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this is the Super Bowl ad that has the MRA’s and anti-feminists up in arms, because *gasp* Audi is saying they are for Equal Pay. The sad truth is, when I went to go and look for this ad on Youtube, I had to sift through all the filth of men putting up videos, complaining about Audi, how Audi is a terrible company for making such a video, calling for a boycott of Audi, telling the “narrator” of the video that he should spend more time telling his “daughter” to not grow up and sleep around with a zillion guys (even though that has NOTHING to do with the video itself, but when you have nothing truly intelligent to say, sure, jump to slut shaming as that is the only thing these morons can think of)…

It’s just amazing how something as “simple” as saying “gender equality” can upset and offend so many people (whose sensibilities are so fragile they HAVE to make an anti-video)

Meanwhile, those same people tell folks like myself to simply “ignore” their comments/videos if I’m so bothered by what they have to say. Well why can’t YOU ignore this video if it bothers you so much?

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what do you think abt what Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn Said abt the Sedin twins

It was disgusting.

Their comments stunk of blatant homophobia and just overall grossness. It made me very angry. Not only because the Sedin twins are some of the nicest, most genuine and dedicated people in hockey right now (and probably of all time) but because this is not the first time we’ve heard stuff like this. This just confirms the sickening culture that cultivates the idea of the perfect hockey player being the good ol’ very masculine North American, the tough young buck from Ontario, the rough, white, simple-minded American warrior. The Sedins challenge that stereotype. 

Ever noticed how the butt of the joke in hockey media is always the guy who defies those standards? Don’t you dare be anything but white. I’m looking at you, Subban. You too, Kane. Don’t you dare show intellect, passion, quick-wittedness. No surprise so many people chose to alienate Bryzgalov. Strange how many people attack Crosby for showing weaknesses, emotions. Cindy Crybaby. As if being a girl was the worst thing a man could be.The Sedins are no exception. The Sedins are different and they still succeed. And for guys like Benn and Seguin, that must be utterly terrifying.