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Don Juan Photoshoot with David Tennant

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Baseball (M)

(I can’t get over baseball Jungkook so I had to write something)

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

╳ Genre: smut | One shot

╳ Summary: You hated being dragged to baseball games because your best friends boyfriend was on the team. But maybe this time wasn’t going to be so bad.

“You know I hate baseball” You said, your arm being dragged as your friend pulled you across your lawn.

“Yes, and basically any sport” Your friend Rylee said, unlocking her car door. “But today is his big game and I really want you to come along!”

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Mayfield | Series - Pt. II

Summary: Max Mayfield and Billy Hargrove aren’t the only new kids to step foot into Hawkins. Meet Y/N Mayfield, Max’s big sister, who’s here to make sure no one messes with her sister.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Mayfield!Reader (SLOW BURN)

Characters: Y/N Mayfield, Max Mayfield, Neill Hargrove, Susan Hargrove, Billy Hargrove, Steve Harrington

Warnings: Language, may contain sensitive topics such as substance abuse later on (I WILL GIVE A HEADS UP!)

Word Count: 1.9k

Tags (PLEASE message me if you want to be added to the permanent tag list for any fic/tag list for this particular series, especially if you already asked and I forgot!): @thegirlwhoisintoomanyfandoms @la-fille-en-aiguilles @jj-writes-shit @thebitterbookeater@with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @richletozler  @royalwolfhard @just-smile-darling @w-ingardiumleviosa @buckysmaingirl @magic-and-timetravel  @jupiter-leo @ttrraasshh@somekryptonitewriting @dudee-what  @tmalchow @hedabucky @wallacetdog @harringtonhuddle @sarcasticalphaofthelooserspack @kingkenzieo @twelvedacrewoods @onlyalittleteenwolfobsessed @stevieboyharrington @madhatterweasley @captainelsaeverdeen @cupcaitlyn96 @anton-shudders @trashyemonerd @netflix-and-cuddles @earthvsjai @goimaginethiss @inhumanz

A/N: Lots of drama. Questions will be asked. Shit will happen. Billy is an ass. Enjoy, my friends!

Parts: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X (FINALE) 

This dinner was thrilling.

No really, it was the highlight of your life. Your mother and Neill sat at the heads of the table. You and Max were sitting together on one side of the table while Billy sat on the other. You were sure that no more than fifteen words had been uttered since you all sat down.

“So Billy,” Susan spoke up after a while and looked over at him. “Where will you be going tonight?”

You held yourself back from rolling your eyes at the lame attempt at striking up a conversation. You watched as Billy slowly turned his head towards your mother.

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These guys are killing me, I swear.

I don’t think people understand why we’re collectively angry about the way joseph’s route went. Honestly, it would have been nice for an actual christian whose an authority of the church to come to grips with his sexuality and decide that yeah that’s ok and that he can still be a christian regardless. 

Also, none of the twists make sense narrative wise. Up to this point, we’ve been lead to believe that Mary is not only a neglectful drunk but is also a cheater (while not physically cheating flirting with anyone is still considered a form of cheating my dudes). So, why would you paint her as the victim in the end. 

This trope has been played here and back and it’s not only boring, but it makes no sense for the character to be this way. You can say “Oh you’re taking this too personally”, well damn right I am and here’s why:

1) The way Mary was initially depicted reminded me quite a bit of my mother. Someone who cheats on her marriage without any regards to how her family might feel and seems to be very distant and emotionally cold to them. Do you know how rare it is to see a woman like that depicted in a negative light. Call it me projecting my anger, but I was looking forward to a woman like this getting her comeuppance when women actually being abusive and manipulative is so often glossed over and they so often get away with it. I wanted this to be a thing for once

2) I’m so tired of seeing the “wow you thought this person was actually nice lol we’ll show you. That’s what you get for trusting people” trope played to death. This twist came out of left field. It’s also majorly ooc for a guy we seen had been absolutely adoring and caring of his family and patient with his wife. 

3) This is fairly damaging to people like me who grew up in a conservative household with a mostly religious family who were of course kind of homophobic. I thought it would be nice to see representation of a religious man whose lgbt and still decides that he can be lgbt and still be religious. Do you realize how impactful that would have been.

But no instead of a positive narrative about a kind and cool youth minister whose coming to grips with years of internalized homophobia and learning to slowly accept himself and work through realizing that yeah his family is not perfect and he needs to go after what’s best for him and his kids we got whatever this was. But yeah sure judge us for flipping our shit over this crappy twist and all the implications it holds.

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-Chapter 1

Pairing: Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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Originally posted by kibaems

Baekhyun pov

“So what do you want to do Y/N?” I asked, walking around in HQ. Suho had assigned me to watch Y/N for the next few nights since I primarily work with drug deals and hostages, but since there wasn’t anything scheduled for me that night and rest of the week and the rest of the guys should be busy, it turned into my job to watch the five year old. “We could play hide and seek!” Y/N yelled, bouncing around the ‘living room’ of HQ, “inside voice please Y/N, and you wanna play with just the two of us?” she didn’t seem to pay attention to the first part of my sentence. She ran up to me putting her small hands on my knees and looking up at me “Yeah! We can play with just the two of us, can’t we?” she smiled excitedly waiting for me to give the ok. “I guess we can, do you wanna hide first or do you want me to” I leaned forward putting my hands over her shoulders, they completely disappeared under my large hands. “I count, you hide” she said pointing at both us to prove her point. I got up and lead her to the center of the room so she wouldn’t run into anything when she opened her eyes.

“Alright, you cover your eyes and count to ten and I will go hide, sound good?” I looked down at her, letting go of her hands and getting ready to hide. “Ok, One, one thousand two, one thousand” she covered her eyes and began to count. As soon as her eyes were covered I took off down the hall running to my room, hiding behind the door. Making sure it was an easy hiding place for her to find, not wanting to make it too difficult for the five year old. “Ready or not here I come!” I heard her yelling into the empty HQ, her little feet stomping down the halls, loud enough for me to here from where I was hiding. I could hear her opening and closing doors down the hall, knowing who they belonged to and how close they were to me. She would take a few minutes at each room, checking all the room then leaving.

I could hear her just outside of my room, standing on the other side of the door. She turning the knob opening the door, it swung open hidding my figure behind it, she came inside the room searching for me. I could see her small body searching under the bed, stand up and move over to the closet. Just as she opened the closet I tiptoed out of my spot and snuck up behind her, as soon as I was directly behind her I grabbed her under her arms lifting her into the air “gotcha!” she shrieked with laughter as I held her above my head. “Baek! Put me down” she yelled trying to wiggle free of my grip. “You wanna be put down? Alright” I put her down but as she started to move away, I grabbed her again and began to tickle her sides. She began shrieking again and fell to the floor on her knees, giggling and trying to push my hands away from her sides. “Baek stop! I’m gonna pee!” she yelled finally getting me to stop, she finished giggling and got up onto her feet. “It’s my turn now, you count and I get to hide!” she smiled up towards me “alright ten seconds right?” I asked “no, twenty ” she said grinning mischievously “twenty? Why twenty?” I was curious why she had suddenly changed the rules “so I can find a good hiding spot, you’re hiding spot wasn’t very good” she laughed, thinking how I didn’t have a good spot “uh, fine twenty” I said. I turned my body away so I was facing the wall and began to count “one, one thousand two, one thousand” I heard her giggle and take off down the hall.

I reached twenty and began to search for her, going right as I could hear her footsteps going that direction when she ran off. I thought of all the places a five year old would go, beginning by going to each rooms. I searched and couldn’t find her in any of them, confused I moved to my next option I went to the supply closet, opening the door there was nowhere she could hide that wouldn’t have been obvious, it was a small room, so I moved on. The only other place this way was Suho’s office, I went up the stairs and into his office searching all the possible hiding spots in there. She wasn’t in there either, I began to get worried if she wasn’t this way then I wasn’t sure where she would be, jogging I went back to the living room and began to search everything that way. She wasn’t anywhere over there either, I began to panic, where could a five year old hide in a gang HQ anyway. There wasn’t a lot of places she could fit, the doors were locked which means she would need a key to leave or one of the members to take her out. She had to be inside the building.I started searching everything again, she had to be here, she had to be.

By the time I had checked everywhere at least seven more times the guys came back, which meant she had been missing for over two hours. “Hey Baekhyun, what you looking for?” Chen asked accompanied by the rest of the guys, the routine for the night over. “Well you see… um I may have kind of um lost Y/N?” I said coming out more like a question, Suho pushed his way forward from behind Chanyeol and Sehun “you what?” he asked glaring at me “well you see, we were playing hide and go seek and I haven’t found her yet, so technically she isn’t lost” I said trying to avoid punishment. “Alright well how ‘long’ has she been hiding?” he crossed his arms across his chest leaning back, standing straight up “um well… maybe like almost three hours” I said, my voice progressively getting quieter as I spoke. “ALMOST THREE HOURS!” this time it was Sehun to yell, he was oddly attached to her. “Um yeah” I said “we need to find her, she’s probably scared by now, she couldn’t have left so she is still inside the building. Everyone split up and look for her” Suho said, everyone ran off into different directions in search for Y/N.

For an hour we still couldn’t find her, we had all searched everywhere and came back to the living room to discuss “how can we not find her, we’re a god damn mafia group for god’s sake, she’s a five year old girl!” Xiumin yelled into the room, not speaking directly to anyone. We all went quiet after that, only able to hear our own breathing and suddenly a cry. We all turned our head towards Sehun’s room where the cry had come from, running in that direction we burst into his room. Looking around we still couldn’t see her but we could hear her crying “Y/N where are you?” Sehun called into the room. “Over here” we heard from his closet, we all ran towards it, Sehun was the closest and reached it first, he yanked the doors open looking into it looking confused “where Y/N?” he asked, we still couldn’t see her yet she was clearly in there. “Back here” her arm emerged from a corner of the closet behind a wood piece “I’m stuck, please help” she asked. Sehun reached forward and pulled the plank away leaving enough space for her to squeeze through “Y/N what happened?” he asked kneeling in front of her shaking form “I found the empty space and thought it was a good hiding spot but I got stuck and couldn’t get out” she cried latching onto Sehun. “Have you been in there the whole time?” I asked, looking down at her small sobbing form “Yeah, I thought it was ok at first, but then you didn’t find me so I tried to get out and got stuck! It was so scary, I thought you were never going to find me” she cried hugging tighter to Sehun. “I’m sorry Y/N I tried to find you but, you were just too well hidden, I tried to find you. I promise I would never leave you alone” I said trying to reassure her, she pushed away from Sehun a little and he used his sleeves to wipe away her tears “it’s ok Baek, I know you didn’t mean to” she let go of Sehun all together and walked up to me. I leaned down so I was the same height as her opening my arms so she could hug me. She walked into my waiting arms putting her head on my shoulder, I stood from my kneeling position with her still in my arms “why don’t we go to bed, it’s been a long day and I’m sure you’re tired” I said looking into her eyes, she nodded her head. Putting her head back into my shoulder “Ok say goodnight to the guys and I will tuck you in alright?” I put her down on her own feet so she could give all the guys a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She ran up to each member, them rather leaning down to her height or in Sehun’s case picking her up and spinning her around giving her a big sloppy kiss on the cheek, her giggling all the while. He set her down and she waddled back towards me, I picked her up and brought her out of the room the guys calling goodnight as we exited the room. “Baek can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked as we started to approached her room “of course Y/N” I stopped walking, turning around and walking back to my room.

We got to my room and I pulled back the covers for her to lay down, as soon as she was under blanket I took my jacket off and laid down next to her. I pulled her body close to mine, my arms wrapping all the way around her, kissing her on the forehead. “Goodnight Y/N, I promise to never let you get lost again” I said into her hair, muffling the sound “I know oppa, goodnight, I love you.”

All right so that was the first chapter of my exo mafia series, hope you guys like it!

Little Do You Know - Stiles Stilinski Imagine (Part 4)

❁ (not my gif, but I did edit it a little) ❁

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this part, it continues from where things were left on part 3. Please let me know what you think, I loveee feedback. Btw next part might be the last. Also, sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc.

[Part 1, 2 & 3] - [Masterlist]

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: Cursing, fist fight, sad? That’s all I think.
Word count: 1318

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Home Again (2) - Jace Herondale (Shadowhunters)

Pairing: Jace x Female!Reader


Anon - I really loved “Home Again” - Jace Herondale and was was wondering if you could do a part two with more drama with the reader and Clary. Some smut with the reader and Jace would be nice too. Thanks

@florenceivy -Yes! Yes! Yes! That was so good can’t wait for the next part, tag me?

original request by: @cjhorseback

Warnings: SMUT

A/N: didn’t plan on making a 2nd part, but looks like you guys wanted one, so here it is! ENJOY!

Part 1

Originally posted by takemystrengthtoo

*gif not mine* 

Out in the hallway, Clary had followed you, watching from a distance from the door your interaction with Jace. It hurt, she had to admit, but she knew none of you had meant to hurt her. 

Not really. But the feelings were still there, and she needed time to heal. Clary ran towards the garden before anyone could see her tears. 


You had walked back to Isabelle and Alec hand in hand with Jace. Shadowhunters you had passed had glanced your way, surprise evident on their faces.

 Jace and you had kept your relationship a secret, especially the wedding, before you departed.

 Only a handful of friends and family knew about it. But now that you were back, and you were hoping for good, Jace was tired of sneaking around, no one knowing you two had bound yourself to the other. 

He wanted to be able to show his affection, without having to wait to simply be able to hold your hand till you two were alone, away from watchful eyes. 

 To be frank, you agreed with him, for a time the hidden relationship had been thrilling, but with time even that grew old and frustrating. Isabelle grinned from ear to ear as she spotted you, still in her training gear standing beside Alec. 

Clary nowhere in sight. 

 «Done reconciling already?» Isabelle teased as they stopped in front of them, you just sticking her tongue out at her. 

 «Oh, not even close.» Jace winked at Izzy, laughing as she made a gagging sound. 

 «On another note.» Alec shot Jace a warning look before continuing, addressing you. 

«After being placed in such a mundane environment, I’m not sure you’ve still got what it takes to fight like one of us.» Alec half joked, you grinned in return.

 «Oh, really?» You mused back. 

 «Yeah, I’m not sure you still got it, miss best fighter of us all.» Izzy added in, sending you a teasing grin. 

 «Looks like I will just have to prove it to you guys.» You raised her chin proudly, a smile still playing on your lips. 

«Izzy, would you be so kind?» You mentioned towards the training area, and Izzy easily complied, walking first with the rest of them in tow.

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It’s a little late, but Happy Encounter Anniversary!  In honor of the day, I wrote up a little KaiShin fic for you all!  I hope you enjoy!  

“Could you really, Kudou?  You’d be doing me a huge favor,” Hakuba said, earnest.  “I know it’s short notice, but I’m sure you’ve seen how Kid can be.”

Shinichi tried to smile.  “Yes, the newspapers are quite clear about how… capricious he can be.”  He could feel his expression turn serious.  “Are you sure I’m the right detective for the job?”

Hakuba nodded without any hesitation.  “Yes, I’ve given this some thought.  I think it has to be you.  In fact, I think it couldn’t be anyone else.”  A protest was on the tip of Shinichi’s tongue when Hakuba’s phone rang. “My apologies, Kudou.  I have to take this.  Don’t forget, the heist is on Saturday.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you write anything Rylex (Ryland and Alex) I'm living for that ship now. Maybe something like they got caught being couplely by the team ?? Or something idc as long as it's cute and rylex

Here’s a little something on how they met. I hope you like it!! It’s not too long, but i think it’s sweet.

warnings: alcohol mentions


Ryland wasn’t the type to go to bars.

He much preferred staying at home, minding his own business and playing his video games. People were more of a nuisance than anything else, and if he could avoid contact with them, that was much more preferable. 

For as long as he could remember, he liked doing things on his own. He didn’t have to deal with others’ problems, he didn’t have to try and impress anyone, and he certainly didn’t have to get involved in anyone’s business but his own. Friends seemed exhausting; at least, his own family was, so friends couldn’t be much different.

Besides that, Ryland had learned at a young age that people were cruel. It wasn’t worth putting yourself out there for a person that would only use you and then dump you off when they were done with you. It wasn’t worth the emotional pain and eventual hurt. Things were much simpler if he kept everyone at a distance.

That was why he moved out as soon as he was able and worked from home. He rarely left his apartment and enjoyed his solitude. Sometimes his nosy landlord would try to poke his nose in, especially if the rent was late, but Ryland got along just fine without meeting his neighbors or even attending the BBQ his family was holding for Thanksgiving. Most of the time, he even forgot to send a card.

So it completely defied all his logic to be sitting there at that bar. The only reason was he’d had a rough day and, as he’d been out of beer after only drinking two, he was just tipsy enough to wander to the bar right around the corner and glance blearily around at the crowd.

Most of the guys there were preoccupied with the game playing on TV, which was fine with him. Less people to interact with.

A particularly loud guffaw caught his attention, and he turned to see a lanky man with curly hair leaning forward so earnestly he looked like he’d fall. He was far more drunk than Ryland, and seemed ready to pass out at any given time.

For no reason in particular, Ryland decided to watch him. The man kept making nonsensical complaints about the football game, all while ordering another beer. The bartender seemed to know the guy, as he seemed friendly.

Then the man turned and made eye contact with Ryland. Ryland quickly looked away, not wanting to have interaction, but to his horror the man haltingly stumbled off his barstool and started to make his way over to Ryland’s seat.

He stopped, swaying slightly as he assessed Ryland. “Nev’ seen you aroun’ here before,” he slurred, slinking into the empty chair beside Ryland.

“Yeah, don’t come here much,” Ryland muttered, avoiding eye contact. 

The guy didn’t seem to notice Ryland’s hostility, or if he did, he didn’t seem to care. “I’m Alex,” he burped, offering a sweaty hand. “That guy calls me a ‘regular.’” Alex grinned, as though that were some sort of accomplishment.

Hesitantly, Ryland shook his hand, wondering how to escape. “It’s, uh, good to meet you.”

“How come you don’t come here?” Alex asked, leaning against the bar for support. “You’re so niiiice.”

Ryland laughed, unexpectedly, at that remark. “Nah, it’s pretty much the opposite. No one likes me.”

“What?” Alex seemed genuinely surprised, but Ryland decided that was just because he was drunk. “I believe you’re a suuuuper good person. But,” Alex wagged his finger, “you still haven’t told me your name.”

Against his better judgement, Ryland obliged. “I’m Ryland.”

“Ryland!” Alex threw his arms out, gleeful. “That’s such a nice name!”

Ryland couldn’t help the grin that poked out. “Is everything ‘nice’ to you?”

Alex contemplated that, and the word cute flashed across Ryland’s mind. “No,” Alex ultimately decided. “Not everything. Just you.”

Wasn’t that ironic? Ryland thought. I’m the opposite of nice.

Just then, Alex pitched forward, and Ryland sprang up to catch him. “Whoa! Dude, are you okay?”

Alex hiccuped, looking up at Ryland, and to his horror Alex was crying. “She left me, Ryland. You understand, don’t you?”

Ryland carefully placed Alex back on his seat. “Calm down there, buddy. Do you need some water?”

“No,” Alex wailed. “I just need a friend in this whole goddamn world!”

With this dramatic statement, he thunked his head on the bar. The bartender didn’t even flinch, and Ryland gathered this was a nightly occurrence.

Ryland hesitated. This was usually the part where he’d quickly make his exit while the weirdo was crying, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. There was something about this particular weirdo that made his heart soft.

“Hey, man,” Ryland said, patting his shoulder. “Do you want to come with me? You can crash on my couch until you feel better.”

Alex lifted his sticky face, staring at Ryland, and he was preparing himself for the “what the hell?” but instead Alex just sobbed again, throwing his arms around Ryland’s torso.

“I kneeew you were a good person, Ry. I love you…”

Ryland ignored the sniffly, gross sounds and picked Alex up, sliding some cash at the bartender for their drinks. He had no idea if it was enough, but the bartender accepted it without comment, so Ryland half-dragged Alex out towards his apartment.

This was no easy task, and Ryland felt exhausted by the time they arrived. He plopped Alex down onto the couch, wondering what the hell he was supposed to do with a guest.

“Um…would you like some water?” he asked tentatively, and after a sniffly nod, he went off and got a towel so Alex could wipe his snotty face and a glass of water.

After cleaning himself, Alex snuggled into Ryland’s side, making him freeze. “You’re the nicest person I’ve met in a long time,” Alex murmured, burrowing his face in closer. “And you smell good.”

Ryland smiled, softly. It was the first time in a long time he’d felt affection towards someone, and to be honest it both excited and scared the shit out of him.


“Ryland’s a good person,” Alex said, swiveling his head to look at Sam. “I know he doesn’t act like it, but he really does care about people.”

“Really?” Sam asked, skeptical. “He seems like such a grump.”

“Yeah, well,” Alex said fondly, thinking back to when they first met, “he tries to act tough and solid, but really, he’s got the kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.”

When A Stranger Calls Thoughts


  • The good
    • KJ, as always, gets a shout out. His facial expressions during the scene where Nick invites them to the party was so good. He was already wary of Nick, and that totally showed. However, during the breakup for Betty, about halfway through, he broke character. His lip started to quiver and he seemed heartbroken. Having to hurt CS, even if CS was in character, was a hard thing for him to do. I found that super sweet.
    • Vanessa KILLED! She is strong and sassy and just fantastic. I love how much she showed true empathy, whether Toni is actually empathetic or not, Vanessa played that beautifully.
    • Honestly, Jordan, he seems like such a good guy, so to see him play such an asshole shows great acting. I really love how sassy he seems. I’m looking forward to his inevitable one-liners.
    • Cole did well, for the most part, this week. I’ve been saying it for weeks that he was having Jughead flirt with Toni, and look who was right. I loved the myriad of facial expressions he went through after Toni called him “Juggie.” I hate Lice, but watching Cole break down like that was really great. And, as always, his acting was just off during the Lice scene, but otherwise, top marks.
    • I ALMOST FORGOT MADS. The silences are where the best actors shine. I almost love how few lines she has. She’s so emotive without talking.
  • The bad
    • I’m sorry, I hate Nick with all my heart, but seeing Graham as a bad boy was just so…odd. I’m so used to him playing a bitchy teenager on The Good Wife, and he wasn’t able to make me shake that. It just didn’t feel authentic.
    • Cami needs to stop watching the OC and gossip girl. I’d love to see her more as a Deb Morgan or Alex Nunez. She just plays Veronica so…slimy? And one dimensional? I hope she gets better, I mean, look at KJ now.
    • As always, LR. Nothing about this was good. It’s just simple, she can’t act, and I hate that people pretend she can. I wanted to feel bad for Betty, but I couldn’t stop cringing at how LR was playing her.  I mean, even just that first scene? She didn’t seem that scared? It took like three of those scenes for her to seem scared. I was just having such a hard time staying in the story when LR’s lip jutted out like it does for every single scene.


  • Betty is stupid. I don’t have a single positive thing to say about her. What the hell was she thinking? Going to that house? Answering the phone when there is a killer on the loose who you KNOW is doing it for you when it’s an unknown number? Being out alone at a bus stop? She had less sense than Archie had last episode, and that’s saying something. Also, I need more Archie and Betty, not because I like anything about them together, my hatred for Betty runs too deep. But because I feel like we are missing half this story. I want to see that playfulness, even in this situation. They love each other, so deeply, but that was just…missing. Also, I feel like The Black Hood is going to make Betty kill for him. Maybe as a serial killer, she would actually be a more interesting character.
  • The Black Hood, yes, he gets his own section. I feel like they watched every horrible police procedural with a ransom call and mushed them all together and came up with The Black Hood. He’s….funny. I was laughing. The lines were stupid and his obsession reminded me a lot of the LR is perfect brigade or Scamharts. He’s acting like a fucking fangirl, I mean, come on, can’t he be more innovative than that?
  • Archie was more of a friend this episode, which I really liked. We got to see Archie the caretaker. So much of the show has been focused on Archie and Archie’s problems, no matter how small or big they are. But we see Archie the best friend in a big way. I think that was really refreshing.
  • Nick is….real. With everything going on in the news right now, this was a perfect time for this episode to air. I think it was SO important. Nick is one of the worst types of people to walk the earth and they showed that expertly. I loved how he attempted rape on both Veronica and Cheryl so we saw it was a pattern and a well thought out one at that. I also LOVED how he said he was asking for it just by sitting there and flirting with him, which she shouldn’t have done, and I think says more about Cami’s lack of acting chops than anything. I also love how it’s the rich white boy doing the assault. One actual stereotype they didn’t follow. BRAVO! I get why Betty said his name, but I’d MUCH rather see a trial and watch Penelope destroy him. The other thing about Nick, it’s not just rape, it’s also peer pressure and drugs, and I think that’s really important. He made all the characters feel bad for themselves which caused them to give in. That’s just as manipulative as the rape and could have ended just as badly, probably would have if Betty had been partaking too.
  • Veronica was a very strong-willed woman tonight….and I still hate her. She gets major props for ending the song immediately the second she saw Cheryl and Nick leaving, and for kicking the shit out of him, all the Pussycats do. Those girls are FIERCE. But she was still so over the top and that drives me crazy. It’s like Fiona Coyne but less human. She should be more like Fiona. I’d like her a lot more if she was more like Fiona.
  • The Pussycats get their own category this week. First, I really wish they had chosen another song. This is the straightest least queer supportive show, and I felt like using Out Tonight was more queerbaiting. I loved Cami and Ash’s voices, they were PERFECT for the song. They have Broadway voices and I’m glad they finally used that to their advantage. Can’t wait to hear Mel and Val sing more. Asha and Hayley are fucking powerhouses.
  • Toni obviously has her own agenda, but it’s clear she cares about Jughead. She gave him that out and warned him before he was pummeled. If he goes through a sexuality crisis, it will be with her. She understands him and they are on the same wavelength, something Lice never has been. Jughead and Toni just work. My only anger is that they are keeping her straight, at least for now. She flirts with the guys, she should flirt with the girls too. It doesn’t have to amount to anything right now, but give us something, some wink or touch. Have more than one female serpent. You don’t get off the hook for diversity by having one POC girl in the serpents. That’s not progress, that’s quota.
  • Jughead was great, for the most part. I really don’t understand how Jughead and Betty can miss each other so much, it’s been two days, maybe less. I’m sorry, this is not how teen relationships work. This is not how any relationship works, actually, and for those who think it is, you must be a really fucking clingy partner. I think deep down Jughead knows that joining the Serpents is a bad idea and I think that shows on his face, I idly wonder why he’s doing it anyway. I really like him and Toni and hope that continues, they are really good for each other, the song choice was weird though unless they are implying this is the beginning of the end or something. Using a recognizable song there totally took me out of the scene for a second.
  • Alice. Fuck you. Blaming the victim???? REALLY? Though that outfit slayed and I totally thought it was Cheryl at first. That part was really well done.
  • Cheryl has gone through so much, LEAVE HER ALONE! I love how she put herself in that situation and they still made it clear that it wasn’t her fault. I am still completely shocked that he drugged her. I thought he thought she wanted it enough that she would have just gone back with him. She seemed to be interested, but I guess he thought she is stronger than that. That goes far towards showing Cheryl’s character. I love her and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

My problems

  • In every interview, Cami was saying that Nick was Veronica’s ex…what happened to that. Does the cast just lie? Should we trust anything they say?
  • I thought hotdog was Jughead’s dog, that’s the implication we got in 13, what changed? Did the writers just forget their own narrative from just a few months ago?

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. Leave your thoughts below!

BTS Reaction: Finding out you are a Bgirl (requested)


He walked through the halls of the dancing school with a mix of both nervousness and excitement. He had joined a local dancing school to secretly improve on his dancing skills. His first intention was to ask the BTS lead choreographer for extra sessions, but he was scared of adding even more to their plate. Paying for private lesson at the dancing school seemed easier all around, plus it was a good way to find time away from the boys.

He found the right classroom and took a look into the room through the small window. “Oh! There is a class still in there!” He said, looking at a b-boy group dance their routine. “Wow these guys are good!” he thought.

Then he saw a girl come to the center and do her dance “Wait is that a girl?” He watched as she slid across the floor and was doing all those really cool spins “Dang, she is amazing!”

It wasn’t long before they were done and they all were about to exit the room. He quickly moved out of the way and waited against the wall. He peeked at them from the corner of his eye, that was when he saw someone he recognoized. 

“Y/n?!?” He called out in shock. There his girlfriend stood, wearing the same clothes as the girl who had just been dancing in the room. “What are you doing here?!?”

“Jin?!?” she called out just as surprised. She ran up to him, greeting him with a hug and kiss. “Baby, what are you doing here?” 

“I-I-I paid for private lessons, b-but was that really you in there dancing like- like all b-boy?!?”

“Uh yeah…” she said as it was not big deal.

“Why didn’t you tell me you could dance like that? Y/n you are so good! I don’t understand how that was really you.”

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You and your boyfriend were walking through the crowded part of the city, just enjoying the atmosphere. It was a lively afternoon, all types of people walking aroud.

You and Yoongi were walking at a slow pace when the two of you came across a street performer. He had a speaker blasting music and he did his b-boy routine. The performer noticed the two of you and part of his act involved battling a random person. The man went right up to your boyfriend, who kept a straight face and turned him down. The man was about to walk away and challenge someone else, when you decided to step up to the plate. 

The performer smiled at you, doing his little routine first. He was good, really good, but you knew you were better. The crowd had grown larger since he started his turn, but it only fed your ego. When it was your turn, you blew everyone away. They didn’t expect you to actual know how to dance, let alone dance well.

When you were done, the performer thanked you for dancing with him as the crowd applauded.

As if nothing happened, you went up to your boyfriend and continued to drag him about the streets  of the city.



“What… the fuck… was that?” he asked in shock.

You hid your smirk. “What was what?” You asked innocently.

“What do you mean what was what?!? What was that dancing? Why didn’t you tell me you could do that?”

You shrugged at him. “It never came up!” 

“Well ok then. Expect an interrogation when we get back to your place.”

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Rap Monster:

He dragged himself down the hall to the apartment shared with his girlfriend, y/n He had a whole day of dance practice and his entire body was burning. 

He was a few feet from the door when he saw her in the hall barely punching in the pin code to unlock the door. “Baby?” he called out.

She looked at him, she seemed just as tired as he did. He always wondered why she was this tired all the time but every time he asked he got a different answer. He always doubted how her job as an English teacher would get her that tired, but then again when he was around the hyper members he got drained, so he could only imagine how actually children were. He decided to ask again anyway, see what answer he would get this time. 

“Hi babe.” she said with a tired smile as he walked up to her

He greeted her with a small kiss “You look tired. How did your day go?”

“Eh, you know, teaching all day.”

He nodded, suspecting she was once again not telling the whole truth. “Let’s have a quick dinner and then go to bed.” he said as they walked through the door.

- *days later*-

He had taken the day off. He lied about being sick and decided to follow Y/n and figure out what was really making her so tired and coming home late. A small part of him suspected cheating, but each time he threw that idea away.

At the moment, he was hanging around the school she worked at waiting for everyone to be released to their after school tutoring sessions. He hid his face in his coat as herds of students passed. He was lucky and looked up at just the right moment and saw y/n heading to a taxi wearing completely different clothes than when she left that morning. “Why is she wearing tights and a long sleeve? Why was she carrying two bags with her, she didn’t leave with two bags.”

He jumped in his car and followed the taxi. It was hard with all the traffic, but he was able to get through it. “A dance studio? What could she be doing here?!?” 

He saw y/n jump out of the taxi and run into the studio. Immediately he parked the car and followed her inside. 

It was a tiny studio. In his get up he was able to get past the secretary, and he went down the only hall in the place. The first room was a break room, the second one had the lights shut off. That was when he heard loud music coming from the last room at the end of the hall. He peeked his eyes over, seeing y/n in a crowded dance room, running into place. Immediately she danced with the rest of the group, catching up to the right part of the routine. 

“What the- She dances?!?” he thought to himself. He couldn’t help but smile.  A weight was lifted off his shoulders, she wasn’t cheating on him! He continued to watch her, surprised by how good she was, “Wow, it all makes sense now! Damn, my jagi is amazing!”

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He lead you to the last room on his tour around BigHit.

“Last but not least, this is our practice room!” he exclaimed as he pulled you in

“Wow! So this is the legendary dance room!” you said in awe as you took everything in. 

“Legendary is that last word I would use for this place!” Jhope laughed.

You scoffed at him. “Oh please, with the dances you guys do, this place is for sure legendary!” 

He came up to you, sliding arms around your waist and looking down at you with a smile. “Well, its nice hearing words like that from my girlfriend.” He said right before he kissed you.

“And it’s nice hearing you call me your girlfriend!” you said as you pulled him down into another kiss.

The kiss was ruined when his phone began to ring. He pulled out his phone and looked at the screen. “I gotta take this, jagi, its Yoongi. He is probably wondering when I am going to bring you to the studio and introduce you to everybody.” 

He walked out of the practice room giving himself some privacy for the phone call.

You made your way up to the mirror paneled wall, amazed by how great of a dance room that it was. It was so spacious and well lit.

You looked at your self in the spotless mirror and you couldn’t fight the urge to dance in the room. You didn’t need music to dance. You just looked at yourself as you pulled off a few of your favorite moves.

It was in the middle of your spin that Jhope came back into the room “Wow!”

You quickly stopped and jumped up. “Hobi you scared me!”  you said catching your breath.

“But oh my- y/n did you actually really just do that?!? That was amazing!” he screeched.

“Uh, yeah… I have been dancing for a while now.” you revealed.

He had a big smile on his face. “Wow! You never stop amazing me!”

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He walked up to the director to the drama he was staring in. “Sir, I need help. What is my motivation again?”

“Ok, so this scene is you are a new trainee and you see this b-boy group practicing and you see this one and only girl in the group dancing. You are mesmerized by her. It is what you think “love at first sight” is as you are walking up to her,  and THAT is when you bump into the the main girl, the real love of your life. Remember, love at first sight.”

“Ok, got it!”

“Great, now give me a moment to talk to that dance group and make sure they know what they are going to be doing.” he said before he walked away.

With nothing better to do, he followed the director to the dance group. The group was mostly tall guys, with that one girl he was supposed to be attracted to. As he came closer, he could have sworn the girl look a lot like his girlfriend, Y/n. “Wait a second… She has the same necklace I gave Y/n… Y/n?!?”

He walked right up to her when she walked away from the group and went to the snack table. No doubt it was her. “What are you doing here baby?” He whispered.

She on the other hand was not surprised to see him. “Hi Tae! Don’t call me baby, no one knows we are dating remember!” she added in a whisper.

“Yeah, ok, but what are you doing here?”

“I am part of the b-boy group. I am the girl you fall for before you fall for the main girl!” 

“But… but… but when did you even know how to dance?!?” 

“Ha sorry I never told you Tae, I just wanted to surprise you when I got onto set…” she said innocently

“Well… You and your group must be amazing… The director is a hard ass and only wanted the best of the best.” 

“We sure are! I am going to blow your mind in this scene!” She smiled.

“OK! EVERYONE TO SET!” the director called out.

Sure enough, Y/n was right and her dancing was beyond amazing. He didn’t even have to act when he looked over at her in awe as she danced.

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His YouTube journey started off by watching trending video and somehow ended up with him watching solely b-boy videos.Right now he was obsessing over this group of mostly girls. They seemed to be the only groups with girls that could b-boy extremely well, even better than the other guys in the group. Plus, there was this one girl in the group that looked so much like Y/n, it was uncanny. 

He wanted to show y/n the video, but first he need a video that had a better close up so he could show her he found her doppelganger.

“Oh yes!” he cheered as he found a video on the group’s channel where they introduced themselves.

He clicked right away, fast forwarding until he could see his girlfriend’s look alike. “Ah ha!” he played the video and let he part start.

As soon as the camera zoomed in on her he froze. “Hi! I am y/n!” she cheered, she waved her arms, exposing the personalized bracelet he got y/n last Christmas. “I am one of the new dancers, only been part of this group for a year, but you all already know that!”

Her voice faded out as everything was hitting him all at once. “… Yyyyyy/nnnnnnnn!” he shouted jumping off the couch and running around the apartment to find you. “Y/n, y/n, y/n!”

“What’s wrong chimchim?” you asked coming out of your bedroom.

“Is this you?!?” he shoved his cellphone in your face.

“Oh, uh, haha, yeah! I am in a b-boy group…surprise!” you said awkwardly.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?!”

“I don’t know.” you shrugged. “I have always just wanted a me thing… I never really saw the big deal anyway, it is more of a hobby for now…”

“Baby, you are beyond incredible! I have been watching you all’s videos nonstop!”

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Jungkook sat on the couch enjoying his day off. You came up next to him, resting your head on his shoulder. “…Baby?” you asked sweetly.


“You are really really good friends with The8, right?”

He looked at you suspiciously. “Um…yeah… why?”

“Oh nothing. Just curious.” you said cuddling his arm and running your fingers lightly over his hand.


“…Hey baby, you want food? I can make you something!”

He squinted his eyes at you. “…What did you do? You only ever offer to make food when you want a favor or you are trying to make up for something.”

“What?!? I don’t know what you are talking about!” he you said nervously.

He pulled his arm out of your grasp. “Did something happened between you and Minghao when I introduced you to the 97 line?!?” he asked suddenly.

“What?!? No!” 

“Then  why do you want to talk to him?!?”

“Kookie, I know how to b-boy too… I just wanted to meet him again and hopefully get to learn how he does that flip of his…”

“Oooh!… Wait! Since when do you dance?!?”

“For a while now, but The8 is really good and I wanted to learn from him.” 

“Oh… Well you don’t have to go to him to learn that. I can teach you how to do that.” he added in a grumble

“Kookie, you are the Golden Maknae and all but, you don’t know how to b-boy.”

“Oh I can’t? How do you know? I didn’t know you were a b-girl until ten seconds ago.”

“Okay, fine! Show me what you can do then!” 

“…I can’t… Jagi, I’m too hungry to dance. Make me food?” he pouted grabbing his stomach.

“Talk The8 into teaching me that flip?”

“Ok fine!”

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- Admin Boat

Miraculous Queer Confession #33:

Chlonette and other wlw ships helped me start my journey of figuring myself out. I don’t think I would have been as open to be Questioning without the wonderful wlw content and content creators in this fandom. I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’m so grateful to the part that everyone has played in this. So thanks you guys. You’ve all really made a difference and I’m looking forward to seeing where this will lead. ♡

Part Of The Family

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Just cute kiddie Dean and Sam having fun. Accepting into the family. Just pure fluff.

Word Count: 1118

Summary: Y/n and John take the boys to a carnival.

A/N: Ok, just random fluff that I wanted to write. Cos I love me some John and cute little adorable Dean and Sam being happy. Hope u like it!!

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“John Winchester! Would you hurry your butt up?”

“Just a second, princess”.

“Can we please go now?” Sam whined, pulling at y/n’s hands and trying to drag her to the car.

“We need to wait for your daddy, baby”, she answered, leaning down to scoop him into her arms, letting the boy play with her hair again.

“Dad! Hurry up”.

Y/n chuckled, seeing John hopping out of the cabin, trying to fit his foot into the shoe properly.

“I’m here”.

Y/n rolled her eyes, waiting for him to unlock the impala.

She got in, Sam beside her, Dean sat up front this time.

“So-you guys ready to have some fun?” she teased, leaning forward and ruffling Dean’s hair.

Sam began giggling in anticipation, Dean not able to keep the smile off his face.

“You got everything?” John asked, looking at y/n from the rear-view mirror.

She nodded, sitting back and looking out of the window, occasionally playing a few games of rock paper scissors with Sam, while John drove them to their destination.

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aliensdoodless  asked:

Okay forgive me, cause idk how to exactly word this, but the (Dad)'s reactibg ro Dadsona and their kids playing around or having genuine fun with each other. (Also love your blog, look forward to seeing you guys post more!)

Craig; ‘So, uh, just a little warning, I’m not the most athletic guy, kids.’ You nervously chucked as Briar and Hazel hopped out of the car, getting ready to jog their hearts out. ‘If you see me panting and looking like I’m about to die, just give me a few minutes. Or hours.’

 Craig had decided to bring you, Hazel and Briar along for his (and River’s) weekend run. Of course, the twins jumped up to the chance and practically teleported into the car when he announced this, but you, being the sleepy father that you were, had to be piggybacked all the way to the car. And even then, you were still hesitant about going out for a jog. Your legs weren’t being particularly good to you recently, but you decided to push on for the girls’ and Craig’s sake.

 Hazel grinned at you as she stretched out. ‘Don’t worry, Y/N. I have 911 on speed dial and Briar knows first aid. If that doesn’t work we can always splash pond water on your face to wake you up.’

 ‘Hazel!’ Briar shook her head at her twin and turned to you. ‘She’s joking, Y/N. She wouldn’t throw pond water on anybody-’

 Just as she spoke, Hazel had cupped a handful of pond water and splashed it on her twin’s body, making her gasp.

 ‘Oh my God! You are so in for it now, Hazel!’ Just like that, the twins ran off into the distance, disappearing behind a set of playground equipment. Craig chuckled and said he’d go after them before jogging off with River strapped to his chest. You settled for a bit of jogging yourself, trying to catch up to his pace, but you fell behind and just settled for sitting down on a bench when you felt a presence hiding behind the bench.

 When you turned around, you spotted Hazel crouching behind the bench, trying to keep in her giggles. ‘Shh, Briar’s on the lookout. Pretend I’m not here!’

 Just then, Hazel came out from the woods, looking around in search for her troublesome sister. She found you hanging around and walked over to you. ‘Hey Y/N, have you seen Briar anywhere?’

 Well aware that Briar was right behind you, you decided to mask her location. ‘I think I saw her somewhere in the… playground?’

 Unfortunately, just as Hazel turned to head off to the playground, Briar was unable to contain her laughter and burst out into a fit of giggles that caught Hazel’s attention, running over to her sister and rubbing the top of her head.

 ‘There you are, you jerk! You got my clothes soaked!’ The girl scolded as her twin laughed without a care. You slowly stood up, trying not to disturb them when Hazel faced you with a mischievous grin. ‘Oh, don’t think I’m done with you, Y/N! You’re in on this, too!’

 She pounced on you as your weak father legs failed to get away quick enough, making you lie on the ground as Hazel sat on your back. ‘Drop and give me 10, soldier!’ She jokingly ordered. Briar joined in too, hopping on your back. You felt their combined weight nearly crush you, but you pushed on for their enjoyment.

 ‘O-One, two…’ You heaved, feeling your lungs begin to cramp up as the twins laughed from on top of you. ‘T-Three…’

 Out of nowhere, Craig jogged up to you three, smiling as he watched you struggling to continue the pushups. You couldn’t tell if he was smiling at you spending time with the kids or at your inability to do pushups with two adolescents on your backside. Either way, he pursued you until you (barely) finished the push-ups and collapsed on the park ground, drained out. The twins hopped off you and helped you up.

 ‘You did great, Y/N! I’m surprised, considering Hazel weighs like a cow.’ Briar teased, to which Hazel replied by sticking out her tongue playfully.

 ‘I think Y/N’s a little tired, why don’t you girls get some ice cream over there?’ Craig pointed over to an ice cream truck nearby and handed money to the twins, who sped off at the speed of light. Did these kids ever get tired?

 He helped you onto the bench, handing you his water bottle. ‘Bro, you and the girls get along really well, and I’m really glad you do. The twins haven’t been the best since the divorce and all, so it’s really cool that they’ve warmed up to you.’

 As you fell back on the bench, River burbled on Craig’s chest, smiling at you. You made funny faces resulting in her laughter. Craig put his arm around you.

 ‘Oh, and River, of course.’

Hugo; Being in a relationship with a middle/high school teacher had it’s pros and cons. Mostly cons, one of them being him becoming too busy with checking the students’ quiz papers that he had to postpone his long-awaited night stroll with you that evening. 

 ‘I’m sorry, honey. I’ll make it up to you soon, alright?’ Hugo meekly apologized, giving you a brief kiss before settling down at his desk. Knowing him, he would hardly leave unless he needed food, water, the toilet, or he was hit by a sudden realization that this was his life and needed moral support from his loving boyfriend. The point was, Hugo sure as hell wouldn’t be leaving his desk until he was finished, which left you to humor yourself for the night.

 You decided to go the easy route and head downstairs, plopping on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn for a trashy romcom movie fest. Switching through the channels, you settled on a particularly trashy one which had been running for about 5 minutes. Yet, you could already tell this movie was going to be cheesily awful, so you buckled down and let your eyes glaze over the screen.

 It was around the twenty-minute mark that you heard the door open, hearing Ernest’s familiar groan and the dragging of his backpack across the floor. But instead of going straight to his room, he stopped behind the sofa. You looked up to see the teen squinting at the television.

 ‘Is that… Two Loves, One Stone?’

You raised an eyebrow, caring less about the movie title and more about Ernest being invested into garbage low budget romantic comedies. ‘Uhh, yes?’

 Instead of shrugging it off and calling you a weirdo, he motioned you to scoot over so he could sit on the couch. He welcomed his hand into the bowl of popcorn and stared intensely at the screen. Was Ernest really into this stuff? You wanted to ask about this, but the young man looked so invested into the movie that you refused to disturb him and ate your popcorn in peace. Neither of you spoke until Ernest began sobbing.

 ‘E-Ernest? What’s-’

  Ernest pointed at the screen, smiling as he wiped the tears from his eyes. ‘Victor finally woke up from his coma and confessed his love for Sarah, look! Sarah’s waited four years for this, and it’s just so, so, beautiful…’

  As he went back to his happy crying, you awkwardly patted his back, even offering a piece of tissue which he silently accepted and blew his nose into. You felt a presence behind both of you and was met by Hugo leaning against a wall, looking as if he was going to cry from joy himself. You giggled from his dopey smile along with his watery eyes before turning back to Ernest.

 After the movie, Ernest retired to his room, muttering a good night to his father and slamming the door behind him. But Hugo couldn’t care less about his son’s attitude and practically crushed you into a hug, tears rolling down his cheeks as his glasses went askew.

  ‘My son! My boyfriend! Bonding over a movie!’ He cried in joy and buried his head into your shoulder. ‘It was beautiful indeed…’

Robert; There were three things that Robert loved the most; his boyfriend, his daughter, and whittling. So when he drove you and Val to the hill overlooking the city for some nice bonding time, he couldn’t contain his excitement as he handed Val a knife and a stick. She looked at the two items, a little confused.

 ‘Pops, it’s either you want me to carve this stick or you’re going to drag us into the woods to stab a cryptid you tied up, harvest its blood and sacrifice it to the Mothman.’

 Robert’s face turned dark. ‘I’ve raised you well, Val. C’mon, we only have till daybreak to sacrifice the spider-eyed lamb before it escapes my traps and reaps our souls and the souls of the innocent. The stick must be buried deep into the lamb’s heart, to make sure that it shall never rise to harm anybody again. The Mothman shall be pleased.’

  You stared at the father and daughter, staring at each other so seriously before collapsing in a fit of giggles. A true father and daughter pair.

 ‘Not sure if you remember, but I used to whittle a lot when you were a kid. Made you a little wooden dog around preschool.’ He grinned and started to peel with the grain. ‘You took it everywhere, y’know? You even named it.’

 ‘Sheesh, I’m 24 and you still remind me of Maxine The Great Wooden Dog? You’re a true father.’ Val rolled her eyes jokingly. ‘Surprisingly, I do remember you whittling, but I still have no idea how you do it.’

 Seeing Robert go into his own whittling world, you decided to explain it to Val yourself. ‘It’s kinda like peeling a potato, but you’re also trying to shape it so I guess it’s like shaping potatoes if that’s a thing. Don’t cut against the grain, it’s gonna splinter and ruin everything. Try cutting with it.’

 You demonstrated, slicing the bark of the stick with ease. She tried to mimic you but felt a bit disabled due to her long nails. It wasn’t long until she accidentally cut herself.

 ‘Ah, shit.’ Val muttered, spotting red blood roll down her thumb. Robert snapped out of his whittling world and approached her, wrapping a bandana around her finger as you ran to the car to get the first aid kit.

 You returned with the box in hand and had her lean over the fence. ‘This might hurt a bit.’ You warned as you swiped the blood away and dabbed a bit of antibiotic ointment onto the cut. Sealing off the area with a band-aid, you rubbed her back as she pushed herself off the fence. ‘You alright?’

 ‘Yeah. Thanks, Y/N.’

 ‘Don’t worry, I got cut on the first time I did it, too. Your father was there and he patched me right up, didn’t you, Robert?’ You turned to Robert, who simply nodded and smiled at his stick. What was he so happy about?

 On the drive home, Robert nudged you after dropping her off at her hotel room. ‘Hey, thanks for looking out for Val.’

 ‘Robert, it was just a cut-’

 ‘No, no,’ He chuckled. ‘My girl’s a tough one, she can definitely handle a little cut. What I mean is that you were really into teaching her, even going so far as to help her out when she got cut. We should go to the lookout with her again soon.’

Joseph; The kids, albeit were a little creepy, they seemed like they wouldn’t murder you in your sleep as your relationship with Joseph progressed. You baked with them, brought them to the park and even drove them to school. Of course, there were times that the twins stared at you in silence with similar grins or Chris’s soft chuckles seemed a bit darker rather than brighter, but Joseph assured you that the kids were all sweethearts. 

 The six of you decided to spend the afternoon baking sweets for the bake sale the following Saturday. You had to admit, it was nice spending time with the kids. Christie made shapes of the cookie dough, Christian mixed the brownie batter and Chris frosted the cupcakes with his father. Chrish was too young to help out, but he burbled happily in his high chair as if he were commanding you. You looked over Christopher, who’s arm looked sore from mixing the batter.

 ‘Hey, Christopher. I’ll stir it.’ You offered and he handed the bowl over to you. He looked bored and unwilling to be there, wanting to just finish the brownies and crawl off with his games. As you stirred the mix, he yawned and rested his cheek against his hand, obviously dulled to seemingly no end. Once you finished mixing, Crish had suddenly began sobbing in his high chair. Joseph turned around immediately.

 ‘Oh, jeez. He might be teething again…’ The man rushed over to see what the baby had been fussing about. Before you could turn back around to continue your business, you saw Christian with a handful of flour gripped into a fist, a mischevious grin on his face as he aimed for his father. You knew what had to be done.

 You dove in front of Joseph just as the flour flew at him, earning you flour dust all over your shirt. Chrish had stopped sobbing and laughed at your misfortune as Joseph realized what was happening.

 ‘No! My plan to vanquish the Spider King has been tainted!’ Cristopher cried out and reached for another fistful of flour. ‘Nevermind that. Squire! Help me conquer the evil Spider King and his valiant!’

 Christie’s eyes lit up as she got involved in this game, withdrawing the harmless cookie cutter and pointing it at your and Joseph’s direction. ‘Back, ye foul creatures!’

 ‘Hark! What shall we do, Y/N The Valiant? The Mage of Brownies and his rogue alchemist of cookies wish to defeat us!’ Joseph gasped. You put on a faux brave face and handed him a mixing spoon while also grabbing a spoon of your own.

 ‘Nay, Spider King. I shall battle these foes to my deathbed!’ You joked and pointed your spoon at Christie’s cookie cutter. ‘En guarde!’

 As you and Christie fake battled with a cookie cutter and a plastic mixing spoon, Joseph shielded himself from the flour dust with a frying pan. Of course, this didn’t cover his entire body and he ended up getting flour everywhere. This resulted in Joseph throwing flour onto Christopher and Chris, who cried out gleefully and got into a flour dust war with their father. You and Christie noticed this and ran to your respective sides, you with Joseph and Christie with her siblings.

 The kitchen was an all-out war area, each side throwing flour to the other. However, the most dreadful of all situations happened; you and Joseph had run out of flour. You raised your mixing spoon as a surrendering gesture to the children.

 ‘Turn out! We surrender to your unworldly grasp, Mage of Brownies!’

 This only pleased the children more, however, as Chris threw a final blow of flour at you. You gasped and made yourself fall back, collapsing against the counter as you pretended to die and grasped Joseph’s sleeve.

 ‘Farewell, my friend. I shall always be with you in spirit…’ You whispered in an exaggerated dying tone. The children laughed and walked over to you, helping you up as best as they could.

 ‘Well, that was fun. Have fun cleaning up!’ Chris exclaimed as the three of them bolted out of the kitchen, grins on their faces.

‘Scramble, foul beasts! Let it be known that the kingdom of Spider King and Y/N the Valiant shall rage on!’ Joseph called out to them, chuckling as he turned to you. ‘Well that was quite interesting, wasn’t it?’

 You attempted to dust the flour dust off of your pants. ‘As much as I love the kids, Joseph, I’d rather not be covered in flour from head to toe, thanks. It was fun, though.’

 Joseph laughed and kissed your forehead. ‘Seems like the kids have warmed up to you. It’s so pleasing to see the five people in my life get along together so well.’

  You and Joseph sat there in happy silence, Crish burbling contently in the background on his high chair.

Damien; You knew Lucien was a good kid, underneath his rebellious ways and spikey hair. He seemed nice towards you, not giving you as much attitude as he did when you first met. To be honest, you were alright with him. But as you felt a need to be closer to him, you decided to make a little treat for him.

 While Damien was enjoying some alone time in his study, you let yourself into the kitchen to start with your little treat. Lucien had mentioned to you once that he was a vegetarian, unable to handle the thought of an animal being killed whenever he took a bite of his meal. Therefore, you began making the old pie recipe that Amanda loved so much, replacing the regular butter with vegan butter, of course. You stirred the mixture together and placed it into the oven, wondering if Lucien would enjoy it or if he’d just scoff and throw it onto your face.

 Once the pie was done, you let it cool for a bit before heading upstairs to Lucien’s bedroom and knocking on the door. The teen pulled the door open as soon as you knocked. ‘What is it?’

 You cleared your voice and tried to muster up what little courage you had to speak with the edgy teen. ‘Hey, Lucien. You hungry? I made something that I think you’ll enjoy…’

 Lucien raised an eyebrow but followed you downstairs. You knew you got him once he sniffed the air.

 ‘Is that pie?’

 You led him towards the sitting room where the steaming pie awaited both of you, accompanied with finger foods and some almond milk. Lucien excitedly sat down on one of the chairs as you sliced him a piece of the pie. His eyes widened once he took a bite.

 ‘This is…actually pretty good. Never knew you were into baking, Y/N.’ He mumbled in between bites. You practically glowed with pride.

 ‘Thanks, Lucien.’

 As you both enjoyed your meal, you saw a flash of raven hair disappear behind a corner, then two familiar magenta contact eyes peer out. Lucien finished around three pieces, muttering a thank you and heading back upstairs. You stood up, getting ready to clear out the table when you felt two arms wrapped around your waist.

 ‘I’ve never seen Lucien so happy with somebody who wasn’t causing trouble.’ Damien smiled and placed his head on your shoulder. ‘Have you cast some sort of spell on him?’

 ‘Well, who knows? I might have placed some potion into the pie that makes me inexplicably easy to get along with.’ You joked. He laughed and sat down.

 ‘In all seriousness, it brings me joy that you’re getting along well with Lucien.’ He sighed. ‘Now, shall we have some more pie?’

Mat; Carmensita was relatively nice to you, giving you all the respect you deserved and even joking around with you the same way you joked around with Amanda while she was still around. Your car rides going to school consisted of you and Carmensita singing along to the songs on the radio, Carmensita mostly as you hummed along to the familiar tunes. She was a good kid, really.

 You were relaxing at home, watching some television when Carmensita and Mat burst through the door, smiles on their faces.

 ‘Hey, Y/N! Dad’s taking me to the park, you coming?’ She grinned and plopped next to you. You stared skeptically at her.

 ‘Erghh, I don’t know, Carmen. These dad legs just can’t seem to push themselves off this couch.’ You joked. ‘Perhaps if there was a bit of offering for the creaking dad bones I could consider leaving the couch.’

 Carmensita pouted. ‘Aweee, c’mon! This is the first time we’ve gone to the park together in a while!’ She whined, pulling at your arm. Mat crossed his arms and grinned at you.

 ‘We’re bringing a picnic basket full of food.’

In a flash, you jumped up from the couch in record speed. ‘Welp, what are we waiting for, then?’

 The young girl sniggered at your antics and dragged you towards the car, Mat staying behind to pack the picnic basket and left you two to wait in the car. Carmensita reached over for the radio, switching it on and letting cheery pop music fill the air. Her face lit up with glee.

 ‘Oh, wow! I love this song!’ She cheered and began eagerly singing along, occasionally stumbling over the words with a bashful look on her face. Her enthusiasm radiated off you and seeing her so happy made you attempt to join in on her fun, tapping to the rhythm of the song on the steering wheel and trying your best to follow along with the lyrics, though you failed miserably. Carmensita took no notice of this though and enjoyed singing with you in your own still carpool karaoke. 

 ‘Hey, guys?’ Mat chimed in, climbing into the backseat. ‘As much as I love to see you two singing your hearts out, I think we should get going before the sun sets.’

 You nodded in agreement and left Carmensita to have her own solo, starting the car to drive off to the park. Despite the late afternoon setting which is around the time kids came to play, the park was actually quite empty with only a few children playing around and a couple parents relaxing on the benches. You and Mat carried the picnic basket as Carmensita set down the picnic blanket on the soft grass. Settling onto the blanket, she spotted a bunch of flowers and weeds not far from where you were sitting and walked towards them, plucking them off the ground and walking back to where you and Mat were sitting.

 ‘Y/N, have you ever made a flower crown before?’ She asked, handing you some flowers and a couple weeds. ‘It’s really fun, actually!’

 ‘I think I made one in kindergarten for a girl I liked, but the flowers I used turned out to be the ones she were allergic to and she had to get sent home. I’ve tried to avoid making them ever since.’ You shrugged. 

 Carmensita rolled her eyes jokingly and began weaving. ‘Childhood trauma aside, flower crowns are an art to make and are pleasing to my generation’s odd taste in aesthetics. Here, let me teach you.’

She helped you weave through the weeds and flowers, and while the finished product didn’t look the best, it wasn’t bad for a beginner such as yourself. Carmensita expertly created a beautiful matching flower crown and placed in on top of your head, then putting the flower crown you made and putting it on.

 ‘See? I told you it was an art form.’ She stuck out her tongue at you, then turned to Mat. ‘Don’t we look great, Dad?’

 Mat was utterly silent, looking back and forth between you and his daughter before bursting into sudden tears. You immediately patted Mat’s back, nervously asking him what was wrong.

 ‘N-Nothing, it’s just that you both look so..adorable…’ Mat sniffed. Carmensita’s once concerned face converted back into her joking one.

 ‘Dad, don’t scare us like that!’ She groaned and hugged her father. You joined in on the family hug, feeling the father and daughter’s warm embrace course through your veins.

Brian; When you got into a relationship with Brian, to say Daisy warmed up to you was an understatement. She got relatively close to you once you and Brian stopped competing against each other, helping you with your word jumbles and taking Maxwell out for walks. A sweet and intelligent girl indeed, and you had a satisfactory relationship.

  You were cooking up lunch for the three of you, Brian working on the lawn while Daisy sat at the kitchen table, working on her assignments given to her the other day. The house was relatively silent so you could hear the scrapes of her ballpen against the parchment. From your peripheral vision, you could see that she had her tongue stuck out, concentrating on her work.

  Since you were well aware of Daisy’s intelligence and willingness to complete her assignments, you went on life autopilot, daydreaming off to who knows where as you cooked your bacon in peace. So it was surprising when you heard a faint voice call out to you from the table.

 ‘Erm, Y/N?’

 You turned to see Daisy sat upright on her seat, massaging her arm. ‘Do you think you could help me with this drawing? My hands are kinda starting to cramp up…’

 ‘Oh, sure.’ You finished cooking the bacon and slid it onto a nearby plate before sitting next to the young girl. ‘What are we drawing here?’

 The drawing was a sunny scene of two kids playing in a field, half colored with Daisy’s felt tip pens. You assumed she was cramping up from coloring, so you reached for her pens and began coloring in the scene.

 ‘This is a nice drawing, Daisy. What’s it for?’ You asked, out of pure curiosity. She turned a bright red and avoided your gaze.

 ‘Well, uh, we’re meant to draw something that we’re looking forward to this year.’ She explained. ‘I was kinda hoping to get a new friend this year, now that Amanda’s off in college.’

 She seemed a bit sensitive about the topic, so you dropped it and continued coloring the drawing. Daisy joined you after resting her hand for a bit, coloring by your side in silence.

 You were a bit too careless with your coloring, getting a smudge of blue ink on your finger. Before you could walk over to the sink to wash it out, you had a sudden flash of an idea and picked up the blue ink, doodling a little face on your finger. The girl looked up at you in confusion.

 ‘Y/N, what are you-’

 Before she could reply, you turned your middle finger with a little smiley face towards her, channeling the silliest voice you could get. ‘Hey, Daisy! I’m Mr. Blue! I heard you wanted a friend this year, and I’d be more than willing to be your friend!’

 Daisy looked perplexed at first, before bursting into a fit of giggles. Amanda taught her well in pretending. She reached for a red felt tip pen and handed it to you. ‘I think Mr. Blue is a bit lonely. You should give him a friend!’

 You got to work and doodled a similar smiley face on your pointer finger, but with little eyelashes on the end and presented it to her. ‘Hello! I’m Miss Red, and I too want to engage into a friendship with you, young lady!’ You let your voice raise a few octaves, hurting your throat but making Daisy full on laugh. She grabbed your hand and etched a few strokes of clothes onto her new finger friends. As she was applying dots of makeup onto Miss Red’s “face”, Brian walked into the kitchen, a bit confused at the setup.

 ‘Daisy? I knew you were good at drawing, but I didn’t know you were a tattoo artist.’ He peered down at her work. ‘What have you two been up to?’

 She raised your palm to show her father your inked fingers. ‘Y/N says that they’re my friends, Dad! I gave them clothes and everything!’

 Brian chortled at her daughter’s silly antics. It wasn’t often that he got to see his daughter so childlike. ‘Well, that’s great, pumpkin. Let’s invite them over for lunch, eh?’

 You three (well, five) had a great lunch together, letting Mr. Blue and Miss Red out occasionally to make a silly remark that made Daisy giggle in her seat. Her father looked beyond the goofy personas and stared at you wistfully.

 It wasn’t until Daisy was up in her room and you were washing away the finger friends that Brian walked up to you with a satisfied look on his face. ‘You’re great with Daisy, you know that? She really needs friends, and I think she feels comfortable with you.’

 ‘Don’t forget yourself, Brian. You’re her father for goodness sake.’ You joshed. ‘Do I hear a competition for friendliest with Daisy?’

‘Winner gets unlimited cuddles?’

‘You’re on, Harding.’

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The entire time I’ve been in this community I never would of thought we would reach such a point! This is so outstanding, it’s more than I could ever ask for! Really thank you guys so much, i wanna make this celebration special so here I have some things in store for you guys ;0

First things first, the image that you see above? Ya that piece of art that I spent time on. I’ve made it so you can get it on Redbubble!! You can get this bad boy on a sticker, shirt, phone case, pillow, etc. It’s something I’ve planned on doing for a while now and I’ve finally made something! I hope some of you guys can check it out and possible buy for yourself or for a friend! I’ll be adding a few more artworks to Redbubble soon.

Alright time for some real action to begin! I plan to do a two part stream this weekend starting at 2pm EST on both Saturday AND Sunday! (Just in case ya can’t make it to one stream, ya can try and make it to the other) I’ll be streaming EoH and possibly chatting with a few friends!! There will be points where if you have EoH and PS Plus, ya can battle against me! As for the majority of the time, I’ll be playing free battle and collecting outfits I have yet to unlock (or possible play through story made again).

I’ll be running a discord server for you guys to join in to so you can come in and chat! There will be a set of rules for y’all to go by once I have it all set up. I’ll have a few mods looking over my shoulder while I play my game so i don’t have to pull away every time to see who joined and whatever. Don’t be shy to come in and say hi! It’s always a pleasure to meet new people and talk!!

I hope you guys are able to join in on the fun as much as you can and overall have a wonderful time since this milestone means a lot to me. You’re free to spread this around as much as you want! I’m look forward to this weekend with you all!!

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It was your first time at a meet and greet.

Especially for SpiderMan: Homecoming.

Iron Man and SpiderMan were your favorite Marvel characters, so getting to see them a week early before the national debut was a big thing deal for you.

You waited in like with your best friend, who shared a love for superheros as well. Despite her favorite being Flash.

“Robert is so hot for an older guy.” She swoons. You giggle and she makes and ‘ugh’ face.

“He is. But Tom Holland is pretty cute too.” You say.

“He looks like a 10 year old who hasn’t hit puberty yet.” She says. You swat her arm and she smiles.

“He is playing a freshmen in the movie.” You declare as the line surges forward.

“Yeah yeah. I know. I just like teasing you.” She laughs. You roll your eyes and your heart pumps louder as you see Robert and Tom at the tables, taking photos and chatting with the fans.

You loved the fact that even though these things were rushed, they still made time for the fans.

You guys are next and you hand practically also faints in RDJ’s arms.

“How much booze did you give her?” He asks me as I snap a photo of her and him. Its my turn and I laugh.

“None surprisingly. She just really loves you.” I say, smiling for the photo.

“And you don’t? Do that again. I think I blinked.” He says to my bestie.

“I’m obsessed.” I say, smiling again. He shoots me a wink and a smile and tells me to add the photo to my shrine. I laugh and head over to Tom, who freezes when he sees me.

God I must be bright red.

“H-hi.” I manage to say, hoping not to spit on him.

I hold my hand out so he can slip on the SpiderMan bracelet but my hand starts to shake. He chuckles and goes to put the bracelet on but fumbles, his fingers not being able to clasp it.

“I-I’m so sorry.” he stutters. I smile sheepishly and he finally gets it on, holding my hand.

“Just get married why don’t you?” My bestie says, snorting at us. I blush even harder and Tom’s face goes red.

I turn to leave when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“Sorry for not being able to put the bracelet on. But I was wondering if you guys would like to catch up for some lunch after?” Tom says, pointing to Harrison who waves.

“Sure.” My bestie says.

“Can I have your number so I can tell you where to meet?” He asks.

My bestie elbows me in the side and I come back to reality.

“Yeah okay.” I manage to say.

He flashes a smile and leaves, the piece of paper with my never on it, tucked into his shirt pocket.

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Daddy - Chapter 5 - Ice Cream

Read on Ao3

The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your child.

By Wednesday, Betty was missing Jughead something awful and he hadn’t replied to her text of wanting him as well and he hadn’t made any contact at all. She was nervous and didn’t know if she should just text and say hello or give him some space.  He had said he was going to be busy so she just left it.  Still, she missed him.  She had shown Jackson the pictures of him on her phone and the little guy had pointed and said his name and it warmed her heart.  He remembered who he was and it was a good thing.  The way Jughead was stepping up after literally having his world shifted with this news was something that was almost shocking.  He was amazing and she liked him.  A lot.  She also wanted him.  More than a lot.  She ached for him and it wasn’t going away and she really wondered how long they could hold out.

She lay in bed thinking about him and wondering where this was going to go. He was obviously committed already to Jackson, and he wanted her, but was there more for them?  Was there more between them than just the sexual attraction. For her, there was.  She liked him so much and missed him like crazy when he wasn’t around or texting and she wanted him in her life.  Jackson ensured that, but she couldn’t help but want more.  Was she stupid for wanting more in such a short time?  There was something between them and she didn’t think it was just the sexual tension.  Her phone suddenly dinged with a message from him.  She knew it was him before she even looked because she had set his contact with his own ringtone, like she did almost everyone else in her contacts.  Her mother’s was a screeching rooster and it made her laugh every time she heard it.  She quickly grabbed her phone and looked at the screen.

J: Hey…

B:  Hi :)

J:  I like that smile :)

B:  I really missed you.

J:  Did you? ;)

B:  Yes.

J:  I’m sorry, I should have text more.  I’d say it was because I was busy, which I was, but I was also freaking out a little.

B: Why?

J:  You said you wanted me too and I went into a bit of a spin.

B:  Oh….

J:  I’m not exactly sure how to keep my hands off you….

B:  We could tie them behind your back lol

J:  Well, I’m not really into kink, but if you are, then….

B:  lol we do this every time….why? why do we do this?

J:  Not sure ;)  You bring out the bad in me lol

B:  ;)

Jughead didn’t reply for a while and Betty just smiled at the screen.  It was so easy to talk to him like this.  She hoped in time it would be easy and carefree in person as well.  It was to a certain extent but the minute the flirting started she usually turned beet red and couldn’t even look at him.

J:  I miss your face.

B:  I gave you a lot of pictures :)

J:  I need a new one ;)

Betty scrolled into her pics and found one she had taken that morning.  She took it for the sole purpose of sending it to him and hadn’t worked up the courage.  She sent it.  He responded a couple minutes later.

J:  sigh

J:  Why do you have to be so beautiful?  Seriously Betty, I’m trying to keep my hands off you, this isn’t helping lol

B:  Well, you wanted a new pic…..and thank you :)  and you know, fair is fair ;)

Jughead sent a picture of himself with his hand in his hair and giving some sort of cute teasing look and she got the butterflies again.

B:  You are ridiculously hot

J:  ;)

B:  You know, we keep doing this and it’s not helping a thing lol

J:  I can’t help it.  

B:  Can I ask you something?

J:  Anything

B:  You said the other day that you’ve been thinking about me since the day we met.  Would you care to elaborate?

J:  Ummm…lol you sure you want me to?

B:  well, did you have any thoughts that didn’t revolve around the ‘fun’.

J:  What fun?

B:  shut up and answer the question lol

He took a while to type and she spent the time looking at her newest picture of him.  God, he was good looking.  How did she manage to capture the interest of such a babe?  She laughed at herself.  Babe?  Maybe she would try it out.

J:  I thought about the way you smiled at me across the room at that party.  The way you blushed when I came over to talk to you.  I thought about how nervous you were in the elevator.  I thought about how you kissed me.  I thought about how you invited me back to your place.  I thought about the way you giggled. The way you smiled.  The way your green eyes darkened when I touched you.  I thought about how your mouth felt when I kissed you.  I thought about how we kept stopping and being terrified you’d change your mind because I wanted you so bad, I was going nuts.  I had never wanted anyone like that before and I didn’t even know you.  I mostly always thought about how sad you looked when I left and I spent 2 and a half years kicking myself for not giving you my phone number.

Betty read his text and couldn’t breathe for a minute.  It was more than sex.  She was certain of that now.  She didn’t quite know how to respond and thought about it for a while.  

J:  Sigh, I keep oversharing….

B:  You thought about me a lot… :)

J:  Yes, and did I mention kicking myself?  

B:  Did you leave any bruises?

J:  Yes, you may need to kiss them better ;)

B:  That sounds tempting :)

J:  I wouldn’t say no….

B:  I’m extremely tempted to invite you over….

J:  Again, I wouldn’t say no….

B:  We need to change the subject, like now!

J:  Why? ;)

B:  Grrrrr

J:  Mmmmmm tigress ;)

B:  Seriously, stop it lol

J:  I can’t help it, I keep looking at your picture and you’re so fucking cute and now I’m just imagining….

B:  I’m not going to ask, I’m not going to ask….

J: lol

B:  Jughead?

J:  Betty?

B:  I need to say goodnight or I really will invite you over….

J:  ;)

B:  Goodnight Jughead :)

J:  Goodnight Beautiful :)

Betty sighed and let out a groan.  Dammit.  They were really fucking bad at taking things slow.  Friday was two days away and she was already blushing at the thought of facing him.  How do you sit around with a guy, keeping your hands to yourself when you’ve both confessed that you want each other.  She thought back to their night together and remembered how his mouth had felt when it was moving down her body.  How he had parted her thighs and stroked his tongue over her.  Betty had had only one sexual partner before him and they had never done that and it had been the most erotic thing she had ever experienced in her life.  She closed her eyes and her hand slipped between her legs as the images played in her mind and it was Jughead’s name she moaned a few minutes later.

It was pouring rain that Friday.  By late afternoon it was turning into sleet and Betty sighed as she looked out the window.  There would be no going to the park today.  Winter was coming and play time changed to indoor play places when she could get there and just staying in the apartment.  Jughead sent her a text around 4:00.

J:  So, I guess you won’t be at the park today.  I was really looking forward to seeing Jackson and you :(

B:  Why don’t you come to the apartment?  I can cook again :)

J:  Are you sure?  I don’t want to confuse Jackson in his own place.

B:  You won’t confuse him.  He’s comfortable with you and I want you guys to spend time together, so please, come for dinner.  7:00?

J.  Ok :)

Jughead arrived at 7:00 sharp.  She had to give him kudos for being punctual. She was also so nervous, she felt like throwing up.  So much had been text since they had last seen each other and she was a wreck.  She grabbed Jackson before opening the door, shamelessly using her son to hide behind. Jughead’s face broke into a grin when he saw them and her heart just melted.  

“Hey!” he said happily.

“Jughead,” Jackson said with a grin and suddenly reached toward him with both arms.  Jughead was so surprised he just froze.  Betty smiled and stepped closer and held him to Jughead.

“It’s ok, you can take him,” she said softly.  “He doesn’t want to go to a lot of people and he doesn’t usually like people this quickly but maybe on some level he knows you guys are connected,” she finished quietly.  Jughead stepped into the apartment and gently hooked his hands under Jackson’s arms and lifted him against his chest, tucking an arm around him to steady him.

“Hat!”  Jackson exclaimed and reached up and pulled Jughead’s hat from his head.  

“Ahhh, I see why you like me,” Jughead said with a laugh.  Jackson tried to put it on and when he succeeded, his head disappeared.  Betty started to laugh and closed the door.  She motioned for Jughead to go into the living room with him and she went back to the kitchen to finish preparing the food.  She had just made a lasagna and Caesar salad and soon had everything on the table ready to go.

Jughead was sitting on the couch trying to get his hat to sit right on Jackson’s head so it didn’t cover his eyes and the little boy thought it was a fun game of hide and seek.

“Boo,” he yelled when Jughead lifted the hat.  He laughed and gave him a squeeze.  Betty could have stood all evening and watched them, but the food was getting cold.

“Time to eat,” she said with a smile and Jughead stood up from the couch and carried Jax over and she motioned for him to put him in the high chair.  They sat down and once again, Jughead gushed over her cooking.

“This is insanely good,” he said as he ate.  She smiled and fed Jackson little bits of the pasta while Jughead wolfed down half the pan.  Betty ate slowly, her eyes taking in their little threesome as they enjoyed dinner and she suddenly had an ache in her chest.  They were a family and at the same time, they weren’t.  This was the definition of complicated.  She looked back to Jughead and found him watching her.  There was a glint in his eyes that she couldn’t identify and he gave her a small smile.  Jackson chose at that moment to throw the pasta he had and it landed in Jughead’s water glass.  Betty sighed and frowned at Jackson.

“Sweetie, we don’t throw food.  Say you’re sorry please.”

“No!” was the reply, followed by a giggle.

“Jackson, there will be no icecream for you if you don’t say you’re sorry,” Betty said firmly.  

“Hey, buddy, I don’t know about you, but I really love ice cream, I’d do just about anything for some.  I wouldn’t pass that up if I were you,” Jughead said to the boy, biting back a smile.

“Please tell Jughead you’re sorry,” Betty insisted and Jackson pouted and turned to Jughead.

“I sorry,” he said grudgingly.  Jughead tried not to smile and brushed the boy’s curls off his forehead.

“I forgive you, Jax,” he said softly.  Betty smiled as Jackson grinned at him and she nudged Jughead’s foot under the table and smiled at him.  He winked and she flushed a little.  When they were finished dinner, Betty insisted they go play in the living room while she cleaned up the dishes.  

Jughead took Jackson to the living room and put him down and he ran to the toy box and picked out some toys.  Jughead sat down on the floor and leaned against the couch and smiled when Jax brought over some plastic animals.  He sat down in front of Jughead and dropped the toys on the floor.  Jughead crossed his legs and leaned toward him and picked up a small dog.

“Do you know what this is?” He asked with a smile.  Jackson took the toy and grinned.

“Puppy,” he said happily.

“That’s right, you’re very smart,” Jughead said.  He picked up another animal and held it up.  “This one?”

“Meow.”  Jughead laughed.

“That’s the sound it makes, do you know what it is?” he asked.

“Kitty,” Jackson said excitedly.

“Good job,” Jughead said, his hand rubbing along Jackson’s back.


“Yeah, buddy, you’re very smart,” he said softly, feeling a sense of pride and love.    Jackson stood up and walked back to the toy box and came back with a book.  He handed it to Jughead and turned and settled himself on his lap.  

“Story,” he said with a smile and leaned back against Jughead’s chest.  Jughead felt the happiness seep into him and he wrapped his arm around Jax and pulled him closer and opened the book.  He started to read and Jackson clutched the thumb of the hand that was wrapped around his waist.

Betty watched from the kitchen and felt her eyes sting with tears.  She picked up her phone and turned it to silent and took a couple of pictures.  She never figured that Jackson would take to Jughead so quickly and she was glad for it. She had been afraid he wouldn’t like him and make things harder but maybe she was right.  Maybe on some level, little Jackson knew he was connected to Jughead.  He sat completely relaxed in his lap while Jughead’s soft voice read him the story.  He rarely even sat for her anymore for a book, but he sat through the entire story until Jughead got to the end.  And if she was going to be honest, the low soft hum of Jughead’s voice was making her stomach flutter like crazy.  He was even more attractive with Jackson on his lap and reading than anything she had seen.

When he finished the book, Jackson stood up and grabbed at his hat again and Jughead laughed and leaned back, not letting him grab it.  Jackson jumped in his lap and squealed as he tried to grab it.  Jughead leaned to the side and ended up falling over, quickly wrapping his arms around Jackson so he wouldn’t fall.  This seemed like the ideal position to the little guy and he almost sat on Jughead’s face in his attempt to grab his hat.  

“No, you can’t have it,” Jughead teased, wiggling away and was rewarded with a knee in the cheek which made him grunt and laugh painfully.  Jackson lunged for the beanie and managed to snag it, leaving Jughead’s hair in a disheveled mess and he laughed in glee and ran down the hall to his bedroom.  Jughead got up off the floor and ran his hand through his hair and laughed.  Betty bit back a laugh because his motions did nothing to fix his hair.  He walked into the kitchen and leaned against the counter and smiled at her.

“Will I get my hat back?” he asked with a laugh.  She shrugged and bit her lip as she stared at him.  She was feeling overwhelmed.  Watching him play with Jackson, remembering everything they had been texting, the way he was looking at her at the moment, his eyes teasing and heated, the way his eyes kept flickering to her mouth.  Betty couldn’t help it.  She really tried to hold back but it was like her body had a mind of its own.  

She stepped closer and grabbed his face in her hands and planted a kiss on his mouth.  She felt his intake of breathe and pulled back, surprised at herself.  She swallowed and stepped back and his eyes darkened as they fastened on her mouth.  He reached for her and she gasped as his mouth covered hers in a hungry kiss.  Her back hit the edge of the counter as his body pressed into hers.  She let out a whimper, her hands back on his face and she returned his kiss eagerly.  His low groan vibrated around her tongue as his hands gripped her hips, pulling her against him.  The kiss was frantic, and fast, pushing and pulling and she moaned when his tongue wrapped around hers, his mouth pressing against hers.  He eased back slightly and she took a shuddering breath before he pressed in again.  Betty clutched at his hair, messing it up even more and she felt him then, hard and aroused against her core as he moved against her.  

“Mama.”  The sound of Jackson’s voice filtered into her passion glazed senses and she heard the sound of his feet running down the hall.  She wrenched her mouth away and Jughead stepped back quickly, his breathing harsh, his face shrouded with heat.  Betty touched her mouth, trying to regain her senses as they stared at each other.  Jackson appeared between them, still holding on to Jughead’s beanie and she squatted down with a shaky smile.

“Hey buddy, what’s up?” she asked, trying to calm herself, and noticing her hand on his little shoulder trembled.  

“Jughead hat,” he announced and smiled at her.  He held it up and she straightened and lifted him into her arms.  

“Why don’t you give it to him?” she asked softly.  Jackson held out the hat and Jughead took and it put it over his rumpled hair.

“Thanks buddy,” he said softly.  Jackson again held out his hands and this time Jughead immediately reached for him.  

“You guys want some ice cream?” Betty asked with a smile.  

“Ice cream!” Jackson said in excitement and she ushered them into the living room while she pulled out the treat.

She brought two bowls over and handed one to Jughead who was sitting on the couch holding Jackson, flipping through a book.  

“Is it ok if you just feed him from yours?  I don’t usually give him his own bowl cause he likes to throw it,” Betty said laughing.  

“Sure,” Jughead said softly, taking the bowl from her.  His fingers brushed hers and their eyes met, both feeling the current moving between them.  He smiled and she sat down next to him.  “You want some ice cream Jax?” he asked, putting a little on the spoon for him.  Jackson ate it eagerly and Betty settled back and smiled as she watched them.  Jughead was putting a spoonful in his own mouth when Jackson swung his arm and he missed and got some on the corner of his lip that he failed to notice.  

“Easy there, little guy,” Jughead said laughing, trying to keep his flailing arms still.  Betty laughed and reached over and swept her thumb over the spot of cream before she realized what she was doing just as Jughead’s tongue swept out to get it.  It stroked against her thumb and they froze, their eyes locking.  He held her gaze and once again, with intention, swept his tongue over it and back into his mouth.  Betty quickly pulled it away, her breath coming a little quicker than it had been a minute before.  Jughead went back to feeding Jackson, a small smile on his face.

Betty was flustered as hell.  He had clearly done it on purpose and her entire body ached and she didn’t know what to do with herself now.  She finished her ice cream and let Jughead and Jackson eat theirs and be cute with each other but all she could think about was Jughead’s mouth on hers.  When the ice cream was done, she cleaned up the bowls and went back to the living room and gently took Jax from Jughead.  

“It’s time for your bath and then off to bed sweetie,” she said smiling.  Jughead stood and ran a hand over his shirt.

“I guess I should get going,” he said quietly.  

“You…you don’t have to,” she said softly.  “It won’t take me long to get him down for the night.  If you just want to wait a bit….”  

“I’ll wait,” he said quickly.  She smiled and went to the back to take care of Jackson.  She bathed him and got him in his pajamas and brought him back out to say goodnight.  Jughead gave him a tight hug and pressed a kiss to his hair.  “Good night buddy,” he whispered softly.  

“Night Jughead,” Jackson said with a smile and a yawn.  Betty smiled and brought him to his bed.  She didn’t even get half way through her lullaby before he was sleeping.  

Jughead stood in the living room.  Betty’s voice as she sang to Jackson carrying out to him and he felt his whole body tense.  The thought of the woman he wanted more than anything singing to his son as he fell asleep made his heart constrict with a tightness that had him struggling to breathe.  She came back into the living room and he just stood and stared at her.  The air felt like it was charged and she stood silently just looking at him, her hands curled into fists as if she didn’t know what else to do with them.  Jughead walked slowly over to her and he saw her tremble and he lifted his hand and trailed the back of his fingers down her cheek.  Betty closed her eyes and leaned into his touch.  When she opened them, her green eyes were a shade darker and she bit her lip unconsciously and he just couldn’t hold it back anymore.  

Jughead took her face in his hands and lowered his mouth to hers.  Her arms immediately went around his neck and she pressed herself against him, her whimper telling him how much she liked it.  She tasted good, God did she taste good.  Like ice cream and cherry lip gloss.  He sank his tongue inside her mouth and she moaned, rubbing hers against his, tugging on his hair.  The kiss turned hot, ravenous and he fisted his hands in her hair, pulling her head back slightly to settle more firmly over her mouth.  He felt his body harden and when she moved her hips to cuddle him he growled and wrenched his mouth away, pulling his hips back to keep from moving against her.  His forehead rested on hers and he took a deep shuddering breath, hearing her gasp for air as well.  He strokes his thumbs across her cheeks, trying to gain control of himself.

“I need to go,” he said in a raw whisper.  She pulled back and looked at him, and he knew she could see the need and desire in his eyes.  He saw it in hers as well.  He kissed her again, her mouth drawing him with a  force he couldn’t explain.  Again it heated up quickly and he could feel her trembling and he pulled back again.  “Shit, Betty,” he gasped, his hands gripping her waist, wanting to pick her up and carry her to bed.  “I should go, I need to go,” he said hoarsely.  She nodded in agreement, even as she kissed him again.  Her tongue ran over his lips and he groaned and his hands slid over her backside, lifting her to him and he moved and pressed her against the door.  

“You taste good,” she whimpered against his mouth and moaned when he moved against her.  Jughead could feel her heat as she cuddled him and he rocked against her again, his mouth moving heavily over hers.  She bit his lip and tugged and he stroked his tongue against hers.  His mouth moved across her jaw and down her neck, licking and sucking the skin as he went.  “Juggie,” she whispered and he bit into her skin at the nickname.  She shuddered and he soothed it with his tongue.

“Fuck,” he muttered, his hands moving under her shirt.  He was so close to just ripping her shirt off and he forced himself back.  He undid her arms from around his neck and took a full step back.  “I need to go,” he said, breathing heavy.  She just nodded, her eyes and face still hazy with desire.  Jughead grabbed his jacket and took her chin in his hand and lifted it, placing a hard kiss on her mouth and then he quickly left the apartment.

Betty sagged against the door, her trembling hand on her chest.  Her entire body was on fire and all she could taste was his mouth.  He was still an amazing kisser.  His hands, God his hands had felt hot and heavy on her skin when he slipped them under her shirt.  His arms around her was something she had never forgotten and it had felt as wonderful as it had then.  She was in trouble.  She knew if he wanted it, she wouldn’t hesitate.  He had a little more sense than she did, but for how long?   She sighed and straightened and turned the lights off and got ready for bed.  A bed she wanted him in and she didn’t know how much longer until she dragged him to it.  As she snuggled under the blankets, she took her phone and sent him the pictures she had taken of him with Jackson.  He didn’t take long to reply.

J:  Thank you.

B:  You’re welcome.

He didn’t say anything in reply and she bit her lip.  She wanted to talk to him but they had just crossed a scrunchy line and she didn’t know if she should say anything, or even what she could say.  She decided after a while to just message him the truth.

B:  I miss you arms.

J:  I miss your mouth.

B:  Dammit, what are we doing?

J:  Trying to stay away from each other?  

B:  It’s working really well!

J:  I’ll behave next time.

B:  I probably won’t.

J:  Promise?

B:  Sigh, most likely.

J:  lol, I look forward to it.

B:  Shut up and go to bed.  

J:  Yes, ma’am ;)

B:  Goodnight Juggie.

J:  I like that :)

B:  Just kinda came out lol

J:  Goodnight beautiful :)

GOT7 reaction to their daughter’s first boyfriend


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First, he’d make sure your daughter was sure about how she felt about this guy. As soon as she said she was in love with him, it would remind him of how he felt when he first met your parents and how he loved you.

‘Then I look forward to meeting him.’ He’d say, making your daughter smile proudly.


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At first, he’d be in denial, how could his little princess grow up so fast? But after he sees how happy she is with him, he decides he should give him a chance- for your daughter’s sake.

‘Alright, I make no promises on liking him but lets see him.’


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Your daughter was Jackson’s world and so he’d play the role of the super protective Father perfectly. He’d size the poor boy up, making sure he makes it perfectly clear that if he breaks his angels heart, he’s dead. When he shakes his hand for the first time, he’d squeeze extra hard.


Originally posted by umma-jr

Jinyoung would interrogate the poor guy, making sure he knew all about his life, parents, future prospects, hopes and dreams and of course, intentions towards his daughter. He’d be a little scary to meet at first but he just wants only the best for his little girl. Once you had his approval, he’d be like one of the family.


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Youngjae might be a little easier going than the others but not by much. He was just as concerned for his daughter and seeing her heart broken would break his heart even more so he would make sure this guy was perfect for her. Only then would he welcome him into your family he treasured so much.


Originally posted by markjin

As a father, Bambam would have to try and be intimidating and serious in order to evaluate the boy trying to win over his daughter. However, as soon as he comes realizes he likes the boy, they would be like best friends and laugh and eat together, maybe even without his daughter!


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Yugyeom would not be impressed by his daughters sudden romantic life at all. In his eyes, no boy could possibly be good enough for his little princess. However, after a lot of convincing from both yourself and your daughter he would eventually crumble and meet the boy, anything for his girls.

A/N- Thought I’d make this to celebrate the announcement of the dates for Got7s comeback… time to get excited ahgase’s! xx

Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 5

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve announce your engagement to the Avengers and the BAU teams. Everyone seems delighted and are more than prepared to help you plan the wedding. You have very important questions for a couple of people in your life. You, Steve, and Jeremy head to Quantico for the weekend to see everyone. You’re invited to David’s for dinner and have some fun with your other family outside of the Avengers, but the night is interrupted when you get a phone call.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Steve, Fem!Reader x Avengers, Fem!Reader x BAU

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Y/L/N, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, William LaMontagne, Henry LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne, Aaron Hotchner, Jack Hotchner, Danny Smith (OMC), Eric Smith, (OMC).  James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Sam Wilson, Thor Odinson, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Scott Lang, T’Challa (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Mentions of alcohol

A/N: Thank you to @molethemollie for being my beta!!

I’m Sorry I Never Told You Master List

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