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Hey Maya! We're back at it again with the "houis seeding". And I'm wondering... why this scenario?? The HET stuff didn't work well on Larries but a potential break up...Could they really manage to wore us ALL down with their shitty narrative? Or is it, on the contrary, a sign that they've nothing left to throw at us & we're near the end of smthg? I love them all (ot4) individually but I'm here for the LOVE as well so... as long as they're happy, I'm staying!! Any thoughts or info? XO <3 :)

Hi! What else happened now?! What Houis news did I miss?

(At first I had read house seeding and I was like, ugh, another house? who’s house hunting now? I’m lost with all the LA houses both L&H have supposedly sold in the last year, haha. Wish one of these meant we’re about to be done with babyagte, my god)

Things I’ll never get over

One thing I’ll never get over is

How infatuated 








I don’t know who my future partner is going to be but if they look at me everyday the way Victor look at Yuri, I know I made the right choice. 


tae is lucky to have him

Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 


on hello counselor, the concern of the wife was that her husband restricts her from going out and bosses her around in the house, even the simplest task such as squeezing out toothpaste. the wife also noticed her two sons becoming similar to her husband (asking her to get water for them, etc.)