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christyaltomare: Today is the last day of 2017…. this past year was easily one of the best years of my entire life !!!! Thank you @anastasiabway for giving me the most incredible role of my career …. thank you @bellanycmag for giving me the front page of the March issue! Thank you @broadwaycom for allowing me to be my silly vlog self and nominating me for star of the year - Thank you everyone who voted and somehow lead to me winning star of the year! Thank you @theatreworldawardsfor adding me to the list of so many incredibly talented breakout artists - Thank you @derek_klena and @itsjohnbolton for being the best two people to complete our trio that a girl could ever ask for - Thank you EVERY person who was such a loving support to me throughout this crazy amazing year !!! And here is to the flux of life - that no matter what we may accomplish from year to year - no matter how large or how small - here is to always moving forward with an open loving heart - part of being human is the hustle and sometimes the stumble or even the fall- and that’s kind of beautiful that as humans we get to experience it all together - I love you all so much ! Happy New Years Eve !!! (Photo from @climatereality)

Ive noticed that a lot of people use the spinning face brushes thinking its the key to clear skin, while also battling with acne. Spinning face brushes are way too harsh (even the sensitive heads) for our faces, sure, exfoliate your body with that but not your face. Going over your active acne with that brush may irritate it and cause worse scarring or even break outs. In addition to that youre also overexfoliating your skin, stripping her of oils. Overexfoliated skin becomes dehydrated, oily and may even develop dry patches. It also becomes more sensitive, so more breakout prone. Many people including me have gotten cystic acne from using these face brushes. All in all, its okay once a week if it works for you, but definitely not for every day use. If you have one and dont want to throw it away, use it on your body. IMO, spinning face brushes do you no good when used on the face.

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I’m back at my starting weight because I just binged the last weeks. Plus my skin got really really bad. Super dry and pimples everywhere. Ok my face, chest and back Maybe someone sees this and thinks twice about binging 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m sorry that happened to you dear :(
I know more than anyone how hard it is to break a binge cycle. Sometimes I get the urges to just eat SOMETHING so my mouth is occupied. So what I’ve been slowly trying to do is incorporate more veggies in my diet so if i “binge” on something I know I won’t gain from it. Like an entire bag of green beans is only 100 calories and it’s super filling sometimes I can’t even finish it. If you haven’t already, I’d say give it a try!
Also GURL I FEEL YOU on the acne struggle. I’ve dealt with it since I was like 10 and literally so many things trigger breakouts for me. I would recommend taking these supplements daily (I’ll reblog a photo). And omg let me tell you. They were a GAMECHANGER for my skin. Everyone noticed how my skin cleared up. And I’ve tried ALOT of things for my skin. Personally, if I don’t eat too much sugar, take my supplements, not stress, and cleanse, tone, moisturize every night, my skin gets pretty good. Of course, everyone has different triggers and it’s a combination of things you gotta do to get rid of acne completely. But I would 100% recommend at least trying these! (Not sponsored lmao)