so man capitals


Sans finally comes clean…but whether Frisk will be satisfied with just knowing what happened is another matter entirely!

More will be coming along in the future!


–Dogs of Future Past–


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lmao today my manager was texting the owner and was just saying being open was a waste of labor money bc we didn’t even hit 50 orders by 3 and the wife gets all ‘well, honey in the real world u need to work to have money to pay your bills unfortunately.’ and it was soooooo condescending like my manager is almost 29 years old and has 2 jobs, whereas owner’s wife has literally never had a full time job. both of them come from money, live in an affluent town, have a giant ass house and a summer cottage, 2 newer vehicles, etc. like dont tell me how the ‘real world’ works when neither of u have ever been outside of your priveledged ass bubble. and like, here we are working so they can pay for all that shit and she wants to tell us about 'the real world’ while they take a long weekend at their lake house. i h8 my bosses they are so entitled. fuckin capitalism man.

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Favorite five pictures of Nate Schmidt

you have literally no idea how hard it was for me to pick just five okay. NO. IDEA.

5. the infamous #capsbruins


3. this black suit Does Things to me

2. this man is going to be the best father of my kids some day

1. i would like to thank not only god, but also jesus for caps casino night

bonus bc it’s a gif not a picture, but its my actual fav:

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Why do you hate Banksy?

The same reason I get the compulsion to backhand people who unironically use the word “sheeple.”