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detroit fam?

detroit fam

  • for years phichit n yuuri think celestino spends all his money on hair products and toys for mack 
    • “why else would he live in his shitty townhouse and eat all that junk food omg yuuri our coach is starving” “shit ur right”
    • they’re not
    • celestino’s fucking loaded from all the shampoo commercials he used to do
    • he’s just a cheapskate who can’t be bothered to cook and mack’s favorite park is across the street  
  • they always travel as a pack because without phichit, yuuri will get lost and without yuuri, phichit will do something stupid and without celestino, they’ll both cause international trouble and end up breaking 5 laws in the process
  • “ciao ciao is the devil in a bad teddy bear disguise” “don’t talk about our father like that”  "he ate all the Girl Scout cookies” “THAT BASTARD”
  • phichit has an instagram devoted to mack’s tail wags/butt wiggles
  • there are two (2) reasons why celestino’s hair is now thin enough that he can put it in a ponytail. they’re named yuuri and phichit

Juniper is the light of my life. Today we tried the clicker, just to see if it helped with our training - now she’s CONSISTENTLY doing ‘Touch’ and 'Down’, and we’re working on 'Give’ and 'Take’. :3 She’s so good. SO good. She’s been out of her puppy prison pen since noon and has behaved herself VERY well, with supervision.

I’ve also got us signed up for training classes with a professional in July!! Group lessons, so we can see how she does around others, AND I can correct whatever mistakes I’m making.

She loves to just hang out near me, when she’s tired. Right now, she’s sitting next to my computer chair, just yawning sleepily. My heart is full to bursting.

I mean, this whole process hasn’t been without its hiccoughs - I freakin’ STEPPED on her earlier, it was horrible, and she still wakes me up crying in her pen in the middle of the night periodically… and I’m afraid I’m not a very interesting friend right now; the only thing I’ve been talking about is Juniper, the funny or clever things she does, the way her ears flop, so on.

And she’s a stubborn little thing, and can be very willful; she’s constantly pushing boundaries and while she seems to see me as the leader, she’s a lot more uppity with Fiance, which is a struggle.

But she’s worth it. My god, she is worth it. I feel like I get glimpses of the dog she’s growing into, and my heart swells nigh to bursting. She’s growing up so quickly!

I was worried, at first; she wasn’t very responsive to people words. It’s taken a lot more work than I thought it would, to get her to consistently pay attention, and we’re still not 100% - but she’s getting there, she’s improving every day.

I just … her face, you guys. Her little foxy face, with those enormous ears, and the sort of suspicious way they twitch back when something Unusual happens. She looks so SERIOUS sometimes, and then others she gambols around like she HAS to move to show how full of joy and life she is, her tongue hanging out, her ears FLOPPING, ugh


I love her so much. So so so much.

The way she sleeps on her back, sometimes, little paws up in the air like dreaming porkchops. Her tummy is so soft! She makes these little grunting noises when we put her on her back - we practice this daily, and she’s stopped crying like we’re murdering her, but she still doesn’t like it. She grunts and grumbles but tolerates it as we touch each toe.

I just … I can’t, with this dog.

I can so easily see how the challenges might be frustrating, but my heart is putty. I’m still firm with her, because I know it’s what is best, but there’s so much love in that firmness; I feel so patient. So kind.

She makes me feel like the best version of myself, she makes me want to be better.

She’s such a good dog. So very, very good.

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I love that Pudge is ENORMOUS compared to the other pups and of course, the most vocal. All of the puppies. I wish we took home ALL OF THE PUPPIES! 

Dawwwww puppies. 


We went to the new Brea dog park for a corgi meet-up this morning.  The park is amazing!  Rhys had so much fun.  He got to meet so many new corgi friends including Odie, Walker, and Kirin. He also got to see his good friends Gatsby and Scout, and even my sister came with her chiweenie Chef. Rhys was even reunited with his half-sisfur Arya! They look identical! They share the same papa, but are siblings from another mother and were born about 2 weeks apart.  (Fun fact:  Arya and Gatsby are also half-siblings - they share the same mama.)

The park was really nice, so we’re looking forward to bringing Rhys back for more fun and playdates! Let us know if you want to go anytime :)


scenes from the mayflower pembroke welsh corgi club’s annual summer picnic. there were so many fabulous corgis i couldn’t even stand it!

there were corgi games, corgi swag, contests and a raffle! so many fabulous dogs and everyone was really friendly. plus, i may have found a sponsor to become an official MPWCC member. amazing.!!!!


Had a little corgi meet up. 

There were more blackhead tricolors than red and whites. YOU HEARD ME. Pudge was the only defloofed fluffy. We had 1 corgi mix (a pom-corgi mix, who is RIDICULOUSLY adorbs and sweet) and 2 non-corgis. 

Anyways, it was amazing. I was in corgi heaven. They barked. Then they were ok. Then new corgis came, then they barked some more. Pudge and Daisy had their usual bark-off. They are no closer to a resolution than they were when they first met. I think Pudge is battling for pack dominance and Daisy is having none of his nonsense. 

It was pawesome. It totally made up for not going to the Corgi Celebration in Buda, TX this year.