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Aries: Funniest rants, trust me; Seems like a badass, but they’re harmless until you seriously piss them off; Do not piss them off, their limits are usually reasonable and they will fight you; Unafraid to act, especially to defend you; Always thinking about what’s coming up next; Great at starting projects they never completely finish; Sincere friends.

Taurus: Big, sweet cow eyes; Honestly just hug them and never let go, it’ll be the best decision you ever make; Warm aura; They’ll embarrass themselves, but it’s endearing instead of cringe-worthy; Calm presence; Naturally reserved, but they will let you in if you genuinely care; Unintentionally funny; Some quality of theirs makes people look up to them.

Gemini: They try so hard, bless their hearts; Cutest clothes; One of you is going to have a crush on the other; Awkward in a way that makes tension disappear; Unintentionally attracts trouble; It doesn’t occur to them to not put up with your shit; Not very considerate to your emotions unless they’re helping you with a specific issue; Super passionate about their fandoms and interests; Someone you can always talk to.

Cancer: Fucking dweebs that will laugh over the most bizarre things; Will always love you; Messy; They genuinely want you to do your best; They deeply care about all of their friends, too; Give great hugs; Take everything personally and fully invest themselves; They might get too wrapped up in something that doesn’t seem important to you, but just be patient with them, they’re worth it.

Leo: Simultaneously the most self-absorbed and caring people; Lucious locks; So intimidating, but it’s all a big, fat lie if you’re friends; Would kill for you; Childish and immature; Can actually be very practical minded; Really wants you to like them, but they’re not going to try hard for your approval; Let them have the last word because they’re going to have it eventually.

Virgo: Sad eyes that know the dark secrets of the world; They don’t feel in control, yet they try to be; Organized and methodical; Outwardly cynical (but they secretly hope for the best); If you meet their standards, consider yourself lucky; Big sister who will always help you with your problems; Feels most comfortable in a dark movie theater; Listen to them because they know what they’re talking about; Surprisingly patient.

Libra: They have a story for everything; Loves to go out with their loved ones; They spend a lot of time thinking over ideas and concepts; DILF; Lifelong friend that you can always turn to; Confidence booster; Can be surprisingly selfish sometimes; Indecisive as fuck; They’re going to win you over before you even realise it; Silently judgemental, but this doesn’t mean they take sides.

Scorpio: 10/10 would bang; Could destroy you effortlessly; Lifelong struggle bus ticket holder; Romantic love is not their strong suit; Darkly magnetic; Shared looks and inside jokes will be abundant when you hang out; Do not fuck with their friends; I repeat: do not fuck with their friends; seriously; avoid this at all costs; These are the type of people who will burn your house down and steal your boyfriend; If you fuck them over, they will cut ties forever, even if they still love you.

Sagittarius: They’re best friend material; Lots and lots of friends but few close friends; Attractive/ Magnetic; You’re going to find yourself thinking about them later; Can go literally anywhere and fit in; Histrionic; Will not put up with your bullshit at all; They seem like an open book, but this is not the case at all; Take themselves a little too seriously; More loyal than you could ask for.

Capricorn: Sassy as hell; Sarcasm actually flows through their veins; You will admire them; Always seemingly stable; They have the soundest advice; Tend to think they’re always right, and they aren’t exactly wrong about that; If they love you, it’s true; Good listeners and friends; Grouchy is their default emotion; Lowkey SUPER competitive, just let them win because they will literally never let it go ever.

Aquarius: You will fall in love with them, even if it doesn’t last; They’re going to make you laugh; They try to be forgiving creatures; Lowkey super stubborn about things they believe to be right; Really, really good at one area of expertise; Detail oriented; They downplay their emotions; It’s hard to completely understand what they’re thinking about unless they explicitly tell you; Trust their gut because they’re going to be right.

Pisces: Hug them, please, they’ll really appreciate it; They’re probably going to fall in love with you, too; Trusting and trustworthy; Watch what you say around them because they’re very sensitive; Encourage them to trust their intuition more; They’ll be able to understand your feelings more deeply than any of the other signs; Insecure but so, so, so worthy; Would die for you; Sneaky; Need a favor? Call this babe.

                                           …Don’t know where…

                                          …Don’t know when…

Ed: Oswald was amazing! I’ve been admiring him since the first time I laid my eyes on him. He was reluctant toward me first, but then I tried and tried, took him to my place, nursed him back to health… and finally manage to have him as a friend and mentor! He was the only one who could see me as I truly was. I owed him everything: my freedom, my house, my clothes, my job… He could enlighten a room with his presence, his class and his great taste of clothes! My world use to revolve around him… and now I feel so lost without him! I can’t sleep, I take drugs just to see him again… I miss him so much!
Lucious: Then why did you kill him?
Ed: That’s right, why did I…? Oh right, Isabelle… IsabellAH God damnit!

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The Larents, part 5. Bedtime Stories.

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The First and Last Times. - Young!Sirius Black x Female!Reader

(A/N): I haven’t written an imagine in ages, so this probably sucks so I apologize I advance.

Plot: The first and last time you and Sirius speak, kiss, and see each other. 

Warnings: Cussing, Character(s) death, hate on Peter,Wolfstar shipping, terribly written and probably more!

Word count: 3k give or take a hundred.

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The first time you saw him, you were completely awestruck. The way his carbon hair framed his face, how he would lean his head back some when he laughed because of something one of the troublemakers in his group of friends would say. (You later learned that they called themselves the Marauders.) His smile was almost contagious, you were gazing from one end of the Gryffindor dining tables to the other end when you first noticed Sirius Orion Black. When you first noticed him, you took everything in you could without actually speaking to him. His grey eyes shined brightly when he and his friends talked about something that he was interested in. Next thing you know, Peter Pettigrew was whispering something into James Potter’s ear, causing him to gaze at you and Lily Evans. Which isn’t unusual whatsoever. He’d been pining after the female since the first year, and now you all were in the second year. It was weird, undoubtedly that you hadn’t noticed the boy, even though you had shared the same house, and had mutual friends. Instead of James looking at Lily, he was looking at you - smacking the top of Sirius’ head, when he confirmed you were staring at Sirius, and not Remus, Peter, or himself. There was an exchanging of words between the male who now had a hand placed where James had hit, and James. Sirius leaned over Remus, to get a better look at you, causing Remus to huff and puff (but not blow the house down.) He sent a smirk your way, causing Lily to mumble something about how James and Sirius were both dumb.


The first time Sirius Orion Black saw (Y/FULL/N) he was in awe, just like you were. The way (y/h/c) would frame your face and would travel behind you if you’d take off sprinting for any reason. He noticed how your (e/c) would light up some as you, Marlene, Lily, Mary, and Alice would joke about something, or talk about whatever you enjoyed. He also noticed how you would toss your head back if you got frustrated with something in the first period since he sat three rows behind you. He noticed how if you really wanted to answer a question your body would wiggle excitedly as you raised your hand, trying to gain more attention from the teacher. But he also noticed how brave you were. You had told Lucius Malfoy off during that class period, due to him making some sly comment about Lily’s blood status. He adored the fact you’d stand up to Lucious - or anyone for that matter - if it meant protecting your friends. He nudged Potters side to point out what he did so Potter wouldn’t hex Lucious. (But he still did, I mean, he had to protect ‘his precious Lily Flower.’)


The first time Sirus had felt the honor of kissing (y/n) was during the fifth year. He had convinced you to sneak out and meet him in the common room, so he could borrow James invisibility cloak and sneak to Hogsmeade. Now the only place open when you arrived was The Three Broomsticks, luckily you didn’t see any teachers. You had both ordered fire whiskey, surprised him. He thought you’d order tea or something more feminine like giggle water. But you didn’t. You ordered the drink he enjoyed, which made the feelings he had for you stronger as silly as it seemed. A good hour and a half later, your cheeks red from the fourth cup of fire whiskey you were downing, and all the compliments Sirius was showering you with. His cheeks were red as well, but because he was trying to plan when to kiss you on the walk back to Hogwarts.

“….But, I told her to fuck off! I mean, I understand it’s against ‘girl code’ for me to go out with you, but who does Marlene think she is? I mean seriously Sirius, she’s not all high and mighty! Merlin, I told her how much I liked you and then she came back and told me that she had a date for the Hogsmeade trip two months ago.” You had been rambling on for a bit, your brows furrowing, your hair bouncing as you spoke due to how much you were moving your head.

“Fuck it.” Sirius murmured as he leaned across the table you bother were sitting at, smashing his lips into yours. You let out a slight squeal, kissing him back with the same amount of passion. It was slightly sloppy, but it was perfect to the both of you and that’s all that mattered.


The first thing Sirus had said to you was something along the lines of either a cheesy pickup line or him complaining about something assigned for classwork. Or at least that’s what you both agreed to tell everyone. Butin reality, you had gone out to the astrology tower and had found him there, his head hung low as he was looking out. He had just gotten a howler from Walburga. It was telling him how he was a disappointment, for being both in Gryffindor and being friends with many muggle-borns. He was cursing down below, trying to decide how to get away from her and the rest of his family. Now he didn’t want to leave Regulus there with them, but every day he became more and more how his parents wanted him and less of a brother to Sirius. Walburga had convinced Regulus to shut out Sirius when he went to Hogwarts. Even though he didn’t want to. Regulus wanted nothing more than to have his brother, and to be there for each other but Walburga wanted the opposite. You had walked to the astrology tower distraught. You couldn’t talk the DADA teacher into letting you see your boggart just in front of him, you knew what it would be. You didn’t want other students to know. It was the moment you saw your mother dead, on the kitchen floor. You don’t know what happened, and you honestly didn’t care to know. You let out a shaky breath before you started sobbing again.

“Look, this is my feel sorry for myself location, so can you please go.

”“Y-yeah, sorry, I’m also sorry about whatever happened Sirius.” You muttered, turning around to walk down the many stairs.

“Wait, (y/n) that was rude, whats wrong?” He didn’t even need to see your face to know it was you. He just needed to hear your voice.

“Boggart lesson is coming up, and quite frankly I don’t want to do it since I already know what it is.” You replied, turning around again so you were facing his back. 

He turned around also, sighing softly. “Your mother’s death?” He didn’t need to know you to know about what happened. He remembers you walking down to the Potters house Christmas morning, a few months ago, during your fourth year. You and James had become friends when he realized how close you both lived to each other, and how you were friends with Lily. You had walked a total of three houses down to the Potters, your face red with tears, and your hands shaking. You had found your mother on the floor, dead. You knocked on the door of the more than welcoming home, due to how soft it was the family and Sirius almost didn’t hear it. If it hadn’t been for the terribly loud sob that racked threw your body, after barely hitting on the door, James wouldn’t have opened it.“(Y/N)? Oh my Merlin, what happened?” He asked frantically as he grabbed onto your shoulder, pulling you into his house, his mother instantly walking towards the two of you and motioning for you and the messy haired, glasses wearing boy to go to her kitchen. It pained Sirius to see you like this, the girl he had a crush on since the beginning of the second year, but from afar of course. It pained him to see you look so disheveled and broken, and your loud sobs raking through your body as you collapsed to the floor in the kitchen as the mother and son duo shared whispers about what happened. Sirius was instantly brought back to reality as you said “Y-yes.” in between sobs, running a hand through your (h/c and length) hair, tugging on it some while doing so. Granted this was the first time you both spoke to each other he opened his arms for you, instantly letting you hug him if you felt the need or want to. And you took him up on the offer. You wanted to feel the connection of someone holding you that wasn’t Alice, Marlene, Lily or James. You craved a different type of affection. Little did the both of you know that this night would lead to the both of you have a growing relationship with each other. “Look, (Y/n/n), I know what happened must suck, but I’m in the same boat but the difference between the both of us, and our boggart, is mine is my alive mother. Along with some of my other family, but you get it. I know it sucks dealing with this, but you have people that care about you and for you. Don’t hold this in, okay?“ He muttered against the girl’s forehead, kissing it gently. "O-okay Sirius. Thank you.” She smiled a fake smile, but it helped some. Fake it till you make it, right?


The last time Sirius Orion Black saw you, you had been killed. A death eater had used the killing curse on you. Better known as Avada Kedavra. Between the curse and the fact you fell down one floor, he knew you were dead. The love of his life was dead. He instantly ran over to you, while wizards were throwing hexes and curses his way as he ran to you. But he dodged them. He let out loud cries, that would’ve made one think he was struck with the cruccio curse, but he was hit with a pain that was much more excruciating than that. He had lost you. You both were planning on starting a family after the wizarding war, but he was struck with the reality that he wouldn’t be able to do that with you. No one would. You wouldn’t have been able to bare a child, to explore, and even properly live. The both of you had a future planned to share, and now that wouldn’t happen. You were gone. And so was a piece of him. He was heartbroken for the fact he lost you, and the fact that he had lost the only person (besides Remus) he could picture starting a future with. He wanted you to hold is children, knowing between the both of your features they’d be mini-gods and goddesses. The both of you wouldn’t have words to describe them, and now he knows he won’t even get to have them with you.

The last time you saw Sirius you were standing on the floor above him, fighting his cousin, Bellatrix. She was after you due to the fact that in her mind you destroyed her family because Sirius loved you and you were Muggle-born. You looked down from where you were, smiling gently. You knew you’d probably die, and you know you’d die loved. You were loved by your family, and the family you had chosen which consisted of James, Sirius, Peter, Lily, Marlene, Alice, Frank, and Remus. You felt loved every day. You knew they’d miss you if you were to die, but you never truly knew how much. James and Remus had earned the titles of the older brothers you never had, and you loved them dearly.  They were one of the main reasons you and Sirius got together. Peter, Frank, and Marlene were those cousins that you may not always get along with, but you knew you loved them and vice versa. Even if one of them would be a rat. Lily and Alice were the sisters you never had. You all protected each other until the end and vice versa. During your thoughts you felt a slight shove, sending you over a banister and “Avada Kedavra!” and you saw black. As Sirius heard the killing curse he looked up, and instantly shattered. Remus looked up also, along with James and Peter but they knew they had to protect Sirius so they wouldn’t lose more than two friends within seconds. They felt the same pain as Sirius but knew they couldn’t show it in those very moments.

The last time you had the honor of feeling Sirius’ lips on yours was right when you said the words, “After the war, I want to try to have a baby. Unless you don’t want to. Then we don’t have to obviously.” Your fiance had the widest smile on his face, smiling as he picked you up and placed a kiss on your lips. “Siri, baby you have to use your words…” You giggled softly, knowing him picking you up and so on was his version of saying he wanted to try also.
“Yes, (y/n/n), just yes. A million times yes!” His words caused you to giggle, and smack the top of his head softly.
“Smart ass, are you ready to go out there, and kick some ass?” He nodded in response, and you smashed your lips into his once more, having a bad feeling about going out there. You could feel something in the pit of your stomach, and instead of thinking something was going to happen to Sirius, you could almost tell something was going to happen to you. You kept kissing him, until you heard the loud voices of James and Remus, as James suggested to fake kiss Remus to you and the other boy what the both of you looked like, but Remus declined, knowing with the cheeky nature of James’ he’d probably try to place a kiss on the males lips. James pouted some, declaring the behavior Remus had shown was rude to show to his boyfriend before they went to fight, but Remus just chuckled, hugging the other three people tightly just in case you were to never see one of them again. And honestly, they all thought if one of them were to lose the life they had lived first, it would probably be Peter. And the males suggested to surreptitiously place a bet on it, causing the girls to yell at the inhumane nature they had just displayed. They would be heartbroken if they lost Peter, but Merlin, in the long run, they wished they lost the rat rather than you.


The last words Sirius had said to you were at your funeral. You had been lying in the casket, looking more asleep than dead and it honestly messed with his head, He had been waiting for the woman had been infatuated with to wake up, and tell him it was all some cruel prank on him. But it wasn’t. She was gone, and so was a piece of his being.
He was sitting outside of the location your funeral, his eyes bloodshot with all the tears he had been shedding, a cup of firewhiskey in his hand and a lit cigarette in the other. He had the suit of his that he wore to the Yule Ball, that you loved so much. You loved how the colors complimented his skin and grey eyes. You loved everything about it on him, and to be honest, you had thought about ripping it off of him many times. But he was the only one to know about that, along with your female friends. But that’s beside the point. It wasn’t the traditional black, and he knew you wouldn’t have wanted that. So he wore the next best thing.
“Hey, (YN) I don’t know how this works quite frankly. I miss you love. I miss you so damn much, this was supposed to be our wedding, not your funeral. Not you getting laid to eternal peace and it’s not fair. I need you here. I need you to be back with me. I still have yet to clean out anything of yours. I broke down the other day when Remus changed the bedding. It smelled like you. It still does. Just not as strong. I miss it. I miss the smell of your perfume and anything else you’d use to smell good. I held your favorite jumper of mine the other day - and it smelled more like you than it’s ever smelled like me.” He started, hitting the cigarette in between his fingers before starting again.
“Doll, I miss you so much. Did you know Lily is pregnant? If you did, give me some type of sign so I know you’re listening…” He stated, laughing some as a strong gust of wind came threw brushing his hair in a way you would, behind his ears. “I’m guessing you did. If it’s a boy they’re naming him Harry, but if it’s a female they talked about for a middle name, using your first name. You know you’d love that. I have bets that it’ll come out with Lily’s hair, and James’ eyes. It’ll be a cute kid. I’m going to be a godfather! Now, if you were here you’d be a godmother! Or even, an almost mother. Oh, my Merlin, McGonagall would hate that. If she had Weasleys, Malfoys, Potters, and Blacks altogether. God that’d be terrible. She’d be having us again. I think that would be good for her. Dumbledore misses you, you know? He feels terrible about what happened, and even though the old man shouldn’t he does. But he does talk about how you’re probably having an amazing time speaking with your mother and seeing her.” He smiled, putting his cigarette out as he finished it, sighing gently. “Well, (Y/n), I guess this is goodbye for now. I love you. So much Princess.” He muttered as he walked back in, putting on another smile as another gust of wind came, and he swore he heard ‘I love you, Siri.’ But he also knew it was impossible but how he wishes it was true. But he holds onto that, due to the fact it makes his days easier and makes him feel better. He misses you terribly, and so do the boys, but you learn that so quickly when you are almost tackled to the ground by a paler than usual looking James and Lily, knowing what happened. Knowing they were dead. Knowing all Sirius had left was Peter and Remus and you felt terrible. But James and Lily told you about how he still loved you and missed you a few months later.

the signs as characters from the Lyon family
  • Aries: Lucious 
  • Taurus: Rhonda
  • Gemini: Hakeem
  • Cancer: Andre
  • Leo: Cookie
  • Virgo: Lucious 
  • Libra: Jamal
  • Scorpio: Cookie
  • Sagittarius: Hakeem
  • Capricorn: Andre 
  • Aquarius: Jamal 
  • Pisces: Lola