so many emotions and feels you will get at the same time

Today is the day, Oilers fans! TODAY WE CAN CLINCH A PLAYOFF SPOT!

I’m SO READY BUT NOT READY AT THE SAME TIME JA FEEL?? We may or may not win tonight, but that’s okay! Because we’re still gonna make it! 👏🏽😭

Idk what to do with myself, I’m have so many feelings about this 😭 we’ve waited so long, I thought we would never get out of this slump when we had Eakins for a coach, and finally!! FINALLY! After 10 long years, rebuild after rebuild, coach after coach, GM after GM…

Here’s to you guys 🍻 for sticking with the team and for never jumping off the beat up, old wagon through the tough times! Remember, we’re in this shit together!

(I’m sorry this is so cheesy but I’m so emotional jfc)

So. A lot of people in the various groups of petblr have mental illnesses.
A lot of mental illness comes with the following symptoms:
-lack of motivation
-exhaustion (physical and emotional)
-feelings of sadness

And that can really affect how we take care of our animals!
I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with my animals and gotten back on many times before.
It’s important that you get back on as quickly as possible. These animals need you! So this is a little guide for how to do that.

1: read care sheets. Read them again and again and again. Take note of what they need again, and ask yourself if you’re producing that for them.
2: watch YouTube videos of other people’s collections. This is what really helps me. Being able to watch how people care for their animals, how they prepare their food nightly, etc. Really motivates me to want to do the same for mine.
3: remember that they need you. You’re their parental unit. They’re your baby. You wouldn’t neglect your baby, would you?
4: redesign their cage (if possible).
Getting your hands in there and doing something with them will motivate you to move and upkeep the care. It will help you remember why you love the animal and motivate you to want to give it the best life possible
5: take pictures of your animals. Tens of hundreds of pictures if you need to. It will help motivate you.

Characteristics of a Virgo

Virgo is the zodiac sign represented by a female. Virgos are therefore delicate and sensitive, yet, at the same time, they can be critical and picky. Virgos may appear cold as there is a tendency to hide emotions and suppress natural kindness, although deep down they are warm and loving. Virgos always pick a logical and practical approach to all aspects of life which contributes to many of them being quite successful and independent. Although Virgos may appear cold they feel deeply and are in fact very reliable in all of their relationships. They will be glad to lend you a helpful hand if you get past the mask. This makes Virgo a very desirable friend and mate.

Modest and understated, Virgo people have to take care to show those they love how they feel. These people don’t like to make a scene, and so they are often quiet and even withdrawn when it comes to showing emotions. Still, their steadfast loyalty and their consistent attention are appreciated by those who love them. Virgo parents are attentive but not overly demonstrative when it comes to showing the love they deeply feel. With their own parents, they were often so humble that they felt uncomfortable with too much attention or praise. Virgo siblings usually enjoy pleasant if not distant relationships.

Still waters run deep, and Virgo people are often very hard to read. That doesn’t mean they don’t have great wells of love to draw from - but their lovers are often left wondering how their paramour feels or what this person is thinking. Virgo is encouraged to express feelings more openly by being more demonstrative and affectionate. Learning to give and accept a higher level of nurturing will help the Virgo person enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

Many Virgo people achieve great success in business, but it rarely happens overnight. They aren’t susceptive to taking big risks or leaping for chancy opportunities. Their success is usually attained slowly and steadily and over a longer period of time. But once they do reach the level they aim for, their success remains consistent. Virgo people are excellent at managing finances, so they know where every dollar they earn is going, giving them the power to expand and explore when in business for themselves. They need to keep in mind, though, that it’s good to splurge once in awhile and to make a point of seeking out the joy of life.

reading these answers is really making me emotional.. I knew that it would but not to this extent. I’m just gonna ramble really quick..

One thing that blows my mind about struggling with coming out, from my own experience, was that I have never felt more alone in my life than in that time. I felt like I was the only person in the whole entire world feeling the way I felt. So many of your answers and stories are the same. The same as each others and the same as my own. I relate to so many of you and you’re bringing me back to all those emotions I used to have, which is exactly why I asked for you guys to answer that question. 

I let myself get so stuck in those fears. They were all I thought about day in and day out. I couldn’t sleep at night and I couldn’t get up in the morning because I just was so so so in my head about everything. Scared of how people would react, terrified I’d disappoint people, afraid people wouldn’t see me the same anymore. All of those things just played on a loop in my mind. 

That version of myself would have never believed where I am at today. Something that used to keep me feeling disconnected from everyone around me is one of the things that makes me feel most connected to people now.

I just want you to know that I never ever in a million years thought I’d be where I am today.. happy and comfortable in my own skin. If you’re feeling the same way TRUST ME you’re going to surprise yourself.

the amount of stress skam is causing me is not okay. Like I’ve never been more emotionally invested in a storyline than in Isak’s. Like because of him I’m stressing out so much, I feel like I can relate so much and at the same time I want to save him. My heart is broken for him.

If you want me to get better NRK you better help Isak quick or I’ll go down with him and that’s not cool! :(

When was the last time you cried? Hopefully not today because it’s only 10 AM and I think this date is going pretty well.

💧:Not yet, but who knows? I’m just very emotional. People often see being emotional as a weakness, so I really wanted to write music that changed that perception, and made me feel strong. The album is about that, but through the life of Cry Baby. It’s about how different experiences shape her, and help her become who she is, which by the end is someone who’s crazy and emotional, but confident and comfortable in it. I think over time it helped me do the same thing.

How many tattoos do you have?

💧:Off the top of my head, about 37. It’s definitely in the 30s.

What’s your favorite one?

💧:I have a gumball machine on my abdomen, that one and these two big ones I have on my thighs.

What do you want to get done next?

💧:I really want a Mark Ryden illustration tattooed. He has this series called “Blood, Sweat and Tears,” and I really want the “Sweat” one.

Are you a sweaty person?

💧:Definitely not.

There’s a photo of you smoking on your Instagram and you’ve captioned it, “it’s a joint not a cigarette for those of you wondering in the comments.”

💧:I get so many little kids in my comments being like “stop smoking you’re going to get cancer and die” so I feel like it’s important to make the distinction between marijuana and cigarettes. They’re very different things.

I really don’t know how I’d deal with that. I’d probably beating 12-year-olds like “do your homework you little shit.”

💧:Yeah, ride a bike! I do wish kids would get off the internet and go outside more.

When was the last time you cried? Hopefully not today because it’s only 10 AM and I think this date is going pretty well.

💧:Not yet, but who knows? I’m just very emotional. People often see being emotional as a weakness, so I really wanted to write music that changed that perception, and made me feel strong. The album is about that, but through the life of Cry Baby. It’s about how different experiences shape her, and help her become who she is, which by the end is someone who’s crazy and emotional, but confident and comfortable in it. I think over time it helped me do the same thing.


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The new chapter of Obelisk!!! The end was a surprise but it was amazing! Every time I read a chapter I'm reminded why I love this story so much! Your words, the plot and the characters leave me in awe with how brilliant they all are. Thank you sharing this with us ❤

I’m so happy to be writing Obelisk again. It’s emotionally exhausting and it probably took a good five to eight hours on and off to get done but I’me very happy with how the story is moving. 

I plan to have it finished before the summer is over but at the same time I don’t want to finish it at all because it’s like my baby? I’ve been writing it since 2014 and it’s so big with so many worlds and characters and it’s one of the few things I feel like I’ve done right. I hope to keep it up and deliver a satisfying ending after all the emotional turmoil you’ve been put through.

Thanks for sticking with me this far!

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lmao nothing hurts me more than when in me2 when Shepard is sent onto the “abandoned” collector ship and it turns out that (surprise, surprise) it’s not abandoned, and Joker says something along the lines of “Commander you need to get out of there! I’m not losing another Normandy!” and you can practically hear the unsaid, “I’m not losing you” tacked onto the end there because he’s so fucking scared of losing them again, so scared of watching them die a second time to the same damned enemy when he just got them back like…he’s been with Shepard since the beginning, they’ve saved his life and have been his friend, they fought Saren together and simultaneously became heroes and betrayers of direct Alliance orders together, they wound up playing nice with Cerberus together and they were the first of the original crew to be reunited and he’ll be damned if he’s gonna let his best friend in the galaxy slip away so easily

Ranting don’t mind me…
Lately I’ve been thinking about am I really ready to be in love again or not. I mean I miss the feeling of being in a relationship, but at same time I don’t wanna get hurt again. I have so many conflicting emotions and it seems like I can’t determine whats real or not, whats true or not. It’s hard trusting people cause they always end up disappointing you. I always wanna see the good in people, but even the people who I think are closest to me, hurt me. So what is it really? Do I wanna be in a relationship again? Am I ready to have my feelings crushed again?

Now I understand the answer is pretty simple. I don’t need to be in a relationship. I don’t need a guy to validate my worth. All I gotta do is to focus on myself. Focus on bettering myself.


You might be wondering why you always see things about how emotional infj’s can be, how we can feel so much.

If you see us from the outside, we always look the same! We either look accidentally snobby, like we think we’re better than everybody else; or we always seem to have a pleasant demeanor. Either way, you usually don’t see a wide range of emotions from the outside.

I think that’s because we have learned how to separate our feelings that we feel when we are thinking about abstract ideas or memories from what we’re feeling in the present moment.

If we’re just lost inside our own heads, we can get really caught up in that emotion, but we can quickly “snap out of it” when we realize we’ve been thinking too long. Then we kind of just naturally go back to our normal state.

So yea, we feel so many different feelings all the time, but I guess the key is that we can separate those from our current mood.

I will say, though, that an UNhealthy INFJ might seem OVERLY emotional from the outside, because we’ve somehow lost that ability to acclimate back to our current mood.

So an unhealthy INFJ would probably look like she had feelings all over the place…unless they get to the point that they force themselves to not feel anything at all.

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i had to cut this guy off nearly a month ago after he fucked with my emotions one too many times. he's a fuckboy but i saw his true feelings and i think he fell in love with me and just got scared. it annoys me that i'm still in love with him but i had to let him go. anyway sorry but i just needed to vent because tbh your sex posts are amusing but at the same time i'm like arrghhh yknow

I always get sex asks lol like the rest are never anonymous so I answer them privately.

Hey, at least you did what’s best for you and cut off someone who can’t respect and acknowledge your emotions. I’m sure it feels bad right now but that’s just because u probably feel devoid because of that person but hey I promise u there is people who will love u the way u love them + more

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I'm very confused as to why Latino Jason is the stereotype that poor=Latino and I would be really interested to hear anons analysis behind it! I personally adhere to that head canon just because it's rough for me to find representation and I just enjoy the though. But it's an interesting side to that debate and I'm interested in that analysis (not in a mean way I promise)

Like I’m up for discussing anything at any time (unless I’m stressed with school which is… frequently). I think it’s so great that people find themselves in characters and I, personally, enjoy seeing different takes on the same character. I had never pictured Jay as Latino before but I’ve seen so many great stories and metas that it gives new life to the characters.

Plus I get all emotional at the posts where people gush and gush about seeing positive representation of their culture/race/gender/sexuality and I love that. You want to hc that character as something that makes you feel validated and represented, well hot damn, I’m so happy let’s talk about it. It’s so boring to have one “right” answer, I like hearing all the possibilities. This is comics, we get some wiggle room ;)

But yeah, I’d love to hear more of people’s thoughts on Latino Jay; good and bad as long as we remain civil. I try and foster an open, friendly environment here so I expect the same curtesy if I say something maybe wrong or possibly offensive, y'all will just message me and we can talk it over like bros. But other than that, headcanon away!

Shoutan's Blog Update - 2016-01-25 - It's Late Pri!


Since the photos have already been posted on twitter, this will only be in text.
I’m sorry.

I have so much to write that this is late. (Same Shoutan, same - about my report).

About Utapri Live.

This season has already came again!
With it being said like that, I’ve been looking forward to this Stage for months and month now.
This work has an important place in me, I’ve met people I love through this work, a time where we are able to enjoy together.

I wondered what kind of chemical reactions will happen this time!
And the excitement really can’t stop each time!

Also, the strength came during rehearsal.
Together with a lot of dancers at rehearsal.

As expected, everyone in this cast, are really busy, it was nearly impossible to get the group together.

Checking our positions alone within a lot of dancers… Even so I was grateful, it was thrilling…

This time at rehearsal, so many days before the dress rehearsal… All of Quartet Night’s members were there.

It’s fun to sing with the real 4 of us of course, it’s hot ^^?? (exciting)

But, when everyone gathered at the rehearsal, something hot connected us.

Having fun together, doing funny poses together, laughing together.

The real Quartet Night are inside the anime right now, but for a moment, it seemed like we became Quartet Night… it felt like that.

I’m sorry to say something fearful but…

A lot of things happened before the real thing.
But, because of Starish, Quartet Night, the dancers, the staff, and, Utapri fans we were able to make it.

That’s what I think.

Tatsu-nii’s back, was big. (Deka was written in katakana here, so I’m not 100% if Shoutan meant big).
I also had a solo song, I intended to properly rehearse, but it was pushed back last minute.

I got so happy when singing as 4, it felt like I was going to cry hard, so I hid it with a smile, and sang.

I’m glad I became a member of Quartet Night.

I’m really glad.

I want to sing again.
As 4…

As 11…

Everyone who came and supported us!

If there is a next time, let’s level-up more and more!

That determination is what makes the stage!

I’ll try even more and more!


6 Years of Dan

@danisnotonfire posted his first video six years ago today and since then he’s met his best friend, created his own unique video series such as ‘reasons why dan’s a fail’ and ‘internet support group,’ been on and now has a show on BBC radio 1, made many great collaborations with other YouTubers, created a gaming channel, written an incredible book, gone on tour, and effected the lives of over 5 million people. Dan has done a lot in these six years and I personally am glad I got to watch it all happen. He’s inspired many people and managed to make them laugh. He’s creative, intelligent, well articulated, kind, and has a unique ‘relatable’ sense of humour. I’m so glad that he chose to share his life with us and would like to say thank you. 

Thank you, Dan, for posting that iconic video that makes you cringe so much. If not for you posting that video and continuing to make the great content you do, then many of us would not be the people we are today. In the book you said that you felt that you and Phil were writing it to thank us for being there so you could share your lives and ideas with us, but really we should be thanking you for allowing us to get to know you and for making us smile.

“364 jours de honte, d’insultes et de mépris, 1 jour de fierté, vous trouvez qu’on en fait encore trop ??”

This is completely unrelated to the main topic of this blog, but I just watched “When We Rise” and I want to encourage you to watch it too. I think it’s important to remember that 2 years ago not all americans had to same rights, and in other countries people are still not equal (and some are even executed because of their sexual orientation).
The show ends with a reminder that, today, the rights of all minorities are under attack in the USA.

I am going through a difficult time in my life right now and without getting into details I am in this phase when I just feel nothing. While watching this show (and Gus Van Sant has always been such a reliable person/place to go to, I love this man), I had feelings and emotions. And memories, so many memories coming back to me. I may be married to a man, this is not what defines me or my sexual orientation. I volunteered in a gay and lesbian organization (which over time became a LGBTQ center) in East of France for 8 years. In 2002, we were 15 people standing in the city center of Metz for the first awareness/pride day of the region. We had people telling us horrible things - especially to the men (I think the only two girls were my girlfriend and I), and we had a few people stopping by to listen, read the posters and debate. A couple of old ladies held my hands and whispered in my ear “you know, I had a very good friend when I was your age…” with tears in their eyes… A few other members of the organization were sitting in the nearby cafés, to show support but not ready to stand by our sides. The following year, we had a thousand people for the first Gaypride in the area, and it kept growing every year since. But we have as many people all around the world regularly protesting against the rights of others…
It’s important to remember our parents didn’t have the same freedom and rights we have today, and we have to make sure we don’t lose them.

Provide Proof

Why do relationships make me
A needy little bitch
One who gets upset
Being apart makes my mood switch

Somehow I’m clinging
Emotionally in debt
A whole new way of thinking
Love seems like a regret

At the same time though
Feelings of sensations more than met
Why do I like you so much
It’s making me fret

That you don’t feel the same
I don’t know why
I think you are playing a game
your goal is to make me cry

So many confusing emotions
For I find you to be my life
Yet I’m afraid of your motions
In fear your hiding a sharp knife

You might try to carve out my heart
There isn’t much left
But I’m giving you the last part
So please don’t commit this theft

For I want to belive your good
That you will treat me with respect
Any doubt withstood
prove you won’t leave me wrecked

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Favourite pink floyd album and why?

Oh this is a very hard one! It is so hard for me to choose just one because I love all of the albums (I don’t enjoy The Final Cut and AMLOR as much as I enjoy the others tho) . I love Meddle because it is like so amazing and you can really tell they made team work, the same with Dark Side Of The Moon! Man that album makes me wanna kick ass! When The Great Gig In The Sky comes I get all quiet and listen to the whole thing and in the end I feel so in peace, it is amazing really!

But I really really love Wish You Were Here it is like so perfectly made! Since the first second to the last second, and you can feel so many emotions at the same time. I love singing along with all the songs, I feel that so many emotions come out when I sing along to WYWH. Oh! And the Moog! and the keys! Man, Rick was fucking amazing!!!!

Thank you so much <3

Everyone listen up

Sooooooo many people get confused with being an emotional (normal) person, or having a mood or personality disorder


- getting upset when you let down another person

- feeling sad and/or crying when you see or read an emotionally intense thing

- getting excited when something important happens to you

- having a (small) mood change from an environmental factor

- opinions about other people changing over time


- wanting and/or attempting suicide over letting someone down

- seeing something sad, and being extremely depressed for the next week or so

- having high moods where you do risky and stupid stuff (including jumping into traffic) because you’re just that happy

- extreme mood swings in very short time periods (e.g. crying and screaming uncontrollably at 10AM, feeling like you could paint a masterpiece at 1PM)

- thinking a person is amazing, and then wanting to kill them/destroy their life when they say something “wrong”

There is a MASSIVE difference between the two. And none of that was exaggeration. I have felt and done everything in the abnormal emotional reactions part. If you feel like the first part describes you, YOU ARE NORMAL. Embrace it. Feel lucky.

And please, PLEASE don’t say that you have a mental disorder when you don’t. It hurts us that do, and you’re promoting stigma


They create a beginning to the story that didn’t happen most of the time, so then they have to create an ending. So they always go to the same fabricated ending that every other tabloid has used in my story, which is, ‘She got too clingy’, or 'Taylor has too many emotions, she scared him away’. Which has honestly never been the reason for any of my break-ups. You know what has been the reason? The media. You take something very fragile, like trying to get to know someone, and it feels like walking out into the middle of a gladiator arena with someone you’ve just met. And all of a sudden the public and the media are allowed to say thumbs up or thumbs down. So I just don’t try it any more.

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Every time I see Jaebum in that oversized long sleeve button down I imagine the morning after. Like I'm still asleep when I reach over only to realize his spot next to me has been vacated. I know he's probably already gone because ahgase need him too and there is many more of them than me. So I get out of bed only to see that shirt with a note pinned to it saying how in love with me he is and how much he loves seeing ahgase but hates leaving me. He left the shirt for me to wear when I miss him.

Why you got me out here mid-day emotional like dis… .its not dark enough outside for me to be in my feelings yet but here I am… .

AHGSJDKSJ Your little imagine was so cute and perfect I’m screaming thank you for sharing my love it made me so happy and place me right into my feelings and like Same😩 That shirt Screams “Boyfriend shirt I wear when he’s gone” I wanna personally thank the stylist who put him in it they really doing the lords work for us they deserve all the happiness!! Every time i see him in it i just wanna wiggle myself in there with him its my new favorite outfit for him!!!!!