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Hey, you're awesome, thanks for existing, basically ^_^ Anyway, I wanted to know if you have any tips on how to write different personalities? My characters (all of them) always end up with the same default personality that I fall back on. Thanks!

Thanks for your question, darling!  I think most of us have struggled with this – after all, we’re conditioned to one way of thinking, feeling, and acting for as long as we live.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we write characters like ourselves, though.  In fact, many of us have a “default character” that’s sassier than we are, sweeter than we are, or in some way different enough from us that we still feel like we’re writing a character.

The problem, then, isn’t that we can’t visualize a different personality than ours.  On the whole, we can.  What we’re missing are the small details that make it feel whole – otherwise, it’s like painting the same room six different colors and trying to pass it off as six different rooms.  Different dominant traits can’t hide the fact that you’re working with one template!

So the question we’re left with: what are the traits we’re missing?  And how can we change them to create a unique and whole personality?

Three Types of Character Traits

There are, as the title suggests, three major categories of personality traits as I see it: fundamental traits, acquired traits, and detrimental traits.  A well-rounded character needs some of each to be three-dimensional and realistic.

Fundamental Traits

The fundamental traits of a person’s character are not as simple as interests and preferences; they are the very base of all decisions and desires.  They are either learned in early life or developed over a long period of time, rooting deeply into the personality.  A few examples of fundamental personality traits include:

  • Upbringing – The word choice here is conscious, as upbringing encompasses many different aspects of a person’s development.  Consider who raised them, and with what morals and practices they were raised to adulthood.  Consider their influences, both familial, social, and in media; consider the relationships that were normalized during their development, as well as the living conditions (financially, emotionally, environmentally, etc.).  The people, places, emotions, and conflicts made common during a person’s developmental period are essential to their personality in adulthood.  This is why psychologists often draw present-day problems back to a person’s childhood memories – because those formative years can subconsciously dictate so much of a person’s future!
  • Values – These may not coincide with the values a person is raised to hold, but upbringing certainly has an influence on this. A person’s values will direct the course of their life through every decision, large and small.  You don’t need to outline everything your character believes is important – every moral and every law they agree/disagree with. But those values which stand above others will give your character purpose.  A few of my favorite examples are: Jane from Jane the Virgin (whose initial storyline is heavily based on her religion and desire for a beautiful love story, as well as her childhood influences who inspired these values) and Han Solo from Star Wars (whose character development rested upon his values shifting from money and gratification to more honorable things).
  • Beliefs – Different from values, beliefs are a more general set of guidelines for how a person believes things are supposed to be.  Beliefs can also be a source of great conflict, as a character tries to stay aligned with their beliefs despite other values or desires.  These beliefs can be established systems, like religion or politics; they can also include more personal belief systems, like nihilism or veganism.  A characters beliefs, like their values, can change over the course of the story – but even if a character is questioning one system of belief, like religion or pacifism, they should have other belief systems in place to govern some of their activity.
  • Reputation – A lot of human activity, whether consciously or not, is dictated by how others perceive them (or how they believe others perceive them).  There are two types of reputation: personal and passing.  For instance, a woman named Sally who gains a personal reputation of sleeping around will behave in reaction to this reputation – either sleeping around because everyone already expects it of her, or specifically not hooking up because she wants to shake this reputation, or developing a thicker skin to deal with the rumors until it passes.  A man named Billy who, because of his tattoos, bears a passing reputation as an intimidating man will either try to soften his demeanor with strangers, own up to the image, or at least learn to expect judgment from strangers as a consequence.
  • Self-Image – Also relevant to a person’s behavior is the way they perceive themselves, which can often have little to do with their reputation.  A lot of self-image is based on definitive moments or phases in the past.  For instance: for several years after I started wearing contacts and cutting my hair, I still saw myself, in dreams at night, with long hair and glasses.  One of my friends, similarly, could not seem to notice when boys would flirt with her during sophomore year – because she still saw herself as an awkward middle schooler with braces, and not as the charming cheerleader with the great smile.
    Inversely, self-image can be inflated, causing character to behave as though they are funnier, smarter, or more prepared than they truly are (see: the rest of my sophomore acquaintances).  This can be an overlooked character flaw opportunity – or flawportunity…

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Acquired Traits

Now we move on to the acquired traits of personality, which are the ones you’re more likely to find on a character sheet or a list of “10 Questions for Character Development”, alongside a million other things like their zodiac sign and their spirit animal.  But the traits I’m about to outline are a little more relevant to a character’s behavior, and more importantly, how to make this behavior unique from other characters’ behavior.  The following traits will be learned by your characters throughout their life (and their story), and are more likely to shift and grow with time:

  • Interests – I know, I had to reach deep down into my soul to think of this one.  But it’s true!  Interests, both in childhood/adolescence and in adulthood, are an important part of a character’s personality and lifestyle.  Childhood interests both reveal something about the character (for instance: my nephew loves trains, Legos, and building, suggesting a future interest in construction or engineering) and create values that can last for a lifetime.  Current interests affect career choice, social circles, and daily activity for everyone.  Forgotten or rejected interests can be the source of pet peeves, fears, or bad memories. There’s a reason I’ll never play with Polly Pockets again, and it 100% has to do with bloody fingertips and a purse that wouldn’t open.
  • Sense of Humor – This can be a little hard to define, understandably.  If you were to ask me what my sense of humor is, I’d probably start with a few stupid memes, pass by Drake & Josh on the way, and somehow wind up telling you bad puns or quoting Chelsea Peretti’s standup comedy. A person’s sense of humor can be complex and contradictory!  Sometimes we just laugh at stuff because someone said it in a funny way.  But anyway, to help you boil this down to something useful: take a look at a few kinds of comedy and relate it to your character’s maturity level.  Do they laugh when someone lets out a toot?  Are they the kind of person to mutter, “That’s what she said,” or simply try not to laugh when something sounds dirty?  Can puns make them crack a smile?  Do they like political humor?  Do cat videos kill them?  Is their humor particularly dark?  Can the mere sound of someone else laughing make them laugh?  Figure out where your character’s sense of humor is, and you’ll feel closer to them already.
  • Pet Peeves – For every interest a person may have, and everything that makes them laugh, there’s something else that can piss them off, large- or small-scale.  Are they finnicky about their living space and neatness? Do they require a lot of privacy? Do certain sounds or behaviors drive them crazy?  What qualities are intolerable in a romantic interest for them? What kind of comments or beliefs make them roll their eyes?  If you need help, just try imagining their worst enemy – someone whose every word or action elicits the best eye-rolls and sarcastic remarks and even a middle finger or two – and ask yourself, what about this person makes them that mortal enemy?  What behaviors or standards make them despicable to your character?  That’s all it takes.
  • Skills – Everybody has them, and they’re not just something we’re born with.  Skills can be natural talent, sure, but they’re also cultivated from time, values, and interests.  What is your character okay at?  What are they good at?  What are they fantastic at?  Maybe they can cook.  Maybe they have a beautiful eye for colors.  Maybe they have an inherent sense of right and wrong that others admire. Maybe they’re super-athletic or incredibly patient or sharp as a tack or sweet as a cupcake.  Maybe they know how to juggle, or maybe they’re secretly the most likely of all their friends to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Where do they shine?  What would make someone look at them and think, “Wow, I wish I were them right now”?
  • Desires – A good way to “separate” one character from the next is to define what it is they want, and then use every other detail to dictate how they pursue that goal.  Every real person has a desire, whether they’ve defined it or not – whether it’s something huge, like fame or a family of five with triplet girls and a beach house on an island, or something small, like good grades for the semester.  These desires can cause a person to revise their values or forsake their morals; and these desires can conflict with other people’s desires, influencing how people interact with each other.  Remember that every character is living their own story, even if it’s not the story you’re telling.
  • Communication Style – A majorly overlooked character trait in pop fiction is unique communication styles.  Having every character feel comfortable arguing, or bursting out with the words, “I love you,” is unrealistic.  Having every character feel paralyzed at the idea of confronting a bully or being honest to their spouse is also unrealistic.  There should be a healthy mix of communicators in a group of characters. Some people are too softspoken to mouth off at their racist lab partner.  Some people wouldn’t see their girlfriend kissing another guy and just walk away without saying something.  Some people just don’t react to conflict by raising their voice; some people enjoy sharing their opinions or giving the correct answer in class.  Boldness, social skills, and emotional health all have a part to play in how people communicate their thoughts – so keep this in mind to create a more realistic, consistent character.
  • Emotional Expression – Along the same lines but not the same, emotional expression is more focal on feelings than thoughts.  If you’ve ever heard of the fight-or-flight response, the different types of anger, the stages of grief, or the five love languages, then you’re aware of different “classifications” of emotional expression and management.  Read up on some of those things, and think about how your character handles emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, anger, loneliness, paranoia, and so forth.

Detrimental Traits

While acquired traits are certainly more enjoyable to brainstorm during the creation process, detrimental traits are as important – or even more important – to the character’s wholeness as well as their role in the story.  Not only do these negative or limiting traits make your character realistic, relatable, and conflicted – they create a need for other characters and their strengths to move the plot forward.  A few examples of detrimental traits include:

  • Flaws – Character flaws are probably the first thing that came to your mind while reading this, but they’re the essence of the category.  Flaws in a character’s personality, morality, or behavior can be a source of character development; they set an individual on their own path and provide a unique motivation for them.  Having Character A struggle with sobriety while Character B learns to be a more patient mother can do a lot to separate their stories and personalities from each other.  Even if certain flaws don’t reach a point of growth, they create a third aspect to personality and force us, as writers, to be more creative with how our characters get from Point A to Point B, and what they screw up along the way.
  • Fears – Everyone has fears, whether we’re conscious of them or not – and I’m not talking about phobias or “things that give you shivers”.  Just like everyone has a primary motivation throughout life (romance, family, success, meaning, peace of mind, etc.), everyone has a fear behind that motivation (loneliness, failure, emptiness, anxiety).  We all have something we don’t want to happen places we never want to be and things we never want to do.  We’ve all been in situations that mildly bothered others but wildly affected us at the same time.  For me, it’s a lack of autonomy, or in any way being forced to do something or be somewhere against my will.
    What does this mean for me?  It means that when other people have nightmares about being chased by an axe murderer, I have nightmares about being kidnapped and locked up.  It means that I’m continually aware of my “escape plan” if something goes wrong in my living situation, and I’m hypersensitive to someone telling me, “You have to do this.”  It means I struggle to follow rules and usually don’t get along with authority figures because I have to assert my independence to them.  It’s irrational and continual and doesn’t just affect me in one situation; it subconsciously directs my steps if I let it.  That’s how real, guttural fears work. Phobias are only skin deep, and they don’t make you feel any closer to the character.

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  • Secrets – Even goody two-shoes Amber from the swim team, with her blonde blonde hair and her good good grades, has a secret.  Everybody does, even if it’s not a purposeful, “I have a deep, dark secret,” sort of secret. We have things we don’t tell people, just because they’re embarrassing, or painful, or too deep to get into, or they don’t paint us in a good light.  While the secrets themselves tell a lot about a person, so do the reasons a person keeps a secret.  Hiding something out of shame suggests a person is prideful, or critical of themselves, or holds themselves to a higher standard than they hold others.  Hiding something painful suggests that the person struggles to handle sadness or regret, or that they feel uncomfortable showing raw emotion in front of loved ones. And so on and so forth.
  • Conflict – Whether internal, interpersonal, legal, moral, societal, or what have you, conflict will limit your character’s actions at every turn.  A story is nothing without conflict driving the plot in different directions and causing your character to rethink both their plans and their lifestyle.  Without Katniss’s moral conflict over killing other tributes, The Hunger Games would be the story of a girl who entered an arena, killed a lot of people, and lived the rest of her life rich and comfortable.  If Luke Skywalker didn’t have interpersonal conflict with Darth Vader, Star Wars would be the war-story of a guy who joined a rebellion and then… yeah.
  • Health – Physical, mental, and emotional health is a huge limiting factor for characters that often goes untouched, but it’s valuable nonetheless.  Not everyone has a clean bill of health and can jump off trains without pulling a muscle, go through a traumatic life experience without any hint of depression or anxiety, or watch a loved one die in gunfire and shove right on without emotional repercussions. Consider creating a character who’s not perfect – who isn’t perfectly in-shape or abled, or neurotypical or stable day-to-day, or completely clean and clear of residual heartache, unhealthy relationships, or bad emotional habits.  Don’t define them by these traits, of course – but don’t feel that you can’t write a character with health issues without writing a “sick character.”

So this post got ridiculously long, but I hope it works as a reference for you when creating unique characters.  Remember that you don’t need to outline all of this information to create an individual, realistic character.  These are just some relevant ideas to get you started!  It’s up to you, as the writer, to decide what’s necessary and what’s excessive for your creative process.

Still, I hope a majority of this is helpful to you!  If you have any more questions, be sure to send them in and we’ll get back to you :)  Good luck!

- Mod Joanna ♥️

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Can you explain a few different types of sedatives? I know ketamine is your favorite, but what are some other options?

Hey there nonny! Congrats on being the first in the inbox for July!! 

Okay. Sedatives. This is an entire monumental class of medications, so you’ll forgive me if I have to be fairly brief about each type. 

There are more than a few sedatives and anesthetics that have been used throughout history. In this day and age, the most common are the benzodiazepines, which I have  [a full post on here]. 

Basically, benzos work by hitting GABA receptors and suppressing brain activity, which is also why they work so well for seizures. Benzos can be given as an injection in the muscle (IM), in the vein (IV), orally (PO), and some can be given via the nose (IN, intranasally). How long they take to kick in will depend on the medication. 

In terms of anesthetics, the next big one is propofol, AKA Milk of Amnesia, AKA Jackson Juice if your character is a bit of a cynic. Propofol is a milky-white medicine which MUST be given by IV. Propofol is basically instant unconsciousness in a glass vial. Anesthesiologists love this crap, because it’s literally dial-a-brain: turn on the medicine and the brain shuts down, turn off the medicine the person wakes up with minimal effects. Having had propofol, I can say it’s absolutely magical. Outpatient procedures basically depend on it. 

The downside of propofol is that it can cause severe drops in blood pressure, which makes it less than ideal for emergency uses, and that it must go by IV. 

Next up are the barbiturates, such as phenobarbital, thiopental, and secobarbital. These are an older class of meds who have fallen out of favor as sedatives but retain a role for seizure prevention and management, and were initially investigated as potential [truth serums]. 

These tend to be fairly long-acting and relatively unpredictable in their effects (compared to benzos and propofol), and can be given as pills (PO), intravenously (IV) or in the muscle (IM), depending on the specific med. These last anywhere from 4-6 hours, and can cause respiratory depression in overdose (just like almost all benzos). 

Sleep aids like Ambien (zolpidem) technically fall into the sedative category as well. Diphenhydramine is typically sold over-the-counter as a sleep aid… but is better known by its trade name, Benadryl. It’s sold OTC in the same doses for both indications but often at wildly different prices, so a smart character might take the same med for both indications, while a less-observant character might accidentally overdose if they take it for their allergies (Benadryl) and to help them sleep (Unisom). 

As for inhaled sedation, ether and chloroform are both historical inhaled anesthetics, but the difficulty with them is dosing. Both drugs have a fairly narrow therapeutic index; that is, the difference between a dose that’s safe and healthy and a dose that could kill your character is very small. They both also take a few minutes to kick in, meaning that the old ”Hey, does this smell like chloroform to you?” method of subduing characters isn’t realistic. 

In fact, all sedatives take between 1 and 5 minutes to kick in, meaning  that your character may still have to struggle with the subdued before the meds kick in. 

Nitrous oxide is another inhaled anesthetic, AKA laughing gas, with a sweet odor. Its half-life is about 5 minutes, so characters who need to remain sedated will need the nitrous to continue to be on. It typically doesn’t produce general anesthesia, but is used as an anxiolytic (ie to reduce anxiety) and for partial sedation. Interestingly enough, some ambulances in this world carry nitrous oxide. (Note: not to be confused with inhaled nitric oxide, which is a pulmonary antihypertensive gas.)  

Other anesthetic gasses still in use include desflurane, isoflurane, and sevoflurane. These require an anesthesia machine to deliver, partially because many of them are liquid at room temperature and must be heated to become gasses. 

Etomidate is an anesthetic that’s used almost exclusively for intubation; it must go IV, it only works for a few minutes, which means it needs another sedative to go with it. That makes it ideal for putting tubes in people. 

I’ve struggled with whether or not to include opiates in this list. The thing about opiates, such as morphine, methadone, meperidine, and heroin, is that while they do make characters sleepy, it’s not their primary effect. (Then again, doctors don’t always get this right; you would be appalled by the number of ICUs who believe that using fentanyl as a “sedative” is an appropriate course of action.) These work by acting on opioid receptors, which manage pain but also help make someone very drowsy. The danger with opioid overdose is respiratory depression, to one degree or another. 

You mentioned ketamine. Ketamine is the anesthetic I think works best in most situations in which writers use sedatives; it reliably produces unconsciousness, it’s relatively safe when administered properly, doesn’t tank blood pressure, typically leaves breathing reflexes intact, etc. However, it’s not perfect, and it’s a bad idea to use recreationally, as is literally every drug in this post. 

I hope this helped!! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Kirishima doesn’t need to know about Bakugou’s bullying specifics towards Midoriya in this scenario, but what I’d like to know is:

How would Bakugou react to the fact that his best friend (or the closest thing he has to one) feels inferior and not good enough ALL THE TIME

Would he sympathize? Would he reject those feelings? Not acknowledge them at all? Flashbacks to his past actions? Want to help him? Get some kind of penance about what he did by helping Kirishima?

Forgive himself by helping Kirishima and others like him?

Begin his long apology towards Midoriya?

Azula will always be an underrated character no matter how many people like her. She’s so much more than what is seen in the series and the comics. Everything she says is something like a cryptic message you still need to translate to help you understand. That’s just how complex she is, and there’s so much room for the fans to like her. No matter how many fans there are, though… It’ll never be enough to truly appreciate how great of a character she is.

I love Serizawa. So much. 

I don’t think I talk about him enough honestly.

I love the fact that he is a mirror to what Mob could have been if he’d never had his family or made his friends. Powerful, but so afraid of his immense power that he didn’t leave his room for 15 years. And so easily manipulated by the first person to show him a hint of control and ‘kindness’… He’s a genuinely sweet person, yet when he’s first introduced we see him as just another pawn in Claw’s plans. I was so surprised that out of the many characters introduced in that arc he was the one who ended up joining the main cast. 

Surprised, but so damn happy.

He’s an adult, in his 30s, never finished even the most basic education. He has incredibly severe anxiety. He became a lackey to the first hand that reached out to him, and who kept him utterly dependent while using him for his power.

But he does his best to do the right thing. And he works so hard to turn his life around. He finally has a genuinely positive support structure, a job with someone who isn’t just using him, and who appreciates him as a person - not to mention his going back to complete his education as an adult and finally learning the independence that had been denied to him his whole life. He shows that it’s never too late to recover, no deadline of “Must Be Younger Than X Age In Order To Be Redeemable”. He isn’t treated as pitiable but isn’t treated as inspirational either. 

He’s just someone trying his very best. 


a/n: and here it is thank u so so much for your patience!! i’m so grateful for all your love in the previous parts of this series!! please tell me if you liked this and if you want another part maybe 

word count: 1,3k

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The night after the date was uneventful for Y/N at least. All she could think of all night was Chris and how nice he actually was. She felt quite disappointed about him leaving to pick up William, but it was understandable. Chris seemed to care a lot about his friends, which she admired a lot.

She sighed, throwing herself on the bed. Y/N couldn’t help but let her mind wonder a little. Does Chris still like her? Or did he even like her in the first place? If he does, how will he act on it? She had so many questions surrounding the thing going on between her and Chris, but she didn’t know how to approach them or how to ask Chris anything concerning the matter.

Y/N looked around her room, hoping to magically find the answer to all her questions so she’d be able to go to sleep. Her eyes landed on a book on her floor. The book was one of her personal favorites, she had always admired the main characters courageous personality.

Then it hit her. All she had to do was gather up enough courage and face Chris. It maybe wasn’t the magical answer she had hoped for, but it was enough to make her fall asleep somewhat relaxed.

Chris on the other hand wasn’t mad, he was actually furious. Not because of Y/N, obviously he had had a great time. He almost felt betrayed, William had promised him to not bother him tonight but that clearly was too much to ask.

The other thing was that on the phone William had told him to pick him up from a party, because he was drunk but when Chris arrived to the address he had been given he found a sober William who just told him to drive to another address. Turns out he had planned to meet the Yakuza boys.

That was exactly how Chris had ended up laying on William’s couch several hours later with a black eye and a small cut on his cheek. Chris groaned in a mix of pain and annoyance, William rising an eyebrow at him.

”Seriously? You couldn’t wait another day to do this?”

”No, you know exactly why too. Couldn’t have done this without you, you’re the freakishly strong one.” William grinned, trying to boost up Chris’ ego so there’d be less yelling involved.

Chris rolled his eyes at the boy. William had left the fight with no scratches whatsoever, which just fueled Christoffer’s anger even more. Sure, he never told the exact reason why tonight was so important to him but either way William should respect him enough to respect him and what he says.

”You never told me what was so important to you tonight, care to tell me now?” William carefully brought up after sitting a good 10 minutes in silence, hoping to not piss of Chris even more. He was one scary man when he was mad.

All Chris could do was sigh, he knew eventually curiosity would take the better of William. Chris nervously chewed on his bottom lip, trying to find the right words.

”I went on a date.”

William fell from the chair he was sitting on, hitting the wooden floor hard. He was shocked to say the least. If he had to bet on someone who’d be the most likely to not go an a date in the whole school, he would’ve been confident on betting for Chris.

”You did what?!” William exclaimed, wincing in pain making Chris feel slightly better.

”Yeah, that’s what I keep telling myself but I really like her and I’m doing my best in trying to show her that my life doesn’t actually depend on hooking up with a bunch of people.” Chris was staring at the ceiling, a small smile on his face thinking of all the things Y/N had told him. It made him upset but first off it sadly was true but she was the first person to actually have the courage to tell him so.

William looked at his best friend, searching for any hint of humor in his features. He couldn’t help the little ’oh’ get past his lips when he realized that Chris was actually serious. The rest of the evening was spent in an awkward silence.


Y/N was a nervous wreck when she arrived at school, she had plenty of times changed her mind about confronting Chris and there probably was many more to come. She was standing in the courtyard of the school with her friends, desperately trying to find Chris or one of the penetrators.

Vilde noticed her odd behavior and was about to comment on it when her attention went elsewhere like everyone else’s.

Y/N’s mouth parted when she saw Chris and his black eye. She wanted to know what had happened to him. Scratch that, she needed to know. Y/N waited a moment before excusing herself, quickly getting inside the school to find Chris in hopes to talk to him.

Soon enough she found him getting standing in front of his locker. Her hands were shaking, her less confident and more nervous side of her taking over. Y/N was about to bail when Chris noticed her. He didn’t say anything, but he just tilted his head at her in a questioning manner.

Y/N took a deep breath before taking a few steps, so she’d be standing directly in front of him. Instinctively she brought her hands up to his face, gently tracing the bruises doing her absolute best to not hurt him. Chris on the other hand just stared at her adoringly.

”What happened?” she wondered out loud. Chris panicked a little, figuring the worst was about to happen.

”Look before you get mad at me or anything, I didn’t end our date so that I could go and fight someone. William had set it up and when I told you last night I have to pick him up from a party I actually thought that was it but then it escalated from there quickly and I really like you, so much that it actually frightens me so if possible dump me in the nicest way possible,” Chris said in one breath. That was a lot of information to process in approximately 15 seconds, Y/N’s brain processing all he said.

The butterflies in her stomach were going crazy when she realized he had just told her he liked her. Christoffer Schistad liked her. The next thing she realized was that he asked her to be nice about dumping him.

”Dump you? How do I dump you when we’re not together?” Y/N wondered out loud. A blush spread out on Chris’ face, making Y/N smirk. For once he was the awkward one, not her.

”W-well I’d actually like to be with you as more than friends. Like I’d be the one who can kiss you and take out on dates and kick someone’s ass if they try to make a move on you. I just really like you,” Chris told unsure of what to do next. This was all new to him.

A smile spread on Y/N’s face. A huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders, she no longer had to worry about how Chris felt.

”Good thing I like you too a lot, then”, Y/N told him Chris’ eyes lighting up. She took a step forward, her hands going behind his neck. She gave Chris a reassuring smile, before getting on her tiptoes so she’d be tall enough to press her lips against his. Their mouths moved in sync sweetly, both of them pouring all of their emotions to it. Chris’ lips molded perfectly with hers, it was like they were built to be together.

Y/N’s nose bumped the bruise on his cheek, pulling them both out of their trance. Chris quietly groaned making her giggle, strand of hair falling from behind her ear. Chris smiled, putting the strand of hair back behind her ear before he placed yet another kiss on her lips.

He could definitely get used to this whole thing. Her smiling because of the dumb stuff he says and does, kissing her and to the feeling of happiness.

Understandably, Trini’s characterization will be a disappointment to many. Yes, there is an implication that she is attracted to other girls, but it is open-ended enough that those who wish to vehemently deny her sexual orientation will find the wiggle room to do so. That said, it is a considerable improvement over the supposedly gay character in live-action Beauty and the Beast; even if it is only implied, Trini’s sexual orientation is a topic that is at least treated with respect, and it is a detail that lends real-world weight to her sense of alienation and her generally closed-off nature. It’s a step in the right direction, particularly for a franchise that famously mistreated an openly-gay member of the original cast. Still, I would have much preferred if there were more explicit confirmation of her attraction to girls. I hope the planned future installments rectify this and take the time to further explore this aspect of her character.
—  @nerdy-poc  (link)

hush-yall  asked:

Do you have any tips for writing in first person?

I love writing in first person. In my opinion, it allows so much more emotion and you get so much more attached to the characters as you are allowed to read what they are really thinking and feeling. So here’s some advice I learned through my own writing journey:

1. Be care with the ‘I’s. I know it’s in first person, and they are impossible to avoid but you don’t have to do them all the time. 'After that, i ran forever’ can just as easily be 'after that, here was a lot of running’. These will not only keep the word 'I’ from becoming overly repetitive, it will also some of your characters personality. Also use 'we’ statements if you can,to help break it up even more.

2. Remember that you are writing as the character. Keep yourself out of it. I often end up writing something I would say or do, but not something my character necessarily would,and I have to scramble to correct it. I also find that my knowledge of the plot will seeps in as well. As the author I know most to all of what has,is and will happen. But my characters don’t always have the same knowledge,in fact,they very rarely do. Be wary of making your characters seem omnipotent. There is however an exception to this rule:

3. Past tense. If your story is being written by your character as if they are looking back on their experiences, then obviously they do know what happens, and it’s okay if they come of omnipotent. In fact, it’s often used as a source of comedy. However, be careful. Tenses can be difficult, especially if you’re not used to writing In a specific one. I, for instance, automatically write in past tense, all though my stories are meant to be in present tense. Before editing,I have many issues with maintaing the tense.

4. Take advantage of the opportunity to have such raw emotions. First person is sort of like being in someone’s head. You’re seeing the story from their eyes. You get to see all their most important thoughts. Take advantage of that fact. There are so many opportunities for high emotions because of this. All take advantage of the random,spontaneous nature of the human brain. I know I have some pretty wild thoughts, and my mind can go to some really strange places if I’m bored enough, and I’m not the only person who does this. Use that fact. It’s often a great source of comedic relief.

5. Be sure to equally balance the thoughts and descriptions with actions. Two pages worth of the wall color and how it reminds your character of home gets boring after the third sentence. No one describes the exact color of every room and the exact detail of every person they meet. Unless it’s a unique character trait, it’s rather unrealistic and tedious. the reader needs conversations, movement, actions. Otherwise they will get bored.

I hope these help. If you have any other questions or something isn’t clear,please feel free to contact me!

stormpilot fanwork appreciation day!

Oh my. Ohhhh my goodness. I have no idea where to start and I’m sure I’ll forget a bunch of great authors, but here goes: thank you all for making my day every time you update a fic. 


@animalasaysrauer (TuppingLiberty) my beloved RP buddy, who’s responsible for a heckton of sweet fics, most of which feature emotionally honest conversations - my personal jam.

@imaginarygolux who blesses the fandom with an astonishing amount of charming fics, including some prime h/c, delightful smut, and unique AUs.

@topographical-map-of-utah who wrote a whole bouquet of incredible fics featuring trans Poe. Also draws incredibly adorable art as @topoart, AKA the only tumblr I’ve ever signed up for notifications from, because no sir I do not want to miss a single drawing. 

@shawarma-palace (Cognomen) writes sentences that just take my breath away for a few seconds while I stare at it, hoping that if I read enough of them I’ll be able to write like that someday. Start with the glorious Endymion and I.

@la-tarasque who’s been off in real life for a while (sob!) but whose fics are still some of the most incredible whump I’ve ever read. Start with Last of the Chaos and go from there. 

@bomberqueen17‘s Home Out in the Wind series offers all of the character development, relationship growth, and worldbuilding one could ever ask for in a longfic (like, really long, wondrously long, sink-your-teeth-into-and-stay long). OT3 endgame.


latch onto me by @beautifulglider basically killed me with laughter, which is the best way to go. 

the hand that first held mine by @deputychairman gave me a lot of Feelings, how dare. Especially about Finn and children. Don’t do this to me, please. I have enough of those already.

Sounds like a Plan by @cha-llamala​ features the most hilarious mid-firefight banter I’ve ever read. 

Later by GalacticProportions: All of GalacticProportion’s fics are graceful, well-written, and heartfelt, with vivid characters and settings. Go read them. Now. Careful, you may catch a feeling or three. 

measured by @twofrontteethstillcrooked: Finn feels. So many Finn feels. So well-written. So much goodness. Oh my. 

A Room with a View by pyes: Long one-shot with some incredible worldbuilding, character development, and holy moly hot smut. 

Memories Lost by @linatrinch: Slayed me. Completely. I can’t wait for the Finn POV companion fic, no pressure or anything ;)

Jessika Pava: Best Wingman in the Resistance! by ScarlettStorm: HILARIOUS. Like, oh my god, falling out of my desk chair and rolling around on the floor clutching my ribs because OH MY GOD THIS FIC. Just wait till the boot, ok?

Lily’s “Cute” Fic Recs

An anon asked if I had any good or cute fic recs and, well… I ended up with quite the list! It’s largely 2jae fluff, but there are a variety of ships and ratings included below, and you should all go and read these wonderful stories! 

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rose-of-yonezawa  asked:

Love your blog 😘😘😘. Reactions. RFA members plus Saeran and V. Including Vanderwood please. MC is a sexy lingerie model.

I got a request similar to this recently and it was p cute! I’m sorry I do not write for Vanderwood. I just don’t know enough about her character, I’m sosososo sorry. I will write the RFA+Saeran+V though!

I hope you enjoy it~!


  • he’s doing the laundry around the house one day
  • once the clothes are out of the dryer he goes to your room to fold and put them away
  • and wowww why do you have so many pairs of lacy panties
  • and matching bras
  • you walk in on him staring into your underwear drawer
  • he’s freaking out
  • you’re freaking out
  • the beast is freaking out
  • “I can explain!” Both of you say at the same time.
  • you end up telling him that you are a lingerie model
  • you’re so hot, he’s honestly not even surprised about the model part
  • “It pays well and I get all these cute sets!” you tell him.
  • he’s still very flustered
  • can’t stop thinking about you wearing them
  • “Hey, Zen?”
  • “Y-yes, MC?”
  • “Wanna see me try a couple on?” ;))))))
  • tHE BEAST, MC 
  • from then on out, he makes you model every new set that you get for him


  • he’s so precious he probably saw a picture on an ad online
  • kinda puts the pieces of the puzzle together and figures it out on his own
  • one day you tell him and even though he already knew, he is still flustered
  • he’s not upset at all
  • if this is something that you like to do then he supports it
  • sometimes you’ll walk around the house wearing lingerie as casual attire just because of his reactions
  • he’ll turn bright red and freeze
  • “W-what are you d-doing, MC?” his voice would be shaking 
  • “Oh just gettin a sandwich.” you’re such a tease
  • he’d be so turned on but wouldn’t know how to make the first move 
  • he’ s such a baby smh


  • her reaction probably isn’t very extravagant 
  • just a lil surprised 
  • small little “Oh!”
  • thinks you’re super cool for having a job like that
  • really admires your confidence
  • you buy her some because you get super cool discounts 
  • she tries them on
  • she looks so good
  • you’ll put yours on
  • you look so good
  • things get heated because you’re both hot af


  • you had told him that you were a lingerie model before you were even dating
  • never really bothered him
  • doesn’t show any interest or dislike 
  • until one day
  • you two are at the mall
  • and you walk past one of the stores
  • there’s a huge ad with a huge picture of you on it
  • he’s never been bothered by your job, but once he sees you half naked and posed 
  • he’s mentally freaking out
  • this is in public???anyone can see this???you are his???what the hell??? is this even legal??? can i sue them for stealing something that is mine????? copyright??? what the hell???? -jumin’s thought process, probably
  • “MC?”
  • “Yes, Jumin?”
  • “Quit your job. Work for me if you feel like you need to work.”
  • “What?! Why?!”
  • “I don’t like people looking at you like that.”
  • “Jumin, they’re looking at the product that I’m advertising.”
  • “I don’t like them looking at you like that.”
  • “But I also get free sets whenever I model for a company!”
  • “I’ll buy you as many as you want. Quit your job.”
  • “Quit. your. job.”
  • jumin n O


  • already knew
  • figured it out from your background check
  • asks you to try them on for him
  • asks if he can try them on
  • “No, Seven.”
  • “Pleaseeee~? They’re so pretty!”
  • one day you catch him stealing from your underwear drawer 
  • “Please, just let me try on one!!”
  • probably goes online and buys every set you’ve ever modeled in his size
  • tells you to wear a specific one 
  • he’ll put the same one on
  • poses on eVERTHING
  • dabs in lingerie
  • climbs onto tables and winks at you
  • you join in
  • it’s a model-off
  • “YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!” he’ll scream as you furiously wink at eachother 
  • Poor guy Saeran walks in on this
  • he quickly tries to leave but 707 is TOO FAST
  • Saeran fucking runs


  • he’s blind
  • is supportive 
  • kinda sad that he’ll never get to see you in any lingerie
  • occasionally, you’ll put it on for him and just let him run his hands all over your body to feel the lace 
  • tells you that you look beautiful 
  • “V, you can’t see me.”
  • “Yes, but I just know you look stunning.”
  • wishes he could take photos of you
  • talks about what the photos would look like;
  • the pose you’d be in, the lighting, the angle
  • he’s precious omg


  • okay
  • not even fazed 
  • “oh cool”
  • thinks that you getting free underwear is pretty cool
  • doesn’t understand why you expected a different reaction from him
  • his reaction is pretty boring until he actually sees you in the lingerie
  • he’s a mess
  • a blushing mess
  • immediately starts kissing you
  • he gets it now
  • now your job is really cool

anonymous asked:

Can I take a imagine with Seven, about MC's father was a secret agent,like Seven.But her dads agency allowed to his family.MC was single child and her dad never allowed to let her go outside,because he thinks outside is dangerous for her.She had a special education in her home.She learned martial arts and kind of agent things from her dad.After her dads retirement,she was in her 18-19 and started to univercity. (1/2)

Rosie (2/2) Her mom and dad decided to globetrotting,but before leave,they said “Trust no one!”.Now she can go outside,SHE IS FREE!But she don’t know very much about outside,she hasn’t very much friend, such a innocent and shy girl :’) (And already forgot the “Trust no one” rule tbh ) But recieved the Unknown’s message and go to the apartment, soo you know rest of the story :’D I know it’s weird but maybe Seven knows her dad previously, like they were enemies, or just heard something about him.

Wow this took so long :’) If you don’t wanna write this, no problem!^^Sorry for my grammer mistakes (my English is terrible tbh ) Have a lovely day! ^3^

Originally posted by kawaiidattebayo

OMFG THIS IS SO GOOD! I may be will be breaking this request in two parts(sorry).

Part 1/2 

  • Your father is a good man and a good dad,he is a really intelligent,funny and very protecting…oh yes i forgot HE is also a SECRET FUCKING AGENT.
  • It was normal for you but OVER here is not that normal (what ever I´m distracting myself)
  • Like I said,he is a good dad but some times (every time) he is protecting you  from the dangers of the outside world.
  • He always telling you about the “bad people” but he never tells you about the specific reason (It involves your mom) of why he is so overprotective.
  • He wanted you to be safe,so what he did was locking you in the house and with as minimal access of the outside word.
  • The only people that you talked to was:Your father,Your robot nanny,the closest friends of your dad (aka.Other special agents) and your aunt.
  • Plus you where home school by your dad or your robot nanny

(I imagine that she will be like this but obviously the real one would be more sophisticated. You have a Freaking robot nanny that your father created because he wasn´t all the time with you when he was on a mission)

  • But one day when you were 16 years old your robot nanny (her name will be…Rosie like the maid robot fictional character in The Jetsons)
  • So Rosie is being updated and your dad was in a secret mission again,since you were old enough to be alone in the house he wasn´t worry.
  • You were really bored and you started to explore your own house…well you were exploring the parts of the house that Rosie and your dad always told you not to go.You had curiosity and since you were a teenager (hormones and all tat stuff) you wanted to break the rules and go to explore.
  • You saw many of your dad´s projects and some documents of missions.Then you find a room with several computers and and screens.
  • You knew how to use a computer but this ones were totally different and very complicated,so you stared to search and you find a laptop a little bit old but it still was functioning.
  • you took it to your room and stared to find how it worked.
  • From that moment on you use to it to know from “the outside world” with time you manege to know how to use very well the computer.
  • And now you knew how to shut Rosie for just 30.6723 min.
  • When your dad left the old laptops that he didn´t use you took them and used them.
  • You loved the INTERNET.
  • there was so much info. and the MEMES (mini orgasm)
  • But some times you didn´t understand some memes of school,friends,life,parents and siblings.

Now you have 19 years old

  • After a your birthday party every one left (with every one I mean the two agents and your dad).
  • You were cleaning but you find a smartphone of another agent.
  • And surprises surprise It did´t had a password.
  • So you only had access to a computer but you were curious about the smartphones.
  • you started to use it and…

Originally posted by gameraboy

  • You were so confused,Why It was so different from your computer?
  • You wanted to enter to your favorite blog and…wait…what you mean it doesn´t exist?
  • What is google?social medias?new memes?dark memes?porno?so many new things?
  • what was all this things? and why you never saw this on your computer?

-“Pumpkinpie,we need to clean this mess…”said your dad when he enter the house with a big smile

-”You knew…” you told your father but didn´t face him

-”What you mean pumpkin?” his smile fated 

-”You knew that I used your old computers!” you said with tears in your eyes


“I want to go out side!”


-”I want to experience college,friends of may age,I want to go to parties…real parties and I want to experience love.”


-”Like you and mom”


-”Guess what? I didn´t ask for your opinion”

-”You don´t know how dangerous the world can be!”He took you from the arms.

-”I don´t fucking care”You remove his hands from you


-”I don´t fucking care”

-“go to your room”

-”You can´t keep me here for ever!” that has the last thing you said before shutting your door

-Your father just sighs

You were so angry.Who he can be so crazy and over protecting.He hacked your computers (his old computers) and made blogs and pages just for you and that way he could control what information that you learned all this years.

But you still had the smart phone and so surf the internet like never before and you were sure that your father didn´t know that you had it. so for the next 4 hr. his happened:

Originally posted by ahhitsmunster

but a knock on you door stopped your experience,quickly you hide the phone.

-“darling,Can I enter?” 


-she opened the door “did you fight with your father?” said agent 069 

-Shit you didn´t looked the door “You know what he did?”

-”You really want to go outside?” 

-”Are you willing to help me?”

-”It will be a pleasure” she said with a smirk

here is Part 2.I hope you like it.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Matchups: Here /Masterlist: Here

One of the main criticisms I’ve seen of the PoE story is that thematically, it’s kind of all over the place - basically, that it had no idea what it was about. But now that I’ve finished my second playthrough, I realized that I really appreciate that.

I mean, there’s no one big, all-encompassing, “what can change the nature of a man”-level theme, but a number of smaller threads that may seem unrelated at first but eventually come together in different and often unexpected ways, and as more PoE-related content gets released, it becomes even more evident. Like, there’s this whole thing about memories going on, but it’s not just one individual’s memories, it can be memories of the past life, or memories of the world itself, the knowledge, the history - what should be remembered, what should be forgotten, is it right to make someone forget? But I think it’s really cool how there’s no one big answer, how at the end of The White March you can make your case for different points of view and find a compromise. Same with everything else.

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The Phantom Thieves Came and Stole My Heart!

It’s been a while since I wrote a review here on Tumblr… I kinda lost interest in Tumblr for a good while, but I’m back because I want to talk about Persona 5. I have just finished my second run of the game and I feel like a review of this game would be too much to tweet about on Twitter so I thought it’s best to write here. Anyways lets start the review.

So I did a series of blogs reviewing all the Persona games from 1-4 in preparation for Persona 5. The game came out in September 2016 and we had to wait through a series of delays for the localized release of the game. Were the delays worth the wait for the game? I say yes because the game has exceeded all my expectations as I patiently waited for the game. The game was finally released April 4th 2017 world wide and everyone was excited, including me since I have been avoiding spoilers for half a year. I will discuss about those spoilers later in this review so this is your first warning here.

So Persona 5 starts off in a Casino where the protagonist and his friends are pulling a heist. Here you would be confused and ask the following questions: What’s going on? Why am I a thief? Why are the Police after me? Why did that guy turn into a monster? and What’s in the briefcase I’m carrying? All those questions will be answered later in the game. The opening scene ends with your character being caught by the police, interrogated after taking an overdose of truth serum and beaten up by the cops. A prosecutor named Sae Niijima enters the scene and asks you what happened from the very beginning. The whole story of the game from that point on is a flashback.

The flashback starts in April 20XX (yes no exact year but there are some theories when it takes place) with your character arriving in Shibuya searching for Sojiro Sakura who will be his caretaker for a year. Why is your character in Shibuya? You learn that your character was walking down the street in his hometown one night and finds a drunk guy yelling at a woman. Your character tries to play hero and stops the drunk but then he gets sued by the drunk. The result from that confrontation puts your character in probation from his hometown. So you start your new life living in the attic of a cafe that Sojiro works at. You get introduced to Shujin academy and start attending school there. On your first day of school you meet a blonde punk named Ryuji Sakamoto and they wind up at a castle instead of the school. This castle happens to be ruled by a king who has the appearance of the schools volleyball coach who you learn later is a major asshole. While trapped in the castle, your character awakens the power to summon personas summoning Arsene. They escape the castle with the help of a talking cat mascot named Morgana who also uses a persona named Zorro. After they escaped the castle they return to the streets of Shibuya confronted by police thinking they are 2 kids skipping school. They learn they missed half a day of school and your character wants to avoid as much trouble as possible since he is already on probation. Through the days in school you learn that the volleyball coach, Suguru Kamoshida, is an abusive coach who bruises his students with his spikes and sexually harasses the female students. His deeds have gone so far that a girl who he sexually harassed attempted suicide on school grounds. This all results in Ann Takamaki, a girl who happens to be your characters class, join you and Ryuji. Morgana finds our heroes in cat form and tells them that if they steal the treasure that lies in that castle, called a Palace, then Kamoshida will have a change of heart. Ann joins the group after awakening her persona Carmen, Ryuji also awakens his persona, Captain Kidd, before Ann. After the group succeeds in stealing the treasure, Kamoshida arrives school one day confessing all the crimes he did to everyone in a school assembly. The result of that success is the birth of the groups being known as the Phantom Thieves.

What I just wrote was all the first dungeon of the game. I’m not going in full detail about all the other chapters except for the end. I mainly wanted to write that just to show the buildup they made to show how much thought they put into creating corrupt characters in the game. The story goes on with the Phantom Thieves changing the heart of Ichiryusai Madarame, an artist who appears to be completely innocent at first, but actually plagiarizes the work of his pupils. The team recruit one of Madarames pupils, Yusuke Kitagawa after he learned about his masters corrupt nature in art. Yusuke awakens his persona Goemon and they changed the heart of Madarame. The next target was set by Shujins Student Council President, Makoto Niijima, since she’s been suspicious of the protagonist and his friends. Makoto wants them to change the heart of a mobster, after searching for information they learn about Junya Kaneshiro who runs a drug trafficking business with high school students involved. Makoto awakens her persona Johana and joins the Phantom Thieves in order to fight for what justice truly means to her. As the story goes on a student in the main characters class, Yuki Mishima, starts a fan site for the Phantom Thieves after they took down Kamoshida (There’s a legit fan site of this fan site online, it’s . After the Phantom Thieves changed the heart of a person, their fame increases. Due to their fame they received after changing Kaneshiro’s heart, a hacktivist group named MedJed threatens the Phantom Thieves to stop or else they’ll “cleanse” Tokyo. Instead of changing the heart of someone in that group of hacktivists, they change the heart of a girl who isolated herself from society for 2 whole years after her mother died. This girl was Futaba Sakura, adopted daughter under the care of Sojiro Sakura. After they changed her heart, she hacks into MedJed and saves the Phantom Thieves. She then joins the group after awaking her persona Necronomicon. Their next target was a request from… my favorite character in the game… my god I love her… Haru Okumura daughter to Kunizaku Okumura who is the CEO of Okumura foods who runs the equivalent to Burger King in the world of Persona, Big Bang Burger. Her father is a corrupt man who cares for personal gain, Haru requests the Phantom Thieves to change his heart since he put her into marrying an asshole who treats Haru like dirt than the softhearted person that she is. The wedding was mainly so her father can have a political connection in the company. Haru Awakens her persona, Milady and change her fathers heart… until you see his shadow get shot by a mysterious figure after the Phantom Thieves leave the scene. This results in Haru’s father confessing what he did, but then dying live on TV like a public execution. This results in the Phantom Thieves massive drop in fame and they get help from a detective who’s been onto the Phantom Thieves throughout the game, Goro Akechi. He tells them that they should change the heart of Makotos sister, Sae Niijima, the same Sae from the very beginning of the game, to help prove the Phantom Thieves innocent. Goro helps the team with his persona Robin Hood and they venture through what Sae sees a courthouse as a Casino. That’s right, we’re heading back to where the game started! The end results in what you saw from the very opening of the game bringing you back to the interrogation room with Sae.

That’s enough with the story, until I get to the heavy spoiler part. The game has wonderful presentation for it’s anime like story and characters. I love this group so much compared to other groups in the Persona series. Ryuji is an idiot who you’d like to butt heads with while he tries to do something right with his own actions. Ann isn’t bright but she’s caring and wants to learn how to be a strong. Yusuke is interested in finding many inspirations for his next art pieces wherever he goes, but is very bad with managing his money. Makoto is the most organized member of the group, but is tired of following the path others give her and wants to decide her life for herself. Futaba is characterized like a major gamer girl who is a mischievous hacker and is like the little sister character to the protagonist. Haru is an innocent rich girl who loves to garden and dreams of making her own coffee while trying to handle business with Okumura Foods after her father’s passing. Morgana wants to learn the truth behind his origins and teaches the main character how to be a Phantom Thief like a kickass sidekick. Goro is a dedicated detective who is willing to do anything it takes to solving a case.

The gameplay is fantastic, exploring Tokyo with the fast travel button is incredible and easy to use! Exploring town is similar to Persona 3 and 4 where you run around town talking to people and shopping at various stores. Social Links are now Confidants, but still work like Social Links. Confidants are incredibly useful in this game! Each Confidant gives you an ability to give the player a better gameplay experience in the game! Hanging out with your party members improves their combat performance. Outside your party members, the following characters have incredible improvements to gameplay. Yuki Mishima helps you get more experience in battle for both those fighting and on the sidelines. The main characters teacher, Sadayo Kawakami, does her job as a maid to do tasks that waste your characters time in the Cafe. Sojiro Sakura teaches you how to make coffee and curry which heals your party’s SP. The doctor who works at a clinic nearby the cafe, Tae Takemi, sells more healing items and accessories in the clinic. The ex-Yakuza who works at a model gun shop, Munehisa Iwai, helps you customize guns. The politician who wants to make up for his mistakes in the Diet Building, Toranosuke Yoshida, helps the character be better in negotiating with the enemy. A fortune teller who’s part of a cult, Chihaya Mifune, gives fortune telling sessions that tells you what abilities your party members will get in the future. A reporter who likes to drink, Ichiko Ohya, helps write articles about the Phantom Thieves and decreases the threat levels when the player is spotted by the enemy. A kid who’s raised to win everything in life, Shinya Oda, helps improves the main characters skills using a gun from playing a gun video game. A professional Shogi player, Hifumi Togo, gives the main character new strategies to use in battle. The last confidant outside of the party members are the twin Velvet Room attendants Caroline and Justine. Just like Margaret from Persona 4, they want you to create personas with certain skills. After completing each task, they’ll give you a new service to use in the Velvet Room. 

Dungeon crawling in the game is incredible! It’s like I’m playing an Anime version of Sly Cooper without the insane stunts Sly does. You sneak around the dungeon and do sneak attacks on the enemy to engage in battle. If you get spotted then the person who owns the dungeon will become aware of you. If you fill the meter to 100%, you’ll be kicked out of the dungeon. Now to talk about what is the best combat system in any game I have played in my life! The combat is simplified by simple button presses, not going through menus selecting a physical attack or a spell. The only menu you go through is for using items, and the spells a persona has. When you knock down all the enemies with either a critical hit or their weakness, you’ll put them into an interrogation stage. This phase is reminiscent to classic Shin Megami Tensei and Persona 1 and 2 games. You make a deal with the enemy on letting them give you an item, money or become the main characters next persona to use. If it fails the enemy can comeback and attack. Or if you want the battle to be done with, just press the all-out attack button to let everyone in the party attack the fallen enemy. Another nod to Persona 1 in this game is that the characters use guns again! Now they wield physical weapons and guns. Bullets are limited though and you don’t find ammo in dungeons. They reload when you leave the dungeon and return another day.

The music is phenomenal! I never felt like dancing to a song in a game so bad when I play it! Shoji Meguro has done an incredible job implementing jazzy songs into a game about a band of thieves. The battle theme is incredible, I love the guitar riff in the boss theme, the song that plays at night when you return to the cafe is so relaxing. There are so many great songs in the game that I’m pleased to have a CD of the soundtrack from preordering the Take Your Heart Collectors Edition! Seriously, look up the following songs that I love so much: “Last Surprise”, “Life Will Change”, “Blooming Villain”, “Beneath the Mask”, and “Whims of Fate.”

Ok from here on I’ll be discussing spoilers of the last 2 dungeons of the game, you have been warned.

So after the flashback ends, you learn that the traitor of the group was Goro. He planned the Phantom Thieves pull a heist on a certain date and bring cops to that Casino. It turns out he works for a corrupt politician named Masayoshi Shido who happens to be the same guy who sued the main character in his hometown. Shido has been using Goro’s powers to kill people in the Metaverse, the world where people’s Palaces are held, in order to improve his image while he runs for Prime Minister of Japan. Goro was also hired to kill the protagonist after capturing him in the Casino. The Phantom Thieves manage to pull a stunt that makes the main character fake his own death. Futaba hacked into Goro’s phone and triggered him into the Metaverse killing a fake protagonist while the real one sits quietly in the real world with a smirk on his face. After the protagonist returns to the cafe, they all target to change Shidos heart. Shido has been behind many events in the game. Not only did Goro kill people for the election, he also killed Futaba’s mother and hired government officials to read a fabricated suicide note telling Futaba how much her mom hated her and was always in the way of her research of cognitive psience. Shido ordered her killed so he can take her research and use it to his advantage for his campaign. Shido also planned on using the Phantom Thieves fame against themselves by letting Goro kill Haru’s father after they took his Palace’s treasure. While the team explores Shido’s dungeon, they encounter Goro and fight him. Turns out Goro uses another persona, Loki, who brings people into chaos. After the battle, Goro is killed by Shido’s vision of Goro who is a mindless puppet used for killing people. Goro’s backstory turns out that he was abandoned by his parents and Shido was his father, Shido used his son as his own personal assassin for his own political gain. After the thieves change his heart, Shido confesses all of his crimes during his victory in the election. However, his team wishes to defend him by running the government the way he envisions it. After the Phantom Thieves made their comeback, since the news reported about the leader committing suicide through Goro’s attempt on killing the protagonist, the reception from society on the fan site isn’t as big as they expect and Shido isn’t being put on trail from his crimes. The final solution to this issue is to steal the heart of the pubic, which is located at the base of a Palace that’s created by the public as a whole, Mementos. Mementos is like Tartarus from Persona 3 meets the Abandoned Factory/Bomb Shelter from Persona 2. You explore the area and fight enemies from previous dungeons while going deeper and deeper into the abandoned subway tunnels. At the very base of Mementos is a structure known as a Holy Grail that gains power from people in society who believes it is their true meaning of life. I love what they did here with Mementos where it’s the game straight up saying we are prisoners of society. The characters you changed the hearts of through the game are like the ex-cons of society. You learn that the figure behind that Holy Grail is a god who wishes to send the world to ruin by letting humans not think about their paths in life. The biggest twist out of it all was that Igor, the master of the Velvet Room, was that corrupt god the whole time and the attendants, Caroline and Justine, are 2 halves of one attendant named Lavenza. Morgana learns that he’s a Velvet Room attendant as well but was created from the last pieces of hope from humanity before that god took over. The last dungeon is the Phantom Thieves fighting Angels and other demons as they climb their way through a world where reality and Mementos has merged. At the very end they fight that Holy Grail one last time revealing it’s true form, a god of control known as Yaldabaoth. They go through one intense fight against the god where he uses abilities from other bosses against the party and they impress the corrupt god with their power. At the end society learns that the Phantom Thieves are alive and fighting a god and their support for them increases the fan site meter to 100% letting the main character summon the biggest, baddest of all ultimate personas in the series! A being known as a demon lord who defies god to make a fitting end for the Phantom Thieves adventure, Satanael! Sataneal uses his skill, Sinful Shell, on the corrupt god and lands a headshot on him ending his reign on society.

Our heroes have saved society from god and are ready to have a Christmas party for the celebration… however… feels attacks… Sae tells the protagonist that they need his help in order to prove Shido guilty from what he has done since the Phantom Thieves are the only one who can prove what the Metaverse is. In order to do that, the main character has to turn himself in which will result him to Juvenile in Solitary Confinement. After receiving the news… to make the scene worse, the girl who you put your character in a relationship texts you for a Christmas Eve date. You spend time with her one last time before going to Juvie. The next day, everyone in the Phantom Thieves is crying and freaking out about how they saved the world and their leader is treated like a criminal in the end. Time flies while the main character is in prison and you see all the Confidants you max out with try to help prove your innocence. At the end, you get released early after Shido confesses that he sued your character for assault that he didn’t do. The protagonist returns home to his friends and they all celebrate the wonderful reunion. The next day is Valentines so you spend with whoever you dated. Then at the very end, once you let the main character say his goodbyes to everyone he met, he takes a trip with the Phantom Thieves on a van to solve issues that are requested on the fan sites forum posts in reality.

This ending, has made me cry more than the ending of Persona 2 Innocent Sin. I cried in a roundabout way from sadness to happiness… I don’t think I’ll ever experience that feeling again after that game. I have enjoyed everything the game brought to use Persona fans, along with cameos to other characters in the Persona series you see on TV like in Persona 3. The DLC costumes are a lot of fun to use since they change the battle theme if you get sick and tired of “Last Surprise,” or just want to goof around with some costumes. The Confidants are really useful if you do a Max Confidant run cause they make you feel insanely powerful at times! After playing this game, it pains me to say this, but it’s true… Persona 5 just took over Persona 2 Innocent Sin as my number 1 favorite Persona game in the series. The ending was entirely better than Innocent Sin’s ending since it was mostly on a sad note while Persona 5 was sadness to happiness. I highly recommend you get this game, even if you are or are not a Persona fan, it’s a wonderful JRPG experience. This game has stolen my heart, and I like it.

That was a lot to write about, I wanted to share how much I enjoyed Persona 5 to everyone as best I can. Now that the review is pretty much done, I bid you all…


btw a new trailer for Pixar’s Coco came out yesterday and someone made a comment that clicked for me why the movie isn’t getting that much attention: “it looks like The Book of Life mixed with Paranorman

2 movies I really love but by God it is a big problem how much the film just feels like it was made by a room full of executives who want to capitalize on Día de Los Muertos while barely understanding the concept itself and giving the film no identity of itself. 

So many people are asking “why skeletons?”  and when Mexican people answer “they are supposed to represent happiness instead of suffering after death”, you don’t see that reflected on screen 

the skeletons look so non-festive and the city itself was described as “Zootopia with skeletons”, it doesn’t look or feel original enough to stand apart from other movies that have dealt with the undead before, specially the animated ones. 

Character design wise it isn’t colorful enough to compete with The Book of Life but it is also not creepy enough to compete with Paranorman, it’s just there.

How we became porn stars

Totally olicity au, just wrote this fast during lunch so I am sorry for grammatical errors.

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“Welcome to Anesthetic Hotel, hope your stay here Mr. and Mrs. Queen is exquisite.”

He looked at the front desk woman and just nodded as his wife beside him spoke for them both. “Thank you.”

He took her fingers into his as they headed to the awaiting elevator. Their luggage would already be in their rooms. Their garment bags put in the awaiting closet in their suite.

He placed a tip in the hand of the bellhop as Felicity began to take her jacket and place it on the coat rack placed just inside the shallow closet. She waited for Oliver to give his own jacket and also placed it by hers as he looked at her. This was a needed get away their family would meet up with them late tomorrow but until then he had her to himself.

Clothes flew and heated kisses met each and every new exposed skin to the other. Their erotic dance as they passed different accented memorabilia in the suite until they got to large floating California king bed as he roughly had her picked up moments before they even made to the room as his back hit a few adjourning walls as his wife’s lips lavished his neck.


“Oh my god.” Felicity had her hand over her mouth as she looked at the video. Oliver said nothing as his hands were in tight balls he wanted to hit someone so badly. Footage of their love making gone viral nothing they could do to stop it. If this act of taking their private moments wasn’t bad enough the video had caught the heated conversation he had with his ex-wife Samantha over their custody battle for their son Conner.

Being actors they already had their lives under the camera and with the new baby news the paparazzi couldn’t get enough pictures as Felicity were to show the new bump. Their twin boys were with his mother until she would join him at their hotel room. Moira and Walter loved to travel and he did like his new step-father he had made his mother very happy and that meant lot to him.

Oliver was in town to also talk and finalize his next movie deal which has gathered so much media attention. His wife was staring beside him as the badass character so many have loved since the book came out a few years ago. Well his book came out. That still gets him to this day. He never thought he would write and become this famous author. He was an actor for so long doing small projects where he has made quite a following of fans.

When he was with Samantha she always wanted the spotlight of being his wife and when he would mention passions she would in turn ask him what the benefits would lead to them living the good life. His dreams had to make her life better or she would just shun the idea. He didn’t think much of it because he was a busy man and had no time to internalize his needs or wants as long as his family was happy he should be happy.

He has known Felicity for a short while before he jumped into his marriage head first and his mom was not amused when he eloped with Samantha at all. Though after his son was born he was happy to be a dad but the duties of being a husband to someone who always put herself first started to create a wedge between them.

His brother Tommy would make snarky comments and his sister Thea just would shrug her shoulders when he would ask them to be supportive of his wife until they just sat him down and asked if he was okay. Somehow after that the fog around him lifted he wasn’t happy and that led to a messy divorce and because he moved around to different shooting locations for movies he let her have more custody rights.

He started a relationship with Felicity during his separation and at first he thought it was just a rebound until he woke up and looked at her sleeping form and knew he wanted it to be like this forevermore. He had to have talks with people he knew he trusted and when they just looked at him and said pretty much the same thing. The way he looked at her cemented that she was the one in their eyes. He laughed it off until his buddy John ‘I’m a straight shooter’ Diggle showed him pictures of how he would always look at Felicity Meghan Smoak. There was a sparkle in his eyes every damn time. How did he miss it?  God he would have been with incredible creature that made him feel like nothing else in the world. He started writing that book she believed in him leaving little post notes of positivity.

He came home to her after he spoke to his mom and step-father and asked her to be his always. She was stunned at first and as the days became weeks and a pregnancy brought them two beautiful boys. They married in front of their close-nit friends and family.

So the book gathered a lot of positive feedback and people wanted to see him play the star character of his own book which he could believe the fans were very vocally passionate in their demands. Felicity taking the role that everyone could only see her playing since that short movie that they did together was such a success.

Her latest movie premiered and they made their rounds to movie premieres all around the world. With the pregnancy being confirmed less than a week ago they were meeting with producers for their joint movie adventure. They also made sure that they could have some sweet moments for themselves. They made sure that pleasure was their top priority for the next few months they’ll be so busy with this coming movie, twin boys needing their parents and a pregnancy that was pretty much in line with the book. They couldn’t believe their luck on that.


So now they’re in court. Accusing the hotel of collecting videos of unsuspecting guests they were responsible for their employees.  

“Mr. Queen you may now respond.” said one of his lawyers.

“This violation where a couple, my wife and I who deeply love each other to be broadcasted and joked about how we are thee couple.” He sighs and continues, “Our intimate moments doesn’t… Does not give permission to have unsolicited props on how we should make more of these.” He looks around and stares at the camera. “My wife is very sexy and I am proud of her accomplishments and love how she is with our children and how she is a wonderful wife. You may have had a glimpse on how we show each other our love behind closed doors which in turn is our, our moments.”

For short while the media accused them of being the responsible party in using public relations in putting those videos on the net and spreading their sex life to promote their movie. When the authorities found a large stock of these kinds of filming of so many other patrons the media backed off of their initial regards that the Queens were somehow responsible.


When their kids grew up they tried with all their might to never see their parents get it on. They knew even after all these years those vids gathered so much viewership that it was always a gross moment when a friend of theirs would talk about certain graphic scenes of a great video of Olicity.

To them Mom and Dad had that chemistry and their parents never shied away from heart eyes.

So its short, hope you like. I didn’t tag this time.


with-a-glass-of-mimosa  asked:

Hello! I'm writing a Harry Potter fic (if there is no answer to my question, I can always say it's because of magic) where one of the characters is killed by potion experient gone wrong. What kind of chemicals (and the following question which is for a different script blog: where in the nature can I find them?) are needed for an explosion big enough to throw off a human too close to it?

A disclaimer up front – this post is going to deal with the topic of an individual being killed in an explosion-type accident. I’m definitely not going to show you any pictures of that kind of injury, and I won’t even be giving detailed descriptions (that’s @ScriptMedic’s gig, and the topic has already been covered), but I wanted to give everyone a fair warning before proceeding.

This is quite an interesting ask because the scenario you’re aiming for is actually fairly difficult to produce; you need enough oomph™ to get a person in motion, but it needs to be a controlled and directed oomph™ because I’m assuming that after the character is thrown you’d like there to be a body, a building, and potentially even some witnesses left to tell the tale. First we should take a moment to discuss what an explosion is, and the different sorts of explosions you can get from chemical reactions; then we’ll move on to how they might affect the surroundings and an unfortunate individual who happened to be nearby. Finally, I may be able to offer some advice as to how to throw your character and still have them be recognizable at the end of the scene, though it’s going to take some careful planning to do it in a realistic fashion.  

Just so we’re all on the same page, an explosion is a very fast release of stored potential energy, with most of it being released as heat, light, sound, and pressure. Chemical explosives are usually compounds that decompose to release a lot of heat (energy from chemical bonds) and large volumes of gaseous products like nitrogen; the rate of this decomposition plays a large part in how useful a material is as an explosive. So-called ‘low explosive’ compounds decompose by deflagration, meaning that the reaction travels through the material slower than the speed of sound; low explosives include things like gunpowder, pyrotechnics, propellants (propane/gasoline), and many other mixtures of fuels and oxidizers. If the reaction propagates faster than the speed of sound, you have a ‘high explosive’ material that decomposes by detonation. As an example, let’s take a look at something called detonation cord (det. cord), a thin flexible line filled with the high explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN). Below is a setup where a bullet is fired from right to left, activating an electronic trigger connected to the end of 16 feet of det. cord. (FullMag’s full video can also be found here.)

PETN detonates at 24-28,000 ft/s, so in the time it takes the bullet to travel the remaining 2.25 feet to the target (moving around 2800 ft/s), the reaction front of the explosive travels 16 feet to catch up with it. If you look closely, you can also see the blast wave from the newly formed gases expanding outward after the explosion – look for the ripple in the air at the top of the frame, or for the wave of dust knocked off the right-hand cinder block as the concussive force of the shock wave moves past it. This high-pressure, high-velocity wave of compressed gas is what causes most of the damage associated with an explosion, but unfortunately we’re going to run into a slight problem if we try to use an explosive to throw a person – humans are relatively small and squishy, which makes them extremely resilient to pressure waves and able to survive much more than you might expect. Here’s one more explosion gif to demonstrate how this works (and this time it’s a splodey-melon):

There are a few things to take note of here, besides the complete lack of eye protection – if the chunk of watermelon rind that struck his head was two inches lower down, that eye may very well have been lost. First and foremost, the individual pictured was completely unharmed by the pressure wave, and the melon shrapnel luckily only caused a welt; you can see the full clip here. However, if you watch the edge of the table you can see it flex down with the pressure of the explosion, and if you look really carefully you can see chunks of debris knocked off the bottom side of the table at very high speed (through a process called spallation). When a pressure wave encounters a solid object, it deposits some of its momentum as kinetic energy and is then reflected off the surface; that energy must either be absorbed or dissipated by the solid, and if the solid is rigid it will crack and crumble. If the solid is squishy and flexible (like a person), it can deform slightly to both absorb and dissipate energy without shattering and falling apart. This table compares damage to structures and humans at various peak blast overpressures in the frame of mining explosions; at peak overpressures of 5 psi, only 1% of humans exposed will even rupture an eardrum, but at this pressure most buildings will collapse. Real-world mining explosions that reach 5 psi overpressures do in fact cause many injuries and fatalities, but it isn’t the pressure that kills – it’s the shrapnel and the blast wind that accompanies large-scale explosions. The other factor protecting a person is the fact that humans have a relatively small surface area when compared to things like tables or walls or buildings, so only a fraction of the explosive energy from a pressure wave can even be absorbed by a person to begin with. In order for enough energy to be transferred to a person to throw them across a room, the explosion needs to be massive.

So what does this mean for your character and their exploding potion? If you want the actual explosion to throw them, you’re going to need something huge; it’s going to take out the room, probably the floors above and below it, and maybe even the entire building/wing of the dungeon. An explosion of this scale involves forces far greater than those holding the body together, so if the character is near the center of it then there isn’t going to be much left at the end; to get this effect from something the size of a potion would also require military-grade high explosives, and they’re not the sort of thing you make accidentally.

There is perhaps another way to achieve the same effect, but with a much smaller explosion – it’s even a plausible accident that could occur in the real world. Consider that fact that the amount of energy in a small firework, which can turn a watermelon into a vapormelon without injuring a person sitting a few feet away, is more than an order of magnitude larger than the energy required to fire a bullet from a gun. The difference here is how the explosion is contained; with the melon it expands in a spherical wavefront and can bounce around and reflect off of things, but with the bullet the explosion is funneled down the barrel, propelling a single piece of shrapnel to a very high velocity. If you can contain the explosive energy of your potion and channel it into a heavy, solid object, it could easily strike your character and carry them across a room, killing them in the process through blunt force trauma.

Perhaps your character was preparing something in an iron cauldron over a small open fire, and instead of grabbing that vial of Horklump juice they accidentally grabbed the hydrochloric acid. Iron (and a number of other metals) will react with hydrochloric acid to produce iron chloride and hydrogen gas; the reaction isn’t particularly fast or violent, and the gentle bubbling and yellow color of the solution might not even be noticed in the bottom of a black cauldron. If your character were to put a heavy iron lid on top and let it simmer for half an hour, quite a lot of very flammable gas would build up, but as long as the lid remained in place it wouldn’t be able to come into contact with an ignition source.  Your character returns and grabs the next ingredient, but as they start to lift the lid off, hydrogen can escape into the room and oxygen from the air can diffuse into the cauldron. The escaped hydrogen is ignited by the small open fire, and it quickly flashes back towards the cauldron, snaking down under the lid where it meets an ideal mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. This results in a powerful explosion with almost all of the force being directed straight up into the iron lid; it takes off towards the ceiling and strikes your character’s head or torso on the way, causing them to fly back and collapse in a heap.

This is just one way to spin this unfortunate tale, but it would give you a plausible potion accident with a readily available material, and it could cause an explosion that (indirectly) kills your character and sends them flying across the room. You could even have any number of people standing around with ringing ears who are otherwise uninjured, and besides that dent in the ceiling you haven’t done much structural damage.

Of course it goes without saying that you are always free to exclaim “MAGIC” at any point to either augment or supplant chemistry and physics, but going that route is entirely beyond the purview of my expertise.



Overwatch Girls Pet Headcanons


- She would probably have a Scottish Terrier or a British Bulldog with five billion cats.
- She really wants a pony.
- Please someone just give her a pony.
- Gives her pets wacky and weird names like cheeseburger.
- She really just likes animals in general.
- She picks up any stray she finds on the street and takes it home to keep.
- Until her loft manager tells her that she has way too many pets and she needs to get rid of some or she will get evicted.
- She will beg them to keep her new pets, but they won’t budge.
- Asks Winston for help to find them a new home and if she can keep them in his lab until she finds them a home.
- Goes to pet shows and petting zoos in her free time.


- Looks like she would hate animals, but is secretly obsessed with them.
- She is a very big cat person.
- She would probably have a black cat with a ripped ear that she found on the streets during one of her missions.
- She would also have a pedigree Persian.
- Her pets names have a deep meaning behind them.
- Her cats would act just like her towards
all of her guests.
- She would be so proud of them when her guests are just petting them and they just go and bite the guest’s hand.
- Cuddles with her pets every night.
- Buys the most expensive treats, food, and toys for her pets.


- Likes animals if they are not loud and well behaved.
- She is a horse person.
- Will have an Arabian horse.
- She will have an old Pharaoh hound with a robotic limb that she just loves to death.
- She will ride her horse nightly no matter how tired she is.
- Likes to sign up for steeple events with her horse.
- No matter what her pets names are they will have a last name and it will be Amari.
- Best at taking care of her pets.
- Will brush her pets teeth.
- If her and Pharah are both off, they will go trail riding in the mountains.
- They will bring the dog with them.


- She likes small cute looking animals or big strong looking animals.
- She’s a horse person like her mother.
- She has a black Akhal Teke.
- She would also have a German Shepherd.
- Would probably name her pets something cheesey like Justice.
- She enters jumping competitions with her horse.
- They always win.
- Her dog is trained to attack just like a police dog.
- She loves taking her dog to the dog park to meet other dogs.
- She will very quietly and nervously ask if she can pet your dog.


- Perfers smaller animals.
- She would probably have an albino ferret.
- She will name it after an Austrian or German composer.
- She will sometimes sneak it into her office, so it can curl up in her lap or rest on her shoulders.
- If she pulls an all-nighter you can find her in the morning with her head on her desk asleep with her ferret curled up next to her head.
- Her patients and nurses love her ferret and they bring treats and toys for it.
- It always steals Mercy’s socks and she still has no idea.
- She has to buy SO many socks now.
- She will one day find its sock stash.


- Loves birds and reptiles.
- Names her pets after gemstones because they are gems to her.
- Has a Hyacinth Macaw and a Ball Python.
- She always talks to them like dog owners talk to their dogs.
- She loves to show them off to her guest.
- Her guests get a little scared when they see her walk out with a 5 foot snake around her neck and a big blue bird in her hand.
- Makes sure that their enclosures are clean and they have enough food and water.
- She has bird perches in every room including the bathroom.
- She let’s them roam around the house when she home.
- She puts them up for the night though.
- She triple checks to see if her animals are in their rightful enclosures before she leaves her home or turns in for the night.

- She loves cute animals to death.
- Will have a Shiba and a Silver Marten Rabbit.
- She will name her pets after video game characters.
- She will also dress them up as video game characters.
- She will post so many pictures of them to her social media.
- They will be in every video she makes.
- They will even get their own vine series.
- She does a lot of memes with them.
- She will coplay with them and bring them to cons.
- She does really take good care of them though.


- Snowball is her pet.
- She would also have an Alaskan Malamute and Saint Bernard.
- She loves the fluffy animals.
- Will give her pets cute names related to ice and/or snow.
- People are terrified when they see tiny Mei walking down the street with two huge dogs.
- No one dares to rob her place because of her big dogs.
- Her dogs are really well trained.
- They sometimes hang out in her lab and the whole team loves them, especially Tracer.
- Her dogs literally sleep on her.
- She wakes up in the morning to slobbery kisses.
- They love snow so much.


- Loves all animals, especially dogs.
- People expect her to have a big huge dog, but NOPE she has a Pomeranian.
- She spoils her Pomeranian to death.
- Will name her pet after a Russian hero.
- It’s really funny to see such a tall and muscular woman walking a 5 pound Pomeranian.
- Is very proud of her dog.
- Will fight anyone who makes fun of her pet.
- Her pet is a wonderful guard dog.
- They are surprisingly well behaved and do not bark that much.
- She almost cries when she has to leave it at her neighbors house when she has to go on a long mission.
- Kisses it good night every night.


-People would not suspect that she would have a pet since she’s always on the run, but she does!
- She has two chameleons.
- She named them Marco and Polo after the children’s game.
- Because they’re chameleons.
- She thought she was being funny.
- She likes to take them on smaller mission.
- She keeps them in her inside coat pocket or in her bra.
- If things are getting too dangerous she will place them on a plant and come back and get them when it is safer.
- Reaper commented on them once, he almost lost one of his hands.
- If she does leave them at home she makes sure she has someone to look after them, just in case if she is killed.

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I was tagged by the fantastic (see what I did there? 😉)  @fantasticalnonsense18

a - age: 19
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d - drink you had last: Water
e - easiest person to talk to: My mom, the girls of @the-trash-court
f - favourite song: I have MANY, but one of my all time favourites is The Silence by Bastille
g - grossest memory: Hmmmmm when I was doing this excursion in Mexico the tour bus stopped at this gift shop. There were washrooms there, but the stalls were so tiny that you barely had enough room and the sink barely let out enough water to wash your hands. It’s not the grossest memory ever, but it made me very uncomfortable. 
h - horror yes or no: NOPE NOPE NOOOOOOOOOOOPE
i - in love? With fictional characters
j - jealous of people? Sometimes (a lot of times)
k - killed someone? No…
l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? Walk past again
m - middle name: Lauren
n - number of siblings: 1 - a younger brother
o - one wish: World peace (it’s cliche, I know)
p - person i called last: My mom
q - question you’re always asked: I’m not sure… I’m asked about historical nobility quite a bit lol
r - reason to smile: The Trash Court 💗
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t - time you woke up: 10:41 ish
u - underwear color: White
v - vacation: I’m more of a city girl, I love visiting cities more than island vacations.
w - worst habit: I scratch at the skin around my nails a lot, and I’m trying to stop lol
x - xrays: Arm, shoulder, and teeth
y - your favorite food: Sushi
z - zodiac sign: Libra`

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