so mad at this coloring though

to whom loves her next there are a few things you should know.
she doesn’t open up easily or at all. please do not get offended by this. and she may go radio silent for a while but don’t fear she is just lost in her head. she’ll come back to you. she always will. even when you break her heart for the first time, she comes back. and the second time.. she always comes back. she never knows when to stop loving, just like she never knows when to stop over watering plants because she’s so afraid they aren’t getting enough. she also needs constant reassurance so please don’t get annoyed when she wants attention or constant reassurance through out the day. she’s been hurt so many times it’s hard to believe that people could be so cruel to something so beautiful.
she loves to take photographs and she loves to read. she starts reading a book and then she finds another book and starts reading that one cause she’s just so excited and forgets to read the end of the other book so don’t ask why she does that, cause she doesn’t know. she loves animals more than anything so yes that means her two horses, three dogs and chinchilla come first. she’s vegan so make sure you check to see if there’s any milk in the chips or cookies if you buy them for her at the grocery store, which you should. she loves cooking but doesn’t like to clean up the kitchen mess. she HATES dirt. she loves the sky and stars so please make sure you stop to look at sunsets whenever you’re together. she doesn’t talk about her dad but she always wants to. she has a love hate relationship with her mother even though her mother doesn’t know it. child birth scares the crap out of her so she’d rather adopt. she claims she hates kids but once you see her with her little cousin who’s like her little brother the smile she’s wearing when they hug says different. she’s amazing with kids even though she thinks they are annoying. she has big dreams like wanting to end world hunger or becoming an activist. she cries when she see’s animals on the street. also, she’ll bring home animals from the street. she loves her family and friends even though she keeps to herself. she hates stickers and she loves traveling. and when you find her crying into her calms on the bathroom floor at 3 am please do not yell at her and tell her to get over it, instead sit next to her and just hold her hand, she doesn’t want to talk about it. please make sure she takes her medication. in fact stand right there in front of her until she takes it cause if you leave she won’t. she’ll call you an ass and get mad but she’ll love you for it. she loves flowers, especially yellow tulips. she misses her dad everyday. she has a sadness inside her that will never go away so please be there for her even when she pushes you away. her favorite color is blue even though she doesn’t have a favorite color, blue was her dad’s favorite color so when you ask she always says blue. she loves nature and hiking but make sure to make her drink water because she always forget and then feels like shit later on in the day. she hates doing the dishes but doesn’t mind cleaning anything else. she’s an old soul but she has a young spirit and personality at the same time. she has like 10 different laughs and they are all cute but she hates them so please tell her that they are your favorite. please tell her you love her every day because she will say that you don’t. so to the one who loves her next please know she is something so extraordinary that if you lose her you will spend the rest of your life regretting. i know because i am.
—  Deeply feeling series

my submission for the @tatinof-illustration project ^-^ i had the broken arm scene, which was quite interesting to draw yet still very fun omg~

 obviously couldn’t do the full story clip since it was longish so i just took some snippets (which explains roger as the king of broken arms and fetus phil being mad that the stairs and totoro failed at breaking his arm)

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PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Angie @novice-at-play / edit: Stephi @stephiramona

I’m a fan of Angie’s work and so it was amazing to edit one of her photos. It was fun, even though I was a bit nervous.
I made a lot with the graduation curve. Brighten the shadows and played with contrasts. I also played with the colors. I made the shadows cooler and the highlights warmer, which supported the mood I saw in this photo.

PWS MAD - Stephi

At the time we decided to do this, I had no new photos to submit, so I had to use one of my rejects. Of course, Stephi can make a fork look like a work of art and as you can see here, she salvaged my reject! I love the way she cropped it to give the sky more emphasis and also the way she brought up exposure and contrasts in the foreground to show the details of the rocks and waves. The colors are just… delicious!!  Thank you, Stephi and to the rest of the PWS clan for teaching this novice a thing or two… or seven!!

PWS MAD - Angie


Moonshadow Trailer (CC-free) for @windenburger
Origin id: bottsbotts | Tray files

I made this specifically with windenburger’s Jangmi Sweet in mind- I tried using brighter colors and when you mentioned science-y, I took it to the extreme and built this like… mad scientist’s shed in the back complete with a telescope and a place to build a rocket ship. But I know she’s a writer so I built her a cozy study (which can be a bedroom if she has kiddss). Feel free to change anything though!! 


  • Unmowable overgrown grass
  • Secret science shack 
  • Lots of plants and trees you never have to water
  • Spider friends
  • Christmas lights all year round

I also wanted to share this for those of you who wanted the other private request trailer I made! This one is pretty similar except a bit bigger and more stuff in the yard. 

here’s a cool idea: let’s stop calling people of color “bullies” and implying that they’re of a typically irrational “hivemind” for being mad at something that harms them!

was it the intent of anyone in the crewniverse to have perpetuated racist stereotypes in the artbook? perhaps not. but people of color and black people in particular are most certainly allowed to be mad that this was published and circulated, and that fans are trying to speak over them and say “it wasn’t racist” or “it’s not that big of a deal!”

it’s so tiring to log into this god foresaken website to see the VERY SAME people who defend SU to the death and act as though it’s perfect turn around and say “SHHH SU AND THE CREW AREN’T PERFECT” in an attempt to shut up poc in the fandom!

if you’re white and have some Hot Take about the su art & how it’s no biggie, do us all a favor and stay in your fucking lane please

Since I've posted the Chris brown thing y'all hoes been EXTRA MAD

So I’m going to continue

Let’s discuss how even though he’s talented if Chris brown was dark skinned his career wouldn’t have lasted this long, colorism is one of the main factors keeping his career alive. Furthermore, his behavior and unwillingness to take responsibility is due to his so called fans who eggs him on instead holding him accountable for his destructive actions (putting money in his pocket, laughing at his disrespect for women, making jokes about him abusing women..etc.) and has made him an entitled light skin boy. Let’s discuss how he almost killed two black women, yet y'all still stan him. Let’s talk about how Chris brown likes beating on women or people who can’t fight back easily, let’s talk about how he’s a coward and piece of shit, let’s talk about all the women in abusive relationships and the young girls growing up watching this who will because of y'all’s actions believe that abuse should be tolerated and that if their abuser is attractive or well liked then nobody’s going to come to their aid or care about their abuse, let’s talk about how YOU as black women and men have a responsibility not to support someone who constantly disregard and demean black women publicly and constantly.

Warm As Wool

Prompt: 13 & 22

“You can borrow mine.”
“You’re warm.”

A/n: I’ve never tried writing for Jonathan or any Stranger Things character before so I’m open to any criticism or feedback you have!

Being good friends with the friendly neighborhood outcast was always an interesting time, even if you weren’t particularly well known in the student body either. Most of that being thanks to the fact that you spent almost all of your free time in the library, and when you weren’t there you could most likely be found at home, painting or tending to your plants.

But it wasn’t that people didn’t like you either, they just didn’t particularly know you very well, but the ones that did were incredibly fond of you. One of them being Steve Harrington. He was the closest you could call a friend among his own group, he was one of the few who didn’t constantly ask you for with history or english homework or if you knew the best possible way to grow roses for an upcoming anniversary.

That being said, Steve still wasn’t your only close friend, the other Jonathan Byers, the infamous outcast mentioned earlier. You’d had known him for over two years and in that time you two got to know and understand one another. He preferred to observe people from angle that was less warped by personal perspective, thus why he was constantly taking pictures, they only showed the truth about people.

And your reasons were a little less poetic. You just would rather spend your time with your books and plants as opposed to the usual pleasantries that was expected of the average teenager. The two of you had a mutual understanding of one another, and thus a friendship was formed.

Though as time passed, the lines  began to blur between companionship and deeper affection for Jonathan, though it wasn’t really a surprise for him. He’d never had someone in his life who understood him so well, apart from his brother but even then there were some things that made it seem you were the only one whom he could talk to of.

However, his shy and more reserved nature made it more of a problem to confront his feelings for you, so he instead preferred to admire from afar and keep it to himself until he had more confirmation about how you felt him.

And while he knew he was more obvious in his fondness for you, as his mother so kindly pointed out one day after you had left his house one day when you had come over as always until your parents would return from work.

“So have you told her yet?” Joyce asked him as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

Jonathan looked from the small pile of polaroids that he had in front of him. “I don’t know what you mean?”

Joyce held back the laugh and strolled over to the dining table and plucking one of the photos from it’s spot before Jonathan could move it away from her. She flipped it over and with a triumphant smiled she showed the photo to him, a candid of you pouring over a History textbook while your reading glasses slowly descended down the bridge of your nose.

“Are you sure about that?” Joyce mused.

Jonathan quickly felt the heat crawl up the back of his neck and it slowly made it’s way to his cheeks as he quickly took the photo from his mother and hiding it away from her. “It was a nice angle.” He mumbled quietly.

Enjoying the newfound embarrassment she was bringing to him. Joyce’s eyes swept across the other photo’s he was trying to hide with his arms. “Really? Is that why you took six of them?” She said with a profound amount of amusement in her tone, only meaning to tease him.

“Please don’t say anything?” He asked helplessly.

Joyce shook her head and crossed her heart. “Not a word.”


“Oh damn.” You said as you scavenged through your bag for your scarf, letting out an annoyed sigh once you realized it wasn’t there. “So much for that.”

“Here.” Jonathan said, taking off his own jacket and placing it on you. “You can borrow mine, I’m not that cold anyways.”

You laughed after he put it on. “No kidding, this is like an oven here.” You said looking over at him with a grin. “You know you’re pretty warm.”

Jonathan smiled and looked down at the gravel. “Yeah, Will tells me the same thing every time I let him wear it too.”

“How is he anyways? Still holding up fine?” You asked him curiously. You had only met Will a few times, anytime you were over at the Byers he was at the Wheeler’s. And during the whole ordeal whenever he was missing you were out of town, and you only received minimal details of what had happened. That being said you were extremely fond of the kid and he looked up to you because of your mutual love for science and art.

Jonathan looked sideways for a second, seeing the genuine look on your face made him feel all warm in his chest. “He’s doing fine, thanks.” He told you, looking up at meeting your eyes for a second before he looked shyly back at the ground. “You know I’ve been meaning to-”


Steve’s voice came calling from the front of the school doors and both you and Jonathan turned to find him coming out of the library doors and jogging up to where you were.

He pulled a bundle of bright red fabric from behind his back and shot you a wide smile. “You almost forgot this.” He said, handing it out for you.

“Oh thank you! I was just gonna get it from the lost and found tomorrow.” You told him, wrapping the scarf around your hands.

Steve shot you a wink and saluted. “Not a problem, I’m always here to help a damsel in distress.”

The two of you shared a laugh before you waved him off, turning to find Jonathan looking pointedly at the ground. “I didn’t know you were with Steve.”

You sighed, knowing the history the two of them had. “He wanted a little extra help with the English assignment and I offered him some help.”


You played with the ends of your scarf for a few seconds before walking up to him and wrapping it around his neck. “Don’t be cross with me, he’s just a friend.”

Jonathan’s eyes fixated themselves on the sudden color around his neck and he smiled. “I’m not mad.” He assured.

“Good! Now come on, I wanna go say hello to your mom.”

“Fine, I’m keeping the scarf though, I think the color suits me better.”

“Only if I can keep the jacket.”


Just Friends? (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Originally posted by possessedwill

Request: 27, 24, and 1 with richie tozier

1.”were not just friends and you fucking know it.”

24.”You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

27.”If we get caught im blaming you.”

Authors note: This is the longest thing I’ve written so far, i hope you don’t mind that!!! 

It’ll be fun, he said, don’t be such a baby, i’ll be there the whole time, if you get scared just hold my hand. Richie had thought it’d be a great idea to break into the old museum in the town next to Derry. No one else wanted to go saying it was dumb and you would probably get arrested. Even Beverly didn’t want to go, saying her and Ben were going to hang out.

Richie didn’t even have to convince you to go, you would follow that boy just about anywhere. You were on board the minute that stupid idea left his lips.

The whole ride there, you were anxious, your heart pounding in your chest. What if we get caught and go to jail? What if someone tries to rob the place while were there and we get caught for it?

Walking up to the building, you could see the lights were off. You knew there would be security in there, so you’d have to be quite. You found an open window that was high off the ground and lead to the bathrooms.

“How are we supposed to get in there dipshit?” you whispered loudly, arms flailing on either side of you.

“I’ll just shove you in and i’ll climb up, it’ll be easy, alright relax.” He talked with such confidence that you actually believed him.

If we get caught i’m blaming you.” you mumbled under your breath as Richie lifted your body, you could feel his body vibrate from his laughter.

You eventually got your front half of your body through the window, leaving you legs out, trying not to fall on your face. You could hear movement behind you, assuming it was Richie moving some boxes or something to climb in after you.

“Hey Y/N, are those space pants, because your ass is out of this world.” you could practically see the smirk on his face. Before you could fully get through the window, Richie lightly tapped your butt.

“I’m going to have to ask you to move a little faster princess.”

“Fuck you Tozier” You replied as you make it inside the bathroom.

Richie soon followed you in, making your way out of the bathroom and into the main area of the museum. Your eyes were wide as you looked around, everything was so serene and quiet. You looked over at Richie, who was looking at you already, a proud smile on his face.

You grab his hand and make your way around the open area, looking at all the exhibits and things. He makes some dumb comments on some of the old looking books, and touched just about everything that had the ‘do not touch’ label.

You heard footsteps behind you, looking over your shoulder, you could see the mop of a maintenance man about 30 feet behind you. Putting your hand over Richie’s mouth, you drag him to the nearest hiding spot, which conveniently is a closet.

Your hand drops from his mouth as you try and listen for the janitor. It didn’t help that you could feel Richie’s warm breath on your face or that you could smell cigarette smoke and his cheap cologne or that this closet was so damn small you were practically pressed against his chest.

You look up at him, your nose bumping his chin, making him look at you. His face was so fucking close to you. The thought of kissing him ran through you mind as you look away from his intense gaze.

He is in deep shit when we get out of this closet, you thought. You were pissed that you almost got caught and the fact that he seemed so calm in this horrifying moment. If anyone were to open this closet door, they would see you, call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing.

You stood in the tiny closet for what felt like forever. Both of you trying not to stare at the others oh so close mouth. You press your ear against the door and listened carefully. You heard nothing. Letting out a sigh of relief you nudging Richie with your elbow. He opens the door and looks around, you wait for him to come back in or motion for you to follow him. He grabs your hand and pulls you out of the door, sprinting back into the bathroom.

“C’mon Y/N.”  Richie whispered to you, hand beckoning you to come over to him.

You both make it out of the window, your heart is beating so fast you thought you were having a heart attack, Richie on the other hand was laughing.

If looks could kill, Richie would have been dead a long time ago. Your eyes were squinted, brows furrowed as you punch his chest.

“Are you laughing right now Tozier? We could have been arrested or some shit! I can’t believe you!” You arms were crossed over your chest, your face flushed. You bit your lip, shaking your head.

You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” His eyes were on you. No smirk or cocky smile on his face. His cheeks pink, as he walked over to you. The world fell away, it drained of all color but him.

His warm hands cupped the side of your face, his eyes moved between both of yours. Your breathing becomes heavy, as thoughts of what will happen next crossed your mind. Were friends, you though.

“Richie, were fri-”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, we’re not just friends and you fucking know it.

Before you voice your worries of what would happen next, his lips are on yours. They barely brush against yours, as if waiting for you to pull away. You don’t pull away, though, you press you mouth firmly against his and weave your fingers through his hair. He hums against your lips and smiles a bit, pulling away he looks at you with hooded eyes and a raised eyebrow.

“What were you saying about being just friends? Because i don’t think just friends would kiss like that.” You snort and push his chest with your fingers.

“Let’s go dipshit, I have homework to do.” He grabs your hand, stopping you from moving.

You look down at your hands then to his face. Confusion written all over you face.

“Y/N/N I like you, like actually genuinely like you. And if you still want to be just friends that’s cool, i’ll be fine with tha-” You cut him off with a chaste kiss.

“I like you too, Tozier.” You smile, his face going red.

He reaches for your hand and interlocks your fingers as you walk to his car.

“I think that janitor guy had headphones in, like he probably didn’t even hear us.”

winner is having a comeback!!!
i just saw and so here, have some winner hp!au stuff


  • gryffindor prefect who wishes he was the head boy but is fine with his job because it’s still important,,,,,,,if only the first years weren’t the only ones who listened to him,,,, 
  • plays on the quidditch team, is a beater 
  • is really good at muggle music because he taught himself to play guitar the manual way (didn’t drink a potion or put a spell on the instrument to play itself 
  • even though seunghoon teased him about for a whole semester)
  • does ok in all his other classes but has a knack for divination even though he hides it from his classmates who make fun of the subject
  • you’re pretty sure he isn’t lying when he reads one of the tea leaves and tells someone they’re going to fail their OWLs because the person who he said it to literally sleeps in every class you have with them 
  • so you go over and ask seungyoon to read yours and he’s like “sure,,,,is there something you’re interest in knowing specifically?”
  • and you put your hands up on the desk and shrug like “how about my love life?" 
  • seungyoon kind of flusters for a second but agrees and as he’s looking at the leaf he frowns and is like "there’s not much, which means something is going to happen really really soon-" 
  • and just as he’s about to finish seunghoon walks by and is like "i heard you were watching seungyoon games over the weekend, was it fun?” To you 
  • and you’re like hOON SHUT UP but he’s just chuckling like a madman before skipping away and seungyoon is like “you came to watch me play?” and you’re like m,,,maybe,,,,yes 
  • and he suddenly gets a bit pink in the face and he’s well,,,,if you have time after this i can teach you some tricks on the broom????? and you’re like OMG id love that 
  • and long story short he didn’t see anything in the tea leaves because,,,,,after he teaches you some stuff you guys decide you’ll have a proper date at diagon alley,,,,,next week hehe 


  • hufflepuff whose part of herbology club and likes plants,,,,,,,,and being nice to people,,,,,,,,,,
  • and is fiercely loyal to his friends because people like to downplay hufflepuff’s as serious, studios wizards but,,,,,,if one of his friends gets hurt jinwoo is the first person to perform healing spells and to put himself on the line to protect those close to him
  • but he’s all like,,,,,,,,,,the most handsome wizard ever,,,,,,,,,like he’s famous among the entire school and other schools overseas because like Have you Seen his Perfect Face
  • when his photo got printed in the newspaper for a discovery by the club he was in on a new kind of magical plant, the newspaper literally was sold out. that has never happened????? but everyone wanted his moving image for themselves?????? jinwoo’s impact
  • you’re his underclassman but you really like herbology just like him and you’ve got a first press copy of “one thousand magical herbs and fungi” and phyllida spore is literally your Idol
  • and no one has ever really shown interest as passionately as you do, especially with how outspoken you are during club meetings and how you even insist that you guys shouldn’t be scared to go into the dark forest to find more samples of plants
  • and sometimes your overexcited voice and overflowing knowledge gets on other students nerves, but jinwoo,,,,,,,,really sees you only have good intentions to learn and so if he hears anyone start whispering something mean he mutters a spell under his breath that makes it impossible for them to speak above a certain volume for a bit
  • and he thinks you don’t notice, he thinks he’s doing a great job at being subtle but you do know
  • and you,,,,,,,,are really thankful but you’re way too shy to ever approach him and thank him,,,,,,,,,until one day it’s just you two left in the club room
  • and jinwoo is humming softly, using his wand to put away all the chairs and books and you’re watching the way he’s so gentle when handling a wand and performing magic and it makes you just like him more
  • and you’re like “,,,,upperclassman if i can say something,,,,,” and jinwoo is like “go ahead!” and you’re like swallowing your fear and you’re like tHANK YOU !!!!!!! FOR PROTECting,,,,,mE,,,,,,,,,i know i can get annoying and talk too much but you always try to hide peoples negative thoughts from me,,,,,,,,,and i-it’s very sweet and im very happy for you,,,,,,,,i really like having you,,,,,,,,,,on my side!!!!!!!
  • and jinwoo is so shocked that he almost drops his wand and the chair floating mid air almost breaks but he manages to regain his wand and you rush to catch the chair before it comes crashing down
  • and jinwoo is blushing, bringing up his sleeve to shield his face and he’s like “so,,,,,,you’ve known all along what ive been up to?” and you’re like “Yes,,,,,,,,,,,it’s very nice,,,,,,of you” and he’s like “then if it’s ok, ill keep doing it?” and you’re like !!!!!! please do and then you see him smile as he lowers his sleeve and he’s like “ill always be on your side, does this mean i can count you to be on mine?”


  • ravenclaw who looks like he shouldn’t be in ravenclaw,,,,,,,because everyone is prime and proper and mino doesn’t even bother tying his tie correctly or wearing his robe to class
  • and his broom? it breaks every month. the poor thing is falling apart its been bandaged so many times that seungyoon thinks mino is a flying hazard when he gets on it
  • surprisingly though,,,,,,he takes studying serious. especially transfiguration.
  • is actually a metamorphmagus, meaning he was born with the skill to alter his appearance to look like a completely different person. his hair and eye color change along with his emotions,,,,,,,he’s kinda learned how to control but it’s still something that happens
  • “im not mad seunghoon. i promise.” “mino, your hair turned red and your eyes are swirling into a dark black abyss, i can tell that you’re mad.”
  • doesn’t talk about it much, but he wants to be an auror,,,,,,,,,because like it’s such a cool job and no matter how messy he might present himself to be or laidback,,,,,he can be really serious and determined
  • is in a punk band called ‘gremlins and goblins” along with seunghoon. neither of them play instruments they really just scream into mics and fool around LOL
  • you’ve always been super jealous of mino’s abilities as a metamorphmagus because you have to be born as one to be able to transform like that
  • and for a while you tried to teach yourself spells that would at least let you change hair color or your nose or something but it’s super hard
  • and mino’s just,,,,,,,,so good at it because it’s natural and when everyone in class is like “turn into the professor before they get here!!!” and mino does it in like the blink of an eye and everyone is like wOW
  • and you’re just like,,,,,,,,,,,,,why can’t i make my magic strong enough to do that
  • and mino’s sweet so he’s always nice to you and you kinda act cold out of your own jealousy and accord
  • until one day he’s got to sit next to you in class and transfiguration of all,,,,and you’re like grumbling to yourself and the teacher is like “alright, we’re gonna turn a dinner plate into a mushroom!” and you’re like omg this is such an easy spell,,,,,
  • and you do it in a flash and mino,,,,,,,you see is struggling even though he has the highest scores for this class???? and you’re like “um,,,,,are you ok? are you sick?” and mino chuckles and he’s like “nope, ive just always been bad at this one.” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,let me help
  • and you help him repeat the spell and you’re like leaning over to help re position his wand
  • and like,,,,,,,wow you’re the one helping mino,,,,,,the top student and he’s smiling at you and thanking you and ok,,,,,,what,,,,,,he’s so cute,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,allowed?? him??
  • and after class mino catch up with you and ok seriously he looks so cute with his shirt untucked and his tie loose around his neck and his ravenclaw scarf thrown over his shoulder and he’s like “OWLS are coming up and you’re super smart, we should study together?”
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,like a study group?” and mino laughs embarrassingly and he’s like “is it bad that im kinda hoping it’s a study DATE instead?”
  • you: drops your wand lfkjdgsmgg


  • slytherin troublemaker and captain/seeker of the houses quidditch team
  • likes to play pranks on everyone. even the house ghost, the bloody baron
  • is only passing his classes because he has to to be able to stay captain,,,,,,,,,,pretty sure he has some method of cheating but like,,,,,,who knows,,,,,,,tbh seunghoon is probably the most cunning in that whole house and that’s what the house is known for so can you imagine,,,,,,
  • tried to smuggle in a dog onto the platform when taking the train to school, but it was confiscated and seunghoon was forced to make due with only his frog,,,,,,,
  • like mino, he’s part of ‘gremlins and goblins’, and his lyrics are all incoherent noises and sometimes lowkey disses at some of the teachers at school and mino is like bro,,,,,,,,,,,we can’t and seunghoon is like bro,,,,,,,,,no one listens to this “music” but us let me talk shit about the charms professor-”
  • seunghoon is actually an animagus. and most people are shocked because to become one you need a lot of patience, the process is super long
  • but he did it, and his form is the same as his patronus,,,,,,a cheetah 
  • and he shows it off like all the god damn time like WE GET IT you’re an animagus seunghoon sit down before you knock something over with your long limbs or your cheetah tail
  • and ,,,,,,,, there’s a certain person seunghoon likes to show off the most to,,,,,,,that person is you
  • and most of the time you just roll your eyes and play off his corny pick up lines and that time he drank a potion to be able to imitate your favorite actor at the time
  • and like,,,,,,you’ve been friends with him for a while so you really just think it’s all teasing so you don’t take it seriously
  • not until one day he’s trying to show you a cool trick on his broom, but end ups falling back first onto the hard floor of the hallway and you hear something crack and you’re like seunghoon,,,,,,,SEUNGHOON
  • and you drop down and move his head into your lap and you’re like turning his head this way and that and you’re like “can you lift your hand???? leg???? listen if you can’t ill levitate you and get you to the-”
  • and seunghoon suddenly starts chuckling and you’re like ???????
  • and he’s like “i knew it,,,,,,,,you do actually care about me. so are you free after the match this afternoon, i know we’re gonna win and as a victory gift how about you let me take you on a da-”
  • and you’re like oh my god did you fall down on PURPOSE and you take out your wand like “im going to seriously poof off your eyebrows for that”
  • and seunghoon is like nOOO spare my handsome face, which you totally like, pleaaaaaaaase
  • and you really wanna do it because he messed with you but at the same time you just sigh and you’re like getting up
  • and seunghoon is like “wait - where are you goi-”
  • and you’re walking down the hall and with your wand you pick up his broom without looking and use it to thunk him on the head and you’re like
  • “pick me up after the game. you better win.”  

bonus their patronus’: seungyoon = brown bear, jinwoo = deer, mino = coyote, seunghoon =cheetah 

“Aw, we aren’t strangers!” Fresh immediately interjected. “Ya seem pretty rad, lil broski, how’s about we be friends instead?”
Decans eyes widened even further, a small gasp slipping out. “R-really?” he blurted. At the confirming nod, the tiniest hints of a smile started to tug at the corners of his mouth. “I haven’t had a friend before.”’

Okay, so I seriously love the whole MCQ verse. It is so very fun to play with. Aaaaand I really have been meaning to get back into writing fanfiction, so welcome to Fresh Start! A MCQ AU where Geno, Error, and Fresh are all adults, and Decans, Asy, and Ink are three tiny little kids that end up running into them. Basically gratuitous domestic fluff because that is my weakness

You can read it here, under the cut, or you can read it on or AO3 ^^ Hope you enjoy!

MCQverse © @alainaprana
Geno, Error, Fresh © @loverofpiggies
Decans © @little-noko
Asy © @furgemancs
Ink © @comyet/ @myebi

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sheyda  asked:

How about bts react to you getting upset because they were around other girls ?

I hate to admit it but I’m a pretty jealous girl myself. 

BTS: Reaction to you getting jealous 

♥Jin: At first he was confused. Girls? But as you started to describe what you saw after 3 minutes of yelling gibberish, he started to get defensive. Those girls were nothing to him except work. He frowned at you and crossed his arms.

“Babe do you not trust me?” He scoffed in disbelief when you looked away, ashamed. “What kind of guy do you take me for?”

♥Yoongi: He scrunched his nose and tried to cover his ears without making it obvious. He hated your yelling. He didn’t like being in trouble, especially for something he couldn’t help. 

”I didn’t want to be around them… Baby, it’s for work… Aish…” he’d shut you up with a kiss and a quick squeeze on the ass. “Yeah yeah stop your yelling.” He tried to get out of it, and as always, you were buying it. “I love you, let’s go lay down…”

♥Namjoon: He was very understanding when it came to you getting upset over certain things. So when you explained things, you weren’t so mad at him since he was so calm. But this time he made a mistake by telling you that you were overreacting. You raised your voice and he instantly thought of a way to calm you down.

He grabbed onto your hips and pulled you closer, rubbing them gently and slowly getting you to sit on his lap. He smiled and fixed your hair, noticing how your voice got calm once again.

 “It was just a party with my friends… Baby girl are you mad at me? How cute…”

♥Hoseok: He wouldn’t be able to stop his smiling. He knew how much you loved him and he felt the exact same way. “Are you jealous?” He bit his lip gently and watched your facial expressions. You went from angry to embarrassed and unsure. 

“That’s not the point.” You defended yourself.

“Ohh I think it is.” He stared at you with dangerous eyes and a small but noticeable lip bite. “How about I make it up to you yeah?”

♥Jimin: He’d pout because he doesn’t like being scolded, especially by you. He hated thinking that he made you upset.

“Those girls? They’re our stylists baby…” He played with your hands and stared at them intently. He wanted to get your mind off those girls, so he started to speak to make you flustered. “I think it’s getting to be a great time to get married huh? What size ring do you wear?” 

His words caught you so off guard that you started to cry and kiss him repeatedly until you both fell onto the floor.

♥Taehyung: He would try to get out of trouble with compliments. He knew how easily flustered you would get. “You know you’re cute when you’re mad… Your cheeks turn red and your pretty eyes get big… Did I mention your eyes are my favorite color?”

“They’re just (e/c)…” You mumbled while covering your red cheeks and fidgeting.

“They’re part of you though.”

♥Jungkook: He’d listen to your scolding with a cocky smile the whole time. He leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed and legs widely spread to show off his stuff in those tight ass jeans.

“Jeon wipe that cocky ass smirk off your face right now.”

“Why? It seems to get you all hot and bothered when I make this face.” He patted his lap. “Come, I’ll fix that for you baby.”  

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Imagine wearing lingerie the Marauders? What colours would they like? And type? What would be their reaction? I LOVE black and dark green 😱💚 What if they snuck into your dorm abd you was sleeping in it? Even if that isn't that comfertable 😂

I’ve done some like this but I’ll do a little bit…


  • Likes softer, more neutral colors. Light pinks, creams, beige, black, etc. 
  • Would blush like mad but would then pounce like a wolf ;)
  • Would treat you like the absolute goddess you are. 


  • He likes cool colors and lacey things. Purple, blue, green. He’s not picky though. 
  • He flushes and runs his hand through his hair as he contemplates how he got so lucky. 
  • Would absolutely relish in being the one person who gets to see you like that. 


  • That motherfucker LOVES red and maroon. Probably has to do with his Gryffindor kink ;)
  • Smirks and rubs his hands together like he’s walked in on a feast. 
  • LOVES stockings and takes whatever he can off with his teeth. 

Can we just take a moment though to acknowledge just how strong Lili and Mads are.

(Some dolls I drew while traveling and only got to color a while ago. Proportion is a bit off because of their positions. The dolls have big heads and tiny bodies so I had to elongate a few limbs to make it work haha)

Forgive Me. [JHope/Hoseok; Angst]

“If I could see you again I, I want to show you everything I have. My heart that’s beating to hold you tight, I want to convey it all to you, I, for real for real, until you hold this sincerity in your embrace once again.” - J-Hope

[From “Hug Me” Taehyung & J-hope version; Trans cr; @BTS0222]

The sequel to “Hug Me”. [Please read that first.] 

Summary: How can one gain forgiveness from someone who is no longer in a position to give it? How can one be forgiven if they refuse to forgive themselves? How can one move forward to the future… if the past was so much better?  

Hoseok x Reader/ Hoseok x his daughter; Angst

A/N: So this is the REAL thing that I was writing during my plane ride >.< since it was safe to write with public eyes around lol I’m sorry for the April Fool’s joke, but anyways, here is the angst that no one asked for. :) 

Originally posted by hobiga

         Hoseok was never the same again after the death of his wife. No longer did his smile radiate like the sun, no longer did his laughter ring infectiously. Days after his wife’s death, he locked himself inside his house with his daughter, tormented by the questions of her young mind.

           "Where’s mommy?“ she constantly asked.

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Hi!! I’m ffffairly confident about this character but I’d love criticism.

His name is Miguel, and he’s a diminutive young man who walked away from gang involvement in his home town and went to find a sugar daddy. He was taken in by a vampire and several months later turned into one himself. (The vampires in this world have red eyes and blue skin. Post being a vampire he’ll put makeup on and contacts in to blend in.) What do you think?


character submitted by @sweathands-fanart

I absolutely love this concept and design! You got some mad art skills bro (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ I noticed the hair color was different in the first two pictures, so idk which one is his official color. I prefer the ashy brown color though! And in some of the pictures he has freckles and in some he doesn’t. I like the freckles! I don’t think you need my help, you got this design in the bag >w0

What Dating Suga Would Be Like

•staying up late at night at the studio together

•staring at him while he works because God damn he looks so sexy when he’s concentrated

•sharing a set of ear buds as he watches you listen to his new songs

•him biting his lips out of nerves because your thoughts and opinions are the only ones that matter when it comes to his music

•"S-So babe, do you like it?“

•him using aegyo to get what he wants

•"Yoongi, we can’t just go out for ice cream at 3 in the morning.”

•*Yoongi uses aegyo*

•*it’s super effective*

•lazy hand holding while cuddling

•him being possessive af out in public

•him throwing his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him

•long, precise, burning kisses that leave you both breathless

•he’s such a tease though

•"Ah, ah, ah, babe. If you want more you’ll have to beg for it.“

•having matching snap backs

•helping him choose out what color he should dye his hair

•"I don’t know Y/N…”

•"C'mon Yoongi, I think the dark blue would look so good on you.“

•"But the red though Y/N.”

•"I’ll love you no matter what color your hair is, but the blue is-…“

•having a cat

•and him getting jealous over all the attention you give it

•*glares at cat while hugging you from behind, mouthing "I’ll deal with you later”*

•this flirt with all his smooth winks and smirks directed towards you

•calling you every day during breaks from practice

•hearing him get flustered when the maknae line teases him about your relationship in the background

•you bringing all the boys food during late practices

•he’d get so mad when the boys hug you in thanks

•he’d make sure you stay in his lap the rest of the night because you are his and he doesn’t want anyone else to take you away from him

•he won’t say “I love you” very much, but when he does its so special because he’s letting you see his vulnerable side and it’s means everything to Yoongi because he’ll feel as if he finally found someone that he can trust and just let go with

•"Babe…I love you.“

•*stops whatever you’re doing* *looks up at him* *sees the sincerity in his eyes* *blushes* *hugs him tightly*

•"I love you too Yoongi.”

sorry for the bad resolution~ but this image is actually only 1″ wide! LOL! it’s part of a tiny panel from page 2 of my otayuri comic “Sweet, Sweet Madness” (which you can read >here<!) but i had to throw some colors on it, because Yuri just looked so ridiculously haughty that i thought it deserved it’s own post! X3