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Since it’s my birthday next Friday I decided to do my first follow forever to celebrate (and also because I follow so many amazingly fabulous blogs and I wanted to do something to show you my admiration!). I follow quite many beautiful blogs so I had to narrow down the list a lot and these are just my absolute favourite blogs. Even if you’re not here I still love you lots and enjoy your presence on my dash ♥

  • italicized are mutuals
  • bolded are my favourites / fantastic people I adore or possibly both!

a - g

alrightpotter, banishyourboggart, braveremus, buhtterbeer, confundedcormaccrookshankx, expecto-patronox, fantastlcbeasts, flourishandblotted, flowerchildmoony, gallifreyfalls, geminoweasley, ginnyweasli, ginvraweasley, godric-hollow, greeylady, gxnnyweasley

h - n

halfbloodriddle, hermiionegrangers, hermionegrangcr, hermioniegranger, hogwartianos, itspotteractually, leatherpadfoot, literalhermione, lupinsnymph, luxiusmalfoy, malfoyishness minerrvas, moonymadness, nagihni, nevillles, nymphadoratonkses

o - u

occlument, ofstagsanddoes, ohremus, paddfoot, padfootsandmoonys, parseltongxe, parvats, pottern, pronqsie, purebloodprongs, queer-pansy, queerlyjames, quibblrs, reigulus, remusjohnslupin, remusloopin, remusolupin​, ronaldvveasely, salzarsslytherin, scteumsempra, stuckwith-harry, thorkys, triwizardry

v - z

veritazerum, whompiingwillow​, ygrittestarkk, zbini


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