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baeby baek is shy 🙈

The OjiKiri friendship might as well be my favorite not-exactly-canon thing in bnha this part made me so happy - and 1B kids shenanigans too!! I’m g l a d

I crave a relationship. I crave nothing more then feeling loved. I crave the long nights of rough sex followed by a morning blow job and having breakfast in bed. I crave that falling in love feeling. I don’t want to lose that feeling. I crave a girl that has a crazy high sex drive and a love for role play. I crave a girl that has sex with me and makes me feel so manly. I crave a girl that will lay on my chest at night and touch my happy trail. I crave those cute dates of holding hands and going to a football game or a movie. I crave those moments where you just grab me and make out in public or just grab my dick. I crave you just wanting to let all the girls know that your mine. I crave you asking about my transition but knowing that no matter how many shots or surgeries I am and always will be your man. I crave those mornings where my dysphoria is at it worse and you take your time helping me not just pushing it off. I crave that care of telling me my mom shouldn’t treat me the way she does. I crave a love like that I crave a love so deep it makes the ocean jealous.

I’m back home again after this amazing weekend of mcm and looking trough all the (1200) pics we took this weekend..

this pic @spacetwinsies took of my Otabek cosplay literally has me shook I can’t believe this is me????

there are loads more pics to show so I will do my best to edit as much as possible pics in the next few days

EXO reaction to finding out their mate is human (werewolf!au)

@crossingbordersonmyown requested: Hello! I see you lurking around my blog and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a reaction for me. Exo as wolf’s reacting to them finding out that you are their mate but you are human (dude if this doesn’t makes sense or is to hard you can tell me no haha it’s weird I’m sorry haha 🙈)

A/N: Ahhh I’m so glad you decided to request something! Both of us admins love your blog. This request definitely isn’t weird and I’m really happy you asked for a wolf AU. I’m sorry this took so long, but I hope you like it <3 - Admin Ruby

Suho -

Junymeon wouldn’t let anything stand in the way of being with his mate. He’d love you whether you were a human or wolf. He’d be very reassuring about the situation as well. 

“I love you Y/N, that’s all that matters.”

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Xiumin -

Minseok would be very worried about the situation at first. He’d want to protect you from the wolf world and from him. After fighting it for months, however, he’d realize that nothing could keep him away from you.

“I- I tried to stay away, I can’t do it though. I love you.” 

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Lay -

Yixing wouldn’t care at all that you’re human. He’d vow to protect you with his life, though, wanting to guard you against all the evil lurking in the wolf world. He’d find the human part of you very cute also.

“My beautiful human. I’ll protect you forever ~.”

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Baekhyun -

Baekhyun would be so excited to have a human mate. He’d act like a puppy around you and always tease you about how ‘human’ you acted. He’d be very proud of you and always brag about you to the other wolves.

“And this is my HUMAN mate, Y/N.”

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Chen -

Jongdae would also accept the situation without any hesitation. He’d be very reassuring of his love to you, and remind you that human or wolf, he still loves you. He’d also tease you about your love for his wolf like personality.

“Ahhh we know you love my wolf side, don’t deny it ~.”

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Chanyeol -

Chanyeol would be s h o c k e d to find out you were human. He’d be more worried about you accepting him than the other way around. To him, you’re his mate, and perfect in any shape or form. 

“So you don’t mind that I’m a wolf?”

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D.O. -

Very very shy about showing off his wolf side. He’d be worried about scaring you off but would grow more and more comfortable as you reassured him you wouldn’t leave. Also very protective. 

“Promise you’ll stay with me?”

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Kai -

Too blinded by his love for you to be bothered. Jongin would adore your human self. He’d also be protective of you, not in a bad way, more in a loving ‘if anyone hurts you I’ll kill them’ way. 

“You’re the love of my life, you know that?”

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Sehun -

Sehun would love having a human mate, it’d make him feel so strong being able to take care of you. Sehun would tease you though, talking about how lucky you were to have a partner like him.

“You’re one lucky human, Y/N.”

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Kris -

Yifan would be a little shocked at first, and he would be a bit awkward around you as well. When he realized, however, that you being human didn’t change his love for you, he’d treat you the same as he would if you were a wolf. 

“My love for you doesn’t change, ok?”

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Tao -

Zitao would be fascinated by the fact that you’re human. He’d want to know what luck destined you with him. He’d be nervous to show his wolf side, but be most comfortable doing so with you. 

“How lucky am I to have someone like you?”

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Luhan -

Luhan would ABSOLUTELY adore having you as his mate. You being human would make him feel so manly, and he’d love that. He knows you’re fully capable of taking care of yourself, but he loves doing it for you.

“You’re so fragile compared to me, I want to protect you forever.”

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Thank you for your amazing blog. Can I make a request where they not dating, but MC needs somebody to pretend as her bf/gf for a party or a meeting and asks RFA and Saeran for help? And during that pretending they understand that they have feelings for MC.

Hahaha yes, this is the kind of request I would ask myself, I love this romantic comedy’s situations so much! <3
So I did as mini-fics, because I obviously got carried away, I hope you all enjoy this!

RFA + Saeran pretending to date MC


“Think of it as a chance to show your impressive acting skills, Zen.” That was the winning argument to convince him to pretend to be your boyfriend during the rehearsal dinner of your brother’s wedding. As much as you love your brother, it’s extremely annoying when he and other family members start teasing you for still being single. And the comparisons about your lives are so mean. Just imagine now that he’s getting married with this almost perfect lady.

“Well, the perfect boyfriend is a role I haven’t tried yet… I’ll accept this challenge, MC, although it would be like playing myself…” you giggle. It was a weird request, but you have been so nice to everybody in RFA, how could he say “no” to a friend in need? Plus, he loves weddings!

Okay, not this one so much. Why is everybody so snob? He’s waiting for Jumin Han to show up at any moment, this event suits him really well! Now he gets why you wouldn’t want to endure this by yourself, you’re so… different from all of this. You’re bubbly and spontaneous, adorably clumsy…  he grins reminding you chugging a beer can and making a funny face because of the bitter taste a couple of days ago at his apartment.

“Brother, this is Zen, my… boyfriend.” You introduce them to each other.

“Call me Hyun, she usually does when we’re alone.” And he smiles at you, holding your hand. Okay, no need to imply sexual stuff here, but if it will convince your brother…

“You’re an actor, right? I recognize you! How much did she pay you to hire you?” you shiver, he is… almost right there… how can he be so smart? Ugh…

Zen smiles, but inside he wants to tell your brother to go to hell. Is this the kind of thing you say to your sister’s boyfriend? Well… he’s not really your boyfriend, but… that’s really mean! He’s basically implying Zen’s a gigolo, but worst of it, he’s insulting you telling you wouldn’t be able to date someone without paying for it. Zen knows you enough to tell you could captivate any person’s heart if you really wanted to! Yes, your ability to do whatever you want so freely is something he really admires about you. No, he can’t let you be treated like this.

“She pays me with her beautiful smile and the gloss in her enchanting eyes everytime she watches my performances. You would know if you paid more attention to your sister instead of trying to make her feel down. My brother wasn’t nice to me, and maybe I deserved it. But she doesn’t, so be nice to her before she decides to run away like I did… come on, MC. Let’s dance!” he tights the grip on your hand and drags you to the dance floor, you and your brother look at each other, he’s shocked and you’re like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You two are on the dance floor, one of his hands on your back, the other one holding yours. Why did that come from? It’s been years he doesn’t think about his brother… something about seeing the sweetest person he knows doesn’t getting the treatment she deserves stirred something inside him. You’re looking at him very curious, gosh, your eyes are really glossy… it’s so hot in here… “S-Sorry if I crossed a line there. He’s your brother after all and…” he feels running out of air when you rest your head on his chest. You must look like a real couple, your brother is probably looking. Yes… that’s why you’re doing this after all, right? 

“Thank you for having my back, Hyun. You’re such a great actor.” Acting? Oh… yeah, he was acting, right? But why does he feel out of character right now?  


This is bad! This is really bad! What is he doing here? Why did he even agree to this? “Please, Yoosung, pleeeeease. You’re the only one I trust to do this.” Oh yeah, that’s why… you begged him over the phone, and something about trusting him to play your boyfriend made him feel so manly and confident. You could have asked Zen or Jumin, but you chose HIM! You thought he would be a good boyfriend to introduce to your friend who was in town for that night. He is such a good friend, but he’s been teasing you about your relationships since high school. According to him, every guy you date end up arrested or in rehab… This is getting old, really…

“Well… I’ll probably never end up in jail or rehab, MC… so, if you insist so much… why… why not?” you gave him such a tight hug, and he felt his whole face burning. You smelled so good that day… and you smell even greater today at this weird country bar…

“This is my boyfriend, Yoosung. He is a vet student.” You introduce him, the guy shakes his hand firmly, what’s with you and your friend to have such a tight grip? Well, at least yours was really gentle…

“College? But you look like you’re 16, dude! I was going to say MC is such a cougar!” he blushes. Oh god… this guy isn’t buying this at all! He would feel so bad for not being convincing after the way you begged him for doing this.

“Well, MC looks really young too, so I guess we look like a sweet sixteen couple.” You giggle and put your hand over his. “Hah, what did I tell you? Isn’t he adorable?” “I guess…” the guy shrugs, but he doesn’t mind, he can only focus on the warmth from your smooth hand.

You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, and the guy sits on your chair. “Back off, dude! She’s mine!” “Wh-What?” “It is what it is, she dated all those bad guys and eventually she’ll notice I’m the only one good enough for her. Back off before you end up hurt!” Was that a threat? “MC… MC can choose whoever she wants, I won’t back off if she really likes me!” but she doesn’t, this is just play pretend… no, forget it! This dude is an asshole! You can’t be with someone like this! You deserve better! Maybe not him, but… definitely not this guy.

“Hey, gentlemen, what did I miss?” you come back, but the tension is still there… “Nothing much, your boyfriend here was telling me he wants to ride the mechanical bull over there…” “What? Really, Yoosung?” “I… I…” “What’s the problem, boy? Are you scared?” this asshole’s smirk, ugh… “I’ll show you scared!” he gets up and gives his name to the guy who controls the machine.

How did he get the guy to manipulate him like that? Ugh… both you and him are watching this, and he’s so close to you… ASSHOLE! Oh, this was such a bad idea! Such a bad ide… oh no! The bull is moving! The bull is moving!!!

3 seconds, that’s what it took for Yoosung to hit his face on the upper part of the mechanical bull and fall. You promptly run to him.

“Holy shit, Yoosung! Are you okay?” he can’t tell you how much it hurts… so he smiles, and you look shocked. “Yoosung, your… your tooth!” “Whath? Whath’s wronc wif my toof?” Oh… now he feels, actually, he doesn’t feel! Where is one of his incisors?

“I’m so sorry I dragged you to this, Yoosung. I feel so bad!” “Don’th worry, MC. Ith was my idhea anyway. I hope your frrriend isn’t madh or anyfing.” “Ugh, forget him, I couldn’t stand his hissy fit! Can you believe he wanted me to just let you here alone on the dentist and hang out with him? What an asshole!” he smiles when he hears that, but he shouldn’t be smiling, this is so embarrassing!

You go with him to the dentist’s office, and noticing he’s a little scared, hold his hand. He looks at you and you whisper. “Don’t need to be afraid, I’m here…”
He isn’t afraid of the dentist (well, maybe a little…), what’s really scaring him is how much his heart is pounding due to your hand on his, but he’s the one tightening the grip.


“MC, I don’t know how to play mini-golf!” she told you over and over, but did you listen? “It doesn’t matter! I do! I just need someone to make me company!” well, making you company it’s totally different than pretending to be your girlfriend… “Yeah, but my friend and his boyfriend keep teasing me for being bi and just dating guys, I hate it!”

Well, that’s really douchy of them, why would you hang out with people who put your sexuality in debate like this? No, she needs to protect you and maybe teach them a thing or two! That’s the least she could do after you helping her to leave C & R and starting her own business.

“This is Jaehee, my girlfriend.” You introduce her, she shakes their hands as if they’re business partners.

“Oh, you’re so formal! I thought MC had hired an assistant.” Seriously, how douchy! Why such a sweet girl like you hang with people like this? “So ladies, shall we play?”

She is so bad at this! Why did you ask her to do this? “Here, I’ll show you!” you come behind her and put your hands on hers. What’s… what’s happening? Your hair fall on her shoulders… it smells so good… focus, Jaehee! Focus!

“Hey, you can’t help, MC!” “Oh, on which paragraph of the strict regulation of mini-golf is this written?” Jaehee chuckles. Okay, so maybe you know how to defend yourself, you and your friend probably have this kind of feisty friendship… but still, not cool of him to doubt your sexuality, she didn’t forget that!

You can easily compensate for her lack of ability, and it’s so good to watch you play. Your focused eyes, the huge smile you put on when the ball falls in the hole, and even your disappointed face for missing, it’s just… hypnotizing!
“Hey, girl, focus! If you keep distracted like this, she’ll dump you for another guy!” “Fuck you!” you yell, she feels her blood boiling. What… a… douche! She’s not distracted! She got this! Bring it on!

The ball travels painfully slow, or is she seeing this on slow motion? This isn’t the decisive shot yet, but she really wants to hit it! She wants you to feel proud of her! It spins around the hole boarders, one turn… two turns… and the ball doesn’t fall in the hole. Crap!

“Ha! Good luck next time, sweety!” “Dude, you don’t need to be this douchy!” you reprehend him. “What? Did I hurt your precious girlfriend? Jesus, MC, you’ve been so sensitive today. I changed my mind, I liked you more when you dated boys.” “Good, so no reason for us to keep hanging out, then. Goodbye.” You grab her hand and walk away. Oh wow… she thought she would have to be the one to say something, but apparently, you can take care of yourself! Yes, you’re the one who taught her to don’t be around places and people who only hurt you, obviously you would know how to do this by yourself. You’re so strong!

“Do you want to keep playing without them?” she asks, she doesn’t want this, huh, date (?) to end. “Yeah, sure! I’ll show you one of my tricks, come here!”
And there you are behind her again, teaching her how to swing it properly, your arms around her, your body so close. She feels bad, actually, you are showing her everything you know, but she’s not absorbing anything, she can only focus on your breathing on her back.

“Oh, come on… I bet you heard a million times how much of boyfriend material you are, Jumin.” “I… didn’t really know what this means, MC.” “It means you’re the son-in-law every mother would like her daughter to be with.” He was so reluctant about it, why would you ask him? You could have asked Zen or Seven, who like to pretend a lot.

“It’s just… my mom is… how can I say? Huh… a cat mom too?” What do you mean by “too”? Oh okay, now he gets it, Zen is allergic and can’t be around cats, and Seven is a cat abuser, none of them would cause a good impression on your mother who’s been trying to introduce you to a guy she thinks would be a good suitor for you. God, she has no chill! Doesn’t she get it you don’t want to get married now?

So he agrees, you’re such a hardworker preparing for the party and taking care of everybody in RFA, including him. You’re kinda like V, but sweeter and… funnier, and, well, your looks are better too.

“Mom, that’s Jumin Han, my boyfriend. And that princess here is Elizabeth the 3rd.” yes, you insisted on bringing Elizabeth, how could he decline when you consider even Elizabeth an RFA member?

“Hum… you seem rich. Finally you’re coming to your senses and looking for a wealth husband, huh?” that’s… rude! Not even his father, who doesn’t seem to care about these boundaries, would say something like this to him.

“With all due respect, madam, your daughter keeps telling you her lack of interest in getting married, you should start respecting her wishes. I have a deep respect for family, but I don’t think parents should force their children on something they don’t want to do just because they know the children would do it due to all the respect they have. I believe what I’m trying to say is, don’t use of misfeasance on your daughter, she’s smart and caring, and… although every man would be lucky to have her as his wife, if she doesn’t want it, her wishes should be respected.” Wow… where did all this come from? Not even he can believe his own… eloquence talking about you.

“I hope this isn’t your excuse to stall her, boy.” “My intentions with you daughter are truly serious, just know I respect her… a lot.” He knows you’re looking at him, he wouldn’t dare to look at you right know, though, your eyes are something he doesn’t know how to handle, for some reason.

“Well, your head him, ma. Come on, Jumin, let me show you the other cats.” You grab his wrist, your hand is so soft… and warm and… what’s happening? He feels his arm melting from your touch.

“Hey, thanks for having my back. I knew I asked the right person.” “Because I like cats?” “That too, but… I knew you’re reasonable enough to put some senses on my mom’s head, you said I am smart and caring, but you’re even more caring than you think, you know that?” oh… so he was always your first option on this? He feels… honored, and really comfortable about being so reliable to you. He would feel sad if you found out that it’s not that he is caring, it’s just… he really cares about you…


“So, wait, let me get this straight: you want me to join you on a karaoke bar with your crazy cousin?” “Yeah, but how do you know he’s crazy?” “Hello…” “Oh yeah, background check…” “BINGO! I saw his posts on your timeline, he’s a… whack nut, huh?” “Yeah, so I thought you could really get along…” “OUCH!”

He pretended he was offended, but he was really down for this. The guy seems fun, karaokes are fun, you’re basically his favorite person in the whole world, why not? So what if he had to pretend to be your boyfriend? It wasn’t uncomfortable, actually it was… it was… the greatest mission 707 has ever been assigned! Yes, Defender of Justice will protect the most amazing lady from the handful cousin who has been in love for you since you were little kids and doesn’t get it that dating relatives is kinda weird! He won’t be the boyfriend you need, he will be the boyfriend you deserve! Or… something like this…

“This is Saeyoung, my boyfriend!” you introduce him. His hand shake is firm, too firm, actually… ouch, he’s hurting his hand!

“I see you have a thing for gingers, huh, MC?” oh yeah, he’s redhead too… sorta, his hair looks dyed.

“Well, MC is so unique and amazing, it’s kinda obvious she would fall for someone who’s among 1% of human population, you know… NATURAL gingers.” He smirks, and the guy shoots dagger with his eyes. Saeyoung puts his arm around your shoulder and kiss your head, oh, that was good… can he do this again?

“So, MC… remember the song we used to sing every family reunion? I was John Travolta, you’re Olivia Newton John, and we talked about those summer nights…” “Oh yeah, so tacky, right?” Saeyoung holds back the need to yell an “OUCH!”

“Well, I think it’s kinda romantic! Right, dude? Aren’t you romantic?” “Oh… huh, I’m more like the playful and teasing type…” Yes… if you were looking for romance, Saeyoung wouldn’t be the best suitor… did you want someone romantic? “Well, the MC I know it’s all about romance…” yeah, Saeyoung also could get that vibe from you…he know he isn’t suitable for you after all, but… why does it bother him so much?

“So… MC, do you want to sing “Summer Nights”? For old time’s sake? “A-Actually, I… I would like to sing something.” Saeyoung gets up quickly. “You do?” you ask, curiosity dancing in your eyes. “Yeah, just watch me!” he kisses your head again, why can’t he stop doing this?

“Yes, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I dedicate this song to my adorable girlfriend. MC, this one is for you!” you were waiting for some cheesy ballad, and can’t hold your shocked face when he choose “I believe in a thing called Love” by The Darkness. He sings all the falsettos and even does some air guitar, you have no idea how to react, but… it’s impossible not to smile.
Judging from your cousin’s face, he totally got the message. Although Saeyoung isn’t sure what is the message, actually. All he cares about is the hug you give him when he gets down the stage.

“Is this romantic enough for you?” “I couldn’t care less about romance, this is just my cousin blinded by love. Anyway… mission accomplished, agent 707. You should win a medal for all the services you did!”

A mission… right… this was just a mission. He always felt relieved after his missions were over, that’s the only one he doesn’t want to be dismissed.


“Listen to me, no matter how much I beg, how much I plead, you can’t let me try any move on him, you got it?” “Yeah, yeah… I got it, you don’t need to repeat this again!” your ex-boyfriend is single again, you never forgot him, and everything started spinning when he invited you for some drinks, but… you know how much of a fuckboy he can be. You have your pride! You have your dignity! You have Saeran as your most honest friend, so you know he’s the only one capable of making you stay away from the guy. And hopefully, keeping the guy away from you by pretending to be your boyfriend.

Why would he say yes to such a lame idea? Can’t you deal with your own shit like the grown ass woman you are? Well, it’s been a while since he doesn’t leave his brother’s house, and if it is with you, he feels more comfortable. Also, your whining was annoying him. Okay, not annoying, more like… persuading him…

“Hey, this is Saeran, my boyfriend!” you’re hesitant about holding his hand. Will this be convincing if you don’t really have much of physical contact?
“Nice to meet you, bro. Hey! Hold her tight, or I’ll be ready to snatch her away!” you blush… OH HELL NO! You can’t be possibly falling for this! Saeran wrap his arm around your shoulder and pull you closer, staring at the guy.

“Good luck trying.” You’re so close, why do you smell so good? Shit, did you put all this perfume for this guy? Ugh… that’s so lame!

The night goes on, he notices the subtle flirt between you two. This dude really is a fuckboy, making moves on a girl who’s already taken and… well, okay, not technically, but still… he’s a player! And you can be silly most of the times, but you’re not that dumb! Saeran knows you’re not! That brave girl who’s been helping him with therapy can’t fall for these cheap moves!

But he gotta say, you flirting is… kinda cute, the way you bounce your hair and smile playfully, yes… this isn’t for him, though. And it’s bothering him!
“Hey, h-ho-honey, can I talk to you for a second? Alone!” you nod a ‘yes’ and you two get close to the door. “Let’s get out of here!”

“What? Why? No, I’m having fun!” “Exactly, and you shouldn’t have, right?” “Please, Saeran, pleeeeease, let’s stay!” “Sorry, I have direct orders to not give in to your pleading.” You get mad: “Fine! I’ll go back by myself!” you turn your back on him, only to look at you ex talking with this other girl.

Saeran’s arm is around you again, now leading you out of there. You’re not crying, thank God! But you look really hurt, and he hates that!

“Wait! Are you seriously sad over this guy who doesn’t give a shit about you? I thought you were smarter, MC.” Great, now you’re crying! Good job, Saeran!
“Hey, don’t… don’t cry. I… don’t know what to tell you, but…” you hug him, your alluring perfume is all over him now. “Do you mind if we stay like this for a while? You don’t have to say anything, just… stay like this…” “Okay, I guess…”
This is weird… so fucking weird! He never touched someone like this before… is he doing it right? Is it supposed to be this good?

BTS Reactions - You’re much smaller than them

You pout as you reach up to your boyfriend’s face and try to pull him in for a kiss. When you struggle, you stomp your foot and complain about being so much smaller than him, insisting that he shrinks so that you can kiss him properly.

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02:36:11 in the May Livestream
  • Ethan: *snuggles into bean bag*
  • Tyler (internally): holy fuck I have never seen a cuter thing in all my life somebody punch me so I feel manly again I'm never going to look away ever are you all seeing this?! Do you see him?!
How they would cuddle their S/O - SHINee

~Requested scenario~

Long time no see yall but the wait is finally over yayyyy i’m posting for the first time in like 8 years on this blog. Unfortunatley Dead roses will have to be postponed and it’ll probably be out in a couple of weeks we just wanna focus on school whilst also completing every request we have so unfortunately updates will be slow but thank you for being so patient with us <3

I love you all and stay safe xx


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Onew/Lee Jinki

  • you honestly feel so safe in his arms
  • his arms are all muscley and he’s just such a warm person it’s like heaven
  • you guys mainly cuddle facing eachother and talk about your day
  • or just anything
  • it’s what you both look forwards to every day
  • like after a hard long day you both just unwind in eachothers arms
  • makes you laugh a lot
  • endless smiles and giggles
  • endless kisses
  • soft kisses on his neck
  • and he kisses your head
  • loves smelling your hair
  • it’s just a fluffy time
  • you guys would just spend 2 hours talking to eachother before you finally fall asleep
  • with goofy smiles on your faces

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Kim Jonghyun

  • oh lord
  • probs the sweetest but also the greasiest cuddler
  • flirts endlessly
  • whispers flirty and cheesy stuff in your ear
  • soft kisses on your neck
  • loves when you do it back to him
  • mostly you guys are just kissing and giggling
  • his hand on your waist underneath your shirt
  • suddenly just stops talking and just stares at you
  • looks into your eyes
  • you trace his face and he loves it
  • you usually fall asleep staring at eachother
  • or you’re on his chest
  • he loves being the big spoon he just feels so manly
  • barley wears any clothes
  • but hey you’re not complaining
  • soft kisses and small circles being drawn on your bare waist
  • just sings to you until you fall asleep
  • keeps you close the whole time like bro you’re not going anywhere soz

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ignore the caption

Key/Kim Kibum

  • Has his arm around you on the sofa while you’re both sipping wine
  • and shading people
  • gives you the ocassional kiss on the temple
  • you guys have nice chats
  • and you just love listening to him complain/talk about his day
  • cute cuddles ocassioanlly but not a lot
  • since both of your presence is enough
  • just knowing eachother was there is enough
  • hand holding
  • super tired and drowsy and cute
  • loves playing with your hair
  • loves when you play with his
  • is completley silent at times but its comfortable
  • loves tracing your features
  • it’s just a relaxing part of your days
  • and you both look forwards to just winding down with eachother
  • after a nice ass bubble bath and chilling in your PJ’s

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Choi Minho

  • wow what did you have to do in your past life to end up so lucky?
  • his long limbs tangled with yours
  • greasy as well
  • ‘wanna make out’
  • always touching you and has his hands on your bare waist
  • or somehwere else ahem
  • whispering stupid jokes in your ear
  • or some cheasy stuff
  • just to make you giggle at him
  • which makes him smile like a fool
  • or trying to challenge you at something
  • but nah fam this is supposed to be a relaxing time none of that plz
  • get’s whiney when you wanna get up or something
  • wraps his strong tan arms around you
  • jheez he smells good
  • i assume
  • it’s just such a nice relaxing time
  • until the guy starts getting hansy but that’s something for another time

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Lee Taemin

  • such a fluffy shy guy
  • he’s so cte honestly
  • like he would just approach you and just lay against you
  • and just hope you cuddle him back
  • plz cuddle him back
  • loves when you [lay with his ahir
  • and loves when you talk about your day
  • loves listening to you rather than talking
  • he just wants to be filled with your voice after being away from you all day
  • but the kid is also rude asf
  • cocky
  • smirks when he hears your whine to come back after getting up
  • ‘wow you’re totally obsessed with me’
  • stfu boi i’ll be the one getting up jeez
  • sweet kisses and whispers
  • like the room is just filled with your giggling
  • has a permenant smile on his face 
  • also a layful time
  • light tickles on your waist at times
  • yall just fall asleep after chilling out
  • in eachothers arms

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EXO Reaction when they meet their idol ex girlfriend in ISAC but their current idol girlfriend is there too

For those who doesn’t know ISAC is the Idol Star Athletics Championship, a  TV program in Korea. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“We are going to win Jagi! We’ll show them what a great couple we are, a great team!” *Probably doesn’t know what lies ahead xD*


*Somehow you two disappear from the show* “Sports isn’t my style!”


*Literally him making a lot of noise just for the world(her) to see how much he supports you and only you* “That’s my girl! That’s my Oh girl!”


*Let’s say you are the sassiest couple in the show*


*Judging so hard with you xD* “Even if I don’t like saying it, we have to admit my ex is good in sports”


“You are jealous? Why??? Ahh you are so cute jagi. She’s not the girl of my eyes, you are! Now come, we have a competition to win!”


*This is him as you fangirl over his ex, because you are her fan* “I’m so done with everything in this world… the only thing missing is for them to become best friends”


*The moment he realizes she’s there* “OH no no no, I’m not going in there… last time she almost killed me! Let’s get some choco baobei, let the boys deal with it” *Not feeling so manly this time XD*


“Is this.. a nightmare or something? It must be… feels like the dream I had last week… where my girlfriend and ex girlfriend met..” *Chen trying to convince himself it’s not real*


“Go to ISAC they said…. you’ll have fun they said…” *Someone’s not very enjoying himself xD*


*Probably he won’t even notice because he’ll just be too focused on you to see anyone else* “You can do this girl! My babe can do everything!”


*He’d go to say hi but never let go of you hand* “Hey! How’s it been? Good? Have you met Y/N? Let me introduce you…” *Always so polite*

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When their s/o is sick - Day 6

~Requested scenario~

An anon requested a scenario on how ay6 would act when their s/o is sick/ill. To whoever requested this i hope you enjoy and to whoever comes accross this post i hope  you enjoy it too xx

Love you all and stay safe <3


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everyday dorks ignore the caption

Jae/Park Jaehyung

Alright you’re his grilfriend right? And he loves you with all his heart right? And believe me he really wants to take care of you and cuddle and snuggle your cute snotty self but he just can’t risk getting sick himself like no thanks thats gross. “Jae why are you wearing a mask and gloves, it’s warm asf?” “ I’m a busy man babe gotta feed you and me someway and that way does not involve me being sick and banned from scheduels lmao like you?” But don’t worry he’ll buy you soup and cuddly teddys and stuff to make you feel better nd when you do get better he’ll smother you in hugs and kisses. Until he starts sneezing… then it’s your turn to stay 3 ft away from him.

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*pretend you’re youngk*

“i love you babe, sorry for not showering you with affection this past week”

Park Sungjin

WEE WOO NURSE SUNGJIN HAS ARRIVED!!! Okay but on a real note you aren’t leaving your bed for shit. Well unless to use the bathroom and shower and brush your teeth BUT THAT’S IT! The boy has you on lockdow. He is checking your tempuratre every hour and making sure you use the humidifier regularly and taking your medicine and vitamin twice a day.  Literally will not leave your side and if he has to then he will call and check up you like every 2 hours (gotta make sure your sleeping yanno). And you’re just like ??? is that neccessary babe and he’s like hell yeah but he means well so just let hi pamper you and be your little nerse cuz he feels so manly looking after his love.

“i’m watching you so you might as well take your medicine now”

YoungK/Kang Younghyun

He would be upset asf cuz like he can’t cuddle or kiss you since he has to avoid being sick. Like tf why is the world so mean what had he done? all he wants to do is give his baby some loving but nooooo. Not gonna lie he will whine to you about this like all the time cuz he finds himself going to kiss you and you’re like not so fast you have to record back away. But he will look after you v well and make sure you have an extreamly speedy recovery so that he can cling onto you again.

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“curse bacteria and their nasty selves”

Kim Wonpil

The sweetest peron ever but also kinda annoyin ngl.He would constantly ask you “babe are you okay? do you want me to fluff your pillows?need me to get you more tissues? I’m going to the store do you want anything?” But it’s all in good intentions he only wants the best for you but like common can he leave you to sleep damn. But like try not to snap at him cuz he’ll get pouty. Will tell you stupid ass jokes or do aegyo for you to make you smile but he only ends up getting hit.

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“hey look at my smile it will heal you”

Yoon Dowoon

Like super cautious about the whole thing. Cuz he tried to make you laugh by being stupid nd ended up getting a pullow thrown at him so he’s like treating you like a ticking time bomb. But only for like 20 mins before he’s all up in your business “make sure you drink water, water is the key” “are you sure you remembered to take your vitamins cuz i haven’t seen you takr them yet” “maybe all you need is a little sunlight and your handsome boyfriend by your side” Ends  up getting another pillow thrown at him.  Also might watch you sleep just to make sure you keep breathing but obviously you kick him out cuz that’s creepy.

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*ignore the caption*

“why haven’t you fallen asleep yet?”

“kinda hard when you’re staring at me get out”