so many djs

the signs and their positions when planning jeonghan's birthday party
  • aries: the one passed out on the floor from blowing so many balloons
  • taurus: the dj
  • gemini: the one helping scorpio hang banners but is really throwing confetti at them
  • cancer: the one panicking over aries
  • leo: the one who bosses everyone around but does nothing
  • virgo: the cake orderer
  • libra: the actual jeonghan
  • scorpio: the one who's hanging banners
  • sagittarius: the one hanging out with jeonghan making sure he doesn't go to the dorms too early
  • capricorn: the one yelling at the food catering
  • aquarius: the one blowing balloons
  • pisces: supposed to be buying extra decorations but is actually dancing to taurus' jams
  • all the signs: wishing jeonghan a happy birthday

One thing I’ve noticed in some lúcio art is how some people forget how short he is. He’s the second shortest hero at 5"3, hell I’ve seen people draw him taller than junkrat and junkrat’s like 6"7.

Plz remember how tiny this frog is this has been a PSA

Hello Whovians! We have some exciting news regarding the Doctor Who Fan Meetup at this year’s San Diego Comic Con

  • This year’s meetup will be hosted by Jake Roper, a YouTuber and a huge Whovian
  • There will be a fancy Whovian tattoo station where you can cover your skin in temporary TARDISes and sonic screwdrivers
  • Music will be provided by DJ Eclectic Method, who does super great Who Remixes, and will be featuring Dave Lublin, a self-proclaimed Secret Rockstar
  • In addition to the fancy Whovian tattoo station, where will also be a cosplay competition for anyone who shows up to the meetup in cosplay
  • And there will be special guests! We can’t say who yet because spoilers, but know that they’re great

We hope to see you all there, if not physically then at least in spirit!

fancams from aomg north american tour 2016
(youtube playlists compiled by jpnetsubs2)

[160405] chicago, il – house of blues: playlist | tag

[160408] new york city, ny – playstation theater: playlist | tag

[160411] houston, tx – warehouse live: playlist | tag

[160412] dallas, tx – bomb factory: playlist | tag

[160413] las vegas, nv – house of blues: playlist | tag

[160414] los angeles, ca – wiltern theater: playlist | tag

[160416] san francisco, ca – warfield theater: playlist | tag

[160417] seattle, wa – showbox sodo: playlist | tag


This video is like…everything…everything I could ever want in one place