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“Please man, I beg you, don’t write about what I’m about to do,” says Colin Farrell, standing over an Apple laptop in his kitchen. It is 1.30am and we are approaching the end of an interview that has lasted the best part of half a day - one that has included a couple of hours with us both practically naked and smeared in honey in a Russian bathhouse, and enough revelations about drink, women and extreme drug abuse to make your hair stand on end, turn white and then fall out - so I am intrigued to know what is coming next. He opens his web browser and pulls up Google before carefully typing, one finger at a time, “Colin Farrell” into the search panel. “I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was bored the other day and I looked up my name. Who am I kidding? I do it all the time. Anyway, I want to show you this photo.”


#EBNweek | Day 6 → Even’s Smile/Laugh Appreciation Day

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how do you get your art/gifs to look so.........? smooth? like perfectly smooth. i haven't really seen anything else like it and i love the style so much!

SO basically I keep all my gifs at 50 fps. Which is currently the highest gif frame rate supported by most modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Currently these are the maximum frame rate gifs that each browser supports to my knowledge. I was’t able to personally verify Safari’s frame rate but I’ll try and edit the original post of this to keep it updated so check back on the OP of this post if you care to be updated.

Chrome: 50fps

Firefox: 50fps

Safari: 16.666…fps

Opera: 50fps

Internet Explorer: 50fps(as of IE10, used to be 16.666…fps)

So the most commonly supported frame delay is 0.06s(16fps) while the highest frame rate supported by Chrome/Firefox/Opera is 0.02s(50fps). Any gif that claims to be showing “60fps” is lying due to the fact that no web browser out there right now supports gifs higher than 50fps. If you try to set your frame rate any higher than what the browser supports (or if you set the frame delay to zero) then most browsers will default to a lower framerate. Pretty much all the browsers default the frame rate to 10fps should the gif framerate be below its limit.

I made this set of gifs of the same animation at very different frame rates in ascending order. If any of them take a different amount of time to reach the start and end points(they are all exactly 1 second long) then you know what framerate your browser is “restricting”. In fact the actual GIF specification uses a delay time representation that is in units of “1/100ths of a second” so you actually can’t get an intermediate fractional value at the resolution of “0.01666″ of a second when it is only possible to get increments of “0.01″, “0.02″, “0.03″, etc so only the first two decimal digits are actually valid while software like photoshop just round the value up or down to the nearest multiple of 0.01.

technically 8.33333… fps (0.12s)

technically 12.5 fps (0.08s)

technically 16.666666…. fps (0.06s)

this seems to be the “sweet spot” portable frame rate that most all browsers minimally support, even very old ones.

technically 25 fps (0.04s)

technically 33.33333… fps (0.03s)

nice and even 50 fps, even technically! (0.02s)

This is the framerate I work with as it is nice and evenly representable within the gif specification and is a very high frame rate that most modern browsers support.

This is pretty much just 50fps(0.02) again as it is only possible to represent frame delays by increments of 0.01 and most software such as photoshop round 0.01666… to 0.02

Highest fps possible to represent in the current gif file format specification is 100 fps, which no browser and most 60hz consumer monitors cannot display this anyways. 

Browsers will round this down to 10fps automatically. If this gif looks very slow to you it’s because your browser overrode the gif’s frame rate to 10fps.


as a thank you for reaching 5K followers i asked you guys to send me drabble requests based on this post for 24 hours; i will be posting all of these drabbles but please bare with me as it could take me a while! also some drabbles have more than one part (so they’ve turned into a mini series) because people requested the same member and au, it’s just to make things a bit easier for me! 

PSA: please don’t ask for specific upload dates!

drabbles are not supported on the android app, please use your mobile web browser!

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⚤= smut | ♞= angst | ☁= fluff

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I Got You On My Mind [Part 5]

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

[Part One] | Previous Part | Part Five | Next Part

Summary: You and Jungkook plan another date after exchanging numbers. Since you’re under house arrest, Jungkook decides to spend the evening at your place. And things seem to go perfectly–until they don’t. 

Word count: 2.1k words

Originally posted by jungxook

After you hobbled home from the music building, your body was exhausted. But you were still thrumming with excitement, clutching your cell phone tightly in your hand. You had finally gotten Jungkook’s phone number, and he finally had yours.

With great difficulty, you managed to pry off your shoe and make it to your bedroom. After carefully setting your crutches aside, you fell back onto your bed. Holding your phone above your face, you couldn’t help the huge smile that spread across your lips.

You opened your contacts, pulling up Jungkook’s profile. He had snapped a silly selfie when he put his number into your phone, and you stared dazedly at your soulmate’s photograph, feeling more fond than you thought was appropriate.

Hesitantly, you composed a new text message. You began to type a quick greeting, but it seemed too formal, so you erased it. “Hey soulmate,” you tried, then immediately cringed. Backspacing quickly, you stared at the blank text. Maybe it would be best to wait for Jungkook to text first.

Letting your arm–and your phone–fall to the bed, you stared up at the plain ceiling and tried to remember Jungkook before the car accident. After racking your brain relentlessly, you were left with a headache and no answers.

That only made you more curious–what was your first encounter with Jungkook really like? He seemed to like you enough now, so surely it must’ve gone well.

With thoughts of Jungkook on your mind, you slowly drifted to sleep, the world around you fading to black.

You woke with a start, your eyes shooting open. Beside your ear, your phone was vibrating loudly. Exhaling shakily, you placed your hand over your racing heart. Eventually, you picked up your phone from beside you, checking the lock screen for notifications.

When you saw what had set off the alert, you nearly dropped your phone.

Jungkook had texted you. Excitedly, you unlocked your phone and opened your messaging app.

Hey Y/N 💩

You laughed at Jungkook’s poop emoji and quickly composed a response.

SENT 1:44 PM
Hey 🍪

What’s with the cookie?

SENT 1:45 PM
It’s u

SENT 1:45 PM

You blushed, wondering if the nickname was a bit too much. Suddenly, your phone buzzed, but this time, it was a text from Jieun. Confused, you opened the new chat.

Are u talking to Jungkook? He’s sitting a row in front of me. He’s staring @ his phone and MAD blushing

Laughing, you felt your embarrassment fade away. You quickly replied to Jieun with an affirmative and closed the chat. Returning to your conversation with Jungkook, you saw that he had already responded.


So I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime. Haven’t seen you in while

SENT 1:49 PM
Like a date? Or are we aiming for platonic soulmates?

Another alert from Jieun appeared on your screen, and you cackled as you went to check her update on Jungkook.



SENT 1:50 PM
Jieun wtf

You squirmed around on your bed, feeling happier than you had since you left the hospital. The smile on your face seemed permanent, and you grabbed your pillow and squealed into it. Still, it was kind of depressing that texting your two friends could make you so excited.

Grabbing your phone again, you checked to see if Jungkook had summoned enough courage to respond. He had.

Yes, like a date.

SENT 2:01 PM

When Jieun had come home, she frantically shoved the mess in the living room into her own bedroom while you limped around the house, dusting things. It was the most you had ever cleaned since you had moved in together, which was saying a lot.

Then, she had helped you into the shower, making sure you stayed upright as you bathed yourself. Your friendship with Jieun was a true one–both of you had long graduated any feelings of embarrassment around each other.

By the time everything was said and done, it was almost time for Jungkook to arrive. Jieun helped you onto the couch, setting your crutches against the wall beside you.

“I’m going to go to Lisa’s place for awhile,” Jieun said as she flopped onto the couch beside you. “Just call me when you’re ready for me to come home.”

“You don’t have to leave, you know,” you frowned, turning to look at your friend. Jieun just rolled her eyes at you. “I’m serious! I don’t mind.”

“Yeah, but I’m sure Jungkook would,” Jieun snorted. “I’ll let you soulmates do your thing. Just…be careful, okay? Don’t jump headfirst into something you’re not ready for.”

“I’m not going to sleep with him,” you replied, a little incredulously. Jieun winced at that. “We’re just going to watch a movie and talk, I guess.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Jieun said, standing up. She walked over to the foyer and grabbed a jacket from the closet. “Don’t let yourself get swept away by the emotions of the moment.”

“Wow, you’re pretty insightful today,” you commented, trying to lighten the mood. “You should write this shit down.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Jieun laughed. She slipped into her coat. “I’m going to head out now. Call me later, okay?”

On cue, there was a knock at the door. Jieun shot you a serious look before she turned to open the door, but you couldn’t read it. Then, she swung the door open, revealing a slightly nervous Jungkook, still dressed in all black.

Jungkook glanced down at Jieun, who said something quietly to him. From where you were sitting, you couldn’t hear, but you just hoped Jieun wasn’t threatening him. Jungkook frowned and said something back, and then the two brushed passed each other.

Jieun left, shutting the door behind her quietly. When you turned your gaze back to Jungkook, he was smiling lopsidedly at you.

“Hey Y/N,” he said, holding up a plastic bag in his hand. “I brought some Chinese. Hope that’s okay.”

“If I had any doubts that we were soulmates before, I’m completely certain now,” you replied, eyeing the bag hungrily as the scent of Chinese food wafted around the apartment. “You know the way to a girl’s heart.”

“Didn’t think it would be that easy,” Jungkook laughed, stepping out of his shoes and making his way towards you. He set the food onto the coffee table in front of the couch and sat down beside you. “So, what’s the plan?”

“Eating,” you replied immediately, still staring at the takeout. Jungkook laughed again, and when you glanced at him, his eyes were crinkled into crescents. If your heart clenched at that, no one needed to know.

“There was a really good movie I watched recently,” Jungkook said, unpacking the food that he had brought. He popped open the lids, revealing black bean noodles, sweet and sour chicken, and broccoli and beef. You could feel your mouth watering.

“I’m down for anything,” you replied, picking up your laptop from the coffee table. You turned on the screen and opened up your browser. “What’s it called?”

“The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,” Jungkook replied, breaking apart a pair of chopsticks. “Classic.”

“Seriously?” you asked, turning to gawk at him. “Are you a closet weab? How come you never told me before?”

“It’s embarrassing,” Jungkook said, blushing slightly. “I mean…do I look like I watch anime?”

“That’s true,” you agreed, reaching to grab your own set of chopsticks. You split them easily, resisting the urge to rub them together because you had heard it was a rude gesture. “Still, who am I to judge?”

“So you’ve seen the movie already,” Jungkook surmised, popping a piece of beef into his mouth. “I have a billion other suggestions.”

“I haven’t watched Your Name yet,” you commented, fishing out a piece of broccoli. “I heard it was really good.”

“Yeah, I loved it!” Jungkook exclaimed through a mouthful of noodles. “I’ll watch it again, I don’t care.”

And so you pulled up the movie on your laptop, streaming it to the TV in front of you. You and Jungkook ate quickly as the movie played before you. Paying more attention to the food, you startled when Jungkook began quietly singing the opening song along with the movie.

Discreetly, you glanced at Jungkook as he sang. His voice was beautiful, to say the least. He sang effortlessly and melodiously, his clear voice floating around the room. Eventually, the opening ended, and he nonchalantly returned to eating.

“Your voice is beautiful,” you remarked softly, still awed by Jungkook’s performance. He turned to you, his cheeks full of food, and blushed slightly.

“Oh, thank you,” he managed, voice muffled by his full mouth. He chewed with some difficulty, and once he swallowed, he spoke again. “Well, I am a music major.”

“Still,” you sighed reverently. “Some people are just born with nice voices. Damn, I could listen to you sing all day.”

Jungkook’s cheeks darkened, and he coughed awkwardly and turned back to face the movie. “I wouldn’t mind singing for you again,” he said quietly after a few moments. “You know, if you want.”

“Yeah, I’d love that,” you replied honestly. You and Jungkook turned your attention back to the movie with small smiles.

After the movie ended, you and Jungkook just talked for a few hours. You reminisced about the old memories you shared together, and you learned a few new things about each other, too. Like Jungkook was a good artist, and you could play more instruments than he could.

Eventually, you and Jungkook both realized it was time for you to part. It was getting late, but neither of you wanted to say goodbye.

“I should really go now,” Jungkook said again, although he made no attempt to move. “Like, I really should.”

“No one’s stopping you,” you replied, quirking an eyebrow. Jungkook pouted at you–a habit of his you weren’t sure if you’d ever get used to, since it seemed so out of character.

“Rude,” Jungkook said, actually standing up this time. He extended his arms and helped you to your feet, reaching around you to pass you your crutches. “But I guess I do need to leave. Jieun’s waiting to come back, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” you confirmed. “I’ll walk you to the door, since that’s as far as I’m allowed to go.”

You and Jungkook made your way to the foyer, and he began to put on his shoes. The sight evoked a strange sense of deja vu, but you shrugged it away.

“Tonight was really fun,” you said, and Jungkook smiled up at you from where he was kneeling. Once ha had finished tying his Timberlands, he stood back up.

“I thought so, too,” Jungkook agreed. “I wouldn’t mind doing something like this again.”

“Maybe we could actually go out somewhere if my house arrest is lifted,” you laughed.

“I’m fine anywhere, as long as I’m with you,” Jungkook said shyly. And it was so cheesy, but you couldn’t help but blush. When your eyes met Jungkook’s, his were serious. “Is it okay if I kiss you?”

“Y-yeah,” you stammered, shocked at Jungkook’s request.

His hands came up to gently cup your face, and he stared intently down at you. Slowly, he moved forward, and your eyes fluttered shut. His soft lips pressed gently against yours, where he lingered for a moment. Then, Jungkook pulled away. When you opened your eyes, Jungkook was grinning at you.

“I’ll see you later,” Jungkook said softly, turning towards the door.

“Bye,” you said, your voice nearing a whisper. But Jungkook heard, and turned back to smile at you one last time. Then, he turned the doorknob and slipped out of the apartment, closing the door shut firmly behind him. Again, you were struck by a strong feeling of deja vu.

Then you realized–it was because you had seen this all before.

Jungkook in your apartment, standing in the foyer, putting his shoes on. Jungkook looking at you, a very different expression on his face. Jungkook, your soulmate, turning away from you and slamming the door as he left, his cruel parting words echoing loudly in your mind.

You remembered.

And suddenly, for the first time in weeks, you heard the whispers of Jungkook’s thoughts in the back of your mind. Quieter than before, but present nonetheless. Focusing, you were able to make out your soulmate’s voice.

“Fuck. I really, really, really like her.”

Tears began to pool in your eyes. You weren’t sure what to believe.

- Girl in Luv

Writing about Chinese food made me so hungry. But I can’t even eat anything good because I’m on a damn diet. ANyway, hope you enjoyed this instalment of the series! Sorry it took so long to write. Also this is unedited, so I’ll go back and make any corrections later. I’m going to try to wrap this story up in the next few parts. Let me know if you liked it! Thanks always for the support, and happy reading 💛

The date has changed yet again.
I’ll talk about it more in my blog.
For now I’ll thank you all!!!
Thank you very much
For coming to Day 2 of the Fan Meeting in Osaka 🐙
🐙 pose. Hey!

Soulmate AU (Woozi)

Fluff, but not quite the happy-go-lucky kind. At the age of 17, a tracker appears on your inner wrist, showing the distance between you and your soulmate. For many it’s an enjoyable adventure to find their soulmate, but for Lee Jihoon it’s only a source of uneasiness to see that the distance shown on his wrist continues decreasing.

A/N: … I’m pretty sure this was requested as fluff and this is not perfectly fluffy bUT this is how it turned out and I hope you all like it! and as you can see from the note below, I can’t seem to write anything short these days.

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,601 words

“Look, like I’ve told you, I don’t want to find my soulmate.”

Soonyoung looked at one of his closest friends, Jihoon, with wide eyes, and the others in their group could see him become smaller at Jihoon’s outburst.

“W-why not? Don’t you want to know what it feels like to be with the person you’re destined to be with?” Soonyoung asked, stuttering a little; for someone so harmless-looking, Jihoon had quite likely the scariest aura he had ever encountered when he was upset.

Everyone aimed their expectant eyes to Jihoon, who merely shrugged, visibly annoyed. “I have better things to do. If I meet them, I suppose I’ll take it, but I’m not fond of finding them.”

At that, Joshua pouted a little. “Doesn’t it mean anything that it’s highly likely that there’s someone out there, searching for no one but you?”

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Peter Parker Using Pick Up Lines:

‘I’m so happy your requests are open again!! you mentioned last night that peter might use the pickup line that I sent in and it really made me think that a peter parker using pickup lines headcanon would be vv cute!!’

'Could you do Peter imagine where the reader is Michelles best friend ae’s in debate with her and stuff??’ + Partially this.

My Ask Box / Masterlist

  • Before Peter built up the courage to ask you out, he’d stick anonymous post it notes in your locker with pick up lines on them.
  • Things like ‘are you copper telluride?? Because you’re CuTe ;)’
  • ‘Hey, you can’t spell “Calculus” without “us’
  • ‘I don’t mean to sound obtuse, but if you were a triangle you’d be acute’
  • ‘You’re so hot, you denature my proteins’
  • They always managed to make you smile like mad and admittedly, you kept every single one of the notes
  • Peter overheard you and Michelle discussing the notes in a debate meeting one day and had to excuse himself while he had a mini heart attack because you were loving the notes
  • The next day he leaves a note saying ‘If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser, I’m brave enough to ask you out!’
  • When you turn around, a giant smile on your face, he’s standing there holding a single rose with light pink cheeks and a hopeful look in his eyes
  • “So, what do you say?”
  • As your relationship progresses, the pick up lines don’t stop

  • Michelle knew it was Peter the whole time and makes sure to tease him about it

  • ‘Do you have 11 protons? ‘Cause you’re Sodium fine! ‘

  • Seriously it’ll be at the weirdest times too, you could be mid lesson or just chilling in his room and he’ll blurt one out

  • Eventually he takes it to the next level

  • ‘If I were an enzyme, I’d be a DNA helicase, so i could unzip your genes’

  • ‘"My spidey sense isn’t the only thing tingling.“

  • “What the heck Peter”

  • Peter finding the collection of post it notes you’d collected and it makes him so happy that you appreciate them so much

  • Sometimes he calls you at early hours of the morning just to tell you the newest pick up line he’s thought up

  • You listen to them no matter what time of day though because he’s just so cute and it makes him so happy.

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Finding Closure (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,366

Warnings: angst, language, introspection, fluff. I’m a chump.

A/N: Happy 4th, America and Happy Birthday Steven G. Rogers! I hope everyone likes this ending. I’m a chump. The gif only sorta fits. He’s so cute.  This is the final part for my submission for @sgtbxckybxrnes’s AU Challenge. My prompt was innocent enough: 28 .“____ is not a real word.” “Yes it is!”

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Originally posted by coporolight

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I Give Up - part 27 (A Baekhyun Series)

You were putting on mascara when your phone buzzed, letting you know of an incoming text. It was probably one of the friends who were meeting up later at the small bar near campus. You swiped when you recognized Minah’s name, your best friend who you had invited along. Your exams and being so busy with your boyfriend had made you neglect your best friend lately and you made her promise to join tonight.

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The Great Password Sheet
Welcome to the Password Spreadsheet Template!

A couple of people asked about my giant password spreadsheet and what it looks like, so I built you guys a template. I actually stole this idea from my mother, whose spreadsheet is thousands of lines long (she…she registers on a lot of websites).

Basic data security protocol is to never write down your password, we all know this, so this spreadsheet flies in the face of that. I don’t recommend you store yours on the cloud; download the template and put the finished file somewhere safe, or don’t enter your real passwords in the password field (use clues like “password plus @ symbol”) to remind you what they are. 

Building a sheet like this is not a one-day project. Entering all the information took me at least a month, as I went to various websites and recovered/changed passwords and remembered logins I hadn’t used in a while. Designing out the sheet – separating it into tabs and subheadings – took about a year of experimentation before I could always go to the tab and immediately find my login. So if you want to set up a sheet like this, don’t think of it as this huge thing you have to do all in one go. Just add shit as you think of it.

There are, of course, also password manager apps you can attach to your browser that will store this shit for you. That may be more your speed! But I use six browsers spread across four devices, so for me the sheet is best. Also looking up the password reinforces my memory of it, which means I need to look it up less frequently. 

Happy sheeting! :D

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Character(s): Reader X Changkyun, bestfriend!jooheon

Genre: fluff, borderline!crack

Warning(s): scientist!changkyun (is that a warning), online dating, bad humor

Length: 3.2k

Summary: In which your best friend sets you up for an online dating site and maybe it’s not so bad when you meet a  scientist by the name of Lim Changkyun.

There’s a reason you don’t let Jooheon touch your laptop. Aside from the porn sites (and the numerous viruses acquired from them) he’s not to be trusted alone. You’ve known this since the third grade when he came over for a playdate and ended up drinking a bottle of Elmer’s glue while you went to the bathroom because he was too shy to ask for water.

He can’t be trusted.

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prompt things

hey bitches, i’m doing prompts because i have  absolutely nothing to do and i wanna be useful to tumblr 

BY THE WAY whoever i took these from please don’t summon lucifer to kill me unless it’s mark pellegrino then i’m okay with it 

please be clear on how you want it and who you want it with just leave them in my ask

1. “Are you kidding me right now?!”
2. “I’m going to kill you!”
3. “You did all of this for me?”
4. “I made my baby cry!”
5. “I’m in love with you.”
6. “Can I kiss you?”
7. “You’re so goddamn hot when you’re mad.”
8. “Will you be quiet?!”
9. “You are a bloody idiot, you know that?”
10. “You love me.”
11. “I didn’t ask for any of this!”
12. “I hate you so much I love you.”
13. “Just leave me alone.”
14. “I can’t believe you just did that.”
15. “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.”
16. “Please.”
17. “Cuddle me.”
18. “Give me that back!”
19. “Well…this is awkward.”
20. "Are you scared?”
21. "What are you doing?”
22. "If we get caught I’m blaming you.”
23. “That came out wrong.”
24. "Shut up and kiss me.”
25. "Help me…I’m stuck.”
26. "What am I going to do with you?”
27. "Stop distracting me!”
28. "You said my name in your sleep.”
29. “It was just a dream.”
30. "Trust me.”
31. “Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me?”
32. "I made a mistake.”
33. “Is that a challenge?”
34. “Where did you learn to dance?”
35. “Did I stutter?”
36. "I’m going to regret this.”
37. "Do that again.”
38. “Did I just say that out loud?”
39. "I need your help.”
40. "If I die I’m going to come back and haunt you.”
41. "Well this is a surprise.”
42. "Am I dreaming?”
43. "Make me.”
44. “How long have you been standing there for?”
45. “Wait a second…are you jealous?”
46. "Stop it.”
47. "We’re just friends.”
48. "Did you just flick me?”
49. "I think I forgot how to breathe.”
50. "Woah.”
57. "You don’t understand, you never do!”
59. "It’s all your fault…”
60. "Well…that’s just great.”
61. "Are you even listening?”
62. "I’m going to walk away and pretend I didn’t see anything.”
63. "I thought you loved her.”
64. "Time changes people.”
65. "You, my friend, are a complete and utter tosser.”
69. "You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.”
70. "Oh yeah, because you’d be so good at this!”
71. "I’m sorry.”
72. "That night never happened.”
73. "Don’t you dare!”
74. "Um…somebody broke that.”
75. "Stop biting that goddamn lip.”
76. "You’re hot, shame about the personality.”
77. "You’re going to get us expelled!”
78. "Wow…thanks a lot.”
79. "Why are you walking around half-naked?”
80. "You owe me big time.”
81. "Awe it’s so cute!”
82. "Are you hitting on me?”
83. "If I die you’ll be sorry!”
84. "Help me hide!”
85. "You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind…”
86. "I don’t know how you convinced me to do this.”
87. "Is that… is that my bra?”
88. "Really? Right now?”
89. "Where are your pants?”
90.You’re my soulmate?”
                                                                    100. “don’t look at my browser history!”   “too late”     “first of all, ew”

anonymous asked:

really hard birthday mingyu smut?

lmao I really don’t know what’s considered “really hard” so here’s an attempt? hope you guys like it!

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 3,625 words

“What are you getting me for my birthday?”

You turned to look at Mingyu, who was lying down on the couch of your shared apartment that you had recently moved into with his feet on your lap, as he put his phone down. Smiling a little, you quirked your eyebrows playfully.  “Why are you asking?”

“I was just wondering,” he grinned - the toothy grin you held so dear to your heart - and got his phone back up, presumably to continue playing whatever game he had open. “Is it going to be a surprise or something?”

His voice was so adorably excited that you couldn’t help but smile, and knowing just how much he liked surprises, you nodded with a giggle. “Yep, so stay in your pants until April 6th, otherwise you’ll ruin it.”

There was a part of you that wanted to laugh at your own choice of words: on his birthday Mingyu literally would not be staying in his pants, and you couldn’t wait for it.

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She Is A Very Good Muse

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Note:I am always taking request! Also you can find this imagine on my Ao3.

Requested by Anon:” may i ask for an Alex hogh Andersen imagine? where YN plays his sister(Aslaug and Ragnar had a daughter) and Alex is super in love with her,barely managing to disguise on interviews and always posting pics of her on instagram,until he finally admits and they become a couple”

You are heading towards your trailer, you have just finished a scene with Marco. You play a Marco’s character, Hvitserk’s twin sister Hildred. Meaning you also played the sister of Jordan, David, Alexander, and Alex’s characters. All of you are pretty close, the main ones who hang out after shooting scenes is Marco, Alex and you. As of lately though, it ends up only being you and Alex. Not that you mind, for you have been smitten for the Dane for a while. In your own mind, Alex doesn’t return the feelings. But oh how wrong you are.

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Fresh Start - Part 3

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Joe West and Julian Albert

Words: 2369

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian @moonlightbae14 @gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms

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Notes: thank you to everyone who’s reading this story! I’m so happy you like it so far!

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Of course that incident during your very first hours in Central City had consequences. You told Thea what happened that same night and, of course, she ended up telling Oliver in no time. As a result, your voicemail was full of messages of a really angry, worried and protective older brother who threatened with showing up in Central City and taking you back with him if you didn’t call him back in less than 12 hours.

Talking him out of that threat in the morning wasn’t easy at all but somehow you managed to calm him down after being with him on the phone for more than an hour. You really appreciated his concern but there were times when you just wanted to kick his ass. Especially when his overprotection caused you to be late for your first day at journalism school.

You were lucky your teacher was a nice mid-age woman. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been allowed to walk in the class. The first subject was actually pretty interesting. They were going to teach how to write a proper article, what register you had to use and which one you couldn’t, which were the right words according to the topic. They were going to teach you how to write. What you didn’t expect was to have work to do by the time the class had finished.

“I want an article about the topic you chose concerning Central City. It can be about projects the Mayor is carrying out, shops opening, metahumans, crime…whatever you chose is ok. Just remember: adjust your register, your language and state your sources. You have a week. Thank you and I see you on Wednesday” she explained while she took her papers.

The rest of the classes were as interesting as the first one and you couldn’t wait to see what this degree had to offer but you were already loving it. Lucky for you, the only work you had to do so far was writing that article and you had a week. Your way back home, all you could think about was topics to write about and you couldn’t come up with any good one.

It took you a time to find a parking spot and when you did, you went straight to Jitters to have lunch since you still didn’t have time to buy groceries and didn’t feel like doing it. When you finally had your lunch and a table to sit, you took out your laptop and started doing some research on the city while you called Thea.

“Hey! How was your first day?”  She asked the moment she picked it up.

“Great! I already love it” you smiled with enthusiasm. “But I already have work to do and I honestly don’t know where to start” you said.

“What is it about? Maybe I can help” she suggested. Soon you told her what the class was about and what you had to do, hoping she could really help you out on this one.

“And I don’t know what I can talk about. When the teacher started talking about writing an article, I immediately thought about writing it about Oliver, you know? I can get an interview with the Mayor of Star City” you laughed. “But then she said it had to be about Central City” you sighed scrolling down the screen in search for some inspiration.

“I would do it about metahumans” she said right away. You frowned at the answer.

“I’m not really interested in them” you commented.

“But people is! It’s an article people would read. Normal people with super powers? C’mon!” She exclaimed.

“Well you have a point…” you said as you typed ‘metahumans’ and searched for it. “I would definitely have information” you added as you saw all the results.

“And I’m sure you can even go to the police and ask someone there. They must have an expert or something like that” she told you.

“I guess…” you whispered. “Actually yes, maybe I can do it about metas” you nodded to yourself. “Thanks Thea, you’re a love” you said.

“I know” she said. You rolled your eyes at the response. “I gotta go to work but I’ll text you later, ok?”

“Ok, bye Speedy” you said before hanging up. “Metahumans…” you mumbled looking through the articles that had been written about them. “The world is crazy” you added before closing your laptop.

You had your topic, you had a week and you were hungry. It could definitely wait.

When you finished your lunch you went straight to the supermarket. You couldn’t just waste money eating out so the sooner you had your food, the sooner you would stop wasting money. The rest of the day was spent at home, unpacking and putting everything in place while you made a list of the things you needed for the apartment. By the time you were done, you were completely exhausted so you made yourself some popcorn, connected your computer to the TV and turned on Netflix.

Next day at university, the classes were as interesting as the first one. Except History of Journalism. That was the most boring class you had ever attended to and the teacher didn’t help. All he did was turning off the lights, turn on the computer and play a PowerPoint while he started talking in a monotone tone that would make anyone fall asleep.

So, after 15 minutes trying to paying attention and not getting anywhere with that, you opened your internet browser and started doing some research of metahumans as you took notes of everything you saw that it looked interesting. You knew there had been many metahumans attacks here in Central City but you never thought there would be that much. In less than five minutes you had a whole list of fifteen metahumans with different powers. But one of them stood out: The Flash.

The scarlet speedster that had saved Central City was all around the papers. Obviously he was loved by the whole city and he had even worked with the Green Arrow sometimes. It was interesting but the articles didn’t give you much more information. You needed a source and you knew where to get one: CCPD. You searched through the department web and soon you came up with a name: Julia Albert, metahumans expert. He was your guy.

When you finished your classes you went straight to the police department. There had to be someone who could give you more information about these metas so, once again, you were standing in front of the desk. Fortunately, this time there was another man behind it. A nicer one than the last time.

“I’m a journalism student and I have to write an article for one of my classes” you started explaining after he asked you what you needed. “I’ve decided to write it about metahumans so I was wondering if I could talk to Julian Albert? Your expert” you smiled.

“First I would need to your student ID if that’s not a problem” the man smiled at you.

“Oh sure! Sorry” you chuckled looking for it in your bag. Soon you found it and showed to him before hanging it around your neck.

“Alright, Miss Queen” the officer said with a smile. “Albert’s lab is upstairs. Turn left and you will find it at the end of the corridor” he informed you.

“Thank you” you smiled at him before following his instructions.

You would love to say that you got there with no problems but the truth was that your orientation wasn’t good at all so you had to ask for indications once again. Finally, you found the door with a sign next to it that said “Forensic Lab”. You peeked in and saw a blond guy sat down in front of a table, focused on some papers, and another one next to the window, looking at some kind of tube. Before you could say anything, the blond one got up in a hurry.

“Caitlin texted me. She has the result. I’ll text you later” he said taking his coat. His British accent actually surprised you.

“Alright” the other guy said.

“Hi…” you said shyly as you walked into the laboratory.

Both of them looked at you at the same time, obviously not expecting anyone at the moment. You imagined the blond guy was Julian Albert, the expert, since you recognized the other one as Barry, the nice guy you met on your first day. It looked like he recognized you as well, since he smiled at you the moment he looked at you.

“Hi! What a surprise,” Barry said.

“Do you know her?” Julian asked confused.

“I met her the other day downstairs. What are you doing here? Is everything ok?” He asked walking over you.

“Yes, actually I came to talk to you…Julian?” You said looking at the British.

“That’s too bad because I have to go. Sorry. But I’m sure Barry will be able to help you” he said walking pass you before you had the chance to say anything.

When he was gone you just stood there like an idiot, a bit confused by how he had stormed off all of sudden. Did you smell or something? When you heard a chuckle in the room, you turned to look at Barry to see him laughing silently.

“Something funny?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“No, sorry” he chuckled. “You just…look funny right now” he shrugged.

“Well, thank you” you said crossing your arms.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you” he apologized and put the tube on the table. “Can I help you?” He asked.

“I…don’t think so” you frowned. “I came here because I’m writing an article about metahumans for a class so I wanted to talk to the expert but he’s gone faster than The Flash” you told Barry.

“Believe me, The Flash is way faster than that” he smiled as he walked over you. “What are you studying?” He asked.

“Journalism. Just started” you smiled proudly.

“Really? A friend of mine is a journalist for the CCPN” he told you. “Central City Picture News” he added when he saw your confusion. “You’re not from here, are you?” He asked.

“I’m from Star City, actually. I’m still trying to get used to the place” you shrugged.

“I see” he nodded. “Well, Julian is busy right now and I think he will be gone for a while. But maybe I can help you” he shrugged.

“Do you know anything about metahumans?” You raised an eyebrow.

“You would be surprised” he chuckled.

The answer was somewhat odd but you decided to let it go. This guy was one of the few people that had been nice to you since your arrival so you didn’t want to bother him with stupid questions.

“Well…ok” you nodded. “So can I ask you some questions?” You said awkwardly since you still wasn’t too sure about how this interviewing thing worked.

“Barry!” A big man came into the room wearing a black coat with a white shirt underneath. “We have to go. Cisco called me. It’s important” he said.

“Eh…Joe, this is (Y/N)” he said stopping this Joe for talking, like he could say anything wrong.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you had company. I’m Joe West, detective” he smiled kindly as he shook your head.

“Nice to meet you” you smiled at him and looked at Barry. “Raincheck?” You asked.

“Absolutely” he said taking a piece of paper and writing something down. “Call me tonight and we can meet up, alright?” he said handing the paper over.

“Sure. Thank you” you smiled at him.

“No problem” he smiled back. “See you”

None of them gave you time to say anything else before they left. Well, it looked everyone in this place was in a hurry except you. With a sigh, you put the paper in your back pocket and you looked around but since you had nothing else to do there you decided to leave the place before someone saw you. You didn’t even know if you were supposed to be there unaccompanied.

You had to do a couple things for college and you were starving so you went straight to the apartment to get it done. The afternoon was over before you even realized but you managed to get everything done in time. Still, you had some laundry to do so you took your basket and went to the laundry room of the building. Before putting the jeans in the machine, you checked the pockets and it was there when you came across the piece of paper Barry gave you.

“Damn!” you exclaimed.

Quickly, you put your laundry in the machine and took out your phone. It was almost 1 a.m. but maybe you were lucky and Barry was still awake. First, you saved his number into your phone and then, hesitantly, you dialed it and waited, biting your lip as you felt some tickling in your stomach.

“Hello?” His voice said on the other side of the phone.

“Hi Barry. It’s me, (Y/N)” you said.

“Oh, hi! I was starting to think that you had found another metahuman expert to talk to” he said making you laugh a little.

“I would never do that to you” you smiled. “Sorry it took me so long, I’ve been busy” you sighed.

“No worries. I’ve been busy too so I guess you called just in time” he said.

“I’m glad then. So…when are you available?” You asked biting your lip. Why did you felt so nervous doing this?

“Are you free tomorrow? Maybe we can have some coffee around 10 in the morning?” He suggested. Luckily for you, you didn’t have your first class until noon the next day so 10 should be fine.

“Sure! That would be great” you agreed.

“Perfect. Do you know where Jitters is?” He asked.

“Of course” you smiled. “So…see you there at 10 then” you said.

“Sure. See you tomorrow. Goodnight” he replied.

“Goodnight Barry” you said and slowly hung up, ignoring all those sensations going up and down your body just by the sound of his voice. Definitely, you needed to calm down.

Just Another Word I Never Learned to Pronounce

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Benefit of the Doubt caused far more suffering than I anticipated, so here, have some post-angst fluff for your wounds. XD (Bonus points to whoever gets the song reference before clicking this. ;P) 

(With a small surprise cameo from @jd-illustrates lmao i’M SORRY, UR ASK WAS JUST TOO PERFECT FOR THIS)

i am totally the king of awkwardly placed time skips

Previous works in chronological order:  Hired, Lovestarved, Trial & Trust, Deeper Than Skin, A Small Solace, In Sickness and in Health, Benefit of the Doubt


“I love you.”

It was a phrase Black Hat had started hearing often from Flug. Admittedly, it took a lot of getting used to.

Love. He’d always thought of it as such a revolting concept. Yet, he’d feel something strange whenever the doctor said it to him. Something… pleasant.

Even more shockingly, he found he had a desire to say it back. Gross.

……… But still though. How is he to do that?

Every time he’s tried to even say it, he gags on his own words. Ugh, it’s so stupid. Flug must think it’s ridiculous, trying to return a phrase so simple only to back out every time after choking on just the damn “L”.

No, it is ridiculous. Black Hat won’t let some– some dumb word get the best of him!

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we all have days where we just c a n n o t make our brains cooperate. (i’m having one today, which is why i’m writing this post instead of doing my medical history readings!) here are some tips to help manage your workload when that happens.

do a warm up

start with your smallest, easiest assignment and work your way up to that dense 200 page reading. it might seem tempting to try to get the hard stuff out of the way first, but you will end up just blankly staring at the first page forever. instead, get yourself in a working mood by getting all your quick reading responses and problem sets out of the way first. i find that it helps to start with something interactive/less boring so that you can jumpstart yourself a little bit.

public shame yourself

go work in a public place where other people can see your computer screen. keep yourself accountable by letting other people’s judgement motivate you! (is this healthy? probably not. does it work? definitely.) you’re much less likely to hop on tumblr if you know that people walking by can see you scrolling.

change your routine

sometimes this is the easiest way to snap yourself out of a rut. if you usually work somewhere quiet, try moving to a lively coffee shop (or vice versa!) try working at a different time of day. even something as small as changing your playlist or switching tables at the library can help. sometimes you just need a different energy.

throw your phone out the window

cute anti-procrastination apps really don’t work when you’re determined to fuck around (as someone who once literally installed a whole new browser just to get around a site blocker that i downloaded, i know this for a fact) so sometimes if you have an urgent project you have to take the nuclear option. try to go completely off-line if you can and leave your phone/computer at home. if you can’t do that, delete any apps or programs that might be distracting. download your readings and look at them in a pdf viewer separate from the internet. turn your phone all the way off. if you really, really need to get something done, don’t give yourself the option to slack off.

give yourself breaks

i know this contradicts the last point, but take breaks if you need to take breaks. if you push yourself too hard you really won’t be any more productive. think of it as a modified pomodoro method - 25 minutes of straight focus is wayyyyy too long for me when i’m in an i-forgot-how-to-read mood, but doing 10 minutes of work followed by a 10 minute break is much more manageable. just plowing through when you lose focus doesn’t get you anywhere.

don’t be too hard on yourself

this is easier said than done of course, but remember that it’s not the end of the world if you have an unproductive day. there’s nothing less productive than beating yourself up about how much harder you could be working. reading one page/doing one problem/writing one paragraph is still something. treat these accomplishments like the little victories they are and you’ll have a much better mindset.

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hi! when making stuff in aseprite, what type of image file produces the highest quality? on a piece say 64x64 pixels. png, jpg or jpeg?

Png. I talk a bit about it here:

Also important to know:

And finally:

Ironically Tumblr also interpolates with bicubic or bilinear so these tutorial images look blurry because they were downsampled from 638px original to 540px tumblr width. Here’s the original GIF for pixel perfect viewing, although if you’re on any sort of retina display (or equivalent) the browser will double the resolution (to match the denser pixels) and blur things again. 

To circumvent that you need to see it on a website that has pixel scaling enabled in their CSS (like mine, when you go to the actual site, not on the Tumblr dash), or use an extension for your browser that injects that CSS into any page (like mine, safari only, but you can find similar things for other browsers I suppose).

And that’s the story of pixel art formats and quality and the internet.