m so grateful for TFC fandom. Not only are there so many amazing artists and graphic makers, we’ve got unbelievable writers who gift us with long, gut wrenching fics full of character development that make me want to sing my love for Andrew and Neil from the rooftops

Am I alone in saying that I felt let down by Fantastic Beasts? It was an OK movie, but nothing anywhere near on par with any of the Harry Potter books (except Cursed Child, I haven’t read that so I have no opinion) or movies. It was too overstuffed with too many plots. It had some good ideas and characters, and with a good edit to the screenplay it could’ve been a fantastic movie. I would’ve loved to have seen more character development, but I was left not really getting to know anyone.

Stupid Tumblr ate my post… multiple times. Maybe if I try it without the picture? 😑

Tonight was meeting one (of two) of gym friends book club! It was an absolute blast!! We’re meeting again next week because five of the ten of us couldn’t meet this week and the book we read is so crazy that it MUST be discussed. (The Vegetarian by Han Kang)

I’ve said it before many times, but I seriously don’t know how I get to be this fortunate. I am surrounded by amazing people–at work, at the gym, at home, online–I have such a fantastically diverse, loving, supportive, snarkily funny group of people in my little world. I NEVER want to take that for granted.

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New follower here! I read your last replied ask and i was wondering...what is HPMOR? and what is the Discworld books? Another saga?

HPMOR is Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, also known as The Fic That Must Not Be Named because some of its fans (who like to call themselves “Rationalists”) are fucking terrifying and tend to dogpile people who criticise it or its author. It’s on Read it with caution. It has an interesting premise but it rapidly starts going against both the rules and the messages of canon as well as just… changing canon in general so the author can make up SCIENCE reasons for magic… even though magic has already been scienced successfully.

Discworld, on the other hand, is fantastic. It’s a world created by the late Sir Terry Pratchett and while some of his early books are… flawed, he improves so much over the course of so many books. Not all of the books cover the same characters, there’s multiple arcs, and multiple settings, the Disc is a flat world which is held on the shoulders of four elephants standing on the back of the turtle, travelling through space and - in it’s own canon - only exists because of magic. It’s hilarious. I started with Making Money (how one of the biggest cities on the Disc develop paper money) then went back to Going Postal (how one of the biggest cities on the Disc gets it’s postal service up and running, also featuring a criminal learning how to think of people as people, and dealing with corruption), and then I went to Thud! which is about the centuries-long war between Trolls and Dwarves and societal prejudices and societal and religious intolerance and identity and it’s so good, ok it’s so good. Then there was The Monstrous Regiment which covers a troupe of soldiers told from the perspective of a lass named Polly who signs up pretending to be male because otherwise she wouldn’t be allowed to sign up and over the course of the story various OTHER characters are revealed to ALSO be female and basically the majority of their militaries High Command turns out to be disguised women (and some who may be trans, there’s a general implication with some characters that they may just… prefer to be wearing the trousers and be called “Sir” than “Madam”. There’s also a big implication of lesbians. A very big implication of lesbians).

Pratchett also has the Witches series which is what I went to after this, specifically Tiffany Aching’s arc, which starts with The Wee Free Men, in which Tiff marches into Fairyland to get back her brother and also hits the Queen of Fairy in the face with an iron frying pan. She’s like eleven years old or something, it’s amazing. After this she begins training to be a witch. There’s also the Watch arc which is just… it’s centred around Vimes who is the most grumpy, curmudgeonly, angry, furious, drunken man in the city and he just… does his job. Works for justice. Knows he has flaws and tries not to let his prejudices affect things. Starts to cut back on his drinking. Starts to turn the Watch into an actual force. In Thud!, by the time of that book, he’s so so so anchored into this, an immortal demon spirit that everyone who knows of it fears is afeared of him! Because when the Summoning Dark tries to eke out the dark of him and make him do evil things Vimes has his own watchman inside his head to keep him from doing these things. To quote the book:

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Your grace.”

“I know that one,” said Vimes.  “Who watches the watchmen? Me, Mr Pessimal.”

“Ah, but who watches you, your grace?” said the inspector, with a brief smile.

“I do that too.  All the time,” said Vimes.

And he does. He has a Watchman inside his head and it is so powerful an immortal demon cannot break him. The Watch also has a wonderful lady werewolf named Angua, she is awesome and you will love her.

There is also Death, Death’s Granddaughter Susan, and The Death of Rats. Also The Death of Rats’ friend, Quoth, the raven.

Yes that is a pun within a name, within a sentence there. Pratchett’s writing is full of this.

There’s ALSO the wizards arc, which includes Ponder Stibbons, creator of the Disc’s first computer, and also the Librarian, who, by a fluke of magic, was turned into an Orangutan. And no, he does not want to be turned back. Being a great ape is very handy for getting around a library, apparently.

There is also a book about football, which includes the Wizards playing football, dwarf fashion, more stuff about prejudice, and also a football-AU Romeo and Juliet. No that is not a joke.

There is also Rincewind, he who is known for Potatoes and Running Away. Rincewind is best explained by reading about him. He’s one of those characters. He also has a many-legged and -toothed Luggage. Sometimes it eats people.

Oh, and there’s also a book where Vimes arrests two different armies, including one from his own country. He also arrests a dragon.

Basically, read Discworld. It’s fantastic. There’s no way I could ever cover all of it’s awesome in one post.

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What did you think of Married by morning and Tempt Me at Twilight by LK? For Elizabeth Hoyt, her maiden lane series is really good (theres also a pirate hero in one of them), I happen to love Duke of Sin especially because I like dark/anti heroes & b/c its different than other HR books. Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels (LOVE It) and Dukes prefer Blondes. You probably have read HRs by tessa dare, sarah maclean, julie garwood, julia quinn, stephanie laurens & maya banks? They are A+++ ~LK anon.


Leo Hathaway is my everything. He is the snarkiest asshole to ever tie a perfect cravat, but his heart of gold slays me. And Catherine. CATHERINE. Their banter gives me wings and takes me higher. The UST sets me on fire. The scene where he catches her dyeing her hair and they scuffle and then adult scuffle on the wet rug I JUST NEED A MINUTE. “If you open that door, Cam, I’ll kill you.” LEO FUCKING HATHAWAY. When he buys her new glasses so she can see clearly…I cannot. Or when they get into it at the dinner table about how they both have lost weight and look like shit bc they haven’t spoken in weeks and then they argue all the way to the garden and he pushes her up against the wall JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. 


And I loved Tempt Me by Twilight as well! Harry and Poppy were delightful. I’ll admit though it ranks probably 4th in series for me, after Leo/Catherine, Cam/Amelia, and Beatrix/Christopher. OMG ALSO THO LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON WITH BEATRIX AND CHRISTOPHER. GODDAMN I LOVE THAT BOOK. So many trooooooooooooooopes. Also the cottage in the woods smut A++++++++++++

I’ve not read most of the others I don’t think, but I am adding them to my list!! I have read Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Series though! A fantastic one AND SO MANY BOOKS. And Julie Garwood, as high school Ann had a biiiiiig moment with her Scottish lairds and pirates (ugh Castles anyone?????). Biiiiiiiiig moment. 

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Just curious: any good other fanfic authors out there you know of on tumblr? or suggest? i'm trying to fulfill my cravings for the next Sarah J. Maas books :)

There are so many fantastic blogs to follow, these are my regulars in no particular order, just as I remember them.  @propshophannah @paperbacktrash @hermajestymanon-fics @elnabu @highfaelucien @pterodactylichexameter @illyriantremors @my-name-is-fireheart  @underthe-mountain @modernacotar @missarcheron @literarynonsense @bioticblackops @kitashiwrites

@acourtofheadcanonsandfanfiction posts a lot of stuff from AO3.

@sarahviehmann wrote an entire book 3 called A Court of War and Starlight, 76+ chapters. 

Please do not take offense if I left you out. As we all know I read them and love them, even the ones that rip my heart out. 

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Reading Albus Dumbledore’s footnotes for Tales of Beedle the Bard and crying because of how many times he sites Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them because he could have just been like ‘this creature does this’ but instead he’s like 'go read this book that my badger son wrote so that you can find out what I could tell you in one sentence but I’m going to tell you to go by the book and read all of it so you can support my baby salamander in everything he does also did I mention that newt scamander wrote it? did I mention that part? newt scamander? ring? any? bells???’

Tl;dr: Albus Dumbledore being proud of Newt Scamander

Fenris takes care to fill their home with as many books as he can. He buys them in the marketplace, sometimes he finds them, though he mostly buys them now that he has the money. He buys books about…everything, from herb gardening to fantastical tales of man-made people, and he reads all of it. 

Katra reads a good bit of it too, though she definitely has more of a preference for the ridiculous books than the practical ones. But Fenris is a book glutton, his appetite is not so easily satisfied with one genre. He reads and betters himself, teaches himself how to cook better and even some traditional Fereldan things for Katra. He learns to garden, and to train any new dogs that come into their lives. He even reads a beginner’s book on writing and he tries his hand at that. 

He adores reading about geography and history of different peoples. The Alamarri are particularly fascinating, as are the dwarves. He reads about the Chantry and its founding, then he reads the entirety of the Chant. He isn’t one for singing, but he thinks he can speak it well. He enjoys Genitivi’s work, surprisingly, and as he reads, the more apart he feels. Apart from Tevinter and slavery. He feels like Fenris, lover to Katra Hawke, avid reader, occasional creative writer, a man who enjoys his fine wines and his shit ales from shit taverns with good friends, not Fenris the slave. Just…Fenris. 

When little Macie is born, he holds her close each night and picks a book from the ever growing library. He shows her book covers and whatever she seems most interested in, he reads for thirty minutes to her. Over time, she develops slight preferences for bed time stories - she’s like her mother and enjoys fantastic tales to see her off to sleep. But during the day, Fenris will often find her curled up on a couch reading about birds or bee keeping. There’s a new book in her grasp every week and he talks to her about them, he’s just about read them all. And they gab and gab and gab for hours. 

He teaches her how to cook, particularly the Fereldan dishes because that is her heritage. He shows her how to garden and how to train the mabari that finds her one day. And together, she discovers the joys of reading. 

An Accident of Stars by @fozmeadows

Okay guys this book is fantastic!

Seriously, I found it by chance at Barnes & Noble and you should all go read it. It’s a portal fantasy book (think Alice in Wonderland or Narnia) and its really well written.

As someone who gets tired of reading real books cause there’s never as many LGBT+ characters as there are in fanfic.. GO READ THIS BOOK! Absolutely fantastic characterization, plenty of LGBT+ people, polyamory, fantasy, magic. I love it. And it deals with darker themes as well, everything has consequences, the kind that can be ignored in books like Narnia. People struggle physically and mentally just like real life. Plus the author is gender fluid and bisexual!

Go support LGBT+ authors and LGBT+ fiction books!! There’s a sequel coming out in a few months and I’m very excited for it.

So go read it and then come talk to me about it cause it’s great.

Hey guys, my name is Summer and I am 16 years old. 

I live in Ohio among the cows and corn but cows are the best animals to read to! As you can probably tell i loveee reading. Some favorites include: Book Thief, Harry Potter series, Divergent Series, The immortal Instruments series, old man and the sea, Fahrenheit 451 and soooo many more. I also love skateboarding, swimming, playing soccer and the trumpet. I love watching doctor who, Sherlock, supernatural, reign, and the office. Picking flowers is my favorite past time and so is star gazing.

Pen pals and boxes would be great. I would probably cry if i got something in the mail :’) Also skyping and talking on the phone would be fantastic. 

I speak English (obviously), some German, and some polish!

you can reach me here: @lindsyms

snapchat: lindsyms 

Been a busy day so only just getting to this! (It’s still Friday somewhere right?) 

I love the idea of @freshmeatfriday​ and definitely have some fics to rec!!! (I’ve also tried to include tumblr names where I know them - sorry if I’ve missed anyone!)

I’m usual really particular about how I lay things out but I’m on a timke crunch right now, so in no particular order here are some recs from me!! Fair warning a lot of these are going to come from Hannibal CreATEive challenges/fests as that’s mostly what I’ve been reading recently!

That said, my first rec is not from a fest it’s actually from a lovely writer who is a new writer in the fandom who contacted me about my Chiffack (Le Chiffre/Jack Ganzer) fic and then wrote one with the same pairing. And it is breathtakingly beautiful and deserves so many comments and kudos that it hurts. Seriously, you must read it! - 

Piano by SeeingRed ( @till-proven-guilty)
Casino Royale/Tempo - Le Chiffre/Jack 
Chiffre would smile just the tilt of his lips an edge of fang eyes watching in intrigue and Jack, Jack would grin baring his teeth bright like the morning dawn harsh as the rising sun notes played together triumph in the tune of A minor.

Another fantastic new writer who must be encouraged - 

First Serve by thymogenic ( @thymogenic)
Adam (2009)/Charlie Countryman (2013) Nigel (Charlie Countryman)/Adam Raki (Spacedogs)
Adam and Nigel have been together for a while now, living in domestic bliss in Adam’s Manhattan apartment. Recently, Nigel has taken to playing and coaching tennis again, reviving an old hobby from when he still had free time as a youngster and didn’t have to worry too much about offing troublesome competitors and maximizing profit margins in the Romanian drug trade. Leads to a bit of role play fun for the boys!

A new to me writer I am just getting to know and loving! -

Discoveries by DrJLecter 
Hannibal (TV)
The day was supposed to be normal and eventless. Just a little murder in between. Nothing special. Then things turned weird. (TENTACLE PORN!!!)

An astounding and emotional piece by a new writer, this stayed with me all day! -

The Last Temptation by stone_cold ( @stonecolddesign)
Hannibal (TV)
Will Graham teeters on the brink. (very risky gunplay)

Another writer I’m getting to know whose work I love and this one especially this amazing fic, because I am a sucker for different takes on the ABO genre! - 

New World  by supastag (findo) ( @supastag)
Adam (2009)/Charlie Countryman (2013) (spacedogs)
Nigel (Charlie Countryman)/Adam Raki
A charming omega meets a strong thoroughbred alpha. Since the omega is Nigel, guess who the alpha is…

This new writer needs encouragement because I really NEED more of this!!! -

Drunk? He most certainly was. by sofialhene
Hannibal (TV) (Vampire AU)
One night, after supper, Will and Hannibal are sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace, drinking wine. Apparently, the young man had not stopped after his second glass…

This one is so cute I wanted to go back and read it again immediately, what a fantastic pairing! - 

Grigg´s bad, awful, terrible, horrible week by The_owner ( @gio-hannigram)
The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)/Bleeder (1999) - Grigg Harris/Lenny (Bleeder)
Grigg showing us the meaning of the saying: “Every cloud has a silver lining.”
Lenny being a huge part of it, of course.
Also check out her The Seven Paths to Your Soulmate which is just wonderful!

I love so many by this wonderful writer but I think this is my favourite for its beautiful simplicity - so much action conveyed in only words - 

Loose Lips Save Ships by victorine ( @victorineb)
Hannibal (TV)
“You’re drunk.”
“You’re beautiful.”
“See? Drunk.”
“See? Beautiful.”

I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know this writer and was blown away when I realised she actually wrote one of my favourite ever Spacedog AU fics! - 

Merrie by Llewcie ( @llewcie)
Adam (2009)/Charlie Countryman (2013) - Nigel (Charlie Countryman)/Adam Raki (spacedogs) (Robin Hood AU)
Adam doesn’t reverse-engineer gunpowder for the fame and inevitable wealth– he does it because his father is sad. But it sets off a chain of events that forces him to relocate to London to teach the king’s alchemists how to make things explode. However, the king isn’t the only one who wants to make things explode. Robin of the Merries, an egalitarian group of pirates and thieves, sends her best mercenary to ‘rescue’ Adam from the king’s guard. Enter Nigel, a battle-hardened war veteran who is not a fucking baby sitter, thank you very fucking much.

This one is jointly by Llewcie and a couple of other amazing writers. Firuflies for one needs to write more please!! - 

Stages of Pursuit by FirufliesLlewcie and starkaryen ( @firuflies @starkaryen)
Hannibal (TV)
If Will kisses Hannibal when he’s drunk, he has plausible deniability, right? Even when it happens more than once?

Another writer I’ve been gettign to know recently who just has some wonderful stuff, especially Tristhad - 

No Maiden’s Hand in Mine by Chifuyu ( @staticraining)
King Arthur (2004) - Galahad/Tristan (Tristhad)
It’s said that only the purest and most virtuous of all knights would be able to retreive the Grail - a mystical object with the power to grant eternal youth, happiness and an endless supply of food.
Galahad doesn’t know why Merlin thinks he could be that legendary knight, since he’s neither pure nor virtuous, but if his survival hinges on playing the blushing virgin, then he will play the part to perfection.
Also check out her shorter and very sweet Tristhad -  Courtship

This has to be one of the absolute best S4 fics I have EVER read!! It is so completely satisfying and to me, feels incredibly real! I urge you all to read it! -

Faded Fantasy by Phenobarbital  ( @phenobarbitalfiction)
Hannibal (TV)
Hannibal navigates his way through Will’s heterosexuality…

Another writer I’ve been enjoying getting to know and she is just the sweetest, and this fic is just lovely! -

A Guide to Murdering with Your Serial Killer Boyfriend by FauxFidele ( @hannimeow)
Hannibal (TV)
Hannibal has been acting a bit peculiar lately. Long periods of brooding and silence, giving him the cold shoulder, has left Will at a loss. When Hannibal presents him with tickets to the opera, Will recognizes the opportunity and devises a plan to draw him out of his despondency, by whatever means necessary.
As the evening unfolds, both men are surprised to find that things do not always pan out as they had imagined.

So far absolutely loving this new writer’s fic and can’t wait for more!! - 

About Naiads, Mermen and Their Interpersonal Skills by Vegan_Cannibal (Consulting_Cannibal) 
Hannibal (TV) (Merpeople AU)
or Why Will Thought Trying to Help Was a Good Idea.
For a merman trying to pass as human, Will finds himself constantly involved in the Underwater’s disputes. This time, thought, his - lack - of personal skills lands him in a rather complicated - and multi-limbed - mess.

This random meta fic for JustFuckMeUp is genius - 

You Insisted by Lunarwench ( @lunarwench)
Hannibal (TV)
A short piece of crack fic where Hannibal and Will have a very serious discussion of which kinks will qualify for the kink fest. Shenanigans ensue.
But my favourite fic by this writer has to be the wonderful  Cheap Motel

Last but not least on this set of recs, one of my favourite Hannigram artists co-wrote this amusingly bonkers fic based on the awesome Pastrygram!! - 

“Donut, touch me” by EllieXTwelve and @hannibalssketchbook
Hannibal (TV)
Hannibal and Will meet their match (PASTRYGRAM!!!)