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I rewatched the comeback vlive and the moment Jin reveals Yoongi 'just wanting to hold Jimin's hand cause he likes him' omg. All of a sudden it's dead silence, the way Yoongi turns around and stares and how no one knows what to say for a second. They're so OBVIOUS I can't I love Yoonmin so much.

but like, that awkward 2 second silence after namjoon said suga just wants to hold jm’s hand

Yoongi looks so smug when jimin exposed him?? BRUHH

I’M STILL ????? it was all quiet for a moment and then hobi just ‘oooohhHHHH’s at his bf and yoongi looks all smug and THEN they start calling him blue mold too. is this even real like the fact that ‘he likes you and wants to hold your hand’ led them to THAT

Kang Daniel | PokemonGo!AU

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prompt: pokemon go’s still popular and to kill time, you decide to try playing it - you didn’t expect that you’d catch more than just pokemon.

note: wow, i really need to stop writing for daniel but he’s just SO PRECIOUS AND WRITING COMES SO EASILY BECAUSE OF HIM.

  • you were really bored one day during the summer and decided to try out pokemon go because it’s been out for forever but people still loved it so you wanted to know why
  • turns out it was really freaking fun
  • and it gave you a reason to leave your house!!!
  • after a few days of capturing the more basic species of pokemon, you decided to search for rarer/legendary pokemon
  • to do so, you decided to search for a forum or any online group of people holding a meet-up to catch rare pokemon together
  • and you found one so you went!
  • at the park, there were a lot of people you recognized from your school so you talked to them for a bit
  • but that all stopped when someone screamed “SNORLAX!!!” and pointed in some random direction
  • after everyone (including your friends) ran in said direction, only you and two boys were left standing in the small park
  • “hahHAHAHAHAHahaha”
  • “hey, that wasn’t very nice”
  • “shut up daniel, no new pokemon were showing up so i had to find something else that was fun”
  • the two playfully bickering boys finally noticed you when you came up to them
  • you recognized one of them as ong seongwu, the class clown from three classes you’ve been in before
  • he remembered you as well, calling out your name with a smile
  • “see, i always liked you - you’re smart and you don’t fall for my bs”
  • daniel nudged seongwu lightly but laughed nevertheless, telling him to leave you alone
  • “oh by the way, this is my best friend daniel, he doesn’t go to our school but he lives pretty close by”
  • you introduced yourself and were surprised at how friendly daniel was even though you guys just met
  • he was really easy to talk to and you got so distracted while in conversation with him that you didn’t even realize the annoyed crowd of people coming back into the park and ong’s lowkey panic at being exposed as the culprit
  • luckily, no one caught onto ong’s deception and continued to play the game in the park you were still at
  • tbh, you and daniel got along so well that you basically gave up watching your phones for new pokemon and just continued to talk to each other
  • he would make cute gestures and weird faces while telling you random stories about his life, but his passion for dance, his family, and his cats really drew you in
  • and in return, he’d listen to whatever you had to say and you felt like the funniest person ever because he’d just laugh at everything you say lmao
  • eventually, the park grew dark but there was still a horde of people there, including the three of you
  • seongwu had interjected himself into your conversation, fed up with you stealing his love away from him
  • you guys were laughing together and seongwu mentioned how the three of you should hang out more often together as long as you didn’t ignore him anymore
  • he also said that he’d protect you especially since it got dark
  • “i won’t leave you behind for some silly pokemon, you can count on your new big brother figure!”
  • five minutes later, a different, more reliable source yelled out that a super rare pokemon spawned a few blocks away
  • seongwu was running in seconds
  • “so much for protecting me!!!”
  • “i don’t have this one…!”
  • his voice trailed off as he got further and further
  • daniel started laughing and looked at you in the middle of pouting
  • “did you want to try catching this one?”
  • “yeah but i don’t really run fast”
  • “i’ve got you”
  • then he just grabbed your wrist and started running
  • he noticed you getting slower, so he moved his hand down to interlock his fingers with yours
  • you almost stopped running in surprise, but he turned around to glance at you and give you a wink
  • omg your heart
  • you guys didn’t end up getting the pokemon and while you were sad about it, you felt even more apologetic to daniel
  • “because of me, you didn’t get to run fast enough in time to catch it!”
  • “it’s okay, i got something much better out of it :)”
  • you didn’t even get to reply because ong came back all sweaty and pouty because he didn’t even catch it either
  • “that’s what you get for leaving me behind”
  • the three of you decided to get a late cone of ice cream to help you mourn your lost pokemon
  • after walking around a bit in the direction of your homes, seongwu said he was going to go ahead
  • not before winking at you really quickly and then shoving the rest of his ice cream into your face
  • “ong seongwu!!!!!!”
  • you could hear daniel try to hold in his laugh and turned to slap him playfully
  • instead, he took your violent hand and put his own ice cream cone into it, telling you to hold it for a second
  • then he proceeded to wipe your face off with some tissues - he did it so gently that you would think he liked you or something ohohoho
  • “there you go! all clean!”
  • he finished wiping your face and took his ice cream back, chuckling at the light blush on your face that was seen under the streetlights
  • you guys started to walk again and since it got quiet, you decided to start up a conversation
  • “ah, the ice cream was so good at that place!”
  • “i could go there forever with you” LMAO
  • “???”
  • so you tried again
  • “it was really fun catching pokemon with you today!”
  • “my best friend was there, but you were the only one i wanted to catch pokemon with” LMAOx2
  • “???!!!”
  • you just turned to see him sporting a mischievous smile
  • “are you trying to flirt with me???”
  • “oh thank goodness, i thought i was going to be saying these things all night long”
  • after saying that, he asked you out on an official date that didn’t involve you playing pokemon go and dropped you off at your house
  • you guys started dating and became that couple that made seongwu cry in both happiness and cringe
  • “i said that the THREE of us should hang out more together!!! i didn’t ask for this BETRAYAL!”
  • but seriously, he was ecstatic that daniel found you (even though he missed his best friend sometimes)
  • also daniel would pick you up from class at times, just waiting outside the gates of your campus with his famous bunny smile
  • “??? what are you doing here?”
  • “i was just catching pokemon around the area but then i remembered i could be catching my beautiful s/o from class”
  • “that doesn’t even make sense”
  • “but your heart still fluttered, right?” 
  • he got you there
  • he’d just walk you home, holding your hand while swinging it, just happy to be in your presence
  • “if i were a pokemon, you’d choose me, right?”
  • “…”
  • “you’d never send me back to my pokeball and we’d travel the world together!”
  • “i choose you, danikchu!”



❝ no one has to know. ❞

❝ i try not to complain. ❞

❝ it was so bittersweet. ❞

❝ wake up i am at your door. ❞

❝ hold me close to your chest. ❞

❝ those years were the best. ❞

❝ i’m a selfish kind of lover. ❞


❝ why can’t you go home? ❞

❝ you used to call me late to pick you up. ❞

❝ i would always call you mine. ❞

❝ you’re still a dream to me. ❞

❝ you’ve got someone new who loves you. ❞


❝ you’re holding on to old memories. ❞

❝ i want to know if it hurts. ❞

❝ i’m not the person you knew. ❞


❝ the words have been misconstrued. ❞

❝ give me one more night. ❞

❝ we could be how we knew we were. ❞

❝ i miss you playing me something good. ❞


❝ is there a place we can go? ❞

❝ i miss the times we spent alone. ❞

❝ you’re the only one who knew me best. ❞

❝ the drugs, they were kicking in. ❞

❝ don’t ever let me go. ❞


❝ does he make you feel like heaven when he speaks? ❞

❝ he’s got the same fucked look as me. ❞

❝ it’s not the best for you and me. ❞

❝ i cut the breaks on his camaro. ❞

❝ never knew that i was so deranged. ❞

❝ a lot of things have changed. ❞

❝ i’m tired of your stories. ❞

❝ does he make you feel all nervous when he moves? ❞

❝ he’s fucked up all just like me. ❞

❝ he won’t make it home. ❞

❝ will you think of me? ❞

❝ i know my timings off. ❞


❝ i wish i could hold you. ❞

❝ for old times sake. ❞

❝ the memory has grown opaque. ❞

❝ i only hear your voice when i’m alone. ❞

❝ i will take the jump. ❞

❝ you haunt these halls. ❞

❝ can you be my ghost? ❞

❝ leave me the same little notes. ❞

❝ no one will ever take you away. ❞

❝ i’m still begging you to stay. ❞

❝ i’m still doing all the things you said you hate. ❞

❝ wish we could recreate every memory. ❞


❝ i always catch you looking at me. ❞

❝ there’s somewhere else you’d rather be. ❞

❝ you’re giving me the shakes. ❞

❝ you always thought that you were better than me. ❞

❝ this is where you belong. ❞

❝ i wanna sing along to your favourite songs. ❞


❝ i felt sick with who i was. ❞

❝ who really knows anymore. ❞

❝ you tried to save me. ❞

❝ it was a swing and a miss. ❞

❝ it kills me to the core. ❞

❝ why don’t you sing anymore? ❞

❝ i swear i’m worth it. ❞

❝ i’m not the person you thought would be perfect. ❞

❝ i could be your only one. ❞


❝ you’re as good as gone. ❞

❝ there’s a void you fill. ❞

❝ i’ll drink wine and think it’s fine. ❞

❝ i’m comfortable with my limbs going numb. ❞

❝ i’m back where i started from. ❞


❝ i wanted to feel you in my bed again. ❞

❝ i wanted to know if i was still in your head. ❞

❝ would you just push me away? ❞

❝ let me know you still feel the same. ❞

❝ now i see your face in everyone. ❞

❝ can you take me home tonight? ❞

❝ i know it’s wrong, it feels so right. ❞

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I really love the sad plastic rose thing so can we have more headcanons but for TFP Megatron, Predaking and TFA Blitzwing, Prowl and Black Arachnia(You have made me fall in love with her)

You guys are loving this rose thing! Prowl’s got kind of deep. Parts one and two.



-You give him the rose, and he takes it without much expression.

-You tell him what it means as he carefully examines it, twisting the stem between his digits.

-He nods, and holds it in his hands, which are now behind his back. He goes back to doing what he was before.

-He thinks about the rose, and about you, a lot. He knew he shouldn’t have let an organic into his spark, but he can’t seem to push you out.

-Years later, he has the rose. No one knows where it is, but him.


-You give it to him, and he thanks you, though he didn’t know today was a special day that warranted gifts. He apologizes.

-Before he goes off to remedy his lack of a gift, you tell him the purpose of the rose.

-He gruffly nods, and examines the rose with even more chariness.

-He holds it for quite some time, and thinks. He will miss you. He gets angry at the life span difference, but knows there’s nothing he can do.

-After you’ve moved on, he has the rose, and often powers down with it. It’s his greatest treasure.



-You give him the gift, and Icy turns it over in his servos. Random laughs, and thanks you for the thought. He’s going to get you fired chicken as a thank you!

-You tell him no thanks, and what the rose is for.

-Icy glides his digits over each individual petal, as you finish your explanation.

-He keeps the rose in his subspace, and thinks of it often, but never pulls it out.

-He has the rose, but can’t look at it without Hothead snapping at everyone for the rest of the day. He misses you.


-He’s a little put off by the thought of a plastic rose, but accepts graciously nonetheless.

-You tell him you know he would have preferred real roses, but this rose is special.

-He pulls out a vase as you tell him, and gingerly places it inside. He understands now. He will never scorn plastic roses again.

-He kneels down to face you, and smiles. He promises he’ll always love you.

-Unexpectedly, he dies before you. Jazz remembers Prowl telling him about the rose, and asks you if it’s okay if he’s buried with it. Of course, you agree.  The rose’s meaning still stands, and you think about it a lot. You think about the hurt, the irony, and most of all you think about the love.


-Uh, thanks, she guesses. 

-She holds the rose in her hand, which hangs limp at her side, while she listens to your explanation.

-She doesn’t say anything other than “hmn.” She doesn’t know what to say. Her S/O is thinking about her future without them for her.

-She thinks about it a lot. It eats at her, sometimes. She doesn’t realize she spent too much time thinking about the future, until it’s too late.

-She was arrested, and forced to leave the rose behind. The memory of both it and you are engraved in her processor.

you’re one to negotiate a resource
you’ll constantly push us off until you need me
you’re holding your cards miserably close

you say “love- it’s all in due course”

do you just say anything
so i don’t feel hurt
do you love me at all?
am i just work to you

now that the honeymoon has waned

the honeymoon has waned

& so much time has passed
& so many sacrifices on both sides
you say you want a return on your investment:
all i want is a return of my time

do you just count losses
don’t you feel grateful at all?
do you ever smell the roses
darling, you’ve thrown up your walls

now that the honeymoon has waned

xix | the honeymoon

SO, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO BED YOUR LORD? (and have his sidekick to hold the light there?)

Okay, I am still SALTY that we can only rank in one clan! GDI Voltage, I’ll pour my rage in your survey! (my rant is here if you wanna read why I am so salty about it).

If you think this format sucks too, don’t forget to let Voltage know in the battle survey!

But here I have compiled the ranking result of the pairs, from the least to the most popular. Let’s see how many bottles of celebration sake you need to give them so you’re drunk enough to have a sexy threesome shenanigan. I rank them based on the minimum amount you need to get into top 300.


you don’t even need to collect enough to get both loyalti prizes to get one of the ranking chibi pair.


This pair might be bottom two but the first rankers is way up there!


just 3 bottles of sake apart from Ieyasu and Mitsunari pair. Razor thin win.




(because who doesn’t want the Cinnamon Roll and Sinnamon Troll sandwich?

Even though the format is different (eeeerrgghhhhh F that!), the result is pretty consistent with the last Airan battle. I collated the numbers here.

I wish one day someone would love you the way you should be loved. It’s so different, you would think you don’t deserve it. And that person will sit beside you, hold your hands and look into your eyes and show you the answer why you do.

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umm.. A scenario where Mina's fem crush saves her from a villian attack but gets hurt badly?? ALIEN QUEEN DESERVES MORE LOVE


Mina: - During the battle, Mina will be holding up fairly well on her own, but being on one person, she can’t always look behind her. 

 Her crush would be able to just notice another villain sneaking up on Mina, ready to attack her, but take the blow instead.

- Mina freaks out for a second, taking down any nearby villains and falls down next to you, crying.

- “I’m so sorry Y/N!”

- She’ll be overreacting a little and even if it really was nothing, she’d feel so bad.

- She’d need to be reassured one hundred times a day that it wasn’t her fault.

- She gets very protective thereafter and proclaims to look after her for the rest of the year. Lots of blushing on the crushes end of that confession.

I love Mina, she’s such a cutie. I actually had this written out for a few days and just forgot to post. Bad, Cas. I have about 5 requests queued up so that’s that sorted for the next couple days.

I’m also 1 away from 400 followers and I need ideas on how to celebrate, please

Make You Mine: Chapter 4

This chapter will probably upset you? Also forest is currently sick so everyone please send her well wishes and love!

This chapter is shorter than the last 2, only around 2k. It’s also kind of a relief from the heavy angst that has been guiding the story before although no one is ever truly satisfied.

Gwen has the day off from the wedding’s hold on her life.

Previous chapters: under the tag makeuminegwenvid

Her eyes were open before her alarm went off, her hands laying at her sides giving her the appearance of a corpse. Staring at the ceiling she let out a low groan and patted beside her to silence the chipper ringing echoing off the walls. Gwen blinked fuzzy curls out of her vision as she rolled onto her side, the light from the screen blinded her further.

Once it was cut off the ambience of the morning settled once more.

The hotel bed was comfortable, but it was almost too comfortable to sleep in properly. She was used to waking up and rolling onto the floor to crack her back. The last few nights Gwen had gotten five hours of sleep max, which was more than normal but not enough nonetheless.

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Dates with Sam Holland:

  • Going on a lot of cute little dates
  • The museum would be one of your favorites
  • Just going through the museum, talking about all the paintings while holding each other’s hand
  • “You wanna know my favorite masterpiece?”
  • “Sure let’s hear it!”
  • “You.”
  • What a cute little charming boy
  • Blushing at his compliments all the time
  • Him adoring you with all of his soul

  • Another cute date would be the theatre
  • You guys would looooovvvvveee to go there
  • Both of you being so in love with everything
  • Sam singing some of the songs after the theatre
  • Swinging your hands back and forth all the time
  • Basically just wandering through the city at night cause why not
  • “You I love you right ?”
  • “Yeah. You wanna know something?”
  • “Sure!”
  • “I love you more Sam.”
  • Awww he’d blush and turns away or tries to hide his face oh my goooooood

  • Or the both of you just going to some cute little vintage shops looking at books or vinyl records
  • Sam would be your book holder (don’t think that’s a word tbh) while you try to reach one of the books
  • He’d probably hand the book to you cause he’s such a gentleman
  • You end up buying like ten new books
  • “You’re crazy y/n!”
  • “Yeah, crazy about you!”

  • And sometimes you just go on coffee dates
  • Simply just sitting in a small cafe talking to each other about any kind of stuff
  • You secretly taking pictures of him cause he’s a god
  • Him taking revenge on you by taking even more pictures of you and posting them on Instagram later with a really cute caption like “Coffee dates with this beauty” or some cute shit like that
  • Y'all basically just being a really cute couple that deserve nothing but happiness and each other
  • Sam could hit me up every time he wants

@iamnesta you said I should tag you in this, so here we go 💛💡🖖🏻

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If we were dating I'd lay on top of you randomly and wrap my arms around you. Wanting attention and do small annoying things to get it. Watch shows till one of us pass out and just sleep under stars and always be a hand to hold. Also jam out to music all the time. Just be a person to smile and laugh with.

If you lay on top of me there’s a chance that I’ll be holding you close and press surprise attack kisses against your face

but this is so cute aw I’d love that

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SakMikuo wearing a nice sweater and with his birb is so cute. I luv him. I luv his birb. I luv you.

“do you want to hold him? hes a bit more awake now that its evening!”

((this ask was so blessed i had to draw something for it,, i love you too anon,,, //gentle tear// im glad you like his pullover hoodie!! :’D it was a simple design i made on the fly one day for simple stuff like this :’D its nice to know more people other than me like it! kdfsja))

tagged by @nachodiablo to share my current WIPs : ) I’m too tired to tag others but anyone feel free to do it! I love seeing new things to bookmark 

up on ao3:

hands heavy: the companion piece to my Kingdom fic with Prince!Sirius and Wanted werewolf!Remus. Just A LOT of FLUFF of what goes on after

Between the Knuckles: Muggles au with Remus raising four-year-old Harry when Sirius shows up after a five-year disappearance.  I’ve hit 65k so we’re getting some answers finally SLOW BURN

Blackmail: Muggles Youtube au with famous Youtuber!James and Sirius pining over small rising star Youtuber!Remus with his bff Dorcas (slow updates)

in the works:

tentatively named hold me close: Remus and Sirius are Dimension Travelers, randomly leaving their lives and Jumping into new realities for periods of time. One day they come across each other and inexplicably keep being brought back together. / Follows throughout their lives to their deaths, a lot of angst, hurt/comfort, but the fluff is there. 

“Don’t leave, please, please, don’t leave.” Sirius grasps Remus’ stupid fucking ugly sweater and pulls him up, close, pressing their lips together, and Remus cups Sirius’ face violently, clutching, his fingerprints will last on Sirius’ cheeks for a second after the Return, white imprints, his fingernails will gift crescent moons indented, and he guides Sirius’ head to the side, always knowing what to do, how to lead whenever, parting his lips, Sirius responding the same, and kissing hopelessly, pointlessly, hungrily, together, together, together, together—

Until they are not.

a Very Old Dusty canon fic Seven Years in Moons: similar to that book One Day (I only saw the movie long ago) where it only shows what happens on the full moon, thoughts before and after the night, so the reader is left trying to fill the gaps in between each month. / from first to seventh year

A small boy stands alone in a deserted, dusty old shack.

To be truthful, he is not small.

Taller than most children his age by a long shot, actually. Yet, the way he holds himself — shoulders curling forward like a wilted flower, neck suspended to support his chin resting on his chest, knees slightly bent as if they are prepared to break a sporadic fall — deceives his true stature.

Perhaps he is not a small boy, but there is no denying his littleness.

(and yes he will end up being shorter than Sirius, like canon, he just hit his growth spurt early)

a *gasp* non-wolfstar fic on Stucky

And my one shot ideas: Remus is Regulus’ tutor and Sirius starts failing purposefully to try and get Remus as well, college au with never-seen suitemate Remus, another soulmate au where Remus’ sign from Sirius is on his ass, Sirius’ backpack punk rock patches are stitched so horrendously Remus has to insist on redoing them, carnival au where Sirius gets a brain freeze and stranger!Remus comes over and kisses him to help stop it, insomniac wolfstar

Half-formed multichapter/long one shot ideas: Ella Enchanted au with Sirius as Ella, Beauty and the Beast au with Beast!Sirius being saved by James thru platonic love and James’ bff Remus comes storming to the castle to “save” James and gets off on the wrong foot with Sirius, basically any princess au hmu

I’m not even a Destiel shipper. Why did this adorable idea pop into my head? It’s not letting me sleep so now I need to get it down.

I’m sure this has been done before, but Peter Pan AU where Cas is Peter and Dean is a Darling kid and ’ “I want to give you a kiss” “Okay” *holds out hand and waits* ’ and they’re both just adorable and young and innocent


Book Tag!

I was tagged by @thewolfnephilim to do this book tag and this is the first time i’ve been tagged to do a tag on Tumblr!  YAYYYY, SO THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

First crush on a fictional character?

Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

Book that made you cry?

Most recently Lord of Shadows is the only like sobfest that I can remember that was like no one talk to me I’m going to go cry in a hole now

Book that was spoiled for you?

Clockwork Princess was spoiled for me.

First time you fell in love with a book?

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which still to this day holds favorite book of all time.  If you haven’t read it go read it right now.  It’s amazing :).

The first time you couldn’t stop smiling because of a book/character?

The first page of The Sea of Monsters

First Person who had a real impact on your reading 

My 4th grade teachers Ms. Martinez and Ms. De Graph.  They gave me The Secret Garden for christmas when I was in their class and that kicked off my reading career.

These are the humans that I am tagging

@clockworkopera @mostawesomepineapple @goldenjellyfish12 @sania0810 @ididntwanttobeahalfblood

(If I didn’t tag you do it I’m sorry go ahead and do the tag any way :)

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Shy Anon: *gasps* You can make tiny hats? I love tiny hats, they're one of the cutest accessories ever!~ Could I have one too, please?

*giggles* I c-can make tiny hats, b-big hats too!~ *smiles* S-so you want a tiny hat then?~ Let’s see w-what I can make then!~ *sticks out his tongue before reaching behind him and then bringing forth a tiny red hat, a white ribbon tied on it, and a bow that looks puffy. He holds it out to you* H-how’s this o-one?~


There’s a strange love inside
It’s getting louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, and louder
There’s a danger I can’t hide
Who I am, it’s who I am
It’s who I am, it’s who I am

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love