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I had to find this gif again now that I’ve officially upgraded Sokka and Suki to OTP level. I mean, there are so many beautiful Sukka moments to choose from (”I am a warrior… but I’m a girl too” ranks pretty high, as does that little Sokka-Hakoda bonding moment with the “That’s some girl”) but this one just makes me so happy. They’re not kids fighting a war here; they’re not trying to defeat the enemy. They’re just so light. So happy. So carefree. And so in love goddammit


There’s only 20 episodes out (as of now) of season two aND SO MUCH NALU I CANT CONTROL MYSELF


Happy Christmas, Pointless Things!  Your last blog request was “Can I just have a photoset of the different moments when the Bransons look disgustedly loved up at each other?“

Ah, so many feels from this post!  Thank you to all the talented artists who created these gifs.  These are just a few of my fave "Bransons in love” moments (and, as you can see, I’ve included a couple where they were clearly already fathoms deep but hadn’t yet both admitted it to each other).  I hope I included most of your favourites, my friend!

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can i ask for tips on how to stay positive about gmw? between being a rucas shipper, lucas fan, and riley fan i find it to be a little hard to deal with the fandom and even some of the storylines.

The first thing you need to remember is that the writers created this entire world.  They created Riley.  They created Lucas.  They created Rucas.  They created all of the wonderful moments we have been blessed with.  They created this incredible story between two people who have one of the most amazing foundations for a romantic relationship that I’ve ever seen on tv. (Yeah, I said it, and I mean every word of it because if you go back to the beginning, knowing what we know about them, you can see how beautiful and how strong they really are).  A relationship built on friendship, trust, patience, conversation…it’s rare to see this kind of development between a pairing before they’re shoved together.  A true slow burn where the writers have carefully weaved these two people together and have allowed them to make the right decisions so that they could “come together at the right point in time”.

It is extremely frustrating after watching their development for over two and a half seasons to be suddenly met with a brick wall where we are only allowed miniature glimpses into their romantic relationship…where these moments we’ve heard about through tapings are being reduced or cut out all together…and hearing other ships proclaim that it’s because Rucas is dead or dying or will die or whatever they’re saying.

I get the frustration.  I’m upset about not being able to see a few scenes in particular, but at the end of the day, I have to remind myself that the same people who crafted this story between these two are the same ones who are cutting these moments, which I think is mainly being done due to time constraints.

I want a season four.  I want more episodes.  I want to give them the opportunity to do what they did the first two and a half seasons…further expand ALL of these relationships, which includes Rucas.  I want them to give Lucas a solid episode that gives us a little insight into his past, his family, who he is.  We haven’t had that in awhile.

As far as the fandom goes, the antis’ GOAL is to get under your skin, to make you doubt what’s happening on the show.  IDGAF what they say or think, because at the end of the day, I’ve been with the show since the pilot.  I’ve seen all the episodes.  I see what they tried to do with the romantic pairings and I feel that I have a solid grip on who each of these characters are.  

Playing devil’s advocate for a minute, if Rucas breaks up permanently (I legit don’t see it happening, but whatever), there is nothing to indicate that Riley or Lucas would go after anyone else in the clique six.  That’s not MJ’s style, and doesn’t fit with the vibe of the show.  He’s said so many things about other ships not happening romantically, and even the characters on the show have flat out said they don’t like each other romantically.  I get that things change, people change, but I don’t see it flipping like that so rapidly.  For a show determined to put friendship and loyalty first, it’d be a tricky situation at best.

Remember this anon: at the end of the day, we have canon.  We have so many beautiful moments between our characters and they’re DATING.

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