so many cutie moments from this

shawn’s smile

since I’ve finished all my exams, I decided to take a moment and create an appreciation post with all of my favorite shawn smiles because

 I just need to see his smile. It make me so happy.

none of these gifs or pictures are mine so credit to whoever made these beautiful gifs or took these wonderful pictures!

also i’m not sure if there already is a smile appreciation post but this is mine so WITHOUT FURTHER ADO

buckle your seat belt because this is gonna be a ride :)

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Exo reaction to you wanting morning sex

Exo reaction to you wanting morning sex
(I did ot9 cause it’s less members)

•Sehun: I feel like he would get excited and try to contain it when you asked him. (I also think that he would like to get kinky and experiment in the morning)

•Kai: boyyyyyy would he start putting those dancer hips to work. You’re definitely in for a long morning/afternoon with Kai. Expect multiple orgasms and for him to top in the morning.

•Chen: this boy would be a little goofy puppy when you asked him and you guys would definitely have some playful sex in the morning

•suho: I can see you guys sitting on the couch all tired from just waking up and you start to tease him or straight up ask him and he would pull you onto his lap. He would probably be into thigh riding in the morning? Idk but I feel like he would be a power bottom in the morning

•Lay: cutie patootie yixing will have you moaning and crying out his name in the morning from the frustration he causes you. He will be endlessly teasing you with no mercy. A big smile plastered across his face because on the inside he’s burning with butterfly’s cause he thinks this moment is cute

•Xiumin: wow. Idk what to say for this boy. Morning sex with him could go so many ways. He has many sides to his personality so I see that in his sex life too. If he’s more awake and happy then playful sex. If he’s sleepy and grumpy than expect inpatient rough sex with lotssss of teasing

•kyungsoo: I don’t feel like he’s a morning person unless he’s completely awake but if he is completely awake then his teasing side would come out. Once you asked him he (if he was awake) he would start to roam your body while his lips danced on your neck. He’ll probably wall fuck you in the morning (if he has the strength that early)

•Baekhyun: if you came here looking for soft and fluffy baekhyun, you came to the wrong place. This boy would be such a tease in the morning. I feel like he would like to go down on you in the morning. His low moans causing vibrations trough your whole body.

•chanyeol: similar to baekhyun but more rough. He would be toping or you would be on your hands and knees while he pounded into you from behind. (After this though expect some a+ after care and cuddles)

boyfriend; hyunbin

“a/n: requested by anon / gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner also love this tol cutie


  • this guy when it comes to something like this 
  • he becomes all shy and it’s cute
  • you realized something different about your ‘best friend’
  • “hey, is there something wrong?”
  • you would sit next to him as all the other models were looking over at hyunbin with a slight smirk on their faces
  • you’d just sit there confused like??
  • “is there something you want to tell me, hyunbin?”
  • “there is.”
  • he’d stand up and get on one knee in front of you
  • you would see a flower bouquet flying over hyunbin his head and it would perfectly land into his hands
  • “i like you ___ more than a friend.”
  • “i like you too.”
  • the moment he heard those words coming out from your mouth, he’d stand up and begin crying so much
  • happy tears of course
  • because he never expected you to like him back
  • but now!! his dream has come true


  • dates with this tall cutie would be …….
  • uh i think he’s probably gonna spoil you like
  • he would tell you ‘go wherever you want, i’ll pay’
  • and if you don’t know where to go, hyunbin would take you to brand shops and expensive as hell restaurants
  • he wouldn’t even realize how many he spend until you checked it 
  • “hyunbin!! we spend too much money today on your card, i’ll pay for the food”
  • “no baby, it’s okay.”
  • “it’s not okay!! what if your boss sees this?”
  • “come on, baby. let’s just go”
  • in the end of the day, the both of you would be at dollar stores
  • trying on the masks and everything 
  • it would be so cute
  • “look baby, i’m your deer from now on.”
  • he’d be wearing a deer mask like uh sure
  • hyunbin would eventually disappear for a few minutes 
  • and come back wearing a cute head band saying ‘i love you’
  • “aww, you’re so cute”
  • “so, do you love me?”
  • “i love you very much, cutie”
  • the store owner would be standing there, dying bc the two of you are so cute


  • hyunbin would be very shy when it comes to kissing you in public
  • his kisses would be short
  • his friends would even tease him about it since it’s weird
  • “hyunbin, why can’t you kiss her for long?? what are you gonna do when you two get married???”
  • “stop it, hyojun. you know our hyunbin is very shy”
  • but when it comes to being alone
  • his kisses would be long and really passionate
  • it’s tres romantic
  • hyunbin would wrap his arms around you as he kisses you
  • while kissing you sometimes
  • he smiles since he can’t believe that’s he able to call someone like you his
  • after the kiss, he even looks at you for a second
  • and it’s so cute
  • like you can really see the love in his eyes 


  • wowowow i bet it would feel so good to hug him
  • since this guy is tall and he’s probably very warm
  • but sometimes hyunbin would be searching for you
  • just because he’s cold and he wants to see you
  • “hyunwoo, have you seen ___?”
  • “oh, yeah. s/he’s there in the dressing room talking to hoorim”
  • “thanks.”
  • he’d run as fast as he can to the dressing room and hug you tight af
  • hoorim would be like “ok” and continue to talk to you about fashion week
  • even when sitting down somewhere
  • he’d still be hugging you, no matter what you are doing
  • “babe, can you like move a bit. i’m trying to make my homework.”
  • “i’m sorry, baby. i cannot.”
  • “you can.”
  • you’d try to push him off but he wouldn’t let go
  • “nooooo, i love you”
  • “i love you too but i need to concentrate.”
  • i can also see him before work, hugging you not even wanting to let go
  • “babe, you’re gonna be late.”
  • “it doesn’t matter, i wanna stay with you.”
  • “babe.”
  • “okay, okay.”
  • and after work expect him to be hugging and kissing you the whole time
  • “i love you, i love you and i love you.”

missing each other:

  • like in produce 101
  • he cried a lot because he wants to be with his mom
  • i think it would go the same when it comes to you
  • hyunbin would be thinking about you
  • the moment he left for some model things
  • “hey, why so sad?”
  • “i miss ____ already. i wanna go back.”
  • “can’t you like call or face time ____?”
  • “i can’t. i think if i do that, i’m gonna miss her/him more.”
  • in the end this cutie would call you while crying
  • even though it’s the first couple of hours that he’s been away from you
  • “i miss you baby.”
  • “i miss you too, look hyunbin the days will go past really fast and then we’ll see each other again.”
  • “i wanna see you now, i don’t wanna wait any more days.”
  • he’d continue to call you, until the both of you see each other again
  • hyunbin would face time you when he’s getting ready to sleep
  • he’d eventually fall asleep while face timing with you 
  • when the two of you see each other again
  • expect him to be crying a river while hugging you tight


  • mornings with hyunbin
  • would always start of with him groaning and mumbling random words 
  • the first time the two of you slept together
  • you thought it was pretty weird but got used to it after a while
  • he always wakes up before you
  • and when he sees you asleep next to him
  • hyunbin would chuckle since he thinks you look really cute & beautiful
  • he’d even kiss your forehead and play with the end of your shirt
  • “you’re so cute, look at you.”
  • “i’m so lucky that i can call you mine.”
  • he’s so sweet towards you nobody can handle it not even you lol
  • even when produce 101 was happening
  • hyunbin actually sneaked you in, so the both of you could sleep together
  • he would always want to wake up next to you

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Imagine Michiru taking Tomoyo under her lesbian wings

ok this was sent in before I asked for people to send in nice things but yo friend, this is a NICE THING.

Imagine them shopping. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this is that it’s not Michiru taking Tomoyo shopping and like, buying her a gift or showing her the ropes or anything. NO, IT’S TWO HIGH FEMME QUEENS WITH LIMITLESS MONEY LAUNCHING A FULL SCALE PURCHASING ASSAULT ON EVERY BOUTIQUE AND DEPARTMENT STORE IN TOKYO. (if anything, it’s Tomoyo who helps steer Michiru away from questionable fashion tbh. also she’s got so many ideas for improving/altering/adding to what they find on her own. what a cutie).

Imagine Michiru inviting Tomoyo and Sakura out for tea/ice cream sodas at Crown with her and Haruka. Imagine these two little babies being shown that girls can love each other too - like they know about Touya and Yukito, of course, but there’s something really important about seeing two girls in love and in a relationship with each other for both of them, regardless of who they have crushes on at the moment or anything.

Imagine Michiru and Tomoyo performing duets, sometimes Michiru helps Tomoyo with her school festival performances, but imagine TOMOYO SINGING A SONG AT ONE OF MICHIRU’S CONCERTS AND GETTING SO MANY FANGIRLS.



top tips for cactus care from your local Cactus Dad™

🌵keep them in a well lit place but make sure they don’t get too hot! in the desert many cacti are exposed to the sun all day and can withstand high temperatures but these small cuties can often only withstand temperatures up to 30 degrees maximum, so be careful! if they’re looking a bit sad i put mine on a tray and move them into a sunnier spot for a couple of days because where they live at the moment only gets sun for half the day, but they’ve been thriving for over a year so they must be ok

🌵don’t water them like other plants! instead, place the pots in an inch or two of water for half an hour once every week or two (or as needed) so the water can get to the roots more directly. this can help to reduce the chance of root rot, which is when the base of the cactus does brown and mushy due to water from the surface not evaporating fast enough

🌵if the base of your cactus starts going brown, DON’T PANIC!! this may be caused by ‘corking’, a completely harmless process that occurs with age (although one of mine began corking at a little over a year). however if your cactus does have root rot, isolate it from other plants and re-pot immediately in dry sandy soil. cacti with root rot cannot always be saved, so be warned that this may be fatal

🌵make sure your pot has holes in the bottom! you can put it in a second, decorative pot but the roots must be able to drain excess water to prevent root rot

🌵you don’t HAVE to re-pot your cacti (i haven’t with a lot of mine and they’re doing ok but i intend to in the near future) but ideally you should change the soil for a more cactus-friendly mixture of sand, dry soil and peat

enjoy!! i hope this was helpful, cacti and succulents are lovely plants and very easy to keep, so good luck and have fun!!

B.A.P Party World Tour Washington D.C. Boom

Hey everyone! I got to see B.A.P again yesterday in D.C. and I wanted to share some little snippets of what happened at the concert.

- They had so much fun using water guns and spraying the crowd with water

- YONGGUK IS A FREAKING CUTIE OH MY GAH. How can he be so cute and sexy at the same time?

- Yongguk’s chest tattoo is hella fine

-Yongguk blessed us by lifting his shirt up, revealing his abs. 

- Yongguk lost a lot of weight.

- Our leader looks so happy to be performing on stage


- During the hi-touch, Himchan looked deeply into each fans’ eyes. His eyes really conveyed that he is so thankful for all of BABYz coming to see them.

- Himchan really radiated “I love you. Thank you” vibes and my heart raced seeing him up close. He also seem to be in a really good condition. There was no hint of him being in pain or hurting from his rib fracture. 

- Daehyun borrowed the DJ’s headphones and pretended he was the DJ haha

- Daehyun lost so much weight. He has a really small face

- I bought the Photo Op package and I beelined towards Daehyun. He put his hands on my shoulder because I sorority squat down and I was afraid my flower crown would cover his face. He’s actually the perfect height for me. 5′10″ of handsome Daehyun. 


- After the photo op, I turned around and waved while saying “Thank you!”. He smiled, whispered back a thank you, and did a small wave while maintaing eye contact. he has this half eye smile face going on i’m so emotional right now.

- I can never forget this moment with Daehyun. Just being inches away from him and looking at him into his eyes. 

- Daehyun really has an amazing range of vocals. His high notes are no joke and he can belt them out really easily.

- Youngjae is a literally cutie. HE LOOKS SO SO SO SO DAMN GOOD

- Youngjae got soft hands

- Youngjae is just a silly bundle of cuteness. He knows how to hype the crowd up

-Youngjae also expressed his thanks to fans so many times. I can really feel his deep love and gratitude towards fans.

- Jongup’s body rolls saved me…and his hip thrust…and his dancing … and his singing


- Jongup received some roses from fans and he was happy and shy receiving them.

- Jongup literally exuded confidence at the high touch. I was smitten just looking at him. He even exuded so much confidence on stage that he grabbed my attention the entire night

- Zelo sang in English… and let me tell y’all, I am so proud of the maknae.

-Zelo is tall y’all. Very tall.

- Zelo was the member who got to pick a fan for this concert. HE PICKED THE FAN THAT SAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME. HE EVEN LOOK DIRECTLY AT ME TO HELP HIM GET HER. (cause I have a huge flower crown on my head. I attracted a lot of their attention haha.)

-Zelo picked that fan because he really like her sleeve tattoos. The gift to the fan was him recording the both of them on a camcorder and he was calling her beautiful and interacting with her. 

- B.A.P are freaking trolls haha. They make it seem like the “last song” was really the last song and kept saying bye and thank you and i love you… and then three minutes later they would come back out on stage. I hate them lol. They did this twice. Fans were about to leave and then the fans ran back inside haha.

-I should have known they like doing this type of thing. They did the same thing when they were at the venue before.

-B.A.P also taught the fan’s a dance to dance along with them. They’re dorks.I love them.

I had the time of my life there and it’s still not to late to buy tickets to go to their concert. I really recommend buying the photo op package. Go do it guys!

Yogi and his bracelet :)

At the very beginning of Karneval Gareki won for Yogi violet bracelet, and even if so many time alraedy passed from that moment Yogi seems to never get bored of this bracelet and he wears it a lot. Really a loooooot. ;) 

So here little collection of Yogi with his beloved bracelet- gift from Gareki after all. :D And believe me it’s only tiny part of this. :D Yogi just is sooooooo in love in Gareki this bracelet that he got from his boyfriend Gareki that he almost not take off this. :D OMG, Yogi you are too adorable. :*

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Blanania~senpai :3 I guess you hear that a lot but I love your art and I think it's amasing ^^ you're one of my favorite artists here on tumblr *~* so since your headcanon about council gajevy was right are you planning to draw more of them? :D

Ah thank you cutie! I’m just so glad our headcanon become true and I honestly want to draw more council!Gajevy T _ T B-but I’m really busy and a bit stressed at the moment so I don’t really know, but apart from that, I’m sure our fandom will confidently produce more council!Gajevy art since it has become canon now, you just have to wait patiently because we got so many awesome artists :D

Meanwhile, you can enjoy this little doodle I did for a break yesterday, nothing special actually, just some simple making out (lmfao)

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Hello there! I kinda new to yuzhou world >< and i really want to know more about them. Pls kindly do summaries why you believe in them teehee.

Well i have so many things to say but i’ll try my best to write it as short as possible.

1. First, I believe in the lovebirds’ cutie and freaking real moments when they weren’t separated yet. You can find many of them in fanmade videos on Youtube and they’ll give u goosebumps lol

2. Pls check out all their ridiculously obvious hints since the separation - HERE

3. I’m a BL fangirl ^^

4. So many Chinese shippers (who usually follow them and know freaking lot abt their private life) still ship them very hard, and I read some hints from them - HERE (u may choose to believe it or not, dont worry)

Anon chan those above aren’t enough at all but the more you find out, the more you will believe in their love. Btw welcome to YuZhou fandom ^^

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Romanced fallout 4 companions (+Maxson) reacting to Sole telling them about their spouse and the loved they shared


Danse: Danse listens intently to their stories, understanding how important it is to survivors for the memory of loved ones to live on. In return he tells them of friends he’s lost on the field of battle. The stories help them grow closer.

Deacon: Deacon is more than understanding having lost a spouse himself. He finds himself brought to tears by the idea that Sole trusts him so much with these stories of their spouse. He eventually opens up and tells them about Barbara. Little stories at first, the way her hair smelled in the morning, how she took her coffee. Eventually he tells Sole how they met and their wedding. They both open up a lot and learn a lot about each other.

Hancock: At first Hancock gets jealous, worrying that the love he shares with the will never hold a candle to the love they have for their dead spouse. He tells them this and they explain that it’s a way for them to heal and it has nothing to do with their relationship. He feels better after they talk and enjoys listening to their stories.

MacCready: Mac actually starts the sharing of stories with a funny story about when Lucy was pregnant with Duncan. He worries at first that talking about her will upset Sole but they counter with an even funnier story set pre-Shaun. It’s cathartic for the two of them and they share stories late into the night.

Maxson: Initially Maxson treats it like a competition. He tells a story about an old girlfriend of his and Sole can tell he doesn’t really get it. They explain to him their need to share about their spouse and tearfully explains the pain of losing them. He feels like he’s really messed up after that and lets Sole tell them all the stories they want.

Nick: Nick is happy to listen to all of Sole’s stories. They tell him some every night while they’re snuggling before bed. Eventually they ask to hear stories from his past. When he starts talking about Jenny they say no, they mean his life since he woke up in the dumpster. He doesn’t have many romantic stories but he tells them about cases he’s never told anybody else.

Preston: Preston listens raptly to Sole’s stories and responds in kind. He tells a few stories here and there but really he just wants to hear about pre-war life and Sole’s spouse and infant son. He loves hearing about hte peace and tranquility of life before the bombs and Sole enjoys talking to him and telling him stories.


Cait: She likes hearing the stories at first but over time she starts to feel like she’s being compared to Sole’s spouse and starts to resent the little stories. She and Sole eventually work it out but they don’t tell as many intimate stories.

Curie: Curie loves the stories and asks so many questions that a 15 minute story can end up taking an hour because she has so many interjections. She always asks for more stories and soon they migrate to other topics, stories from Sole’s childhood and their young adulthood. 

Piper: Piper loves the stories and turns them into a weekly column on pre-war life. Not the ones about thier old spouse, but the more mundane ones about life before the bombs. Piper doesn’t feel threatened or jealous, she understands the importance of telling stories and the power of words. Storytelling moments become some of her favourite memories.

Bon appétit

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Warning: Cutie Kookie ain’t here if you’re looking for him. But if you’re looking for naughty Jungkook, you’ve came to the right place. Dirty talk and smut.

“I’m home!”

I run out from the kitchen as soon as I hear his voice. Jungkook is finally back from his long tour and as gentleman he is, he doesn’t come empty handed. He brings a cake, strawberry to be exact. Seeing his face sparks in me a joyful desire, I throw my hand over his waist as my face buries in his chest. He has his arms around me. That I miss you so much hug is all I need to recharge myself from days without him.

“I brought you strawberry cake, you’re favourite.” - he places a kiss on my still wet hair from the shower.

“Baby I don’t need cake, you coming home is all I need.”

I lead him to sit on the rug in front of the fireplace. Lights off, music on. Everything is just dim enough for us to see each other. It’s been ages since we had a romantic moment together. Jungkook, in his white plain tee and ripped jeans, is sexy as always. I love the way he sometimes raises his eyebrow and smirks at me. This girl have seen so many sides of him, cutie Jungkook, cool Jungkook, vulnerable Jungkook but there’s no denial, sexy and naughty Jungkook is the best.

“Say aahhhhhh.”

He picks up a strawberry and puts it in front of my lips. I open my mouth and bite half of it, he put the rest in his mouth. The taste of strawberry feels tarty against my lips. I bite them slightly and look at Jungkook. Well… in this atmosphere, it will be waste if we just sit and let time slip away right?

“Kookie, can you feed me some of that whipped cream?”

His eyes show surprise as they look into mine. But all they get is a tempting gaze from me. He dips his index finger to scoop up a bit of whipped cream and places it on my lips. I take his finger in my mouth and suck them. I lick it as if it’s a lollipop, as if it’s his dick instead. Eye contact is never broken. He gulps, and officially turns on. He isn’t the only one… my panties have been irritiating me the whole night. His finger is now wet, soaked with lust and temptation calling his inner sultriness.

“You sure are hungry.” - he slightly lift my chin.

“Kitty has been left hungry all day… what’re you gonna do about it?”

“Tell me, what do you want me to feed you?”

“Your dick…”

He starts stripping me, and then himself. His lips crash into mine roughly, devour them like a hungry wolf for his prey. His finger slide along my clit, earning him a long, loud moan of mine.

“So wet… seems like kitty’s been naughty.”

I’m too overwhelm to even reply. He leaves my lips and make way down for my womanhood. I spread my legs wide for him to eat me. His tongue slide up and down as they suck my core, making me lower body numb. His hands roam on my boobs. He squeezes them, pinches my harden nipples. For me, I’m trapped in my own world of ecstasy. Screaming and breathing loud enough for everyone in the neighborhood to hear. My fingers twine with his hair, ruffle them and take out all of my pleasure out on them. Just a bit more… and my orgasm’s going to take over me.

But he takes his tongue out, leave my orgasm hanging in mid air before it cools down.

His hard dick slams into my entrance, fills me up with pleasure again. My eyes roll back my head. Sweats drips on my forehead. He rocks his hips, sliding deep inside me. His nails dig into my ass. I don’t really care, not in the mist of the sound of my drenched core against his shaft. When was the last time I make these erotic noise just for him? When was the last time he melt my body into a mess like this? I can’t remember… I can’t think straight.

“Y/N, cum for me…”

That’s my cue. We reach our limits. Orgasm hits us like a train, paralyzes every neuron in our body systems. He slides his dick out, spills his everything on my lower stomach. We lie on the rug, still messy, still dirty, still high as fuck.

“Told you I don’t need no cake.” - I turn myself to hug him.

“Well I guess next time I’ll bring myself then.” - he laughed.

“Kookie ah, you’re such a cutie!” - I kiss the tip of his nose.

The strawberry cake is still intacted, lies beside two undone bodies.

For the anon who asked for Jungkook feeding Y/N smut, here you go =3= hope this is what you’re looking for. Seriously this is my favourite gif of Kookie.

Ask box is opened so come into my wild arms and tell me your smutty wishes

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Hi can I get a Boyfriend!Taehyung/V please? Like the what they would be like in a relationship, you know :)

Thank you for this, now I’ve swerved into the V lane. I could go on forever because my son is so interesting.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

-It would be a very playful relationship, that’s for sure. From the random kisses on the nose to the annoying tickling sessions that had you in tears.

-Your relationship would never get boring because with Taehyung by your side; the lively, jolly and high-spirited cutie, how could there be a dull moment? He is a ray of sunshine that lights up the dark.

-And the silences would only ever be comfortable, like when you are lying in each other arms late at night listening to each others heartbeats. You cherished those quiet moments with him because there aren’t many opportunities to just be thankful for having him in your arms.

-Your relationship started off as a friendship because we all know Taehyung makes friends like nobodies business. I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys met near a bathroom because that’s where he meets all his friends. That’s a fact.

-It was never difficult to hold a friendship with Taehyung because he is so easy going and chilled out that everything felt natural. How hyper he was thrilled you because you could never believe the weirdness that just left his mouth.

-But then you realized that it’s hard to keep a friendship with him because you’re in love with him. And he is completely oblivious to it.

-It would take you confessing to him, basically throwing the information in his face for him to realize that you love him. And that he doesn’t actually see you as a friend anyway.

-You guys would probably not talk for a week or two as he process’ your confession and plucks up the courage to tell you that he loves you back.

-Then your relationship would begin. It was the same as your friendship but a lot more intimate…if you catch my drift. Constant playful kissing which would often lead into full blown make out sessions which is a brilliant way to go.

-He shuts you up with kisses because he is just THAT cute.

-You would take baths together and not really in a sexually way. But just play in the water, splashing each other because he is such a big kid that it brings that side out of you.

-I imagine he would wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you about this weird dream he had or that he missed you.

-You would do things like a Rainbow run (paint) and not focus on anyone other than each other. There would always be a slight competitiveness between you that kept the relationship alive. Whenever he had spare time you wouldn’t waste it. You would go swimming, hiking, charity events and just be adventurous.

-He would be pretty spontaneous and plan random getaways for you to, a lot of them abroad because he knew you wanted to see the world with him. Late nights in Paris strolling the promenade to getting frisky in Las Vegas.

-Your favourite thing about him was his smile because its so unique and can literally light up a room.

-He is such a big kid that I wouldn’t be surprised if he dragged you into kids play area or to the bouncy castle. But that’s great because everything he does is unexpected which keeps the relationship alive.

-He touches anything that’s remotely cute and he finds you insanely adorable so can you imagine how much he would be touching you. It wouldn’t just be in the comfort of your home either, it would be in public because he couldn’t control himself.

-Yes, he is the strangest member of bts but you loved that about him. You appreciated his ability to be himself and it honestly made you become a better person. You learnt from him that if someone else can love you, why can’t you love yourself?

-You guys would often get into trouble together but since your were close with the Bangtan boys, you could get away with it but unfortunately for V, all the blame was put on his shoulders.

-You were his first love so you gave everything to one another.

-Sex with V would be breath-taking. Until one of you did a weird moan and the other mimicked it and you both erupted into fits of laughter. Sex would be spontaneous and almost funny for the most parts because laughter was a common part of your relationship. It got serious sometimes though, if you know what I mean.

~Admin Chloe (forgive me for I have sinned). Look at this gif..uch

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I am sorry, I know I must be bothering you, but there are so many moments in yugioh that kill me! When Kaiba said to Zigfried, he won't have him arrested under one condition, "Get out of my life and take your bad hair with you", lmao and generally there were many jokes about his hair. Also I can't believe grandpa Muto panicked all the kids like that to lure Yugi duel Vivian, lol. Well she made gramps do it, but oh well.

Sweet anon, you are no bother at all, ya cutie patootie

From what I remember, Kaiba’s sass is quite a ways up there during that arc, that’s always a treat.

Side note, I cannot believe, out of all people in yugioh, Zigfried’s hair is the one that’s made fun of.

YEAH Vivan’s whole thing was strange to me in general though. I guess gramps had to get in trouble one more time before the end of the series (at least I think that’s the last time?). At least the gang got some good Chinese food and in the end isn’t that what really matters?

[FANACC] 150718 TaeNy at Fansign Event
  • Taeyeon punched Tiffany because Tiffany was about to spoil the story of “inside haed” so cute
  • There were little cameras provided to each members, with Onstyle written on it recording all through out the fansign. When they are doing nothing (not signing) everyone was playing with the camera instead of fanservice lol Taeyeon was crazy for the camera lol but she didn’t know how to use it? TIffany was playing the camera with her the whole time. Too much TaeNy, thank you.
  • Taeny’s playfulness today was overwhelming! After the signing. Sunny, Hyo & yuri were doing like comedy MC-ing and Seohyun who finished signing next didn’t join them lol she was about to join TaeNy but the both of them were playing together so she didn’t lol so seohyun was the only one doing fanservice alone in the venue lol

credits: from astrodice0130 and trans by 9risse 

  • But then Tiff got Joy doll & she was super happy! She kept pressing her belly to talk then Taeng got mic so we could hear the doll. Cuties 
  • So many TaeNy moments!!! Tiff was teasing Taeyeon and Tae did a fake neck hit with her arm to Tiff. Taeyeon’s face was so funny lol 

credits: dulcet2525

  • Then Tiff said “Well, I’m an expert spoiler so…” then Taeyeon tries to stop her and almost hit her lol #SNSD 

credits: itnw0628

Fun, Love & Friends - Joe Sugg Oneshot.

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee baby, come on” you said, pulling your boyfriend by the arm off his bed.

“No, I don’t want to get covered in cream, I hate it.” He said, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you down next to him.

You were trying to get your boyfriend, to film the ‘how well do we know each other’ tag for your channel. You were due to upload in the evening and had no video. So you were asking him to wake up at a reasonable time of 10am and film it with you.

“Please, you know you want to really. I’ll give you all the cuddles and kisses ever” you said, pouting.

“Don’t pull that face. I know what your doing.” He said, laughing and closing his eyes.

“I’ll get Caspar to film it with me then” you said, getting up and walking to Caspar’s room. Where he will most likely, be sleeping.

“Caspar” you shout, walking into his very messy room. “Oh, my favourite South African” you say giggling.

“Fuck Off Y/N” he grumbled, rolling over in his bed.

“Joe is being mean and wont film a video with me.” You say, sitting on his bed.

“The little fuckers, hormonal.” He said, opening his eyes and grabbing his Iphone.

You laughed at his response. “Will you film it with me” you say.

“What is it first.” He says, raising a eyebrow.

“how well do we know each other Tag. You know with the cream to the face” you say.

“No, joe has to do that. He knows you more then me.” He says rolling onto his side and going back to sleep. You get up and walk back into Joe’s room. Seeing him curled up in bed, on his phone. “JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE, Caspar said you have to film it with me” you laugh.

“Fine, only if you film a video with me for Sugg Sunday” he smirks.

“if I must” you giggle, jumping on the bed. “Now, get your cute little butt up.” You say, making Joe laugh.

“Hello Everyone, Today I have another new video for you. And I’m here with Hoeseph Sugg, aka ThatcherJoe” you say into your camera. Pointing to Joe, your boyfriend who was sat next to you on the end of your bed. “Did you just call me, Hoeseph” he laughed.

“Yeah, your my little hoe” you giggle, ruffling his hair.

“GET OFF!!” he shouts, pushing your hand away then laughing at your silly face.

“Tell them, what we are doing today Joe” you say.

“We are doing the how well do we know each other Tag. Where we ask each other, questions about our self’s and the other has to answer it and if they get it wrong, they get cream in there face” Joe says, holding up the cans of cream and paper plates.

“I’m feeling pretty confident, are you” you ask him, getting the questions up on your phone.

“No, I always forget what you tell me. So I think I’ll lose” he says, trying to squirt cream on your head.

“Stop it, no” you laugh, pushing his hand away.

He just laughs, putting the cream down.

“Ok, are you ready, you ask me a question first” you say, looking into the camera.

“ok, how many videos do I have on my main channel” he smiles, putting the cream on the paper plate.

“Not too much, please” you say, thinking.

“Come on” he laughs. Pushing the plate full of cream towards your face.

“Don’t” you shout, grabbing his arm.

“I think, 120” you say, covering your face with your hands.

“Babe look” he says, grabbing your hands, off your face.

“Did I get it right” you say excitedly.

“I’ll give you that one, I have 117” he says, pulling an annoyed to the camera.

“Yes! Ok, what’s my favourite, film ever” you say, smirking to the camera.

“Are you kidding me? You have loads!” he says, sinking down in his chair.

“yeah, but what’s the one that I love the most. And it’s only on the U.S. Netflix” you say.

“How am I supposed to know this” he says, laughing.

“I’m going to have to pie you in the face, with cream then” you say, shaking your head.

“Please don’t gorgeous, please.” He says, holding onto your shoulders.

“Don’t sweet talk me, Joseph” you laugh.

“Fine” he says, and you pie him in the face with Cream, laughing.

“It’s horrible” he says, pulling a weird face.

“You’re not a good boyfriend, so I had to.” You laugh, leaning away from him.

“Do you want a kiss, baby” he laughs, leaning towards you and grabbing you before you can move.

“Don’t Joe, please don’t” you cackle, making Joe laugh.

“What do you not want a kiss, from me.” He laughs, holding you by the waist, you trying to wiggle out of his strong hold.

Before you know it, he is holding you tightly by your waist from behind and has rubbed his cream covered face into your neck, making you howl with laughter.

“Oh, Joe. It’s horrible.” You frown, moving out of his grip. You walk out of the shot, grabbing a towel.

“You’re such a loser” you laugh, walking back towards the camera set up.

“Love you, he laughs, looking at the camera.

It was 6pm, and Joe had just made dinner, after you had cleaned up from filming the video. You were about to set your video live and was currently sat on Joe’s bed whilst he was, editing a video.

“I wonder if they will like this video.” You say to Joe.

“Of course they will. What makes you think they won’t.” He asks, turning around in his chair to look at you.

“I don’t know, I’m scared they don’t ship us.” You say, frowning.

“Well, we are kind of cute. So, they should.” He laughs.

This was your first, video as a couple together. You were in each other’s vlogs and other Youtuber’s too, but it was totally different, showing a main channel video of you two together.

“It’s live” you say and Joe, come’s and joins you on the bed. Reading through the comments.

You had thousands of tweets, from fans saying how cute you two were together. It put you in an amazing mood, so you decided to reply to the comments.

(Fans Youtube Name) OMG!! You two are the cutest! Especially when Joe was like, ‘babe look’ and grabbed Y/N hands. SHIP IT!!

(Your Youtube Channel Name) Awww thank you! He is a cutie, isn’t he! <3 x

(Fans Youtube Name) Omfg cuties! So many cute moments in here! It’s lovely to see you both so happy! Love you! <3 x

Smiling you reply with

(Your Youtube Channel Name)

Thanks love! I know I am, love you! X

Smiling you put your laptop away and walk upstairs to where Caspar and Joe were chatting. “Hey Gorgeous” Joe says, putting his arms out for you from the kitchen stool.

Walking over to him, you stand between his legs and cuddle him.

“Hello.” You laugh, leaning up to kiss him.

“How did the video go down guys.” Caspar says, cooking pasta.

“Everyone seemed to like it, and ship us” you say, smiling.

“of course they do, they love you guys. You’re a very cute couple” he laughs.

“Thanks Caspar” you say, high fiving him.

You let go of Joe and sit on the sofa on your phone, to check twitter.

@TylerOakley : @Joe_Sugg @Y/T/N you fricking cuties. I love y’all <3

You smile, replying to Tyler with a heart emoji.

Next is Zoe who tweeted you.

@ZozeeBo : @Joe_Sugg @Y/T/N Adorbs! Suggs win tho haha! I love you guys <3 x

@Y/T/N : @ZozeeBo @Joe_Sugg it was unnecessary haha! Love you! X

@Pointlessblog : @Y/T/N unfair isn’t it! We need Revenge on those Sugg’s haha! @Y/T/N : @Pointlessblog Deffo! It was uncalled for ! hahaha!

You smile, putting your phone down. You were surrounded by the most supportive friends, family and Fans!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it and if you did. like and message me, I want some feedback aha! if you don’t know what the ‘How well do we know each other’ tag then, Zoe made this video with Alfie. You could watch that first!



Might as well show off these guys while I’m at it. While the rest of the characters I’m doing are based on the pairings in the MXYL series, these guys aren’t related to anyone directly. They’d be characters the new generation of freedom fighters encounter during their adventures that show how parts of the old world have progressed from 25 years ago.

Eight-Eyes Spider Girl - A defected Ixis mage from the bat cult who has uncovered a secret plan that threatens the lives of many innocent people. She’s a cutie patootie, but still slightly evil. Doesn’t want to kill people, but does wonder if you have a moment to talk about the word of our Lobster-Rhino-Bat-Troll.
Shawn Daryl Bender (Shabarrell) - The dark, brooding antihero with chestfur who secretly has feelings so that in the future people still have someone to draw shmoopy fanart of. Comes from a city that Eggman built up that has been left leaderless and lawless since his defeat. Jaded and self-centered and works for a crimelord before deciding that he wants to dedicate himself to being a positive change for his hometown. Still resents all these damn rich royal kids who have no idea what it means to be hungry.

Longer headcanons here.

2014년 10월 7일 #happylayday - To a healing unicorn who amazes EXO-L with his amazing dance skills. Thank you for always showing fans how much you care and love us. You’ve smiled through all sorts of pain and rose above all challenges with such a kind heart. We’ve been blessed with such an angel and I hope today we can show you thankful we are to have you. Happy 23rd (24th) birthday, our dimple prince! 우리 착한 왕자님 생일축하해용ㅋㅋ 많이많이 사랑해요 ♥ (click images for captions)


Top 5 Cutest Sam Moments (full series)

I adore this prompt so much because it’s already lead to so many posts about how adorable our man can be! Some of my absolute favorite cutie moments have already been named, like Sam x Madison and the underwear folding, prankster Sam from 1.17, and basically every frame of Sam from Bad Day at Black Rock, but there are still so many to choose from, so here are some of my favs in no particular order:

  • “This is nuts!” - Taxi Driver isn’t a cutsie episode at all, but that doesn’t stop Sam from having the cutest reaction to finding the door to Hell ever. 
  • Sam’s reaction to the Bela dream - I tend to buy into the theory that Bela was testing out her dreamroot on Sam in this episode, which is why Sam dreamt about her, and why Sam seemed so incredibly confused/surprised by it. I also find his reaction to it adorable, from how happy he is when he wakes from it, to how horrified he is when he realizes what he just dreamed like “WTF?”
  • Sam cutes himself out of being shot - This may actually be the cutest Sam has ever been… ever?????? He’s a 6'4’’ giant, cornered with a gun in his hand, and should be lethal. He could intimidate his way out of the room, but when he realizes the situation is not what he thought it was, he smiles like a little boy, apologizes profusely, then slowly backs out with that big dumb smile and puppy curls falling around his face while he takes his gun apart and leaves. The people pointing the gun at him are so confused by this they just… let him go… feel the power of Sam’s cute!
  • “Do you have bigger cups?” - The way you know that the cute in Sam is super strong is the fact that even soulless, he manages to be adorable. Most people when they’re soulless, freak out and raise havoc. What does Sam do? He’s slightly rude by cluelessly asking if he can drink his tea in a larger glass. It’s STUPID cute. 
  • Sam’s ‘bad cop’ - Sam is completely adorable the entirety of Plucky’s, but one of my personal favorite moments is when he decides to take on the role of 'bad cop’ when questioning employees. It’s comical because he’s enormous and should be scary, but for some reason it’s CUTE AS HELL instead. Probably, it’s because we know he’s so uncomfortable at Plucky’s so he’s a little off his game, but also it’s probably because we know the role he’s best at is being an actual cupcake.