so many books so little time

We put out calendars in 2012, and so many people have asked for more!  I didn’t have time to put out a flip-book type calendar, so I thought I would make a poster one!  In the style of those tea towel calendars.  If I can source some tea towels, I’ll do that.  But a poster is good too!  I will let you know when it is in the shop!

I made Red Riding Hood sketches along these lines a while ago, and I like Dorito Person Red Riding Hood.

Just a little dorito, going to Grandma’s house.


COOKIE BAG: ALDO  SKIRT: Modcloth BLOUSE: ShopRuche  COAT: Forever21 SHOES: Anne Klein

Maybe it’s just that autumn speaks to my soul the most, but I’ve been feeling even more nostalgic lately. There was a certain time in my life that I felt endless. It was whimsical, ethereal, and lonely yet so beautiful. Alone, yet surrounded by all these little things that made me happy. My bedroom, and my small collections. My journals and books and films. The wind. Pressed flowers. Lace dresses and paper cranes hung up around my room.  I created so many things. I explored what was around me, and at the time had a very close friend (we had a massive falling out) that’d adventure with me. I miss that kindred spirit kind of closeness. It happens only so often.

I’ve been looking at, or trying to find, a lot of the fashion bloggers I used to be inspired by back then. This was like in 2010-2012. Most of them have removed their things and gone in other more private directions. The community seemed closer, and like the average girl or guy could really belong. You didn’t need a certain lifetsyle, it felt much freer. I’m dancing between becoming more artistic with these outfit posts, are dialing it back (as a more casual approach will allow me to post more often). 

Who knows. I’m homesick for a lot of things and people. But there’s a lot of my life I wish to never go back to or relive at those times. Right now, I don’t fight any of those battles. It’s kind of like the Beatles song “In My Life”. I sang a solo verse of it for my high school graduation. As I get older, the more that song makes sense. 


Dean had been adamant. No resolutions this year for himself. They were dumb, anyways. Dean had it pretty good. Him and Cas were finally sharing a room in the bunker- Dean had half expected Sam to say something about it but wasn’t that surprised when he didn’t.

He didn’t feel the need to make any sort of promise to “better” himself. What New Year’s resolution would he have, anyways? Exercise more? Drink less?

Not happening.

But Cas had insisted on making resolutions for himself, despite Dean’s criticism. He had been so excited when he found an idea on Pinterest about making a jar full of little resolutions, and sat at the big dining table with scrap-booking scissors and a big glass mason jar.

Of course, Dean teased him at first but then he really began wondering how Cas could have so many resolutions. The jar was nearly half full by the time he put his scissors away and sealed the jar up. He set it on the mantle next to the TV at 11:50, before settling down with Dean and Sam to watched the ball drop.

But Cas ended up falling asleep a few minutes after twelve. Dean carried him off to bed, kissing his forehead and tucking the covers up to his chin.

Then his curiosity got the better of him and he went back to look at Cas’s Resolution jar.

What a cute fucking dork.

He felt slightly guilty about opening it and snooping, but when he unfolded the first piece of paper and read what it said, his heart melted-

#27: kiss Dean more.

Even though Dean knew nobody was around to see him, he was embarrassed at the heat creeping up his neck.

#39: make breakfast in bed for Dean someday

#13: learn to make burgers

#40: shower sex

Dean was overwhelmed by a wave of sudden love for Cas. His resolutions were all ways to do kind things for Dean.

So Dean had an idea.

When Cas woke up in the morning, he padded barefoot into the bunker dining room to have breakfast and some coffee but suddenly turned his head, noticing something.

There was a second mason jar sitting beside his Resolution Jar on the mantle place.

He squinted, curious at what it could be. There was only one piece of paper inside, and it looked like it was ripped from the corner of a piece of notebook paper.

Cas opened the jar and unfurled the piece of paper.

#1: Love Cas better.