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How tf can you live with yourself making "pride" flag edits while leaving out the fucking creators of pride????? And I guess since we don't exist to you I better spell it out for you: G A Y S A N D L E S B I A N S

Hello Loves! I have recently hit 500 followers so I decided to do something celebrating all of the amazing people I follow. All of them are incredibly talented and the sweetest people so go follow them if you aren’t already following them!! Also please excuse the banner, I have no idea how to make them, I’m slowly learning to make edits and moodboards, but not banners.

First off though a few of my loves:

@hermionesmenacinglook, Nyx words cannot describe how much I love you and your blog. You are sweet and sassy and amazing! You get so much hate and have been through so much, you are so strong and brave and I admire you so much. You are one of biggest inspirations and seeing you on my dash never fails to bring a smile to my face. Potato. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@lunalovey, Vivvvvv! We haven’t been talking for very long, but you are one of the sweetest most supportive people here!! You are so sweet and amazing!!! Also like your blog is amazing, why don’t you have 1000000000 followers?? Seriously you are so supportive and sweet! Thank you! I love you!😘😘😘

@padfoot-barks, Bonnie! I adore you and your blog! You are so amazingly sweet and supportive!! Also all of your writing and edits are amazing!! Also like your mobile theme is gorgeous and you are so funny, and just genuinely happy you never fail to make me smile. I love you!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@ravenclw, okay Vincent your blog is the literal definition of goals. It’s so neat and organized and I love your theme. How are you so amazing?? Like your so nice and you’re really talented and good at everything. Also thank you for tagging me in your edits because they are gorgeous!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@sirius-gay-black, okay so I know we only just became mutuals, but your so nice and patient and I find talking to you really relaxing and it’s really interesting how different are lives are, but how much we have in common. I hope we can continue to get to know each other better!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@fleurdelacvur, Sophia! You are such a sweetheart! And your whole blog is super aesthetic and just calm and peaceful in general! I love it!! Also I really like your new icon and url, both are fantastic! Watching your blog flourish and as you begin to create edits and get tons of followers, I feel so proud of you!!! You deserve all of the followers you have and so many more!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘

Now onto the rest!

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The Only One For Me - Minghao Fluff/Angst

Originally posted by minghaeo

Request: Hi! Can you do maybe do a Minghao angst where another girl is relentlessly trying to get him to cheat on the reader with her but Minghao is loyal and says no but all the reader sees is the girl flirty and stuff with Minghao and not him saying no to her? Sorry if this is confusing (also sorry I request a lot of stuff, you just always write exactly what I want!)

Word Count: 1515

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Minghao (The8) of SEVENTEEN

Summary: A day out at the mall was needed for you and your boyfriend to get some well needed rest, but an unwanted visitor may just ruin that.

A/N: Hey guys! I just wanted to say, I am running low on requests since the last time I asked, so please send in more. Make them a pretty detailed outline of what you want, and don’t be afraid to use anon! Anyway, sorry for any errors, I’m too tired to bother editing this right now.(It’s 11:30 here.)xx

 Minghao leaned over the kitchen table and sighed, munching on his partially soggy cereal. Today was his first day off in quite a while, and he had planned to spend it with you until you had to inform him of your half-day at work. It was better than a full day shift, but it still left Minghao alone for a solid four hours. That all lead to him eating his breakfast alone and wishing you could be there to crack some jokes as he ate.

 As he spooned the last spoonful of sweet deliciousness into his mouth, he got out of his chair to walk over to the sink to wash the now dirty bowl. The water cleaned the last of the soggy crumbs from the bottom of the container and he placed it on the dish rack to avoid breaking it. He was going to walk over to the couch and scroll through his phone when the annoying shriek of the doorbell ringing invaded the silence. Quickly, his sock covered feet pattered over to the door and he pulled it wide open, expecting the person outside to be a deliveryman or a neighbor in need of assistance.

 “Hi, Minghao! I heard you were free, and I was wondering if you wanted to go to a cafe or something for some ~alone time~!” The annoying girl that sat on his doorstep was definitely not the mailman, but he probably would have been happier to see him. (G/N) had dark hair that was stuffed into to massive pigtails and what looked like 50 pounds of makeup distributed unevenly across her face. Her outfit screamed “I’m in my twenties but desperate to cling to my escaping youth by chasing younger guys,” which is a statement so accurate that it made Minghao laugh just to think about it.

 “Um… my girlfriend is going to be home from work soon, so I have get ready. I’m sorry, maybe go ask somebody else?” His nails gently swiped the back off his neck as his eyes trailed to the ground.

 Her lipsticked scowl grew, and she nodded slowly before backing away from the door. “Yeah, just tell (Y/N) hi for me I guess…” Her shoes clicked against the floor as she sashayed away from the door, hips swinging in an attempt to catch the long man’s eyes. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth, and he turned around to go back to the living room.

 “Babe!~ I’m home from work!” You walked in and set your large bag on the wooden table. Minghao ran into the room and immediately, his arms were around your waist.

 “I missed you so much! It’s so boring here without you. Plus, the weird girl on the first floor came to the apartment and basically tried to get me to go on a date with her…” Laughing at Minghao’s misfortune, you placed a kiss on his lips.

 “Well, if she bothers you again I guess I’ll just have to make sure you don’t leave my sight.” He laughed at your joking words. “I can be your personal bodyguard.”

 “Ok, (Y/N). So, what do you want to do for the day? Lunch? Maybe go shopping or something?”

 “Minghao, you know me way too well. Let’s do lunch then we can go walk around the mall if that’s good with you.” He nodded and released you from his vice grip. “I’ll go get dressed in normal clothes, and we can leave.”

 Minghao locked the door behind him before lacing his fingers with yours. You smiled up at him, and you both walked down the long hallway to the stairs. It may have seemed childish to others, but Minghao swung your hands back and forth as he hummed a familiar tune. He continued this all the way out of the building and to the bus stop. When you finally got onto the bus, you both found seats adjacent to each other and sat, making a comment or two to the other ever so often. As the beautiful scenery of the busy city flew by, so did the minutes. Before long, you reached the large complex of buildings that housed all your favorite stores and restaurants.

 “Here, Jagi, I’ll hold your bag so you can tie your shoelace.” Minghao’s considerate nature beamed as you quickly fixed the loose shoelaces on your left sneaker.

 “Thank you, Minghao!” You pecked him on the cheek before walking through the large glass doors, fingers intertwined. 

 Overplayed pop music blasted from each storefront, but the two of you quickly made your way to the food court and payed for two meals. As soon as the trays were sat down in front of you, it seemed to magically disappear. Minghao eagerly devoured his meal and waited for you to finish.

 “Okay, where do you want to go first?” You leaped up from the plastic seat and walked with Minghao to dispose of your trash.

 It had been a solid hour, and you had begged Minghao to let you visit Forever 21 before you left. He had already taken a seat in the appointed ‘boyfriend chair’ when you had slipped into the sea of clothing. As he scrolled through his emails, a familiar annoying voice pierced his eardrums.

 “HaoHao! What a coincidence! I guess fate wanted us to meet up today!” (G/N) batted her mascara coated eyelashes and leaned over the poor boy. “Why don’t you come with me, and maybe we can go to somewhere like Victoria’s Secret? I need your opinion on some new clothes.”

 Minghao fidgeted uncomfortably as (G/N) pushed her clothed chest closer towards him in an attempt to grab his attention. “No thank you, I’m waiting for my girlfriend to finish shopping…”

 (G/N) huffed and crossed her arms before lurching into a series of high pitched whines. Minghao instantly began spouting more excuses over the sound of her complaints, when (G/N) suddenly slipped forward. She landed in a jumbled mess across Minghao, which must have looked even worse when he started moving his arms to try and push her off of him.

 “What the fuck, Minghao?” You walked over and were shocked to see your boyfriend in such a compromising position. (G/N) smiled at you, and leaned forward before planting a kiss on Minghao’s cheek. “I thought you said you didn’t like her in any way! I’m going home, here’s the hoodie I bought you! Jerk…” 

 Minghao stuttered as the thick article of clothing hit his head and you stomped away. Immediately, he harshly shoved (G/N) away. “I hope this was worth it for you.” (G/N)’s smile faltered, and he sprinted in your direction.

 Tears streamed down your cheeks, but you still continued the search for the key to your apartment. Realizing your search was futile, you slumped against the door and let strong sobs rack through your body.

 “Hey… I’ll unlock the door.” Minghao quietly began to put the key in the lock and opened the door to let you in. “I’m sorry. She was pushing herself on me, (Y/N), I swear I would never hurt you like that.”

 Saying nothing, you pushed past him. He followed you like a lost puppy, until you eventually turned around to face him. “I know. Just let me be alone for a bit, okay? I didn’t want to see my hag of a neighbor flirting with my man today, and your lack of any type of explanation at the time did nothing to help.”

 “Wait, (Y/N)-” The door to the bedroom slammed shut, creating a barrier between the two pity parties taking place at the moment.

 After a few hours, you sat up and thought over your actions. You knew that you had overreacted, but you just couldn’t help feeling upset with how much jealousy had rooted itself in your mind at the sight of another girl and your beloved boyfriend. A knock on the door interrupted your thoughts, and a melancholic-looking Minghao stepped through the door with one arm holding something behind his back.

 “Hey.” He sat next to you, and revealed a single rose from behind his back. “Think of this as a physical apology, since I’m not so good with words or anything like that…” His shy demeanor radiated, and a small giggle escaped your mouth for the first time in the past few hours.

 “I accept your apology. I need to say sorry too, babe. I overreacted, and I should have listened to what you had to say first.” A flush spread across your cheeks as Minghao pulled your body into his thin frame.

 “It’s okay, Jagiya. Let’s never let anything like this happen again, okay? I don’t think I can handle that much stress anytime soon.” You nodded into his warm chest and let his hand rub across your shoulders, fitting together like two puzzle pieces.

Things I want to do with Gray

(Will obvi be updated on the reg)

•touch his arms
•cuddle next to his arms
•trace the muscles on his arms
•make him wear shirts that show off his arms
•make him stay scruffy sometimes
•stare at him
•touch his back
•i would willingly massage his back
•make fun of his pasty thighs
•adopt a dog together
•rest my head over his shoulder while he’s too focused on editing trying to get him to stop and take a break to eat
•take a cheesy candid of him wherever we go so he has a good insta post
•wipe my lipstick off his lips after we kiss
•hug him a lot because then his arms are squeezing me and ultimately hopefully killing me so I can just die happy
•go hiking with him at Runyon
•go get food with Ethan as our 3rd wheel
•help him buy clothes and sit in the fitting room while he tries clothes on and hates them all
•watch him work out while I eat a bag of chips
•play with his hair while he sleeps in my lap
•run my fingers through his messy hair
•laugh at his bed head in the morning
•convince him to keep his hair a little longer
•make fun of his hat hair and try to sort it out
•make fun of his Ethan tattoo on his foot
•poke his side to make him laugh when he gets too serious
•make him wear sweatpants more often
•tell him to not wear socks and slides
•wow touch his side where the muscley part is and just realize how soft it is
•like have you noticed how soft his skin looks
•hold his lil baby hand
•I would really probably rather hold his arm really
•grab his arm whenever I want like when waiting in line at Starbucks
•watch him struggle to put on and take off a wet suit and not help
•make him sleep instead of edit bc he’s cranky and looks cute in his lil editing robe

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oklike at the sleep over everyone was tired bc they all just finished working on a date with Markiplier (or a stream of you want) and they where all stressed and having a hard time so the set one of these up (Ty did most bc he didn't bring them coffie or help edit) and the first few hours they sleep and for the rest of the night Ty is just a snuggle bear and bed for Eth. and when Eth makes cookies he's so proud bc he burned the first 4 attempts and these ones where perfect. Eth doing Amy's hair

Um, yes?!! I’m about to cry this is so perfect, and they get some ice cream as well because they’re not sure Eth is gonna be able to make cookies properly (he does but it takes a while). Also yesss and Ethan makes a really good French braid! So Amy keeps it in!

Also the thought of teamiplier with sleeping bags is too cute (Mark’s is red, Amy’s is yellow, Ethan’s is blue, Kathryn’s is purple, Ty’s is grey). And can you imagine like Eth transferring from person to person to see who’s the warmest and eventually settling on top of Ty for the night because he’s v big and many heat is given off by that boy.


The Dinner Date: Reylo first date AU : pictorial fluff shot. Ben and Rey meet through a common friend , Poe and decide to go on a date. Ben suggests a hole in the wall Italian place in West village where they decide to meet one Saturday for lunch. Rey arrives in a Vespa while Ben gets a cab. The overabundance of food on the table is courtesy of Rey’s appetite. As to how the dinner went…well I will leave that to your imagination… the rest as they say is history.
As pointed out by my #soulsister I want to make sure people understand the clear distinction here…this in no way implies Daisy and Adam …this is a Reylo AU..that’s all this is. So plz enjoy that in spirit!

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So while I’m getting my other things sorted I thought (read: got the will) to edit and post pictures of the rest of the house that didn’t make it into “story mode”.  Starting with the entrance of the Underground Lounge. If it’s not covered in flowers, destroy the vampire next to you because that’s not Philomina.


“I never knew that love had a sound, until I heard you laugh.” Since you got scouted at age 17, you probably haven’t had the time to spend your birthday back in L.A. despite this, I hope wherever you are, you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you. Even if we are unable to meet one day, the fact that you and I exist under the same sky is enough for me. Instead of making a graphic, I decided to gif clips of your laugh/smile, because all I want for your birthday is your happiness. Thank you for working hard for us~ Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, Joshua Hong ♡ #가장_위험한_세븐틴_교회오빠_탄신일

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Day Nine

Okay, so big thanks to @jupiterqueen42​ (who is one of my favorite blogs omg I died and went to heaven when I saw this go check them out) who prompted today’s fic!

Summary: A Sleepless Night With Phil Part Six Sick Baby edition. 

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Talk of minor illness in babies (cold and asthma) but nothing bad happens

Author’s note: Again, thank you so so so much for the prompt! I don’t know if you guys know this, but getting propmts really makes my day. ^_^ You can make my day right here if you want ;D Also, this fic has my OC kid Zach in it so if you want to see the first fic he’s in just click here

10:27 P.M.

The video started, and Phil waved at the camera.  “Hey, guys!” he whisper-shouted. His eyes were tired and a shadow of concern and stress darkened the area underneath. “Welcome to A Sleepless Night With Phil Part, what part are we on? Like six, right? We’ll go with six. This is a very special edition because I’m going to have a special guest with me!” He paused here to give a wide smile and a thumbs up. “Back by popular demand, Zach will be spending the night awake with me, but not really by choice. See, a couple days ago Zach started showing symptoms of a cold and since this will be his first ever, Dan and I obviously rushed him to the doctor but she said he would be fine but to come back if his fever reached 38.5 degrees. Fortunately, his fever peaked this afternoon at 37.8 and has been steadily dropping so he’s gonna live. Of course, he’s always had trouble sleeping through the night because of asthma, so he’s even fussier with a stuffed up nose. Dan literally hasn’t had more than a fifteen minute nap since Zach first started showing symptoms, so I’ve banished him to bed and I’m on Baby Duty. Let’s go check on Zach, shall we?”

10:40 P.M

The video jumped to Phil standing in a nursery with a clearly very tired and cranky infant nestled into his chest. “So, it looks like Zach isn’t doing too hot but he’s better than before and his breathing is still pretty even so we’re doing loads better, right, Zach?” At the sound of his name Zach let out a soft little baby noise but otherwise ignored his father who grinned like the sun. “Okay, so one thing the doctor told us to do is to make like a little baby sauna for him so basically we’re gonna go to the smallest bathroom in our house and I’m gonna turn the shower on super hot and we’re just going to sit there for a bit while the steam helps unstuff Zach’s nose. Unfortunately, this camera probably isn’t waterproof, so I can’t take you guys with us so we will see you in fifteen minutes!”

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aaa I hate making excuses especially for the first imagine but this one’s a little shit cause in the past hour or so I’ve been pretty stressed out, greeted with some pretty stressing news that will be solved soon thankfully. Not sure if I did this request justice sadly, it was also a 1-time writing thing which I normally don’t do. I normally don’t write it in one sitting and don’t go back and edit it. So here ya go, my writing in it’s rawest form tbh.

and w/ not editing before posting comes a lot of spelling mistakes or sentence mistakes soz so please forgive me if some of the shit I say in 1-time deals make no sense. I’m just making excuses lol

Sidemen: TBJZL/TBJZLPlays/Tobi
Reader x Tobi: Attention Whore
Summary: Y/N tries to get Tobi’s attention while he’s recording.
Warning(s): Fluff
Words: 867

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Cuddle (2) Masterlist

Links last checked 13 April, 2017

part one

As Long As I’m With You, I’m Okay - phangirlingforphan

Summary: At first, he’d scolded Phil for booking the tickets without checking their schedules. But when they’d landed and he’d seen the look of unequivocal happiness on Phil’s face – he knew there was no place else he’d rather be. Excitable, cuddly, jet-lagged phan and banter everywhere.

Cuddles Of Protection - myxphanxaddiction

Summary: Dan and Phil have to crash at a hotel and there is only one room available and they both have to share it.

Dan, I’m Cold - lolzorhowlter

Summary: Phil has trouble sleeping due to the lack of heat, therefore he goes to Dan for some help. This leads his to cuddle with Dan, as “friends”.

Dan’s Cuddly When He’s Tired - insertyoutuberquotehere

Summary: Dan and Phil are cuddling on the couch and watching a movie. Dan’s super tired as he stays up all night and falls asleep on Phil.

How Much Can You Take? - toomanytickles

Summary: Dan and Phil are cuddling and Phil finds Dan’s ticklish spot and gets back at him.

Innocent Sleeping - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan is having trouble sleeping because he’s too busy staying up late and pacing at four am while thinking about the universe, so Phil gets worried about him and finally suggests that Dan sleeps in his room, basically just platonic!phan cuddling and comfort.

Interruption - ironicallyphan

Summary: Cuddles in bed before sleeping while Phil is telling Dan what happened to him earlier that day.

Marshmallows And Cuddles (ao3) - iamphanaf

Summary: Dan is having a bad week and Phil cheers him up.

Raspberry Tea And Video Editing - writingphanfiction

Summary: Dan is sick with the flu, Phil tries to get him to go to bed but Dan is insistent that he finishes editing before getting some rest. Phil goes to make tea for Dan but comes back to find Dan slumped down on his desk, so despite Dan’s protests he drags him to bed to and promises to look after him.

Sleepwalking Issues - trysomecats

Summary: Dan is a little too paranoid about Phil’s sleepwalking incident.

Tranquility - littlephanfics

Summary: Dan and Phil being cuddly and in love.

Two Million - pasteldanhowells

Summary: A quick little drabble in which Dan and Phil celebrate Phil hitting two million subscribers with some morning cuddles.

So I’m getting back into editing (got an MEP I need to make a part for), and I thought I’d make a short MV to get back into practise. This is what I’ve finished so far, so I thought I’d upload a preview here while I work on the rest. Enjoy!

(also note there’s some fast cuts/flashing in the first 15-20 seconds so just a heads up)

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Sith plan destroying dates. Yesss.

They don’t even do it on purpose, Qui-Gon’s like “let’s have a picnic” and Mace is like “you fucking nerd fine whatever Ani’s at his mom’s today anyway” and then they get there and trip over a secret Separatist attack force and Mace is like “hahahaha Force and I actually BELIEVED YOU about the picnic, too!” and Qui-Gon is like “… I genuinely did pack one, though”. 

So then they fucking DESTROY evil Sith plans and eat space sammiches and space potato salad on top of a lovely sunny field’s worth of destroyed battle-droids while getting very drunk on Corellian whiskey and sending the WORST MISSION REPORT EVER home to Depa. She doesn’t even edit it for clarity or to cut out the weird part where Qui-Gon is putting his hands all over Mace’s face for no apparent reason, she literally just shows it to the rest of the Council as-is. 

… okay, she does cut it before they start making out, but only JUST before. 

ML Road Trip - UT edition!
  • First thing that happens is that Adrien’s driving and the rest of the squad is freaking out over the scary drivers, so Alya demands Adrien pulls over and she takes the wheel.
  • This doesn’t help. It only fuels Alya’s road rage.
  • “ALYA NO”
  • In honor of SLCC next week, Ladybug and Chat Noir make an appearance at the Salt Palace.
  • Someone enters them in a costume contest but nobody believes they’re the real Ladybug and Chat Noir.

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Can I have the RFA members + V and Saeran reacting to mc that doesn't want to let them get out of bed?

But why would anyone want to get up from bed? Let’s all stay in the comfort and coziness it provides for the rest of our lives~ (*´▽`*)

Thank you for submitting! 

Edit: removed under the cut cause stupid little me forgot it wasn’t visible on the app orz.


🐱 He’s leaving in the evening on a 12 hours flight in order to close a business deal.

🐱 He came home early and decided to take a nap, while you curled in his embrace.

🐱 He’ll be gone for two weeks and the thought of not seeing him for so long is already making you sad and clingy.

🐱 He finally decides it’s time to wake up, he brushes his lips against your forehead and tries to roll out of bed but you’re showing incredible strength and a high dose of stubbornness. 

🐱 “MC?”

🐱 He looks at you but your face is buried in his chest and your arms are wrapped tightly around his waist, refusing to let go. 

🐱 Sure you realize how silly this is, how childish you’re acting, that he might miss his flight because of you, but you have no strength to fight against the urge to just keep him there.

🐱 “I’m going to miss you…”

🐱 You almost whisper ‘please don’t go’ but you know how cruel that would be and what it would do to him.

🐱 He sighs deeply and wraps his arms around you, brushing his cheek against your hair.

🐱 “I’ll miss you too. I’ll miss you terribly but I swear I’m going to call you everyday and we’ll video chat.”

🐱 But that’s not enough? You just want him to stay here, by your side, forever? No matter how stupid that sounds, you just want him to be safe in your arms.

🐱 “You’re being an awfully disobedient little girl right now.”

🐱 He chuckles dangerously, the kind of chuckle you know comes before the storm. A storm that usually has you panting and moaning for several hours.

🐱 His hands travel all over your body and you start to shiver uncontrollably. He doesn’t want to let go either, and the warmth of your skin against his palms is making it even more difficult.

🐱 He sighs deeply and finally releases himself from your embrace, but not before whispering in your ear.

🐱 “Be patient, my love. After two weeks, when we’ll finally see each other again, I will be the one that won’t allow you get out of bed.”

🐱 The time apart will be torture but now, at least, you both have something to look forward to when he comes back.


★ It’s a horrible rainy day and he has an important exam at noon.

★ He wanted to get up early and study some more but he was so stressed out the night before that he barely managed to get some shuteye.

★ You sense him stirring as he sighs deeply and you wrap your arms around his shoulder. 

★ You didn’t get much sleep either, you were so worried about him tossing and turning that you mostly stayed awake.

★ He turns to look at you, both of you having dark circles under your eyes and he gently rubs his nose against yours.

★ "I have to wake up, MC. I still have some definitions I want to go through before the exam.”

★ You want to let him go, you really do, but you don’t feel like there’s any point in him going through the material he has already memorized by heart. 

★ "Yoosung, you already know everything, we double checked yesterday. Please, just stay in bed a little longer and try to relax.”

★ You offer him a pout and wrap your arms tighter when he’s giving sings he wants to fight back.

★ The sensation of your body pressed against him, the warmth and comfort of the bed, your breath tickling his ear, it just makes it impossible for him to refuse.

★ He pulls the cover above your heads and chuckles lightly when he sees the triumphal look on your face.


❤ "MC, rise and shine~ I made breakfast for you! If you’re a good girl, I’ll even feed you~”

❤ You hear his way too excited voice and growl from under the blanket, before burying your face in the pillow.

❤ It’s just one of those mornings when you don’t want to do anything other than stay in bed, drink hot chocolate and watch old movies.

❤ Zen puts the tray on the night stand and rolls near you, poking your side gently.

❤ "Wakey, wakey sleepy-head! It’s such a beautiful day outside! Well…not as beautiful as me but still.”

❤ You turn around to look at him and there he is, the painful contrast that you have to see each morning.

❤ While your hair is messy, his is perfectly brushed and tied in that cute ponytail. While you have bags under your eyes, his are shining brightly than rubies. While your breath smells like whatever you ate last night was decomposing in your stomach, his smells like a mix of fresh mint and lemon. AND HE SMOKES?!

❤ ”Ugh…go away…you’re way too bright to look at in the morning.”

❤ You try to make it sound like an insult but you see his cheeks getting pink.

❤ All of a sudden, a mischievous idea crosses your mind and you wrap your legs around his, pining him down to the bed. 

❤ He gasps softly when he feels your hot breath against his neck and feels your hand traveling under his shirt.

❤ What are you doing? If you don’t hurry up you’ll be late for work! 

❤ "MC, you really have to wake up, you…oh!” He lets a moan escape his lips as your teeth softly nibble on his earlobe.

❤ "Not feeling so well. Should call in sick.”

❤ He arches his brow at you while you offer him your sweetest smile and finally he sighs in defeat.

❤ “Well then, if my princess isn’t feeling well then it’s up to me to watch over her all day and tend to her every wish.”

❤ You fight back laughter, wondering if he realizes that the only princess here is him. You don’t wake up every morning like little birds helped you put on your outfit and got your hair done.


☕ It’s Sunday morning and you two have so many things to take care of, but you just don’t want to wake up.

☕ Jaehee already took a shower, got dressed and prepared coffee for the both of you. Looking at your sleeping figure, it pains her to have to drag you out of bed.

☕ "MC, you have to wake up. We need to go groceries shopping and pick up my suit from the dry cleaner. You know they close the shop at noon.”

☕ She slowly gets into bed and tries to pull off the blanket but you grip it tightly.

☕ "Nooo, I don’t want toooo! I’m sooo tired!”

☕ You whine helplessly and it hits Jaehee straight in the heart.

☕ You both have been working non-stop lately and Sunday, being the only free day she truly has, you spend it mostly on doing chores and buying stuff that you didn’t get during the week.

☕ Her hand reaches for the top of your head and she begins to stroke your hair gently.

☕ She tries to reach for the blanket again but your hand grabs her by the wrist and pulls her down.

☕ “Let’s just laze around in bed all day. Let’s not do anything other than cuddle and talk.”

☕ You give Jaehee that look that you know makes her knees weak and you can already feel her caving in. 

☕ “But what about the groceries we have to buy? And my suit? And we don’t have anything to eat for lunch or dinner?”

☕ “I’ll go shopping tomorrow after work and I’ll get your suit then as well. You can just borrow something from me and we’ll order something to eat.”

☕ “We won’t have any milk for coffee tomorrow.”

☕ “Jaehee…”

☕ “And the one I’ve just made is getting cold.”

☕ “Jaehee!”

☕ She smiles at you and nods before cuddling together under the blanket. She sure feels sorry for that fresh coffee she made, but she decided long ago that you’re more important and taste better than any hot beverage.


💾 It’s 2 AM and he’s only been in bed for an hour when you feel him shifting and trying to get up.

💾 You know he has an important project he needs to finish by the end of the week, but it’s ridiculous that he works himself to exhaustion. 

💾 When he tries to wake up, you grab him by the waistband of his sweatpants and pull him back in.

💾 "MC…I don’t have time to play. I really must to go”

💾 He tries to wiggle out but your grip is strong.

💾 ”But baby it’s cold outside!”

💾 You offer him a playful pout but his only response is a flick on your forehead. 

💾 Seeing that you are simply enamored with his sweatpants and don’t want to let go, he takes them off, remaining in his boxers. 

💾 He tries to make a quick move but your arms wrap around his waist and you practically lift him up and throw him back on the bed.

💾 Whoa when did you become so strong?

💾 For the first few seconds he looks annoyed but then he soon realizes that this is a lost cause.

💾 He places one hand under his head while the other starts to gently stroke your back.

💾 Everything seems peaceful for awhile, until you can hear him snicker under his breath.

💾 “MC, you might regret your decision to keep me in bed.”

💾 Your eyes widen in horror and you don’t know what hits your first, the sound or the smell. 


💾 He roars with laughter as you cover your face with the pillow, trying to stop the stench from invading your nostrils.

💾  Sure you managed to keep him in bed and now he seems more relaxed…BUT AT WHAT COST?! 


💀 “What are you doing?”

💀 He looks at you as you wiggle under the blanket like a worm and he lets out an exasperated sigh.

💀 “Get up. I need to make the bed”.

💀 "I thought we could stay and cuddle for some time. No need to hurry and get up~”.

💀 You throw the cover and lie on your side, patting the empty space beside you while trying to look seductive.

💀 Whatever confidence you had in your flirting technique, quickly vanishes when you see the blank expression on his face.

💀 "Fine, then you make the bed.”

💀 He tries to move away but your hands quickly grab his pants and try to pull him back it.

💀 “If you rip them, I’m going to make you pay.

💀 He tries to intimidate you with a death glare but you arch your brow in an amused way.

💀 “Ohohoho~ And how exactly are you going to make me pay?”

💀 His expression changes suddenly and he licks his lips while looking at you like you’re the prey and he’s the hunter.

💀 You shiver from head to toe when he crawls back into bed and reaches for you, pulling you against him.

💀 “Like…this!” You gasp as his finger travel to your stomach and he starts to tickle you mercilessly. 

💀 “Y-YOU M-MONSTER!” Tears start forming in the corner of your eyes while the torture continues.

💀 When he finally decided you had enough, he buries his face in your hair and chuckles lightly.

💀 Maybe staying in bed for a little while longer isn’t such a bad idea.


📷 You lie in bed and watch him as he’s getting ready for his trip to Europe. 

📷 It’s 5 AM and his flight leaves in two hours, so he’s making sure he has everything before he calls for a cab.

📷 He asked you not to wake up but there’s no way you wouldn’t see him off.

📷 Noticing the pain in your eyes, he stops whatever he was doing and climbs back into bed.

📷 "I’m sorry I’m leaving on such a short notice. Since the weather is really warm this year, the flowers are blooming earlier and I need to take a few photos before tourists start crawling all over the place.”

📷 Yes, yes, you know! He told you a billion times but that still doesn’t make it easier for you to let him go.

📷 You don’t reply and just pull the cover over your head, clearly being upset over his departure. 

📷 He looks hurt but reaches for you and places the sweetest kiss on top of your head. 

📷 When he rolls to the side to get up, you quickly jump from under the cover and pin him down by the wrists.

📷 "Why don’t you ever ask me to come with you?”

📷 He looks perplexed at your serious expression, clearly having a hard time answering.

📷 “I don’t…I mean I wasn’t sure-”

📷 Every time he leaves you miss him terribly and he seems to be more away than he is at home. It’s like he’s trying to run away from you!

📷 As though he just read your thoughts, he releases himself from your grip and pulls you in a tight embrace. 

📷 He never thought you’d want to come with him because your life is here, your friends are here, your work and the RFA are here.

📷 “Sorry, you’re absolutely right.” He kisses the top of your head before reaching for the night stand and turning off the lamp.

📷 When you realize you’ve been acting like a kid, you try to protest and tell him he’ll miss his flight.

📷 He’s not worried at all, Jumin told him he could take one of his private jets and he can just call later and tell him to move the flight for tomorrow.

📷 That should be enough time for you to prepare your luggage. He’s never leaving you behind again.


catbook psd!!

after getting the urge to make myself a custom kitty profile i realized it’d be easier to just make a template from the game! so here is one B^) the text is a bit clearer than screenshots, but if someone knows how to get the kind-of fuzzy feel while leaving the text editable, hit me up

putting it together should be self-explanatory? you don’t need to do any fancy masking for the photo, just put picture/s underneath the rest of the layers! and if you’re looking for kitties to use @transparentnekoatsume has a growing selection (including the tubbs transparent used in the second example)

have fun and yea!! you don’t rly have to credit when u use it because its all just from-the-game stuff but it’d be nice ;P