so many faces i cannot


…..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I’ve seen this so many times and I still CANNOT.


ALA Day 3 - Smash Bros {Fire Emblem}

Ike | bravepalmtrees

Marth | cheerupcharms

photographer | sqyphotography [xigheart]

We weren’t able to make it to either the Fire Emblem or Nintendo gathering this year ;_; but it was still SO MUCH FUN running around in capes and blue hair taking photos with other Smash bros ♥ 

To all of the shitty people who tried to break me,

M, B, L, O, … god there are so many of you that talked shit and turned around and tried to act like a friend. So many. 

So many people who were two-faced. So many people  I cannot stand anymore. 

And someone keeps trying to worm their way back into my brain. One of you thinks that things that happened so long ago are still relevant to my happiness.

They’re not. 


You’re pathetic and I’m tired of my time and energy being wasted. Just. QUIT.

I’ve moved on. I’ve been an adult about shit. You need to do the same, especially considering the ages of some of you. 

Grow up and fuck off.



Happy PFAD!!!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since our first ever PFAD. I’ve seen so many beautiful faces and heard stories from so many people I cannot wait for another awesome year!!

I got to know and meet some amazing people from here and I just wanna say thank you everyone following TINP and to the people that have sent their stories/selfies to PFAD. ❤️ -Admin Irina
1000 Followers Milestone

I cannot believe I’ve made it this far! I am so honoured and truly floored that I’ve managed to encourage so many minds and faces to follow my humble blog. I cannot express enough the thanks I feel in my heart and how touched I am in my very being and soul, having so many wonderful people support me like this. 

So I’ll do two things! A follow forever/Bias list and a giveaway! (The giveaway will have it’s own post because this one got LONG)

So first, a huge thank you to my friends~! The one’s I’ve spoken with and connected to in a huge number of ways! Thank you for your support in the wee hours of the night <3 
@mettamania @bleakishblooky @deadlysuperstxr @equinyx @canarychirped @mistress-kailynn-art

Second! These are either amazing faces I’ve gotten to know, people i’ve seen on my dash that have changed my day, or people I look up to that I wish I could rp with someday! 
Without further ado, here we gggoooo~! 

Some amazing Asgores~

@a-kings-burdens @imbcllis @askbiggoatdad @basileus-hircum @aegrosx @gentledreemurr @fatherly-goat-king @ask-daddy-goat @king-asgore 
Toriels that have made my day!

@mama-toriel @toriel-the-goat-mom @butterscotchmonarch

Sweet dear Asriels and Floweys~

@asrielobsessed @golden-desolation @balefulblossom @askyourbestnightmare @ask-omegaflowey @deadlyreddaisy @flowxy @fcllenprince @ask-the-pinche-flor

Frisks (and Chara?) that have warmed our souls!

@Determinationbound @reset-time-2 @mxrcifulsoul @thepxcifist @friskiing @quietlyfrisk @fcllenhuman @displaaced @flavorcheck @theflavortext @the-first-human 
Mettatons that have charmed my heart~

@deadlysuperstxr @killcrhost @motorxoil @ask–mettaton-ex @flamboyantandroid @undergroundspark @mettatonsquizshow @undergroundxsuperstar @thekillerbishibot @lmettatonl @strikeaposeforme @askthefabuloushost @looovemachine @kinkulator
Napstablooks that have shared sorrows and hopes!

@bleakishblooky @ghostontheground @ghostlydiscjockey @bustindembeats @napstableak @ask-blookybot @mintyblook @lonelycousin @crybaby-ghostie @blookiee @napstabot @napstablook-spook  @nappstabot @i-am-napstablook
Humbling Sans and Excitable Papyrus!

@hiddenbxnes @slybones @pungeonmastersans @lilskeletcnpuns @comiicrelief
@sans–seraphim @buoyantskele @do-u-remxmber-me @the-sansational-support @papghetti @recogniticn @underfellpapyrus @spaghetoiiire @fibulas-papyrxs

Ocs/Souls/Other blogs I want to mention~!
@ask-cyan-soul @the-kindest-soul @determinedtemperance @doctorwingdingus @drwingdings @jade-eyed-dreemurr @marrow-eater @snowdinsentinel @deltherobot @seissouls @burgerpants19  @amalgamated-science @fur-and-bones
Sorry if you weren’t on here, I was picking out the few that I could remember/saw often/had positive influences from them!
Maybe next milestone I can have even MORE UP THERE!!