so mad respect

I’m sorry but if One Direction remained the generic type of boyband they had originally planned for them to be, I don’t think a lot of people would still be here.  At least for me, I’m here because I see four talented, down to earth boys who’s music has grown so much.  And I’m glad they’ve fought back and refused to be the type of band they were expected to be.

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K characters in Yuri on Ice characters' skating costumes? *wink*

Please enjoy my humble doodles:

Remember when discourse didn’t exist in the Voltron fandom…

I swear to god if this wonderful show gets cancelled I’m going to be pissed. Fuck you antis and you stubborn shippers who won’t get rid of leaks. You guys suck.

Can Sana just get mad for once? I’m tired of seeing her cry and the girls squad traiting her like if she wasn’t worth it and blaming her for everything. Like come on! Get mad, get angry! Tell them what’s wrong! Because these girls doesn’t deserve you at all, they barely respect you and as friends they suck!

a note

So. I was basically not into swearing until my mid-20s, like I didn’t swear at all I didn’t like it I didn’t want it I did not do the thing Sam-I-Am and also using gosh and darn and sugar ironically/unironically is seriously way entertaining? Do recommend.

So, yeah, mad respect for people that don’t like swearing, I get you, I remember how unpleasantly flinch-y just *hearing* the words is when you’ve programmed in your aversion response and dialed it up to max.

That said.

“Fucking” is seriously the best word in all of existence; it is so fulfilling to say in basically every circumstance; it perfectly encapsulates every mood. I like the mouthfeel of it, I like how you can drop the ‘g’, I like how it feels like I am converting my emotions directly to sound. I am having some kind of post-Renaissance love affair with this word; I want to write it epic poetry.

It is so. Fucking. Great.
Breaking: BIGBANG's T.O.P Found Unconcious And Rushed To Hospital | Soompi





Hoping for everything to be okay and him to recover soon, we love you Choi Seunghyun ♥️

I’m so….,idek like annoyed? Mad? offended? Perturbed?
this guy I used to chat w when I lived in NYC (when i thought i was bi) just added me on snap where I post 3638 things about being a lesbian and he kEEPS ASKING ME FOR PICS ??? AND IM LIKE NAW DUDE IM GAY THNX THO !!! So he responded “ohhh no but if you’re the one sending them to me then that’s fine right?”
do straight men just not understand things? ???? Like anyTHING?????!!!!!!!!

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Hi can you please recomend some youtube channels that post things about jikook? Im sorry about my english tho, thanks for your attention 💗

You won’t believe it I had like a whole list typed out and linked and everything and it just crashed cause I was being dumb ;;

So if it’s okay if I just type it out ;; But anyways, Jikook on YT is like my thing because I have no life

The three main channels, which, more or less got me into Jikook waaaay back when, were bfs2angel, Smirk Cookie, & yutensol90 (which no longer exists but I think there’s a replacement channel), so these are definitely must watches, especially if you want older jikook content–so their story right from the beginning ^^ Until this day, these videos make me feel the comfiest, and the fluffiest and I probably wouldn’t be in so deep if it weren’t for them so…these will be your senpais. So mad respects please.

As for the newer channels, which have been absolutely surging lately (WHICH IS GREAT BECAUSE IT MEANS OUR ARMADA IS GROWING) I can think of Kookmin World (everyone’s favourite rn), freshipping (viewer discretion advised but there some good shiet  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), taetaeisbae, BusanBoys JKJM (long ass videos which are good to watch before the night ends,…or anytime if you have no life like me), Jeon Jikookie, Jikookis Bae…and idk there’s a ton more that I can’t even list off my head. But these all regularly update and offer great analyses so definitely check them out.

And now, just a shoutout to my favourite jikook video editors/fmv creators:

  • suny-hye - trigger warnings and viewer discretion but there’s some goodstuff. i ’m surprised this channel isn’t as well known as it should be. the editing is absolutely phenomenal dough. it’s like. how.
  • byjungkook - these videos are my absolute favouritestestest and the music choice always gives you extra feels and the way there’s always jimin’s voice going “jungkook-ah~” incorporated always destroys me inside every time. 
  • &jiminn99 - similar to byjungkook; found this channel first though. very very nice and fluffy fmvs that just make you feel good :3 definitely a must watch

I’ll also share one of my current favourite jikook fmvs which is amazing by jungbaeri, which I already shared like…earlier in the week:

And that’s it. For now.

Now you guys know how I waste like…all my time ._. 

But thank you for asking these questions ^^ I’ve been waiting for a chance to give our YT Jikook community some attention and I guess I found it :) Please enjoy all their masterpieces and appreciate all the time and effort they put into making these because yes, it does take a lot of time to make it all so thorough and pretty for everyone :)

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I'm too excited but I wanna tell you I'm gonna be cosplaying KH3 sora and also that I really love your writing *hug!!!!*


Dude, you mean you gonna cosplay this cinnamon roll?


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Hihi! I just wanted to drop by and say that I love your writing! If it isn't too much of a bother, could I request the RFA + V & Saeran and their reactions to MC who is an artist? Like, she loves to paint (probably has her own art studio somewhere hahah!), and from time to time, they'd catch her drawing portraits of them in this little notebook that she brings literally everywhere? Thank you so much, and I hope you have a great day! <3

hello hello! (✿◠‿◠) thank you so much! and it’s never a bother at all, this is adorable!

hope you enjoy~


  • zen can’t do other forms of art besides sing and dance, so he has Mad Respect for those who do 
  • is the biggest hype man for all of mc’s works, he’s in love with them all
  • he’s sitting on a chair in the dining room, distracted from script reading because mc is drawing and they look so focused but also peaceful
  • it’s zen’s favorite way to see mc
  • he leans over his chair to see if he can see what they’re drawing
  • oh, it’s him!!!
  • now he’s even more hyped
  • runs over to mc and wraps his arms around their neck, grinning. 
  • “babe! you’re drawing me?” “zen, how-” 
  • he takes a better look at their drawing and kisses their cheek 
  • “i can’t believe you managed to capture my beauty”
  • mc rolls their eyes, but smiles playfully 
  • “do you really think i did?” “of course! anything you draw is perfection”
  • now mc thinks he’s over exaggerating 
  • is zen. he doesn’t kid around with these things 
  • mc looks up at him and leans up to kiss his chin “thank you, babe”


  • mc had a habit of stress drawing, so they always had a little notebook around
  • some of their bigger works were around the house, but mc never showed him what was in the notebook
  • he thought it was because they thought they weren’t good
  • but yoosung wants to see it all and would think it’s amazing
  • mc ran out of paper and had to get a new notebook one day
  • “can i look through the old one?” he asks, mc says yes
  • there’s,, so many drawing of him, he can’t believe it!
  • “mc, these are amazing! i didn’t know you drew me!” he’s grinning so hard aww
  • mc looks at him and blushes, “oh..i forgot how many there was in there…you weren’t supposed to see those..”
  • “why not? i love them!” “yoosung, it’s embarrassing…” 
  • “they’re amazing mc and i love them!” 
  • mc laughs a little and kisses his nose
  • “thanks hun..” “no, thank you mc”  


  • jaehee noticed that mc always has this little notebook no matter what
  • they doodle during breaks at the cafe
  • and of course, she’s been to mc’s studio 
  • but most of their drawings are things around them and little doodles
  • sometimes she catches mc drawing people, which they’re really good at
  • however, mc left their notebook open on the counter
  • jaehee was clearing up and saw it, going to put it in a place where it wouldn’t get dirty
  • but she notices that mc was drawing a person
  • not any person, but her..
  • she starts blushing right there and can’t help but take a longer look
  • mc sees her and starts blushing
  • “oh, jaehee- i, um..wasn’t finished” “this is amazing, mc”
  • now the two of them are blushing 


  • mc liked to draw when they were in the penthouse, but jumin never saw any of them
  • he couldn’t help but get curious, especially because he knew about their studio 
  • it took him a while to ask mc to show him, though.
  • mc gladly showed him when he asked, especially because they were proud of their newest one
  • is speechless when he sees that it’s a drawing of himself
  • like, stares at the page in awe before looking back up to mc, smiling widely
  • “i didn’t know you drew me..” “i draw you a lot…”
  • jumin loves every drawing dearly 
  • he keeps the ones of himself and elizabeth, as well as the ones with all of them
  • offers mc a bigger studio and to sell some of their works at the party!
  • he’s gonna make them famous omg

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • mc took him to their studio after everything happened, since saeyoung knew they were an artist
  • but saeyoung never saw any of their art
  • he’s amazed. mouth open and everything while looking around
  • then he remembers that small notebook they always had with them, even during all the craziness of mint eye
  • “mc..what’s in that notebook? is it as amazing as this?”
  • they blink before laughing once. “oh, i don’t think so.”
  • “oh, let me be the judge of that, please???”
  • eventually, they give in and show him
  • saeyoung literally squeals
  • it’s him!!
  • “it’s dat boi!!! the defender of justice himself!!”
  • mc bursts out laughing, but he’s in love with it 
  • he lets them know with a tight hug

v / jihyun

  • art couple!!!!!!! 
  • listen, jihyun has so many pictures of mc with their sketchbook and in front of an eseal 
  • they decide to combine studios to make it easier on each other 
  • one time, they were sitting in the studio, it closed for the day, but they were there because they needed inspiration
  • jihyun was looking out the window, playing with his lenses while mc was sitting on the floor drawing
  • he looked over at mc, smiling while their tongue stuck out while they were drawing 
  • he walked over and crouched down beside them. “what are you drawing, sweetheart?”
  • mc looks up at him and hums, hiding the sketchbook a little, “oh, just a sketch”
  • “may I see?” mc is weak to his voice and decides to let him see lo ok 
  • it’s a picture of him! v can’t see well, but he takes a good look at the drawing and smiles. he’s so flattered omg 
  • “you draw amazingly, sweetheart. i didn’t think i looked that good”
  • you do, jihyun
  • mc shakes their head and pulls him closer. “you look better than my drawing, jihyun” he blushes aww


  • their sitting on opposite sides of the bed, mc drawing and saeran listening to music
  • mc keeps looking up at him every few minutes, making saeran curious
  • so he turns off his music and crawls over while they’re focusing on drawing
  • he taps their shoulder, making them look up
  • they’re surprised, but they smile at him. “yes?”
  • “what are you drawing?” they show him their notebook, but they’re kind of embarrassed
  • “…me?” he asks. they nod 
  • saeran is So Flattered
  • and they made him look…so soft 
  • he actually blushes
  • “…i really like it” mc looks at him again and tilts their head, “you do?”
  • he nods and pokes their nose, “it’s….pretty nice.”