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Head Cannon

Combeferre adjusts his glasses when he’s nervous. He’ll just push them up his nose a bit more or move them to the side a little or clean them on his shirt even when he just did that 10 minutes ago. If he gets really nervous he starts stuttering while he does it, telling everyone why he’s cleaning his glasses even though no one asked.

If someone ever loves me romatically I don’t think I would get over the fact that they deserve someone better.
—  momamomami // I mean look at me, I’m a monster
Naruto Fan-artists on Tumblr!!

The issue of re-posting just keeps coming up. I can’t help but feel that it would be slightly less of a problem if more people were following the artists who are on Tumblr. For that reason I’ve put together a list of artists that I personally follow right now. There are soooo many others, and I hope people add to this list so that I can discover them too!! Let’s get to know these amazing, talented people, and give them all the love they deserve!! 

(I am 200% certain I’m forgetting obvious people and I’ve made mistakes with the below info; apologies in advance!!)

(p.s. MULTIPLE PAIRINGS. Let’s respect ALL parts of the Naruto fandom, even those pairings we don’t personally care for.)

NaruSasu / SasuNaru (separating these would be a nightmare omg @_@)

@aidaplusuchiha (cutie OC kid wahh! Accepts asks)

@snow124-art (beautiful. A MUST to check out!)

@kiraiki (the COLOURS, omg!! So funny and touching and beautiful. Accepts asks!)

@tomoe-au (Tomoe is hilarious and awesome. So much love! Accepts asks.)

@tomato-x-ramen (you gotta check this art out guys!!)

@vo-dcc (most amazzzzzzing watercolours, just stunning! RP and fics as well!)

@narutum (closed, but a GREAT archive!)

@kiwicakecris (*cries* I got a beautiful present one time of merninja Sasuke. Love love love!)

@kazhmiran & @cubur (real-life sisters, how awesome is that?? No words for how much I love this art. I would die for this art. I scream at every update. I’m not even kidding.)

@touxxx (amazing amazing amazing, such striking art wahh!)

@carrotcakebandit / @asksasunaru (if you’re an SNS fan and you haven’t stalked these archives repeatedly, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. SO SO SO SO GOOD.)

@usuratialmant & @solochely (both AMAZING, and do awesome collabs and comic strips. Gorgeous talented people. A must for Menma fans!)

@ragginess (so much love. Lovvvvve this art!! Genderfluid Naru is an inspiration. Another must for Menma fans. p.s. Raggi-sama once helped me out when I had a problem in Singapore. Love her for that <3. Accepts asks!)

@llkocoumll (INCREDIBLE art wahhh!!! I could write fics based on ALL of these gorgeous pics!! Totally amazing artist who I adore~~)

@asksnfamily (colourful, bright, happy, and then BAM right in the feels!! Sooo talented. Accepts asks.)

@harububa (*fans face* hot hot hot hot and soooooo gorgeous omg)

@nerdyredglasses (sooooo good!! Incredible art and mini-comics wahh! Accepts asks!)

@letsusura (not updating, but amazing archive and v. good collection of rebloged art also!!)

@h-ikari​ (just stunning, so beautiful, so talented!!)

@j-a-s-u (no more updates but def. check out her archive!)

@maneki-n-e-k-o (such a darling, and soooo talented omg!! Love her~~)

@noranb (the COLOURS and super-sweet style makes me so happy!! Other pairings also; lots of Haikuu! as well!)


@kotoamatsukamishisui (Shishi-centric, amazing RP as well omg!!)

@surfacage (a MUST for Uchiha fans wahhh, espesially Itachi. Angst and fluff and everything wow!! Accepts asks!)

@kazea-free (gorgeous!!! SNS also!)

@uchihaforsmut (oh my goddd so good and hot!)

@petcow (SasuSaku also) (Sasuke-centric. Cutest cutie in the world and such a darling, definitely send them some asks!!)

@malignedaffairs (Shiita, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, perfection, a precious gift)

@uchihasavior (Itachi-centric; awesome RPer as well, and very friendly even when getting asks from v. annoying people [i.e. ME])


@rebelliondou (a master of OC kids!! Shina, Rika, and Hayato are amazing <3. Accepts asks!)

@askshinachiku (ohhh such beautiful, beautiful art and the loveliest nicest blog. Accepts asks!)


@leelooface​  (amazing, so cute and sexy and perfect wahh!!)

@climbyii​ (HIGHLY recommended, the pics of Sakura are just stunning!)


@gaanaruhunger (it’s incredible artists like this that keep me stuck on GaaNaru wahh!)

@prinzik (the adventures of lil Naru and Iruka are soooo sweet I could cry. I LOVVVVVVE this blog to death!!! Cute KakaIru as well, *winks*)

@eyum-ss (multi-shipping but mostly NaruSaku & SNS; adorable Naruko as well ahhh!!)

@jam-art / @jam-nudes (lots of characters and such amazing, unique designs!)

(You can also check out my pixiv account to see my bookmarks and favorite artists. Warning: these are NOT organised in any way!!)

@dotsandpoints​ seriously!! and this goddamn comparison they present between quirky liberated white women v/s “FoB”y annoying repressed brown women oh my god like no one cares who you want to date but why do this type of caricature for laughs? maybe the movie won’t do that but the way the trailer highlights it ughg

Let’s start romanticizing kindness, because nothing compares to the look in the eyes of a homeless man when you give him your breakfast sandwich and fruit cup you didn’t eat instead of saving them for later. Because nothing is quite like the glowing smile of a toddler when you give them the stuffed animal in the crane machine that you truthfully have no use for. Because there’s nothing like the gratefulness in that girl’s eyes when you stop to help her pick up her books in the middle of the crowded hallway. Because there’s too many mean people in this world. So let’s start being nice. Being nice is cool.
—  an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #225


1.Hyukjae was crying the whole time during the 100th day Ment, Donghae kept saying to him: “stop crying you look like Choco” ,“stop crying you look ugly like this ” .During From U/Haru Donghae didn’t go where he was supposed to and went to comfort Hyukjae with a big,tight hug.Hyukjae held Donghae’s hand and didn’t want to let go. 

2.Hyukjae cried hard during the last KTR broadcast, Donghae, the only member who went to the show went into the studio hugged him and comforted him lovingly

3.Thai FM, Hyukjae got moved by the fans’ projects and burst into tears, Donghae went to hug Hyukjae and kept shaking him to comfort him, and Donghae was in tears too….

4.Hyukjae didn’t feel well after the Gaon Chart Award, Donghae gave his scarf to Hyukjae to use….

5.There is no one that Hyukjae would or could lift up, but he would and could easily lift Donghae up in different shows!

6.At TLJ, Eunhae videocalled each other, Donghae kissed fans, Hyukjae kissed Donghae!

7.Donghae massaged Hyukjae’s leg when Hyukjae got hurt, in Gayo daejun, Donghae went up to Hyukjae and held his hand with the sweetest smile, and Hyukjae’s smiley expression can never be forgotten!


1.The first day of the Year, Seoul was snowing hard, Donghae wanted to go to see the first sunrise, even though Hyukjae was tired after the trip back from China, he still accompanied his baby to Han River, watched the sunrise, made wish for D&E!

2.2012, Donghae went to watch TVXQ concert alone, Hyukjae went to pick Baby up after the concert, and happily went for dinner holding the lightsticks from the concert!

3.2014, Donghae IG, he just finished his work, and Hyukjae went to pick him up^^

4.In October, Donghae IG, telling us they were filming GH, and he said “DATING”! GH is one of the best EunHae shows that we have seen! 


Whenever they are in planes, on trains or any other times, they are always used to sitting with each other, and Hyukjae even said he felt lonely without Donghae sitting beside him during his trip to Greece!

During one SS6, Donghae hurt his leg, Hyukjae still kept the seat of the cart for Donghae

When there are many fans crowded at the airport, Hyukjae always protects Donghae by standing at the front of him and lead the way for Baby. 

Nothing can lie from their eyes, they walk together, joke together, Donghae holds Hyukjae’s hand at the airport, Hyukjae grabs Donghae’s hand without letting him go, Donghae playfully jumps onto Hyukjae, Hyukjae acts like puppy to make Donghae smile…… all these moments are unforgettable!

Donghae mentioned in D&E fans would not be able to understand what the real meaning of D&E to them, it belongs to only two of them….. all the couple items, clothes, shoes, earphones, rings, passport holders…… They spend special days together, Christmas, birthdays, New Years, they go to all the awards together, and don’t forget about all the jealous moments of each other! Donghae is in Hyukjae’s palm, being loved and taken care of! Donghae says he always wants to say I Love You to Hyukjae, Thanks for always taken care of him, and have to stay with Hyukjae forever in his life! They both know what they want, and they have planned how they are going to continue their life together! 

All these moments are just tiny bits from all the EUNHAE moments we have seen in the past years. They have gone through a lot of good and tough times together, and their relationship is the one and only best loving relationship we can see in real life, and all Eunhae stans will support EUNHAE forever!

cr:trulyhae [part 1]

i knew this goodbye was going to hurt 883 days ago, when i first heard your laughter.
even though i saw it coming, i didn’t prepare myself for how your breath on my collarbone could be such a kick to the stomach.
holding you for the last time was the hardest thing i ever did. i never wanted to let you go.
now, summer is crawling to a close. i can feel a chill in the air and i already miss you; i wish you were here to keep me warm again.
the strangest thing is that i haven’t even cried yet.
usually i have no trouble falling apart, but how can i shatter when all the best pieces of myself just walked away?
—  goodbye by Auriel Haack

headcanon where carmilla can’t see her own reflection because she’s a vampire so she stares at mirrors sometimes, hoping to get a vague outline or a glimpse of what she looks like and when laura finds out, she pulls carmilla down onto her bed and as she traces her features gently, she describes carmilla’s face to her while an image of herself appears in carmilla’s head