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Which co-star would you love to work with again?

“Let’s not base it on acting ability, because that’s impossible, I’ve worked with so many good…phenomenal actors. It’s a blessing to share the screen with them. Let’s go just based on personality and who I got along with, which I guess is probably just as damning. I’m going to say Ioan Gruffudd, the guy who actually played Mr. Fantastic. He’s just hilarious. I’ve never worked with someone…he’s a big kid. He really is like a nine year old, but he’s very positive, very sharp, very funny, and we had very similar senses of humor. He was so much fun, and I did get to work with him again. I worked with him in a movie called ‘A Many Splintered Thing.’ He had a small role, but I got a couple days on set with him. I laughed the whole time.”

falling in love with voice actors is literally 20x more dangerous than liking a regular actor 

because a live action actor might have three or four roles that they’re really well known for that you really like but voice actors can voice literally 100 different characters and all of them could be your faves and you will literally watch an entire 100 episode anime so that you can go “ah yes it’s my baby crispin freeman voicing Unnamed Guard #3″

Heightsiversary Party P2: Ripples in a Pond

I always think about what Priscilla Lopez said to me during “In the Heights.” She said, “You’re throwing a rock in the pond, and you have no idea the ripples that are going to come back.” I’m grateful for every wave that is going to come back.

Anthony Lee Medina (Usnavi) - Laurens/Phillip in Hamilton (Broadway)

Rubén J. Carbajal - Laurens/Phillip in Hamilton (Tour)

Gabrielle Ruiz (Carla/Nina) - Valencia on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Joel Perez (Usnavi) - last seen in the original Broadway cast of Fun Home

Samantha Marie Ware - Peggy/Maria in Hamilton (Chicago)

Joseph Morales (Usnavi) - Hamilton in Hamilton (Chicago)

Lexi Lawson (Vanessa) - Eliza in Hamilton (Broadway)

Chris Lee (Benny) - Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton (Chicago)

In the Heights really was my attempt to make a way for myself. And I’m so happy that it’s made a professional life for so many Latino actors. I had an actor come up to me once at a studio, and he said, “I’ve played Kevin twice and Piragua Guy three times in different regional productions all over the country.” He has a living because Heights is getting done. So I’m enormously gratified by that. 


the fact that tarjei now is signed to an agency that includes so many famous swedish actors (like for example the skarsgård family, joel kinnaman etc.) makes me so proud of him. he really deserves it. he is 17 years old and is still accomplishing stuff like this. it’s incredible, he is incredible! i’m looking forward to see what he will do in the future because he is for real the best actor i have seen in my life.


oh don’t mind me just taking some time to appreciate some of my favorite Latino actors because I can and representation matters and these people make me smile.
There are so many more actors and actresses who inspire me, it would take one hundred posts to cover them all.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do based on the color of your skin, where your family is from, where you are from or what accent you have.

It wasn’t supposed to be such a quick drabble but since I have no time to perfect it, here you go…

well then, ekhem- KUROBAS CUP 2015 MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A MESS.

Every time I see -tch- every time I RECALL crying Kenshou and Yuuki comforting him, my eyes go wet immediately. I know they became good friends after all this time and all but… that scene… I just cannot handle it without emotions simmering inside me ;W;

I shipped KagaKuro but not as a great fan or sth - I believe it’s going to change after everything that I watched… *w*

I didn’t even understand anything except few words and phrases… And still… I think I didn’t really need to understand…

Excuse me, I need to sob in the corner for a while. /crieees/

RWBY Characters + Their Voice Actors’ fitting Tweets Pt. 2
(I want you all to know I tried really hard to find a more out-of-context tweet for Sam Ireland, but she’s literally always like this. god bless)


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