so magma

Every time @iguanamouth shares a pic of their iguana Wasabi, I think her nose looks like a cracked rock, so I decided to make a Pokemon design based off of that.

Presenting Iguagma, the Molten Lizard Pokemon. A Fire/Rock type, it is valued for the crystals that grow on its back, as well as the special gems that form on its neck. They enjoy eating various minerals and are fairly laid back, though attempts to keep one as a pet can be dangerous.


It took waaay to long for me to finally do this request I am sorry…

Welp, here you go. The strangest circus in your life.
1. The mighty magician Ghetsis, his pretty assistant Colress and their victim sideshow N (who actually does all job alone, escaping the trap box within 20 seconds behind the curtains, while Ghetsis is doing his “magical” moves)
2. Cyrus is a mix of a acrobat, a balancer and a juggler. His shows always take place at high altitude and always are space-themed. They look pretty stunning tho.
3. Maxie is a walking volcano in tights, a fire breather. He is always super serious during his shows and thinks he looks pretty cool breathing fire. Hovewer after shows Archie barely kisses him.
4. Pretty obvious, I think. Archie works with sea creatures as a trainer and he loves them all really much. He named on of his seal as “Maxie” and that drives insane the real one Maxie.
5. Again, pretty obvious. Lysandre is a rich and cool lion trainer. He is also sponsoring the circus (I don’t know why is he doing that seriously). He also loves to talk with a cute french vet who works with his lions. 
6. Just no comments.


Let me hop aboard this meme

Lysandre: I did this one first cause i was really bored, then i did the others, thank the Christ for my friend that thought of the pun.

Maxie: This has already been done before, but i liked it sO-

Archie: I think this has already been done before??? Idk, i did it anyways.

Ghetsis: dURING A TAKEOVER ON QUOTEV SOMETHING HAPPENED, IT IS SORT OF MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD SO I MADE IT INTO A CARD (Yes i am well-aware that i spelt totally wrong, but could you blame me i made these 3 in the morning.)


Giovanni: I don’t even know okayokay

Guzma: My friend loves him so why not

Meiji hoenn looks great


i wasn’t planning on posting this super auto-indulgent drawing of my headcanons but a friend convinced me to :>

Please do take into consideration these are my personal headcanons, and by no means am I trying to inforce them onto others so please be civil in the comments. (Click for captions/feel free to ask me to know what all the flags mean!)

♥  stay strong and positive, everybody ♥



This video clip was captured by webcam at Mexico’s Colima Volcano on Friday, February 3. The volcano sent a column of ash about 4 kilometers into the air after a strong explosion; early in this clip you can see that the shock wave from the blast kicked up loose ash from much of the cone as it traveled down it.

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Turns out the boyfriend is BRENDAN so ofc Archie couldn’t be happier for his little girl because he’s so nice and has been with her since they were kids 

but Maxie is like

arceus have mercy on the boy

Team Rocket: We want money!

Team Magma: We want to get rid of the sea!

Team Aqua: We want to get rid of the land!


Team Plasma: peace and love y'all (we actually want to take over the world)


Team Skull: Yo dude, fuck the man amirite!! Holla at yo boyz!!

Tumblr has converted me to a Hardenshipping fan, oh dear god, I couldn’t resist this.  I love them together so much, it’s perfect!!! I just had to draw them together.  God, I bet there will be more to come of these little nerds.  I don’t think it’ll be designs though, I might just doodle snarky couple bullshit.  

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