so many derp faces


Little sneak peek at my almost completed Beta Concept Zevran cosplay :D

We were just testing out how well the tattoo stuff works all over, nothing fancy or intricate since I’m not going to a con yet, and then suddenly I had half of the cosplay on.

No daggers made yet, so my beautiful long bow that I was too lazy to string at that moment gets to stand in as my weapon for now.

anonymous asked:

what kind of pictures do you think maura (and/or jane) would post on her instagram if she had one? (in a world where they're dating. or married with a daughter named dylan) ;)


I feel like Maura would be posting a lot of abstract stuff; a smaller piece of a bigger picture.

like.. Jane’s hair all messy as she sleeps.. or Jane’s hands clasped around her coffee cup.. and her pictures would always be in black and white.. or Dylan and Jane curled up and napping on the couch (but it would only be a picture of their socked feet)

Jane would have a lot of actions shots and there would be so many Maura derp face pictures that it has its own hashtag #chiefmedicalDERP

there would also be a lot of selfies with her/Frost, her/Frankie, and smooshy cute selfies with Maura (that Maura is always stealing her phone to take)

now i want this.