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Okay but

Can someone talk to me ab Ravenclaw Grantaire please?

-Grantaire who doesn’t actually think he’s smart but actually totally is.
-Grataire who complains about the mascot being an eagle because “what the fuck at least use an owl”
-Grantaire who sort of believes Enjorlas when he calls him a good for nothing idiot
-Grantaire who starts working hard to live up to the Ravenclaw name
-Grantaire who honestly lived up to it regardless.
-Grantaire who sits out drunk by the portrait to let in people who don’t know the answer to the riddle he solved the minute he heard it.
-Grantaire excelling in classes he sleeps through
-Grantaire having major testing anxiety and so he fails most of his finals if he doesn’t have a drink in him
-Grantaire who 100% has flirted with Minerva (and has charmed her 200% of the time)
-Grantaire who never sits at the Ravenclaw table because he feels inferior.
-Grantaire who claims that the whole “wit beyond measure” dick joke thing is totally true.
-Grantaire who thinks that his stupid jokes are the only thing that actually got him into Ravenclaw.
-Grantaire who is wrong.

Best and Worst of: Block B Photoshoots

Looking at Block B photoshoots is such a wild ride because on the one hand half of them look like this:

Thrift shop meets witch aesthetics and Park Kyung is holding a fake bird but it still looks good?

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hey so fun fact i have 120 asks in my inbox right now, primarily because i get overwhelmed and distracted easily, but i love them all!!! with my entire heart! y’all are the greatest, it means so much that you send them to me! you all can keep sending them too! i love talking to you, they’ve just built up over time. i’m planning to answer them all this weekend (i’ll just screenshot the asks and answer them in one big post with a cut at the beginning, so as not to clog all of your dashes but to still publish my answers, in case anyone wants to see them). so that’s coming! rainbow’s mega answer extravaganza. anyway!! that’s all, just wanted to tell y’all! have a nice day

yikes don’t look down on new fans/people who have been fans shorter than you

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okay but I remember u mentioned trans whiskey n trans Dex and I have so many feelings ab these two please come tell about them w me!!!!!!!!! like!!! trans Dex bein a mentor! helping whiskey! showing whiskey that the guys are all chill! fighting anyone who tries to talk badly ab his bro!!!!!

Ok 1) if you ever want to come off anon and scream about them with me that would be sO good

And 2) ok listen,,,, dex is the oldest of the pointdexter children, so taking on a big brother role just…comes naturally to him. When whiskey approached him saying that he heard dex was trans and that he was trans too, there was no hesitation in dex at all. Immediately he was like, yup, I’m gonna protect this kid and I’m gonna help him.

So whiskey is stealth for a while because sports and stuff, and it scares him, but he and dex become really close. They talk all the time, about random things, trans struggles, books they read. They do a lot of texting because both of them find its a nice way to get alone time but not be totally alone. And we know that bitty said whiskey is a bit standoffish, so maybe he really only talks to dex and tango. And of course r and h and bitty are like….dex…what did you do how did you get in…how did you get him to talk to you… us branch out to him….. And of course dex laughs because these dorks, and he just tells them that they need to relax and let whiskey settle into the team at his own speed

Dex and whiskey play video games together a lot too because it keeps them occupied, and a lot of times they’re totally silent while they play. Maybe they have little video game sessions where dex locks his roommate out and it’s just him and whiskey and whiskey doesn’t have to bind because he feels safe around dex and dex knows he needs breaks from the binder

Dex helps whiskey go pants shopping because honestly one of the worst things is trying to find men’s pants that fit right on feminine hips

Anyway they’re best bros and help eachother along the way and dex pretty much thinks of whiskey like his little brother :’)

honestly i’m so glad I found the twins and this fandom when I did. Whenever I’m stressed, upset, angry, literally any negative emotion, I hop on here or on their youtube channel and i almost instantly have this relief. Today, I had a huge Anatomy test and I was really nervous about it. After I took the test, I went onto my feed, saw these two goofballs and just let all my nervousness float away.

i guess the point of this post is to just say thank you to Ethan and Grayson for getting me through so many things. and thank you to all the amazing girls and guys on here that have AMAZING blogs!! you guys are fucking hilarious and im so glad there are so many people that feel the same way i do ab two cuties from jersey!!

much love ❤️

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