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She’s the betta half of the two

yeah insecure lance is good bc it’s #relatable but also like…he actually does matter a lot

every one of the paladins has a talent and lance’s is social skills. like. he brought everyone together and is (from what i’ve seen) the most relatable paladin and represents all the good things you associate w humanity.

personally?? i want to see insecurities from the other paladins too. there is a significant amount from shiro to be fair, but not the others. things like keith feeling that he doesn’t have anything real to add to the team, he’s just an ok pilot/fighter. expanding on pidge’s doubt in episode one that she’s not even a pilot?? and also way younger than the others and thinking all she has is her intelligence. hunk not realizing how much he contributes to the team with his own genius and friendliness.

idk it just feels like lance’s contributions are made out to be lesser and they’re really really not :(

25 Days of Christmas: Snow [Day Three]

In the twenty five days leading up to Christmas, Newt Scamander and the reader stumble their way into admitting their love.

Day Two

Apologies for the later posting but weekends mean work unfortunately. Also, just to let you all know that I won’t be tagging any new people after today, sorry!

Newt had enchanted several habitats in his case for different creatures that had different needs. He had gathered a rather magnificent collection of creatures on his travels and all of them were from different countries, meaning that they needed different conditions to survive and thrive. He had been through so many different types of weather and lived through every extreme that was possible and sometimes he forgot that not everyone had.

As a result of this, he was considerably surprised when he saw Y/N’s elation at the first fall of snow.

It was the beginning of December and it was quite unusual for snow to be falling already, but it had been uncommonly cold and Newt had a suspicion that the snow would not stick to the floor and create the perfect picture of a winter wonderland that many would be hoping for. However, that did not stop him from letting his friend pull him outside to get a closer look.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen snow.” She said wistfully, tossing her hair out of her eyes as it fell forward to cover her view of the whiteness before her. Newt didn’t watch the snow falling before them as he could see that simply by going down the stairs and into his case but he did not voice this and instead watched her.

“Did it not snow last year?” Newt asked. He had not been home for last year’s Christmas, a fact that had saddened him immensely when he realised that he would not be able to give Y/N the gifts he had gotten her: a souvenir from each country he had visited that reminded him of her. Looking back on it, however, it was probably for the best as he would not have been able to give it her without becoming a stuttering, blushing fool or maybe even admitting the intense love he felt for the woman who was supposed to only be a friend.

“It did but it’s not the same when you don’t have your best friend with you to abuse with snowballs.” A cheeky smile was on her face and Newt tilted his head back with his own grin as memories of snowball fights flashed through his mind back from their school days.

“Ah, yes, but if I remember rightly it was you that was getting abused.” He returned and she simply rolled her eyes and looked away from him.

“Your memory must be going then.” Was all she said in reply and Newt couldn’t stop the burst of laughter that escaped him. Y/N didn’t say anything but he could see the small smirk on her face and couldn’t resist the nudge he gave her. Though the push was slight, it didn’t stop her from landing in the direct path of the snow.

“Newt!” She screamed, although the laughter she was emitting could not be completely hidden. She quickly ran back to Newt’s side and rubbed her hands up and down her arms. “Merlin, it’s cold.”

“Y-You can have my jacket.” He offered and moved to pull it from his shoulders when she shook her head and instead stopped closer to him.

“No, then you’ll be cold. You’ll have to share your heat with me.” She said and wrapped her arms around his waist, her hands moving to touch his back underneath his jacket and setting his whole body aflame at her touch despite the coldness of her hands. Newt’s hands faltered in the air behind her for a second, unsure as to where exactly he should place his hands and he eventually settled for the safety of her back. His chin reflexively rested on the top of her head, Y/N’s soft hair acting as a cushion. “Sharing’s caring, after all.” She giggled and he didn’t bother to hide his smile.

“It’s a good job I care for you a great deal then.” He told her quietly, unsure if she would actually hear him or not but hoping that she would and that she would understand the deeper meaning behind what he said without him having to put it into words.

“You better, I don’t just freeze with anyone, Newton.” She said and Newt’s eyes closed, enjoying the content that he felt by having her in his arms and the happiness that she had unknowingly given him with her words. “Should we invite Tina, Queenie and Jacob so they can enjoy proper English snow?”

“Not just yet.” He told her and she didn’t say anything else. Newt couldn’t feel guilty for his selfishness to keep it just him and Y/N for a few more moments. He was too happy to have her so close to him and he didn’t want anything to ruin it as he feared it had been ruined only days ago after the mistletoe fiasco. He had wanted to confront you and admit all of his long kept feeling for you but your words of the kiss not meaning anything to you had broken his heart and leaven him without any feeling whatsoever. When he had finally gained movement, it had been to receive a sharp kick from an irate Queenie.

“You’ll never get the girl if you carry on like this, honey.” She had said.

With you in his arms and snow falling around you, he felt like maybe he hadn’t lost his chance with you after all

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I’ve watched this video SO many times now. I can’t express how much it has helped me in all different kinds of ways. It’s not just because of the testosterone changes, but just the way he talks about stuff and gives out a lot of hope. The video is a bit over 3 years old now, but if you haven’t watched it already then please watch it. Emery, who’s in the video seems amazing and the video is just really amazing in itself. 

Jikook Fic Masterlist

Hi! This is my first official post on this blog other than just reblogging Jikook. I recently just found out that my best friend (who I succeeded in getting obsessed with BTS) ships Jikook and

I’m so unbelievably happy you have no idea.

Anyway, this masterlist is dedicated to her to get her started on the Best of the Best Jikook fics that I’ve read, needless to say that’s a lot.

But, don’t worry! To all who are reading I don’t ONLY rec fics, I also WRITE them. I have multiple fics lined up to write, they’re all Jikook because I’m an actual dumpster. I just have a shit ton of homework like all the time, so I have no idea when they’re going to be uploaded.

Follow me on AO3! I have one fic and it’s not even Jikook, but do it for the future fics.

ANYWAY, enough with my ramblings and onto the fics! I read a lot of fluff so that’s mostly what these are, but they’re REALLY GOOD so go read them! @thatdeadlypenguin this is for you!

On Patrol - It’s ongoing but GOD it’s so good. It’s a cop AU and my lord the feels are strong and wonderful. It has side ships Yoonseok and Namjin, but everything is so fluffy. Up until chapter 18, just watch out for that one, it ripped my heart out.

Track one: I love you - My heart is breaking one piece at a time and it feels so good because this story just puts it right back together again. IT’S ANGST and I barely ever read angst because I can’t handle it, but this was just so GOOD. It has Yoonmin in the beginning, but they break up and Jungkook has to help him build up again and it’s so heartbreaking I hardcore cried while reading this and I’m not a crier. I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again this is BEAUTIFUL. Wonderfully written and it’s absolutely stunning go read it please.

Riptide - My TEARS this is SO GOOD. It’s non AU and there’s angst but MY GOD it is so beautifully written and I love it. Eighteen chapters of magic right here guys READ IT. It’s heartbreaking at some parts, smutty in others, and fluff dotted here and there but it’s wonderful and you all should read it.

Blow Me Like Your French Horn - This is fucking hilarious. 8 chapters of crack basically. French Horn!Jungkook and Trumpet!Jimin. Jungkook is such a child and it’s hilarious. Warning - The cursing in this story in cranked up to 10, just saying.

You’re My Genie, Lamborghini (You’re My Teeny Weeny Meenie) - Social Networking!AU and my heart cannot describe how much I love it. A little bit of smut but it’s mostly just fluff. I love it. Tip for moblie users: Scroll to the right. It’ll make a lot more sense when the pictures can show up because then you’ll actually be able to read everything (it took me 3 reads to figure that out).

The Ocean at the End of the Universe - Aviation Academy!AU that takes place 5000 years in the future and the characters in it are mostly Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung but the rest of Bangtan is mentioned. This is fabulous though, one of my most recent reads and it’s wonderful.

sugar, we’re going down swinging - AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH this fic is one of my favorites of all time. Modern Sherlock!AU. Basically Jimin is Sherlock and Jungkook is Watson and Jungkook is Done like all the time. Jimin is a child. A really smart child who likes to solve crimes and drags Jungkook the med student/roommate along with him on his adventures. MUST READ

Could you turn off your cell phone? (Bts Social Media au) - Ongoing It’s exactly what it says in that it’s a Jikook social media au served with a side of Yoonseok and a dollop of Namjin. It’s fluff and humor, basically. AGAIN, A TIP- Mobile users, scroll to the right when the pictures come up.

longing: a yearning desire - Ongoing. nnnnggghghghh oh my GOD I love this. Soulmate!AU with Mute!Jimin and Jungkook the Romantic. It’s beautiful, side of Yoonseok, it’s cute. Read it.

slytherpuff relationships are the best 1 2 3 - It’s a series. Harry Potter!AU and I don’t really like Harry Potter, but this is so UNBELIEVABLY GOOD that I just had to read it. Hufflepuff!Jimin and Slytherin!Jungkook. Basically, Jungkook is the seeker for Slytherin and Jimin is his fanboy and then Jungkook goes and sits at the Hufflepuff lunch table and FLUFF ENSUES SERIOUSLY IT’S SO GOOD GO READ IT EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE HARRY POTTER. Should be read in the order of which they’re listed.

In the Line of Fire - Fraternity!AU and Jimin and Jungkook are in enemy fraternities and there’s a water war and Jimin wants nothing to do with it and he keeps getting soaked. Jungkook thinks he’s cute and this ends up with smut, but it’s a good lead up to good smut so go read it.

Guilty Pleasures - CCCCUUUUUTTTTTEEEE pure fucking fluff and it’s wonderful. It’s just a thousand word one-shot but it’s so WORTH IT. Jimin wakes up at 2 am to make brownies and Jungkook wakes up to help him and Seokjin is mad because he smells chocolate when he wakes up the next morning.

Flower Talk - Oh MY GOD this is so beautiful. Jikook both work in a flower shop with Jungkook as the delivery boy and Jimin really likes talking about flowers and it’s so beautiful and cute and fluffy and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

That’s basically it at the moment regarding all the REALLY GOOD ones I’ve read. Most of the stuff I read is fluff, but when I’m feeling sinful I’ll read smut. But yeah, hope this was helpful and you enjoyed!

So you want to interact with a fanfiction author

Great! I’m glad you want to reach out and start a conversation with the many creative, giving people who take time out of their busy lives to pen the stories that have captured your imagination. This post is going to cover leaving reviews, giving constructive criticism, and a few do’s and don’t’s.

If you like a fic, leave a review! You can do this a couple different ways.

Reblogging with tags. Every single creative person I know, be they writer or artist or musician, religiously stalks the tags when people reblog their work. Tags are an amazing way to communicate with a creative, especially if you’re shy about sending them a message directly or are afraid your comment will go unnoticed in their inbox.

Don’t know what to say in the tags? Think about the moment you decided you were going to reblog this piece instead of just hitting the “Like” button. Was it a particularly well done piece of dialogue? A description that made you feel like you were a part of the story instead of just reading it? A scenario you’d never considered before but changed the way you thought about [character a, situation b, or fandom c]? There’s a reason you’re taking time to reblog instead of like, so let them know why! Not every reblog needs to be a tag flail.

Alternatively, you can send the author a message. Fanmail if you’re shy and don’t want your adoration made public. Sometimes, if I don’t have time to tag a fic the way I want for whatever reason, I’ll like the piece and then shoot the author a fanmail or an ask telling them what I liked. This is also acceptable. Who doesn’t like getting mail? Crazy people who don’t use social media, that’s who.

Ok, but wait. What if you DON’T like what the author has done with their fic? What then? Yes, there are options.

Option #1: You ignore the fic. You neither like nor reblog the story. You and the author both move on with your lives. You may choose this option at any time. It is not necessary to let the author or anyone else know you have chosen this option.

Option #2: Ask the author why they chose to go that route. Politely. We’ll go over what that means later.

Option #3: Give constructive criticism. Now. Be careful with this one. Creatives are sensitive people. Make sure the author is open to it before you go barrelling into their ask box. If you message me, even on anon, saying, “Hey, I just read your latest fic and I have some concrit I wanted to run by you. Is that ok?” that is perfectly fine. If my answer is yes, go for it. If not, see Option #1.

What is concrit? Glad you asked.

This is concrit: “I totally get the vibe you were going for with that scene, but I was a little confused about the angles of the body parts. I don’t think you meant for them to be doing xyz there. It just took me out of the moment a little.”

This is NOT concrit: “You’re actually not very good at writing smut. You should probably just let [other person] write it and stick to what you’re good at. Which is not smut.”

What’s the difference? In the first one, you acknowledge what you think the author was going for. You explain what has you confused. You explain how you interpreted it. And then you leave a way for the author to contact you to respond to the concrit. You could be right. Maybe the author’s beta was having an off day and missed that awkward elbow maneuver. Maybe they don’t have a beta.  Or maybe it’s you that’s missed something. The second example is rude. This criticism is not designed to help the author. It is designed to tear them down and discourage them.

Some people adore concrit. Some people only want it before they publish a piece. Some don’t want it at all. None of these are wrong.

SIDE NOTE FOR AUTHORS: If you ask for concrit, do not be upset, offended, or throw a tantrum when someone sends you a respectful message. You did not want concrit. You wanted to ask for concrit and revel when no one sent you anything. Those are not the same things. Concrit, when given correctly, is designed to make you, the author, a better writer.

Ok, let’s go back to Option #2 now. Where you liked the piece overall, but the characters are acting a little wonky. Something’s not quite right, you think. You don’t really have any concrit, but you want to say something. Here’s what you can do, especially if the author is posting a work in progress.

Acceptable: “Hey! I just read the latest chapter of [amazing story you’ve been following since day one]. I’m enjoying the story so far, but this last one has me a little confused. Why did [character a] do [this]? I feel they would have done [that]. Am I missing something?”

Not acceptable: “Your latest chapter was a big disappointment. I feel like you just don’t know the characters anymore. There’s no way in hell [characters a and b] would be [doing xyz]. I’m sorry, I’m unfollowing you.”

In the first example, you let the author know you like their work. You are making an attempt to understand their vision. You give them a specific example of what’s bothering you. You acknowledge that there may be things coming that you aren’t aware of yet. In the second, you’re an asshat who is wasting bandwidth. The tone has shifted from commenting on the story to commenting on the author.

And here are a few general DO’s and DON’T’S:

DO tell an author you are excited to read the next chapter.

DON’T send an author a message saying only “update soon” less than five minutes after the new chapter was posted.

DO speculate on what’s going to happen next.

DON’T tell the author how to write their story.

DO ask your author how the writing process is going.

DON’T ask your author why they haven’t updated yet.

DO send your author love.

DON’T send your author anon hate.

THERE ARE NO PROFESSIONAL FANFICTION AUTHORS. (We’re not gonna talk about she-who-must-not-be-named of the fifty shade variety). Every single fic author has a job, family, friends, school, religion, other hobbies, or sleep equally vying for their attention. Respect their time, respect their work, respect them as human beings, and we’ll all get along fine.

But tbh I think the “younger” reylo fans, the ones that just hopped in the last six months don’t really understand how different the fandom was last year. There was way too many posts like “my friend found out i shipped reylo and she stopped talking to me!” and  but everyone was terrified of reblogging reylo posts so everyone just discreetly liked it. There were reylo dedicated gore blogs and there was absolutely no cross tagging manners, there was straight up triggering content right in the reylo tags. It was popular to talk about reylo and shit on it. Everyone on your main was talking about it and they sided with the antis. Like, the fandom we have right now with like 2 or 3 occassional cross tagging assholes saying this like “i hate reylo lmfao” is gold compared to what we had. 

I mean I get annoyed with antis anymore too, but I’m really grateful for how things are now

Do You Ache

This was SUPPOSED TO BE A CRACK FIC. I read a post by that made me laugh, and intended to write a short crack fic that started serious and turned stupid….. aaaand then this happened instead.

So I guess, in honor of Hannigram Day, here’s a ficlet about the moments immediately following Will’s question & Bedelia’s answer.

 The world faded to a thick black nothingness around him, swift and suffocating. Will floated inches above his body, watching the scene from above.

Suddenly, overwhelmingly, everything made sense. The memories he’d catalogued and filed away swam in his vision, taking on a new and brighter hue. Images of Hannibal leaning over him, the ghost of his hands, his thumb stroking Will’s cheek. Love. Yes, of course Hannibal loved him. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, but Will found himself rendered stone-still in the dim glow of Bedelia’s living room, coherence entirely absent from his mind.

Strange how everything he knew could simultaneously come together and come undone.

Bedelia’s words rang in his ears, a piercing crescendo.

“Do you ache for him?”

Fingers curled tight around the arm of the chair and Will felt himself sinking into the black, the crushing realization. An ache. Of course he ached. The cavern where his lungs should be, emptiness clawing at his ribcage, leaving red and raw scratches that scabbed but never quite healed or scarred. They split at the seams when Will had first gone to see Hannibal, droplets of blood dripping into the twisting pit of his gut. He’d gone to sleep that night clutching his chest.

Will couldn’t deny the ache no more than he could deny Bedelia’s presence in front of him. But… love? Love was what he felt for Molly, the small and familiar tingling in his limbs, warm and welcoming. Love was not the crushing paralysis of the days following Hannibal’s arrest, the muffled sobs after his testimony, the white hot longing that sizzled under his skin in the months after. It was not. It couldn’t be. Will’s heart slammed hard and fast against his chest. He stared somewhere past Bedelia.


Love was not the force he felt pulling him to the glass. The way he inhaled deeper whenever they stood close on either side of it. The desperate and wild hunger.


Will blinked. Tried to force air into his lungs.

Love? No. No, no, no.

He felt himself stand, unconsciously, legs nearly giving way beneath him.

“Thank you for your time, Dr. Du Maurier.”

Will hated the way Bedelia’s lips curled into a smile at the way his words shook. He hated the haste with which he left, the few moments he took to catch his breath once inside his car.

The blackness followed him home, filling his lungs, his dreams. He let it seep into the cavern in his chest, fill him up, pour out of him. Unsettling how the sensation of it made him feel whole. A salve to the ache, scratches on the walls of his chest healing into twisted and beautiful scars.

anonymous asked:

Istg everytime I read one of your stories I get an unique feeling (in a good way) and idk why. I read so many stories from so many different writers but you still manage to make me feel differently and sometimes when I scroll through the bts scenario tag on tumblr and I read a story you wrote without looking who posted it, I kind of immediately know it's you. Keep up the good work! ❤

THIS WAS ONE OF THE SWEETEST THINGS I’VE EVER READ, MY HEART - IT HURTS ;;;;;;;;;;;; this was seriously so nice of you to say, and it made me feel very warm :”)))) I LOVE YOU 💙

Intoxication (nalu/gruvia oneshot)

summary: was Cana’s homemade brew really that strong?

pairings: nalu and gruvia

rating: T for some profanity

note: this is probably not one of my best works. I’m sorry! I really hope that you all like it though, it took longer than expected but I still was able to post it before sunday yay! constructive criticism is very appreciative. I felt stuck on so many parts, so tips and advice would be absolutely lovely. also, happy late Christmas!

i’m gonna tag those who i knew were waiting for this (sorry if I forget any of you! my memory isn’t that sharp): @stephicool @whitetigerlilywatermage @rain-on-me

let’s get this show on the road.


Bad ideas. Good ideas. Same difference.

Was it a bad idea getting drunk off their asses by Cana’s homemade brew? Probably, if you put it that way.

Was it a good idea to feel like they were on cloud nine by consuming Cana’s gift to the guild? Hell yeah it was.

It wasn’t like they were hurting anybody (save for the pointless fights among various members of the guild). They were just having fun, living life, enjoying their fellow guildmates’ gift. It was the holiday season after all. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

And jolly they were.

Harmonious, drunken laughter filled the guild hall from the floorboards to the tips of the ceiling. Everyone seemed happier than usual, like the intoxication from Cana’s concoction was on a whole different level than the average drunken aftermath. It made its victims feel numb to everything but the good parts. Their skin tingled with a certain energy one could only describe as pure bliss, pleasure sang through their veins, and everything just seemed right.

The only things missing were two certain mages.

Lucy Heartfilia had chosen to go on a last minute gift shopping trip with her guildmate, Juvia Lockser.

The trip was spontaneous, the two had bumped into each other on their way to the guild and the subject of how they both were short on gifts was brought up. One thing led to another, and eventually the two girls decided to make an impromptu shopping trip before going to the guild, not letting anyone else know of their whereabouts.

Inevitably, Natsu and Gray had taken notice of the two girls’ absence.

Needless to say, the fact had bummed both males out greatly before they both got drunk off their asses. Even if they didn’t want to admit it. The idea that someone important to them was missing out on celebrating Christmas Eve with them clawed at their heartstrings.

Natsu, not having his best friend by his side while everyone else drunkenly sang Christmas jingles and laughed about pointless things, was pure and utter torture for the pink-haired boy. He should be partaking in the festivities. With her. Maybe if Happy was with him and not with Wendy and Charle on a job, maybe then he wouldn’t be so bummed out. But he was, terribly.

Gray, so accustomed to having a certain water mage accompanying him everywhere he went, couldn’t help but feel empty without having the warmth of her presence by him. She would never leave him alone on such a special day, so why wasn’t she with him?

Both mages had the same way of distracting themselves from their uneasy feelings: brawling one another with all that they had.

A pair of busted lips and bloody knuckles later, the two men had been pulled apart by a rather unamused Erza Scarlet. An act that made both males blood run cold with fear.

“What the hell do you think you two are doing? It’s Christmas Eve for crying out loud!” Erza reprimanded, wagging her finger at them. “You two ought to be ashamed of yourselves!”

Erza went on a tangent on how Christmas was meant to be spent peacefully and filled with love, not violence. A speech the two saw coming, but listened to nonetheless.

A couple moments after she had finished her lecture, she ordered them to stop being foolish and accept Cana’s gift to the guild. Something neither had thought about doing because they were too concerned over the ladies’ absences. Yet, this was Erza who had told them to indulge in such a treat so they couldn’t say no.

And indulge they did.

And that’s how Natsu ended up running around the guild with his fists alight and trails blazing behind him, declaring how he felt like he could take on the world. It was truly a sight to behold, the pyro’s antics catching the attention of the majority of the guild.

But that was nothing compared to the blubbering Gray slumped over the bar top.

The ice mage created a puddle around him made out of the tears he shed, crying over how he was so lonely and wanted somebody to hold him. Cana had offered, but the dark-haired man had hastily shoved her away, telling her that she didn’t want her to touch him, a statement very confusing considering the fact he was wailing like a baby how much he wanted to be held.

There was a few people crowded around Gray, trying to console him and calm his sob fest while people scattered all over the guild laughed at Natsu as he acted like a drunken fool, running laps around the entire hall.

The guild was a sight to behold, and when Juvia and Lucy finally arrived at the guild after their last minute gift shopping, both of them could easily say that they did not see it coming.

Shock was their first initial reaction.

“What the hell is going?” Lucy demanded, clearly confused as to why two of her teammates were acting like utter idiots on Christmas Eve.

Juvia’s eyes scanned the room, noticing several barrels labeled ‘Cana’s special brew’ stacked alongside the back wall. She nudged the blonde beside her, motioning over to the barrels of liquor. “Juvia thinks everybody is drunk.” She guessed, a serious expression on her face. Was Gray drunk as well?

Juvia never had witnessed Gray drunk before. And now that there was a high chance that she could finally see Gray’s other side, a large amount of curiosity filled her up to the brink. She thanked Lucy for inviting her on their shopping trip and then dismissed herself, explaining that she was finally ready to spend Christmas Ever with her beloved.

Lucy walked off to somewhere in the guild, probably to scold Natsu for getting so plastered, while Juvia searched the hall.

Realizing that the crowd was much too busy for her to spot him, she cupped her hands around her mouth and called out to him. “Gray-sama? Gray-sama!”

She waited a few seconds before attempting to call out to him again but was cut off by a delighted gasp and a certain somebody breaking through a crowd of people surrounding him, running towards her at godspeed.

It was happening all too fast for the poor girl to realize what was happening, finally being tackled to the ground by the man she loved so dearly.

She was surprised to say the least. Above her was the man who had stole her heart, pink faced, eyes dazed, and cheeks tear stained. Worry started to fill her at the sight of salty tears pricking his eyes, wondering what could’ve happened to make her beloved cry. She grabbed his face with her palms. “Oh my, is Gray-sama alright?” She asked concerned. “Did someone get hurt? Are you hurt?”

Gray didn’t respond in words, instead letting out another sob, not a pained one, but one filled with relief and joy, causing her blue gaze to widen even more. Gray grabbed one of her hands on his face and turned it so that he could place a soft kiss on her palm in a loving, unexpected gesture, making Juvia blush a dark shade of pink.

“I missed you so much.” Another kiss. “Where’d you go? Why didn’t you let me come with you?” Another. “I haven’t seen you all day, Juvia! Do you know how worried I was?” And another.

His tears falling onto her skin, and the loving kisses he placed on her palm made her feel like she was on the verge of fainting out of pure joy. His body heat, his sweet smell, and his strong hold overwhelmed her. All she ever wanted was happening, and now that she finally had it, she had no clue how to react besides tensing up and blubbering out gibberish.

Her lips parted, trying to speak words but failing. A million thoughts raced through her head as Gray’s dark eyes bore into her own, but the only thing she managed to say was, “Juvia does not know what to do with herself.”

Gray looked back at her wide-eyed expression. It was odd, in Gray’s drunken state Juvia seemed to be actually glowing. She looked ethereal. This made Gray smile dazedly. He was holding a princess.

“Well, that’s okay. Because I know what you should do.” Gray replied confidently, nodding excitedly as he sat up straight, his legs on either side of the girl’s waist. The new position made her breath hitch. Gray wiped his face with the backs of his hands, removing his tears frantically. “We’re going to spend the rest of the day together. Only with each other. And you’re going to tell me why you kept me waiting. You missing made my heart hurt so much, Juvia! You have a lot of explaining to do, okay? But don’t think I don’t love you anymore or anything, because I do! Very much! It just made me sad that–”

The rest of drunken Gray’s words seemed to fade away after that last part.

Though his words were slurred, and sounded a bit loopy, they still struck a chord in Juvia’s heart that made her whole body sing. “Wait,” Juvia cut him off gently by putting her hands over his. He looked at her expectantly, his eyes as pink as his cheeks. She smiled in disbelief as the words she waited so long to say slipped past her lips.“Gray-sama….loves…Juvia?”

The water mage had always guessed that he did, but to hear the words come from his mouth after all this time, well…it felt like a true Christmas miracle.

Juvia awaited his confirmation, perhaps paired with a kiss to the cheek or maybe the lips, but instead she watched as the ice mage above her started to choke on more sobs, his eyes watering once more as he frantically looked around him.

The guild had gone dead silent as everyone eyed them in anticipation. The pair were encircled, and their awaiting gazes made Gray feel vulnerable and scared. He subconsciously gripped the water mage’s collar for comfort.

“What….why are you all looking at us? Leave us alone! We’re doing nothing wrong!” He wailed before plopping back down on top of Juvia, burying his face in her neck, his warm tears lathering her pale skin.

So much was happening all at once, Juvia could’ve sworn that she had died and ascended into heaven; confusing and drunken heaven. She had yet to realize that they were the center of attention. She was too focused on Gray’s body on her own.

“Make them stop… I… d-didn’t do anything wrong! D-Did I? I hope I didn’t. You still love me, don’t you Juvia? It’s okay if you don’t, but… if you stopped I don’t know what I’d do with myself to be quite frank. Please say it, please let me know.” He sobbed into her neck, his arms squeezing her stiff body tightly as if he were afraid that she would evaporate into thin air.

She did not know why she hesitated, why the words were stuck in her throat… she had declared them countless times, each statement more true than the last. She had said the words in front of many people before, probably more times than she had when it was just him and her. But something about this moment was different, Gray was drunk and everyone was watching him unravel shamelessly because of his intoxication. With all these eyes watching, and the fact that Gray wasn’t in his right mind, the situation made the girl unsure of how to react.

She had always waited for the day that he finally confessed to her. She imagined it would be in private, maybe on a date. Not when he was insanely drunk and crying like a toddler in the middle of a grocery store.

But caution was thrown to the wind, because what the hell. Gray finally confirmed his feelings for her, and there was no way she could ever say no to him.

A wide grin broke out onto the girl’s features as she revelled in his warmth, a delighted giggle escaping her lips. “How could Juvia ever stop loving Gray-sama?”

Her response sent a chill down the ice mage’s spine causing him to slide off the girl. He stood up, assisting her as she got back on her feet as well by taking her hand in his. However, when she finally gained her balance, he did not let go. He intertwined their fingers and looked at her the way he did when he thought nobody was looking, except that this time, he was fully aware of all the eyes on them, he just didn’t care. He saw the world in her gaze, and everybody would finally know that. All signs of the blubbering boy were now gone, as if he hadn’t been crying at all. Instead of a sobbing mess, he presented himself as a foolishly lovesick child, a sight that made Juvia’s breath catch in her throat.

The intensity of his gaze as he spoke shook the girl to her core, wondering what she had done to deserve being put on the top of the nice list. “You love me, I love you, this is perfect! You wanna go celebrate?” He asked in childlike delight, his eyes alight with a sparkle Juvia found endearing. It may have just been his intoxicated daze, but Juvia would like to think otherwise.


“Yeah! You and me. Let’s– oh hey! Look!” His face glowed as he pointed behind the curious mage, straight at a green plant hanging from the ceiling. Juvia’s face heated up as Gray began to pull her towards the decoration. “Mistletoe! C’mon, Juvia! Let’s kiss!”

Juvia could’ve sworn her heart fell out of her chest. He must’ve been joking, he wasn’t sober. He was not thinking straight. When he wasn’t drunk, he always made sure that she never got too close, and now he wanted her to kiss him?

“Gray-sama,” she grabbed his wrist, causing the boy to look down at her in confusion. She sighed heavily, she had to be mature about this. Of course, she would give all she had to kiss her beloved, but this wasn’t him. He was drunk. “You’re not sober. In truth, you’re very drunk. Juvia can’t kiss you while you’re like this. But maybe one day when you’re thinking straight–”

Juvia didn’t have to think long to know that the crack in Gray’s voice meant that he was on the verge of tears again. She finally realized how Gray must’ve felt when she got drunk last Christmas… she would have to apologize to him later for putting him through such a mess.

“B-But Juvia!! The mistletoe… it’s just waiting! Waiting for nothing if we don’t go over there and fix that! Without some couple to kiss under it, the mistletoe’s existence is pointless! So sad…so tragic…” Gray sobbed, throwing his head in his palms as he wailed about how he felt sorry for the mistletoe. Juvia suddenly felt very embarrassed as she too buried her face in her palms.

“Oh gosh, Gray-sama. How did you get so drunk?” She groaned into her hands.

Gray gasped, highly offended that she would say such a thing. “What?! I am not drunk! If anything, I’m drunk in love for you, Ju-” But the ice mage was suddenly cut off by an irritated growl.

“Can you shut up, ice prick?! I’m trying to tell Lucy something but all I can hear is you crying like a baby!” Natsu roared, waving his fist in the air at Gray. Lucy panicked as she tried getting Natsu to calm down, sure that a drunken fight between those two would end rather badly.

Natsu looked down at Lucy as she tightly grasped his arm with wide and frantic eyes. He examined her expression thoughtfully, a sly smirk forming on his lips. “Oh Lucy, I know I’m irresistible. But please, keep your hands to yourself for now. You can touch me all you want later. I wouldn’t mind.” He winked.

Lucy gawked at him as she immediately retracted her touch. “W-what? That wasn’t even my intention!” She groaned frustratedly into her palms. “What am I going to do with you?”

Natsu ran his hand through her hair, completely entranced by the feeling of her silky locks, completely forgetting about the ice mage who had irked him, an action that made Lucy’s palms sweat. “Well, hopefully everything and anything–”

Natsu was silenced as another sound of Gray’s sobbing came from across the guild hall.

“Juvia!! Natsu’s being a complete ass to me! W-what’s wrong with him? Am I that despicable? I really hope not! Because I want you to be with me but you don’t deserve someone so despicable, which hopefully I am not. Am I?” He garbled on, as he buried his head into her shoulder, his warm tears soaking through her clothes.

Juvia had a stoic expression on her face as she tried her hardest not to walk over and kick Natsu’s ass for making him cry again. She had just wanted a peaceful Christmas Eve with her beloved, not a chaotic evening with a blubbering mess who couldn’t even hold a proper conversation. How was it that she loved this man so unconditionally? Even in this state, her heart couldn’t help but pound irregularly.

Juvia placed a reassuring hand on Gray’s forearm. “Juvia will take care of this, my love.”

The dark-haired man sniffed for a final time, reluctantly releasing her to go and face his rival. He watched her carefully, from the way her fists clenched and unclenched at her sides to the way her eyes were narrowed directly at the fire dragon slayer. Even though he was drunk, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that she was beyond angry.

“Natsu, Juvia does not like how you made Gray-sama cry again.” She stated calmly and firmly. She held her head high as the pink-haired boy looked at her in confusion. “Apologize. Now.” Her voice held so much authority, that all those who watched them widened their eyes in surprise.

Natsu was silent as he stared at her. He may have been plastered, but he could tell how serious she was, and that he really did offend her by making Gray cry. He let out a soft sigh. “Oh alright…but only if you fight me! I’ve always wanted to fight you Juvia! C’mon! You and me! Right here, right now!” He excitedly raised his lit up fists as the guild members around them roared in anticipation for the battle.

“Kick his ass, Juvia!”

“Fire versus water? Oh hell yeah!”

“Cana! Pass me another glass of your drink. This ought to be good.”

Lucy’s eyes widened at her comrades. Did they not understand the direness of this situation? Natsu wasn’t in his right state of mind! He could fight even more foolishly and recklessly than when he’s sober! She quickly rushed to stand between the two, her arms spread wide on each side of her as she looked at her pyro guildmate. “Natsu! You can’t just go fighting people while drunk! You’re going to throw up!”

“Oh,” Natsu’s fiery gaze settled down as a smug smile appeared on his face. “Is someone worried about me? That’s such a turn on.”

“Did you…. did you just lick your lips at me! Oh, for heaven’s sake!” Lucy’s face turned all shades of pink as she began to wave both of her hands in front of her as the people around her whistled at the two’s exchange. “N-No! Oh my god, he’s drunk! For the love of Mavis, please stop being so…so…” She tried searching for the right word as she paced around nervously.

“Hot? Well sorry to disappoint Heartfilia, but I’ll always be hot because I’m a fire dra-”

Lucy screamed, a loud, high pitched scream filled with irritation as she raked her fingers frantically through her hair. “Who’s idea was it to let this boy drink?!” She demanded, her annoyed and suspicious gaze scanning the crowd.

Nobody met the blonde’s infuriated gaze, all turning away and whistling innocently. All eyes were looking elsewhere, except for a brown pair that belonged to one of her best friends.

The petite girl smiled sheepishly at Lucy as she rubbed her nape. “I think it was Erza’s idea actually.”

“What?!” Lucy shrieked, causing Natsu and Juvia, who were in a heated glaring fest, jump in surprise.

Juvia joined in on the hysteria as she looked for the redhead hurriedly. “W-what? She’s here? Why would she do such a thing?” It confused the water mage that someone as serious as Erza allowed the two boys to get in such a state. She was sure that Erza would’ve stopped them from getting drunk, not the other way around!

“That’s what I’m wondering!” Lucy agreed, rushing over to Levy. The blonde grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. “How could she do that? Look at what a mess they are!”

It was true, Gray was still sobbing hysterically on the floor, reaching out to Juvia with a shaky hand as he begged her not to fight Natsu, not wanting her to get injured. His words were garbled however due to his incessant wailing.

And Natsu was currently shouting at Gray to put a sock in it and stop whining.

It looked like you could take the two and put them in a daycare center and they still wouldn’t look out of place. It truly was a drunken mess.

Levy explained to Lucy how they were the only two who hadn’t tried Cana’s gift to the guild and how Erza insisted that they do so in order for the gifts to not go to waste. She also told her about the fight that could’ve gotten out of hand if the requip mage hadn’t intervened. Levy’s reasoning made much more sense, relieving Lucy greatly. She had thought Erza had gone mad and allowed Natsu and Gray to get plastered just for fun.

“Do you know why they didn’t take the drinks in the first place? If they did so earlier, Juvia and I probably would have arrived when they began to sober up like the rest of you.” Lucy sighed heavily, turning back around to eye her drunken teammates. She pinched the bridge of her nose irritatedly when Natsu winked at her once more. Lucy’s knees buckled before turning back around to the bluenette. “Gosh, this is such madness.”

“Hm, I’m sure they didn’t take any because they were too busy wondering where you two were.” She recalled how the two were more quiet than usual until they decided to fight one another. Levy was sure that her guess was true when both males faces had lighted up at the sight of the two arriving late to the guild. She smiled softly. “Cut them some slack, Lu. I mean, so far they’ve only had to deal with us drunk. I guess it’s only fair and–”

“Water Slicer!”

The two girls were immediately hit by Natsu’s flying, wet body, all three of them collapsing on the floor. Levy was under Lucy, breathing heavily as she wriggled around, making the blonde apologize profusely before glaring at the pink-haired mage. Lucy groaned in disdain as she tried moving, unaware of how her hips rubbed against his bum. “Natsu! Get off of me!”

Natsu, distracted by Lucy’s hips rolling against his behind, completely forgot about how Juvia striked him, looking down at the blonde as he grunted softly, “Wow, Luce. I didn’t know you were so kinky.”

“Wh…what are you talk– oh for the love of–get off of me!” She crudely shoved him off, a surprised shriek coming from Natsu as he fell to the floor. Lucy stood up quickly, helping Levy up before looking at Juvia, highly confused. “What the hell, Juvia?”

The bluenette straightened her dress, as she crossed her arms, glaring at Natsu’s quaking body on the floor. “Nobody makes Juvia’s darling cry and gets away with it!”

Natsu rolled onto his back and pointed at her accusingly. “No fair! I wasn’t looking!”

“Well you should’ve been!”

“Hey! I was too busy admiring Lucy’s beau-”

“Natsu!!” Lucy covered her face with her hands as her guildmates playfully teased the two once more.

Lucy wanted nothing more than to just melt into the earth and disappear from humanity. The embarrassment from Natsu’s incessant flirting was too much.

“Sorry Juvia, I really wanted to fight you but it looks like Lucy needs my comfort right now, so–”

“Don’t be such a coward and accept your punishment for making my beloved cry!” Juvia bellowed as she raised her fists once more, preparing for another attack.

She was about to throw another hit his way, but was suddenly yanked down into Gray’s shaking body. Juvia struggled to free herself from Gray’s binding arms, telling him that she needed to punish Natsu for making him cry. But Gray would have none of it.

He snuggled his head into the crook of her neck as he shamelessly cried, “I don’t want you to get hurt because of me! I would never forgive myself!” He explained. His tone was frantic, scared that he would get her into trouble. The gesture made Juvia’s heart ache.

She was about to surrender, but she remembered that she couldn’t just leave things be. People had to know that if they miss with Gray, they had her to deal with. “Juvia can take of herself!” She insisted, fighting the urge to relax in his hold, she was going to finish what she started no matter what.

But Gray had other plans. “I know that. You are very strong! But I’d rather you stay here and hold me instead of wasting your time on that pyro maniac.” He explained, his voice soft and weary, showing how tired he really was after all the tears he shed. “So please…don’t go, Juvia.”

Hearing those words come from Gray made her heart skip a beat as she gave in, turning her body around so that she was now straddling him. His lips were in a small pout as he gazed up at her, his cheeks tinted pink. He looked so cute like that, and Juvia had to hold back from kissing him right then and there.

She brought up one hand to his cheek and smiled softly at him, her gaze full of love and adoration. Gray always felt safe in her arms. “Okay, Juvia will stay.”

She disregarded her heated match with Natsu, how half of the guild was watching them and just held him close. He felt warm for an ice mage. Juvia was content. Gray was still drunk, and he probably wouldn’t even remember half of what happened today next morning, but as she cuddled with a willing and happily giggling Gray, she didn’t give a damn.

Natsu looked at the two bitterly, wondering why that ice prick got to have his crush hold him like that. What did he do that Natsu didn’t? He and Lucy were the best of friends, so why was she pushing him away?

The bummed out dragon slayer walked over to Lucy, all smugness gone, replaced with confusion and hurt as he faced the girl he longed for. Her irritated glare did nothing to help his sour mood. His shoulders sagged as he looked down sheepishly at his feet.

“Why can’t we be like that, Lucy?” His voice was so soft and faint, Lucy almost didn’t catch it.

She eyed him carefully, wondering if he was finally sobering up. “Because you’re drunk and being extra annoying.” She stated plainly, as if it were a no-brainer. She did find Natsu’s drunken state rather unappealing, and highly irritating.

But as she realized that she may have been overreacting, she remembered Levy’s words and told herself that she did need to cut him some slack. It was Christmas Eve after all, and no matter how drunk he was, nobody deserved to be sad on such a holiday.

“So does that mean you don’t like me back?” He questioned, finally meeting her eyes with his disappointed ones.

Lucy felt her body go cold as she saw the look on his face. It was so serious, so hurt, as if she had just rejected him or some sort. But she didn’t, not really. She just wanted some space from his flirtatious antics.

But now, as she saw the hurt in his expression, and how tightly he clutched onto his scarf, she couldn’t help but give in.

“Of course I like you, Natsu. We’re best fri–”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Lucy’s face heated up at his words as she looked at him anxiously. “H-huh?”

Natsu suddenly grabbed both of her hands as he earnestly gazed into her brown eyes. Lucy had never seen such a look in his eyes before, a fact that both scared her and excited her at the same time. His hands were always so warm but this time it felt like his touch was on fire.

“Lucy, I think you should know that I like you. Like…I like-like you. I think you’re so pretty, and so smart, and so kind, and so strong, and so–”

Right when the mood had begun to lighten, his speech was interrupted by a frustrated groan.

WE GET IT. SHE’S FUCKING AMAZING. CAN YOU TWO JUST KISS ALREADY?!” Cana shouted drunkenly from the bar, clearly unamused that it was taking so long for the two to finally get together.

Both mages blushed as others around them agreed profusely.

Clearly the fairy tail guild wasn’t the patient type.

Lucy chuckled awkwardly as she rubbed the nape of her neck. “Don’t mind Cana, she’s obviously just as drunk as you–”

Then suddenly, Natsu’s lips that tasted of liquor and fire, were on her own.

His drunken kiss wasn’t sloppy like she expected, but slow and sensual, like he had been anticipating this moment for the longest time. His lips were soft and smooth, pleasantly surprising the celestial mage.

She felt guilty for not kissing back, too consumed by shock, surprise, and happiness to move. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at him while he kissed her, all of the background noise fading away as she could only find herself being able to focus on him.

The expression on his face was not one of smugness for stealing her first kiss, or of pure lust, but of concentration and devotion. It was as if he wanted the kiss to be perfect, that every move he made was tactfully thought out. Almost like he was in a battle, ready to win. Except, the only thing he was hoping to win was her acceptance and heart.

This drunken man who had just confessed his feelings to her was making her heart beat faster than it ever had. Her hands felt clammy by her sides as he continued the sensual dance of his lips against her own, completely dumbfounded by what was happening. She wanted to jump for joy, cry, and scream all at the same time. But instead, she was as stiff as a log.

For Natsu, he was too distracted by the warm feel of Lucy’s lips to notice how Lucy had frozen. All of his senses were immersed in her overwhelming presence, like she had casted a spell upon him that made him only need her.

He focused on her sweet smell and taste, vanilla and cinnamon.

He concentrated on the sound of her heart beat pounding loudly against her chest.

He tried memorizing every ridge in her lips, every curve.

He was enchanted by her, and the only way he could describe it was….intoxicating.

When Natsu finally pulled away, his eyes stayed closed for a moment, savoring the memory of Lucy’s lips on his. Natsu felt more drunk than he did before. When his eyes finally opened, he found Lucy standing there, wide-eyed and lips parted. She looked flustered, and incredibly cute.

“Lucy,” he called out to her over the cheers and the rest of the background noise that had finally started to come back to his senses. The blonde shook her head as she came back down to earth, eyes locked on his.

“Y-yeah?” She squeaked out, her hands still in his warm ones.

He smiled adoringly at her as he rested his forehead against hers. “You’re my favorite form of intoxication.”

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Could you please tag SNS? If not, that's fine of course.

outofnoodles. thank you so much for asking me about tagging stuff anon! i do appreciate you for sending me a message, but I hate to sound insensitive, but I have never tagged any of my pairings on this blog in the 4 years i’ve been running it ( i’ll tag triggers and nsfw all day though ! ). the reason is because i have so many different pairings on here that if i were to start tagging my favorite and top otp, i’d almost feel like i’d be defaulted to have to start tagging all of them in a way? ( like naruhina, narusaku, all the jazz ) and that’s so much work especially since I just post everything on this blog. even thinking about if i ever start roleplaying a sasunaru relationship again one day, i’d have to start tagging that too and honestly, i’d forget since I post so much here. I’m so sorry anon, but since it is my absolute/top otp, I won’t be tagging it. 


It took a while (a few days actually…. definitely 6 hrs+), but I finally finished drawing all the playable characters and items from Don’t Starve and cut out some test stickers today! It was really tedious trying to make sure they weren’t different sizes or turn out lopsided, and that I showed their different characteristics the way I wanted to, but it was a lot of fun! 

I’ll be making buttons next! Once I make sure they’re alright, I’ll be posting everything on etsy~! :) 

ok, so the thing is in my experience when you really see yourself in/strongly relate to/deeply empathize/sympathize with a character and what happened to them and how they dealt with it and then you have people shipping them with their abuser, and make light of their situation, it feels pretty fucking gross. and it hurts, and it makes you feel unsafe, and it says “what you went through wasn’t bad/bad enough.” and as if that wasn’t awful enough, you shippers are continuously saying “oh well it doesn’t hurt anyone :))))” even though so many people have told you in so many different ways that yes, yes it does hurt us. it does hurt us. and that just makes it all hurt even more. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve come across one of those posts in the anti tag and felt something so sick and heavy and choking in my throat and stomach. but yeah, ok, it doesn’t hurt anybody!!!

@kristoria replied to your post “I’m wondering if I should turn my twitter account into an art one and…”

i’m not sure if you could turn it into “art account” but you can post some of your arts there, many people post their arts on twitter but remember to tag them, besides your art is very good you must spread it more

I’m so unfamiliar with twitter. When you say “tag” do you mean simply typing “#” and then character/ship name or is there a different way to tag stuff on there? 

[many a quéstions]

RULES: Answer all questions (that you can), add one question of your own and then tag as many people as there are questions. 

[i’m reformatting the way the questions were posted because the spacing is weird oh boy]

  1. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi! [A few years ago when I went downtown they made us to the Pepsi taste challenge and I could tell the difference because it runs in my veins … . On the brighter note I got a free drink!]
  2. Disney or Dreamworks: Hmmm either or. I’m not very much of a movie watcher. I think I’ve seen more Dreamworks’ movies though
  3. Coffee or Tea: Tea for sure, Iced Lemon Tea <3
  4. Books or Movies: Books! Hands down. Books are the best ^^
  5. Windows or Mac: I have Windows so Windows, I’ve never tried a Mac so I can’t say.
  6. DC or Marvel: *shrugs*
  7. X-Box or Playstation: Hmm X-Box but Playstation for the way the say their name in ads 
  8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: Hmmm I’m gonna say Dragon Age just ‘cause it has “Dragon” in the name XD
  9. Night Owl or Early Riser: I prefer to be an early riser but university messed up my sleep cycle but once summer starts, I’m READY
  10. Cards or Chess: Cards; even though I like Chess it’s time consuming and cards are fun
  11. Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla for it’s smell, Chocolate for it’s taste and STRAWBERRY FOR MY SOUL
  12. Vans or Converse: Converse
  13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar: Nan desu ka?
  14. Fluff or Angst: Hmmm, both are fine by me
  15. Beach or Forest: EW OUTDOORS, but I’ll say Beach because less bug contact and you can just stay at your hotel which is near the beach hahahahhaha
  16. Dogs or Cats: Both, I JUST LOVE CUTE ANIMALS
  17. Clear Skies or Rain: Clear Skies over Rain ANY DAY
  18. Cooking or Eating Out: Cooking, but more like baking, I WANT THEM CAKE
  19. Spicy Good or Mild Good: Spicy
  20. Halloween/Samhain or Solstice/Yule/Christmas: Christmas! [HBD Jesus]
  21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot?: A little too cold because that’s me already so nothing would change haha
  22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: The ability to teleport wherever I wanted so I couldn’t have to commute to places
  23. Animation or Live Action: Animation
  24. Paragon or Renegade: Qu’est ce-que c’est?
  25. Baths or Showers: Showers, but I like baths too, but my dermatologist would kill me if I took a bath and just sat there in warm water; RIP MY SKIN
  26. Team Captain America or Team Iron Man: Captain America
  27. Fantasy or Sci-fi: Either or, just has to be interesting
  28. Do you have three or four favourite quotes? If so what are they?:  
    - People are like mirrors, if you smile a smile will be reflected., Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona
    - You’ll go through many things in life. But you can choose to grow bitter or grow better., Joy Slaughter
    - I never thought this day would come, when I would reveal my hidden talent. Yes, long ago, I … read a basketball manga!, Handa Seishuu from Barakamon
  29. YouTube or Netflix: YouTube because Netflix has been disappointing me
  30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: *hides*
  31. When do you feel accomplished?: When I get a lot of work done, when I’m very productive
  32. Star Wars or Star Trek: … yes
  33. Paperback books or Hardcover books: Hardcover pLEASE!!!!
  34. To live in a world without literature or without music: You need both, since they go hand in hand. I refuse to pick
  35. Who was the last person to make you laugh?: @psycho-alchemist​ “DESU” 
  36. Sour or Sweet Candy: BOTH
  37. Dawn or Dusk: Dawn because dusk rhymes with tusk and no thank you
  38. Piercings or Tattoos: Piercings I think …? 
  39. Girls? HOT?????: YA
  40. Snow or Fog?: FOG! !!! ! ! !!!!
  41. Do you sleep facing the wall or the room?: The ceiling?
  42. TRC or AFTG: I don’t know what this is
  43. Horror or Drama: Meh for both, I like comedy
  44. Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask: LOL I believe I own Ocarina of Time on my BOOTLEG Wii System so I’ll so Ocarina of Time though I haven’t played it
  45. Would you rather live in an area of more nature or city: City. But suburbs are my bae
  46. What’s your addiction right now?: Otome games, FriCKING SAVE MEEEEE
  47. What languages can you speak?: Telugu, English, REALLY BAD French and Hindi, I’m sorry I try though
  48. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?: Dubai because that’s where I was born and I’m a little homesick currently
  49. Sun or Moon: BOTH
  50. Potato Bread or Banana Bread: BANANA BREAD!!!! [yo fam makes the best banana bread @rev0lutionized <3]
  51. Are horses good?: Yes, but don’t mess with them or they become mean! The only horse I don’t like is “My Horse Prince”
  52. Edward Elric or Alphonse Elric: Hmm Edward I guess? He’s shown more so I’m sorry Alphonse, but you a good kid too
  53. Logan or Deadpool: MEh
  55. One-shots or lengthy fics?: I don’t read fanfiction because they kinda scare me but going off of my manga reading habits I usually read one-shots than full mangas
  56. What’s a hairstyle you what but are too scared to try?: Hmm, short hair of any kind since my hair is really long so it’s REALLY BIG CHOP but some days I’m just tired of maintaining it and I’ve gotten a lot of against this cut than for this cut so … weLP, I REALLY WANNA REDYE MY HAIR RIGHT NOW! Like I have my colours and stuff but I either don’t have time or I forget since I’m distracted
  57. How many blogs do you have?: I have three blogs, a hoarded URL and a joint blog with four other members!

From the Handa quote

Thank you for the tag @psycho-alchemist!

I tag: @phan-chan, @briirens, @pentamerous, @choukis and my new friend @serensoleil

UUUUPS it happened, my inner shipping fangirl came out. I’m team Megumi all the way in Shokugeki no Souma and really really hope they will end up together in the end. I have been wanting to change my theme since forever so now it happened! Soumegu Theme ♥ 

Megumi is the cutest angel who has ever been born on this planet and I wish more people would realize too. I do like the other females too like Alice is hella cool ok? but for me Megumi’s kindness just touch me so much. 

Also I decided to try colourcode blogging, which means I only post in a specific colour for some time before changing it to another colour. So in advance sorry for the post which is really popular now might first get on my blog way later when I get the opportunity to blog those colours. I hope you guys still want to stay during this experiment of mine and ofc my blog content won’t change~

I put it in a queue so it will start officially on Tuesday or around then! I hope u will enjoy it cause it took a while to find all the colours and get them to match~

Smarkle vs Riarkle IS NOT Shawngela vs Shaty

I’ve seen/heard so many people claim that shipping Riarkle is racist (and rude to autistic people, but that’s a different post), and tbh I’m done with listening to that bullshit.
This not Shawngela vs Shaty. By saying we prefer Riarkle, we are not saying Smackle’s role in the show should be erased. We are not saying her relationship with Farkle should be regarded the way Shawngela was. We are not saying Smackle’s friendships with any given member of the Clique Six should be erased. We are not saying Smackle should leave the show. And if any of those things did happen and Riarkle rose, it would be the writers you would have to blame, not us.
Besides, Smackle is still a poc and autistic when she isn’t with Farkle. You’re the one degrading her if you think her only purpose is the be Farkle’s girlfriend. She is valuable to the show with or without him, and is representation with or without him.
And anyways, Riarkle shippers love Smackle! And plenty of us low-key ship Smarkle! And absolutely zero of us are racist. So stop accusing us of false things in our own tag please!

Welcome to JensenHiatusLove, Week 1!

We wanted to create a blog to help us get through the hiatus, and thought what better than a blog to highlight the awesome talent of Mr Jensen Ackles and to express all the many, many ways in which we love him.

We’ll be posting a different theme each Monday to help inspire your creations that week (you can check out the next few upcoming themes on the blog) and all you need to do is write, draw, gif, make videos or create whatever you feel inspired to, and post it by the following Sunday. 

The first theme is: ‘Favourite Jensen Quote’ :) 

Simply tag your creations with jensenhiatuslove within the first five tags, and we’ll be tracking it so we can reblog them all to the main blog.  Follow the blog and/or track the tag to see the upcoming themes each week, and to enjoy and help spread all the wonderful jensen love!

Happy Hiatus from jensenhiatuslove ❤️